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  • December 31, 2015
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from cold. Chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org. Heavenly Father thank You Lord for the people in this room for the men and women who are here and I asked Lord that you would use me however you see fit. Lord who once again I hide myself behind a cross because that's the only safe place for me. And that's the only safe place for them so Lord. Speak to us share with us Lord the things that you want to talk to us about transgenderism. Give us more insight I pray in Jesus name Amen. I want to let you know if you have your pan right this phone number down. We're going to have a powerful Q. and A session on Sabbath afternoon. We invite you to come last year we had Wayne said over twelve hundred people in the Q. and A. So we're only going to address the questions that you submit. And so if you're just right this phone number down that you can text your questions to we'll have complete anonymity. I think I said the right way. Right. And so here's the number six zero five seven eight six eight two zero six Let me give it to you again. Six zero five seven eight six eight two zero six. Carson is working on getting us some video feed our discussion today is about transgender versus transformation. And so I want to talk about how in the media we're being constantly bombarded by transgender issues we know of course the most popular one the most famous one is is Bruce Jenner of course in the transformation that he made as a woman as what he says is a woman so I want to talk about what are the miss about that what are the facts about transgenderism. One of the things that happened for me at a very early ages. I didn't realize that I had gotten derailed even before I was conscious. If you heard my testimony before I was even conscious I had already rejected my father as my male role model. What happens every little boy and girl they're born with wet cement. They don't know that they're male or female. And so what happens is little boys between the ages of about one and three they start to realize that they're they're different than mommy. And if there's a healthy male in the home. Doesn't have to be a father but it helps. So way God designed it if the father is there and he's healthy then the little boy has to make this transition from the father I mean the mother to the Father. And what happens is then the cement starts to take hold it starts to harden in masculinity that's why little boys like to wear baseball caps and cowboy boots. Like their dad. All of this is healthy masculine affirmation. So between the ages of one and three for me my father was in the Navy he was very macho he was a tie and he was good looking guy and so if you began in the Navy sometimes three to six months at a time. He was providing for his family. But what happened is during that time. When I needed to identify with masculinity he wasn't available. I was raised by single mother and three sisters. There were no other uncles or men in the family that I could relate to and so. Because of the fact that my father wasn't available to me I identified more with my mother. But then when my father was home. He was abusive. He was virtually abusive and so as I started to make this transition to realize that I was like my mother. I looked at my father and I thought to myself in an unconscious child's mind I said. If that's what I'm supposed to become. No thank you I rejected my father's masculinity completely this was manifested to me when I was ten years old. I remember when my father took us to the lake to tell us that he was getting a divorce. Father been having an affair with a backslidden Seventh Day Adventists waitress that worked in a restaurant. Yes that's how the Adventist message came in my home. So all my sisters and I are sitting in the car my dad said that my mom and him were getting a divorce. My sister state started sobbing and screaming No Daddy no don't go. And I remember the first thought in my mind was good. You're outta here. This to me is a confirmation that I had already rejected my father. Even before I was conscious. How does a little boy fix that. I don't know how to fix it. I couldn't even identify what was wrong all I knew was that the thoughts inside my mind did not match my body. I played with dolls I dressed up in my mom and my sister's clothes. I remember watching my sisters get those pretty red shoes in those nice little purses in the frilly dresses and I remember. Secretly desiring that I could have that. I remember going to the store and getting my brown loafers or my black school shoes and going to school and I remember fantasizing that. That if God was really loving that he would recognize that he made a mistake and that. I would pray at night. And pray that I would be a little girl when I woke up the next morning. So can you imagine that following somebody for twenty years. For twenty years. They have laws now that actually say that if your child. If your seven year old child realizes that there are a little girl trapped in a boy's body. Did you know that the state can step in and give that little boy hormones to retard the puberty process so that that child can have the sex change that they desire. If that happened in the sixty's I would have been first in line. But what happened for me is I realized when I turned twenty years old I came out in a gay culture. I realized for the first time in my life what I really wanted what I really needed was the affirmation of men. When I went to school the boys started to see my feminine mannerisms and first in second grade they started to call me Sissy queer fag. Bible says that our words have the power of life and death. And they were pronouncing a judgment on me. I didn't have attraction to the same sex but I knew that I was different than the other boys. The one thing that I was desperate for was male affirmation. But that's the thing that became the most elusive for me. When puberty comes the sex that is the mystery becomes the attraction. And so for me. When puberty came the sex it was a mystery was not female. It was my own. So this became my attraction I did. Again. It was spiraling even deeper I didn't know how to fix it or change it. I prayed that God would make me straight but I was praying for the wrong thing. What I needed to be praying was that I would have the intimacy of Jesus Christ and have his blood working in my behalf. I didn't know how to fix this. I still know that God was sincere and was guiding me and watching me. But by the time I was twenty years old when I came out into gay culture because I felt like the church had no answers. One of the things that I realize is masculinity was much more valuable than femininity. And if I butchered up a little bit and if I'd work out in the gym. I got all the attention from men that I ever wanted and I finally for the first time in my life at twenty years old I was finally satisfied with being a male. Can you imagine the damage it would have been done if I was that little boy that had a sex change when I was twelve or thirteen years old. He magine the confusion that that would have caused me because remember a man judges the outside. But God judges the