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3. The Remnant & the SDA Church: Will the Church Survive or Will there be a Remnant of the Remnant?

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 31, 2015
    1:45 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from the cold. Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. For other resources like this visit us online at W W W W N C Web dot org. Good afternoon and we are glad that you're here. My favorite time to teach is after lunch because everybody is so wide awake. You know once I was looking at a preaching magazine. And there was a little cartoon in the magazine. And it was of a bishop in all this pontifical robes and he was getting up to speak. And people were falling asleep while he spoke. But then the next cartoon showed up in the balcony there was a little boy. And he had a bowl. And he had a straw with peas it. He would blow through that straw and hit some guy in the face and wake him up. And the caption on the bottom of the cartoon said Dad you keep preaching and I'll keep them awake. So if you fall asleep. Have one of my kids up there with a little the straw for you. We are on a journey together. And that's kind of summarize the first classes that we had this morning and then we will launch right into the south after noon while many others are still coming in we looked the small inning at the Old Testament. Remnant and the New Testament remnant. We pointed out that the word remnant is very rich word. In the Bible. It means much more than the rest. Much more. And those that remain. The whole idea in the bible of the remnant is a D.N.A. idea that the remnant have the same D.N.A. as the original they. It's a word that really comes from from a similar word to posterity. And that the remnant are the posterity. They are the children of God. They are those that have been pardoned. Purged. And preserved. Down through the ages. And we showed that in the Old Testament the New Testament. This morning. We've shown also that God would have been told to end time rammed it. That would be characterized by their faithfulness to God that would be to insta God in their keeping His commandments so we looked at that this morning. Then we looked at the idea of the three engines message as it relates to contemporary society. And we saw this morning that god. Tailor made he shaped a message for this generation of the SAF to noon. We're going to look at the subject of the church. Will the church. Survive. Will God call a remnant out of the remnant who and we have two presentations Assaf to noon. One is on the shaking and with the church survive. And the other is on the whole idea of the revival of the church and God's last day. Message and movement of evangelism to finish his work. So let's pray. And then we'll launch right into our Bible study for the softer news. Father in heaven. We thank you so much for the mighty power of God. We thank you that your spirit is moving through your people. And that a mighty revival it's coming. We thank you for the promises of your word that you will preserve and protect your church. A grant to us. Wisdom. As we study in Christ's name on them. The year was eighteen. Seventy six. Specific date was the Pember sixteen eighteen seventy six. There was a small congregation that was really reach Joyce thing because that was the day their church would be dedicated. There were some things that made them sorrowful though. They had picked out a piece of property in the center of the community. It was an absolutely beautiful piece of property. It was on a high point of ground. The problem was that Sam Sadler. One of the wealthiest men in Swan quater North Carolina wouldn't sell the property. He said No your church can't pay enough for the property. I would never sell it to a church. I want to get as much money as I could for the property. And so the disappointed congregation. Purchased another piece of land right off. Camilla coast sound. And this land wasn't as favorable but they could sue. Afford the land. And it was on a lower terrain. The day of their IT. Church dedication of this new church. On this less than desirable land. A hurricane blew through the South of America and Milko sound flooded. And their church was lifted up off its moorings and began to float away. The night of its dedication. It floated down or Easter. Creek Road. Blown by the wind. Now if you think that this is a fabricated preacher's tale. You should look up the church. Moved by the hand of God. And you'll see. Not why I'm preaching. Please. But you will see this story of the church Providence built. The church floatin down oil strict Creek Road. Church members were amazed as they watched it float. It was blown by the wind and took a right. Down Main Street in the town and till it sat hold on this high piece of ground that they wanted to build on in the first place. Mr Sam Sadler came out. And he said. I will sell you the land at a reduced price. Because one cannot fight against a god. Although the winds may blow against God's church in the latter days of first history. The churches still be guided by the hand of God and. Matthew the six. Deemed chapter and the eighteenth verse if you have your Bible and I hope you do you there on the phone or on your i Pad. Matthew sixteen. And will start there. With Matthew sixteen and first thirteen. Matthew sixteen verse thirteen were studying the nature of the church were asking the question will the church to revive. We're looking at the whole idea of the shaking. And how God will purifies church and in time. Matthew Chapter sixteen. Jesus leads his disciples to the Galilee. And surprisingly enough Jesus turns north now a little history. In geography of Israel will be helpful. If you look at Palestine it's divided into three parts. South. Is Judea. In the middle is some Mariya and in the north is the Galilee. Into Dia is where Jerusalem was located. Nazareth of chorus was located in the Galilee. And that was quite a distance about a week's journey south. By by donkey when Mary and Joseph came. So get in your mind. And maybe I can help you understand it. If you can my finger here let's suppose this is the land of Palestine. South here would be Judea. Center is some area. Here is the Galilee. So it's the northern part. So Jesus began to walk with his disciples came to the galley. But he kept going and he went to a place called sesa Rhea Philip I which is in the far north of the land of Israel or Palestine. And you'll find it there in. Matthew sixteen verse thirteen. Then Jesus came to the recent region of sensory of Philip by now when you see sesa Rhea. What name to Sesame a come from. What is that come from. CAESAR. And what do you know about Caesar was he a Greek. It was a Roman. So you know this must be a Roman city. And Philip comes from a chorus Philip. So this is a city that is a Roman. Garrison. It's