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2. Emotional Pain Relievers

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • December 31, 2015
    10:00 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org. So it's time that began this presentation is entitled. Or that is requests and it may be have some Roman inside you can scoot in a little because people are still coming in if you can move toward the walls. And then there have more room. Thank you. So this presentation is entitled. Thank you everyone. Entitle emotional pain relievers healing for addictions. Emotional pain relievers healing for the actions. So turn me by was the genesis chapter one verse twenty seven. Genesis Chapter one Verse twenty seven is our opening. Texts. Today we live in a world of pain for not only have we all been wounded and through our sins but we have all been wounded. Others right. Also with our sins toward them. And without the healing love of God the pain will never go away. For many Christians the pain still remains even though they may suppress ignore the NY the masses of. How do I know that I still have and healed pain from a pass. Is he what people normally do is you know you have a headache or a people and I mean do they take some type of pain reliever a leg something that they were aspirin or Tylenol right. And was the purpose of the tylenol for to what. To non the pain I the physical pain. So in the same way in a spiritual realm. The emotional. Well what happens that when people expense of our emotional pain from the pass or brokenness what people normally do is they take some type of pain reliever. Because it is just too painful to think about to Nom their pain. And that's why we're looking at today. And I call them behavior narcotics. When I say no card a son and this talk more chemical drugs such as jobs alcohol or cigarettes that people use a numb the pain of living today. I'm also talking about behavior in our car that. Pain relievers or drugs. You see many people today even Christians turn to sin for habits as emotional vacations. Away from their pain. But the power is that when they come back from the emotional vacations. The pain is so they're So they got it. Continue on the drug and the judge gets stronger and stronger. And their addictions are funny. The Dixons become so strong they have to deal with it also. So beloved there is a hunger out there for healing. And it's high time that we as God's people be healed from our wounds and the speech set free from a sin for avarice what is a man. So got healers and may God heal us with his healing power of love. That is pay Father thank you for your word. And as we open in the Appreciate your sacred. Pages. Is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. Genesis one twenty seven. What we created in the biases here. So God created man in his own image in him is a God created he him. Male or female created He them. So we were created in the image of who God. Right now. What is God First John for US A says what God is what. Love. So we were created the image of God and God is love that means that we were created in the image of Love and Other words. We were created to love and to be love what is a man. Because God is a god does a god head right. And other for love to be love you must now only be love but you must give love. We can't is love yourself that's why is holy gets where love is all about the father's are said I This is my beloved son whom I love my beloved love him. Who I am well pleased and the Son are says I love my father and he loves me right. Is that relationship of of loving and being love and given him is a god to me or female. We are to love. That's why the love and to be love. That's all we were created for was actually love. And so every single person who's We have all been born in this world has been born way a need to love and to be loved and that's why the most dangerous thing is that is not good for man to be alone. Right. And I'm just talking about marriage but even to be of by yourself in a monastery all the way up in the mountain in I I kind of did the route and I lived off the grid for ten years. Five beautiful as a hallway. All by myself. Guess what. You still have problems that you know that. And we were meant to be alone and actually I share my testimony later on but I got sick. I was a medical disability. But you know is when I'm with people that is actually very healing for me. Believe it or not even when I was a medical disability How do you want to be with people. But actually being a people. Was a very means actually house me to get better. The something there about that is not good for man to be alone and knowledge that probably become very warped. In our views and our relationships we can't get along with people because we isolate ourselves is very unhealthy to isolate ourselves. And we have a very strong West an individual is of here in America. Which is very dangerous and a very contrary to the Christian principle of Christian community found in the Bible. The look in the Bible of patriarchy look at not just parents living with the children but what grandparents living with their children and their grandchildren and great grandchildren. And everyone else. It was a community. Unfortunately many people today be clued in Christians who are never experiences love of God for they have seen it in the home from their parents their lives have been filled with love. Rather than emptiness and pain. Now how important is this look at a hand out here Minister of healing P. three seventy five to three seventy six. No Snow says here grade is the honor. And the responsibility place upon what fathers and mothers and the. And I hear the bass. Parents OK because I am a parent. By can tell you this that I thought I was the most perfect Christian in the world. Until I got married can hear a man. Then I had someone tell me hey this is not such a good idea what you do and I don't like this than that and all K. maybe I need to change right. And