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1. Soul Searching Our Emotions

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • December 31, 2015
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty shows and other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org. Good morning everyone and. My name is Kalak Onsen. And you're in healing broken relationships. Seminar. And I'm from Hawaii so let me hear see a big warm. Alone. Even though it's not warm here like away. But I'm glad to be here with you. And this is a six part. Seminar this seminar isn't tight owed. Soul searching our emotions and. I this been looking that has been experienced in Hawaii and passing in Hawaii. It was an experience where I thought that if I just gave people the truth about our doctrines are. Theology. Prophecies and our standards that everything would be OK with them. But I realize there are deeper issues within people's hearts and how to deal with the root cause and we just deal with the symptoms and than people not really experiencing healing. Emotional healing. But in our to truly here you have to go to your past. And yet to face it there and so that those me a player by one Spirit policy here. When I'm out of to win this is the every word be established the Bible says so. The BY was my first witness I call in a second to the Spirit of Prophecy. And so as we follow that are going to see that God has a lot to say about our characters in these last days. I invite you to invite you to turn to me to John chapter four. Verse six and seven in the opening texts. John top the four Verse six to seven and a presentation. OK Hear me back there. Testing me back there. Raise your hand if you can. You can hear me. Testing. Came back there is a better testing. OK good looking gray like a soul searching. Our emotions. Is our presentation can be a little bit too much. So everyone has a handle. So God has given us a message that there's with the practical in a workings of the Holy Spirit upon the character and. And you hand out this in quotation that we're going to go over. But before we go on with our presentation. That is for a father as your word is open help us to see what you want to see and to learn. Thank you Jesus name Amen. What his character. So lucky had notices here. The thoughts and feelings combined make up the moral what. Character So what is the only thing going to take the heaven. Out character so in other words. Define it by this definition by the Spirit was it was the only thing that would take to have a now what thoughts and our feelings. So that means that. So is thoughts and feelings important. Is my next question. Do you think that sometimes feelings can be neglected because it is the you know. The bad Christian F. or that feelings about feelings. But is there a sense is that out feelings need to be sanctified. And this and I really open my eyes all of this. That kind of pushed me in this direction so us to see this so this may be new to a lot of you but I want to just take a new look to the Bible that of the Bible to spread across it to speak to you this this morning. So we are really told inspiration that we must reason from cause to effect. Right. That's not this deal with the effect of hear the sentence but this discover what is the root cause. And this unfortunate a system of education a system has those focusing just upon the symptoms and effects. And we did this dealing with external works or God want to deal with the in a workings of the heart of the inside we back here first and we experience healing here. Then the symptom the effects will follow. Because effects always follow the cause. Feedings only motions is half of our character. But in a western culture of today emotions are discouraged Boden children and adults. Borys especially learn quickly that emotions other than anger. Are quickly suppressed. That is usually a sign of weakness. Even women in the workplace also know that crying is unlikely to be tolerated. And recent medical research on emotion. Treats emotions as the enemy. Now how important is this. You know there was a I got an email from a twenty five year old. Young person. And she said to me that you know having problems I'm having problems with my relationships. And I have these these men that I'm friends with I have no problem being friends with these men but as soon as there's some kind of romantic involvement where I like this person they like me if something goes wrong and I does do everything possible sub consciously to actually chase that person away. And so we did was you went back to her past and if she were talking about in she said to me that while she was growing up. She felt neglected by her dad. And she had a hard time relating in fact he said that her dad only lived thirty minutes away from her. And yet he never visited her. And so because of that he said she saw her dad one time in the subway in C. talked on for there's a few minutes and she actually felt that she was talking to a stranger and said I didn't realize how much. My relationship war nor relationship with my dad had affected me so much that I actually have a hard time relating to people and that's I guess is whole six. Presentations that your past. Because you are who you are be based upon what has happened to you in the past. Your environment how your res has made