an outpost for Roman military soldiers. The Roman army. Spent a lot of time here in this city. Sesame a Philip high was known for three primary reasons one. Its military might it was a military outpost. Very protected. That area coming down into Palestine from the northern front. So the Romans had a very large forth their second. It was the centre of pain and worship. Now you know the word. Hand. P A N. If I say Pan. Theism. If we say theism. That is the study of what. God. But hand is what nature. So pantheism. Means God in everything. And where did the gods in the flower Gaza the tree etc. So where did that come from the Greek god Pan and so Sesar Rhea Philip was the center of Greek philosophy. Way air. The God. Hand was worshiped. So we know two things about Sesame of Philip I now don't wait. It was the center of military might center military armies from Rome. It was also the center of Greek philosophy. Third thing. The Jordan river flowed from the mountains in the north as the snow melted. They became streams came into the Jordan River. The Jordan if the streams flowed into the Sea of Galilee. And then they flowed out of Galilee. Into the Jordan. Down to the Dead Sea. So here at the stream of the Jordan River. The Jews believe that water was the fountain of life. So they had a great synagogue there because that was the fountain of the symbolized life. That was the great. Fountain of life for the Jews. Now he see what Jesus is doing. Jesus takes his disciples who begins to walk. And he walks. Walks up into the Galilee. Jesus continues to walk. He comes up to Sesame of Philip the center of Roman military might in the Roman said military might know conquer the world. Then he keeps. He stands there puts himself in the background of Greek philosophy the Greek said philosophy will conquer the world. Puts himself in the background of the origins of of Jewish thought. And they said Jewish religion will conquer the world. And now what happens. As we're looking there at that you Chapter sixteen. Verse thirteen. Jesus came to the region sensory Philip. He S. is the site will sing. Who to men. This. Say that I the Son of Man I am. So they said some say you're John the Baptist's risen from the dead they thought. Because John events was dead by now. Some say you're Elijah who's translator without seeing death some say you're Jeremiah when the profits. He said Who do you say that I am. Jesus always asks not would not what does your father say that which is your mother say. Not to what others say about me. What do you say about me. Have you made that decision to accept Jesus as your Savior. Describes to live in your heart shine in your life. So Jesus always comes back to that personal question but who do you say that I am. Peter speaks up and says you are Christ the Son of the Living God and Jesus as blessid are you son of Barcelona. For flesh and blood has not revealed it to you. We cannot come to Jesus merely by intellect. We must come by the moving of the Holy Spirit. So it's as the Holy Spirit moves opponents. That Christ comes into our lives. No one can come to Jesus except by the Spirit. And so that's what happens now you look here at verse eighteen I say unto you are Peter. The word Peter there is a petulance a ruling stone a movable stone on this rock. Different word Petra a movable stone. Of build my church in the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. What wish Jesus doing. Jesus set himself against the backdrop of Roman military might against the backdrop of Greek philosophy. Against the backdrop of formal religion. And Jesus said. Some people think military mights going to dominate the world. Some people think that philosophy is going to dominate the world. Some people think that formal religion will do it. But Jesus said. What is going to happen. Is I'm going to raise up a church of people filled by the Holy Spirit who are so in love with Christ. The thing go out in the world is changed by the am. I will build My Church. On the reality of Christ the divine Son of God and in my church will triumph against the Prince of pallet the same powers of him. The light of the gospel will chase away the darkness of this world. And the Church of Jesus Christ. Armed with the spirit of Christ based on the word of Christ. That church will triumph in the at the gates of hell. Will not prevail against it. God is moving today. When I sense. That. It was a number of years ago that I walked onto the stage of the Kremlin auditorium and open. The Word of God and saw there in the citadel of communism. The moving of the Spirit of God. I remember I was in the Ukraine. Preaching at the Kremlin. At at the cultural Palace. And it was a very interesting experience for me there because on the stage of that path that coach are all Center is a place where Nikita Khrushchev came in in nineteen fifty four. Nikita Khrushchev walked out onto the stage of the cultural Palace. And as he did. He stood on the boards he talked about dialectic materialism. He talked about humanism. He talked about this was the heyday of communism the great military industrial machine and crew shift talked about the fact that communism would conquer the world. And then standing on those boards he made this statement. He said in twenty five years there will not be one Christian left in the Soviet Union. That he paused and said Oh yeah they'll be one. When he dies. Will stuff them and place him like a stuffed animal like a deer that was shot in stuff. Will take him and will. When that Christian dies we will. Stuff him and put him in the museum in Moscow. So that future generations will know what a Christian. Looked like about fifty years after crew Schiff made that statement in two thousand and four. I walked out onto the stage of the Kremlin on a Tory M R The cultural palace in Ukraine and stood on those same boards. Transmitted via satellite. To seventeen. Major centers. Thousands and thousands of churches throughout the former Soviet Union and watched. God touch. Literally tens of thousands of lives. What does Jesus say. In Matthew the sixteenth chapter. He sets himself against the background of New Roman military might against the background of Greek philosophy. Against the background of Jewish formal religion. And Jesus said. Based. On Peter's declaration that I am the Christ the Son of the Living God. Based on that declaration of build my church in the gates of hell will not prevail against it. The Church may go through some rocky times between now and turn a day but thank God Christ Church is going to prevail. With the church is going to rise as Scripture says as fair as the sun is going to be a glorious church. Jesus is going to finish. In his church what he started are now there are those voices. That will tell you that the church is going to split up into different. Atoms that the church is going to fall apart before. The time of the