heart. God knew that this was a heart issue for me and that had to be addressed. And while it took forty years even even though I'm fifty five years old I still find some of the struggles that were apparent when I was young. They still come up but the one thing that I recognize is that God took responsibility for the damage to happen to me. Even before I was conscious and while I didn't ask for this thing. And I didn't want this thing the one thing that I recognize is what I thought was my greatest curse is now my greatest blessing because it showed me the power and the magnitude of God. And so when we accept homosexuality as God's blessing to men and women what we're saying is that Jesus just isn't strong enough to change or to help you. That's straight from the Satan. Because Jesus is powerful Jesus is the one that addresses the pain. He didn't just smooth it over and just give me heterosexual desire because he knew my problem was much deeper than that and what he did is he went deeper. And he started to address the rejection from my father and the kids in school and all the lovers that I took in my sexual addiction for twenty years. And while it's been a process and when it be nice if God just took a magic wand and said. Now you're straight right. Go date mate procreate but that wasn't what I needed what I needed as I needed a loving God who is going to be faithful to me far more faithful to me than I was to him. And as he led me out he started to show me that he had something beyond anything that I could ever imagine. There was even possible for me how we doing with this how. So I have some really incredible pictures maybe. Maybe it's not necessary for you to see them. So we have been in our in our media today one of the first transgender people that I remember was Chastity Bono does anyone know of her. Him. Chastity Bono now had a sex change or became Chaz. All right share a very popular. You know musician a singer I remember growing up with her. And it was her daughter that was born they would actually have this little cute blonde pigtail girl in their videos. And so now as she's grown up she realized that she was this man trapped in a girl's body. She went through the extensive surgery she had her breast removed. She had her privates. Altered and mutilated to resemble more of what male anatomy is. And she's been on strong very strong hormones. And she's going to have to take these for the rest of the life her life. So what that's done is that now has impaired her how she's mutilated her body to appear more masculine. But the sad reality is her D.N.A. still is female. You can mutilate the body but it doesn't change your D.N.A.. They've done extensive studies on the brains of transsexuals and also. Men and women that have had a sexual attraction and and. I'm sorry and have normal. Gender identities. And what they found is that no matter what they did to the body physically. That it didn't change the mind that the mind was still wired to be either male or female got in his word he said. I made the male and female he was very specific as a matter fact God even said it's an abomination for men to wear women's clothes and women to wear men's clothes and why. Because he said that the distinction was necessary. Not only was it necessary as he said it was a blessing. And for somebody like me who struggle with my own identity. It was not a blessing to me to struggle with feeling like I was a woman or a female trapped in a male body. But that God's word I believe now is true. And then as I learned to surrender my fots my feelings my history my attractions. As I started to empty myself in the Lord was able to finally start filling me with the good things. And I want to talk about that and share some quotes with you. This is a really great picture. There we were in Austria last year and it was a made his hangout was actually blown away. Listen. I wasn't gay bars for twenty years. I saw men dressed as women and women dressed as men and so there was really nothing you could shock me with. But when we went to Austria just in March. All of a sudden they were showing us the European Union has this. Has this contest right song of the year they call it. And so this. This person that won the contest his name is Conchita Wurst. And it's a guy that dresses as a woman. And he's very beautiful and he looks very feminine. Except he's got this really strong. Chiseled beard. So here you see this bearded woman in this beautiful sequined down with this long flowing hair. And she actually won this. This European contest and like really really. And they were so proud of her Anyway I had some really funny pictures of are not funny but that's just a reality. You know what we have is us now the situation in the media we have a woman Amy Vonn Bush bomb. I don't know if you've heard of or an Olympian an Olympian and she actually was stripped of her medal because she was on steroids. It's a matter fact she went on to become a male. She had the surgery. To alter her gender. I was walking through the airport in Chicago and. They have this. There's a very famous. Cosmetic company called MAC and Macy they have a huge huge billboard in the airport and it actually showed pictures of men wearing the make up dressed in in drag. What that did for me as a started to show me the. The infiltration of this gender blending in our society. One of the things that you know that Satan represents himself is male and female. He represents himself as a dragon is as matter of fact many pagan gods are represented as in draw genus. So it doesn't make sense that the enemy. At the end of time is going to represent himself as blurring the lines of male and female of the distinction and I believe. I believe that everything that Satan does is to counter the good things that God has given to us is also another woman that Alex so does make up tips on You Tube and. I had a picture of this cute little boy about three years old with blond hair. And now it shows his transformation as this beautiful looking woman. That actually gives makeup tips on the Internet. There's another guy he actually cross dresses it works so one day he shows up as a female. And then one day he'll show up as a man. And he says as he says but there is real value in allowing employees to bring their authentic selves to work. Whether they be gender variant gay women seek or simply eccentric. Companies are beginning to understand such openness increases employee engagement. Discretionary effort and productivity while developing an inclusive culture within the workplace that benefits retention and recruitment. So this guy's saying is like All right well we we prescribe to the dress code that's been provided so if you show up as a woman. You have to go by the dress code for the women. And if you decide to show up at work as a male you have to honor the dress code for men. And so the new. You know how you have Mr Miss Ms. So now the new definition for someone trans is an X. mix. Accents right. Wisconsin high school. To unveil gender neutral homecoming court. Here we have I've seen a situation that I thought that was just one but now there's several several homecoming courts where they actually have trans gendered people competing for the title of homecoming queen now. I can play the video