you you. But unfortunately we live in a sin filled world doing. So because of that not only have we all sin and we sending as other people but other people have also sinned against us. And because of the sins of this world and the more since this world has been has been experiencing the more we've been wounded. And the more wounded we become the more we are affected. And the love of many has wax of grown cold in this world. Because of a sin and been sin against and as has wounded us. And what we think is that it can this. Intellectually assent to a certain believe. Magically is going to make it all disappear. But going to find from Gaza methodology in a by with us not sure. Jesus brought healing to this world where you see a man. And you know I think about I love that help message what is event. And the physical health message that God is giving to our church and I loved it and I got it and we more and my wife went to meet ministry. You know it's been a blessing. But I realize that when Eloise said the nine tenths of illnesses have his foundation. In the what mine. Meaning the physical or sickness nine tenths is ninety percent of all physical sickness. Has Foundation in a negative emotions of the minds this is bitterness anger resentment and forgiveness. Guilt shame. Strasse. All of the things. Actually killed. Now in the physical body but it is stories of emotional well being of relationships and also our spiritual relationship with God. Going to be finding out in a series. So I came to me in a way to me The Chew health message of ninety percent is emotional right. To help Mrs really the emotional healing of the mind what is a meant to help message. Ninety percent. Because if you do with the symptoms and you hear the physical well being and you stop it whatever illness or diabetes or whatever it is. Guess what is going to come back some other way in the body. To another disease. Because you're not dealing with the root cause. The ninety percent that causes that illness. And then you have the relationships that are broken and hurting and a family is a falling apart. And this world is coming. And the hurt and the pain is unbelievable. Especially in our church. And so that's why I felt this is as important as it was a look at the star and we're going to is going to look at Jesus' method of how he dealt with people he knows what Jesus one thing about Jesus was so powerful is this is pretty amazing. Jesus when he went on in the Hero A lot of time to said there were C.G. lawyer please have mercy upon me. And you know many times he would say to them. Not rise up and walk but he say to them what you're what I heard it. Your sins was have been forgiven you write. Why would why would he say that. Why would Jesus they want to be physically here. Healed but why is he dealing with the mine because you just knew the ninety percent. If you could do with the root cause right. And then. Which is better to say you know rise and walk with your sins be forgiven you write us what Jesus said right. He's denied the mine. Heuer that person of being a bitterness here or there person of how expressing forgiveness here the person of anger in a life. Of stress here that person of the pain of being abused a sexual abuse a verbal abuse emotional abuse or physical abuse Whew that person let them be hero of the emotional rooms in their life and the physical will follow what is a man. And Jesus dealing with the root cause. And I J should a system pushes us to focus on the symptom and was very hard to go back here. And even at this seminar people have a hard time understanding this because the Soul uses this dealing with the symptoms. But the solution is found not in the symptoms alone. Yes we need to relieve the sense of that's half of it. But we need to go back to the root cause. So we get Spears the true healing that Jesus has for you and me I wonder about you what is a man. So look at a stylist look at Jesus method. What happened in the middle of the day John top the former six and seven. The BY was says. Now jiggles Where was their Jesus therefore being wearied with his journey sat doesn't know well and it was about the six hour there coming a woman a Samaritan draw water. OK so what time is this ad a six hour of what time did a Jew as they start at six AM rights to six but sixes to all twelve in the world. OK so this isn't the high desert. So you think it's cold or hot. Like a hot pocket saw is a minute the day. Now if you're in the in the desert when would you come out to get water. When would you come or hit in the morning because why. It's cooler. But here she was in the middle of the day. Now. Why would she come when it's really really hot in the middle of the day is and that's why I should write less people. Why she is shame. Embarrassed. What we should be ashamed and embarrassed for about her past. So she is a sheen embarrassed about her past and you know the story right. She came on bias expecting no one to be there but there was one person and that was Jesus. And as she was there she was with Jesus there and and began to talk and then he began to open up to her about the living water. Right. And she got excited said. Serve. Give me this living while the giving that chute give me presents she would give me what I need to hear. I want to hear it straight. Tell it to me Jesus. And she longed