end and that God is going to call out. A remnant from the remnant. So I want to study with you for a while this afternoon. Two things first how God purifies his church. How he has done it through the ages and how it's going to be different in the last days of first history. And second twenty. How you and I can have such an experience with the living Christ. That all the demons in a hail shaking God's Church. Can't shake us out but we can be part of a generation of youth and adults. That to the cory of God share his love and grace. With the world and in time. So I'd like you to take your Bible. And we're going to go through a fairly detailed Bible study. This series is a serious on the remnant. We study the Old or New Testament remnant this morning and then we study the three inches message as it relates to contemporary society. And now we're in our Bible study on the church will it survive. And then in the last presentation this afternoon we'll go to the screen. And we'll look at how God is going to finish his work. I'd like you to go back to Genesis. That's a good place to begin isn't it. The book of beginnings. Here is the thing cease and I'll give you the conclusion before I lead up to it. Here's the thesis. Throughout history. For over six thousand years. God as always purified his church by calling a smaller group. Out of the larger group. In the last days of verse history's going to do something dramatically different. If you fail to understand that you can be taken in by heresy. That will lead to right out of the Advent movement. But if you understand what I'm going to share with you. The SAF to news. What I'm going to share with you is incredibly important. And it's the answer to every offshoot that ever was or ever will be. What do off shoots make great capital of offshoots make great capital of this idea. They say the administration is not living up to all of the Bible and all the writings of L. and white the Spirit of Prophecy. And that if you want to be faithful you have to come out. That is basically the message of an offshoot. Some of them will go far as to say the average church is Babylon others will not. The Bible study them to give you the South after noon is the answer to every offshoot that ever was or ever will be. And the thesis is that God will purify it's church in a different way. At end time that he's done through history. So let's let's study it see if it's biblical. We're starting with the Book of Genesis. Look at Genesis Chapter twelve first one. Genesis twelve first one. And we're going to go through the Old Testament on into the New Testament. And then take a look at Revelation. Genesis the twelfth chapter. God is calling out. A main on from in a family. From the larger society. And we look at Genesis twelve first one. What's the man's name. Who's God calling out here. Abraham these are good students. Genesis twelve versus one. Now the Lord had Ted said to Abraham. Get out of your country from your kindred in from your father's house to a land that I'll show you a make your great nation are bless you and make your name great. And you shall be a blessing. Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you in all the families the earth and all the families of the earth. In you all the families of the are should be blessed. So what do you see here. Here is a prayer. He's part of the larger body and God. To previous verve is name. To purser the honor of the kingdom and to preserve Abraham calls Abraham. Out. So Abraham is one who is called out. We find that happening again. Israel grows there is Abraham Isaac and Jacob the twelve sons of check up in the two absence of Jacob become the twelve tribes of what Israel. But eventually. Israel goes into Egypt ssion captivity in bondage. I'm an ROV the sun god. And the other idols of Egypt have influence on the Israelites. God knows he must do something. So what does he do. Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers was a book after numbers what is that. Durand of Deuteronomy the sixth chapter. So here God wants to establish his people. So in Deuteronomy Chapter six. You're looking there to Iran to be six verse nineteen. You know one of the six. And do a good. Back adverse a team and you shall do what's right and good in the sight of the Lord that it may be well with you. I love that texted her out of the six verse eighteen. If we do what's right and good in the sight of the Lord. It'll be what well with us I wanted to be well with me. God's commandments are not legal istic requirements we follow them and it's well with us. That you may go in and possess the good land of which the Lord swore to your father's to cast out all your enemies from before you. Verse twenty four. And the LORD commanded us to observe all these statues to fear the Lord our God for our good always. So God's commandments are always for our good that you might preserve us. A lawyer of this day. So God calls out. Israel from Egypt. God knew of his real state in Egypt they could not worship in harmony with His law. They he knew that they would not remain faithful to him so he caused them out of Egypt because Israel out to that nation of Israel God promised the coming of the Messiah. And Jesus came. And as Jesus came. The New Testament church was a stab. Now the New Testament church the word for church in the original Greek language is a C M. Can you say that with me at Clay see the word clay see a it's called ECUs out. So the church. Are the ones that are called out. And you remember in Acts the second chapter. If you take your Bible in turn over to acts the second chapter. Baptism was the symbol. The visible symbol that wanted accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. One was called out from the larger body. To be part of a New Testament Christian movement. You find that in Acts chapter two verse forty to forty seven X. to look at verse forty one those that collaterally received his word were baptized. The same day there were added to them about three thousand souls that's verse forty one verse forty seven. Praising God having favor with all the people the Lord added to the church. So the church is the is called out body of believers. They are totally sold out for Christ. They serve the living Christ. They are saved by grace charmed by it's a love part by its mercy. That they are purified empowered by that grace that works in them that changes their life so they're called out. Abraham. Called out of the larger body is three zero. Called out of Egypt. New Testament Christianity called out of Israel God the churches that called out body of believers in the days of the New Testament the church. Powerfully impacted. The World. The Roman Empire. In the first century we have varying accounts by different sociologists. Some will tell you a sixty seventy million population of this up to one hundred eighty million. The clearest I can