or the sound for this. I don't know Carson are you still here. OK all there you are all right. How much longer. Any idea. You're waiting on a part to come. OK All right. There's another situation that happened recently. Over one hundred fifty students walk out of high school to protest. Transgender teen using girls' locker room did anyone hear about that just happened a couple weeks ago. Here it is the government stepped in and said that if you have a transgender in your school. That they have the right. Even if they have male genitalia they have a right to use the girls' locker room to shower and to change with all the other girls. Because they identify inside as female. Can you imagine the damage that we're allowing. What if somebody that's a perpetrator. Comes in pretending to be transgendered imagine the situation right and so one hundred fifty students walked out of this high school. But the government is still standing by this law and insisting that even though the high school provided a gender neutral bathroom for this person to use that the government is insisting on no no no you let this person go into the girls' locker room with all the other girls and shower and change. You see the confusion that's happening in the world. There's another there's a reality show about a young woman or a man that actually had a sex change so that he's got his own reality show. And see what his name is jazz. Jazzing it up as a You Tube star. There's also another person who actually became the number one top model on. Tyra Banks Show. Right. Next supermodel or something. Another transgender person. We have a situation of a young girl. Would change your name to Jamie and I actually have a video clip showing the transformation. As she started to take not only these expensive. But physically altering hormones to change her physical identity. What's amazing to me. Is that these transformations are so convincing that I had no idea just how convincing that they were. And when you see these images. It's so confusing to think that that was actually a female or male. As a matter of fact I got a phone call. Probably about a year and a half ago a mother called me and she said I'm really concerned for for my daughter. And I said OK and she said Well my daughter had a sex change. And my daughter was in her mid twenty's she'd. She'd already had a child the child. Still calls her daddy. Because that's how you know this child knew him her. And so she said I was finally convinced that that my son needed to be a daughter so I pay for her sex change. And she said and even though she has this child it calls her daddy. She said I'm really concerned for her salvation because she's still attracted to women. I don't know. Did you get that. And so when I thought about that I wasn't really sure how to respond to and I thought wait a minute. You can change your D.N.A. It's still male. And so the attraction there was nothing wrong with the attraction. What was wrong with some things far deeper and that was inside the head thinking that they needed to express themselves as this female. Other than the body that they had as a male. So do you see the confusion that it causes. Another woman called me and she was working at a prison. Her husband had left her she had four or five kids. She. There was a guard that worked there that. That she was talking to and he was. They came together they had a date next thing you know she found herself in bed with them. And the next morning she woke up and realized. Well. After he confessed that he was actually female. And she said how could I have had sex with somebody that. I thought was male and it was a female and now she she says Am I gay because I had sex with this person that I thought was a male that turned out to be a female. And remember if you heard our meetings last year we were talking about the superglue of what premarital sex does right. It bond you to that person in emotional physical and spiritual ways. And so here she was bonded she had attraction for this person. But the confusion came as a Seventh Day Adventists Christian because she compromised not only the standard but now she found herself attracted to a woman that she thought was a man. Wow. Things are getting pretty messed up on that. And so for me growing up I wanted to talk a little bit about the fact that there were no males around. As I was growing up as a matter fact my grandmother was still having children while my mom was having children. So I've got a picture of seven of us kids. I'm the only male stuck right in the middle I've got a sister older than me and to answer old and then I've got an aunt younger than me and two sisters younger than me. And here you see this picture of this poor boy stuck in the middle. With all these girls it was almost like I had no choice. So I have pictures of the process you can actually see you know. I was really into my hair maybe that's why God took it because I was so into my hair of this beautiful wavy hair. And so I had some pictures to show you of some of the feminization of what I'd gone through some of the mannerisms that I developed in my in my gender identity. I also wanted to mention that there is no formula for why someone is transgendered. You can't just say well if they had this and if they did this in this in this in this the transgender. And I think that that's one of the things that we look for is administrations. How did this thing happen and I think that that's a genuine. A genuine question and again I want to remind you keep your questions and text them. So that we can put them together and answer them for you on Sabbath. But one of the things that happened for me didn't happen for Wayne Wayne Blakeley also had gender dysphoria. Because he had been rejected by his birth mother. She broke his arm twice in two places on two separate occasions before he was two years old can you imagine that kind of rejection. And so here's a little boy who was told by his mother you're no good as a boy you should have been a girl. So here you take this two year old that's removed from the home and office and he's placed into another home and imagine this little kid running around the house saying. I'm no good as a boy it should have been a girl. Even though the damage was given to him by a female. Already had been set in motion in this little boy's mind that he had to be female to be worthy or to be accepted or to be loved. So you can start to see that there is no formula for why some people have same sex attraction and so try not to pigeonhole anybody that you find in a situation like that and look but we are going to address how you can reach them how she can relate to them. And how you can show them something beyond anything that they've experienced and the limitations. God didn't leave me or discard me and Isaiah forty two sixteen is says. And I will bring the blind by a way that they don't know. I will lead them in paths that they have not known I will make darkness. Light before them and crooked things straight these things will I do to them and not for sake them or I and I find that purpose. Forty seven years old and for the first time in my life. I actually had an attraction for the opposite sex and I said Lord what was in that. And the Lord told me that that was the process