for HIS living water. But when his woman asked what HIS living water what did Jesus then do. Look at verse sixteen and seventeen not a Says here. John for over sixteen and seven and I was says Here Jesus said to her Go call your husband and come hither. The woman answered and said I had no husband. Wait a minute. Was this woman asking for a living water. She wanted spiritual truth. What did Jesus give to her. You know if you were Jesus and someone said to hey. Tell me to choose. Tell me I can be saved. What I need to know what was the most important thing I need to know as a Seven Day Adventists. What do you need to tell me what would you give to them. You know I just got to hear about this and yet hear about this right. But Jesus didn't go there. That's the amazing thing about Jesus. He actually went to her broken. Paths. Are you follow me. This is use methodology. He could they gave it a choose but instead he went to her broken. Past. Go call your husband. Bring them here. And a mine went there and she said to him. I have what no husband end of story. In other words I don't want to go there right. Because why because as way too painful because there hurts way too much. And so Jesus gave her the Pats goal call your husband and come here. I have the husband. And you said it to her. You have well said I have no husband. So Jesus knew about all about her paths for you have had five husbands and he whom you know have is not your husband and that says though. Truly. You see. Jesus did everything for a reason that in our do you think is kind of the showing off his knowledge to can impress a girl aided by how well he knew about everything about her life is the thing of the Jews doing something like that. Not Jews had a purpose. Everything that happens in a Bible. Happens For A Reason for a purpose. And this is what actually happened here with Jesus was focusing upon a wounded pass and will of a god doesn't want to review to your past emotional will just a toy Manchu but he brings them to remembrance so that you stop destroying the relationship of those all around you. Is he you need. We need to realize that I'll pass a lesson of experience sure hearing. We're always affect your present. In fact even your past which of experience healing from. We're still affect your present in a positive way. And I've seen so much brokenness and some was hurt is going on are there. Now we know first of all that. We're not to examine our feelings so the did. Depend upon them. Right. So we're told in great car the verse it does fanaticism where you put feelings. Above. The Word of God but the Word of God should be above everything what is event above even tradition right. And even upon reason right the three. Deceptions of the Word of God against the Word of God. So does a quotation here I want to support us on this for us because I think we need to see this. And look at the handout. It says here. Manuscript really says volume ten P. is one seventy five. You're not to examine your feelings and put any what. Dependence upon your word. Emotions. So we are not to look upon our feelings and do all upon them in the negative ones especially write and draw upon them and depend upon them and to put our dependence upon that what he saved and. So that's a foundation which I knew this quotation for a while. When I started ministry. And it makes sense. We need to go by faith what you say amen. We got us with your feelings and then when we by faith you bring them. The the word dying by faith you believe in the Word of God in it comes true in your life in inspiration away so they're no longer than is the feelings what on the faith turns into feelings are a sanctified emotion the feelings. But we live by faith. But then his next court ation in I was reading my in character and personality. Volume two. And I guess that's what really hit me OK this quotation here knows what it says here as it is in mercy that the Lord We've used to mend their hidden defects. He would have them critically examine the complicated world. Emotions. Not does examine what was critically examine the complicated emotions and motives of their own hearts. And so was the purpose of doing this why you want to critically examine your emotions and motors of your heart. For one purpose only not to do all and to live by them into put the pen is upon them before only for one reason. And that is to detect that which is wrong as a second step in a third thing is to do what up to determine what is wrong. So this kind of break it down so basically you have a negative emotion Ray. And you see how does know this this is this anger problem. He had his anger problem I just can't get over it and then you have to realize what causes anger pollen. So the point of looking at this negative emotion of anger is a realize what is wrong with the what happened in the past. That makes you so angry. Right. That's what she's talking about. And that this is stay there. Right. What does say next there. And what is a say. And modify was another word for modify. Change what I say amen. God wants us to change. He doesn't want us to be the same. He wants us to change the dispositions. And we find is that a word for change their manners. So in other words. Reason phone calls to the factory. So. And the way it says that if the thoughts are wrong. The feelings would be wrong. If