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6. Surrender: Prayer Practicum

Gregory Jackson


Gregory Jackson

President/CEO of Surrender Ministries Inc.



  • January 2, 2016
    3:15 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web Our Jeanne. Then we just say this folks having information. All of the correct information. Does you no good. If you just come in here to get some information. You can come and come out at all and think you are God because I know this if you had. You will have to know Jesus. If you don't know that all that information. You see will do you no good. Most people can. Now twenty three hate is at midnight. When it's the doctors upon the earth. GROSS doctors dogmas cover certain groups darkness of people there was a cry me. You know the midnight cry. I love singing that song behold the bridegroom cometh go you have to meet that decade. Then is going to come with power just before he comes with great power. And there's a reason there's going to him. Then all that just the last the full is there tell those virgins are Rose. And did what trim their labs. Now. Trim in the Lance if you ever seen it head lamps it have have some oil lamps. When you trim it which you do. If you cut off all the dross. And when you cut off the dross. Then the light burns. Right. But in order to cut off to draw last so spirit survey. You have to have some power. That means you do in some wise stuff during the during the summer improved you weren't idle. You were doing what you were supposed to do in that period. And I was getting some oil in your vest. We're living on borrowed time. And this time is to be used not been busy trying to convict people of their sands. But cooperate with and agreeing with him those we've been through this this is you know what it means a group of them agreeing with him while he convicts you of Yossi. And then when the quiet comes he come and we'll have the power. That's when the ceiling come. And we won't be moved in a more. Then we'll go out with power. That's numbering will be over. Because we would have done the work that God expects his church to do that he's waiting for. We talked about in the beginning. Then we can get. Then the Gospel goes to all the world. So quickly. It will blow our minds and we won't have to spin and means of dolls. For three or four baptisms. Then all those verses a rose and trim the lamps and the full moon to say it and to the wise. Give us of your for our last are gone out. It means they were going out meeting. Even though you know the truth. When this time comes. It doesn't matter the power won't be there to keep me live in a true. All that information you can call it like the Pharisees did they quoted so good a new We're a calmer than the tittles in the Datsun hour or but they killed Jesus. Now it's is now here is the message that the Jesus told the story for. And as for us right here in this room. He told the story for us because his the message to the why is those whom wise do in this time. But the why is answered in saying not so. Lest there be not enough for us. And you. Now here it is. But read that with me Go ye Rather said them bad sale and buy for yourselves. Now who fails in that talk about going to the local grocery store. You have to go to the heavenly merchants. To buy this oil and. And the message to lead a seer tells us who are bad for good now. By from that it have time to do young owner should know live to see a message. If not look it up in Revelation that is he to his is. First he says you know I know. I know it's all say that she rich increase of good have nothing. And because of that you think you have a piece about our to you that really get. You don't know what here's a. He said because that's a is. I'm rich and increase with because I know to true I keep the Sabbath. I got all of that. I'm not there I can first day fall. I mean Matter fact I know all I need to straighten out them but you. And I need to be dealing with our own person. And guess what gentlemen you. That doesn't mean see. The more light she said. Because why you doing this buying oil. The more the more you get that oil in you. The more the light shines. And you came to light. If the lights in you a chance. You can't you can't even when you try to cover up like Vietnam I say I'm just going start talking as if they're going to Disney gets me more trouble than if they dislike fire my bones that can help where I have to say it. Because if you think you know if the asked me a question I our all I'm in the. Now that's why I have your say. Now if you asked me the question. People pair for the ass. It's no one here of. No here. But but but if if Jesus is that good T.. You came here to talk about you care is you have to tell somebody. When you know a good sale is going on duty or guarantee here but that's where this don't now. Nana were to say. But because that are serious and and know was not the we don't even know it. It takes the Spirit of God to reveal that. No it's not that thou wretched and miserable. And poor and brown and neck it. Because we still operate no number six. The power of the flesh. Is that the power. Because we're not doing the one thing that brings the power in a way. So. Now here's a council. Because we have been doing it. I can see the TO A by of for me. All of this goal. Faith and Love. Oh you know I love everybody. Stop lying you don't. Because it will be done. And we say you must love and it's true. But you cannot love this flesh is self centered. It doesn't love. Suffer Leslie. I love you because you're connected to me. Or you treat me good. It's about me. And if you don't treat me good. And you're not connected to me. I I don't lie to you and I don't love Eva it's natural. Don't feel bad because all of us are. Only Jesus. God is love. And if you don't know God. You don't know love I hear people say why I know some non-Christian is that love that it increases. You talking about fleshly selfish love but in order to be selfless. Truly only God can give it to you. It doesn't come in this package. We were made in His image originally. But when we stops or Our have time. We got five minutes on this on this session. Old less noise help me. OK. We will have to move for real for