of learning to surrender. My cultivated and hereditary tendencies. Oh yeah shut down and then started up. OK. When could you do some interpretive dance while I do this. Ha. Listen I saw him do Britney Spears once it wasn't pretty. So let me go with the story. Now that you have that image in your mind. What was amazing as I was blow drying this lady's hair in my basement where my salon is. And the Lord given me. You know he had given me victory over pornography given me victory over my same sex attraction. Even though I still struggle with same sex attraction at times I recognize that when I feel emasculated when I feel like I'm not man enough when I feel put down by other people. What happens is same sex attraction is pretty strong for me at that time. But what I've learned in this process of admitting in submitting to God. As I can go to God and I say. Jesus Will you remind me again. That I'm your man. And that I'm not defined by your definition of me I'm defined by his definition of me. And he said he may be male for a reason and a purpose. And what's amazing is when I claim that the same sex attraction goes and instead what I get is this peace in this abiding presence from the Lord. And a sustains me. When I really have to wing it. And so as we go on to have a couple of videos to show you about the transformation of these people. But I don't want to leave it there because I wouldn't be enough for me if you just showed me the transformation of what. How people mutilate their body through these extensive surgeries. Did you know that there's now a classification a new classification of people out there that actually mutilate their bodies because they don't feel worthy of having two arms and two legs. I can't remember the name of the disorder but it's actually. There are people that believe that they shouldn't be able to walk and so they have the legs amputated. There are people that don't believe that they should be able to write with the right arm and so the have the right hand amputated. And they're actually doctors that are willing to help them with this disorder. And there's a psychiatric community that's saying that they should be honored and accepted for for this right to remove these body parts and make them. You know helpless cripples. But I see the connection between the transgender community. Because we're taking perfectly normal healthy and beautiful body parts and we're. For a male to have a sex change you have to take his male genitalia and split it and invert it and make it. Some kind of this thing that actually resembles female anatomy. It's a matter fact we met a young man that was actually in Austria. That had a sex change. And you know what I thought that I had it OK I thought you know what I've been through this before I'm OK. And so as I met this person I I remember being moved with this. Inadequate feeling like I don't know how to relate to this guy he was telling me about his extensive surgery had a wife and three kids they left him. Here's this man that's about six foot five. With very masculine features. And he's wearing a dress and he's got his hair wrapped up in a scarf. He's got bombs. Where's chest would be but he looks like a guy in a dress. And he's talking about how the surgery left him so scarred. That can't even look at himself in a mirror. And I'm thinking to myself. You know for me I was thinking that changing my gender would have been a freedom for me but I'm seeing from this man by his own testimony that for him he was in a private purgatory. Because now he's not male or female. Now we stuck in this. This miserable example of what is representative of being female for him and it's not satisfying to me they're struggling with suicidal thoughts struggling with helplessness and hopelessness struggling with anger from a church community that doesn't know how to deal with him. And the fact that his wife and kids still go to the same church. And I want to talk about that too. How do we open up the doors of our church to people to struggle with transgenderism. I know that there are churches that are accepting membership of people that are transgendered. How is it that we treat them in church how do we bring in gay couples that bring in children in our Sabbath schools. How do we minister the to them and love them. But yet create an environment of safety and healing. Because safety isn't enough isn't. I was speaking at a university I was on a panel talking about how this university can relate to the homosexuals on the campus. And what was interesting is one of the guys gave me a new perspective he said he said I don't like this idea of creating a safe place on campus. He said because what that means is if we create a safe place on campus. That implies that the rest of the campus is unsafe to follow me. And so. That was when I realized what the true answer is is Truth is really a safe place isn't it. And so it's not just enough to love individuals but we have to provide them the truth. So that everywhere on the campus can be safe and listen. We as Christians have a long way to go. Because you have been guilty of judging. You have been guilty of some of the name calling because I know that Wayne even grew up with with being teased and derided even in an admin a school or even by the Bible teacher. OK All right. OK well no videos today. And I'll be animated enough for you. So we as a church community to create a safe place. Not only do we have to provide love but we also have to provide truth right. And so private providing truth. Listen that pends do you think that it pinch me when I came into church culture. With a boyfriend and a sexual addiction you think that came with conviction when I started to read the Bible that my behavior was an abomination to God. Now listen the Bible says that the behavior is abomination. Not the person. And so one of the things that I heard in church culture was that I was an abomination. And that there was no hope for me but nobody was telling me about first Corinthians Chapter six in verse eleven that it says Such were some of you which right there says that there's hope. It says there's change and change is possible so what right do we have to tell fellow Christians that I don't know that's the way God made you and you're just stuck there and that's the way it's going to be. So in Europe in the European Union they they're a little bit more progressive sometimes and we as Americans but trust me it's coming this way too. When we were there in Germany we found that there is this website and the guy that's in charge of the European Union's education system. He's come up with up with a new program for sex education. And this is what he likes to do. He's saying that from zero to four. He wants to teach children how to masturbate lustfully. He wants to take zero to four year olds and put them in a room and the teacher must excuse herself or himself. So that the children can explore lustful masturbation on their own without any judgment. It gets better. So from the years from four to six. He wants to teach them how to engage in homosexual practice because you may not know that you're homosexual. But if the teacher will leave the room and allow the boys to be with the boys in the girls to be with the girls. They may be able to discover