tell. As I've looked at the various population figures. You add about. Yes eighty million people in the ancient Roman Empire about eighty million. The city of Rome itself. Varying population figures but in the first century. Someplace between a million and a half and two million. So Rome was no backwater city. It was a cultured city. It was a wealthy city. It was an educated city. It was a sophisticated city. And so Rome. Was this cultured sophisticated educated city. You look at the. For example the Circus Maximus. Horse racing stadium in Rome. Could see it about one hundred twenty thousand people. Do we have any stadium in America that can see two hundred twenty thousand. What's the largest sports stadium in America I would have to at least have one sport but here. What's the largest sports stadium in America. Which one seats one hundred thousand well that's getting close to the Circus Maximus eating. One hundred twenty thousand. You know how we figure populations of ancient cities. This interesting one. Here's how you think of populations of age in cities. You look at the theater or the largest stadium in the in the in the city and multiply it by ten foot for example in F Asus the theater. Would seat. About fifteen thousand to eighteen thousand multiply it by ten. You get a population about one hundred eighty thousand in F.S.S.. If you take lead to see it. The the population of Laodicea. You figure at the stadium said about ninety to one hundred thousand multiply it by ten it's about. I mean it's that. About I'm sorry it's at about eight to ten thousand you multiply it by ten you get ninety to one hundred thousand population. So Circus Maximus in Rome sad about one hundred twenty thousand people. Multiply it by ten you get about a million two hundred thousand to a million and a half. That certainly would be adults with children you might be up to tune it. Two million people in Rome. Now here's the interesting thing. Do you remember how many disciples met in the upper room. One hundred twenty right. So here you have one hundred twenty believe or is that meet in the upper room. And you have a population let's say. Of eighty million in the empire. What is the ratio. Who's my mathematician in class today. What's the ratio of one hundred twenty to eighty million. One to what one to what. Well one to one hundred thousand will one to a million. What would that be see so it might if it is the ratio is roughly. Running about what. One to what who's got it on their calculator. You have good stewards I got mathematicians in the air. Did you pass your basic class OK Come on let's get those cell phones out this the time to use them now. If you What is the ratio between one hundred twenty to eighty thousand. It is one to. I mean. One hundred twenty eight million one hundred twenty to eighty million was the ratio. One to what one to eighty thousand one hundred thousand. Here's the interesting thing. When you have that kind of ratio. One to eighty thousand want to ninety thousand one hundred thousand. It almost is impossible to do evangelism to reach those people. But what happens. The Holy Spirit is poured out. And the Church of Jesus Christ. In the first century this small group of believe hurts. Makes this tremendous impact on all the society. What if we've seen Genesis. Abraham is called out. Deuteronomy. Israel is called out. In the book of Acts the New Testament church is called out. So God is always calling out his people one group apostatize has got calls out. A people to be faithful and loyal to him. You come to Christianity grows in by the third fourth and fifth century. Christianity as it grows. Now. Apostatize drifts away from the Lord. Sun worship comes into the church the church grows large idolatry comes into the church. Church Councils take the place of the Living Word of God and God. Again in the Reformation. Calls out in the Protestant Reformation. A larger a smaller group from the larger body. God's method of purifying his church is always calling out. Calling out going out and what does God tell us. As Protestantism is unfaithful to its calling. What does God say look at Revelation Chapter eighteen. So all through the Bible you see this idea that there is a body of believe hers. That is called out. Revelation the eighteenth chapter. And you look at Revelation eighteen and verse four. Well let's go back and look at verse two three and four will come back to verse one later. Revelation eighteen verse two three and four. And he cried mightily with a loud voice babble in the Great is full and is full of Babylon in the Bible reste read babble and in the Bible tells of represent. Force religious values confusion of religious truth. It represents man made religion rather than. Then the religion based on the Word of God. It represents egotistical private rather than you military and grace. Babylon the Great is fallen his phone has become the habitation of demons who lives in Babylon. Demons. Now notice all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. What is fornication. It's an illicit Union. So here church in state unite the kings of the Europe have committed fornication with her. So the kings of the earth political powers. Unite with religious powers. And with the merchants of the earth the financial powers. So here you have a trifle do you get the union a political religious and financial powers. God gives a clarion call and what does he call here. Revelation describes religious values that have full in truth that has been compromised. And then first for. I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her what my people. Where would God's people many of them be in churches that had fallen from his grace. In churches that have not lived in harmony with this word in churches that have not faithfully up held the Word of God. So he says come out of her my people. God called out. The Advent movement to herald. A unique message to the world. He called out the advent movement. A Bible based. Christ centered grace filled. Commandment keeping people to to reveal him the light of His truth and the grace of his core rate to the world. So we have seen from Genesis to Revelation that a larger body drifts away from God and like Abraham God called out. Abraham. Egypt Israel goes into captivity. To preach preserve and protect them from the prevailing apostasy God calls out. God calls out. The nation of Israel. But eventually the. Israel rejects the prophets of God God calls out. New Testament Christianity. In the book of Acts. Armed with the Spirit of God filled with the power of God clothed with the grace of God. They proclaimed the Word of God and the New Testament church grows as it grows in the third fourth and fifth century what happens. Idols come into the church. Sabbath is substituted for Sunday. Church. Councils take the place of the powerful proclamation of the Word of God to decrease of