real because of that I see both her have bought me. Go and be risky. That's just a desolate faith and love. Why Raymond That's our righteousness. Not my low bass and Linda. That down me as we clone and. And that the same of that neck in this do not appear and annoying than as well as out that down me or see there's judgement. Oh I wish I had to deal with that. Keep going Greg with as many as I love. I rebuke and chasten the values therefore and repent and that's a message to us we see who can know what I am I need to get of the folk to play because I'm keeping the Sabbath repent of self-righteousness. Because we've been talking to be that way. And that's no. That's know what it was accurate because God tried to get us out of that in one thousand nine hundred eight. We checked it. And even when we come back. I hear people say and rises by faith and is another form of rightness by works. If your faith is strong enough you keep command is holding you keep them. I gotta say. Folk. Jesus gives us grace. Because he know that this thing takes time in him. There is no condemnation. But you will be falling short. But it doesn't count against you know why because when. If you do your part with to surrender your will to dog and I don't. If you haven't come and I can't really think but soon when you will get into how to do it. We use winning the will to God. It's guaranteed guarantee T.. That you will be made right it's like here. Over time. And during that time. You are out. Seeing you have the right incentives. Of God by the nudes of the law. No threats. Is say No France is even justified. But God has come up with another way that. Outside of the law. That is the law agrees with. Because it gives you the right is this. Of God by faith. Because the law requires not your in my opinion right isness. It requires a right is of God. Right now. And only God can do that and make us just and be just. While he does it. Because it is no guarantee. You cannot get away from it. If you stay in Jesus. You will be made right is over. Process of time. Because here's where the devil gets us. I am as sincere as I know how to be. But I still fall short of His glory right now what are his will let me just say this before my to have ten. I believe that when he comes. I won't be falling anymore. I believe. I was stand because he would have sealed me. And he will seal me because I have agreed with him. You all have been have been saying yes to him. He holding This is agreement with God because of judgment is going to show me everything that's why I see judgments good news because God's going to show me. Every secret. I mean we've been doing some healing with me because I was struggling with some stuff that. And I'm. And as a talk with God in a more because he's so I have sat I say. I had the best psychiatrist in his name is Jesus. He comes to me any time I call him. I don't have to go to him. And I don't have to pay him ask as they are and ah. Adah is free and not only that he can show me exactly what's wrong with me. And then after he shows it to me. He will fix me because I can do anything about it anyway have to show that he cleans me up. And he doesn't like it in a ship is a great. And the U.K. deal with all this right now but I'm a God you know through right now just be patient because if you thought if I if I made this whole if you think you want to be in among you cry out you couldn't take it. But just just let me be God and and see Rick this is the Gospel Jesus saves. And he did and we tell what he is doing present through what he is doing and go right now. To save us was dead judgment. That's good news. Not the way we've been thinking because when you come to your main you've got to be doing right seen us all self. That's self-righteousness. And you don't know where he's gone come to know if you walk with Him He is light in him is no documents we've covered this. And and and with him. He'll share that light on you. You see it. Then you say. Agree. Because if you say you have no say in your life. But if you. Confessional scene. He is faithful and just to forgive and clean forget and have to process it as when he said Take this gospel. Ha. OK. Forty five minutes where we don't have to go over Libya. That this is important. Some of y'all have heard it. Because you see the Devils been whipping us too badly. Let me take ha. Trust I'M SERIOUS see in a message this morning. To strew. We have. But you have to realize that you don't come mid to doing the right thing. You commit to be surrendered to the right one. Because you were fine then even if you committed to doing the right thing or the right one. He was still for. And then the devil would jump on you and say see you know good and evil you'll get discouraged or you become a fast and say Oh I'm that bad that's not wrong. You're alive. It is wrong. It is wrong. But as long as you're committed to God. Even when I fall through. I know. And when I go by any and every morning. As a because sometimes when I wake and I feel like I'm dirt. Because I see me better and i've ever seen me before and that stuff I thought was right in this he shows how it is for less and foolishness. And then I just feel. And then he says Greg. I didn't tell you that to beat you up. I told you that for you to give it to me. So I can cleans you get your eyes on me boy get it all for yourself and keep them stayed on me and let me lead you all the way I got D.S. add new and along as you hold my hand and don't fight me out lead you all the way. And I walk in no condemnation. No condemnation. I feel dirty Yes because the devil will jump on even the laws work and say. Even the law conviction saying here jump right in there because he did. He's up there he can feel. See he can he see the spiritual forces. You don't. He sees the angels gathered around you. And he gets scared. He saw and he knows he is a let me get on up here in the end get busy because I see what's going on and I got to stop especially if he had us. He said oh I got to keep my soldiers I got a chance of going back to whatever. So he can come in and say see you know good. You can't have me. Let me call yourself a Christian and look over cheat you know that's what we watch in that sea folk when you come to