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1. Who Are the Remnant? An Overview of the Biblical Teaching on the Remnant

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 31, 2015
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty shows and other resources like this visit us online. A W W W G Y C web to were G.'s before we pray let me tell you a little bit about the seminar when I attend a seminar is like to know something about it. What direction the presenter is going to go in the seminar. And so if you have your program called chosen and faithful. If you just take that out. Momentarily and. Look at the seminars and if you drop down to the one two three four fifth fifth seminar the title of our seminars. Remnant a dentity who we are and why it matters. And I'm going to be looking at the whole concept of the remnant. What is the Bible mean when it talks about the RAM debt. Who are the remnant. And we're going to study that through Scripture in the first session. The second session I'm going to talk about the Book of Revelation particular the three angels message. And how that is relevant to young people today. How can a university student. Really be excited about turned on. If their post-modern young person. By the whole message of the remnant. Well I guess we've got to do two things here we've got to you have a speaker. And we've got a record so this is our second. Microphone so we can put that on as well. And we're ready to go. OK. It is the message of the seven they haven't a shirt you to take it with Rangers message. A byproduct of nineteenth century mentality that has no relevance today. And so particularly in the second. Presentation. We're going to look at the great needs of the human heart in the twenty first century we're going to look at the great needs of contemporary society. And we're going to discover how the Adventist message is incredibly relevant it's on the cutting edge of where the thought processes are in our society today so we'll look at that in our second presentation. In our third precent Haitian this morning this afternoon. We'll look at is there a remnant of a remnant will God lead out of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. A smaller more faithful group. That is a incredibly important presentation for today. What is the shaking and. How does that function. What will Adventism face. In the twenty first century. What are some of the issues that it's facing and how can we be prepared for them. So that's the third presentation. And then the fourth presentation later this afternoon. Is how a generation of youth young adults and older adults are going to be filled by the Holy Spirit to finish God's work on earth when you look at the fact that. On this planet. There are between six and seven billion people. And you consider the fact that there are more people being born. That are being reached. If you look at the Middle East with it's multiplied billions of people in China. With it's over a billion some odd people and you look at India. With a billion some odd you look at the infinitesimal number of not only Seventh Day Adventists but Christians. But if you look at the whole world population. Christianity. Is very low in the whole world population. And then you look at the seventh Avenue. It's less than one percent of the world's population so how can a small group ever expect to see the work of God finish we're going to study that. And we're going to look at it from a prophetic standpoint from a biblical standpoint from a practical standpoint so our seminar last today four sessions today. Tomorrow morning. For those that missed I'll take sessions one and two and summarize them. And then of Sabbath have to do it all takes the actions three and four and summarize them so. The session really is the seminar really is for sessions for today. So let's pray. And then we'll enter directly into our Bible study for the morning. On remnant of Dennehy. Father in heaven. We thank you so much for the opportunity to study your words we thank you that the Word of God is the Living Word that it's inspired by God and that as we open its sacred pages that you will speak to us. So we invite you by your. PIERRETTE. We give you permission to speak. In our hearts. To our hearts. To change our lives. May this be a life changing seminar may we not only learn new thoughts. But May our hearts be changed we pray the in Christ's name. Man. Does a dentity really matter does who you are matter. Isn't it rather egotistical for our seventh day adventists to say. We are the remnant of the Book of Revelation. When you look at all of the Christian churches and the varied Christian denominations. Isn't it rather egotistical for a group of Adventists to say. We are the remnant. We have the truth. It would be quite egotistical if it wasn't biblical wouldn't it. And so when Seventh Day Adventists talk about the remnant. We're not talking about a exclusive doorway to salvation. We believe that those that have accepted Christ and are honest and hard and even those who have not. We believe that salvation is a matter that we leave with God. We don't judge the salvation of other human beings. But we also believe that prophetically. God has raised up in time movement. That was share his grace and love with others. And so this morning we want to look at this whole matter of advantage to. And maybe to get us into the topic I can tell you a story that took place about one hundred fifty years ago in England. A man I'll call Mr Clarkson was a very sophisticated. Very well educated banker. He was well known through that region of South and he was one of the wealthiest men in the community. Lived in a poll a show. A state and. As a premier banker in the banking industry employed hundreds of people. He had a beautiful daughter. She was beautiful in every way physically beautiful golden blonde hair blue eyed just a very attractive intelligent. And he desired. That she would largely take over the business after he died. She was in her twenty's and unmarried and working for Mr Clarkson was a junior clerk. Another guy in his twenty's. But this guy had no social status at all and he had a fancy for Clarkson's daughter. And so. Mr Carson got nervous about it because he said look. My daughter is of the upper crust. She knows her a den to tea she is royalty and extremely wealthy. And why should she marry some second rate junior