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3. My God, Where Were You?

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • December 31, 2015
    1:45 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from cold. Chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G one see Web dot org. Before we begin. Let's pray Father as your work is open help us to see what you want to learn. This afternoon. And may your spirit. Keep our minds a live in alert to what you want to say to us and help us to understand in Jesus name Amen. So Matthew chapter twenty two or thirty six of forty. So the Bible says and first John for her say God is love. Now when the bomber says that God is love. What it really is saying that every motive and every purpose. And the Spirit of God is love. In other words. Everything that God does is because he loves. That's clear. Let me say amen amen. Because so that's what God wants of the see is everything that So let me. There's a hand out here and look at the handle and let me read this to you and you tell me if this is about your father. And you tell me if this is a. Is your father is a good dad was a bad dad is a good father or a bad father. Let me read it to you. Your father drugs people to unconsciousness. Then when they are helpless he has and stretch out on a table. And which you think cuts the bodies with nine S.. Now is that good or bad. And here again I go bad. OK Already casein is bad. Right right. Well OK. OK OK good. So not necessarily. OK so what if I told you your father was a mass murderer who kill your mother. Then why is it good or bad. OK bad. OK what if I told you where the same statement I said to you. Your father was a surgeon. And I done. Your right who had saved your mother's life. How would you now feel about your father and he be touch. Life threatening. Save your life. So is it the action that defines who someone is only here to say. Is it only the action that defines who someone is some guy with a knife cutting your mom up on a table right. Is it the only can you only rely upon the action in determine whether someone is good or bad. Can you don't we do that no you. The purpose. The motive. So my next question and it has got to be this. What about the God of the Old Testament and things that happened in the Old Testament. Right. Are you following me. So the only conclusion is that we must come to the conclusion in our own minds that no matter what God does whether we can explain it over to the can or we cannot explain it. God has always got to be in your mind that God is love. That's clear. Let me say man and then he's got to be. Otherwise is to me problem in a spiritual walk with God and there was we learned this morning if you have probably a spirit or walk with God or you don't love God. Then there's going to be issues in your life. And you don't feel loved by God they just be issues and then that's when addictions come in to numb the pain of not being love. So we have to look now going we're going back to one of the root causes of why we don't love God. Why does addictions are not that we need to stop just addictions in a sentence. We have to go back. If we haven't been loved. Again why are we having the love or maybe we have been loved by God. But maybe we have not experience that love of God even though he loves us or does God love everyone. Right. This God love you. Yes. Do you always believe that God loves you. By faith we need to believe. Right. Amen. But then sometimes is issues that happen are lies and bad things happen to good people and things can happen to Christian that cannot be explained. Right. Are you following me. That makes us ask the question why. And when your action is courses why did I go through this. Why is this happening. What happens. Satan Susser play which of mine if you don't believe in a foundation of God is love. Sit in plays with your mind. And now he making you question Is God really love. And that's when his gets to distort Yes or you know it. And you may know intellectually. But something has happened here past where you haven't really dealt with it in your heart. Were. And that's what we'll be looking at this afternoon. You know to get a more clear picture as we go through this it may not be so clear right now but as you go through you going to see a little bit more who are trying to share a passer share it is experience of In Search of and shared a story when he was a heartbroken thirteen year old boy. His parents were getting a divorce and he members. This is look his tears streaming down his cheeks it is stood on the front porch watching his father drive away from home for the very last time. And he said and I called. All these years I've been angry at God for that. I was mad at God for not keeping my parents together. I was even aware of it now I see how it's been affected my ability to trust and receive God's love. How can you trust and love someone you're angry at. And he realized he needed. The healing. So we're going to look at God's love so let's look at Matthew twenty two to thirty six to forty words the love of God revealed in those the Bible says here. It says. Basso were huge use asked the question which is the greatest commandment in the law. Jesus Senate him in doubt or love the Lord your God with all your word hearted with all your saw and all your mind this is the first and great commandment. And the second is likened to a doubter love thy neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and a prophet to see the Ten Commandments reveal God's word. Character of love right. So in other words the Ten Commandments was given to us to show to are to us how to love God right. In other words if you love God you want to spend time with him on his Holy