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6. Why Can't We Forgive

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • January 2, 2016
    3:15 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from an old chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. So over the texts. This afternoon as a Matthew chapter six verse fifteen Matthew chapter six. Verse fifteen. Why can't we forgive. The greatest need in a word today I believe is forgiveness. Many people are longing for peace in their hearts but there never have it unless they have the food and know complete forgiveness toward those who have hurt them. You know. Form of mind. He was getting married and she call me is this a low pass or if you were to narrow it down to one thing to what makes it. For successful relationships that were end all conflict in a marriage or and and the relation between a boyfriend and girlfriend. What were you say it would be in. I guess would I be thinking I spilled out. Forgiveness. Because we think about it I mean there are the the emotionally heating up going to the root cause and. And he found that in that stop the SO thing conflict in a healing from a different of anger right in. That's not on the other angle of of conflict in the do another issue of having guilt or low self-worth and that's stops. Another conflict in your IT marriage and relationships but something about forgiveness where even if you had hear from all the two things. I've had people tell me that you know other. I have no love for my husband anymore. I absolutely no love for my wife and him or and so it's something the is the happen in the heart were actually there is an experience of forgiveness. We're actually one is set free. And I want to watch you what he said a man or woman as being console. For bitterness against her mom. And then says she is being called so the in this forgiveness. She kept seen to the her consular. You know ideas hate her I have and I want. I just can't stand her. And then going on and on and on and she went home then and next session happy to see neither this can. I can't the me think about the horrible things she's done to me and I this can stand that lady. And then. So if it is a thing in the session and she went back home again. And then she said again for the next session No I just I just can't handle that I just can't have any thinking about her and. And all the things that I don't know if she's done to me and I This can't stand that woman and my. My Mommy I'm so angry at her. And finally we're in the counselor that couldn't handle enough. He finally said to her you what you need to do is that you need to move far away from your mom and get away from her and the even talk to her the even answer the phone anymore. And then the. The woman in shock. Looked up at him and said. On Sorry forgot to tell you that. My mom passed away five years ago. This something about food for bitterness and anger and resentment that. That is like a chain in your chain too even though the person may be gone a two thousand miles away. Is there were consciously any maybe even some consciously it change you to your pass and you know. Negative emotions. And even to hold down your happiness. And that's why God came to set the captives free what is event. He came to heal us and that's what God wants to experience forgiveness. And not know pop psychology forgiveness what is event. But Chub able to call from the Word of God forgiveness which is totally different from what the word says how we should forgive one another God has His method of how forgiveness actually works. You see the key to forgiveness is not just found in realizing that we need to forgive. Neither is a found in forcing ourselves to forgive other people. But he said the key to being able to forgive others is following the realizing and believing that God forgives us for us what he say when. So as we take a look at forgiveness may God give us a revelation of His forgiving love letters for a father thank you for the blessing of being here in the honor of being here. And that as your word is open we respected. And we so great for you given us. Away help us to see the truth in your love is up here in Jesus name. Him in Matthew chapter six first fifteen. All we forgive in if we don't forgive. That's the question right. OK slow notice what a Says here. But if you forgive not men their trust passes. Neither were your Father forgive your trespassers So if you don't forgive minutes or so if you don't forgive other people are going to be forgiven. No it won't be forgiven. So think about this process right. If you don't forgive others then you won't be forgiven yourself. So how we truly forgiven. Matthew chapter six. Verse twelve. There's a couple seize up here. I mean I want to sit up here. Three seats for the by I would say is here and first wall. And forgive us our debts as one. As we forgive our debtors so know as we are praying that God will forgive us as we forgive our debtors right. So want you to notice this in other words. The bible to the say we are forgiven by God. Because we forgive. But he said about us is that we food for you given by God as we forgive others. Know how many who are for us said that the reason why we are forgiven by God is because we forgive others like well you know you don't forget that person right and God's going to forgive you because you forgive that person very kind of concept I mean a kind of heard that or kind of thought that wary of going to see hands. Yeah. Keep on what we do is call Taishan from the spirit or prophesying a care from Christ object lessons pays to fifty one and you hand out another to say is here it says we are not for given. Because we forgive can hear a man in men. I know is going to shake some of your thoughts. We are not forgiven because we forgive. But as we forgive. They confuse you. I have people. Email me after the seminar. Several times in the said I just still cannot understand it is like. Is it a harder thing is not learning the harder thing is on learning what he say I invent. So God wants us to understand. What the Bible in the spirit Poppy's says I mean ass one with time to make a move in