then when I thought everything was getting better at finding in this thing going to hang a fair I guess our thought I was and still learning. Then I had a daughter was like when she learned that from. Well I guess is me. And she's a reflective on the. The good and the bad. And the bad that I see myself that I've forgotten about or don't want to think about. And she reveals it to me how I am not a Says here. So I'm talking about myself here. But we need to talk to our parents and I agree. I really greatest ministry in our church that we really need is not youth ministry. Parent ministry you can hear a man event. Because look. I was in youth ministry and first started off so here I am dealing with the youth I'm helping them out and you know. There are down in the press in a we have a bias that we talk about things no happiness cited. And they go back home and they're feeling good and the next day guess why it all down again. That's dealing with the symptom. Right. Because you don't have to deal with it over and over you know what's it like this is like the it's like the you're in the bathroom and water is all on the floor. And your and you're mopping up the water and use squeezing inputs other Buckey keep mopping up the water. And you look in the Fosses is on is spilling out in the sink his clothes spilling over the edge and was spinning over and. And you keep on mopping the floor. But what you really do turn off the faucet. So a lot and then a Christian we like to Dia. Everything kind of revolves around this is deal with the symptoms. You know you've been issued its is help them all this going to entertain them just be their friend as he would help them to experience. Healing. But how about this deal with the water faucet here. What he say men. Where did these parents learn their parenting skills from. I mean there were parents. And maybe their methodology is passed on to the thirty four generations and got want to break those chains what is a event. Great is the honor and the responsibility placed upon fathers and mothers. And that they are to stand in the place of God to their children what is a event. And listen to this. By teaching the child to love and trust and obey them. The parents. They are teaching him to love and trust and obey His Father in heaven when I say invent another was parents has such as sake a responsibility. Whether a child will love trust in a bay our Father up in heaven. It's directly linked to a halt their father and mother has raised that child can hear a man and men. Let me say that again can these a sink in. How are child shouldn't turn now. And I notice. The Vera was I totally understand that. But one hundred percent cannot be this because a child's fall. It can be those that there is totally their fall. The other reason the blame that's why they're gone and left a church. It cannot be a hundred percent. Always that showed us all can hear a man M.N.. I mean this wouldn't be written that I would not give us consuls the parents. And Doug it was a mess as the last Mrs A given Malakai right before Jesus a calm. The first time in which is actually parallel to was going to happen will be for Jews cons. The second time which is they lied to message. In the last few verses of Malakar it was as if he were turned the hearts of the fathers. To the children when I say amen. And the hearts of the children to the father but which comes first it didn't say turn the hearts of the children to the fathers know it said turn the hearts of the parents of fathers. To the children what I say even then it was the parents like God to us that need to initiate that love and reconciliation to the children. First and by loving the children first love awakens love what is a Venn. And we need love or we can love to a child that child will respond by doing that day were video. The gospel of God that God is the one Danish A So us that while we are yes in is God still love this god initiate his love to us. And when God loves us first. We respond back to God and want to to serve him and saw a picture of who God is is based upon how you are a piece and your whole. You have problems with your relationship with God. Where did you get that from. By your father your mother. That's where you got it from you have problems with loving god would I come from. I'm not saying this is the same here right here. You have power trusting God. Where did that come from. You have power with obeying God. Would that come from. Came from somewhere. About time we start taking responsibility for what's happening in our church. What he say amen. Got to start somewhere. Things that do things as magically happen. Is that what happened things magically happen in your where you're at today or it showed in a where you add there at today that this accidentally happened are no accidents do happen is World. But is the song responsibility here for parents also. I believe so well it wouldn't say this. We were created it will a hole in our hearts. To be love. And until we take the spot no the toad has a responsibility for that child that child is looking to mom and dad to fill that hole in their hearts that chart a learning how to trust by how father treats them to learn how to trust death. That's hard learning how to obey. Our Father in heaven. Based upon how they've learned to obey their mom of a heart that wants to obey. That's the root cause. The God wants us to experience. Not only did. Parents leave us with a void a parent to love but they also left us with a void of a relationship with God also. It was interesting to know that I made an appeal for healing and you know some people use looked like they look like they have it all together many times. But a lot and that's is a facade. And I mean up here for healing and lady came up. And she does look picture perfect distress really nice and. This imperfection. And she came up to me and says Say you know. I realize that. I really need healing. In my own life. She said I grew up in such a dysfunctional hole. He