Saturday right. If you love guy you not to take his name in vain. If you love someone. Your wife. You're not gonna cheat on her right. If you love your brother you're not going to kill him. Right. If you love someone you're not going to steal from them. So the take a man does this shoring what love actually were looks like. And so. God wants is the know what love looks like. Now when a child can see the love in a father's command it makes it much easier for that child to a bay and the same way when we can see the love in our Heavenly Father's come band or allowing some kind of tragedy for you to go through. It makes it much easier. Right for us to go through the trials. That's what love actually does. Now Satan has been accusing God that his law and government is faulty. An unfair. But this is simply not true for the break you know God's laws has no now any forces to build more prisons. But it also has a force of support more bores upon our hearts to protect it from getting heard. God hates sin because it is the enemy of the sinner whom he loves. You see if I have a friend who has cancer. Then my hatred for that cancer. Right. Reveals how much I love my friends. So guards hate you for saying reveals how much he loves you because sin is the very thing that's killing us. And that's how much he loves you and me because he sees that sin is hurting the people he's created on his or so Gaza hate you for sin is simply his love for the sinner in whom the sin is seeking to destroy the best care let me say many men. Care. What does God do to those whom He loves turn to Hebrew shot the twelve. Verse six. He was shut the top of verse six it was the Bible says here. A barber says he was twelve or six for whom the Lord loves. He gives the easy life. What he say is I would assess the but was says here for whom the Lord loves he while he chases he disciplines right and scores in every son who receive an Honours one whoever God So who does God discipline. Those who he would he loves. God discipline those he loves and he disciplines us by law in pain and suffering to come in to our life. Is he today we have a picture of love a false picture where we like to look upon down upon any type of discipline to happen so any type of discipline even if it's good does this a plan done in a in a spirit of love and humility. There's the unfortunate we look at why you know you discipline your child. What do you mean and you cruel. And so we apply that to actually how God is like because if he allows discipline to happen. Into our lives then we wonder what was happening. There is God We love me right. Why is this happening to me there's God love me if I'm going to this struggle this god would you love me. Because these things happen. This God really love me. In my parents got that divorce does God really love me if my family no longer wants to spend time with me. This God made love in my children don't want to spend. To even give me a call. During Thanksgiving is God me loving me my mother died of cancer. Because God really love me my father never visits me. And so he's safe because the things that are happening all around us we make a picture of God or God is a certain way because the things that happen but knowing that come by faith in His Word. We must believe that no matter what she may go through. God is allowing the thing to happen. Because he loves you you believe that Lamey is a man to men. You mean I experience that pain yet and hearty care but doesn't come a day in your Christian experience. You're going to realize that you know you're going to go through hardship and chiles and suffering. And you have to know without a doubt. During that time. That God still loves you and God is through near you you know we should never discipline our children in anger. We're told inspiration. In fact we should take a time out in order for us to come down and not our children when I say amen. So parents need time out here in any event. And as we get time out. We need to discipline our children and love you know I am. And I'm guilty so. I'm this telling you what I've done. And so when I discipline my. My daughter on sorry. They're asking me to. If people can move in the inside again sorry about that if you move in. So people can have seats to sit on the ends please. Appreciate it thank you so if we ever discipline in anger. We should always ask forgiveness of the person we've heard. You know I've always had to ass. My daughter to forgive me for disciplining her in anger. And guess what. My daughter always forgives me whether what a beautiful child. The sin. Something about children to have a humble hard and we need to become as little children. A man. So turned me to Hebrew shut the tall for seven in name. Whom only does God discipline or the biases here twelve or seven inane the biases here. If you endure chastening God. Dealing with you as with science for what son is he whom the father cheated and. But if he be without chastisement were of all a party because then you are basters. And not sons. In other words the reason why the God allows discipline to come to us is because you and I are his child what is a Amen. Where his children. And he loves you in the nose if you weren't allowed to be disciplined that means that your. You're a bastard the Bower says. Illegitimate Cho children. Mean age of this all by God but we are sons and daughters of God They believe that let me say men and men. So God wants is the experience that. That healing process are going to discipline. And he knows because God Father loves us and Father Knows Best you see a father loves his child and in raising a child he takes more time in thinking things through than a child does so in a child is running by the poor and you