whether they're gay or not and that's you know save them from the damage of what I had to go through with my gender confusion. So from the years of six to nine. They want to teach him contraception. And from the years of nine to twelve they want to teach him about gender orientation. So that if you're between those ages that you can be put on the hormones. To retard the puberty process so that you can have a sex change that you've already desired. And from the years between twelve and fifteen they want to help educate you and sexual practice. Such as sandwiches sadomasochism. And that's the educational system. And it's coming this way. There are already people talking about implementing that in our school society there was a brother who is interpreter for us in Germany his wife was six months pregnant and I looked at him and I said. What are you going to do in three years. Because in Germany. At three years old you have to by law. Bring your kids to school. They have to by law. You cannot homeschool your kids in Germany it's against the law. And I asked him I said what he going to do in three years. And he said Well I hope to Jesus comes before that thing a brother you need another plan. There is a woman who had a sex change her name her name. Then became Nathan fair hest. I think is German or Austrian in the case of Belgians. Nathan born Nancy. She was allowed to die by lethal injections on the grounds of unbearable psychological suffering. As reported in the Belgian news. Nancy said after the surgery I was ready to celebrate my new birth but when I looked in the mirror I was disgusted with myself. And because of the surgery that she had had she was so disgusted with herself that and she insisted on having a lethal injection which is legal in Belgium. And she died. A transgender study at the exceptionally high suicide rate. A whopping forty one percent of people who are transgender or gender nonconforming have attempted suicide. Sometime in the lives nearly nine times the national average. According to a sweeping survey released three years ago. In a new study released on Tuesday researchers dug deeper into the number. Analyzing the results of the National transgender discrimination survey. To examine what puts transgender people at such exceptionally high risk. There's a man that was actually riding his motorcycle he was stung by a bumble bee. And it started to change his X. an X. Y. chromosomes can imagine that anyone know how that happens. But eventually he confessed to his wife that he wanted to have a sex change. So his name is Chloe Prince now he had a sex change. They have two children together. And so Chloe now is living as a woman and and Chloe's wife said. As long as you don't have the sex change surgery. I would still be willing to. You know engage in a in a physical relationship. As a marriage right she loved this person. She accepted that this person needed this change Chloe had the sex change and. And so anyway now they're raising two boys that have two mommies right. So not only is there damage in the relationship between this this husband wife this now wife and wife. But he did indeed have the sex change that he needed to have for himself and his wife said that said no more physical relationship. I I can't do this anymore. So they still live together. They're still raising their two boys. What I find really interesting is one of the boys said this. Chloe was hurt when on Mother's Day. Logan her son brought a photo from school that was taken without or. Although Renee reassured her the other woman that was the wife. That it was not intentional and the giving of Mother days cards confused also causes confusion with Chloe's sons. When the boys didn't know which one they should give the card to the boy said I just bring it home for both of you guys because I don't know which one to give it to Logan said. So can you imagine the damage is going on all praise the Lord. Somebody's praying out there. Thank you Wayne. OK. He help me. Can you come on up. So I did as I restarted it. Sure I'm a hairdresser. That makes perfect sense. So I think that the way it goes for things the other way. How we got it. You can leave it right there. Yeah. OK. Ha. That's OK. So right here this is Chloe after sex change these are the children that are confused by the parents. His father's age drench into his I'm perfect. So what about transgendered parents. This has been a wife here this is actually a person that used to be a female that's now living as a male. And this is a person that used to be a male that's living as a female. When you were a child you're about this after the entire universe and get some more volume or is experiencing. Just this week or one all the way. And two little boys in Kentucky. Are part of this expanding world. Their transgender parents have endured more than most to find each other and to bring them into the world. A mom and dad who haven't told their neighbors they weren't born this way. Haven't told them that is until tonight on the surface the vows years may look like an ordinary family. To have to make. There's mom Bianca each thirty two. Dad. He's twenty seven. And they're too rambunctious toddlers high aged three and packs. Seventeen months. A gracious but in their wildest dreams. Parents never imagined that they would get to enjoy this kind of ordinary. Because behind her long black hair and feminine figure. Bianca was born a boy named Jason. And despite his prop hair and the whisper of a mustache. Was born a girl named cold. So what about church for a family like this. What if they came into your church. And I can already see the expression on your face. Would you be good enough as a Christian to be able to hide that expression when somebody walked in your church like this. What about somebody who doesn't understand the graces of Jesus Christ who doesn't even know who he is or been introduced to him. How can you. As a representative of what God has for them. Take them in without judging them. How is it that you can provide a safe place for them and their family in your church. This is actually a picture of a transgendered woman who actually had a sex change. And this is him as a little girl. This is what we're dealing with in reality. So what is the new normal. So many people go through life. And they never deal with their own fish them out of what the issues are are shot deplete gender identity. But how many people go through life I just wish the tired legs that never deal with self. Be jail. Through all and you start learning. Kind of the pressure that women are under all the time. About their appearance never had to a couple of weeks ago. Actually a professional command. And to my makeup. What a difference. OK We're actually on the property. We're out of the world. I get sucked right out there because the city great it maybe someday you'll be nor listen to this part. We just planted to society. You are normal Put it this way. I'm the new normal. So this is the message is being promoted now. Not only through the world but also in the churches. I think that we have a grave misunderstanding in the leadership in our denomination because if we acknowledge people in their transgendered state as being that gender. Then what we're doing is we're already opening up the doors