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5. A Safe Place

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • January 1, 2016
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew Y.C. twenty fifteen conference called chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web or were G.. Every bio's you can turn me to Luke Chapter fifteen verse eleven to thirteen. Luke Chapter fifteen verse eleven to thirteen. He's opening tax. This morning. We continue on our series entire Dode healing broken relationships and six part series. And some actually asked me last night. I'm if I miss anyone can I still come to your seminar. And I set out of course is not made whereas go to pardon one another you can this jump in any time in feel free. You know there were other seminars. And so you won't feel a loss is going to find subjects but it just builds upon one another so this is the fifth one in this series. A safe place in every within every single one of us. There is a desire to belong to a safe healthy environment where love can grow. So in a way it is a place called. How you been to Hawaii let me see hands out there. OK You know why is a place called poor hole nor all hole no knowledge which is its place of refuge and they call the actually. The city of refuge. I mean heard of the city refugee for OK. Maybe in the Bible. So now it actually in a hole in culture do the place called the City of Refuge similar to the City of Refuge as found in the Bible. And so if they broke what they call the cops who are in the whole line and you live in Hawaii and class here so it may pique your interest to come to Hawaii even more so. So if you book a copper which was a law that you're not supposed to break. There was a death penalty upon you they were chase you down and but there was a safe place called the poor nor how whole now now which is on our island. And you could you could run there and have to swim around to get there. And once you get into that city. Then you couldn't be harmed. And you were safe. It was a safe place. And you're protected and Eve committed the most the most. Worst crime news out there and a worse consequences you would face was would be the death penalty. You so we say because there was a safe place was there a haven some peace you could. A sanctuary a place of peace and safety of refuge. And a say we today there are many people who are hurting and whose hearts are crying out for say place to go to a place where they can escape the vicious cut throat world out there in the experience healing. A place where they can get away from all the brokenness and relationships that are or hurting and were a place where they can feel safe. Once again. Our friend that works in C.P.S. Child Protective Services and. He said is the work with these kids he really tries a works what's best for his children rather than what the. The law the seeing in his his his county department. And so as he works with these young kids. He also asked them this question. You also asked him What is your poor nor. Now in Hawaii a poor no means. Safe Place. What is your safe place. So your house and what is your safe place. What is your poor know what is your safe place. Think about what are the places you could think about in your back of your mind. Because these kids are on the street they have nowhere to go or they get into trouble. You know they gain the going to crime in jogs and these are high school kids under eighteen and saw that he also has a word to say please. And so there Tom you know this one incident he said he was telling me about I said this. These two kids are saying to him. Is a grandparents. That's all safe place. Is OK I'm going to work on it said but I don't think you can work for my grandparents or take care of us because our grandparents have a criminal record. And according to C.P.S. You have a criminal record and you can they can take us. But that's our safe place. So here take the kids you tell me this I took those kids I took them to the grandparents and said I knew him you're the former boxer. And he talked to many told him. These kids feel that this is there a safe place. Are you willing to take them and say hey you know I can't they take away you know have a criminal record say look they feel that this is the safe place. I'm going to leave them with you and I don't know that they're here. So he said he left them there this safe place. And after like a few They was like a few months later. Because they're on the run right. So a few months later they called back and they said hey look we want to go back to high school. We want to finish up all the agree we don't want to. We don't want to get into trouble him I want to turn our lives around. And they did and they finished the something there. About a safe place a so powerful that is transforming you and I think people are really they're hungry in for this and more than anything out I mean his seminars power farming. I mean maybe power for the summer you does. I mean this counselling session with people on the hold you I see maybe inspiration or to you. And all of different things are going on but you know why and what people are really longing for is something more than that. I guess is that which we have no nice. We heard but that we have seen and that we have looked upon. And that which we have hand Ono as people want to know what does love look like. And now any don't describe to me what it looks like what they want to see it they want mentorship they want this of our younger generation has been this. Saw distorted by saying we have been distorted so much by sin. Even if you describe to us in the most perfect words. There are out there. We cannot grass. What you love looks like. Because God's love and our love is completely different. And so we have a wide view by how we are raised in our homes of what love looks like. And so weak. We don't know how to express it. And so does why Jesus didn't say OK guys. There's sort of a classroom and I want to teach you listen to my words OK See you guys later. His method of teaching was actually follow me. I want you to see what your own eyes I want you to handle with your own hands. I want you to experience and see for yourself what love. Actually looks like not what it. You hear it looks like. But well actually it looks