know his claim of the poor and running really fast it is all slippery. In the father in love is going to say to his child son. If you don't please stop running. And if you don't start running then I'm going to have to discipline you. So by saying that do you think that the father hates his son. By saying I'm going to have to discipline you. Do you think he hates his son. Why does a father say that to his son to protect him because he loves him because he knows that what they have and right. If he IS something could happen that he could actually find a good job where it is head and drown. So what happens then. If he's running. Johnny doesn't listen to as Dan and John is running and office he slips and he falls down. His head on top of the. Samantha right. And actually satirises neck. Wary and is paralyzed for the rest of his life. Now my question is this the Johnny learn his lesson. He did right and did two parents want children to learn the lessons. Yes So that's Corky learn his lesson great you learn his lesson. Do you think John is ever going to be running on. He's paralyzed for the rest of life for you things are never going to run on that thing that are so important in. No. But even if he could run and say here is paralyzed from the top of or whatever or whatever. This one leg whatever it is if he could be China Iran there on the under serving for again. He fire would learn his lesson but what a hard way to learn a lesson right. Would be better and more loving for daddy to say Johnny please or run if you do. If you do run then I'm going to discipline you isn't a a lesser form of discipline that the father gives. Isn't that more loving. The next Sheen. Reaction of running and falling on top of that so improved. So that's why in the Father Knows Best father loves me a father knows best that I was God knows what's best for us. We may not see why. But God knows us and he loves us. And he sees what is best for all of us. He's going to get Johnny a reason for refraining that he WERE understand. Father's Love indiscipline will save him from such misery. See God doesn't discipline us because he'll hates US A or because he doesn't love us. But because he disciplines us because he truly loves us with all of his heart. If you believe that let me say man Amen. Let's go to Jesus on the cross twenty Matthew chapter twenty seven verse forty three Matthew twenty seven. Verse forty three. What. While on the cross what is Satan temp Jesus where knows the Bible says here. Matthew twenty seven verse forty three. The Bower says. He trusted in God This is what they said to Jesus. Let him deliver him now. If you were have him for he said. I am the Son of God. So one was Satan given a temptation to Jesus here and across. That was. If he trusted in God and I was. If Jesus was a trust in His Father. God would have delivered here. Right. But the fact that he wasn't delivered from his suffering is proof that God was not his father right that he wasn't really his father his father didn't really love him. That's what Jesus been tension across an hour's. Jesus was tempted to believe that God didn't love him. And that's a temptation. The Satan concert each one of us now. That why are you going through all this suffering. Why are these things happening to you in the thick darkness or surrounded across it hid the face of the Father for the sun for on the cross God was the hands of angry centers as Christ became the innocent victim of the rage. Many Christians have as know if I trusted in God. Then why did he deliver me. I trusted in God and my husband still left me. I trusted in God and my parents still got a divorce. I trusted in God and my mom still got cancer. I trusted and God and I still lost my job. You see Jesus is not the only one who had to suffer as the in a sense for the guilty. But every single one of us as had to carry to send the sorrow of this world also this a thing goes around a seeks for those who are suffering because of the sins of those around them and he whispers for them. Why do you deserve such suffering in your life. Why did God allow this to happen. This to happen to you. Maybe it doesn't really love you because of these false thoughts that people they become disappointed and those angry with God. You know it's interesting when I visit former Christians their former even avenues as I visit them in a hall. This is always something that happened. Someplace in their life. They've been heard whether was through their parents. And they're raised in a church and they were heard from their parents. Or maybe it was someone. And I'm sure someone for everyone of us here know of someone who's actually left the church or those in one eighteen The do with their families us on this something that happened in that home. There's something that happened in that church school. There's something that happened in that church where they felt they were heard in the root causes. Something happen where the things that happen and really in the back of the mind they're blaming God for allowing this to happen in his church. They're blaming God. There's something to happen. In his church school. Some of the blaming God is something had happened in his church home. Was to profess to be Christians from his church family. Something had happened and they were hurt by people within his church and they're hurting us at the people but often the behind the scenes they're angry God for allowing these things that happen. And because of that that's when the younger kid those and that's why they want to leave the church. And that's why many never come back. And even to do combat. Unless they deal with this healing process. Within a short time they're going to go back out. What did Jesus. Cry out on the cross Matthew twenty seven verse forty six knows the by was says here. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice saying. Eli Eli lama sabachthani. That is to say My God my God. Why has down for sake in me. Jews cry to his father on the cross My God my God why. Why. And then the words. Do you think that Jesus was only pretending on the cross. Do you think Jesus was faking it. They think he was put on some kind of drama. Jesus than believe in job what he say event. Amen to that our now drama a man. Jews doesn't believe in that he was a pretty on and that he really believed this and use crime from the depths of his soul on the cross of Calvary. He question any question his father. In fact this is the only part in the whole scriptures where he doesn't call his father father. And it's a make close. Terminology father. The first time he calls his father god. A distant term. Because he felt this in any he found that his god. His father didn't love him. He was quite He's been tempted he was his fate was faltering at that time he said God why he was questioned his father why. Why it is happening to me. Father Why. Why am I going through all this suffering why have you separate He yourself for me. Did this mean a day. His father they love him. This is mean that God didn't love his own son. But on the cross the felt that way and Satan does the same thing to us. God loved his son on the cross. The father knew the heart of his son. And he knew that his son wouldn't be happy to go to heaven and see all of us lost for you turn into he knew that he had to he saved the whole human race but he knew that his son if the son was a leave his plan is to forget the human race. Let him die in their sins and I'm going to go up there to heaven and I just can't I can't handle the suffering I'm going to leave this. And he had to go back to heaven. Throughout the ages of eternity human look back and you see every one of you and his heart will be pain because of all the people who are lost because he wouldn't go through that suffering. And the father knew the heart of his son and the father love the suffering to continue on and on and on because he knew that in the end user would have been happy to see you and I saved. What a God what he see a man and he allowed there. So even though his son was crying out to his father why. Just like Abraham and Isaac he still pressed on killing his own son. And the same when you go through pain and suffering and ask God why is because God loves you and knows what is best for you is the God knows that when you go through suffering. You don't fit it and change for heaven. And thus is suffering then turns into blessings. In my found the I guess had been blessed. Where we haven't really experienced any tragedy in our family at all all these years. To about two years ago. I've gotten a call from my sister. To pray. And then my sisters NAF my sister's son wasn. I mean when my niece's son was in the E.R. is a four year old little boy. And so went to visit her at the does. Event. And I visited my sister and A went through a home and said she was very much hurting and said to her tummy the story what happened. She said we had went to him. Rented out is home for the weekend. Kind of like a beach ball. And we're all having fun and everyone was in a swimming pool and we were all this have you have a good time and eating in you know those floaty zone and the poor and all the kids and a cousin was swimming and playing around and everyone's having a really good time. And then one of my. My nephew was swimming around and he would he wasn't listening so I took him out and I put him on timeout. And I put him on a side there and saw after awhile I thought about my son saw he was fishing on the cliffs I went out to the cliff and I went to see how he was doing and as use fishing out there. So he's doing well and then I came back. And I came back and I look in a corner where my nephew was. Lace and I was looking around and I couldn't find him. And so I start to panic and so cry now lace and lace and where are you. Lace and and to look at Iran and couldn't see anything in the lace and. And finally she looked in a poor in a see anything. And see went out to the cliff and looking around maybe fell off the cliff and looking in Crowley said. And they was looking for lace and she couldn't find him out there on the cliff. And finally she ran out and she went back to the house and so maybe he's in the house so he ran in the house and yelling on they said and looking up in this funny she went up stairs. And she went on to upstairs to the house. And then she calling out his name is funny she went to the big picture window and says she went to the picture window looked outside the big picture window overlooking a pool. And there she saw Laysan floating face down in the pool. And she started school. Scream from the top of our lungs. To her niece to go and grab him out of the pool. But she could hear be heard through the glass pitcher when I felt that I was there were my sister I was right there my sister were very very close to a cafe or of a pain as she was screaming that if I was in that very how cyclists feel it. And there she was then she ran downstairs and. I'm slow if you seem like forever says sends a funny she went outside to where he was and went to the swimming pool and says swim and this grab them pull them out and put them over on the ground. And they couldn't see him because has so many float is around it is couldn't see him. It's a four year old little boy. They called nine one one sided to do C.P.R. and haven't heard good things she says she's an Aryan ahead another friend S N R And so working on him and working and working on a scent and took seventeen