quickly into the to the Torah the walls again. The the seats on the outside for people to come in. Thank you very much. So God of the forgive us because we forgive others and I was God doesn't give us. Forgiveness as a reward for forgiving others been a said God gives us forgiveness. And as we forgive others. So as we forgive others God forgives us know what does this mean if you didn't shut the for over thirty two looking to feed and shelter for verse thirty two and you buy was you feel in chapter four. Verse thirty two. Nor the by would says the bar was says and B. you kind want another tender hearted. Forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake. Has what for given you. So in other words. We are to forgive others only was as word. God has already wired for given us if that's clear let me say a man and then. In other words. God doesn't want us to do something as if we have to initiate the forgiveness and then garden comes and response to US an issue be forgiveness. To other people and then he comes in response to that initiation of us. So to actually dent forgive us for you is that clear what I was a DO is that God wants to go back to the root cause any wants us to experience forgiveness from here first. His initiation. And then our response to that of being forgiven by God is to respond and to love and forgive other people have that's clear. Let me hear you say many men. So one is. I have to forgive other people first and then God Their response of forgives me that is righteous and. The other is. I experience Dawn's forgiveness toward me first he initiated my response I naturally. Other Love for God and one another I forgave my brother my sister. Not because of me an issue but because I'm responding to your daughter has already done in my life. And that's right says by faith what is even. And so we can say that right is my faith that was my work but the culture of the church has counted passed on to generation to generation. A false understanding of what actually forgiveness really is is a hard thing to know what you need to do but you don't have the power to do it and know that you need to love your brother and sister and you can't do it you know that you need to forgive your brother and sister but you know you can do it and Gaza come with a different picture of how much he loves us and how the process actually works and those who are say the cross object lesson paid to fifty one and you handle it goes on in a statement it says. We are not forgiven because we forgive but what answer we forgive. Then it says here the ground. Of all forgiveness is found in the unmerited love of God. But by our attitude toward others. We should all. Whether we had made that love their forgiveness. Our all what is event. So in other words by us forgiving others does this revealing and showing that rather you have actually receive God's love and actually God's forgiveness in your own heart. You know you read the chapter in question object lessons read it over and over going to see it as actually chewing out whole chapter on forgiveness is seen we when we forgive others reviews that we have truly experience God's forgiveness toward us. And thus by this action of forgiveness toward others. We retain the forgiveness of God. That's how we know we have receded our actions reveal whether we had made up for Guinness or God or all know not. If we are we if we have received that forgiveness of God in my own life than. Then that will be revealed and I'm going to forgive other people. But if I have not we see the forgiveness of God in my own life. That I'm a chief of sinners. Then I'm not going to give. What I receive because I CAN I GET THAT WAS I did not possess. That's clear let me say management. This is foundational. So let's go to the story the parable the Jesus told. Go to Matthew Chapter eighteen. In your bible is Matthew Chapter eighteen verse twenty three methods have the eighteen verse twenty three. This brings it out even more clear in a story that Jesus told. Methods have to eighteen verse twenty three to twenty five. Experiencing forgiveness. When when Peter asked users about forgiveness what did Jesus share Matthew Chapter eighteen verse twenty three to twenty five. Knows the Bible says. The BY was says. There for is a kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king. Which would take account of his servants. And when he had begun to reckon one was brought into him words Odin ten thousand talents. But for as much he had not to pay his Lord commanded him to be sowed in his wife and children all that he had in payment to be made. So first of all Jesus telling a parable. Right here and telling a story. At ten about a king in the want to call is service or to a counsellor you call it a service together. You know his officers. Together. And there was found one that he all ten thousand talents. Now you are to figure it out a kind of figured it out and ten thousand talents is around seven hundred fifty thousand pounds in gold. And those the follow the market goes around a little under eleven hundred dollars dollars an ounce right now. So will this cause or be about thirteen billion dollars in today's money. Now that's a lot of money right. So this officer somehow we all would his king the government. Thirteen billion dollars Now how many could actually pay thirty billion dollars back then we see and there. Because I want to be your friend OK. Miscarrying. Thirteen billion dollars. He owed. Now. Because this man was unable to pay off his death according to the law that he had including his wife and children and himself was to be sold to help pay off all the debt. And then the key verse twenty six What did the officer then do. In verse twenty six. THE SERVANT. Therefore fell down and worship Him saying. Lord had patients with me. And I were pay you all he fell down and worship the king in pleading for mercy mercy. So he was pleading for forgiveness or mercy He then asked for more time so he could actually pay back all that the old. Now first of all do you think he could pay back all the hero. I said in next verse a he couldn't. But did he think that he did he actually think that he could pay