like. If you have seen them he's a man to men. That is a cry of your this generation what in any any time in history because the so much sin is someone's pain and brokenness and heard in this world. We don't need more sermons we don't need more sessions and consultations. You don't need more one on one though they're very powerful. And I believe in them and people can be transform. What we really need is actually people taking the time to show. The next generation what love looks like. If they know even themselves. That is the greatest cry of this world. I really believe that a lot of my heart. What does he look like we want to see it now before my heart to be healed. But because I really never seen a growing up. And I want to know what it looks like. I came from a broken home a dysfunctional home. I wonder what it looks like. I personally came from my dad was an alcoholic. I want to know what it looks like. Because I can read it but I'm distorting to my view what I've experienced in my life. And the whole Bible can be transformed that's what we were all read the same Bible. But we all act differently in law actually experience Christianity differently why because of how we've been rains. It has distorted. The picture of God's character. And God wants us to experience a different picture. And we're Gaza do as he wants to create safe places. And that's where actually our schools were supposed to be safe places. It was a place for reparenting could happen. It was supposed to be a place where reparenting was supposed to happen. That's what it was. That's why you know when you first off you know pioneers of all avenues church you know who is Sutherland in my Gannon they call mine. They call my parents like father. You know like Madison college. Like father that they were actually their parents their repairing Ted. And actually with a school were like a new home environment they get actually experiences seaward actually love looks like. And that's the passion of my heart and that's why we started our school in Hawaii and Southern California. So they can see it and taste it for yourself that the Lord is good ways event. I think the guy is really wants his experience that a poor North Sea place the recall. All can experience. The sad thing is that when I go around here from the people that their churches are not safe places to be in. And that only reviews one thing as somehow a war picture of God has not been transformed. In real life. I may we have a great concept in our mind but intellectually like a mere intellectual said like Otherwise says but in other biggest journeys are the eighteen inches or twelve inches from the head to the heart right. And so. And now in that but is filtered through all bad experiences of my time it transfers to the hard to the total different experience than what we actually. The By we're actually says. So God wants the transformers to give us a new picture. And that's why the something about the Bible everything about the why was that in a Gita school was like hey let's go out we were there were family. That's was so powerful Jesus ministry. It wasn't like a classroom. It wasn't as this a seminar. It was more than that it was a life experience. It was living with a disciple they slept in the same places they did Minissha together. They saw interaction. They saw his facial expressions of love they saw a Howie. He actually looked I contact they saw every does this little things that children don't even see today from their own parents. They saw expressions of love. This all kindness. They saw the internation they heard the internation of his voice. They heard a pleading of with the with the fairest sees the. That is six. They wanted to expand their experiencing love. They were just hearing about love. They were experiencing love. And that is so powerful and that's what this world longs for so much in such a powerful way. Of course in many times of focuses upon numbers. We get so excited about the baptisms and the you know. Or for the conference or before so as it was always the the numbers in the tide there are a. But we're so focused on the numbers. But is just just isn't just about getting people excited for the Lord and bring into the Lord and dunking them in a water and then letting them go on their own in a church is that what is really all about. Is that really truly loving people today loving people is investing your time in them. Having yourself reproduce in these people. Is not about the numbers not about OK. Once about a year on your own See you later. It's about really spending time with these people and loving them. And mentoring them and showing them actually what love looks like. Not this going to a series of intellectual assent. Intellectual studies about our doctrines and standards and prophecies in a in a in a bible study or seminar. And then baptized OK you doing good see you later. So we can go find the next person which is world is crying out. More than anything else. Else in this world is character development. They believe that I mean you say many men. Not baptism the numbers. But character his character is the only thing going to take to heaven and that character of God's love. Thoughts characters guy's thoughts and feelings and I was thoughts and feelings of love. That's the only thing I want to take They have a soul less than vets and now anyhow character of thoughts of things are God's character Luckett us for less and best in the people all around us and. So they can develop thoughts and feelings of love. That's reflected or Christ character. There his character love can be reproduced in his people. That's the hard cry of today. And I know we like to this talk about him brag about numbers and baptism of the night gets everyone excited about everything that's going on but you know be of it like veneer. You know how to make the world is Prestwood behind is nice when a looks odd is excite me weep with reports it looks so nice on the outside. But all behind the scenes. There's a lot of brokenness. The lot of people who are not meant a lot of people are hurting and they haven't been addressed they haven't been help they haven't been the hero. And it's all a facade out here. And people are hurting what we're getting praises for the numbers that we're producing. But is not about numbers