to the confusion they got in the Bible says listen. I made the male and female there is a definition there is a separation. And so it's not without compassion that we want to address this issue. But we have to do it not only with love. But also truth is not right. So what's next. Did you know that the Bible. Or I'm sorry spirit of prophecy says that there were two institutions that were that were made in Eden. In a perfect world right. The two things were marriage. And the Sabbath. Alawite says that when one is under attack that the other is soon to follow. We already know if you've been watching current events you see that there's this promulgated from the pope in the papacy. About Sunday observance is not right. Is transgenderism a form of rebellion. And I thought about this in Romans chapter one versus twenty four and twenty five says Therefore God gave them up in their lust of their hearts to impurity to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worship and serve The Creator or I'm sorry. The creature rather than the Creator. Was blessed forever. The woman shall not wear that which pertain onto a man neither shall a man. Put on a woman's garment for all they do so are an abomination and to God. Listen I even see that in our academies we have guys little dress up in drag to do a skit or something for a play. You know. Even something like that is repulsive to God. Not because not because of what that person may be struggling with. But for somebody like me that gives the wrong message to understand that God says that even in its simplest form even as a joke. That it misrepresents me. What's that Christian. Black actor that dresses in drag that does all these movies. You know and you see his movies. And so what are we exposing to ourselves or to to our families when we're engaging in watching a man. That does exactly what God says you shouldn't do. Parading around on a screen. As the opposite sex and see so for somebody that struggled with it like me what that is that just made it. Just a little bit closer to the fire for me. Controversy for its own sake is a sin. But controversy for the sake of the truth is a divine mandate. So again if we're trying to create the safe environment in our churches. I think that we have to intentionally provide the truth. With love. How about this here's a man whose name is wall hire an incredible resource. You can write this down trading my sorrows dot com. He talks about here's a man that was actually his grandmother dressed him as a little girl from the time that she would take care of him as a little baby until he was about seven years old it was their little secret. And so one day Walt brought his little dress home. And when his mother found it in his in his suitcase she discovered that her mother been dressing her son up as a little girl for seven years. What was already confused came to his end then. The grandmother told him that he had betrayed her and that she would never ever do that again but already what was said in this motion of thinking that he was no good. As a boy that he needed to be a girl. So forty four years old Walt had a sex change and indeed became this woman. So imagine now all of his depression went away for a while he was married with children. His wife divorced him. His boss fired him not knowing how to deal with them. And so while it's depression even though that was lifted for about a year or two all the sun the depression came back because he realized that even though he had mutilated his body. He still wasn't this woman that he thought he needed to be. But he found Jesus Christ. Listen to this. I am vital God to come in him and prayer. I'm so I invited God to come and in prayer God came I could see in the Lord was dressed in white. He approached me with his arms stretched out in a generous smile on his face. I saw myself as a baby. The Lord screwed me up and said You're safe with me forever. Tears ran down my cheeks and then a smile came. I was now restored. And so not everybody has the opportunity or the the finances but Walt actually had a sex change back to become a male. And this is while now seventy three years old and so I just want to remind you the man judges the outside but God judges the heart and isn't it a beautiful promise that Jesus promises that when he comes that our bodies will put on in corruption isn't that right. And so what we may have done to our bodies don't worry God is still in the business of restoring us completely no matter what we've done to our bodies. How we've mutilated them or what we've done with them. And so what's wonderful is while has this ministry now addressing some of the issues. This is what I've learned since that prayer is that there is no female brain in the wrong. Male Body. Current studies do not support the transsexual condition. Nor do the current studies support the Harry Benjamin syndrome. When I realize eight years after surgery that the surgeon's knife had no power to change my gender. Filled with shame and pain. I turned to the Lord. There's a source if you want to write that down. This is some conclusions the wall came through many transgendered have co-existing disorders that are not recognized and treated. Harry Benjamin standards of care one size fits all approach is incorrect. Too many therapists have blind spots in considering alternative disorders or treatments and patients suicide results. Process of changing genders with hormone therapy and or surgery is not an easy one many patients are just not prepared for the difficulties that they will face. Goes on to say studies show that a staggering thirty percent of transgenders will commit suicide. Forty one percent of transgendered attempts suicide. But thirty percent will actually succeed. Those are the hires. Statistics among any studied group of people. The gender pushers say the transgenders are born that way. But a twenty eleven study from Sweden suggest that they are not in the study researchers Savak an R.V. or of Sweden report that the present data do not support the notion that brains of male to female transsexuals are feminized. It's foolishness allowing and even demanding that a surgeon mutilate your body is shameful and painful and not effective surgery cannot correct. A psychological sickness. Are you starting to get this connection that the issue was inside my mind not with my body. God made my body and I was going against nature. Thinking that my body had to comply with what was inside my brain. In my view the gender came. Change pushers intentionally refused to freeze to warn would be transgendered about the fifty fifty chance of disaster and that's about the attempted suicide. Transgenders are attempting suicide an alarming rate. Reported over forty percent. By Claire emasculates a staggering forty percent of transgender people in the US have attempted suicide according to a new survey. Dropping out here that forty one percent suicide rate among transgender people. Is more than twenty five times the rate of the general population. Which is one point six percent and among trans people ages eighteen to forty four the suicide attempt rate was forty five percent. The statistics are just some of the sobering findings from a survey of more than seven thousand transgender people. Conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality. And the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force released in October of two thousand and ten. So this is done this study was done by people that are supportive of transsexual. Rights. Christ object lesson says. Do you ask what shall I do to be say. You must lay your preconceived opinions your hereditary. And cultivated tendencies at the door of investigation. If you search the Scriptures to vindicate your own opinions. You will never reach the truth. Search in order to learn what the Lord says. If conviction comes as you search. If you see that your cherished opinions are not in harmony with the truth. Do not misinterpret the truth in order to suit your own believe. But accept the light that's given open mind and heart that you may be holding wondrous things out of God's word he's not your enemy. Christian Education Page one forty nine whoever shall give away hit to his natural feelings and impulses makes himself weak and untrustworthy. For he is a channel through which Satan can communicate to tank and corrupt many souls and these on holy fits that control the person Unsworth him. And shame and confusion are the sure result. The spirit of Jesus Christ ever has a renewing restoring power. Upon the Soul that is felt its own weakness and fled to the end changing one who can give grace. And what power to resist evil. And then Christian Education Page one twenty two those who become the followers of Christ find the new modus of action are supplied by following me. New thoughts arise and new actions must result. But they can make advancement only through conflict. Way where human conflict as you came back to the Lord. Danielle did you suffer conflict when you came back to the Lord. Penny who never struggled with homo sexual attraction. Did you struggle conflict when you came back to the Lord because each one of us do no matter what you struggle with might be smoking it might be out the Khalid might be your own sexual desire but we all struggle isn't that right. For there is an enemy that ever contends against them presenting temptations to cause the soul to doubt in sin. Besides this ever vigilant follow there are hereditary. And cultivated tendencies to evil that must be overcome the training and education of a lifetime. Most often be discarded that the Christian may be comma learner. In the school of Christ and in him. Who would be a partaker of the divine nature. Appetite and passion must be brought under the control of the Holy Spirit. There is to be no end to this warfare this side of eternity. But while there are constant battles to fight there are also I love this part. Precious victories to gain. And then. And the triumph over self. Sin and sin is of more value than the mind can estimate the effort put forth to overcome the requiring self-denial is of little account. Beside the victory over evil. This guy's a little bit abrupt. But I hope that you'll see past that and that. I hope that you'll see the experience. They has with the Lord. Look at me now I'm back to be in who God wanted me to be as a man. And it doesn't really matter what I got between my legs because no one's going to see it anyway. And I have been reading my Bible every day and all I could hear was God saying well you really need to go back to being who I made you and your story is great but just don't do it as a girl. Because you're not a girl. And I know that. It just tears me up to think that that what I did all this and I was a phony I was a fraud. But I tried pulling it off and people. People he called Lee management and she and her and. You know I had my long hair. I don't wear much makeup as you can see I got lip liner I the eyebrows tattooed which now I got to live this way. But it's a great testimony and. I just want to try to help someone else. Before they make the same mistake I did. Everybody I talk to get a sex change above all else at all if that's what if that's what you think is right we go ahead and do it. You know. If you if you good feel good about it. You know if that's what you want go go do it and. How can that happen. When you're supposed to be accountable for your brothers and sisters and help them out. Cording to what I read and. They didn't do it. They did not do it and to this day. They thought I was going to be a disgrace to them. That's why they didn't do anything. They just told me that there's that or so. But I was starting to be important. And that's another reason all the tattoos and the. The piercings I thought I want to be somebody someday. I want to be famous. You know. But now. I do want to be famous but I want to be famous for God. And I want to I want to take everybody down the path that needs help. Please listen to this because without the Lord you have enough to get used to. He's divine a word of riches. We can do nothing without him. There's no powerful. The Word of God often comes in collision with man's hereditary and cultivated traits of character and his habits of life. But the good ground here in receiving the word accept all except. All of its conditions and requirements. His habits. Customs and practices are brought into submission to God's word. In his view the commands of finite erring man sink into insignificance beside the word of the infinite God. With how much of the heart. With the whole heart. With undivided purpose he is seeking the life eternal. And at the cost of loss. Persecution or death itself. He will obey the truth. So how should we were spawn as a church. How to relate to those that we don't understand how do we create a safe place in our churches. I love this quote by Greg Boyle and says you stand with the belligerent. The surly and the badly behaved until bad behavior is recognized for the language that it is. It's the vocabulary of the deeply wounded. And of those whose burdens are more than they can bear. And while that might take months or even years. Do we have scripts chins. Have the strength and tenacity to stand with somebody faithfully side by side. Until God is able to do the refining work that he needs to do in each one of us. So on a Friday when I was thirteen years old I was coming home from school. My mom was kind of off the deep end my mama sleeping around a lot and she she had a new boyfriend. And so on Friday afternoon getting off the bus and I was running home I fell and I broke my arm. So I come home on Friday. There my mom comes home from work and her new boyfriend is with her and here I am on the sofa I'm complaining that I broke my arm. I thought I'd broken. And my mom says no you just brain and you'll be OK And so I didn't see my mom again until Sunday afternoon. I'm still on the sofa. The whole weekend. There I am on the sofa with his broken arm. And so my mom's new boyfriend guilt at my mom and said listen. You know for a thirteen year old kid to be on the sofa all weekend. There must be something wrong you should probably take him to the E.R. stick me to the E.R. And indeed my arm was broken. And it took actually three and a half months. For my arm to men because it didn't get the necessary treatment that it needed right away. I believe that that's what we're doing as a church if we accept homosexuality and transgender ism as a gift from God. The what you're allowing to