back all of that the old. Somehow in his mind though he couldn't do it he felt that the Yangtze he could do it. You see the Bob was says that we all say by grace through faith. Another works right now the cost of is a gift to God not a worse less any man should. Bulls right what he said event. One hundred percent by grace in other words. There is nothing to do. We can do to earn or to gain. God's love and blessing what I say amen. But there are people many people who like this officer would think that they can earn again God's blessing by the things that they do you see the serving have become so accustomed to hearing the saying favor for a favor or a scratch your back you scratch my back. You heard that before. Hey Johnny can you help me. You know Mike. My cars go can see how many fix the brakes. Hey man you know. No problem. But the Forget manual me one here that before. The world's culture has become so strong and. You know to serve and was thinking that way in a favor for a favor. I scratch your back you scratch mine. Somehow you know that yeah the king was going to do this in a going to do me a favor of what Yeah I know in the back of my mind I know what you want me to pay you back right. Favre for favors nothing freeness world. You're going to forgive me OK I'm going to work my way I'm going to pay you back don't worry about it. I'm going to get you. And people today in the church do the same thing. They do God a favor and they expect him to do a favor back. They say God has blessed me financially because I paid my tie or I have good health. Because I go to church or they say. If I do something good God will forgive me but the Bible says that God sends the rain on the just. And the word. Unjust scenario as gas in the rain on the blessings on the just or the good people and the bad people can hear Amen amen. And own gardens and there are special blessings I know that God does give. But you know the God is so loving immersive for that he gives a blessing he blesses. The good people in the press is the wiki people write. He blesses those who serve him and don't. Those who don't serve him. All motivation for serving God should it be because we're going to get something from God. But instead all motivation for serving God should be because we love him what he say amen. And we are all motivation for serving gushing because we feel obligated in serving God. It should be out of freedom and God wants us to experience their freedom. And my life in your life I want that about you in man. What did the king then do look at verse twenty seven. Matthew Chapter eighteen verse twenty seven. Now as the Bible says here then the lord of that servant was moved with one. Compassion So let me ask a question. Was the king. A compassion in King. I mean Harry. What he thing. He was right. So this king was actually a good king. He wasn't a mean King he was a loving King. He was a compassionate King in a sense you know only that he was compassionate says. And they lose him and forgave here and there was that so did a king forgiven. The debt the whole debt. Yes he did it completely. He forgave them. Everything. Now. The BY was says the Romans two verse four we learn and it is in this seminar that. What leads us to repentance God What is the goodness of God that leads us to a replanted ends. So this King revealed his goodness to this officer. And as a review it is his good as his officer. I want to know as a you he did. The king did extend his goodness. So this officer had be held in looked upon this King's goodness when he was offered to him. But the question was did he actually truly appreciate and shootee we see this forgiveness right. That's the question. It was offered to him with did he choose the experiences and receive it. So what happened next Look at verse twenty to thirty mathy eighteen verse twenty eight to thirty the Bible says here. But the same server went out and found out one of his fellow servants. Was Old him one hundred pence. Now hundred pence a kind of figured out. It came out to about twenty thousand dollars. Now you know twenty thousand dollars still pretty good some thirty think right now kind of think a little bit what would you do it twenty thousand dollars right. How many you would want twenty thousand dollars that we see and there. OK I want that I care. Now I know what you want what you want to do with the right. You want to support our ministry with a right way to save and giving a free man had his twenty thousand dollars and you want to. You see this guy and this guy saw it he saw that why owing money I owe him the king's money and he owes me twenty thousand dollars but not what happens with this guy did the borrower says here. Then the older one hundred pence one thousand Any laid hands on him and took him by though while. Throat same pay me that doll. Always It says here. And a servant fellow down at his feet and beside him plead with him. So he grabbed him by his throat. It's a please in the photo on his knees and said please have patience with me. And our pay you were on does that sound familiar. The very same thing here done today King is the very same thing that his fellow officer had done to him. It says here. And the in the Bible says and he would not. But went and cast them into the prison tell him he should pay the dead. Now I want you to notice that this officer physically abused his fellow officer. In other words it was because this officer didn't experience forgiveness and healing in his heart. He then became an abuser himself. You see even though it wasn't to this officer saw his king. As an abuser. Now was a king an abuser to the King expects something to be given back to him. No it was free. Given free. But in the mind of the officer. The he think that the king probably wanting him to return a favor. In his mind. Yes. Otherwise he wouldn't got on set out said I was going to return and pay you all you want to go now to get a twenty thousand and give that to the king to start his payment. So in a mine. He asked he thought that the king was an abuse and blow it. In the same way. Our understanding of how God treats us also determines whether we we were be an abuser or not