in our church. It should always be about people. It believe that what if you're a name you say a man I met. And God is looking for safe place a place that we can go to be here old. And that's why God. Originally started. One in our schools to happen because in one in a place where people can see what love looks like. Where is your say place. In my question this morning. Let us pray Father. Help us to see first so we can then experience fully. Your Say please is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. Lou Chapter fifteen verse eleven to thirteen. We're talking about we're going to look at a safe place with a look at the eyes of the father course son. And the older brother. What did the younger son do know the Bible says in Luke Chapter fifteen verse eleven to thirteen. The Bauer says. And he said a certain man had two sons and the young of them said to his father Father give me the portion of girls that fall or to me. And he divided into them his living. And not many days after the unison gather all together and took a journey into a far country and there wasted his substance with riotous living. So the younger son said to his father father. Now give me a portion to go so what is he asking for. Inheritance I can know when the people normally get their inheritance. After what the parents die so what does this younger son basically saying to his dad. I wish you were dead. So I could get your money. This respect for son. He didn't care about anything I care about getting his money from his dads I wish I had to give me a money I want your money dad. And that of all things. Gave him the money. And then it says here that. He went into a far country. And waits is life and riotous living. Now. You know if you really wanted this party in everything you know he could have just stayed in that. And that hometown and this blog is money. Right. Or you could have just stayed in the in the United States right. At least it went to like maybe in every hole why it went all the way to Florida to get away by it the biases. And we could I just went to Mexico or Canada. Right or even Peru. But he decided to go to for a country on the other side of the world of the Nav Netherlands. Right. So it wasn't just about the money he wanted in other words. He wanted to get us for away from home a spouse a ball. Because maybe the home. Was an ace a place. And a home to come home to our thought I thought in your mind. Not because the father. We all know that. But because of the older brother. We're going to get there. What happened next. The converse fourteen. The Bible says here. So we're looking at a safe place. And when he had spent all their rules a mighty famine in the land and he began to be in one. So he had spent all of his money. All the money that was give all is inheritance that he had gotten and he a role as a fat. A mighty famine and. There's a want. And he says in verse fifteen Any went enjoying yourself to a citizen of that country. And he sent him to the fuse to feed while. Swine. So what do you know about Jews and pigs. Well you know what Adventists and pigs. Nonny unclean and now he supposed to eat them. But his use were not even supposed to wild. Touch them or their be unclean right. So they were unclean. If there are tons or so here you was a Jew And he going to get the principles of his own beliefs and he was actually feeding pigs. And then nobody that is says. So he's are hitting his rock bottom reading. He lost always money. He has all in want. And now you find the only job he has is feeding pigs was he has Suppose it had nothing to do with them. And then it says here and you and he would fain have filled his belly you know and if he could. He would have eaten with the hoss. That the swine did eat. It was possible who would eat in the pigs slop. Because he was so hungry and. And the bias is here and no man gave one to him. He had hit his rock bottom. Here the reach his worse. Part of his life things were not going well in his life in youth. He felt like everything is going wrong. You never happen to you or you hit your rock bottom. It happened to this young man and he had felt here loss. Everything in fact my question is Where was his friends here probably thought he I want this is not a homo want to come over to I'm going to Uncle handle my friend's car that's where my. You know those are people I really bring happiness to mean that's that's where my safe place really is hanging out with these guys you know this is like really a good safe left you're safe around them. They're all going to get my back. And in the end. The no place to be found. Let me tell you about you friends is when you go through hardships and Charles the struggles that you find out who your true friends we are what is a man. Not the ones we have all everything going for you and all the money and everything's exciting going on but when you have nothing. There you find out who you choose friend is when you have nothing. And you've broken and you down. And they still stick to you. That is who your true friends are what you say and then those little ones you never want to let go. YOU WAS want to stick with them and be and that's the kind of friend that we need to be what he say even when people are down that is when we need to be there for these people. And when they're hurting that's where we need to be ministering to them. Now when they got something they can give to us. But it's something that we can give to them. And so here the young man he had lost everything. And now in the here lost all material things where he had lost. He one thing you thought was a safe place where the story be fun of his a very own eyes. He began to be in want Ventus we wish to nor man even help them out in anything. What the discern think about next. Before he repented knows about was says here. And when he came to himself so he woke up. He said the how do you wake up knows what he said in his mind. How many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare and I perish with hunger. Arise and go to my father and a say in to a father I have sinned against heaven. And before the. And then no more worthy to be called just son make me as one of your hired serve as an hours he had we painted. What he say in men. But my question is what made him we pent is it a good question. Now