men. Supersede the decrease of God So what does God do. Through that long period of middle ages. He calls out a reform movement. And so you have people like the world then sees. You have Martin Luther. John Wesley. And the great reformers and there's a reformation. But the Reformation comes to a standstill and God calls out what the remnant Church of the Advent Now here is the question and it is a final question. God raised up Seventh Day Adventists. Shortly after eight hundred forty four. The advantage church now has hundred seventy some odd year history organize an eight hundred sixty three and officially organized nine hundred sixty three and support the question is this Will God could go a remnant out of the rim will God call. Another movement out of the Seventh Day Adventist Church is the destiny of the admonition church. To go the way that all of history has gone so God has to call out another movement. To purify as people. Is that what God is going to do. And if God is going to do that in the advantage church will time go on and that remnant to apostatize. And God calls out. A remnant from that rabbit and then will time go on and God caught a remnant from that remnant. Will there come a point in which the strategy of God in dealing with apostasy change. Let's go to the book of Hebrews chapter twelve. Hebrews chapter twelve. When you look at the book of Hebrews and you compare that with the writings of L. and why do you discover something quite amazing. And it is this. In the last days of firsts history. There will not be a calling out there is nothing in scripture that talks about the remnant of the remnant. But they'll be a shaking out. And there's a major difference between the shaking in the and between the shaking out in a clear and a calling out so take your Bible in turn to chapter twelve. Hebrews the twelfth chapter. And we're looking there at Hebrews twelve and we're starting with verse twenty seven. Ybor is twelve and verse twenty seven. Let's go back though and pick up verse twenty five. We're coming to the very heart of our presentation. And I want you to notice Hebrews Chapter twelve verse twenty five and onward. See that you do not refuse him who speaks for if they did not escape. Who refused him who spoke on earth. A much more show we escape not escape we turn from him who speaks from heaven. Whose voice shook the earth. This is speaking about Moses' experience on Mount Sinai. When God came to Sinai. Moses was on the Mount. And the earth shook with the thunderings of God. So that's the background. Verse twenty six whose voice then shook the earth but now he has promised yet once more I shake. Not only the Earth but also heaven. Now this. Yet once more indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken as of those things that are made that the things that cannot be shaken may remain. What happens to the things that are shaken. What happens to them. They are what. What is the tech say go back and look at the text. This is too important for you missed verse twenty seven. Now Yet once more indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken so what happens to the things that are shake everybody. Do they remain. The reason we are not interested in any offshoot is they shoot all off they do not remain. Now notice verse twenty seven. Now this yet once more negates the removal of those things that are shaken. That are being shaken as of things that are made that the things which cannot be shaken. May remain Therefore since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken. Let us have graced by which we serve God. Acceptably with godly fear. So the prophet says that we are coming to a shaking time. And the things that are shaken. Do not remain there shaken out. But the things that remain. And what we call those that remain we call them the what the remnant right. So why are we not interested in offshoots. Because off shoot shoot off. They do not what remains. God will allow a great shaking to come to this church. Now let's suppose that I have a glass jar. A gallon gosh. You are in that glass jar I have little beans and walnuts. And I'm begin to shake. The jar. What's going to happen to the beans and the walnuts. They're going to separate now what if I put a hole in the jar. In the glint of the jar. Large enough to let the big go through. But not large enough to let the walnuts go through. So I'm shaking shaking shaking and what happens. There is a separation in the shaking. But then there comes a time of what. Sifting with the beans go out. Here is the interesting thing. The advantage church is going through and will go through a great shaking time. Those that are spiritual will become more spiritual. They'll be on their knees seeking God. They'll be pouring over Scripture. Wanting the Holy Spirit to change their lives. They will come to the cross of Calvary. And ask God's grace to wash them. They will come in an appreciation for the cross of Christ in the death of Jesus. They will be fully totally committed to Christ. They will be authentic genuine Christians who for who in the context of Revelation fear God that is they give respect to God that is God is number one in their lives. They will be another group of that Venice. And it's interesting if you look in the writings of L. and white. At all of the things that create a shaking. There are references that will talk about. When the shaking comes by the introduction of false theories. So false theories will flow through the admonition shirts some will be shaken out by that. Some will be apathetic lay into C A L N Y talks about the worldly conservative class that shake it out. So me so I thought only liberal people to be shaken other liberals ago when the conservatives are going they're all going that don't know Jesus. Because lay boom. Do not save you. It is the living Christ transformed when our hearts are just burning. To know this. This Christ. Ellen White makes a very fascinating statement in selected messages page three hundred eighty you may want to note it. She says. The Church may appear as about to go. But it does not follow it remains while the sinner is in signing in are shaken out. So the church may appear as WHAT ABOUT TO WHAT. Fall. Did you ever hear somebody. Say oh the church. It's about to fall I believe. You know what I say. When somebody says that to me. I say well if that is true. If that is true then that means that we're right on target and Bible prophecy right. That's the reason to state not the reason to go. The Church may appear is about to do what for all. But it does not what fall. It remains well what the sinners in Zion are what. Sifted out. So the ones that are going out. Are the ones that a Venn Sholay out there with their sifted out they're the ones that leave us the faithful remnant remain in a review and Herald article. January eleven eighteen eighty seven. Ellen White makes this