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4. Never Good Enough

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • December 31, 2015
    3:00 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Well let's pray Father thank you for your words of wisdom may you applied in our hearts and mine. In just name Amen. Luke Chapter eighteen. Verse nine. Is the opening texts. New Chapter eighteen verse nine. Now we learned today that we were created to be loved right. And to love our heart longs for this increase for it but this love and worth we crave for was meant to be filled by God. And also by a parent to stand in the place of God. Right. Until we have a concert is choice to choose God. But the problem is when we don't we see this love and a certain value from our parents. And God then the seed to get us some other way. So says comparing ourselves and others are criticizing other people. And this is the main reason why we can we become just mental and critical of others. So I met a young lady who was going through a divorce and sees suffer from depression. Low self-worth low self respect. And she said her husband always compared her and judged her and very critical and only that but her in-laws. They're also putting her down as she always felt that she was never good enough. And because of that job her to depression and the sadness and. Whenever this happens. Then people spirits are crushed. So let's look at a store or geezer us. And how he actually dealt with this look at who did Jesus tell the story to so he told a parable or look at Duke Chapter eighty verse nine and look at it. And what God can share with us this hour this afternoon. The borrower says so who did you just told the story to the Bauer says and he spake this parable on to certain which trusted in themselves that they were wired right chess and. What this spies other saw he was a people who. Thought that they were right just bow who is the only one that is truly righteous. Jesus Christ I saw another they had a self righteousness about them. And the thing happens when you do that people who have a self righteousness of the other rights as is often solved that are needed rights as of Jesus. When you have your own right just as you don't feel you need Jesus. Right. Because you have everything within yourself so there are self righteous and they are critical to look down upon other people. And then the Bible says here who went to church to pray that they looked up to eighty verse ten also the story. It goes on here in the story. It says here. Two men went up into the temple. To pray. So two different people and I like to make it modern So two people went to church to pray. One a fair a sea and the other a public and. So the fairest see know what is the fairest see. Ferrous he was awarded a religious leader. So the fairest is so here you have won a church leader who is going to church. And now any church leader but first he was one who actually kept the law or right he tied right he did all these good things so it was very a righteous church leader he went to church she went inside there. And that there was one of them. And then the second person to actually went to church was actually someone who was a public him. Now what do you know about the public and what were their world wide. Tax collectors re. Now these task collectors. Now first of all you have to look at the occupying government what was the government at that time who's ruling over the Jewish nation at the time it was what nation. What Empire was a Roman empire. So do you think that. First of all that the Jews Like been occupied by the Roman Empire. OK What about a rip. No So what about the representative of that nation. Collective and taking money from you what do you think about that. So you think that the light these people are here on top of that. One more people like Zacchaeus right. Who actually had to be Pen-Y. because he had stolen all the money from the Jews and now only given to the occupying government. But they kept the money for himself. Kind of like a modern day. I.R.S. agent who threaten you and Dr Levy don't give me the saw them on the money. I'm going to turn you and throw into jail. And you paid a bribe right. So he was and is even worse than that. So this guy was a center right he was the worst of all sinners. He had bears a color like the corrupt corporate banker who got who was too big to Pharaoh. And I got the build out with your tax money. So here you have Chub man coming to church. One was a religious leader and one with a center and from the outside you look at these two people one was a religious know very committed Christian on the outside it looked as if the center. Was the one who needed the prayers of the religious leader. But I want you to notice how this story turns and doesn't go that way. So what happened next. How did the Fair see Pray do Chapter eighteen verse eleven knows the Bible says by was says the fairy see stood and prayed thus with himself. God I thank you. He's thanking God right. Now that it says here. God I thank you that I am not as other men extortioners unjust adulterers or even as that public in the back of the church. God never thank God like that. Done so and so great for that I'm not like all these other people these