the thoughts are wrong the feedings. Will be wrong. So in other words feelings follow what thoughts. So you go backwards. If you are having problems with your anger all births and everything. That shows that you have negative feelings right good actions. Follow your feelings and then we have negative feelings that we do is OK what I need to go back and see what kind of what negative what thoughts I have right. And then you work backwards and say OK I have negative thoughts. And guess what By be holding we become with chains or be whole to Jesus's good thoughts and good Jesus's glory or other character right. Want to be whole the character of God and God's character is made up is what thoughts and feelings right. Body of data good. The good. So you have negative feelings and you have negative thoughts over here write something having a past. They may be a whole God's good thoughts right in his good feelings because. We are to be hold his character of love. And then that transform you will be only become change. And you have good thoughts you have good feelings and you have good action and that's clearly me as a man to men so that's what God wants us to experience. There is worth and has there in your hand out here testimonies volume five P. three ten of the thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong. Now what did this woman then do look at John to have to for verse nineteen and twenty and John talk to four one thousand and twenty. So this woman was. She was confronted with Jesus. About her past. But what does she do when she's confronted she yes she chided change the subject and turn things that way when those who have been in verse nineteen the Bible says the woman said to him server. I perceive that doll are the profit of fathers worship in this mountain and you say that in Jerusalem is a place where men ought to worship. So my question is what did this woman do. Now. She chided to change the subject. Right now when it is she ignore it by saying Short answers to switch the topic right and beginning to learn. But now she's actually trying to change in the what kind of subject is she go to religious controversy can hear it man. What is a vent. She want to stay on a religious controversy level. Now is another presentation I go on this OK. In the spirit pops a quotation very powerful very powerful quotation but wrong go there for now but if want to make that point. So she distracting. She's run away from a problem. It's like the bank robber right there robbed the bank running from the bank good on the money. And everyone look over there at some is robbing the bank and everyone's she looks over there right. And they run away with the money. So diversion kind of getting everything away from the Jews from SEE was really going to know what she did I want to go to a past woman's And I'm. I realize that many people. Many Christians do not want to go back to the past you know why because as way too painful. Is better just forget all about it and move on and don't deal with it but the poem is there still having problems in a relationship and that's why the seminars and how the healing broken relationships. There's still conflict in the marriage. These still cannot get along with the parents. They can't seem to even get married. We are living in a broken world. This world is so broken. Is unbelievable when I say broken. I speak primarily to the evidence or it was really my main audience. Our church is broken. Unbelievably broken. Where people are a lot ahead knowledge. But the relationships of broken. And I showed yesterday that you know the thirty years mess is revealed in Revelation fourteen Westfall right here they keep the commandments of God. And how the faith of Jesus right. The come out of the god the first for their relationship with whom God elastics they were relationship with each other so. The Ten Commandments really review our relationships with one another right. So the thirteen is messes as found in Revelation fourteen was taught is really about talking about having good relationships is that not true. So God wants His people to actually reveal his character of love the thoughts and feelings of love and the last. We thought inspirational and white to the last message to be given to the world is a revelation of his character off. Love and character is thoughts and feelings of love. And that's the last message. The thirty this message is the love of relationship the love of to God and to each other the ten ten commandments. Of love relationships and their ever time will Church. Need it the messes of the third in his messes of relationships that time is now it is a event. People need healing I need healing. Is a time when we need healing. In this world and in our church. Interesting that her past history of relationships was so broken. And yet even though is so broken. She still wanted to go to theological issues. She still want to talk about the theology says the want to deal in I just have friends. I guess my background that's why I've come from just on the extreme present shoot site. And I know a friend that was an admin as we form church and you work for me as a bible worker for a while in my churches. And here is a nice as guy friendly in everything and you know this strong and out shoots and everything in our doctrines. And I want to stay with him