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4. The Remnant & A Final Generation of Spirit-filled Witnesses

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 31, 2015
    3:00 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from the cold. Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. Other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y S E Web dot org We just looked at a subject. The shaking. We've looked at the a dental T. of the remnant through this seminar in our first session. We took a look at speed very specifically. Remnant in the Old Testament remnant in the New Testament and God's raising up an end time remnant in our second session. We looked at the message of the three angels. As it is relevant to contemporary society. And in the third presentation we looked a little bit at a good idea of the shaking. And in the session between somebody brought out an interesting point. You know I was. I was bring up the point that in every generation. God has called out. A movement. Abraham he called out. Israel he called out from Egypt. New Testament church called out the echo you see an act out of clay see it called out and we talked about Protestantism called out of the apostasy and the advocate movement called out and we raised the question Will God. Call out an entire movement we pointed out that God is raise up the advantage church it's the remnant we looked at the concept of the shaking. That it's not a shaking out. It is not a calling out at the end. It's a shaking out. And the remnant remain faithful while intro to God. Somebody brought out and I thought it was a good point in Revelation three. God says I'll spew you out of my mouth what is that. That's a shaking out. That's a shaking out that the the. The in Revelation three. Those that are spewed out. Leave. But the remnant who remain open the door of their heart to Christ. And they receive. The Gold. Which is that new heart. Faith. Experience with him. They reset they their lives are transformed A So the X. in deeds of their lives. Based on that faith than transforming power of God are righteous. And they have the eyes of in which they see the world as he sees it and go out to witness for him. So Revelation three. Is not a message of condemnation. But it's an appeal. By the a man. The one who printed. The Who speaks to his last church Laodicea. It is a invitation to life transform formed holiness. Well let's pray that we are taught in this session about a last day movement that will sweep the world in the glory of God in the destiny to which every one of us have been called so let's pray. Father in heaven by praise you and thank you for everything that you have done for us as a people as a church. Lord we think of the fact that this church is not everything you want it to be. But neither are we just as the church has human frailty and failures. We reflect those in our own lives. We thank you for your grace. We thank you for your love. We thank you for your pardon. We thank you for your creative life changing power. And we thank you for what Jesus has done for us is doing for us in heaven saying jury and will yet do for us. We thank you. That is young people we are called to a destiny. A destiny. In which this world to be lived with your glory and your work on earth will soon be finished may that be a reality in this generation in our lives and Christ's name Amen. When Jesus was about ready to ascend to heaven. He made this statement. To his disciples he said Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. That statement seemed to be. Well and I in. But the great commission was accompanied by the great promise. See if you have the great commission without the great promise. You are witness will fall powerless. So the Great Commission is go preach the Gospel to the whole world. But here in Acts Chapter one is the great promise let's read it together. But you shall receive. Power. Let's start again. But you shall receive. Power. When the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to be in Jerusalem. And it ought you dida and some area. And to the end of the air. So the Great Commission is go preach the gospel. The great promise is. You shall be witnesses to me way or Jerusalem. At your community. Judea and Samarian the neighboring communities. Jerusalem your city Judea you are province. The Mary of the neighboring province and of course to the ends of the earth. Now the disciples waited. They confess their sins. They prayed. They believed and haven't answered the Holy Spirit was poured out in abundant. Measure. On the day of Pentecost. Now the mighty outpouring of the spirit on Pentecost was Heaven's gift confirming the father is acceptance of the magnificent sacrifice of Christ and Calvary's cross. I want you to see something quite interesting. If you have your bible take it in turn to acts the second chapter. This is something that is often overlooked. When one discusses the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. My question is Where did the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. On the day of Pentecost come from and what did the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost signify. Acts Chapter two The Holy Spirit is poured out. Peter is speaking now it's interesting as well when you look at this. Because if you look at actual chapter two verse five. Now there were twelve and in Jerusalem Jews devout men from every nation under heaven. And when this sound occurred the multitude came everyone heard them speak in his own language that is because they were speaking of the language was the gift of tongues not the gift of ears. Versity. How is it that we hear. Each our own language in which we are born. That names all those nations of the people the way they are part then aeons meets you a mites. Capital City upon to seizure here its. Bix about people from Libya that's northern Africa it's Sirene room Europe. So you cretins than Arabs. You have at least three continents here you have Europe. You have a Shia you have Africa. The known world. President. Jews came to worship at your Roussillon on the feast of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit was poured out upon them and they went back to their countries. Communicating the gospel. One of the reasons that God has brought immigrants to the shorts. And one of the reasons God is bringing Now I believe. Scores of Muslims into Europe. You see many people are really concerned about this immigration problem and I realize there are social concerns. There are economic concerns and there are political concerns and terrorist concerns. But we as a church. Have a different concern. And our