was so broke in fact my brother is so hurt by his past that he actually became an alcoholic. And he's always drinking and said a sadder thing about this whole experience is that. We come from a passes home and my dad was a pastor. And I realized that you know I think of my family. I think my you know passes Piquet's they go through a lot. I'm telling you don't even know. And I know my daughter and his heart being a P.K.. For many different reasons. But he was a P.K. and I meet Piquet's everywhere and they're hurting. They're broken. And a lot Hines they want things that they have it all together but they really need healing and their own minds. You see we are wounded in two main ways either wounds go deep in how we were treated as a child growing up or disto fresh and how others are treated us in and we are hurting and winning today in either case. He can still be found in Gaza what is a vent. But this look at a story in Genesis chapter three verse four when a state is this little story here. Genesis Chapter three. I'm going to see how addictions work. OK so you have to kind of think it this way. Now I'm going to say the statement I want you to think about this. What we need dealing with addictions Yes there's a problem you need to deal with it and you deal with the same tone that's part of part of it. But the root cause of additions. Is not the dicks in the self in other words. Don't just focus on the diction the saw in that person from hearing from those addictions. Now the way the someone is an alcoholic don't just get them off the alcohol. Even with God's help. Because something that's driving them to drink. If you sought the alcohol guess what is going to come back to some other addiction to numb the pain. You look at a motion of pain relievers. So if you stop one. Pain reliever. Is act as ample you take away the Tylenol. They're going to want. And take aspirin later on you follow me. So what do you need to what do you need to do or they're in physical pain. What they need to do. Given one other pain reliever. Find the cause. So physical pain and take away the pain. Right. The physical pain. Sort of spiritual realm the same thing. If they're hurting. And in pain. Do you just give them a study on a twenty three and a days they follow me. Is that relevant. It could be if you can make it relevant. And actually I believe it can be right. And the minute that we can is cut off. Which is the cross what is event. Which is the solution. So much you think about this before going to the story so Genesis chapter three verse for him to see how deep his work. The lie of not being loved what did the servant say about eating the food Genesis chapter three verse for another of our says and the servant said unto the woman. OK so. Say they wants to get Eve right. And say see on the surface and on to the woman you show nationally die. OK so. Satan is coming to Eve and. What he can to the serpent Eve service they were his words in case he even said. Hear it. What if you say there was a here even Here's a fruit. Catch. We shake and said Eat it was she caught it was Shane eaten it right away when anything this happened. Why. Why would she have eaten it tell me why. It was sure she didn't know it was Satan right was this beautiful. Being right and what where she even. Why would she have eaten at anything. OK. Now but what's behind that she got her not to. But what makes it. I'm God's tells us not to do a lot things so they are right that we still do a law right. OK. But it's a doctor. OK. But what motivated her to want to do a God says to do was the motive to love right. It was love right. So if you are Satan. In the one thing you see it in what I mean this kind of thing that figure of speech. But if you. What would you want to do. If you said you what would you want to actually do. Put doubt in your mind about what. OK God's love. I follow me. Right. OK so they get addiction So in other words. She loves God was a big but to get her to disobey God. Because it is a here. Take the fruit eat. Sure she had disobeyed God no. So he has a get into her mind right. To make a wild. Doubt and to fall of the love of God you fall in love God and then you can get a so what is going to is. That's what Satan was he was a Hey How you doing go are seeking to serve a good talk say by the way this is so good going to China eat it and ins. He would see even a thought I know Gaza not to eat and I love God. See you later right as she walked away right. Would have been the story. But instead he did something else. He went to her mind. And what he tried to do so verse four was the first thing he did two things. You are not surely die. Now what did God say. Would happen if they're eating food they were died. So what was Satan saying about God implying about God that God was a was a liar. Are you following or using state is planned here. So God was a liar so. Now let me ask a question. Can you love someone who is the. I mean Bill lie to I'm ever been in a relationship like a boyfriend or girlfriend has been a wife and your spouse or your boyfriend or girlfriend as lie to you and you see hands. Come on only we hang him if he hasn't there. There isn't a hurt. Can you love someone who always lying to you. It's hard on those are we my friends and they're out with the boyfriend. Having an affair. Cute. The fear that. Can you trust someone who lies to you. So his pain is picture of now God is love. Now but he said I can't get her obedience and disappearing because enough. She not to listen to me. So what I need to do is. I need to get into her mind and paint a different picture of who God is right now the whole great controversy is right. God is Love it starts out in paychecks and profits right in the first three words of the of a conflict of ages series and in last three words of the great controversy ends with what God is love and alas messes. The beginnings of the world is a revelation of His character of what law because that's the whole great controversy is is who God