clerk. Who's not going to make much of himself. When the junior clerk talked to Mr Clarkson about taking his daughter's hand in marriage. Mr Carson said. Not so sure about this young man. What are you going to ever make of yourself. And he said look I'll give you one opportunity. Our bank has a business relationship with one of the largest brokers in Dusseldorf Germany. I want you to go over and see what kind of business deal you can to go sheet with them and come back and show me your stuff and then come back and I'll consider my daughter marrying you. Well this young man went to do so too often he was nervous to say the least I mean really really nervous he knew that not only his future. But whether he could marry this girl he loved dependent on so he went there. And these people didn't want to talk to him. Nothing to who you. Why did the banker ever send you. And he said. They said to him. You know go back and send somebody more senior in the corporation. He listened for a while. Very wise young man he smiled and said to them. Would it make a difference. If I were the son in law of the banker. Would it make a difference. If I married the banker's daughter who may become the president of the cooperation. They said yes. It would make a big difference if you could prove that he went back and said to Mr Clarkson. And this to Carcassonne. I have a question for you. Would it make a difference to you if I was just appointed as the chief associate and the representative of the firm in Germany. That they will to all business with you through me. Would that make a difference. Mr Clarkson said it would make a big difference. He said let me marry your daughter and all that will happen. A dentity makes a difference does it. And when we study the reading that we're looking at a royal a dentist. I'd like you to take your Bibles and we're going to start with a familiar Bible text in Revelation Chapter twelve verse seventeen. But we're only going to begin. They are and come back to that text. We will begin with it and end with it. But spend a considerable time looking at this concept of the RAM net throughout the entire Bible. Revelation twelve verse seventeen. Now if you have the King James Version of the Bible it is a little different than the New King James in although I like the New King James. For many translations this one is not a good one in New King James read New King James than a reeking James I'll tell you why. And I just want to show you a difference in how why words are important the Bible in Revelation twelve or seventeen it's the dragon. Who's the dragon in the Bible. The devil was enraged What does that mean. Angry with the woman. A church and went to make war with the rest of her offspring. And keep the who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus. You see that expression in New King James says rest of the offspring does anybody have a King James Version of the Bible. What does it say. The remnant of her seat. Does. To those two words make a difference they make a really a big difference in this passage. See when the Bible uses the word simply rest. It could mean simply something that's left. Old for it could. It doesn't have the richness of the word remnant in the translators of the New King James really missed it. On that point. The word ram it. In the Bible is a very rich word. It's a word that has to do as I'll show you with prosperity. It has the concept of REM that is the concept of seat and. If you have for example if you planted corn one year. And you plant that corn. And then have some seed left over that you save to plant for the next year. The steet D N A In the seat of the corn. That you have that year will be carried over from the D.N.A. of the seed of the corn the previous year. So this word remnant has to do with with the D.N.A.. The original characteristics of something. I'd like to go through the Old Testament were going to study the Word. Remnant through the Old Testament. And then when it came into the New Testament study the word remnant now we're going to look at see how that applies today. To the administration scripture so we're going to get in the book of Genesis the first mention of the word that we have remnant in the Bible is in the book of Genesis and you going to go to Genesis Chapter forty five. And you're going to look at verse seven. Genesis the forty fifth chapter. And you're going to look at the seventh. Verse. Now this is the story of Joseph. And you recall in the story of Joseph Joseph is sold into captivity. He is in the pit. He goes from the pit. To the prison. Eventually he goes to the palace and. We're looking here at Joseph's description to his brothers of why God allowed him to go through that captivity. And when you come to Genesis forty five. Verse seven. It says. But do not know verse five six and seven it says but now do not therefore be grieved are angry with yourselves because you sold me here. For God sent me before you to preserve life. So God had a purpose for Joseph even in captivity for these two years the famine has been in the land. And there are still five years in which there will be neither piling or harvesting So there were seven years of plenty seven years of famine. Now there. They've been through two years of that famine. Now. Notice what the seven first says. God sent me before you to preserve what a what a posterity what a some other translations say a remnant for you in the earth. And to save your lives by a great deliverance. Now. You see that word that some Bibles translate posterity. Fifty five times in the Hebrew it's translated remnant. The Hebrew word there is a word called chéri Shareef and it's an amazing word. It means to preserve. Your a dentity. So what Joseph is saying to his family is. God sent me here. Down into the land of Egypt. To preserve the A dentity of a people. So the A dentity that people would not be lost. So in the famine. The sons of Abraham. Would not the sons of ice that can shake up in the nation of Israel would not be destroyed. God wants me to preserve that remnant he wants me to preserve that prosperity. Posterity. He wants me to preserve that unique. Movement of God. That will bless the old testament world with the light of the glory of God. So the first introduction of the word remnant that we see in Genesis forty five or seven. Has to do with the preservation of a people. So the word remnant is not typically