we learned yesterday what is it that leads someone to repentance. The goodness of God. So somehow this servant had saw the goodness of God and we saw the goodness of God It led him to repent and so what part in this review is the goodness of his father. Represent have our Father in heaven. Look at verse fifteen or in stories. Verse seventeen. When he came to us of he said in his mind. How many higher servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare and I paired another. And I perish with hunger in other words might my father's servants. The so abundantly bless my my father and other words. My father is a good man. He's such a good person and he even takes care of his servants. And they have so mostly either so much food. There's so much left over the world so much to spare. My father is such a good man. And there was for the first time in his life. He may have heard it in church. That God is good. He murdered had had people sung it in church that God is great but is the first time in his life he had really experience in his heart that God is surely good. What he say amen. He saw that his father was good because Assad's father was good. The goodness of God leads us to repentance he was repentant truly penned the for the hearts and our repentance not to be repented of as the Bible says right. A choosey pensions. And that's what he experienced in his heart because he saw that his father was a good father. And I want to know is there wasn't a huge revelation of his father's goodness i bonds repent. We pan tense. It was only a small revelation that. He took care good care of his servants. He's such a good man. And all they may take is this a little glimpse. That God is good that's going to lead us to true repentance. What a wonderful God a med. For God is so much good because all the earth is full of His goodness the barber says is everywhere. And whenever you look out in nature reviews God's character his glory. And his goodness. To bring us to his we Penton. Now. What happened. Nets in verse twenty knows the Bible says here. And here rolls and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way of his father saw in him and had compassion and ran and fell on his neck and kissed and so you Rose and I'm going to go back home. I'm going to see my father because I miss my father you know I'm I know I'm wrong I'm going to repent to him and tell him all the things are done wrong so he went to see his his father and. As a going to see his father the bio says that the father saw him a great way off. Now. How in the world with a father see him a great way off unless he was actually weigh the every single day for his son. Waiting for son to come back his or is he coming home yet. Not today. Is it coming home yet. Not today. So you can't waiting for his son and. Funny saw him in a father Rand and had compassion. He had compassion or was this father. Truly had compassion in his heart and I know as he was surely a good father would he say amen. He had compassion in the Ranee fell on his neck. And he kisses some because he loved his son. And he held on to his son. And never mind he smelled like pigs. Never mind he smelled all dirty Never mind he was off filthy for his father still loved him and embraced him in all of it because that boy was still his son and beloved Never mind you smell like spiritual pigs that are mind you look. All spiritually dirty. Never mind that. You feel that you're not worthy. You are still his child what he saved meant. And God loves you because you're his child. Now what happen next in verse twenty one knows about was says here. And the son said of him father. I have sinned against heaven and in your sight and I am no more worthy to be called your son. He's surely broken and Obama says. But the father said to his servants. Never mind bring forth the best role and put it on him and put a ring on his hand and shoes on his feet and I was he didn't listen I was here SEPTA but here they ignored his son in his apology and he went on and said a service bring forth the best robe. And that role. The best role was the father's row. That was the special robe of the Father only and and he put it upon his very own son to cover the son's filthy rags. And the same way our heavenly father also has a role book writers there's. There were cover up. Our wickedness. And this robot also Transformers to his beautiful character what is a man known as No matter what she done in your past. When you come to Christ God covers you with the role but righteousness. That was created by Jesus' life on his Earth. In other words all the good works. The whole perfectly life Jesus lived on this earth for thirty three and a half years on this earth is warmer than that role. So when he puts it on you. What God does when he looks at you WANT YOU September when you looked at he looks at you he see he doesn't see your life and all the bad things you've done. He sees a perfect life of his son. What he say amen. When I got that. It's in your hand oh let me to see you. We've You inherit the move. The women for eighteen nineteen it says this right is this is obedience to the law we need writers that's what he say event. The law demands rights is this we need writers ness. And this the Senate old for the law we need to all right isn't to the law. But he isn't capable of rendering Ed what do you say amen. The only way in which he can attain to right is this is through faith. By faith he can bring to God the merits of Christ and the Lord. Places the obedience of his son to dissenters account. What is a Amen. Christ writes Is this a separate in place of man's failure. And God receives pardons justifies the repented believing saw treats them as though he were right cheers and loves him as he loves his son Jesus. When you come to Christ God gives you his robe or right as theirs and ours. And then he sees you as if you had never a sin. And then he sees you as if you're perfectly Jesus Christ. And all your guilt falls away. And all your shame falls away. And then because of that robe or right as he looks at you as if he sees Jesus. And the love between a father and son was up in his heart towards you why the father would he say I met. And he gave that robot rights in this for us to see in the next quote says here. Through the writers of Christ. We