really is is who with Jesus said this is my father who is really like and say to say notice. This is who God is like but here the difference between a to integrate conversely genius cannot lie will say thing can. And so is like politicians you know you have the Republicans and Democratic society going on and in public you know a lot of the politician on. They can lie. To blow things up an exaggerator right. And that's what the war is all a bomb. Over character. And so he was a paint a picture so now God is a liar sort of the God we did say or you're not going to really die. OK what the second thing that happened. The going to say is here in verse five. Just as chapter three verse fire the by was says here. For God does know that a day either off then your I shall be open and you shall be as was God's knowing good and evil. OK so what the second thing. So you say OK look. He he eat this food and you're going to be like what God. But in God told her. Hey don't eat our food. So what did Satan try to make Eve. Out to be. I'm sorry. What is it to make God. Out to be. Look like God was was selfish. Very good selfish right. Because God is God and God's up there and he knows that this food is so good. In fact he knows that. That's the very few they made him God. So follows. If you'd eat this food even guess what you eat this food and then you would be God So that's why. God didn't want you to eat it so he tell you don't eat this food. So. God wants it off for himself. He wants to be selfish. He don't want you to get whatever. He has he's a selfish being now me at LET ME action next question. Can you love someone who is selfish. Very hard to again right. Or thinking about themself. Never thinking about you never want to help ya never want to give you anything. This. I mean me me right. So Satan is painting a false picture of who God is in Eve's mind. So now she's been tempted this you start to believe Wait a minute. God is a liar. And now read up a god is very selfish. And when she thought to entertain these thoughts in a mine. Then say thing got her exactly where he wanted her to chains her mind and then she thought of Father love with God right. And that's our city where so you and me. You created to love and to be loved Eve was created love it to be love she felt loved by God and she loved God. And she do anything for God because if you love me. You know keep my commandments. If you love me devour seven John fourteen you will keep my word on the words is obedience. Love makes obedience easy. Is a natural product of of love but want you to think reading of love out of the picture. Then it becomes a form. There is no true obedience from the heart because I have to. I have to go to church. I have to pay my tide. I have to go through G.I.C.. And I as want to be here what is a vacuum here event. And I'm going to children save an event. It becomes a joy. So Satan attacked her on the root cause. And that's what root cause is a case so. As parents we want to make it where our children want to A be us what you say amen. That we win the hearts of all children that we make you where they love us and we actually seeking to not hurt them with words in our anger and impatience. But we actually or wound them and showing in the love of God and actually draws us. Draws us with His love and we draw it showed him with or without love to the children they want to obey us. And by doing that we've even got scared and they want to be the father of father and have it. It leaves let me say man to man. So city was doing that he hit them on his to it on his two angles like it now look at a safe here. OK so this one is no unconditional love. And we are wounded. Then that leads to emptiness and pain. In our hearts. OK look. OK so I did an appeal at a church for heating. And there's a very unusual sight. Because down. There was walking down the aisle to the front was a mother with her son. Probably about eight years old and another girl walking down the middle aisle to the front. Don't let me see that. And they came in and knelt in front. And I was meeting people one on one. For a talk with them in counseling. And then as I was talking with them. I finally came to a finish and at the came to this. This mother and her son and I guess the neighbor and they all wanted healing. And I said what we like to me to pray for and she she said my son. Tends to lash out in anger. A lot of times. And this kind of takes it out and is out of control. And then I said. I said to him. And I do this to my daughter and I said how you love tank. And like a love tank. And I do my daughter say OK where's your love tank and. My daughter would go up the here and say Come here sorry you know he is crazy look in her eyes inspire and it was a love technical is that they hear that. So that's all he does yeah that's all said OK come and celebrate the time longer. So where's the love take now as a result they hear daddy. That's all and said OK so I love and war and we go on like OK so the rope OK is it that a. If the sky OK is going to the universe like a lot of past Pluto. OK here's what I haven't. So that love tank game you play. So as a whole which you love tank. And he were like this down to his knees. And I looked at her and she was embarrassed and surprised at the same time. She wanted me to help her son and pray for a son. The table had turned and. I asked why do you think dead. Your love thing is solo all. And she said. He said to me. Because Mommy. That the spend any time with me. And the stand. She's a single parent and a hard hard it is she's working on Mommy doesn't spend any time with me that says. The reality. And she said I. And Susan various A said. I know I don't spend any quality time with him that I know I need to. And here's the thing I have all quality time you know. Yes we need quality time that's more important. But many times you can't plan quality time. Quality time either happens or it doesn't happen as many of the times right. Like isn't the quantity time that