minutes before the ambulance came. Funny took on the hospital. And they worked on him for two whole hours. This lace and working on him and working on him and working on him. And after two hours they came out and it said. Sorry is not going to make it is already gone. And that was the worst child your family has ever experience. And then forget this. My sister was two years ago. She described in my arms and I was holding her and she said this she said. Why why why. I was praying to God for the whole seventeen minutes I was prayed to God for those two whole hours. That he was saved her life by you know what in the end. He did not. Why why wasn't he saved. While couldn't God or the answer that prayer. We had done everything we had done everything possible and the right correct things but why didn't God save. LACE in was a cry. He so innocent. Maybe today. Your life is full of darkness and sadness and you also wondered why. If this is you the know that in the midst of your despair. You cries a welcome at the foot of the cross because Jesus also cried. Why would he say amen. On the cross he was hurting. And he was in pain. And he cried God why my God my God why. And every time that goes out Jews can understand because he's been there. He's been where you're at he knows what it is to be hurting. He knows what a reason to die along to suffer. He knows all of that experiences. And he cried is seeing cry that maybe minute if you hear of also cried. Why. What did Jesus crowd right before he died. Do Chapter twenty three verse forty six and you by was lose. Chapter twenty three. Verse forty six. Where did use cry out where before. He die. Luke twenty three verse forty six. Most of our Says here. And when Jews had cried with a loud voice is heard father. Into your hands I command my spirit. Now. Nor does he saying not God anymore he's saying what father. He's intimate again. And they said that they were Jesus faith. Forto but it did not fail what I say event. So nor was he trusted in the end he believed his father you believe the words of his father's father will love than I was with them in the end Jesus knew that his father was lying what to happen to him was because his father loved him and father knew best. My niece who lost his son. After that she wrote a few months later she wrote me a email. And I'm going to redo the e-mail which she wrote to me. So she was going through this whole experience of losing her son and I want to read to you what. What is said. She said From the day my son died and to recently. I've been struggling with my feelings toward his passing my world was shattered when he was taken from me and my grief. Unbearable. I've contemplated suicide many times since his passing. I prayed and prayed for forgiveness. Peace comforting guidance. Since that incident I have been reading the Bible and pray more for comfort peace. And most of all faith. I saw it to read the books last night and all of this morning and I know that our lead there for a reason. By the way she doesn't go to church. I met peace now. I know that he did not suffer in his death. And the God who can safely for his world without any discomfort and know that my son had a purpose and that he completed what he was sent here to do. One of which I believe was a bring our family closer to God. You see God doesn't discipline us because he hates us. He disappears us because he truly loves us. She goes on so today I cried now for my son. But because of the love a few are surrounding me God is with me. And I can feel his presence is help me through this difficult time I'm so inspired. I cry because his love is so unconditional and peer and I am so unworthy. I finally have forgiven the people are trying not to be angry with. If you were not for God's word you would have intervened and change the outcome of my son's fade. One thing that stands out to me is that when my son recently told me he knew what death. Meant to me. I would question is something dying. Right before he passed one of our baby chicks died. And I remember telling him I'm sorry honey. The baby chick died. He looked me straight in the face and said without any doubt a question in his mind. Mom. The baby chick not die is sleeping. He is smarter than me at that time. And I think he knew something more than I did. At that time. And now know that is words are true. Nothing dies. The sleeve. Has taught me that in so much more to him my faith in God has been restored. His death has given me new life. We now as understand why things happen. Why good things happen. Bad Things Happen to Good People. I mean I understand what you're going through right now. And the pain and heard that you've experience. But know that whatever happens. Father loves you and Father Knows Best he believed and I mean see a man a man. Pastor shared his story. And I called. I came home and found a note on the kitchen table for my wife. She says she didn't want to be my wife anymore. So she had taken her things and left. I was devastated. I didn't think this could ever happen to me and was going to happen to my ministry. In the months that followed I pleaded with God. About our marriage Lord. You can't let this happen. The end separate in the Vorse. I know that's not you will. You got to save my marriage I pray they constantly and I was convinced. I just knew that God was going to come through. But God didn't save our marriage. And it. It ended up in divorce and was only just recently that I realized for the first time how my deep. Hurt. And especially my disappointment with God. Over My divorce has affected my desire to pray. He's a pastor. I felt so let down by God. I got burned so badly when God didn't come through. And when you got them burned once like that