when I was visiting in up in California and I never forget that time. And here I was inside that in his house and I remember walking in and the whole for the next three days. Not once did he introduce me to his wife and I looked at him how they interact to one another as a walking down the hallway they would he look at each other the other way. And I said to myself. Please I don't ever want to come like that. At that time I wasn't married yet. I said God please I don't. I don't ever want to come like that and I think of that quotation. This and you handle. One. Well ordered. Well disciplined founding. Tell us more in behalf of Christianity. Then all the sermons that can be preached to hear a man and then another words is now what we say that's important as now we're in with the intellectual discussions. How smart you can look and not how much you can teach some was not how much you know all but it's how much we can actually live. God's care to love to one another way say amen. The world is longing for people to love one another that's what they were longing for. Now if I get this forget the world for now. The church is longing for people to love one another would he say men. The church is hungering hungering thirsting please. Jesus gave me. Thirsting for people to reveal to them God's character of love. That is what the church is hungry in for they're hungry for it and they look at it for it in you. Not the pastor what if they can hear a man Amen. But you. The piece of all believers. And they looking for you to reveal to them that character. At another friend from a ministry to work to me in our school and he was teaching. DANIEL. And very was powerful class and he brought his family. I mean everyone's ever. Everyone wants to come to Hawaii right. And bring the family along for the speaking engagement. I mean here want to go to Hawaii let me see and what way can. So I can pack you know anything like that. So he voted he's going to come to why savings this whole family and you know a vacation afterwards which is fine by me you know that's that's I bring speakers there with the hoary. So you see those classes so powerful and then I saw the interactions with his wife in him. And it was not like it was you know on hit in which a lot I'd say happened things that hidden but actually it was. It was very blatant. It was blatantly she was is bitter and blatantly upset at her husband and angry and rebellious in front of everyone and. And everything she did and fine at the top into him. Hey man I mean the students are in this kind of looking at this in the city yeah man I know I know. And I say hello. Or you need to do is take a day off and on a great place in like in Hawaii they have nice beautiful resorts on one side of Ireland. And I call the Hawaiians call it there on national parks. Because it's free. So we go there you have play tourist and it's all free though. So I say take on is this nice place in this nice hotel resort and go out. Have dinner with her and spend some time with her because you know ministries Sometimes we go skate so sucked up in performance based ministry. So we can get approval from other people down to fill our self-worth. So take a break and spend time with one another in a way they got to spend time together and he sent me email later on and they're already getting better within Hawaii so they bought whole why I guess. But really was the lawyer that was heating then when he say men. So we could talk together. They were prayed together for nineteen healing. And he said I hope all goes well with you your family or by is wife was even attending church anymore. And you ministry the Lord to sustain a much better than when we were at your place but plenty of room for growth. I believe God is working. My wife has started helping out again a church in the church is a vision. Thank you pastor for your time and occurs when God can hear what he say amen. And Guy can hear the home. But we got to deal with the root causes. We can't pretend that everything's great. We can this can continue on as usual. The something different has to happen. I will Asian ships are not going well. They're just not going to do a mighty work in a so what happiness. Woman find the experience healing. So John chap the four of us twenty to thirty. John's of the forest twenty to thirty biases here. The woman the left who won the pot and went away into the city and said to the men come see a man was told me all things that ever I did. Is not this the Christ. Then they went out of the city and came unto him. So this woman came to get water but she was so all excited that she was healed. That she left the very thing that she had come for the water and she actually went and called people told everything about what had exchanged Spears the heaving the emotion he was experiences so excited. She told everyone in a city that the city the whole city came out to see Jesus. What you say amen. They were told that many believed in Jesus because of what this woman had said and I was it was just what she said to them and I often think about this. Why is it that this woman did even receive one class. On how to witness for Jesus. And yet she brought the whole city to G. is what is a Amen. And some of us a class that the class of the class of the class and everyone one person in Jesus. By the way. Evangelism