the Lord. This is not the Wizard of Oz. You knock on click your heels and be holy. You're not. But we teach it like there. Now we give you a break. When you first come to the law. Now that you doing if you got Iran's advance if you believe hard enough then you can keep the commandments. You keep it by the grace of God And while he's working with you. He'll get you to replace it with a last generation will be so. So he will have judged them and shown them. All of the stuff. And because you agree with him at all and just because you agree we said OK I got it. I got it. But you were always you see progress yes you grow yes. But you won't see total victory even after he feels you. You still will feel like you have total victory because you still see how what you will you are even though you not fall into it. So you never get the big A why you walk with the law because of course you walk with God. The more sense for you see yourself to be. That's a direct quote and the Bible to tell you that to U.K. or walk in the light and say you have no say in. Because if you do you have a lot. OK. OK. Hi kind of oh. A row a row row in this. OK. I read this. When the third sentence messes prints. As it should be how our attendance is proclamation. It hasn't happened yet we still slumbering preachin. And we think. Well. Once we get one school priest in we told him. We got the Gospel and all know you haven't. You just told him some words and they're not impressed. If number of evangelism. Because we'd. We don't we don't admit that we're that we are wretched miserable for and blind. Because when you admit that. Then you only do one thing. You go and you buy from the law. And we keep on repeating because you know you messed up. But we say it like this. We have to straighten a whirl out. Because we have it and they don't. And therefore we big folks that have no power and make you feel guilty and say you can't get out and do it. If you have it. You will have to be prodded like some goats. You will get out there and go on your own. Because just like when the printer cost failed. They said You shut up or else we will kill you if you miss and they say do what you have to do. But we don't say this name and we don't for each other and they have power saying if you have to motivate people to go out and I'm not beating people up for that because they haven't been taught how to get the power. Even when you go and you go and sleep in. And you talk in it but you a walkman that are valid like that but the majority of the church is because you do not see the works of the Spirit. Just be honest. When you look at the church to see the whole is the work of the Spirit working or of the works of the flesh. What you see more. And along the way here. We getting worse. Correct or am I just might only wonder why is that within preachin. We should upon the prince of so much as a crime change. What is the tough one and it's not because you're not sincere. Is because you don't have the knowledge that you suppose there. Of God. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. We say what it means good things. Now. That's the rich young ruler for those of the first film and I put good thing must I do. Looking for another good thing. Looking for another good thing. He says there's only one good. And it's not you. Stop looking for the good thing because you can do it in a way. Look to one who is good. Now if you want to be perfect. Good we're all asked have to make you feel that you can do dollar and money. They give you part of think she makes you think you can live independent of me get rid of that come to the point where you wholly helpless. Then come and follow me. When the rich young ruler heard that and say. You can tell me actually do anything you want take whatever no of power I'd think I have and make me. Totally depend on you. I don't think so and a Sabbath. Tests us every day when you hit the right way. Because this is. You can do your work. Ed cha. Remember the Sabbath day keep it holy. How do you keep both. You don't do the work. But here. Now labor what labor the labor of God take no for what you go what you're going where techno thought. Even How many songs you can be to say you've won at the end that a day. Just do would have told you do it if nobody sane takes a stand. Is successful. A lot of us in the van is willing go to account if we thought we wouldn't get ourselves. I'm not knocking anybody. I'm trying to get us to seem clearly where we are. So we will get desperate for the gov for the god. That will give us the power to go home. I'm really go home for. I'm tied to wander around here. Colin can we build in Cass's a saying and talk about. We're doing a great work. It is nothing compared to the money Himalayas that God's power will take us through that mess out the way and pretend god for that hour. Lose instead of his head. What's happening here. Here I don't have time stuff. Oh here is OK. I don't have you but I see and I have a beautiful short time. OK Not now. Let me come on here. Oh it must be a ten with divine power or if it were accomplish what. And that's what we're doing who who who are not as in any way. I'm whatever. OK. OK. I am often referred to the problem ten very five of whom while and five who are progress been and will be fulfilled to the very letter for. It has a special. Application to this time. And like the third in this message has been fulfilled in the past and will continue to be present truth. Till the cold of time. We got it and we're in a power the ten virgins headlands but only five of them had the saving or which will keep their lamps burning. This represents a conditional church. There wasn't a foolish have their Bibles and I provide it with all the means of grace but many do not appreciate the fact that they must have their heavenly unction. Here it is folks. They do not heed the invitation. Come on to me. All ye that labor. And I have a Laden and. I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly and hard. And you shall find rest to your soul for my yoga is easy. And my burden is light. It's not hard. It's easy with Jesus in set matter fact isn't possible to shut your mouth off. And not live it and tell it. If God's in their review and how