days on these daughters is these wicked people or even that their great sinner a disgrace in the backers God and so of thankful that I like them in the biases and proverbs Pride goes before. Destruction and a hearty spirit before a fall and a key handle this is a crisis object lesson there is nothing so offensive to God or so dangerous to the human soul as pride and self sufficiency of all sins. It is the most hopeless. The most incurable. The result Paul says there is out there. Pride is the worst sin that you. Now what is this what is the Fair see doing what is fair see doing with himself and the other person what is he doing his wide. Comparing himself right. And what is the Bauer say about comparing ourselves with other people second Corinthians ten worst form of read it says for we dare not make ourselves of the number or compare ourselves with some the commend itself but they measure in themselves by themselves and comparing themselves. Among themselves are not wise. The opposite a wise as wide. Foolish. So he's comparing himself with a sinner so this religious leader goes the church. And he compared self with the Center way over there. Now my next question is this. Why do you thing that this church leader was comparing himself with the sinner who is in church. On let me ask you the question. Why do you think he was comparing himself to do or why do you compare And so with the other person. OK. So he wanted to I'd feel better about it's OUR So how does he make himself feel better about himself. Or case that's right so he actually puts down right the other person right now as this is the root cause the white people are just mental. And why people criticize people. Is so that they can put the other person down for the sole purpose to make themselves feel better about themselves because they have a low self worth. That's clearly me is a man or men. The reason why the husband or as criticize his wife because the root cause is dealing or care with conflict management. Which is good tips and tricks and in a principle. But dealing with the root cause here. The reason why you criticize. The reason my parents are. You know just mental Why can you do this to their children. The reason why the root cause is because these people have a low self worth. It has to let me say Man event. So he's doing this he's comparing himself with this. This other person to make himself feel better. And that's what's happening here in this story. My next question is this. So this Paris's just meant to uncritically critical and thus is an abuser. And in this case as spiritual abuser in the church. Ever met anyone like this in a church. Do you think this could ever happen in our church today. There are things going to happen in your church today. People comparing themselves with other people. However seen this happen before in a church. How are people putting other people down and looking down upon other people in a church. The surfing The happens when people do this is that not only is there a relationship or a crisis in dude. But their relationship with others is also the story. Now we can. Here's a thing. We can become like this Farrah see right. And we can also pray the prayer or actually say they're known hard. And we say we can say God. I thank you that I am not like this fairy see a new chapter eighteen right. And be so deceive insult the section and believe that or think the thing is possible that we could believe that we are not like this Farah see body in fact like Leo this year. We are just like him. Critical and judgment or. Do you think it's possible that we could be self to see this light. Mess as a Laodicea said we would be self to see. Do you think there it is good but we often. When we really think about it. And a word there is say. At times or recruit a couple other people. Just to put them down or we just meant of other people other workplace or in our schools or friends or classmates are roommates. Or even our home. And our churches. So the root cause was he was looking to do that but it didn't stop there on the what else to the fair a see do say that was dollars half of the so I wouldn't know what else the first he does look at the eighteen verse twelve notices here. So he put on the other but then it says here in verse twelve. I fast. Twice in a week a good piles of all that I was possessed so now what is he doing now. OK he's bragging he's boasting so the first step was here. He is critical. He just mentally is putting out a present down to put him down his ass a feeling good about himself to raise because he has a low self-worth together put someone down to compare and sell for it so he makes unself you know better and that's why people at all like to put other people down and criticize them and that's why there's a lot of drama because that's what they want to do. But does he didn't stop there. So in this by I was sorry to Jesus told. What he do next he would put in self. Up so he actually. Not only put someone down but he saw boasting and bragging and that is the reason why people both then brag about themselves because they get they again have a low self worth a low self respect. And the boasting and bragging how you know people actually like to boast and brag about their you know there is a hands but