if we believe that God is an abuser. Then we are abuse others. We believe that dog is not an abuser then we were not abuse others. See our picture of God affects us. As we learn this week that sin warps a picture of God. And people can't reconcile the God of the Old Testament but no matter what is said. The by was so says that God is Love what is event. And so we see the picture dog. And we need to know that dog is not an abuser what he say amen. God is like this story the king. He is a compassionate God He is a loving God He is a merciful God in this story he's a forgiving God. And when you see all of this goodness of God that goodness will bring a search true repentance. In our lives. I want you to also notice that the psycho abuse you see because this officer was abusing his own mind. He then became an abuser to his fellow officer. Another words in the same way. The abuse and essay experience healing always becomes abusers. You say never to be like your mom. Unless you experience heating unit treat your kid is exactly like your mom treated you. When it says a pass on to the third or fourth generation generations. Phone. Grandma to mom. The mom. To you then you to your children. The Bible doesn't lie when he see him in. God doesn't give these advice so we can read it all. Yeah that's that's nice though. God gives us these these principles the war in us that we need healing in our lives I need healing in my life. What about you what you see him in and the Holy Spirit comes and what it does it shows to us is light source me oh God and know my heart chime in know my thoughts to see there be any we can way with Amy right and leave me in the way of Alas you know as the Holy Spirit cons and reviews to us different since at different times. Praise God for justification what is event. But you know something else called sanctification going to hear him in a men another center because as the Holy Spirit comes into the dark chambers of your heart and opens a dark room of your heart and your life. If you will let him. And some people are know and met. They don't want the Holy Spirit did a want the Holy Spirit to go there because this too painful to go there in their life. But I want to become the to the dark recesses of your heart and open the dark room in the light shines in. And that is where the healing begins transparency opens up in the Holy Spirit will review to assure you this is an error in your life where you need to be here. Owed because your relationships are hurting because you have not been healed in this error. The anger that you showing toward your husband or your wife is approved a symptom a prove that there is a root cause down here. Than these a B.. When other way it says that those who put God first last and Bess. All the happiest people in the world. She meant that when you say men. And sometimes you got to think. Forget about the most happiness in a world. Public just being happy. How about cracking a smile once in awhile I say amen. And I know some of us can't crack their smile at this after DON'T HAVE BEEN THERE. Because the pain is is too much to bear. And that's why God wants us to bring that heating in your life what he say Mitt and the Holy Spirit comes in is searches your heart. And I know Laodiceans problem I know lives. Our problem my problem is that we are rich and increase we go to the need to nothing that I was. We don't need emotional healing in our church. Because we got it all we have the truth. We hold the horror Koza truth. We are the remnant church. What else do we need. We have all the knowledge we have everything that the all the other churches are there don't even understand. We have the Sabbath. We have a twenty three hundred day prophecy. We're live in a Day of Atonement. We have it all. We don't need anything. We are not rich it. We're not miserable. Were not poor. We're not blind We're not make his Those who don't understand. Present truth who need all these things but as for me and my house we are serving the Lord and why we not need healing anyway. And I think about Jews every time he went he you. You know it's all those people who are poor to he was out there he was heeding these people. And these are the people they needed the healing the. Those who are hungry. And it was a religious leaders in the church. Who are full of themselves who felt that in the like a fish that is sick who had NO NEED IT WAS physician. But beloved we are in need Jesus heating I needed how about you what is a man what happened next of verse thirty one to thirty five knows the Bible says here. Thirty one to thirty five. The Bible says. So when his fellow servant saw what was done there very sorry and came and told him to the Lord all that was done. And then his Lord after that he had called and said and him or the wicked servant. I forgave you all of that dead because you desires me. Should it not you also had compassion on your fellow servant and should you even as I had pity on you and his lord was angry rot that he delivery into the tormentors. The ship a all that was doing to him. So like why should my Heavenly Father do also and to you if you phone your hearts forgive. Not everyone his brother there. Trespassers. So what was a king ask you to do. His ass and to forget in order to says. Should he have forgiven him. Even WAS and IS THERE IT IS AGAIN. As I have forgive me in other words. The king was only asking. The servant to do. The officer to do only what he had first received himself when the king. If that's clear let me hear you say many men. That's how forgiveness works. Our educational system. Trained as a focus on the symptoms. And not dealing with the root cause of reasoning from cause effect. So we say stuck in a symptom we think. The man A Why can I forgive that person I have such a hard time. Maybe I need to this remind Bible more. That's my problem of how long the devotions. Or maybe I need to display harder and. And this and is plead regarding a trance My fear isn't. And its crime my teeth. War. But we're gonna want to do is God wants us to follow the Biblical principles. As he told us it is Word. And actually how forgiveness actually works. What is event and