actually quality times. Actually Pop up by all member time or we're out here and actually turn rainy you know if we got all muddy if we we had such a great time right. How do you know how do you plan that to happen the accident right. You cannot. I mean there are times we can spend the quantity. Quality time but there are times when we just have to spend quantity time with people and that. And that without children and that those miracles are there right there looking for you to look at today looking for that love from you. And the young people you're looking for that the love from your parents aren't you and you hungering for it. And you are here for your Harney longing for that time were or even not time with this. That actually mom and dad were seventy as I is. As I am and I won't be rejected all be loved want to find doing good. Or yada. They're looking for love in their parents. So what happened next. But even next in Genesis chapter three verse six and the biases here Genesis three Verse six of our says. And when a woman so now he played with her mind right. God is self heiress. God it is a is a liar. Then it says here. And when a woman saw that the tree was was good for what food. And that it was pleasant to the eyes and she to be is are to make one wise she took of the food there of. And did eat. So here we have here. So now on P.C. before that she loved God. And if she is say there was an attempt or he wouldn't. She was going to say no. I love God am going to be a god. But now he play with her mind and God's a liar got to suffer so now. Her picture of God's care to have become war it. And so now she didn't love God. So no you he she could actually take the food. Right. So she took this food. And she saw it and now wants look bad in Iraq is now the Bauer says it now looks was good. And she ate it. Why because a food. Made a few better. It was an emotional. Reliever from the pain. What pain the pain of not being loved by her father. And having the rejection of someone who she thought would be honest to her will had lied. Who is on suffers was really selfish. And so she took it and she was hurting and all of that was she felt empty because without love if your auntie saw something to feel her Antinous her void. So she Lonnie for love. But now this void. This. This long if I love and be in love then there is this void or laws filled by God's love. Now I have become empty. And so now she looked at his food. And this was the first addiction found in the Bible. Food was her addiction. What for it to make you feel better from the emptiness. Right. Of not being love to fear her heart of being hurt by God one whom she thought she trusted and love. A pain reliever from the herd a behavior narcotic for the wound. An emotional B.K. Sion for the pain all other food for the cheer the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And that's what happen the first addiction. So even ate up the food and other fear her at innocent a medicate her pain other words. Ease behavior drug was her appetite. Her food became a drug to numb the pain. And the same way when we don't get unconditional love in our lies and a sin against them would that we become anti and we become full of pain in our lives and when we find out something a Palmer says to make us feel better we take it. And many Christians are they have medicated. Their pain with jogger dictions alcohol objection. Addictions cigarette addiction sex addictions. Anger addictions. Sports addictions and video game addictions. But not only these addiction these are like. You know socially under step the ball. You know in some cases some of these things sort of the understand the war diction but there are other addictions as Christians that we actually take also. We take socially accepted addictions also all such as food addictions. Work addictions. Shopping addictions T.V. addictions. Facebook at the ex's gay hairy men event. It's me. Even religious addictions. Can hear a man a man will get more into that in my seminar never good enough. It's a disguise. Huge disguise. Especially a lot of people who minister to numb the pain. And the Worthing what is addiction is that the dictions addictions. Is a family problem one is event because one person is addicted. And the whole found is effect I can hear a man a man. So now this was actually your own dishes stay over no. It affects the whole family. Whatever addiction him a B. and God came to set the people free. And the said you have me for you what is event. And these false of the truth are all drugs only is false or two for love and so we take them not only do they not last but they keep us from experiencing the true love of relationship the guy would have us to experience. And this lack of to love and intimacy does lead to some was problems in a holes and in our churches that we're seeing today. So. So we're told in a handout manuscript. Really says bottom seven Peace fifty eight. That we are to reason from one cause to what affair so we look in knowing what we know are ready. The addiction is not really the root cause of them in a sense the root cause is really what. Can someone tell me not being loved. Can hear you management. That is the root cause. Now understanding the root cause you can better give us a Lucian. But if you don't understand the root cause. You can all be given the wrong solution. If you have a parlor where it is our battle with addiction of eating right over eating. If you don't understand the root cause you going to be giving the wrong medication the spiritual medication right. Wrongly diagnosed in my illness. Given the wrong medication that made me worse. You have to get the correct diagnosis. And besides that you gotta know that the root cause is that somehow some way somewhere in the past they have not been love. And they may have not got it from their parents. And they have not got it from God yet. And that's where you have to find a solution can hear a man and what I say amen. That's clear let me say man I meant. So