interesting comment. The days are fast approaching. When there will be great perplexity and confusion. Satan closed an angel robes. Will deceive if possible the very elect. They'll be gods many and lords many every wind of doctrine will be blowing. Now if every window doctrines going to be blowing. If thousands are going to leave the admin a shirt should have tens of thousands and millions are going to command. How can you and I be sure that we remain in this movement. God gives us two key principles and if you have your bible turn to John Chapter seven. John Chapter seven of the millions will be show can shake it out. God gives us two very simple principles. Remaining faithful to God is not merely a matter of the mind it's a matter of the heart. Remaining faithful to God. You know there are some people that think only if I study enough. I'll be wiser than others. And everybody else may be shaken up it's never going to be me. Never me because I know too much. It is that arrogant pride that will lead those people out. Look at the Bible says. John Chapter seven verse of and teen. Jesus said If any man will to do His will He showed no of the doctrine whether it's of God or I speak of myself event a man will do His will in your heart. Are you passionately committed to Jesus Christ. Do you long to do His will more than anything else. You know it was written of Jesus in John eight verse twenty nine. I do always those things that please The Father. Hebrews ten verse seven Lo I come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do that I will oh god. The passion of Jesus' life was to do the Father's will. Christ was totally sold out to the Father. Understanding truth is more a matter of the heart than it is the mind. It's a matter of having such an experience with Jesus. That you know him as a personal savior. And that you love Him with all your heart. Now. The second issue here is found in John seventeen verse seventeen. There are two steps in remaining faithful to Christ. John seventeen verse seventeen. The first is a heart that pants after God. A heart that loves God. A heart that. That the heart that longs to know him. Experientially. Secondly John seventeen verse seventeen. Sanctify them through the i'd truth. Your word is truth. And that he is a heart that loves in a mind that knows. Scripture doesn't really separate. This idea from the heart that loves in the mind that knows. You don't check your brains at the door when you become a Christian. Rather your mind is filled with the Word of God. So a heart that loves Christ. Art that's passionate about cries. Art that wants nothing more than to serve Christ. While on the other hand a mind that's filled with the Word of God so you can detect heresy. So you can no truth in error. If you're spending more time with video games that you are with the Word of God. I fear for you if your sports heroes. A more attractive to you than Jesus Christ. I fear for you. If you can get really excited about who's going to win the national championship in football. But you fall asleep in church. I fear for you if you're incredibly excited about your sports team. That is number one in the standings and. You can't wait to get up in the morning to run to the sports page to see if they won last night. If the Hollywood stars. Of this world so-called stars. To you are more interesting than reading the Gospels. I really am worried. You say oh but in my heart I love God does is it reflected in who you love to talk about. Is it reflected in how you love to spend your time. Is it reflected in every aspect of your life. What are the two most important things to avoid being shaken out. When the mighty shaking comes at the end. It's not rocket science and it's not complicated. You don't have to up a Ph D. in theology. Two things number one. Love God with all your heart. In all your soul and all your mind. He becomes number one in your life Matthew six verse thirty three seek you first the Kingdom of God His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Jeremiah twenty nine verse thirteen you shall seek me and find me. When you search for me with wood or your heart there is that passion that love for Jesus. He's done so much for us. How can we not be passionate about him. And secondly spending time with Him in His Word doesn't Ellen White right. Only those who fortify their minds with the truth of the Scriptures so live through the let's stay in in the last great crisis. So those two things. But somebody asked the question. I thought that Jesus spoke about his last day church the administration's Laodicea. And that he would spit. That church out of his mouth. That's go to the blast book of the Bible Revelation. Want to study with you later to see him. And why the latest thing in message is the most hopeful in all the Bible. Revelation the third chapter. Revelation the third chapter. I want you to see in this chapter some things you may have not seen before. We're looking there at Revelation. We're starting with Revelation Chapter three. We're looking there at verse fourteen. Into the Church of the layette decisions. Land to see is one of my favorite places to go. I love turkey. I have traveled to the seven churches sites on numerous occasions. But way to see is one of my favorite legacy it was a city. Ninety one hundred thousand some people say hundred forty hundred fifty thousand I think that's too high. Three things about latest see that were interesting. Number one legacy I had the the. One of the foremost banking industry is in the ancient world. Coins were minted Atlanta see it they actually had their own calling and so they minted at Laodicea legacy was kind of on a crossroads in a valley. And going north to south. The main road had to go through Laodicea So it was a trading center. Latest C. and we're proud. In eighty six D. or sixty eight D. a major earthquake destroyed way to see it. And ROOM. Said to lead to see it. We're going to help you rebuild. And the latest seems a so probably said forget it you Romans you keep your own money because we've got money of our own We'll build our own city without your help. Thank you very much. And they did so roll when you think of Rome think of the banking industry something very very wealthy. I wonder if there are any ladies here that like shopping. Any ladies that like shopping. You don't have to not a bad thing. If you have the money. Laodicea was a shop. The shopping bazaar. Now let me tell about the in fashions and Laodicea in a layer to see. They had wool. That was black wool. Any woman. That could have a black woman. Token. I mean that was rude. That was the thing. So it was a fashion police are. They also had some will they died purple and. Also there was a medical university there any medical students here today who my medical students I got some hair. Every medical student ratio. OK. Anybody. Dealing with the I. Anybody. Specializing