the righteousness of Christ. That was way back in zero eight nineteen. August one thousand eight hundred nine a guy with transputers there. But we do so stuck on them Rita's. But I must tell you that the church in her present state is represented by that inverted five of whom while five of foods. They were headlamps. But had no oil in the vessel with the left. Those represented by the quiet this class were Dark Gray Davis and then they were for this. Then they were before they profess to believe the truth. Because when they knew God they worship or not as God doesn't mean they don't say didn't worship. Didn't worship Him as God they worship him. They were God because they were responsible to do. Self self self. In all its perverted attributes. Have been the hot and close and though against Jesus Christ. That he should not enter and abide with their manuscript release Volume twenty one chapter fifteen zero four. Number read this one real quick. Some. This is a heavy stuff listen to it. Some who come to God by repentance and confession. And even believe that their sins are forgiven. Still fail. Of claiming as they should the promises of God. Listen to this. They do not see that Jesus is an ever present see fear. And they are not ready to commit. The keeping of their souls taking on too busy working it out themselves. Obeying and keeping the commandments. Relying upon him to perfect the work of Greece but God in their hearts. Now am I saying what I mean but. No I'm saying we don't get right back keeping the commandment. We get right is a bastard rendering on every day to D.S. and he works in us. More and more that we begin to walk like him and acts and as we walk like him we will keep it in this last generation is going to do it perfectly without falling at just before comes when he seals us because we have cooperated with the one thing that we're supposed to be doing that right now. Buying from him. The oil necessary for him to do it by any means. You give yourself. There's a cost of Pinney. Not one. There's a cost what has caused. Everything everything. Your Dreams. Your go. All that stuff that you have planned. In five years I'm a be here in tin your death had a world where you think I'm OK I gotta read. Is Come come today. If I agree. Why. Listen to this give is why I think be a come. Committing themselves to God. There's a great deal of what. There. I said what I think it. They are they are conscious. So I looked up and I want to make the conscious means. People that are very careful to make sure they do everything the right way. The conscious. Sincere. I've been there done it and know what it means. Because I was ruined. Couldn't beat me at it like policy but a lot had read me down. And I understand the psyche very well because I've been there done that and still won making but in a way. There are conscious souls that profit particle. And partly to themselves. They do not look to God to be kept back to his power. Oh really. But depend upon watchman as against temptation. Against watch one is against temptation. Watchman is against temptation. Watch oneness against temptation. And the performance of certain duties for acceptance with God This is the inspired commentary by the way. There are how many victories in this kind of faith. Such persons toil to no purpose. They are souls are in continual bonds. If you're sincere. If you're serious which is so now if you hypocritical you think you all that like the first see. But if you're sincere. You. And you let God show you. You see that what you call right is this is the foreign media. What God is like in this kind of faces persons talk to no purpose. Their souls on continue banners. And they find no Rast Sabbath you know until their burns are laid at the feet of Jesus. By the way this is though the serve the bees have no rest day nor night. There is a need. They hate Listen to this. There is a mean. Of constant watchfulness and of our love the balance and of earnest love and they said need what but that's how I. Folk when we get this thing will be the most Jesus focused people in the world. You'll be your mom will be I'm twenty four seven because you need him twenty four seven. You need I'm too. But when you think I'm doing pretty good. You walk and thin you think you're doing it in. And you're not. And that's why we give him even in the world. Because we think i'm working this job. I know how to make money. You know you don't not the kind is going to keep it. Just like we do that we come to the Lord to see. Thirteen minutes left thirty hour ride I'm glad I'm here doing the right thing by you don't right thing I'm glad he's doing OK folks. We can just read this then we go one question and answer. But I'm a give me the also doing a time or give you the formula that will guarantee that everything will work out because this again is a form is going to make you seven. When I want to read it. We can come back here. Now. We can do. How much Some women just case you didn't understand it read the rest of it as she wants to make it clear do you know what that means. Do you know what. Absolutely nothing means. Folk when people say you know we have to my ear says. Because I'm listening now. If anything other than we have to have to. If you say anything other then surrender your will to God. Now you in the words. Here's an example. Folk you need. We have to study every day. If you in Jesus you will study every day in your study the right amount. However it is God will work with you and here convict you. He'll pull you there because he will work in you both are willing to do. And the reason why he didn't do it because you gave him permission you gave him your control center. He said Now I'm a work that way you don't you give me permission I'll do it. And you will pray. When I tell you to pray you will study. When I tell you the study. You will stop this when I tell you just you would do this. Don't worry about it. I have you and therefore there is no condemnation. Because as long as you give me permission. You will be where I want you to be. When I want you to be there. And that's whole OK. Ha. As someone who have a hacky do it isn't. The way it is where he is so let the messages. I'm glad. Keep doing that please get