a word used for individuals although sometimes that is what most time it's not. It's a word used as a corporate whole to preserve a people. So when you look at the word. Remnant throughout the Old Testament here's what you see. See the three P's. God's preserving a people got his pardoning of people when they fail. And God is purifying a people. So the concept of remnant in the Old Testament is a people who are preserved by God to share the light of God's love in Korea with others. Of people that are pardoned by God. Forgiven by God and a people that are purified by God. Now let's continue our study on the remnant the Old Testament as they have ten verse twenty to twenty two. Once you understand the Old Testament usage of the word remnant. The book of revelation comes alive to you. You see things in Revelation that you've not seen before. Revelation becomes that much more exciting a much more thrilling book. I say have the tenth. Chapter of the twentieth to the twenty second verses. Now here. Israel has been scattered here Israel has been in captivity. And here. God is coming. And he talks about a remnant that we gathered together. So we're going to look at all the concepts of the remnant then put it together revelation. Isaiah Chapter ten verse twenty in on word. It shall come to pass in that day that the remnant of Israel. Isaiah ten verse twenty and onward. It will come to pass and that they that the remnant of Israel. In such as of escape to the house of Jake up what if they escape they've escaped Assyrian bondage in captivity and destruction will never again. Again depend on him who defeated them. But they will depend on the Lord who are these remnant. They've escaped destruction they depend on the ward. Verse twenty one. The red that will return the remnant of Jacob to the mighty God for though your people always realize because the sand of the sea. Yet. A remnant of them will return where they can return to Jerusalem to establish true worship. So what do we discover about the remnant here. The remnant went through challenges of the Assyrians attacked them. The room. The remnant went through captivity. But the promise of God was I will gather you. From Wolf the nations where you have been captive. I will bring you back to your own land to Jerusalem. You'll establish true worship there. So what if we discover about the remnant so far. The remnant preserve a seed. The remnant are a posterity. The the remnant have the D N A of God. The what have we discovered about the remnant. When they are scattered in the Old Testament God brings them back to reveal his light in his glory it is love in its grace. And his goodness. The remnant is this special. Term. Now. Here in Isaiah thirty seven first thirty one and thirty two. We look at this concept of the remnant again. The remnant are those who have a skate. The corruption and destruction. The corruption in the idolatry. Of Assyria. They are the ones protected in preserved by God. I see a thirty seven is a chapter about Sinak arrived in his attack on Israel and the word of the Lord protecting Hezekiah and Hezekiah as prayers. Isaiah thirty seven verse thirty one and thirty two. I say thirty seven thirty one and thirty two. And the. What's that word in verse thirty one everybody what is it. And the what. Remnant who have escaped of the house of Judah shall again take root. Downward. And bear fruit. Upward. So who are the remnant they take root downward. They they're rooted in the Word of God. They're anchored in Christ. They are rooted in the teachings of the Bible. Who are these remnant they take root. Where downward and they what. Bear fruit. Upward. So they are rooted in God's word anchored in God's word. They are anchored in true worship they reject false worship. And they bear fruit for out of Jerusalem. That is out of that sanctuary the people of God shall go a remnant. And those who escaped from mountains Zion. So the remnant are those in the Old Testament. Loyal faithful obedient to God who are witnesses to God's grace. In GOD school Ari. The remnant in the Old Testament. Those who have escaped. The corruption of Babylon. And who represent a right the people of God. That's the concept of the remnant. Now there are three things that God does with them he preserves them we've been talking about that. But now you'll notice something very very something very it something else in the Old Testament you have two groups of profits they're called the major profits and the what. Why the mine of profits miner because their message is minor. Is the message of the minor prophets just as important as the message of the major prophets sure it is. But what's the difference. Major prophets books are what. Longer Isaiah germ I as he killed Daniel and the minor prophets books are shorter. So minor only in the sense of shorter. Now here is something fascinating. Where the major profits largely concentrate on the history of Israel. The minor prophets do that as well but the minor profits take. What do you take the nature of his real and launch it into the last days so they blend. Prophecies of the of the. Israel and Judah. But they also take us into the last days so when you look at the prophecies for example of Micah and you're looking at prophecies that relate. Not only to Jerusalem. But relate to and tied. So let's go to Mike a chapter for first sixty eight and see what Micah tells us about the remnant in my Could gives to us an incredibly encouraging. Message regarding the remnant. You look at the book of Mike a little tiny book. Old Testament. If you. If you have a difficult time finding it you go to the of Daniel and you go to who's a and you go to Joel and keep going and you'll see an aimless open mike. Here we go Mike a chapter for. Mike a chapter for verse six through eight. Now. This is talking about the future triumph of God's people in the future triumph of God's message. And it says in that day says the Lord. I will assemble the lame. This very interesting. Of assembled the lame. I will gather the outcast. And those who might have afflicted I will make the lame. A remnant and the outcast a strong nation. We need to stop there. A make the lame. A remnant. What's that talking about the devil has attacked you. And you look back over your past life. And you see. Numerous occasions in your past life where you have fallen numerous occasions where you have seen. And you wonder can