God wants us to experience that. So you look at your hand out so if you have no unconditional love and you wound him. Then you have Antinous and pain. And we have emptiness and pain. Then you take behavior not Kadok so drugs. To fill the void and to Naam the pain. That's why you people are drinking a sated drowning out there what the sorrows is a medication that drugging and selves of right in medicating the pain or it is medicating their pain. That's what I'd taken drugs why. Because the past. And you gotta go back to the past and you've got to help and to experience healing so we can look at some modern the behavior not Kartik so drugs I call them. The Medicaid are paying. So if you were to say some is taking drugs. So someone taking drugs if you just take away that drug. And we understanding what you know are ready. If you take away that drug that there are taking in a whole and Hawaii you know. Crystal meth is big ice. OK so if you think in crystal meth or ice. And you somehow take that job go away and you have a recovery program and you eat healthy in your become that jogger addiction. Would that was what's going to happen did you really help that person and I question. Maybe is that from the bad symptoms of that drug Yes you have. Well. But maybe they went to another job. To numb the pain. But now it's sleeping around. Of food to numb the pain. So you're not dealing with this. The root causes we have to reason from cause to effect unit dealing with the symptoms. So let's look at a few behavior drugs. So the food drug. So appetite is huge right for men and women and we thought inspiration if we overcome appetite right and we'll be able to overcome. Since So appetite is the root causes for Adam. Failed ideas overcame the first time. So is a very important. And it's very it's very strong especially for women. That's why I was tempted on appetite first. So a young woman came up to me and made an appeal for healing. She shared that when she was young she was raped by her uncle and. She said she always been over eating and over eating she would find in my service you realise it was connected to her password or uncle but she says you'd always be over even she was always overweight as it was the trying to overcome being overweight and chai and try and never work. Say even went to an idea what it is medical missionary schools and went to the whole program hoping that I would lose weight for the said I never lost the weight of want it and said I realize that there are things in my past that. And especially by my uncle who rate me that I never healed from. And I need to hear from that when I hear from that I know that God's going to set me free from this addiction when you say amen. That's the root cause. Just dealing with a walk a has a life here's a program or a down market is what you do OK premature would you buy a bow and do the thing you need to deal with their pain and have the experience the healing the longing for the work. DRUG. I did see this happening a lot in our churches. People turn to her work or their careers to make their souls feel better you see. We spend so much time in your job and you're working in doing such a great job people like wow. Hey Johnny Good job. You did a great job because you know man production is up you know a lot of people are happy with your success rate is so great for you want to get a raise and then you go back home. Honey did you go to the store and buy the clothes that I wanted you wanted to buy for the kids are forgot. How did he please take out the trash in the forget that project about getting the table for the kids. Homes who you know the. The study desk. And it. Why can't you always be home and it's going to be argument so you think about yourself. OK Where would you rather be have a think about it right. Where would you rather be. Could child Johnny you did the best and play with ever had ever. The work drug. He's hurting for his pass an addiction. Then do the shopping JOD can hear a man. And this is found in both men and women but especially women because the number one choice for addiction for women is actually is food but because you know. Society looks down upon being overweight. Shopping become the first addiction for women only women but the men. That's that's me. You know when I was in college I was so much into this how I looked and you know this kind of being in the cool scene and so hair and charge of my credit card. And I have any money I want to ten thousand dollars. So all my dad they owed me out. Which he should end up because I record out another ten thousand dollars. Why because it made me feel better. That was my drug. That made me feel good that the film anthem is emptiness inside I want to feel better you know all the things I did in the past I love music I love dancing autistic was my job. It made me feel better the emptiness I felt inside. Audie things was all the different. We hear I felt that my life. Then there's the video game or a gaming drug. If you heard that the stories were young men a little boys had died. With the consul still in their hand. For several days straight addicted to gaming. Then they had the fantasizing drug. And this job is for girls or women specifically because we're wired differently in others look at the hand out here. Like if you how do you know you're addicted to fantasizing. If you did it to love songs. Novels romantic movies were meant to comedies. This is the films like Snow White beauty an obese and sin they were like a hairy men. That we were to get that I could own still Meanwhile immediacy or care. It says here. Thousands are today in the insane asylum. Whose minds became unbalanced by novel reading. Which results in air castle berating and lovesick sentimental ism here what is this so what is ERA castle building what is castle building saw. Let's look at a castle. Now what does a castle normally have a King or. Let's look at this make a younger. A wide OK appearance is a nice. OK so you have Prince Charming here. But