out one more selective messages. Book one the subject is in an eight hundred eighty three page third three fifty three and three fifty four serial law was trying to bring this thing to us. That's why they say in a White Australia. I'm just on the job that's why they sent out to Australia. I said ma'am we got to get this woman out here. They're not here to ask for a year. And all the happiness she built have to work out here. You know you can check the Word of God up. But it kept the church a little longer but this mess is going to get to folks and the folk at grab hope have a hope have it set it back. They're going go through with it. And I pray that is meaningless but that's what folk that's why I've left the pastoral ministry. I'll get in there. If I had to. Seriously I'll tell you one reason. So I can be available to do this full time because it to many other things around. I feel this way from my time. I have to do. So this is it. God has given it to me. And I'm dedicated to taking it as far as wide as he opens the door for me to do it now. We're going to I'm not going to this right away. I want to open it up for question answer. And then I'm a proud as as I answered. OK. A See here again here. Let's go here first I'm going to have to repeat the question. But go ahead. What must we do. To love our enemies. If you don't love them. The problem is who we like say they're a problem that's why he love them. Well. Jesus didn't say you have to love people that make you feel good. You know to say. Love your enemies. That it was this stop but that should just start with there are no. But let me enemies. Now. The probably is. I don't have a common love in me. The problem not what they're doing. The problem is was in me. I can't interview like dead. OK now. When I admit that. And yet. I'm supposed to do that they have asked what I love him. I just don't like to be around him too much. So you're lying to yourself. Just tell the truth. I don't like come. And I don't love are you didn't make you in a worse than anybody else. Because everybody walks in his face feel the same way. You just better all because you honest to wrest them are fooling themselves you don't love this trick and the Bible says that if you don't know God you don't know love fest cannot love not Paulin him to disobey God since I've been bullied at first when you know say you going to Nam It is a book of Peter Peter Peter felt he hurt feelings hurt. Lord You just don't know me you don't understand I know are you're not he don't want to film he has he got to help me when way. Hey you know is there you're in His is a Peter feet are you going to Nam if you return before a cockroach. Whom no no no not daft. I dying glory. Fleshly try it the way you gone or. Oh I came as to humble I mean. You know. We spoke have Prag God hates prat stop using that word you say you suppose be proud. The Bible message is say is the source of all sand. Because a self. Exultation even above God save you will walk me you got to walk or lowly and humble guy and he takes. Flesh is proud. That's what I say. You get proud for it is you know that I'm afraid to do will be healed that's proud phrase that's a good act would call board for our friends came here if you had a kind of a way my promise always. My solution always Jesus. Because I can stop feeling the way I feel. So I'm not completely self of I don't love I'm low and I can be honest about their. That makes me what you call me a sinner never makes me somebody dad for thank you. He said I can say right just don't let a doctor. You're not sick. I came say Son of us. I'm one. Save me. And then I'll tell everybody while you're doing it. I can't hold it too good. Do you know what you've got to give somebody. Come on get some then I will talk about them good sales where way. Must always G.'s R. S. I said always a lot if you just give me a job. I know that's a natural the feds say when I can't pay the bills give me a job. I mean I give you a job right now. And he gives it if he does that you do a thousand ways you know and just do a one way. Thousand. I have to be submissive to the end he has asked for stuff. He didn't give me the actual money represents a lot of I do this at the why I want to have it when you think it was you know to be at that he he gave me the substance of the for him something he gave me the thing. I mean I don't have time tell him stories. You know. But my problems always self must know with this is my part is always surrender. When you take you to Jesus. Whatever your promise and just be honest and say law. I don't feel that way. Claim a scripture. I can give a script he says in me. You can. You know your complete. No weapon. Your job before all of that I will keep in perfect peace all of those they just give us a lot if your words is that I don't feel that I'm the problem. If you make I'm a good you my brother. If. If you make the problem the person. Now you have no control over solvent. Because you can't control what they do you give them the key to your happiness. But if I put it where it belongs why the ME. Now I can control that. Because that can take me to Jesus. When I can fall prostrate form and wrestle with God and sang going let you go. Until you bless me. And reason I have to wrestle because my flesh wants it my way. And I'm going to Russ were gone I'm not going to let him go because sometimes acronym for a ride. But now I can because I've been doing this long and. And so convince as seen him do so much with still little as seen him do when I see it. I don't want to fix I want to go on and then he does his thing and fixes in S. a lot i want harry in another kind of way. Mommy I'm back here real quick. Talk up talk of his talk with your preacher voice. Yes. Yes. Is it. The law is going to say. We're going to come to me in that day and say Lord do not do many wonderful works. He say it here's a question where the says there he said earlier I say anything you do in your flesh is seen as true. The Holy Spirit convictions of sin. And then we see our sins. As a result of being convicted of sin. Because I realized I'd be dead in my flesh and he shows it. But until he can fix me a sin. AQIM see must see an acknowledged righteousness. All I want nothing