shall stand before God pardon. And as though we had never sinned. What he said. This is right is this by faith. Now what else of the Father do look at verse twenty three and twenty four The Bible says. And he said. And bring her the fatted calf and kill it and let us eat and be merry. And in a city or for this my son was dead and is alive again. He was lost and is found. And they began to be. Marry the father through a big celebration and celebrated the fat. That is son who was once dead it was now live. And the son who was once lost was now phone is see this father's happiness. Was not based upon what his son was doing or what had done. But the father's happiness was based upon his current relationship with his son. What he said a man. And the same way Ga Ga's happen in that directly link upon what you had done in your past. But is based upon his current relationship with you because you know once he has that relationship with you then that love your jaw far from you in obedience from your heart. And you become obedient to what he asked you to do. That's what God wants to have with us for us our relationship with him. You know the story where the end right here. Was normally doesn't sermons. Be this the perfect story right. But this isn't the perfect sorry. I mean is the perfect start by Jesus. But then what happens is not the perfect story. Because there was an older brother in the story that really gets talked about they're going to talk about this morning that the years with a safe place. What did the older son do. So today I ones are happy and in Luke Chapter fifteen verse twenty five to twenty eight. Now his or eldest son the older brother was in the field. Now one of the few to represent in the Bible. The World. Now he's at home right. He's in the church. And as he came in June night to the house. He heard music and dancing. And he called one of the servants announce what these things. Meant. And he said to him. Now brother is come. And I father has killed the fat a cat because he had received in safe and sound. And he do your other brother was wired angry. And would not go in there for came his father out and entreated him. City or the brother heard the music and a dancing in excitement and a joy that is. He's younger brother had come home. And he has a servant what was going on in a toll on the whole story what had happened. And because he heard all this. The older brother the boss has became angry at what was going on in fact. This order sons anger was so strong that he would even go into the party. So not only was his presence gone with was no deaths but a cord into the tradition at that time. It was a responsibility of the older brother to go in and greet the gas or they arrived. So for him not to be greeting the guest as they're arriving. So that something was wrong in that home. He didn't go in. You see this order certainly had disagree but he could have still got into the house greeted the gas. And then later when he could have had dialogue with his dad as you know what he disagreed in and done it later on but this is a disgrace the family. And what he didn't do. Now my question is Why do you think that this older brother acted this way. And what he did. Self-righteous Yes. Now why do people get angry. What is his purpose in getting angry to on a cat. Not many people get angry is that trying to get people to see things the way that they see things right. And the word person and gets more angry can kind of pressure the other person to listen to them or even not to listen to but even to maybe force and to even do things. What they want you to do right. To manipulate you through and in the one that you know is the most oil and gives a kosher odor or silent treatment who wins along. Those are the longest ends up winning out for the purpose. To get you to do what they want you to do. Yes can show. Which is abuse. So does oldest son was abusive. He was abusive in the home. He was abusive to his father. Because if he could if he could. He was getting angry. And his very actions are not going into the party. Now when he was a gang with his words towards the his dad. But he would even go into the party so by his actions. And his words. He was be manipulative is that if we could he would had stopped the party. If he could you would have had is that changes mind about what happened. And apologized to him because he got more angry guy were maybe angry adad meant then maybe dad would see my point. I follow me. So this hour the older brother was abusive. And if he was abusive like this is father. He must have been abusive to his younger brother also or another was this place was not a safe place to be and this was a toxic environment. A toxic home. A toxic. Church which is represented here in the story. The father went out twice. In that same day. The first time he went out. Was for repentant last sinner. And the second time he went out. Was for an abusive lost. Church member who stayed in the church. Who never allowed. Know what did the older son say was the reason why he was angry. Those are verses here in twenty nine thirty and he answers said to his father lo these many years do I serve you and I slaved for you. And neither transgress I any time in the Commandments. And yet you never gave me a kid that I'm a big Mary my friend you never gave me a party you never gave me a celebration. In other words. I was faithful to you dad I had served you audit years. I stayed in the whole vibe never left the home. And I served you and you never gave me anything good like I scratch your back to scratch my back you heard that before. I do you favor your me one right. Telling how the world thinks it could happen in a church. Then it says here. Then he goes on and says this not a that he says but as soon is this your son was calm. Your son now. He's not my brother he's your son the ever heard that before. Your son is come which has devoured the living with harlots reprocessed toots. You have killed him for him the fatted calf. In other words. Wait a minute here. This grey stuff and eye for an eye. If someone does something bad for use with a do something bad back to them right. If your son does something bad to you need to do something bad to punish them for what they've done. But here you have your son. My brother but your son going