in I care. Well. If you are you might have wanted to go to the University of Laodicean. It had one of the most reputed schools. Of the day. If you want to study guy. Because they develop what's called the perking and I sat. Which they put on the eyes. So what are you thinking about Laodicea. One of the wealthiest places of all banking industry. One of the places that you can buy any clue thing you want. One of the places that has perking And I said. With that background let's go to the text. OK now we're going to look at latest C M. Revelation Chapter three. Here we go. Revelation three. Verse fourteen. To the angel of the Church of the Laodicean now the word Laodicea means a people. Adjudged a people. Adjudged. So this is obviously the Church of the judgement. Hour. This is the seventh. Church in a sequence of churches. Is there an eighth church that comes after this is their ninth church is there a remnant comes out of Laodicea in Revelation there is no remnant of the remnant in Revelation there is not a calling out there's a shaking out. And in the Book of Revelation there is no eighth church Laodicea is the seventh. OK. Into the church of Laodicea write these things says the Amen. When do you use a man at the beginning. You say man when at the end. You say amen. When the preacher gets through preaching is a mat. It's time to go. OK Here we go. No notice to the church in a way to see right these things says the Amen. Jesus Christ is the Amen. So Laodicea is the last church because Jesus says. A man after that church. This is Jesus a men church. This is his last church. He's not going to spit it out of his mouth. We continue no. These things says the a man the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God. What does it mean that Jesus the living Christ is the faithful and true witness what does that mean. Let's go back to John fourteen. Let's see if we can discover what it means that Jesus is the faithful and true witness. John Chapter fourteen I want to show you why the Laodicean message is the most encouraging in all the Bible and that legacy is not a church to be spotted spit out of his mouth. John Chapter fourteen. You're looking there you're a member Philip. Comes to Jesus and he says show us the Father. And what does Jesus say in John Chapter fourteen verse nine. Jesus said to him. Have I been with you so long. Jesus says in John fourteen verse nine. And yet you've not known Me Philip. He was seen Me has seen the Father. So how can you say Show us the Father. Jesus says. I am the faithful and true witness of the fun for. If you want to know what the father is like watch. As I touch the eyes of the Blind in the rope and watch as I touch the years of the Deaf in there and stub watches I touch the withered man's arm and see if you want to know what the father is like walk with me on the dusty streets of Galilee. Come with me on the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem. I'll show you what the father is like I'm the faithful and true witness of the Father. So the one who is the faithful and true witness of the Father. The one who works miracles of grace. The one who takes the woman cast at his feet in adultery and says. I do not condemn you go and sin no more. The one who speaks and worlds come into existence. This Jesus the living Christ who forgives who changes who pardons who forgives a woman caught in adultery. And who transforms by his grace the demoniacs. This faithful and true witness comes to the church of Laodicean. And he says I'm the faithful and true witness she want to what the father is like look at me. Watch as I pardon sin. Watch as I deliver people from the burden of guilt. Watch. As I. Cast out demons. Jesus says I'm the faithful and true witness. So late when Laodicea gets a glimpse of the faithful and true witness. The one who reveals the Father's love the one who reveals the father's care. The want to reveal the father's Grace. Later to see is changed. Now notice the next thing he says. I'm the faithful and true witness. And the what. Beginning of the creation of God. Now. It's a little confusing. What does it mean that Jesus is the beginning of the creation of God Does that mean that he was the first one created. Not at all Christ is from eternity to eternity. The beginning of the creation of God is not a good translation there. The Greek word there is R.K. and it means. Beginning in the sense of he began. The creation of God. He is the first cause. In Creation. He is the all powerful creator. Go back to teaching chapter three verse nine. I want you to see how Jesus himself. Introduces himself to the church at Laodicea. He is the faithful true witness. If you want your life changed look at the faithful true witness the one that witnesses of the father's grace love pardon power officials three verse nine. Verse eight in nine. To me who am less than the least of all Seems Paul said disgrace was given that I should preach. Among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ and to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery which has been hidden from the beginning of the ages in God who created all things through Jesus Christ. How did God create the world to create all things through Jesus. So Jesus is the active agent creation. What are you struggling with in your life. Are you struggling with the darkness and depression. Let Jesus the living Christ. The light of the world. The Creator. Bring light into your darkness. What are you struggling with impatience. Unkindness lust. Anger bitterness anger at your parents because they divorced when you were young. Let the creator recreate your heart. See. He is the all powerful creator. If Jesus can speak and worlds can come into existence. If Jesus can speak and light can chase away darkness. If Jesus can speak. And the earth is carpeted with living green. If Jesus can speak in fruit trees appear. He is word is powerful. He is the all powerful creator and however your life has been broken and bruised and shattered. The living Christ can recreate within you. The beauty and the loveliness of his character. So why is the legacy in message so encouraging. The Amen speaks to his last Terex is not a church coming after this one. The Amen speaks through it the Amen talks about himself as the faithful and true witness that reveals God's love His grace. His care. He is the beginning of the creation of God. He is the all powerful creator. Now. Isn't this good news is in this good news. Now. We continue studying this. Laodicean message. And we're looking here at Revelation. And we're looking at Revelation Chapter three. I know your works. You're neither cold or hot. I wish you were cold or hot. So because you're lukewarm. Here in different. Apathetic lackadaisical complacent. Ad then it's Christians. They're indifferent. They're complacent. You say I know some of those that worry about the ones