God. Really use me in a prophecy written over seven hundred years ago comes echoing and react when down the said juries. And God says I'm a take the lame. Those that have fallen. Those that have betrayed. My purpose. I'm going to take the lay. And I'm going to make them the revenue. I'm going to make them of the seed. That will be faithful to be I will pardon. There are a nick witty. And I will raise up a generation that will bring the light and glory to the world. So here in Micah the fourth chapter in the six verse and on God is saying. The remnant are not some super elite who have never failed. The rim that are not some super people have some kind of super perfection. That none of us can ever achieve. The remnant are common. Young people common adults like you and me. They have failed. They have disappointed their Lord. But God is a God that heals the lame. God is a God that repair that that heals the afflicted. He is a God that picks us up. When we have fallen. So here in Mike of the fourth chapter. The Bible talking about the remnant says verse six. In that day. Says the Lord of the semblable Leymah gather the outcasts. Maybe you are an outcast from the Israel and outcast from the God's true purpose in playing. And those I've afflicted I'll make the remnant of the outcast a strong nation. Somebody says to me look. The admin issue is not living up in every aspect to the plan. And the principles of God. And what is the prophecies say I will make the outcast a strong nation. There is yet a mighty revival coming to the people of God. Where the Church of God will yet fulfill its destiny. The prophecy. The prophecies of the Old Testament reveal it now look I make the lame a remnant the outcast for seven a strong nation. The Lord will reign over them in Mount Zion. For now on. From now on. Even forever. And you are of the flock the stronghold of Zion to you it will come. Even the former dominion. That's the first the minute shall come the kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem in other words. All of the prophecies in the Old Testament. That said that Israel would be led to the promised land. Even the land of milk and honey. They were types of the fact that God would lead his in time remnant indeed eternal promised land. And he will take the outcasts he'll gather them. God's going to gather the outcasts. He's in a gather the Muslims God going to gather the Hindus. God is going to gather the secular modern is God's going to gather young people and university campuses. He's going to move he's going to heal the lame and the afflicted. He's going to bring them into a last day remnant in through the light of the glory of God. It will shine on this world. If I were an Adventist meeting somebody say hallelujah. These added a sudden know about of sometimes. Sakura Zephaniah chapter three I've been fifty years I've been preaching the happiness message I have more excited about it today that I was when I started fifty years ago I'll tell you. You know I'm seventy years old I stand on the great platforms of the world preaching they haven't a smash hit in the more I preach it. The richer it because it's a stood there in Moscow. In the Kremlin auditorium. Visited China and shared the message of God. Muslim countries. The more I study the Word of God the more excited I am with what God is doing. Through his people. So we're studying the concept of the remnant we're looking at Zaphon I have a third chapter. All right so let's summarize what you discovered so far about the remnant. What you discovered so far about the remnant. Where is the first mention of the remnant in the Bible. Where is that Genesis forty five verse what. Seven the word. Bible used the word remnant there's another word used Also what is it. So when we see. Remnant in Genesis forty five seven we're talking about D.N.A.. We're talking about the characteristics of the original think of God's people. We've seen that God has had a remnant throughout the Old Testament that these are his see that he's preserving. We've seen that the remnant of not. Are not a perfect people but a pretty poor preserved by God to reveal the light of His glory. We've seen the chief characteristic of the remnant is faithfulness to God. And we've seen that god card and their iniquity. We're going to Sefanaia chapter three. Zephaniah chapter three verse eight. Through twenty. I'm going to come down in just summarize and we're going to look at verse thirteen. God is bringing up a remnant. He has in that remnant got his preserve them. Got his pardon them. And now we're going to look at the how God purifies this realm that he preserves the pardons and purified Zephaniah chapter three verse. Thirteen. The remnant of Israel shall do no on righteousness. So the remnant of the Israel. Showed you know unrighteous and the is going to have a pure if it purify people to be faithful to him nor shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth. They'll feed their flocks and lie down no one shall make them afraid. Now. Verse fourteen to seventeen is amazing. Singo daughter of science. That's daughters and it's always God's people. Shadow Israel God's people. This is the remnant. The faithful to God Those that have the D.N.A. of faith illness. Those have been pardoned by God's grace. Those have been purified by God's power. Be glad and rejoice with all your heart oh daughter of Zion. The Lord is taking away your judgments they are not condemned he's cast out your enemy. The king of Israel. The Lord is in your midst. You shall see disaster no more this the remnant. In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem do not fear Zion Let not your hands be weak. The Lord your God in your midst. The mighty one will save. He will rejoice over you with gladness he'll quiet you with love he will rejoice over you would sing God looks over this world a world. A sex centered thrill jaded morally twisted generation. And God looks over the corruption of the world. And as New Year's Eve comes people are out in New Year's Eve parties getting half drunk. Committing immoral acts and God looks over this world and is a lot forgot to cry about. But as he looks over this world he sees a remnant. Those that have the D.N.A. of faithfulness. Those that have been pardoned by its grace and purified by is power. Those that live for His glory and want his glory to be revealed through them. God. Miraculously moves. Through this group. And what does he do. He sings over them. He sings over them. Notice verse fifteen. The Lord is taking away your judgments. You can compare that with Romans eight one we won't turn to it but there is no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus who walk according to the spirit not the flesh. He is cast out your enemy he's cast the enemy out. The king of Israel the Lord is in your midst. And notice the Lord your God verse seventy to your Missy's the Mighty One He'll save. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will quiet you in His love he'll rejoice over you would singing. God looks over this world. And he sees the remnant and he rejoices over them. He rejoices so for a group of young people that love him more than they love the world. A group a youth who are committed to have been faithful to him and loyal to him and obedient to him. So when we look through the Old Testament. Who are the remnant the remnant are those in the Old Testament. Who are pardoned by his grace. Purified by its power. And who witness to his glory and love the Old Testament remnant. Are those that are faithful to God and those for whom God has given the promise that one day they will enter into the Promised Land. Now when we come to the New Testament. There are two prime mentions of the remnant in the New Testament. The first mention is in the book of Romans and the other is in the Book of Revelation. And we are going to look at both of those mentions. So we're going to look at the Book of Romans chapter eight. Romans. Read the chapter eleven. ROMANS The eleventh. Chapter here in Romans Chapter eleven. God is speaking about the rise of Christianity. And the moving of the Spirit of God to bring thousands into the Christian church and here Paul in Romans eleven reflects an Israel and he reflects on the fact of that any Israel. Among Judaism. There is still a D.N.A. of faithfulness to whom God is going to bring into the Christian church. But what I want you to see is the usage of the word remnant. And if you look at Romans eleven. Verse five. Well let's go back and look at verse four and five God in the first three verses of Romans eleven. Paul talks about. The fact that Israel has drifted away from God. They have killed the prophets verse three. And torn down the altars but he talks in verse four in five and he's talking about literally Israel here. But what does the divine response say to him I've reserved for myself. In verse four seven thousand and not doubt their need of male. So he's talking about the fact that among Israel. The people of God. There are this. Remnant that he's going to bring. They have the D.N.A. of faithfulness. He's going to pardon their iniquities going to purify the verse five. Even so then at this present time. So posting about first century. At the present time. There's a remnant. According to the election of grace. So he says even in Israel that of rebel to make that many of whom it. Rebelled against me. Idols. Worshippers and those who have departed from my purpose there is a remnant there. Those who have the D.N.A. of faithfulness. Now with all of that background we come to Revelation Chapter twelve. You will understand Revelation. Much more clearly now. Revelation Chapter twelve it's like a fast moving. Video. It has four major seeds. And it's like you're taking a video clip. And when you take that video clip of Revelation twelve. First you get this little shot of something going on up in heaven. And it's. Lucifer rebelling against God it's this beautiful angel of death and brightness rebelling against God. And that's why Revelation twelve seventy nine says there was war in heaven. Satanas angels fought against the dragon in the Dragon Fortan is angels. And they found their place in the morn heaven they were cast out. So the first video seen you have is that a rebel a infill wanting to be worshiped not wanting to worship the creator exalting himself above. The create the created being exulting himself above the creator so you see that seen. Lucifer is cast on to heaven centuries go by the next scene you see in the Book of Revelation. Chapter twelve. Is Satan focusing upon Christ Jesus is born and Satan tries to destroy him. In the first scene. Jesus wins and state loses seats cast out of heaven. Second Scene. Jesus wins again. St Louis is again. Christ is preserved. Then you see the third scene where you have this one twelve and a sixty year period the Middle Ages and say tries to attack the people of God Again Saint Louis is and Jesus. Wins. Now you come down to Revelation twelve verse seventeen. And the dragon. Satan was Rother angry with the woman the church and goes to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God of the testimony of Jesus who go to goes to make war with the remnant of her see. The remnant of a god see those that have the D N A of faithfulness. Those that have been pardoned by grace and transformed by God's power and be a witness to the world. The Bible says the devil goes to make war with them three times in Revelation the Bible uses the term make war. Take your Bible and turn to Revelation Chapter seventeen. Revelation seventeen. Verse fourteen is the theme of this conference. Revelation seventeen verse fourteen. Revelation seventeen talks about a time that church and state unite. And the powers of the earth. Have verse thirteen one mind. They give their power and authority to the beast power. But then it says this union of church and state this combination of the nations of the world the political powers of the religious powers. Verse fourteen. These will make war with the lamb. And the lamb all overcome them. For he is lord of Florida and King of Kings. For those that are with him. Are cold and shows and and faithful. It's one thing to be called by God. It's another thing to be chosen by God it's nothing to be faithful to God Who are those that are called chosen and faithful. They're the remnant. But you know this rather interesting scene. I imagine it my mind. Here's this huge dragon. I mean he's huge. He must be eight hundred twenty feet tall. You know. Some kind of branches Saurus of something they were how told the promise or is anyway. They're pretty tall. So humid imagine this huge drag. He's breathing out fire I don't know dragons without fire. I don't know if you submit. So but he has these huge claws. And so I just imagine