think about it. And so are you putting people down and sold guess how good is fair a seamless fear oh. Now that he puts on other people and he boasts and self. And now is doubly as high as he was before he talked of all how good he really was. Now this Farah sees self-worth. Was purely based upon his performance and the how well he compared to other people. And that's why people like to use upon base there are a self who are based upon the performance. I can sing better than the other person. I'm more spiritual than the other person. See we can even be in a church. And we can look like it's good and talk about. While I'm with spirit and. I pray more than the other person. I have longer devotion the person I read my Bible more. I'm a better understanding of the Word of God better than the other person. We can use religion as of the skies. To build up of false self worth of that's clear. Let me use a man a man and the deception is a Hughes the seven. And God wants to the breakers out of their deception. Now. My question is always been this. How did this Fair see get into this condition. Is that a good question. So let's humanizes Fair see this make another was less making human. So look at your hand out and we. I think this will help open it. Oh. So it. Do you think that this first it was hard hearted. Yes OK So let's see what made this Fair see this church leader. So hard hearted. Knows what to say is here verse and testimony is voluntary. Paid five thirty nine notice of the say. The reason why. There are so mean the reason there are so many hard hearted men and women. Is a root cause. In The World Is that true affection has been regarded as weakness and has been discouraged and repressed and knows what it says next. The better part of the nature of persons of this class. The hard hearted people. Was perverted and war. In was childhood. Sauna humanizes fair scene. So as we look at this fair city we need to realize that something happened cordis course something most of the happen to this first in his childhood that maybe him. So hard hearted as we are Kearney seen him in his tracks and say we. You know when you understand that everything that someone does. How mean a crew it is has always a do something to happen in this past and a current it is quote. The reason why people are hard hearted. And they don't smile and is no peace. And there's no joy. Because something was to happen especially here. Something with they were perverted and dwarfed in childhood something had happened in the childhood or it was so hurt and so wounded. They become hard in their heart toward people. And then in care how to cheat people. So this first year look at something must have happened to this ferrous is growing up meaning feel so worthless. Somehow when he was young he must have been compared with others and felt like years worthless and never good enough. He must have been told you're good for nothing ever that before. Oh I can you do anything right. Why can't be a like your sister who's going to be a doctor or why don't you go to church like a good brother. Somehow he's always compare that he was never good enough. And there because it never good enough yourself worth went down. Or maybe had gone the route where he was abused as a child. Physically abuse. If you're not worth anything. Maybe you a sexually abuse. Maybe mostly in verbal abuse by is parents and put down whatever it is somehow you feel that he wasn't good enough. And because of that he felt he needs to prove his worth again. And people do that just to prove to others that people are worth something. You get a nicer car so people would notice just a few better about yourself. You get the latest i Phone or Android to be up to date just a few better about yourself. You get a bigger home out of your price range. Just a few are better about yourself. You play sports of really well. So people are talking about you just a feel better about yourself. You sing good at parties in a church to get praises. This will feel better about yourself. You get active at church so people look highly upon you just a feel better about yourself. You work long hours at your job. So people appreciate you. Unlike at home. Just to feel better about yourself. Can you relate to the fair scene in this story. Comparing ourselves with others. To Saffir better about ourselves. I do know this look at the center. Look at the eighty verse thirteen What did the sinner do. In church. Do chapter eighteen. Verse thirteen. The biases here. And the public in the sinner standing a far off. Would not lift of so much as his eyes into heaven and smote upon his breast saying. God be merciful to me a sinner. The sinner realize that he was a sinner. And it was this realisation that made him surely humble before God showing his need independence upon God. Now. What do people say are the worst since they are out there. When people say the worst since murder rape. What else. Homosexuality. But what you read this quotation to your hand though. Those are the Says here. Juggle Buz to say is here God does not regard all sins as of equal magnitude. There are degrees of guilt in his estimation. Those are the same as it continues on in a boat print. The drunkard. The drunk. Is the spies and told that his sin they were