you sure don't want to get burned twice. I have no problem praying for others. I can encourage them to trust God. But when it comes to myself and my needs is so hard to pray. You can still go through the motions. I'm afraid I'll get hurt again. I know I should pray so I forced myself. But then I'm flood they were doubts. Does God we did listen to my purpose. This God care about my needs. I can say I'm sure anymore. Be loving God wants us to experience. The healing whatever has happened to us and our paths. There are things in our lives that we've been hurt with. And sometimes like our past this pastor here we don't realize what has happened to us in our past and God is the Holy Spirit as the coming hours as a reveal to us. What is hindering my relationship with God. What is he knew my relationships with other people. Why is the conflict in my whole was in my family can't get along. Why can't my dad. And I get along way can you know as we a sibling is Candice spent time together. There's something that happened here we have to go back to the root cause. And you can be still involved in ministry and you can still pray like this pastor. And you can still encourage other people. And do service and evangelism. But still in be in need of healing. And once God does as you life in Gaza can do power for miracles. But we must first deal with our past wounds and dealing with the. The root causes of what has happened to us. See there is a false expectation that God will always take the suffering away. See what we Christians do is that we measure God's love for us based upon what is currently happening to us. If things are going well that means that God loves me. If things are going bad and that means. God doesn't love me enough and doing good fine doing good as a Christian walk if he is going great God loves me right. Than doing bad then God doesn't love me. If I sell a lot of maggot books that God loves me. Can hear a man. If I don't do good here and so a lot then God doesn't love me from again the by I was there is a whatever God doesn't love me. But you know God's love for you is not based upon. What's going on around you can area men and men. And that's the part of we as Christians we look at how much God loves me based upon. What's happening to me are you in your life. But God's love for you is not based upon what's happening to you guys are one hundred God loves you is based upon what he did for you on the cross of Calvary what is a M.N. and my faith go back and believe that shoe. And believe the word us as God is love and believe that God disciplines those who you love. And God loves and were now you to go through suffering because you are his son and your is your is daughter. And because he chewed he loves you and Father loves you and Father Knows Best they believe tell him he is a man a man. That's why God allows you to go through all these things is a quotation in your hand out a says here the powers of darkness. Gather about the saw and shut Jesus from our sight and at times we can only wait in sorrow and enemies when into the cloud passes over. These seasonal sometimes terrible Hope seems to fail and despair seizes upon us. In these dreadful hours of minutes learn to trust to depend solely upon the merits of the Atonement and in all our helpless a world leader is worthy this cast ourselves upon the merits of the crucified and risen Savior. We should never Paris where we do this. Never what you say men. So we're going to Chiles don't look upon the child as that's happening around you're going to hardships. When you've been hurt and you've been wounded. Don't look at what's happening to you and said look upon where God we've uses love for you and focus upon the cross of Calvary. And that's where we're going to be experiencing God's love I want that what you want to say amen. What they got say he would never do G. to see her never do. He said. Our never while. Leave you know what. Forsake you Jesus. On the cross. Felt for sake in by his father. Just for you and me and whether God What is he meant. Look at you hand out here and desire for ages page six eighty seven. Decide what Jesus felt on the cross. The human heart longs for sympathy in suffering is see when we're suffering all going to hardship. Will long for someone who can understand. US right. We're looking for someone to be with us. We're looking for someone who can relate to us. And there's a lot of young people they feel all alone sometimes they feel less so alone. That they're rather die. And commit suicide. Their face the feeling of being all alone. All by themselves. The pain is so intense of them. Of not only going to the suffering. But there is no one that understands them. That's why suicide happens right. And that's why it's Christian God to be the messes to give them what they do not have which is unconditional love what is a Amen. To be that person to give their sympathy. Even Jesus on the cross. Is He was longing for simply. This is the law in Christ fellow this this longing Crace fellow to the very depths of his being known as on the cross of Calvary. He was longing for someone to sympathize with him on the cross of Calvary. He was money for someone to understand him. The ever felt that no one understands you never went to their suffering. All Going to the pain of. You know divorce of your parents. And you feel like no one can really relate to what you're going through the No one really understands that everyone's. No one can really be there for you on the stands. And he was there also. Continue on the cortices next quarter Asian says it was the hiding of his father's face. A sense that his own dear father had for Seki him which brought this spare. Jews was in such great despair and depression