this huge dragon you. A few tons. Eighteen feet tall and breathing out fire. So he approaches and there's this little lamb. And he thinks this way of I'm a have that lamb for dinner. That's that's easy I mean the throw up in the air and he's that's just my appetizer. You know. That's just my appetizer was a viable slate over here. It's very interesting. Look at Revelation Chapter seventeen. It's not that the brought the source as the lamb for dinner it's the Lamb has the brontosaurus. He takes care of pretty good verse fourteen these shall make war with the lamb. That's the dragon. The Beast. The false prophet. The powers of church and state united. Appears that the little. Ram that have little possibilities of surviving. But with Christ on our side we have a majority. These will make war with the lamb of the lamb will overcome them for he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and those that are with him are called chosen and faithful the remnant in the final conflict between good and evil. It appears that there is a little opportunity for God's people to survive. The powers of Hell are marshalled against them. But the incredible good news is that in Jesus and by Jesus and because of Jesus. The faithful remnant of God triumph over the Prince of pallet the same powers of hail three times in Revelation it talks about making war Revelation twelve. First seventeen. These shall make war. Revelation seventeen. Verse fourteen. They will make war. Revelation. Nineteen. Revelation nineteen. And we're looking thing there. At Revelation nineteen. Now. Here. This is not the dragon who's making war this somebody else was making war. Revelation nine hundred eleven twelve thirteen. Then I saw a heaven open and behold. A white horse. And he who sat on him this verse eleven. Was faithful and true. And in righteousness he judges and makes what. War. His eyes were like a flame of fire. His head were many crowns he had a name written that no one knew except himself. He was cold with a robe. Dipped in blood in his name is called the Word of God and the armies in heaven cold in fine linen white in clean followed him and white horses out of his mouth goes a sharp sword and with it. He should strike. The nations. And he himself show rule them with a rod of iron. Who is this verse sixteen he's the king of kings and Lord of Lords in the Book of Revelation. The remnant become the object of Satan's attack. And it appears that there is no way out around or through Satan hated faithful. Israelites. Who preserved. A knowledge of the true God and were obedient to the commandments of God in the midst of idolatry. That's why he tried to destroy the remnant throughout the centuries. God preserve his remnant. God pardoned his remnant. And God purified as a remnant coming to the Book of Revelation. In the last days of Earth's history. The powers of hell will consolidate church and state will unite and the remnant will be the object of Satan's attack once again. But praise God. He is the mighty one. He is greater than all the powers of yellow greater than all the powers of evil. And he is remnant will be preserved. Now in the Book of Revelation. There are four chapters dedicated particularly to a dent to find the remnant Revelation Chapter three. Talks about the spiritual condition of the remnant. Laodicean is Revelation ten. Talks about the historic rise of the remnant out of the disappointment of eight hundred forty four. Revelation fourteen which will study in our next session. Is the message of the remnant. But Revelation twelve. Has for us the identifying characteristics of the remnant. So as this session comes to an end we need to really hone in now. We need to focus in the next twelve to fifteen minutes on these a den of fine characteristics. Revelation twelve versus seventeen. And we look there the dragon was enraged with the woman. And he went to make war with the ram that oversee those to preserve the true D.N.A. and in a den of thieves them is those who keep the commandments of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ. Let's look at the expression of keep the commandments of God. Back to Revelation fourteen. God is going to have it in time. A people that are faithful to him. They are saved by grace. That leads to obedience. Their faith is so good that it works. Faith without works is really presumption. All genuine authentic. Faith. Leads to life transformational works. And so here in Revelation Chapter twelve or seventeen God has a remnant who exalt. The commandments of God Just like in the Old Testament. When his remnant were faithful to him and babble and was worshipping idols. In unfaithfulness in disobedience to the commandments. So in the last days of verse history where spiritual Babylon is filled with idolatry and Sun worship God has a faithful group of people who have the D.N.A. of allegiance to him who keep His commandments including the Bible Sabbath. Revelation Chapter fourteen. In first seven. You see the call to worship the creator saying with a loud voice. Fear God and give Going to him for the obvious judgment is come and worship the one that made we're going to study more about that in the next session. The one that made heaven and earth worship the creator. In verse nine of Revelation chapter fourteen. That the thirty inch and followed them saying with a loud voice if anybody worships the beast. So in verse seven. We're told to worship the what Revelation fourteen seven we are told to worship who Revelation fourteen nine were told not to worship to the beast. So Revelation fourteen seven everybody we worship the what created revelation forty nine we don't worship who. The Beast. Revelation fourteen twelve what do we do. Here are they that do what. Keep the commandment. Of God. Here are those that have the patience that is the in durance. The better translations for patients here is in durance of the same so with the saints there the believers. Here are those that have the in durance of the believers. What's another word for those that have the insurance of the believers. What we can study about the remnant right. OK so here are those they have the insurance of the believers. They have the genetic characteristics spiritually. Of ancient Israel who are faithful to God. You see they are the posterity. The line of faithful believers that comes from Genesis down through the generations. They are those that have