out. Blowing all of his head in Harry tense. This Gratian name by all other riotous living he did give the found the a bad name. Then he comes home and all the bad things and and. And you have the nerve to add to that along to come on now they that but then you thought I'm a party. He does all the bad in you repaid bad with good. Does that make sense. And then me. I stayed in the church. I was face for hours working hard and I was doing all these good things. And you didn't do anything for me anything good for me. On about this great stuff it doesn't make sense to me about you. We deserve what we do. We deserve to get what we we work on what we rewarded for. We should get it in our minds. So that's what he was thinking. The so the brother had made it a toxic. Home. It was a right is this by works. Is in this hall. Many times people behave in believe in the church. Been with they believe that since they've been been faithful in the church and serve the church for all of these years. They're entitled to special privileges. I've been a member of this church thirty years. And I was here how build this church. They call may charge same patriarchs and churches like they control the board meetings are they control of the church and how things run and operate those even on church boards. And I got to be done their way. Because they have the infant because they know that you know they're the ones that started their the charter members. There was that make that donate most donations they always had the most influence on top the church. And his meetings and I got to be done their way or the highway and their abusive like they were the brother spiritual abuse is in the church. And they want to control and they make the church like the older brother. They make the church. A toxic environment. To live in. So much so that the church is not a safe place and because the church is a toxic environment by these all the brothers and churches. The younger brothers feel like church is not a place they want to come home to. And then they leave the church. And we blame the people who leave the church for leaving the church. And that's my thing I think I see with evangelism. We're so excited by the vandalism. And here's the point. We have events we baptize all these people that come in a church and my question is Were most of these people in two years. It's almost like an hour solution to the problem is like we deal with the symptoms like a talking about this whole week right. So we do it isn't that what we do is to we. To kind of we plan as a church what do we do we baptize more people. And they go out the back door again so what do we do again. We baptize more people. What about changing the toxic environment of the church and make it in a safe place where he say amen. What if he said what did we say. What is someone to tell Hillo I have this family and now we having. We has and kids and my children they. They all ran away from home. But that's OK don't worry about it. We have a plan because we're I'm pregnant and we're having more children. And have more children. And the same toss a given time in a few. You know fifteen years later they run away from home. So don't worry about it we've got a solution. We're going to have more babies. And the babies are grow up and coming teenagers. And they run away from home. Don't worry about it going to have more babies. Would you think about that. So we want someone is that actually converted or born again. On we do the same thing. Born many were giving birth to more babies in the church. So they can grow up and run away from the church on is that what we were created and commission to do is a really old think about this is that a calling. Could it be that there are Christians who have left the church. Because of the false picture of God given to them by the older brothers and sisters within the church. In my question. Could that be possible in your church. And we did is quo is fighting a blow you away. It blew me away when I read it is going to if by shocking. And very painful. Well listen to this testimony to the church fallen six P. three seventy. Knows she is she says the Lord does not now work to bring many souls into the truth. Because of the church members who were never being converted and those who were once come verdant but who have backslidden. In other words. God does not bring many so than other words God. Actively stops people from coming into their church into his remnant church. Because he believes it is safer for them to be in the world then it is to be in the church. Can imagine the pain of God that his bride he can bring his people out there into his church. Because his remnant church is not ready. If you know heartache of the Father and longing for younger son to come on knowing that it was the older brother. That made it a whole pot sick. For him not to want to come home to can imagine God. Actively stopping people from coming into his church. That's a powerful quotation. A very solemn thought to think about. And my question to you is this could be possible that God has actively stop people from coming into your church. Because maybe it was also a toxic environment. And also could be part of the God allowed your family or friends. To leave your church because he felt that it was safer for them to be in the world than in your church. That's a sobering thought. I know that sometimes medicine tastes bad. But if we take it it Heroes. And sometime the truth is hard to swallow. But if we take it a hero is what he say man. Now we're not to play God and determine who's not supposed to come into the church what is a man. You can say OK well my church is a toxic environment and God's bring in someone in and say no you can't come in because you're not God and you don't know what he's saying men. That could be the very place that they could thrive. And the other way is also true of God I want to start them. Don't try and win it relate them or guilt trip them to calm. When deafening God is not leading them what he's saying men. So either way do not play God and put yourself in a place of God. Look at the next forty seven desire to space to thirty nine. Our standing before God depends not upon them on a light we have we see but upon the use. We make of what we have thus even though he then who choose the