wrong with them and ask them graphs of Fraggle are good examples if you looked in the bombs and sort of all mucked about the you might sample is it because I have my Bible all marked up on what the person see how mark of the world when I say that you could have told me I did it for that reason the letter. But because I'm walking with him live twenty. Good because I'm walking with the light light is it the Lord she had the light on NANCY GRACE No you didn't. Part of it was true. Yes partly you did do it. But a great deal of that was your prat you want to show him how much you study. Yes. He sees the motive in every motive of the flesh is self glory. Self glory. And God will show that to you where his question was. Yeah I got to finish his quest because go help a lot of us. The the law of sin is this that when I would do good. Evil is present with me because sin is in my fresh. That's in Roman seven. That's the law of sin that says when I try to do that when I try to keep the Law of God in my flesh. There's another law. That brings even that good in the evil. Even when I try to do good. Evil is present me. Because of my fresh in my flesh dwells a law that guarantees. That I can never be righteous. No matter what I do. If I can I don't need Jesus. If there's any one thing I can do. I don't need Jesus. Yes. Right here. Yes good question. Good good good question. Book a question. Could first sound like this can stand. I wish we had all day. To do it. The question is what or what do when I'm living well of course in person. And they like to argue all the time. And even when I'm quiet I'm a yes or no. Here's what what THEY DOING IS can't let me tell you this before I say it here's what I tell udev and I will tell you why. When I'm both use of a gas a devil. You don't keep messing around and save me because all you do is the work of the Holy Ghost. Now what I mean by their ears. Every time I get that way and I see it around the east. Now must tell you now. Now what happens is this. When I run to Jesus. He forgives me. I'm still mad. But goodness. Is not in what you do. Goodness is in a person. And if you agree with that person and surrender to that person. He says now my rights of this couple of you even though you are not actually feeling. And acting in your spirit that way. But just stay there. And I'll hold you to kiss my ass. I won't have to go too far. And did you keep on walk with me. And you will see you have at the while you can see. I've grown not. That doesn't bother me. You come on some else Obama but that when I got to victory over. But in the meantime there is no condemnation. Because the Lord says don't worry about to how soon you get it just wrong and you don't fight me. Guaranteed you will get it. Be patient stop looking at yourself keep you as all me. And you'll be there are. So when I do that after all chain fare you better believe I get angry I get my anger my wife. His I'm a good example. You know we and I learned this woman she a good woman. But I'm stupid some tan. Kinda. And so is she running when I hear yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Equal citizens equal opportunity when really the. Yeah yeah yeah. But in a way in a way no one has I mean I get my M.K. other day this is number one from do the early set my friends are so stupid. I don't beat up a woman. Physically but I sure know how to hold a grudge. I know how to fight emotionally. And how to say things that will cut short. Oh you wish I had you please hit me. It's because that's the if I can recover from. But. But you know. And see. So so so now. Seeds of Especially as you saw gone a lot. So you get you should do some it anyway had to be wrong just someone or. I'm a face. You would have you think marriage is so teach us to stop being so selfish. You think. Oh yeah. Oh I don't have time. So let me stay on task. I'll get me and I brought sister in a business. And you know what the times when I'm in the midst of it. Now I'm growing younger I have to give it to now I've grown. Where I don't do some of the things that used to do. But still the devil you know one alone allowed the temptation to come to help you grow because there's so because you can test me in another way to have really got to victory. And here. And so you know. I'm testing that way so she splits when you marry. And that's why I got this is good because even if you know where because if you're not alone. Another human being on test your soul. Yes it will in a way. So so so what happens is a good made a and I brought some time of the towns of blood. Going to town to get victory. But we always get victory stories. We know about victory and with them a failure. So I don't. I don't do it. I walk away. The Holy Spirit our convictions gray. Now I'm telling you something. Akki be right. In principle. If you would I say it right in principle. But I acted like to TEFL. I mean I'm a man and but I must meet my spirit. And I mean I'm talking about. You know. And I don't even say it holy. You know so on so also but I'm Cretan up did not say that he would allow get it to it's so a disk could. Holy Spirit walk with a grain. You are wrong. You go back and say you're sorry. Oh yeah. You're wrong. And you need to go back and tell her that you're sorry. I said No I was right to say you had the correct words but you had the wrong. Spirit In The Spirit says more than a word. You know responsibility was to show her Christ. You showed her grade. And you need to apologize for that. Now I say has to come after us was in the beginning. I wouldn't go to a microwave has a lot I complain about a right now because I know you go make me go and say I'm sorry and want you can give in Jesus Spence and he convicted you. You can see winds to him and not seeing yourself. You can act in have peace you will have no peace if you don't hear keep troubling new and troubling new disk. And when when when I go and say I'm sorry I feel so much better after so much better. Sovereign earn. I see a hand here. And women I saw another hand first US just see another him for a thing right here. Because I want to try to get as many as a care how much of a do anything. Twelve minutes. I come here come on it never stops. It never see. Let me tell you I'm