been pardoned. Purified and have preserved truth faith. So we find them here. Here are those verse twelve. Here are those that hear they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Now. Does it say faith in Jesus. Now. Faith of Jesus. Is there a difference between having faith in Jesus and having the faith of Jesus. There is the faith of Jesus is is much more than faith in Jesus. Much more the faith of Jesus is the same quality. Faith that Jesus Christ had. When Christ. Went to get seventy. And he pled for this world. He said Father if it's possible let this cup pass from me but not my will but the I will be done. When Jesus hung on the cross. And he bore the sins of the entire human race. On the world. He hung there. As a condemned. Sinner. In C. expert having his heart. Wrenched from the father's heart. Willing to go into the grave and be eternally lost for you and for me if that what would. If that's what it took the faith of Jesus is the quality of faith that Jesus had in a living trust in the Father. So that whatever happens in your life. You never give up. When Christ hung on the cross. He consciously made a decision to do the Father's will. At any cost to himself. So here in Revelation fourteen verse twelve. When the powers of Hell are raid against God's people. When every earthly support is cut off. When darkness surrounds them. They faithfully keep the commandments of God. Because the quality of Christ faith. Lives in their hearts and transforms. Their lives and gives to them and interests trained to trust in spite of that darkness. So how do we have benefited the remnant the remnant. Are those who have come to Jesus and been pardoned. They've been purified by His grace. They have Christ faith. Dwelling within them and that leads them to make a decision to do God's will and live obedient godly lives and into. The remnant church is a church that leads people to Christ. To his pardon and his grace and leads them to obedience to the commandments of God. Now there is one other characteristic of the remnant that we need to take a look at. It's found here in Revelation Chapter twelve. And it's found in verse seventeen. Revelation twelve verse seventeen. And the dragon Satan is angry with the woman. And he goes to make war with the rest of her offspring. Or the remnant of her his seed who keep the commandments of God these people through faith in Jesus and the quality of his faith living in their lives are led to be obedient. But they have something. They have the testimony of Jesus. So these people are guided by the testimony of Jesus. I wonder what that is. Well. The classic text of course is Revelation nineteen verse two and we will look at it but will look at some other tax and round that thought out a little bit. The Bible does to find the testimony of Jesus while in Revelation nineteen verse ten. John is taken off into prophetic vision. And in prophetic vision and Angel appears to him. He is ready to fall. At the feet of that angel and worship him. Revelation nineteen verse ten. And I fell at his feet to worship him but he said to me See that do it not. I am of your fellow servant. Notice the words fellow servant. We're going to look at those a little later. And of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus worship God. But the testimony of Jesus is what the Spirit of Prophecy. So what does this mean the testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy. The testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy. Christ is testifying through the profits to his or three people. So what is the Spirit of Prophecy. It is Jesus testifying. Through his profits to his earthly people. Did Jesus testify through. Isaiah to his people in the days of Israel that he do that. Did Jesus testify through Jeremiah. That he testified through Daniel. So when God chooses a prophet God blesses that profit with visions and dreams and got testifies to that profit to that then generation. Now did you see this expression. Here in Revelation nineteen verse ten. I fell at his feet to worship him and he said to me See that do it not I am by fellow servant. Now it's very interesting go over to Revelation twenty two. And look there at Revelation twenty two. Verse nine. The angel comes in John is going to worship him again this is almost the same language but something is added in Revelation twenty two verse nine. That is not added in Revelation nineteen first ten. So you look at Revelation twenty two verse nine. Then he said to me see. In verse eight he's going to fall at his feet is going to worship him again. Verse nine Revelation twenty two that he said to me. See the out. Not do that for I am your fellow servant in of your breath or in the prophets. Ah. So the Angel a dent to five is that he is the angel of prophecy. Revelation twelve seventeen. They'll be a remnant they are pardoned purged and purified. They reflect God's love and glory to the world their totally sold out to Christ. They are faithful to him. They reflect in their lives and obedient. Lifestyle of keeping His commandments. But this last day and time remnant as well. Is guided by a special gift of Jesus Jesus testifies. Through his prophet to that last day in time people to prepare them for the coming of Jesus. And so one of the characteristics of the remnant is the gift of prophecy. Let's go back and look at First Corinthians chapter one. Does God restore the prophetic gift at the end time. First Corinthians chapter one. And is this one of the a dent of vying marks of the remnant First Corinthians chapter one. We're looking here at verse five six seven and eight it says that you are and reached first Corinthians one verse five to wait that you were and reached in everything by him in all our instant all knowledge. Even as the testimony of Christ in the testimony of Jesus is the what everybody give to prophecy was confirmed in you. So that you come short in. How many gifts. No gifts. Eagerly waiting for what the revelation of the coming of Jesus Christ. What will that do. It will confirm you to the end that you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. So Jesus will get will his end time church will come behind in no gift. And he will impart to that in time church the gift of prophecy. To do what. To confirm them to the end of Feagin chapter four. Shares this as well. Of fish and chapter four. If Jesus has a special gift for me. I