right. As far as they can distinguish it or in a more favorable condition. Then are those who have had great light and profess to serve God. But who disregard the light. And by their daily life. Contradict their profession. See we're not just upon is not going to be right is this by intellectual knowledge or intellectual assent. That's not how we're going to be saved. It's rights is this by faith by living in what is a man by living over to what you know and I was the more like you see to know the more you need to live up to her. And that's why those in the world. They have been given very little light. But if they are following the very little light that they know. And those of us who know so much and we don't follow. Even a little bit afraid they're going to be seen a much greater light in a favor in God's eyes in our in and then we do in God's eyes. And that's why the. The leadership in the first season Jesus they were in the same mindset. God had to do something to chains. The very toxic environment is church and the change in we need a fresh revelation of God's goodness in our churches what he's saying here men. We need writers is by faith. We need God's character we need to see God's goodness. And we see God's good as us why this is only to present it to so help us to see that we have a need Laodicea I know myself I'm there this year. But myself and all of us we have. We're stuck in his Laodicea that we feel that we don't need anything. And sometimes God has a come with the messes that will shock us to wake us up that we do need something and not something that you can do. Because there's nothing we can do. But we can do one thing we can look. And we can live. Rick in his look at the cross. And we can see God's love for us and we see God's love for us. It changes our heart hearts and then makes us. Like the Beautiful. Character of Jesus Christ I want to how about you what you say even though all the brother had rights is by works. And the younger brother had rights as by faith. And what God wants to do is that he wants you the boss as we are living appears those known and read by men. Right. And then as we are living it Bibles are books were walking Bibles known and read by men people can read us. But how we live our lives not by what we say. But when they see us when they see the goodness of God in you. They too can be brought to repentance when he says event. So God I want to use you to be living. Centuries to be living places a safe havens to be places where can be a safe environment. That poor whole nor that's a place that people are hungry in for. So how we to love. So as a create a safe place to turn to first John chapter four. First head first John chapter four verse ten and before read that it's want to read up the last couple of texts of this. This story. And says here any seventy I'm sundown or ever with me and all that I have is yours is me that we should make merry and be glad for this your brother was dead and is alive again and was lost and his foundation. Son you have all that my goodness. You have all my love within the home. So because of this love that is we Joyce it is. And then let us do good God blesses us so that we may do good when you say men. We don't do good to get God's blessings though there are special blessings in following his ways. But God blesses us already. Why our Yes sinners God loved us and died for us before we did anything good. And that goodness Banks's want to serve him I want to hear about your man. And then let's go to first charge of the four of us ten. How are we to love swords will create this a place that we're talking about notices here. How we to law where is love the biases here verse ten. Here in His love it. In other words if you want to find love. If you want to find a safe place where we can go through nurses here is love. Not that we love God. But that he loved us another was if we want to find out love. Don't focus upon us loving each other and then I say if you don't even focus upon us what we need a love god. But you want to find love lets us focus upon a look upon God loving us what do you say are Jimin. Another words. We hear so much about how I need to love God how I need to serve God. How need to obey God. Which is important but if you really want to find a love that works. If you really want to look for it. If you're looking for to victual percent true love then let's not focus upon what we need to do. But this focus upon what God has already done for us and how much he loves us what he's a man in his almost dangerous to tell you what you need to do without Give me to choose to do it isn't like OK you need. You know you're presented you need to do this or you need to do this I need to need to do this but if you don't have the power to do it you're going to get more discouraged as I mean I polish saying. I was alive once. Without the law. But when the law came. I died. The more you know. Without the revealing. Character crisis. To your life. The more hard it is because you try to do in your own strength by Paul. And you die spiritually. But when we see a fresh revelation of God's character of love and how much he really loves you and that's going to transform your life. Here is love. If you want to see a safe place. We must focus on God's Love you want to see a safe home. If you want to see a safe church she want to see her church. Safe environment a safe school whatever it is they're your belong to. We must become their safe place where you say amen. And we must review and see God's love to other we must actually actually see first God's love and focus our part how much he loves us. Not so much upon how much you need to love God which we know we already need to do right. But we need to focus the part how much God loves us. That's what love is found. Why because we love here. Because what he first loved us. Love awakens love. When we focus about how much God loves us. It awakens in our hearts then to love him. And that's what we need to focus. And that's what we thought inspiration if you look at hand out in these are Vegas pays eighty three. It would be well for us to spend a thought for our each day. In contemplation of the life of Christ. We should take it point by point. And that imagination grassed. Each scene. Especially the wired. Closing scene what