glad we asked him his wish we had more time. It never stops. Even in grow really. You have to stay surrendered. We're going to be growing in glory. Now we will have his flesh. But we won't grow in perfection. God is holy. YOU'RE PERFECT BUT YOU IN MY GOD. And you'll be growing more and more like Godfather see states of eternity. You can be grown and haven't. That's right. No Guess what God is good with sin abounds God's grace does much more Obama. Even in my C.. Let me tell you this too. Nobody is going to loan us. Because they use. Because if they could be lost because the you. Then you wouldn't say. Think about it. Think about it. The blood of Jesus is not Tafel enough to overcome. And you'll simply go seen as more powerful in God's grace. Ask no. Yes you can hurt somebody. But the somebody is hurt you and there's always been civil. And guess what if they go to Jesus and repeated. God forgives them. And the same person that her chew. The spirit that touched him. Will touch you. And if your heart isn't hard. He will forgive you killed. But if you harden your heart against God. You will be lost because of what they did You will be lost for the your this. When I realized this thing I was a parent Pam and I had to wait because I've been told that you are responsible to save your children. This I have a TOLD YOU are responsible to surrender to God so you can cooperate with his plan to save your children. He is saving your children. And when you realize that your responsibility is to go to me every day and say Lord give me the with ministering surrender. So he can work in you. To work his plan to save your children to save his children. You didn't down across for them. He did and his blood is shed for them. And nobody and nothing can stop them from being say but them scale. And that's why when we stand before God everybody is going to say just into all your ways. Even those who have loved ones that are being lost. You can say I know it. And I'm talking about the storm and China. I believe only say. And they're finished in the north show me this. Here's where I am. If I'm wrong. And he did hardness hard. If you his heart was that hard I'm going to agree with God. I'm going to agree with God and Satan or he's not worth it to be here. Because similar Raza second time. And I don't want to have it no more. He's made his choice he's got his mind made up done everything you can write here. I see a hand with a head with a hammer I hear them I hear come on home. Where are we in time where. Good question. The church should baptize. Anybody that ask for it. That's not our job to say. Jesus was is say that the in our Will was where he said at the end I asked us if you're asking if you tell me see. We think you have to know all the other not. You can we learned God sees a detail of our way if you know all the knowledge you never get baptized. If you say that you believe in Jesus. I'm not sure I don't have the power. If you profess show faith in the Lord. If you line Guess what. You heard yourself. God a strict not business out. Let me let me let me give an example. I got Baptists and I was still drinking. And he asked And. The only reason I won't baptize a person is that the Spirit clearly tells me don't do it. Greg. And he will. I have had him to tell me. And one because what they were doing. It was because there wasn't so. Because God knows. And God said don't do it. And if God said don't do it. I'm not going to ask you what how holy you look. I'm just not going to do it. But there's been rare occasion. The one where a lot maybe more. But very rare. Other times. I'm going I'm going to or other times I've done it because you know what does God we're taking out there actually reach a ha. See if people knew. And that hit me from it when I came in I have. I guess I was OUR I had stop smokin. I was addicted to how when he took it away at to go. And i told us there was a law. But I told myself I said Greg you've been on some kind of stuff and so long you got to do have to do something to hold yourself together see. I don't know I'm right there. So I was I started drink as a bit you can have the alcohol because that's not your thing. So I start drinking a pint of gin. Every day at least in the law to allow me to do that for months because I didn't know the true we say what you do to do drink I was wrong. That's a fact. Truth The is that Jesus can be better to me than that I didn't know that I didn't know the truth. So we make truth. These facts. Who you know you drink it is wrong. Yeah you may know that but the truth is Jesus can take he can be better than alcohol. Cast a truth. And we did. But if they see dignus in a get to know him a little bit. And that's what God gave me time to get. And then after a month. He told me We're not preachy was there. I want to know church service. Our Signum our room would that tend to read Jane good weather Chad the long down. And a spear called minimus a grape. You've been dependent on the alcohol to do for you would only happen do choose you this day who you can serve as either me or are at our concern about. If I get you hooked up to Jesus is a rap I don't care what you don't just let me get you hooked up to Jesus. You may not know naff twenty four hundred Dr Peter. Say. When he said. Abilene even Jesus Christ is a way as you say here is what doesn't mean that's an action teaching. You going to learn. You think you know it all when you come in here you better stop it. Come on here was the next one. How well our five minutes. I know I know what I'm mad with should mean be made available. How performing was my brother. Notice you say Fancy yards OK I want to come back on me to repentance. Now. Yes. Yes. OK OK. At. And it has to be his kid. It is now. I really don't want to just go because we have intensity go. I want to put your right to sin agree. Now. I want to give you an example. Guess who was talking to when he said that people who profess to be doing all right stuff. Why would you get the point people have professed he would talking to brain centers. He he drank in ate with them and a focus of a whole of say. How are you hanging with him son. If you do what they were like. He wouldn't touch it but see he thought about with pittance