concern is is reaching people from these countries with the gospel. That we could never reach if they're in their own countries. So here. God brings and. These various groups. It is very interesting to. Did you notice it said they came from Rome. These were lay people from Rome. That heard the Gospel in Jerusalem they were Jews they were converted to Christ. They went back to Rome and started to church. So the Church at Rome was late. Initiative. The apostle Paul started churches in various places. He preached in FS is for example of preaching kolache. Not so in Rome. Rome was a church raised up by lay people I praise God for lay people that have a passion for Christ. In the gospel. To raise up his people his mission. But here's what I want you to see. Let your eyes drop down to verse thirty five. Verse thirty five. Peter is speaking in his sermon. And he explains to the crowd. What was going on in the outpouring and really spirit. So Peter says. In Acts two verse thirty five. Therefore being exalted to the right hand of God that Jesus Christ. A sin did. To the Holy Place of the saying Churi appeared before God and having received from the father the promise of the Spirit. He poured out. This which you now see and hear the outpouring of the Spirit. On the day of Pentecost. Sig note. Christ's acceptance by the father. So the disciples were told by Jesus. Wait. And look to the sanctuary. And as you look to the sanctuary. When the sacrifice of Christ is accepted by the father. The Holy Spirit will be poured out on the earthly church. Just as follow the pattern. The disciples thought that Christ was going to establish an earthly kingdom. When Christ died on the cross. The disciples were bitterly disappointed. They looked from their disappointment that the sanctuary. Above and seeing. And sensing what was going on there. When Jesus. Sacrifice was accepted in the sanctuary. The Holy Spirit was poured out to launch. The New Testament Christian church. Fast forward two thousand years. Another body of be where you verse. Believe that Christ is going to establish his kingdom on Earth. They believe based on the twenty three hundred year prophecy. The Christ will come. Did he come. No didn't come with a thought he was going to come. But did he come to the place of his appointment. Man's disappointment was the hour of God's appointment. So Jesus came to the most holy place. And out of the disappointment of thirty one from the holy place. He poured out His Spirit to launch Christianity. Out of the disappointment in eighty forty four in the from the most holy place. He'll pour out His Holy Spirit. In a climax of the work. So what we see taking place in the book of Acts. Is a miniature of what God is going to do at the end time to finish his work. Hundred twenty disciples. Met in the upper room. Now there are some estimates that the population was one hundred eighty million. I think it was much too high. We talked about that. That's one hundred eighty million of the Roman Empire but I'm just going to use that think you're Because I think that the math on that and I didn't figure the math on the earlier figure. It's a good one hundred twenty that are meeting in the upper room. If the population one hundred eighty million it was not that's high. But you'll still get the point. That would be one Christian. To one point four million. One Christian to one point four million. Can you believe what they were facing. It probably was eighty million probably one Christian data hundred thousand explosive growth in X.. I mean the Holy Spirit is poured out in the unbelievable happens when you look at the Book of Acts Acts two verse forty one. Than those who gladly received his word were baptized. And that day about three thousand souls were added to them in action. Chapter two they woke up in the morning with one hundred twenty Christians. Went to sleep that night. And there were three thousand that were baptized. You come to X. four verse four read it with me. However many of those who heard the word. Believed. And the number of men came to be about five thousand. So about five thousand were baptized in Acts Chapter four by Acts Chapter four which is just a few months after Pentecost. You have now. At least fifteen thousand be leavers. At least fifteen thousand. Something unusual is taking place here in the book of Acts. Actually Chapter six verse seven. The Word of God spread. The number of disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem. And a great many priests were obedient to the faith. Will hear you have something new occurring. Up until this time. Hundreds and thousands were baptized. Now you have a great many of the priests the religious leaders are being baptized they're becoming Christians. Bringing their whole Jewish congregations with them. So. Actually after two three thousand are baptized Acts Chapter four five thousand are baptized that chapter six. The Word of God is spreading. Number disciples are multiplying. And many priests religious leaders are coming into the faith. One. Roman writer wrote this. He said You're everywhere. Referring to the Christians. You're in our armies. You're in our navies. You're in our Senate you're in our market places in rather to flee a short time. Through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God's work. Went forward putting the younger was the governor of Bethenny on and he wrote about the spread of Christianity. And he said this. For many of every age of every social class. Even of both sexes are being called to trial and will be caught that is many Christians of every age many of every social class Christians. Even of both sexes male and females that being called to trial it will be called. Nor cities alone but villages and even rural areas have been invaded by the infection. Of this superstition that's Christianity. So here you have plenty of the younger is the governor of Bethany who writes to the governor and he says to the governor. Christianity is spreading so rapidly that seems every area has been invaded by the infection. Of this superstition. Christianity. Under the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God did more than one could possibly imagine and or think possible to Tilly and who is a Roman lawyer wrote this. Nearly all of the citizens of all the cities that's in his province. Are Christians. How could this happen. You know I am often asked. How in the world. Can we ever expect to see God's work on earth. Finish. More people are being born. That are being warned. How could it be possible for a small group. Like Seventh Day Adventist to believe that God is going to mightily finish his work through this movement. When