or actually just the skull back where they say a princess or a princess in a nice beautiful castle right. So you have a prison is cast our vote but it ought to make this cast of this perfect and he does have a princess. What do you really need you need a what. A prince Castle be on the other words someone to calm and sweep you off your feet and Seaview out of your measurable condition that you're in right. Whatever maybe N.. Or somebody who is much more nicer than your husband or your boyfriend who's so nice and so spiritual unlike my husband or my boyfriend. So we'll be on my feet and say being we can ride on the horses into the whole why in the sunset can I say that they were. The whole I'Anson says so they can live happily ever after he mad and thousands are today on Insane Asylum whose mind become unbalanced by the things. Then there's a part not a fee drug. A huge jug in America specially for men. You know the study a research the kind of did in one of our colleges where did they monitor the amount of traffic on the Internet. In the men's dormitories. And they found in one weekend. It was a seventy five percent of the traffic was on. Now you look at this you think wow you know bad kids. But it. We need to look at is not. Number three is not truly the main route problem when you follow me as you've been going to the session you kind of figured out. The real problem is what unconditional love they have an experience. God's true love. They have no experience. So you deal with this root cause. And then their hero. And then the a fee. With her with your help in prayers. They are overcome. Those are to say is here for you hand out. Manuscript release is twenty one. Through eighty four says we must do something to stop this terrible tired of moral impurity self-abuse of masturbation. Stands as the most degrading sin. Polluting the whole character of the man. Unless those are practicing this vice. Break off to say that we pent before God they will find no place in the City of God. You know we think that is only a sin for men by you know when I was passing in Hawaii I knew of a few cases actually knew more cases of little girls who were caught masturbating in their homes. More than men. I just happen to be that way though I know is way more in men. So we are living in a generation where we see that people and. And you looking back the. Again the. The problem is not primarily the said right. The problem is we need to go back to the root cause in the palm is we tend to look at why in a bad person or child sexual abuse or. The what they're really longing for their or even a sexual abuses they too are longing for God's love what is a van and no one has been able to give it to them either their parents or anyone else. Who knows them. Genesis three verse fifteen. Those are says here in a solution. Here's a solution came to and said Our put enmity between you and a woman. And we train your seed in her seed issue of bruise your head and show bruise his here so does every teach became here. Between on his side between Satan right. And the woman. And his Emmett it is this bear they came here was Jesus because between his bare because on the cross. His his his he was bruised by Satan. But Jesus on the cross he cross. The head of who Satan right. And then the head was found in the head. One's thoughts and feelings. So the on the cross Satan. You know bit the hero of Jesus on the cross and hurt him on the cross that he was heard on the cross. But a saint and Jews on the cross he crushed the head. He crossed the false. Thoughts and the false. Feelings of Satan on the cross above God's character because on a cross it was for ever reviewing the across that God is not a liar what you say amen. As for everyone on the cross that God is not selfish what you say amen. On the cross dined there or in other words. No greater love than this that I'm dancer give up his life for his friends and I'll call your friends on ours on the cross God reveals that he was truly unselfish that safety was a liar. And the father of lies. And he was a murder for the beginning. And you cannot believe him and if anything is true is that he wants to make you fall out of love a god. And you to forget everything I said. Just remember this. That God loves you and God is not a liar he's always honest and truthful and his word who always Concho even these last days what he saved then prophecy will be fulfilled his word is sure. Is a sure fire they shared. God cannot lie nor that a god is the most unselfish being. This universe has ever seen. And when you see this beautiful love in the cross of Calvary. It will cross the lies or Satan's head that has been in your head and across the law is on of your head the say that is planted in your mind. Of who God is. And when you see who God really is and how beautiful his character is a row break the spell of addiction in your life. The cross is powerful and that's why the message Genesis three Verse fifteen came through Adam and eve of God's love. Which is so powerful and healing. In today's world. How do you overcome addiction. Those are the same as here in thoughts for them on the blessings continue on his thought. Paid seventy six essays here. God does not employ. Compulsory measures. God does not force. Love is the agent which he uses to expel sin. From the Heart get hairy man in men so let me ask a question. Can you expel sin from your heart. Without cause love but by praying and reading a bible. And according to this text and you. Do you think people try to do that as a Christian. You cannot overcome sin. You can add overcoming addiction. Without seeing God's love for you. Impossible impossible. And that's why we are still where we are. And that's why we're still here. You cannot. A Christ character so we reproduce in us with his character we love so we reproduce and why because we're be holding his love and we become change. And then and only then. It's and then read it again love is the agent. Which he uses to expel us and