does the closing scenes. The closing scenes of Christ life was the cross. The closing the scenes. And as we join upon his great sacrifice for us right on the cross. Our confidence in him. Will be more constant. Our love will be quickened. And we shall be more up deeply in Butte with his spirit. You want to have a good walk a Christ followed this called patient. If we would be say the last we must learn the lesson of penitence. And he merely ation at the foot of the cross where he say amen. He magine to be discipline and desire for ages. And for one hour it is meditated upon the life for Jesus Christ. You know that in a duty your life. He does look upon the love of God and how much he loves you. You know has been a chance from your life. You know has been a chance from your family your whole may be a toxic environment. Your chance for me a life. I know some of us here have struggled because even if you read those desires ages forward an hour. Again we're going back to that war picture of life we experience is what we see the desire ages to be. And God wants us to experience a for healing ask God. I predict a cigar show to me. Review to me how be to have an experience when I can see. I can look upon and I can handle. What love looks like and doesn't answer that prayer. I really believe that there's a true story of a young man who got into a fight with his dad. And they got very heated and got angry and they're yelling at each other and their anger and mad at each other and finally you said I'm leaving the left and the father said Go ahead until his land though and left in Iran away far away from home. At the few years went by he was his heart was touch and he thought bad how he treated his that his father. I also badly this want to come home and I want to make things right I want to reconcile it is that because he loved his dad and who is sad and what happened if the three years earlier they want to make things right so it is side to come back home. And with that it came with a phone call so he called up his mom could he could his talk to his dad and said Mom. I really really want to come home. But I don't know Dad wants to a seventy. So I wanted to know of dad wants me to come home or not could you please let Dad know to pay to hang on this one little tiny handkerchief a white handkerchief on the window so and then I don't know if I could see that one hand that you have a white handkerchief on the window so then I know that dad wants me back home and I really I really want to see folds. So you hung up the phone. You bought a ticket on the train that passed near his house. He jumped on board is training is going to drive. And he's asked on a train and. It was going in. He happen to sit by Minister. He was talking has been a sober what happened in his passage a Forth and thing was going bad and he want to come home and told by the story about asses Monta ass's dad to hang a white handkerchief of it Dad really one in the come home and his and minutes I just I just can't bear to look out the window when we're passing when it comes near please. Can you look for me and tell me. If there's anything. Is a thing white out there by my house so I can know if I can go see my found the on my parents or my love. The minister said OK I'll do that for you. And as he was there was getting closer and closer. He said this time in a series out there. There's the houses right over there please tell me. I can't look for please look for me and tell me Mr Do you see anything out there and say why don't the house. And he's looking looking at all Wade Wade. And our side of the minutes almost was beside itself like the law forgot that he was a minutes I was a jumping up and down and screaming for joining us. Look you got a look at this got to see what's going on and the young man looked out the window and there he looked out the window. He saw now only a white handkerchief. He saw white towels and white sheets and everything white in the whole house. And he saw that the whole house was as plaster with white. And the last thing that minister saw as his as a young boy's run he saw the the Heinlein's the legs of the young man running to his home. Because father want to him once again what he's saying men. And one of the same is sure God. There's a god out there who loves you so much. And you know what no matter what people say and know only what they say to people to say God is good but no matter what people we view into lives and how they Chicha even in the church. Our Father in Heaven is still good when he say Ben. And this younger brother ran away from home because the older brother was an abusive all the brother. And though they were abusive people like in this story abusive people. Spiritual abuse there would be was in the church who have wounded you have wounded people in your family have ruined your friends who are many people leave the church. Know that your father is still a good man what he saved men and you were there in church not forty or the brother. You're in church there because of your father what he's saying men. And when you see how good your father is that goodness of God will lead you to repentance. And then you will become good. I mean like that goodness to other people and the goodness of God leads them to repentance. And they were if that God's goodness and their lives. And the good is a got to bring other people to repentance. And the character crisis will be perfectly reproduce and his people. And then cry succumb to take us home when he say amen. What a wonderful God we serve. I want to serve all of my heart what about you what you say men. And why it says in manuscript releases twenty one come just says you are weak helpless. You ready to die. What a wonderful God amen. Thank God we've you to us. Not to show it to us but We wiil to us or love truly looks like. So we can't have that poor nor that safe place. That is pretty far the thank you for your goodness me we continue to see your love. And maybe experience it. Experience and Laurie. In our hearts and minds is up here and you just the name and this message was recorded at the Jew I see two thousand and fifteen conference called shows and they form and level Kentucky Jew I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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