of yourself right. Just your lack of need for God. There are people there are no this brother right. That back at. I have. I have no kin examples that I have back when God covers it. Because I do tell him. I do tele. Because I say Now look my brother. You are coming into a church where people are doing God have a relationship and you know that but they can't see their. Now. And I do as I did this dance as I said now. You may be still struggling with this as a but I'm tell you something. They care a private struggle between you and God because any if I'm ten you there. If I feel there. If you pray. Say Act is for. We it's hard for us to come to these kind of things. Because we don't trust. Elation sure but the Lord. What we will work with drugs to give you what I'm simply saying is is a simple aboard and that is we have to stop. We have to stop. Leaning own. The Lana and roof and learn how to trust the Spirit good. Yes no yes. Yes right. Yes he is. OK. Listen listen. Yes. I'm glad he said there. I'm glad he said Oh OK OK OK. I agree then that I'm with UNIT Kiss Kiss what I'm saying and I'm glad you were I'm glad you doing this because he's bringing that balance. So this is good thing he's done. Here's where. If you drink. And I tell you no show you where drinking is wrong God. And you say. And you say to me. Pastor I believe that. And by the grace of God I don't want to do it anymore. You were took to drink. Today. Right in my presence at that point. But if you say I asked as a brother you going to trust me. Yes I'm a baptized. I don't care what you did last week. Now if you are playing in a school show to. And with. But if you know if you don't. If you tell me. Well yeah but right now I'm going to do their I mean I gotta wait for that damn say when I'm away for your baptism. Yeah yeah yeah. But so did a good number of ads. Thank you because we needed that balance. You know. And that's why our do this. OK Right here. Because we walk in and our fresh. Because we have not heard. And been presented. The cylinder message as the All in all. Let me just say this before a beginning because I'm an overtime. I'm tell you what if ya want to talk. We have time. I'm going to let me tell you this and I know some people are having a problem what I'm saying is new and I'm glad we're glad my brother. You know had the courage to cuz. Because that balance media. And so you make it make it make it more Korea. Because it had dances. If you tell me that. Then you profess to truth. You profess now. If you fault him for God. If you since you got as we're dealing with that. You know in a way. He said Why don't people love more is in the flesh. Let me just tell you and I have had their head is had to store I was going to come with. But it. If usenet made I won't come on come back. If so it will come back. But why we don't love each other is because we are. We are we are we are walking in our feet to power of our fresh. And we're trying to love each other in the power of our flesh and flesh cannot love ride. That's what a sign it in say the sign that you are my disciple. Is that you keep the Sabbath holy God Well it is a sabbath. You can look. You can do that in look pretty good. But one thing you cannot do. You cannot love like God's love in your flash and the only way you can get to that. If you start surrendering. And God help you in that grow. And you won't be condemned why you're growing and usual signs because you know the law of a conviction. And you start gone back to that person. And you won't go back to to give your argument. And you won't go back story or say today Sorry you. Your whole purpose will be. I want to you. I was wrong and aware acted the way you act is on you if you don't feel it you acted wrong. That's a tween you and God but I'd have to confess my sin and messed up. And I have to tell you there. And I don't want. And they were coming was she was also also. That's all right because you know I'm not going argument over. Because my. My whole goal is not to convict you were you wrong. My whole goal is not to shown around by my home go to heal the wound rack and when we start. And only Jesus can get us there. Because the fresh does not want to humble itself. Especially when you feel you're right. And didn't if you do. And we do that too and we go to person say I'm signed in a person a good man as in the and blesses out again and then we right back into the argument. But if you go with a lot. It will happen. Gotta cut it. I wish I could say we could do this a long time. But and I got stuff that I really didn't get to but I have to trust that God knows the rest of it. You have the handouts. Basically if you follow his formula. It's called Make you surrender. You all always my problem I say the problem. The problem of saying you can't sell. But my problem is always me. My solution is always good that came change me. And on a way I'm a get to the changes I got to surrender my will to God and I will keep us going so like my sister was saying he you got to keep on going to Jesus. And guess what you don't get tired of going to Jesus. But you do get tired of trying to do it to sell. So whenever I don't feel the peace and arrest of God. I know that I'm doing the wrong work for the work of righteousness. Eyes they have thirty two seven I in with this. Seventeen. The work of righteousness is speeches and the effect of righteousness is quietness and assurance. For evermore. Because right to sneeze. Is a man called Jesus. And when you go to him. He will give you peace. And he will give you sure that you will be OK Let's pray. Man a so much. I'm going in M. prayer. I'm a leader is of information up on the up only a screen here. And for those that want to see it as you walk out. OK We're going to pray and I have to move it to that. If you want that information of how to get in touch with me and I'll make available. You can stay for the if not keep going. Let's pray. They have a father. Sees this message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen. They for in Louisville Kentucky. You I see. Supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered. And so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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