excluded from heaven. While pride. Selfishness and covered his nest. Too often go and we beaut. So can you see the sin of John King askin you see that on the outside with some of the jaw you can write. But can you see the sin of pride in someone's heart. Its hard right. You can really judge that the sinner cover it is this the sin of selfishness you can really see it engages too clearly. But these are sins that are especially offensive to God he were falls into some of the growth the Says may feel a sense. Office shame in poverty and his need of the grace of Christ. But pride feels no need. And so it closes the heart against price and if an employer sings he came to gear. Cried covetous and suffers are considered by God to be the worst of forces now do you think that this church leader had to repentance. I mean we had to repentance. Now. How do you believe that the city had to repentance carry a man a man. So how did this sin and get Chewy pendens That's the question right. So looking OK what made this Fair see the fair city but what made a sinner. Experience true repentance. So my next question is what is it that brings Chewy plantains. Does anyone know. Sorry. Golly sorrow care true. Golly sorrow. OK knowledge into condition. Good very good so let's go to Rome and shout the two worse for Romish up the two verse four. Keep your fingers a new eighty one with. One more verse. So the woman started to verse for. What is it that leads us to repentance right. Very good. So the Bible says in Romans through verse four right. Despise a dollar the riches of his Goodison forbearance. Or despising God's goodness. A long suffering don't you know. And not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance. So this. This public in this Senate the really want us so we penned them because somehow. He must have seen the goodness of God when He say event. We're talking about God's goodness the. The last few presentations. Where they're supported to see God's character because Satan presenting a false. Character of God and a great controversy. And somehow this. This public and I got in a good glimpse of God's character. And it was so powerful that he saw God's goodness he was so moved by by is the God's goodness that it changes how it brought into Chewy Panton it's because God's love and his goodness. If you receive it was bring us to a true repentance not to be repented of what you say amen. So we may know if you want to express repent you want to spear is a change of life. We must see the goodness of God like the sinner saw it. TURN TO LOUIS A team was fourteen. New Chapter eighteen verse fourteen we finished up the story. This is the. The text the last Texas says here. I tell you this man went down to his house justified. Rather than the other for everyone that exultant self show be a base one humbled. And he the how Muslim self shell. Be a solid ten. Now watch it knows that this sinners prayer and not the church leaders prayer was answered hours I want you to notice that the sinner and not a church leader that was justified or made rights is or who are saved. Another words. The gay rights Homo Sap show who is we painted were saved can hear a man and men while the SO office church board member was loss. The abortion performing for this Chin who was repentant was saved. Whether pride for our There was a loss. The fornicating our daughter who's repentant was saved where the soft right is church member was lost. Inspiration says a hand out nothing is apparently more helpless. Yet really more invincible. Than a soul that the uses nothingness and realize wholly on the merits of the Savior what is a man. Do you think we could be looking you think we could be attending church painted tide and eating healthy as being righteousness to us. There's a song we need to do with the same time they blacked in to be humble unbroken before God. Do you think that we could be comparing ourselves or others a looking with approval for mother just a low self-worth. In our school that we had there was a young girl. Shared this turn I think eighteen. And she attended the. Our healing for the ten days. And she shared me her story was a tragic story. She said that when she was a little girl her little brother had died. She's only like five. And she said that her parents went into a deep depression. And so they began to drink. Like we learned this morning right. For addictions to numb the pain. And so they drink in John the sorrows and as this was going on. C.P.S. came in and it took the. All the siblings away and sent them out to different places now. Not only that she was a brother now in the loser parents who out on the outs is separated from a frown in a separate the siblings at different places and then she said it happened when she was around eleven years old that. A mother passed away. And one child without another she felt like you know things are gone bad to worse and she was so hurt and abuse and and wounded by life or what her life had given to her that she was broken and. She said passing knows the one thing that I have. I really took from this school. And everyone takes a different thing. What. You know the different. There's a different remedy. A divine remedy for each diagnosis. And so said when they had to finish school they