go back to the root cause they realize what a minute. I have the problem the reason why I can't forgive that's the type of the presentation. Why can't we forget. The reason why I can't forgive is not that I haven't tried hard enough or than not I want. Not because I I need to try more for a reason why I can't forget because there's something here. In my heart where I have not experience. To forget this in my own life and realize in my life first that I am grouchy risible poor blind in a care. And that's what God wants us to experience. I believe it was have to know that or the corporation again and says we are not forgiven because we forgave but as we forgive. The ground of all forgiveness is found in the unmerited love of God. But buyer attitude toward others we show whether we have made that love our own. So when we have received forgiveness we were able to forgive. When we have not we see forgiveness we are not able to forgive. So how do we know we see that forgiveness or not it is revealed in how we treat one another and that is all God is seen here. It is revealed in how you treat one another now the next question I guess is this. OK I understand what you're saying. And that's true but harder we see God's love and forgiveness is that good question right. OK so we understand we need that So how do I see God's love and forgiveness that's a very good question. You receive it by be holding in looking upon God's goodness. Especially as revealed on the cross of Calvary. Because if it's the goodness of God down here that leads us to repentance right to feel sorry for our sins and. And then ask God for forgiveness and then to receive the forgiveness that that's what we don't repeat that's what we printed it is if it's a good as a god at least is that right. So here we have. If I want to explain if I want to forget somebody. We tend to like no sense of peace in our teeth in pretty hard and we more right to God wants a deal with the root cause we go down the OK well. I need to actually experience God forgiveness right. But how the experience got forgiveness war we experience God's forgiveness of repentance because it is the goodness of God over here right. That leads us to this repentance and forgiveness right. That these are so be able to forgive others so we got to see the goodness of God So they go how do you see the goodness of God right. And that is clone clearly found at the cross. So we're going to do is read a look at the cross. Turning me please in your Bibles. To John Chapter nineteen verse six. John nineteen verse six when you buy was. What did religious leaders want to do with Jesus. John Chapter nineteen for six of our says. When a cheap priest therefore an officer saw him. They cried out saying. While. Crucify him. Crucify him. So what do they want to do to Jesus they wanted to either. Crucify him right. Kill him and specifically crucify him. Now the Romans we find crucifixion and use it to execute runaway slaves and the worst criminals. Crucifixion was the most painful and Shane for instrument of execution ever practiced by man. It would take about three to seven days to die on the cross Gang Green was said in from the. Rusty nails pierce through the hands and feet on the cross and the painter be so excruciating. As every joint of your body felt torn apart. Death. Ultimately will come by suffocation. You could not accept a exhale without raising your body up and we when you did this the pain was unbearable. In the shame of unique in there so you were exposed to the cold at night. And the heat that day. But what makes Christ's death. The supreme sacrifice of all over all many mortars have died even summit say even worse there see even Jesus Christ. I mean when mixed use that even different than even all these different mortars. And that's a good question right now. What was the reason why the Jews want to Jesus to die. Turn to John Chapter nineteen verse seven right there in the next one jot of the ninety percent in the Bible says here. The Jews answered him. Because pilots said I have no fault in him the Jews answered him. We have a law and by a law he ought to die. Because he made in the what. Son of God. OK so he made us of the SO was what law did they they say that Jesus brought that he deserved to die. The law what blasphemy would say is that a man making himself to be God right. So to say the. He's breaking the law. Blasphemy. So my next question is I guess. According to the law. Lots of blasphemy. What was the punishment. As a good question right. So let's see what the bar has the say Leviticus Chapter twenty four. Verse sixteen The video has Chapter twenty four. And I see what the law of blasphemies punishment was new. Leviticus twenty four verse sixteen zero The Bible says here. OK so he wanted Jesus. To be crucified. And he said he asked they asked him why this a because you know he's committed a lot plus we're going to see with the law blasphemy it was the penalty was it says he and he did a blast moment there's name of the Lord. He shall surely surely report to what that OK that makes sense right there asking that. But knows what is says here. And all the congregation shows certainly crucify as I would assess what they share. Or the say. Don't believe award I have to save a plea what the Bio Ware had to say what is a man. So old it was to be stone. So wait a minute here. The law required that. For breaking the law blast me it was for a Jesus to be stone. And the Jews knew that memory. I want time they said. Why do you stone me Jesus I write and say why are you know why do you still me so what we call that you've broken the law blasphemy right there going to stone him. So they knew what the law was right. So hid the law was a Jew suppose to be stone. But they wanted him to be crucified. So the next question is why would they want Jesus. To be crucified is that a good question. Right. So this go to Deuteronomy Chapter twenty one verse twenty two twenty three. And I see the reason why they want to Jesus. To be crucified rather than stone. Notice of the Bible says the Bible says. And if a man has committed a sin worthy of death. And he beat. And he be to be put to death and