you know. You know what to worry about right. The question isn't over the person sitting next to me is one of those that I know there are some elders and deacons in the church that are like that the can did the question is am I like that. That's the real issue right. So we look here. We've talked about Jesus the living Christ the latest city of the church a judge. The A man the last of those churches. He is the faithful and true witness he reveals what God is like is the beginning of the creation of God. He pronounces on the church that it's indifferent it's apathetic. It's complacent. Laodicea was across the valley. A few miles from a place called higher up the lists and higher opulence had these hot springs that came up in them. Now what happens is they built a lot of tourist hotels around there and they've drained the hot spring water off so they can take night. Nice hot mineral baths. But the spring sun flow as much as any more. But you can see what was called travertine Strafford teens are like. They're like very small like little aqueduct type things are like a pipe. But they're open. In these open pipes that were made by the Romans. From the latest see it because latest see it didn't have a good water source. Had to get its water from higher up with us. So when the water came from higher up with this fairly hot but it went down these cement like travertine through the valley. Up to lay it to see it. And when they got there the water is very lukewarm. Is one you could think very much about drinking it all it's kind of that war that would make you vomit. You know it wasn't it was it a high mineral content as well so it was not real digestible they had to do a number of things to it. So verse sixteen. Because you're lukewarm. Leave the cold or hot all spew out of your mouth. How do you define who warm Christianity. Lukewarm Christianity is that Christianity that goes through the motions on the outside. But does not have a heart passion for Christ. It's a Christianity that says the right words. That has a semblance of morality. On the outside. But does not have that passion for Jesus. It's a group of young people in adults. The go to church. Somewhat faithful in their ties. When it's convenient. Keep Sabbath. To a sorts. Follow some principles of health. But they're kind of very ambivalent. Not much of a prayer life. For a here and then particularly get in trouble. Maybe before a big exam. But that's about it. Maybe when they need to get a job. But prayer is not a way of life. It's not a passion of their heart. It's not a fellowship with Christ. Bible study is something that's done ritualistically not enjoy ability and Jesus speaks to them. In verse seventeen. And this would crisis. Verse of in team because you say I am rich. Her remember what was Laodicea known for. It was banking industry. If anybody could say they're rich it was that ancient city Lay to see it because you say I'm rich. You become wealthy. Could add Venice say. We're really rich. We are rich with the doctrinal truths of God's word. We are such a rich such a favored people. We are proud of our doctrinal integrity. Because I you say you're with Rich. I don't need anything. You don't know that you're wretched poor. You're blind. When you met were blind. We have a lot of God's word. Jesus says. Your blah and what do you mean where blind Laodicea would say we have the medical school perking and I say that can be put on our eyes. You're blind Jesus and they could account for you to buy three things goal tried in the fire that you may be rich white Raymond's that you may be clothed and eyes of the can see what is this cooled. Let's look at three quick text first Peter one. What is the school. What is the longing of Christ's heart for you and for me. First Peter chapter one. What is the long of Christ heart for a generation of young people a final generation first Peter. Chapter one Verse six and seven. In this you greatly rejoice. The now for a little while. If need be you have been grieved by various trials that the genuineness of your fee. Becoming more precious than gold. What is the gold. It is a genuine faith commitment in Jesus Christ. Were day by day and moment by moment. I trust him. And I love him. I know use my Savior and I know it's my lord. I know that salvation is never in me it's always in him. I know that Christianity is not about how good I am it's about how good he is. I know it's not about my merits I know it's about his merits. I serve him. Because I love him because I am rooted in him. The fruits of that righteousness are manifest in my life. Because fruits. Always are manifest. Where there are a solid roots. So what is this school. Is it a faith that works by love. It is a faith commitment in him. We go back to Revelation Chapter three. Revelation Chapter three. I counsel you to buy me gold tried in the fire and that you may be rich in white garments one of the white garments. Revelation nineteen verse nine. One of those white garments. Revelation nineteen verse nine. And to you it was granted to be a really diverse eight. Q Was granted to be arrayed in find linen clean in bright for the final in another righteous acts of the sings what is it what is the final in the garments. When I come to Christ and know him as a savior. When his love burns in my heart. My life is changed and righteous acts normally follow my works are reflection of my faith. My faith is so good that it works. So faith is this dynamic principle in my heart. That leads me to positive works. And then. Notice how this ends as we come to an end of this class today. Revelation Chapter three. He talks about I say what is I said it's the you know into the Holy Spirit. So that I can see as crises people around me. What Jesus. Appeals to Laodicea for is this. He appeals to Laodicea to know Him by faith. To live a life of godliness. And to live a life with the eyes of the Spirit. To see around us people that need our love and grace. In our touch. Will the Seventh Day Adventist Church survive. Not only will it survive. But as I will show you in the next session. When we go to the screen. It will experience a mighty revival. Laodicean complaisant will be shaken out. But there will be a whole generation of youth and adults. That will rise to their destiny. That will be everything Jesus. Desires them to be in the light of His love will shine through them to impact the world let's pray. Father in heaven. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your goodness. Thank you that we could rise to our destiny. And see your power. Manifest in a final generation that will transform this world. We want to be part of it with all of our hearts. Rice. This message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen faith in Louisville Kentucky. U.I.C. the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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