would help me was that I saw how much I was worth. And the eyes of God. And those have been hurt and those have been wounded. Those have been put down and those have been abuse. Who feel like they're worthless and nothing. Need to see a different picture of who God is. And that picture is found in first. Peter chapter one verse eighteen in one thousand first Peter chapter one verse eighteen and nineteen. What have we been we deemed with was about was says here. First Peter one verse eighteen in one thousand about was says for is worse as you know that you are not we deem be corruptible things as silver and gold for your vain conversation we see by tradition for your fathers So you weren't bought that we deem you were born with money. Obes silver and gold. But with the precious blood of who Christ as a lamb without blemish and without spot. No no you are precious to your board with the. Of God. Now how much something is worth is based upon how much someone is willing to pay for it right. So let me ask the question. How many think is Bible is worth everything a hands. People would buy pay for his Bible. On Would you pay for his bio. Twenty five fifty dollars OK as a nice A viable. OK Thank you fifty dollars fifty five fifty five sixty. So fifty dollars OK. What if I told you and I switched it in as said this by a bow and my dad has passed away but what if I tell you that my dad is the one. They came in His Bible. Now how many think this by was worth to me how do you think I was sell it to you for now. Fifty dollars. How do you think this by was worth to me now. Priceless. So how much something is worth how much is or is based upon how much someone is willing to pay for it right. So you may pay fifty dollars. But to me. I'll give everything right. For this Bible is where it is invaluable it's priceless. There's nothing you could do to make me want to give it up for any price. So my next question is this. How much is God worth fifty dollars and Mrs got word. Million dollars price this is are not true. Invaluable right. Can you buy god we go to serve or any money money. No. So when asked question is this. How much are you worth. How much you worth is based upon how much you know a believe that someone was willing to buy you with. Is that not true. And I added a word in there believe. So how much you worth is based upon how much you believe someone was willing to pay for you and I guess the next question is this Was anyone there is willing to pay anything for you. Yes. And that's question is this how how much did he pay to buy you their fifty dollars million dollars. His life his life. How much you worth is based upon how much someone is willing to pay for you another was how much you worth is based upon how much do because Jesus. Bhatia you diva now with silver and gold. But with the very life of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. So how much you worth is based upon how much Jesus was willing to pay for you and what the pay for he paid his life and the words in the eyes of God You are so valuable. You are worth the price of God. And when he sees you he sees a you are precious. You A beautiful. You are loved you are a valuable you are infinite you are prices that there cannot be a price. When sitting concert held by a formula does cause is worth more than that is worth my life. And the eyes of God you are worth the price of God. And even beyond that. When Jesus up there on the cross and he is suffering on the cross of Calvary. And his hurting and is a serving my God my God. And he was tempted by Satan to leave and give it all up and to enjoy the blessings of heaven. He stayed on the cross because he saw that. If he didn't send a cross you would be laws. And guess what on the cross not Jesus did when he stayed on that cross any didn't lead across. What you are saying is that when he is by new you were worth more than his life. And the know as of the eyes of God knowing you what the price will go up in the eyes of God. You are worth more than God himself in the eyes of God That's how much his willing to give for you. And so we struggle with a slow self-worth those low self respect. We must look for the love and the value. Reviewed at the cross of Calvary. If you've been hurt if you've been abuse sexual abuse. And even physically abuse even emotional abuse have been verbal abuse. Look at the cross of Calvary and see how much you really worth. When you begin to become an abuser because those have been abuse who have not experienced healing. Always become an abuser. And they themselves are passed on and sins are passed on to the third and fourth generation so the next generation. And they themselves treat their children the same way that mommy and daddy treaty you. And those spirits of uses in a chair so reason why they're like that because they don't sell as well one spiritual abuse to and they in a church are now the abuses in a church. The patriarchs and they may charge controlling the church. Telling how things should be run. Because they themselves are abuse. And what they really need to see is a clear revelation of how much they work for the love of God as of union across I want to how about you what you see in men. And when you see that God would bring healing to your life. In my life. I