our hang him on a wide. Tree was another faith phrase forth tree in the Bible. The cross right. His body should not remain on night. Upon the tree. But the show in any wise bury him that day. He that is hanged. Right on a tree is wired. Curse by God. You see the Jews weren't so angry Jesus. They had a hated him so much. They were not content with this having Judas murdered. They didn't want Jesus would just die. They wanted G.D.'s to be cursed by God up out there on the cross of Calvary. That's what they wanted for Jesus because they hated him so much. See to the Jew when one was hung on a tree they couldn't offer up a prayer. To ask for forgiveness for all of the sins that the committee because they would be a curse of God. And this is what they wanted for Christ. They want him to be curse of God. Now what deposit about Jesus being hung on a tree twenty collation chapter three verse thirteen. Elation chapter three verse thirteen in the Bible knows the Bible says here. The least in chapter three verse thirteen. The barber says here. What a pause say about Jesus being hung on a tree the Bible says. Christ has redeem us from the curse of the law and others not fall into law as a verse ten. Because the curses everyone that continue not in all things which are rooted in a book of the law and verse ten. And the biases crisis we demons are saved us a bought us from the curse of the law. Being made a wide. Curse for our US. For is written. Curse is everyone that hangs on a wide tree. Paul knew that the Jews to Haiti Jesus. And they were content were just being stone and dying. They wanted Jesus to be curse. By the father by God Himself. To tape the curse of God mean that you could not pray for forgiveness there was no hope for you. It was eternal separation from God completely. They have wanted this evil curse. And the very evil curse they had they had wanted to come upon Jesus was a very means by which they could be saved. What a wonderful God What you see him in. Is a very means that they were to be say no there's a difference between two deaths. What also happened on the cross. Turned to Matthew Chapter ten verse twenty eight. There are two types of deaths. And then see the difference between the two different types of death in the Bible Matthew Chapter ten. Verse twenty eight. Knows the Bible says here. Or the different way to two different types of deaths in the Bible the Bible says here. And fear not them would scare Oh the body. But are not able to kill of the soul. But rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and one body in hell. So you have two types of deaths where you have the body death which is what the is that. I get a first death right the biases that Revelation twenty. Right. So the first that is here on this earth. Right. And then the second that one of the second that happened after the wide thousand years the Millennium right the thousand years and that's when a second that died. So the first that is just the death of the body. But the second that is death of the body and the saw all was eternal separation for ever. Now Michael next question is has anyone ever die. The first death. Ha. OK Lots of people write. Has anyone ever die. The second death has a good question right there good question. As I went to the second that. Good question. Turned to Matthew twenty six verse thirty eight. This is Jesus speaking he said this. Then said he wanted them. My body is exceedingly sorrow. Even unto death. And I got I get so many that I would assess what the say. My soul. My saw is exceeding So even unto death in a garden to say many Jews began to experience not just the first death of the body being a story. But it began to experience the eternal separation of from the father in the second death. And again my question is that as anyone died. The second there. Began to taste death. The soul death of the second death for humanity. Begin in the gonna get so many. Now what did Jesus cry on the cross Matthew twenty seven verse forty six. Matthew twenty seven verse forty six No Does the Bible says here. The Bible says here vote forty six. Jews upon the cross. The sin was green place upon him and he said isn't about the nine thousand you describe it a loud voice saying. Eli Eli lama sabachthani. That is the say My God my God why his DA was forsaken me. Abandon me. Separate yourself from me so Geezer the cross felt separated from his father. Now a second career this five twenty one says that Christ was to be made wide. Seen for what. US right. So on the cross all the sins of the world was placed upon Christ. As it was there hanging on the cross and also night is there Chapter fifty of nine verse to says. Your sins I would. What has it done. Separating yourself from whom God. So on the cross. Jews on the cross and the sins of the world of place upon the cross on to on to Jesus and because of that the sins was so heavy upon him that it actually separate in Solve for me is Father that Jesus himself felt that separation. And in be that cry out they said Oh father. Where are you. Why have you. Separating yourself from me. Was a cry Oh Jesus. My God my God why. Because you hand out here. Storage eaters page one of four. Is safe here the third time in the garden. You're seventy. It says you're a horror Great Darkness overcame him. He had lost the presence of his was father. It goes on in the Xobni just seven fifty three. The holy angels were beside the cross. The father was with his son. Yet his presence was not was revealed. It goes on and in that dreadful hour Christ was not to be comforted. With the Father's presence. Before it gets Salman E.G. Does had said in John sixteen thirty two that I am never alone. Right member that. My father is with me. And I were my father and my I love my father. We have always been together. We had never been separated from eternity ages past we love each other we always want to. We always want to be together and. And then they came to his word as a baby but it was a so short time and I got to recognize my father again and I love and I want to spend time with him. And as we spend time together. I got to normal love and I gave him all my heart again. As a