from the heart. Unless you focus and study God's character we love you and not have Chub it your view addictions impossible. And that's why we're at where we're at in our church today. Because we have not experienced a victory over sin to God's love. That's why we have some was broken homes today. That's why we have some was addictions. Addictions as a family problem not the individual Palm that's why homes are falling apart. That's where the larger message is coming. God wants us to experience healing. So looking at hand out no unconditional love. And you wounded. You have emptiness and pain. You turn to behavior drugs to fill the void and numb the pain. But if you have unconditional love. Either by your parents or through actually when you're old enough when you actually it's understanding experience God's love and healing. Ifill's the emptiness and he hears the pain. Then you have no need for behavior not colleagues and drugs. The solution for sin is found in what we're created for in the beginning which is our condition Oh love. One of my seminars a given appeal for your healing and annoying thing and so I did that and it was a is a week in meetings. And as it did is meetings of people who actually were coming out for ninety nine so we're praying and anointed oil. And one guy was in a vacuum and kept walking back and forth while walking back and forth and. I saw that in people coming and we went on and. That night we went on to like eleven o'clock at night. And he's the way it's a no no they can go for us. And he wanted to go last. So he went last in a funny. Came forward and. I was so tired in first thing he said to me is Pastor. I don't know if you want to hear what I want to tell you. But I feel I need to tell you. So I looked at him he expected me to say it's OK going ahead and tell me so exhausted I said I didn't say anything just looked at him and lays eyes. And so as to why you want to pray for so why you tell me about his pollens editions to say to Saxon is anger problem with his family and everything. And then it'll make him pass on oh gee Under know if you want to know what. I'm going to tell you but I feel I need to tell you again I didn't say anything. So you can see talk a little longer. And funny said a third time to pass I don't know if you want to hear when I need to tell you have fun is said. OK go ahead and tell me this I realize in presentations that. I'm having these addictions because of my pass. I having conflict in my marriage because of my past having conflict with my children because of my past. And I have clicked in my mind I realize OK this is was. What happened to me so he said he was when I was just finishing my schooling and I was doing my practical when I was in his room with a patient in turning. He was a little girl. She's on his machine. And some all something happened and I panic. And actually any flip the wrong switch. And I knew I needed to flip it back on but I didn't. And the little girl died. And she said to this day no one knows what happened is found was sixty five years old so I lived with this pain. My whole life. He magine that it mattered I was your daughter came as you know her. Not only what happened but not telling the truth all those years. The guilt can Maginot eating you up an inside. That's one pain and should mean if you hear. Hurting or many other pains that maybe all these years you've been attending church you have not been touched by the divine healer and got want to hear you. And he will hear you. If you believe his word that he loves you with all the love in this world what he say and more and beyond in heaven what is it meant. With unconditional love. Not like this world. Which is actually so conditional based upon. If you do this then I'm going to love you know done love you are like any love you have a scene. Because he's a wonderful and amazing God. And that's a couple love God wants us to experience in alliance. The last minute he paid for twenty three notices here. The revelation of God's love to a man. You want to find were God Love is click most clearly seen the revelation of God's love to man centers in the cross by his bones. On the cross. You and I hear what is a man. If you want to find out where you can see God love more clearly that's why. I given him assignments go back. RE and doing are right now again I read his I Vedas like twenty times but I got a little both at this pox about the last days of Jesus the chapters only focus on the specific that gets seventy two Calvary. And I just been reading it over and over and over again and non I'm going through right now. And I was and I was meditate on a few chapters a day. And it's got to soak it in right. And this kind of imagine myself. Right. Spend a thought for our eats they were told inspiration right especially the closing scenes right. And that the magination Gras. What each scene right side this grass and meditate put myself there. And I see God's love more clearly and I have and I do that to begin to heal me and slowly heal me more and more. I want to experience God's love more and more how about you what is a man. God's love is amazing. And he loves you so much. I want God to reveal his love to me so that I can then be set free how about you. You have to be set free for his sins of through a God who loves you more than he loves and self. Would you say a man with me why say a man. As pay Father thank you for your goodness and love. Thank you for your hating power. Thought help us to be sympathetic with people and also to see how we need healing pray Lord that you may work in our hearts. Up with his cover the root cause. The skull or the root. Solution. Thank you Lord for heating love in Jesus' name amen. This message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen in Louisville Kentucky. U.S.C. supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered in christian. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot au or G.


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