because it's actually depressing for him. But I actually got burned through by faith. His fate faltered. But it enough Pharaoh. Another says he the next court his whole His holy angels were beside across the father was with the son. Yet his presence was not reveal. So he felt all alone through this whole experience. But he knew by faith that Jesus was with him last year I was on about two years ago. I showed symptoms. And I got really sick. So went on medical disability. And so hours out of medical disability. For almost a year and a half. And I was really sick and going to this time. You know it was in the name being misdiagnosed and getting here owed. Now one if I'm going to be. Get healed or I have my physical health again that was bad enough. But what really hurt me I guess was. I was one if I ever was going to be ministering for God again. And so that hurt me. For the deaths of my saw as like OK now and that but then we had to you know I'm not ministering anymore this time in the past year medical disability. Now even the pay was considerably less. So already you think I was happy and you know I feel like God had abandoned me. Intellectually I knew all the right answers. But I was wrestling to this whole experience. Why. Why God. Why am I going to are this shovel. And I really believe. And I look back then and actually I went to the experience in our big. I remember dislike pleading on the ground in this. Face in the dirt in a sore and as my hands in a sore and is gripping him pleading regard please God these Humi. You know after one day or one week or one. In a figure. You can get here soon. And then two weeks go by then three weeks. Then one month into the five months. Than eight months then a year. Then I saw a question now why am I going to what is suffering what I'm going on this pain in as I went to my own memory this. I just was crying out before God in my heart I was crying I'm a crying for my wife or my daughter and. There's a look up. Like the helplessness they couldn't help me. I felt all along. And I felt all alone through this whole experience and it was a very painful and I know I have experience a long as the P.T.S.D. from going to this whole experience of being abandoned by God. And then wasn't throughout the guidance of medical disability. The got a review to me that not only was a not alone intellectually. But what I needed to do was now I feel now he God is with me now because if I'm I'm well now and things are going good right that we normally think God It had a view to me that I need to go back through those painful experiences where thought I was going through them alone and God or the band or me I need to go back then and what I need to do was. I need to go back in by faith believe that Jesus is with me through the whole time. So it was painful to do it. So every time I thought of going back when I was back on my property I was outside pleading with God in this. Crying out to God. And I thought I was alone I imagine when I was on the ground now just going back to the whole experience and every time I do it I bring painful tears to my eyes I didn't want to be there but it. As I gotta go through so went there. And I believe that Jesus was right there right next to me holding me. And I went through every experience. That was negative. And one by one as I went to the experience that Jesus would never leave me if not for sake me years always there with me. As I went to experience every experience. God began to hero. East and every one of those experiences. Why my bringing this party people here today. Somehow you've been heard. Somehow it was a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend who hurt you you lie to you. Posse cheated on you you build up a little wall around your heart to protective from the other person. Maybe it was a divorce for your mom or dad. That broke up the family and your heart was hurt a little bit more. Maybe it was if you like your family is not there for you no one understands. And she does need to be next to you whatever experience that you've gone through are we discord he says here. The last quarter says we are never alone what is a event. We have a companion. Whether we choose him or not in the deepest darkness and solitude. He is there. It believe that he may save man and then another is whether you believe in God or not God is there. And there when you go into whatever suffering guess what. Dog is still there whether you recognize him or not whether you believe him in the way thinking. He's suffering with you or not whether he actually is company or not God still is there. And he loves you with all of his heart. What a God we have what he say a man. And if you need if you've been hurt and you've been wounded. Then I encourage a you must go back and buy fade. Believe. If you don't believe that God was there you must go back and believe that God was there for the whole time to crying out why to God. And as you go through that God's going to bring healing. Into your life. I want to experience that the Down experience of healing. Where God. How about you what I say a man. Father in heaven thank you for your truth of you were there would you would never leave us. That you were always be with us you never banned in us. But you always be with us made this. Love being with us. What love looks like through this healed us from our paths and more maybe go out hero. And I help out as they experience the same heating a given to us with thanking Jesus thing a minute this message was recorded at the Jew I see two thousand and fifteen conference called shows and they form and Louisville Kentucky. Do I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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