class is a good way to see a man. And this came from me the facts tell a class there Santorelli for that what he say vent and ask Are they had in a city training schools on telly for that you need that. But could it be they were missing something of the formula that we're missing they most of the heating part Phone Paso and. She have she was a broken woman. She was in a relationship she got married she got divorced. She going to another relation got married and then tragically in another divorce. There's another relationship has got married she goes. And then she has broken a gun that a divorce sense of another relationship and got married and got divorced again. And then she got another relationship got divorced and brokenness out there brokenness out there brokenness. She was broken she was so no question a great marriage and a whole commitment things he said. And I'm going to get married anymore. Unlive with this guy and I even get married to him or that before. She was broken. She needed healing and a great healer came. Your sins be forgiven you. And she experience he says so excited it is amazing when people experience healing. There's a man I knew and. We have a school the school of the profits is called Healing Rain and. We had this past summer. We just started this past summer. And a young man came from another island flew over for the school. And he just got baptized into the church. And he does live. Toller on the street he always used to be fighting on the street and. I looked at him at the beginning in people kind of worried about him because it is look so he didn't have any peace. Very angry. He did even smile. And then I saw him if it is a school. And he such a smile a lot more experience peace. And he shared me a story about. He said he had so much anger in him. He says felt like I was just pure darkness. All around me and God came around and worked in his life anybody heating to him and is some of our few weeks ago at a he was a attending to seminar and I will. Went to the seminar I saw him and he said. And I saw his the smiling the whole time. And he's very quiet in the say anything and I guess another friend who came over C. went to the school and she told me that the said you know. He needs a serious testimony because you know adults we go to the same church. And this guy. It's just bringing his friends to church. And he just got baptized this year. This guy is bringing people to church. And now that but he doesn't come to church and he still come to church now. On their own. And thought about it like this guy did he receive a class. But like the woman the well. He had received healing and. And he's bringing his hardcore friends to church. I mean God can do amazing things through me when we experience healing when I see it meant. Amazing things. And that's what God wants in my life and your life. And that's where the woman the world did. We experience heating of our pass. Wounds. To me to John or. We're not to go there. But what it is the shore it is tax. In the Bible. Some guys call it a we have to have a memory tech sometimes. Well. What is it. OK Jesus were having a good good advantage. Good Adventist. Jesus wept. Right. OK So Jesus wept. So the Jesus cry. Now did he cry. But Desire they just pays five so the fire says. Another place. He cry to and says he handled their surprise and disappointed to see his eyes fill with tears and his body. What rock. To and fro like a true before the Temporist Tempest. While where up anguish burst from his quivering lips as if in the depths of a broken heart. So not only did uses shed a tear. But she's also he where old and he cried and he went back and forth and my question to you and me. Is this. Can you imagine a man in a church wearing today is my question. In fact I don't think I've ever heard a man where in church maybe I seen a few cry in church by never seen anyone where on rock back and forth. And this only proves the now only has the world. Been influenced by his own culture. But even God's own church has been influenced by the culture of the world. No I think of the Bible and the godly men there are good. There are men. The great men of the bio put on sackcloth and ashes and they aware and cried before the Lord and repented for their sins. And they're willing to weep in public because they have decided that they would rather a big God rather than the traditions of men what is a men. It's OK to say amen. It's OK to be expressive. How much you appreciate God amen. And I have a hard time with St Louis or of our do. And you read spirit of process is Hallelujah right. By this the I mean honestly you write. As one of the seminars. One the lady was going. Hallelujah. For anything and everything I said. And afterward she came up to me say you know Pastor I just needed to deceive that. It was for me it was healing for me. Jesus. Cried. Kelly Clarkson I mean her to Kelly Clarkson and you see and. So see what a song called because of you. And she wrote the song. You know America's i was the first winner. So it's are all this song and. She said this. I call. She said divorce isn't fun. It affects relationships when you're older. I think you have to work a little harder because you're constantly thinking is probably not going to work out in the end. And the reason why she said that because when she was six years old