was taught that growing up I wasn't good. I was never good enough and not that my parents made me feel that way or said things directly to abuse me my. My brother is a table my family my brother became a doctor. So you know you have been your brothers a doctor. And you know you not did never compared me but you know is always there and how the work of the worst just being a physician is kind of like. People ask of here how's your son doing. Easy Going to church and then go or no and sorry not going to church they go on sorry. And then the mom or say open he's a doctor and they go all praise the Lord how they Luisa. The so excited with the Dr very excited. So I'm a veteran a physician so I know when this never good enough for it to say or an hour. And then of all things knowing he has the nerve to be hired to teach at Harvard Medical School. So I'm a how you can to be that either his hand get higher than that are very. So you never good enough. And I felt like I was never good enough so I do things in a place for it so they can see why he's good you know so I can get the. The praise and or you know got into club being in hip hop dancing so I can feel like a better about myself or a subpoena Why is a good dancer I mean just doing things to feel better myself getting myself were but people's praises and appreciation. But it never felt. You never going to be filled. Can you seeking the yoyo worth from other people by putting them down or lifting yourself up. Like the Fair see. Choose self work can only come by Jesus Christ would he see men and then you handle the court Haitian says you know what to say see if one youth instructed Janet twenty five nineteen ten paragraphs seven. Jesus has a view to use your value. By the price he has paid for your redemption What is event is surely which are worthy of value. Jesus has proved to you reveal to you a value by what he paid for you on the cross of Calvary. That determines how much you are none how much your friends say you're worth and I'll post mother mine the young generation. You're looking at how much your friends appreciate our Sept your reject you. But your worth and not based upon what other young people think about you your worth is based upon what Jesus things our body and what he did for you on the cross. That is your collar. That is healing. And that was set you free. I want to be set free how about you when you see a man. I don't forget the time I went to get a distorted working and. I use my dad and I were still clashing. And I started passing by just other passing one mind then. You know I had no credit nothing. So I went out to the back thinking oh it's pretty easy going to go in the bank on this going to get a car I walk out of the car. But I had no established credit and I guess I had bad credit for way. My loans my credit cards that I went over in college and saw here I am OK I'm going to walk out and walk an easy walk out in five seconds with a car. But they said to me sorry you have no establish credit in fact your credit is not. I mean. It is so have any record is not good so we needed some of the co-sign. So I say OK I'll call Dad So I called Dad in he came down I guess he wasn't happy if I was sleeping in the came down he went in there. And the first thing you said to me in front of the loan officer he said this from everyone to hear in the office he said. When even when they were going to come to the probably can take care of yourself. Now as heroes so embarrassed and heard that was able to do that wasn't never good enough. Coming out through here that relationship with my dad. In my life I hated my dad could never go along always fighting. I couldn't wait to get out of the house and Gabi got to hear that relationship between me and my dad. And I saw the visit when I was passing I haven't a passing the same audience my dad saw was a blessing I would have to spend time together and Gabi and the here in God The reconcile our relationship because of what he was doing in my heart in his heart. And when my dad seemed to me one day he said to me as a lot of appreciation I believe for what I was doing in ministry he said to me what does it profit a man. To gain the whole world. I know to the same by that even a world of the most P.C. just in the world. Was a prophet a man who gave the whole world body loses soul. And that was if we affirm him in the ministry that God i call me to God but healing to our relationship and reconciliation want to do that to you too. Maybe Bellamy is a man a man. Worth. Your words. So much to God you are so beautiful the God who do anything for you. And he already has action speaks louder than words. You can talk people can talk all they want. But to me the actions of the cross he proved by his actions. What he said in his mouth. When God said I love you. He showed an across much he loves you and how much you were so they'll never doubt yourself where it showed his message of God's hating love. I want to do that I want to a man. This message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference. Cold turkey. Supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. People to be bible based centered Christian. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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