want that gift don't you. If Jesus says look I will testify. Through my profit at the end I that will be a gift for you. It will be one of the again to find marks of the remnant but will be a gift to help to prepare people for the coming of Jesus I don't why that would Jesus I need I give you know Jesus. You know. I got the Bible in the Bible is good enough for be. The Bible is good enough for me. But if Jesus. If the Bible speaks about the gift of prophecy. I want to take all of the Bible. You know. Is very interesting. The story is told of James White. In early Adventists history and whites wife. And one day he met a not a non-denominational a a preacher. And the preacher said to him. Well Pastor White. The Bible is good enough for me. And you know James White could be very I was going to say sharp tongued I didn't mean it like that very witty. Is the word I was seeking for. So James White said with a bible good enough for me too. He said Yeah. But you Adventist. You have something in addition to the Bible. You have to that prophecy in that woman Ellen White. And James whites and he said yes. You know the difference between me and you is that you are part of the by but we believe all of it. We believe even that part the talks about the rise of the gift of prophecy the last days of Earth's history. And so. Look at efficient chapter for a fusion chapter for. We're looking at verse eight. That physicians for verse eight. Therefore he says when he ascended on high. He led captivity captive some margins. Say he got a host of captive captives. When Christ died. Graves were opened at his death. According to Matthew twenty seven. Some more resurrected. When he ascended on high. He led a host of captives those who had been raised a sample group that represent many who will be resurrected the righteous at the second coming. He led them captive he gave gifts to men. We're going to look at verse eleven. He himself gave some to be apostles. Now. When Christ. Entered the sanctuary above. And was inaugurated there. He poured out His Spirit. On Earth. And he raised up the New Testament Christian Church the Holy Spirit was poured out three thousand were baptized on the day of Pentecost. But it gives to the church Apostles church leaders. It gives the church prophets. Who have divine vision. This is a New Testament gift. He gives evangelistic can preach to large groups he gives pastors who are teachers that. Why are all of these gifts of the Spirit given all of them given for the equipping of the saints that's the believers. For the work of ministry. So all of these gifts of the Spirit administration pastors prophets of Angels are to help the church. Be equipped to witness for the edifying they are given to build up the body of Christ. To we all come to the unity of faith in the knowledge of the Son of God to the perfect man to the measure of the stature of fullness of Christ as we come to the measure of the stature the fullness of Christ you know that we should no longer be tossed to and fro and carried about with every window doctrine we're going to talk about that in our third session today. Every wind of doctrine blowing throughout the remnant church today. But notice. What is it that stabilizes the church what is it that helps the church. Not be carried away by every window doctrine. It one of those gifts of the spirit certainly pastors certainly evangelists certainly divided ministration But one thing is the gift of prophecy. If you fach rate your mind with the gift of prophecy. You will not be blown away by every window doctrine that blows through the church. And it says verse fifteen or verse fourteen that they should be children. No longer children. Tossed to and fro. Carried about by every wind of doctrine by the trickery. Of men in the coming craftiness but which they lie in wait to deceive. Let's summarize what we've done so far. The term remnant issues throughout the Bible. It is a term pregnant with meaning that is used to describe the faithfulness of a people who have the D.N.A. of. It meant to God. The remnant are not a perfect people. The Bible says that they will be pardoned by Christ. That he will work in their lives to purge their iniquity. The Bible says of this remnant as well that God will use them powerfully to bring his glory to the world. As the Bible describes them it always describes of those in the term of faithfulness to God in the Book of Revelation. A mighty conflict takes place. But there is a remnant of those again that are faithful to God that are totally sold out for Christ. God will use them to powerfully impact. The World. This faithful remnant are described as a corporate entity. A body a church. But much more than a church. A movement of God. They're described as having faith in Jesus and the quality of jesus faith living in them. They're described as obedient keeping God's commandments including the Sabbath. And being guided by the gift of prophecy. The reason I'm a Seventh Day Adventist today. Is not because I was born in AD then a star was not. I was born in a lovely Roman Catholic home. It's not because I wanted to choose a church. It's because God. Miraculously divide me. And divinely led me to a people in the Book of Revelation as outlined is the remnant of our seventh day adventists arrogant as they believe in the concept of the remnant. Not at all at Venice are not arrogant. We are humbly thankful that in this generation. God still has a remnant. That he will use to impact the world with His glory let's pray Father. Thank you for a Bible study this morning. I know although I've studied these things for. Five decades fifty years every time I open the Bible excites me again. Thrills me again to see what Christ has done. And is doing through his people. Help us ever be mindful of the fact the seven churches not some simply some other denomination. Not simply one of thousands of churches on the landscape of history. But that you have to finally stop a remnant for this generation. And Lord I pray thee that you help us to live in the light of truth. And share it with others and this message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference cold. Chosen. They for the move of Kentucky. You I see. Supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered in soul winning Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot au or G.


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