her parents got a divorce. And he said it. It messed up it hurt a wounded her so much. It affected all her relationships with men to this day. Actually wrote a song because of you and then he's going to read the words we kind of this know what she's thinking and mine said I can't cry because I know that's weakness in your eyes. I'm forced to fake a smile. A laugh. Every day of my life. My heart can't possibly break. When it wasn't even a hole to start with. Because of you are never stray too far from the sidewalk. Because you are learning to play on the safe side. So I don't get hurt because of you. I try my hardest just to forget everything. Because of you I don't know how to let anyone else in because of you I'm ashamed of my life. Because it's empty. Because of you. I am afraid. And to this day. She can I have a normal relationship with any man because she said with her past now she got married right you know that right. That's another story. But even in here's the thing. There is people are there who can discover the root cause. But the problem with this. They can never experience a hearing because only today God has a healing what is save men. And many times as Christians we can you figure out the root cause we're stuck in a sense on site here the facts side. But we need to go back to the root cause from cause effect and go through the cause and discover what is the root cause and heal from right. But they can discover it in the world but they cannot hear oh only gone can bring healing to a sin six saw only God can bring the love that they're hungry in for only God can bring the emotional healing. That we all need. Because we're all up in sin against every single one of us here in this room and was listing. I mean an altar call for an I.P.O. often times certain places I make an appeal for a noisy with oil. And you know Jane chapter five says call the others and on the and with oil right. And then it says this for physical heating within A says this. And if they have committed any one since spiritual healing. That it be forgiven them a bit in a sense of bitterness and forgiveness. Sins of anger. Sins of guilt sins of shame sins of being abuse all these sins as being healed. And so I mean at the core and they ass. One man came up to me. And I say list. Where you like me to pray for and he said to me. He is he was eighty years old and he said this is me. My father divorced me. When I was five years old and his whole life he had live with that pain. Seventy five years of his life. My father divorced me when I was five years old and it affected him. Every flecked of his relationships for the rest of his life. He was broken. He was hurt. He was in pain. The marriage was hurting. Why. Because the past need to be healed. You have to face and I notice time is so painful. Is like almost like you have to go to P.T.S. the I've been there I know what is like. Like I don't want to face it. I don't want to do my pass around us forget about a move on the fact is thinking about this is so painful. But you gotta go back there. You've got to be like the woman at the well in place yourself in this story aloud is the Country you. And you got a lot on the continent. They're hurting areas of your life. They're broken relationships. The five husbands and divorces like this woman at the well. The broken past that you have eleven come there were ever may be. And when he comes to you and. And you love to come into your heart was going to bring healing to you. And as a way that God brings healing. Isaiah Chapter fifty three Verse five eyes are shut the fifty three verse five. This is actually one my favorite text. I just fifty three verse by. The BY was says. But he was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised cooties. The chastisement of our peace was upon him. And with his stripes another word for Stripes is what wounds. By his wounds. We are was healed. What is a event. By his wounds. Where what wounds. Where on the cross by his wounds in the cross. We're here why what happened on the cross are so powerful. What is a cross reveal reveal his character of love. And when you experience another was across the God's love. Truly here as what you say amen. It was God's love Hughes us in he was our hearts in such a powerful way and look at your hand out here. Dissolve it is pay sixty one. The thoughts of Calvary. Awakens the living and sacred. What emotions. In our hearts what event. So can we have good emotions when I say when so God's the love of God in the cross was Swiss sanctify us and give us. Living emotions in our hearts. And that's what God wants us to experience. In my life. And in your life. There is healing in the cross of Calvary. For by his wounds of love. We healed. Maybe been sexually abused as a child by his moods of love your hero Lacy a man. Maybe even emotionally abused by your husband. By his wounds of love you he owed. Maybe been verbal abuse by your wife by his moves of love. You are healed. Maybe devastated by the diversity of parents or the pet or the pain of living in a love. Start home by his wounds of love you are here or beloved there is a god out there who loves you more than you ever know. And why does love that you will be here old. Do you want to be healed. For God can achieve that which you would not believe the U.N. here in Chile is one I want to