child and I recognize. At the age of thirteen my role in being sacrificed for the world I still want to go forward with it. And he loved his father. But now on the cross Jesus was now questioning. God is the why he was being abandoned by him. You see the temptation in Jesus' mind was that his father have for ever left him that his father no longer loved him anymore. Why had he left them all of their own. What had gone wrong with the plan. Father were you. Why do you abandon me. You know the very sad feeling to dialogue to be breathing a last breath and knowing that no one is actually there with you is a very sad feeling adder and one of the churches where Pastor in a town. There was a man who was dead and is found it was the next same town the man who was dead. For one whole week before yours found. Key magine falling down in this. Knowing that this is your last breaths. And I just breathing it like there's no one there. And dying all alone. No one to comfort or sympathize with you. And there was Jeezy for out. The for anyone who could understand that he actually who who loved them and could sympathize and. He loved the presence of his father and his lawyer first father like. I love my father. He loves me. And we want to spend time together. And here's my faith and my father No I can't even feel him. And there's the beloved me what happened Father where are you why do you separate yourself from me was the cry that Jesus was crying. You know was not like us today. We thought we're going to be resurrected. We know we're going to be resurrected. But look at Geno's what Jesus says inside the spirit was a says about Jesus' side you hand out. And these are wages paid seventy five fifty three. It says the Savior could not see through the porters of the tune. And then the words he didn't see himself to be resurrected hope to not present to him him coming forth from the grave a conqueror or to tell of the father's a certain of the sacrifice. He feared that sin was so offensive to God his Father that the separation was to be one eternal. When Jesus there are on the Cross not only for separated by the by faith his his faith was at that time faltering. And it is he was questioning he didn't hit enough. Feel the presence of his father. And he actually that is see hope are coming through the true me to think that he was going to resurrect In other words. He believed that the separation was going to be turned on and guess what. Even though he believed he was never going to see is father again. He still chose to die for you and me so that you could be with his father whether God When you say men. That's how much Jesus loves you. Does someone Jesus would give his life for you can imagine him on the cross when he said goodbye father. Goodbye goodbye universe. Goodbye humanity. I love you. I'm going to miss being with you. I don't want to be separated from my father the one I love for We've never been separated. He loves me and I love him. But if this is the only way for humanity to be saved then so be it. I would rather die and not exists. So that you would be saved or the God amen. If I couldn't live a day in my father's love all the while knowing that you would be lost in other words. At the cross to the show to you and me that he loves you more than he loves and self. And was in the midst of this conflict in thoughts the Jesus cried out My God my God why have you forsaken me. But we know the last cry of Jesus was into your hands I commend my spirit. Jesus faith falter but it enough air what is it men. Regardless of his feelings he went by faith in the Word of God that God's plan was the bands and believe it God's plan is the best for you what is event. You may be going to child and suffering at this time or pain or hurt. But you have to pull even the word of God that God's plan for you is the best. Because he does. Does love you and don't look at the child in a suffering in a pain that you seeing with your eyes and your senses. We must look by faith into his word for fake coming by hearing and hearing by the Word of God What is a men and believe the love he has for you and that will get you that love will get you through whatever trial. That you may go through what came out of G. decide. When he was pierced with the spirit turn to John chapter one thousand or thirty four. John nineteen birth. Thirty four in your Bibles the Bible says here but one of the soldiers with a spear pierces side and four with King came there out. What blood and what. Water. Blood a water came other Jesus. It has been said that blood in water came other Jesus because of the collapse of the ruptured heart cavity resulting in a separation of the watery serum. From the clotted blood in the Parrikar and that's what they say. And other words Jesus died of a broken arm. There's actually a term for this called cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome. Those are the says in his eye of a disservice seventy two. It was not the Spirit through us. It was not the pain of the Cross that caused the death of Jesus that cry others with a loud voice. At the moment of death. The stream of blood and walk through that flow from inside the Kurds that he Jesus died of a broken heart. He died of a broken heart. His heart was hurt because he lost the presence of his father. That's what he did for you and me on the cross. Eternal separation. Song of Solomon eight six says that love is as strong as death. And other words the love between a father's heart and a son's heart was so strong that when the love was severed by our sins my sin. And your son. Since we murder gotten across eliminative broke the heart of God and killed him. God is love. Thus he was separated from God which is love. He was separated from love. And his heart was broken. That separation of love was separate IN THERE IS A similar to a parable. Now what if in this story. They're going to share with you what if there was a disease going on all around you know in Hawaii right now we have dengue fever going on to try to contain in us. Some people brought it in and is going to be contained. But one of there was a disease going around in you know it came from down in Asia. And then