do is you're allowing this person to lay on the sofa with with their brokenness with no medical attention listen the one thing that I love about Jesus as the Great Physician is we come to him as we are and some of us through our hereditary cultivated tendencies. We have this big gaping sore. Right now follow me if you would. This big gaping sore but it healed over. But there's an infection on the inside. And that infection is growing and what happens to the infection is eventually it gets into the bloodstream it starts to affect the head in the heart right. But we come to Jesus as we are not knowing how to fix it not knowing how to get rid of the infection that's inside. But as we submit ourselves to the very careful knife. Of the Great Physician. He has to really open that won't. And you can imagine how painful that is. You've got to reopen that wound and then he's got a clean out all of the infection. And as he cleans out the infection it's quite a process it's not an overnight thing. And then he has to allow it to heal from the inside out. It's a very slow process. But the great physician checks it. And he keeps it clean and he watches it. And he addresses every issue. Until that that hole is able to heal from the inside out. Now there might be a scar. And we talk about our residue in this ministry my scar. Might be the fact that I still have some a feminine mannerisms. But you know a scar is still a sign of healing isn't that right. And so if we recognize that this is going to be a process and. If we can not only in love but in truth. Support our brothers and sisters that we don't understand their journey. But you know what sometimes I don't understand yours either. And we all have issues. And if you walk with me I walk with you. And that makes sense. Doesn't that sound like the nurturing kind of churches that. That we could all be a member. Ship in membership of. The new birth consists of having new motives new taste and new tendencies I can't do that on my own. But as I've submitted to God and to the cleansing. That he provides I've experienced some of those new attractions a new tendencies. Those who are be gotten into a new life by the Holy Spirit. Have become partakers of the divine nature. And in all their habits and practices. They'll give evidence of their relationship to Christ. The sake of time. Real love doesn't leave people trapped in their helpless state or require that they mutilate their bodies to keep them trapped in their pain. Real love. Understands the process of addressing the pain. Deeper than the physical boundaries of gender and resolving the issues. So that the person you fully experience their true identity. That is in Christ to be the fulfillment of who you were truly intended to be. This is a story about an incredible testimony. The first testimony of a man that came from homosexuality. Fifteen years ago when I watch this testimony I was in shock. That man that a feminine could call himself a redeemed. Christian. But as I watch size story and realize that he lived as a woman for a year and a half. He was in line to have the same just sex change surgery. But God met him where he was and eventually got married he has children and grandchildren. And he's a powerful example of what God can do in someone's life. And that was when I began to walk with Jesus legitimately incredible story. The pain is real but the process is incomplete. Transgenderism only covers up the deep pain that is within. And the pain that is never addressed and there's no resolution. But Jesus provides healing as a great position to go deep. And at a pace that we can handle. And instead of mutilating the body heals the soul provides love and patience and an environment of healing that goes deeper than the scalpel and resolves the history and cultivated tendencies. True healing. Requires pain. But in the end be on the scarring. The healing is complete varied where the circumstances is from ministry of healing page seventeen. Very were the circumstances and the needs of those who sought his aid. And no one who came to him when away on help from Christ flowed a stream of healing power and body mind and soul. Men were made whole. So what is the truth about God. And I don't know why but this quote follows me in every presentation that I have because its application I think runs deep. Where are these quotes why aren't we sharing these quotes with those that we don't understand. And maybe some of you in this room need to hear this yourself. It says a divine teacher in the book of Education Page twenty says the Divine Teacher. Bears with the airing through all their perversity. Why because his love does not grow cold. Is efforts to win them do not see these with outstretched arms God waits to welcome again and again and again and again. The airing the rebellious and even the apostate his heart is touch with the helplessness of the little child has been subject to rough usage. The cry of human suffering never reaches his ear in vain. Dollar precious in a sight. It's the rough. The soul and and the stubborn dispositions a draw most heavily upon his sympathy and love. Why because he traces from cause to affect the one who is most easily tempted and the one who is most inclined to err is a special focus of his attention. Isn't that beautiful. And so what that means is that God doesn't just look at the outside he recognizes that what happened to you didn't happen to anybody else in the way to reach he was going to be different than the ways going to reach somebody else. But he's willing and patient. To address your issue if you'll just submit your NEED to him. And that's why it's quotes like this that actually keep me. Connected to a loving Savior that I can trust and know that he's going to see it to completion. Let's pray. Heavenly Father I thank you Lord for the way that you work. I thank you Lord for restoring the video or just in time. You are just in time. Lord I thank you that the enemy has been defeated. I cut my head open Lord with a cheap razor because my bag was lost. Wayne didn't even have his computer until last night Lord his luggage was gone. Ron has a flooded basement. And I don't even know what Danielle's issues are lower but I'm sure she has some to below the one thing that I know is that when the stuff happens lord around us that that's a sign to me that I know that you're about to work mightily. So Lord let these words sink into our hearts and into our minds. Lord help us to recognize the damage and the danger of allowing our friends. To lie on the sofa Lord with a broken arm. And Lord while they requires pain for each one of us that our issue may not be an issue of transgenderism But Lord we all have them. And if we just come together Lord. Not in a condescending way but in a way Lord where we recognize that we are all fallen creatures. And if we walk with each other lord and support the truth. That is only found in Jesus Christ. Then Lord let your power begin in our lives. And. This message was recorded at the G twenty fifteen conference in Louisville Kentucky. Supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. To inspire young people to be bible based center. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online web.


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