hear what about you what is it meant. When I want to be doing. There's a hand out there and. What we do is risk and do a little case an arrow. Can I need your help. And I learn from you actually. So could you please help me with every OK. So every time I go to a session. And I ask people he could actually share. So there's a a case and there are here to talk a little bit what we're talking about. And some take a little while to get used to this thinking about we dealing with the root cause. So one of the is on. I'm going to read this through. Give a little time for you think about it and then I'm going to ask if somebody can come up and share that what do you think would be a possible solution from dealing from cause to effect and dealing with a solution for the specific problem is that clear if you can do that and you don't have to come up for you don't want to. You don't have time we don't have time anyway. But this is who are like to come up and share. Sometimes I had to kind of limit people. OK Let me ask a question the AS want to do. Going to switch it up what do you wanna get this. This is a good run. OK with the shy from here. So many really here. And then you kind of think about it and pray through. And then won't have any thoughts on this case in there and you hand out then you can just come up here. To the front and you could just line up here and and speak here. But I could let me read it to you read a few minutes left so I says here you have a friend named. Emma from church. Who is share with you that she doesn't have any good relationship with her family or friends. She also has gone back to her old addictions that she had given up when she had gotten baptized. She once shared with you that her parents got divorced when she was just eight years old and has seriously affected her. One day at the church policy open up to you and asked you for help. What do you do so want to do right now I'm going to give you three minutes. To turn to the person next to you or in a group what I want to do. And this kind of talk it through I can sit here by yourself and meditate what I want to do. And then we have people share and. This sharing part is actually the most powerful for me so if you can do that a three minutes and look at each other in this kind of smile. And this kind of talk there you can is. Meditate on you know because I don't have extra handouts we ran I had doubts all. You have us. And the actual ones want to share with the front. So the case and there isn't a back of your hand out. Look in your hand out it has a case an arrow on your handle one minute left. Thirty seconds left me rephrase in this way for some had to have a care. It's time. We're limited in time so. Soul who like to be first like to share with me what you came up with their discussion there. And when I think come and share. Come come come come. All we need they want to sit in a microphone sorry. Is that scaring people come. The scum of the scum. How come I had gotten really close. If appropriate I would start by giving her a hug and. If I'm able to like keep on like with physical touch I think that would be reassuring. And then help her to identify what emotions she is experiencing she's probably experiencing shame and embarrassment from going back to the addictions and then leading her through how Jesus can identify with her in her pain and suffering from her parents' divorce. We'd decided I and I'm pretty much. Asking if it was OK to engage in a word of prayer together and a lot of times I find out when you're in a word or pair with somebody then you kind of understand deeply of where their emotions are coming from and what they're feeling about the situation. And then also we kind of analyze. OK what type of help do you need. What can I assist us. And so we kind of talked about how whether the people that she had I was around with the bat with a bad influence were they not implement Bible studies can we make sure that there's a support system whether it's by the church or by the people that she may be with. Whether it's family or friends trying to implement them around her. So that she'll know that there's always somebody that loves and care and then lastly like the last woman said that. Making sure that God loves her and implementing the Bible. With that in just pointing her to certain voices that encourage her. I guess what I would tell him a salute to fight her battles. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy he comes to steal your joy kill your faith in the show your family. I'm sorry can you guys hear me. OK. You know. Pray that God help turn their hearts to her and help her to love them. And know the way. For her to do is for her guide. Deal with. Thank you. Saw the next seminar. As emotional pain relievers. And that with addictions and getting a victory. They deal with the root cause of addictions and heating from that through God's law. So let's pray Father thank you for your goodness. And Lord as we continue on and I healing process I pray that you may be the true healer in our hearts. I may continue experience it. And we thank you. And yes name. This message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen. Faithful in Louisville Kentucky U.I.C. supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web got.


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