it went to Hawaii. And then they went to California and now is here in Louisville Kentucky and is what we now the whole cities and. And people it is dying in by the thousands and. And they're looking for a cure. Here in America and United States of America. And finally a notice goes out that they found a cure for is this red for diseases like the worst these either ever have has existed here in the United States and they funny found a cure and everyone's excited. But it's a but we need some blood we need some absolute some medium work can it make it grow really quickly and so we need some some blood to make it to grow and saw the notice goes out through all the United States and through that the T.V. in a new they say what we need to do is everyone is a Go down to all the hospitals and go to the hospitals and when you there. They're going to test your blood take your labs. And they want a spine if you the right match. SAVE THE WORLD. And saw a you go down to the local hospital where were you from. And you go there and you go with your son then you're sending a line it took a while or several hours and finally get to go inside and they tell you the after they draw your blood you have to wait an hour to make sure that you or your match or not then we're around so you draw your blood. And you wait around and finally an hour passes it all like a good well with time to go and you walking out the door as soon as you just about out that don't you open a door or walk out there cons the doctor. And then start screaming. We have a match. We have a match. And the whole room in this erupts in excitement. There's a mass. There's a match. And so when there's that match you there are exciting You're excited. And then finally they call Then they go and proceed to call the name of your son and they want a rose with joy again it. We have a match in this. Again and you're so excited because now though you did have a math that the words could be say but you could have a part to play but your son is the party see the world. And you saw excited that he's going to save the world. So you go into the side room with the doctor and. This time as you meet with the dot the it doesn't look too happy anymore. And this time he hands you a form to be sign for the United States government. And you start looking in reading you ready to sign you know support that says that they need the blood. But it doesn't say how much blood. So yes the doctor was how most large do you need when you need for my son. And then the doctor says we will need all of it. We we need all of it. And then you heard a new take your son our sunny you call the proceeded tell your son what happened in the city need your blood they need all of your blood son and it's up to you you can choose you don't have to give a boy your blood. You don't have to you can choose to leave and you can live. But you can choose also to give it is up to you son. Finding your little boy says you. But daddy. If I get my blood them in them it would mean that you would live. And the only you daddy with that would mean that mommy will live. And now and that but that would also mean that baby and he would live also that I want to give my blood. For the world to live. And so they quickly put him on a gurney and it will mean you fall into the room and they hook them all up in a saw draining is blood slowly and slowly. And then the last moment says as life almost passes away from him. Is in and out if one is almost passed away forever. He cries out to you that the dandy. Why have you separated somewhere are you where are you. And in tears you cry to your son. Our never leave you know for sake you. Beloved as to love God has for you when you see him and he loves you so much about says those who are forgiven much. Love much. And when you we see how much you are forgiven on the cross. You will love once what he says a man. And when you experience and how much God loves you in an experience that forgive this you going to love much. And when you had the experience of the cross and in your heart you really experience a. You would then go out and you going to give to others what you have receive in when people hurt you. What you can do is going to remember the cross where people put you down what you do is you going to remember the cross. When people lie to you own your girlfriend cheats on you or your husband. Abuses are you going to member this. Jesus love you for gave you an across a love where we can love in your heart. For those it hurt you. And by the love of God you will forgive what a wonderful God what He says men. The Son of God suffer the pain of believing that his father had abandoned him on the cross. He suffered the agony that he would never see is father ever again. A father who we love so much. And all this for people who are murdering him with their sins. Dog The father also suffered on the cross. He to struggle with given up his one and only son whom we love. How could he give over his son especially for World. That did not love him. And as you meditate upon his love and forgiveness. The love awakens within us and we would then want to go out and love and forgive others. As we have beloved forgiven. I want to say love how about you what I say met. I want that in my heart. I challenge you read a desire Vedas. Read the charges from get seventy two Calvary. And let the love of God. Change my heart and your heart. We want that we make a commitment to God to raise your hand this afternoon. Amen. I enjoy being with you has been a blessing. And I was a last night were going to have a booth I would love to meet you come by and with us and why we call it talks story. And we get the hang out saw bless you guys. Let's pray Father thank You for the love we have force incredible love. May we experience it every day in every moment of our lives that we may love and forgive others. Is up rangy just this message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference cold. Chosen. They for Kentucky. If you want to see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered. And so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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