I look at the Book of Acts and see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of The Book of Acts and see God move so powerfully so dramatically so incredibly. When I see that small group of one hundred twenty. Believe hers that met in the upper room. Big filled with the spirit. Committed to Christ. Going out and sharing Jesus. I recognize that he did it once and he can do it again. I recognize the same ward. The poor doubt his spirit from the holy place of the sanctuary. Can pour out His Spirit from the most holy place. And that he himself. Can finish his work and Acts Chapter nine we see something quite interesting here in Acts nine. You remember the Apostle Paul is converted. That makes a major difference the Gospel goes to the Gentiles and Acts chapter ten. Peter has that vision. Preaches. As well to Cornelius a Roman leader is baptized. And rather than building. Large churches in a few geographical centers. The disciples planet churches and communities throughout the Mediterranean world. The Bible talks about churches being multiplied Acts nine first thirty one. Let's read it together. Then the churches throughout all due to Galilee. And some area. Had peace and were edified and walking in the fear of the Lord. In the comfort of the Holy Spirit. They were multiplied. What is the antecedent. What was what was multiplied here. What was it. Then the what churches. So here you have a church planting movement. Churches are edified that's their built up. But here the churches are being multiplied. I praise God for Advantage churches that have a vision. When they get to two hundred to fifty three hundred they say. We've got a plan a church in a neighboring community. It is this church pie entity that keeps the church. Vibrant and alive. Members that are saying. We have a mission to fulfill. For Christ. There is no genuine revival. Without a corresponding evangelistic outreach and that's what you see in the book of Acts. You see prayer. You see bible study and you see outreach. The closer you draw to Christ in prayer. The more you long to share his love with others. The more you study the Word. And that word burns in your heart. The more you want to share. The word with others. And the more you are involved in a vandalism and sharing the word. The more you're involved in witness. The more you want to pray. The more you pray the more you want to witness in the more you witness the more you want to pray. The more you study the word the more you want to share it. And the more you share at the more you want to study the word God himself was moving in the book of Acts. X. twelve first twenty four of the Word of God grew and multiplied. God's Word went forth throughout the Mediterranean world. In F. assistant kolache a glacier in Corinth and Fessler Nika in Philip high in Rome. What do you notice about those names on the board. They were all major cities. The disciples did not flee from the Chicago's the New York's The Los Angeles is the Miami's. They didn't flee from the great cities the Atlantis. Of their time. The Paris. The London's. The some Palos in Panama cities and so forth. They the disciples went into the major population base is committed to Christ. Armed with the spirit of Christ. Cities were moved by God in collage in chapter one verse twenty three this remarkable statement is made. Cautions was written about thirty to thirty five years after the outpouring of the spirit in the book of Acts. The Gospel which you heard Paul said was preached every creature under heaven. And I can't explain that statement but I believe that God. Moved. So dramatically that the Gospel. That you heard or was preached to every creature. Under Heaven. The need was great the time was right. They met their conditions. And God fulfilled his promise. Just as God raised up the New Testament Christian church. And just that is the New Testament Christian church raised up out of disappointment and failure on their knees pray to receive the Holy Spirit. And the Gospel went to the then own world. So after the disappointment of eight hundred forty four God raised up a man by the name of William Miller in the Advent movement was to touch the world with the power of God. The disappointment of Calvary and eighty third thirty one eighty led them to you military confession repentance and deep soul searching. The cross prepare them for Pentecost. Trusting in the promise of their resurrected ward. So their disappointment prepared them for Pentecost. Will Pentecost be repeated in this generation. Will God raise up a generation of young people and adults. Out of the disappointment of eighteen forty four. To proclaim his message to the end of the earth and we might even ask how can Pentecost be repeated. God did the impossible in the first century. And here is the incredible good news. He is going to do it again. God is going to do the seemingly impossible again. Testimony's five seven page thirty three all of the the Apostles did. Every church member today is to do that statement is amazing. All that the Apostles did. Every church member today is to do and we are to work with this much for to be accompanied by the Holy Spirit is much greater measure. As the increase of wickedness demands a more decided call to repentance is the world today. More a sinful and wicked that it was two thousand years ago. If indeed it is. And it is that calls for as much greater measure of only spirit. And the promise is God is going to give that measure of the spirit to us. When you think about what happened in the New Testament God delivered. Men and women from demons. God moved powerfully and miracles were wrought God moved to the outpouring of His Holy Spirit. And as the result of that. Hundreds thousands became Christians. Great Conover see paid six eleven six twelve. Reading together. Let's read. The great work of the gospel is not to close with the last manifestation of the power of God that marked its opening. Isn't this what God calls us to be crying for. Isn't this what God calls us to be pleading for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In a marked way to finish his work on earth. The Zachariah Chapter ten verse one says. Asks the Lord for rain in the time of the Latter Rain Is this the time of the Latter Rain. Are we living in that time. We are and what is the commission from heaven. Asked the Lord for rain in the time of a lot of rain. The Lord to make flashing clouds he'll give the showers of rain. Grass in the field for everyone. So the invitation is that groups of young people and groups of adults. On their knees crying out to God God. Send us the power of the Latter Rain. Now. The early rain came to germinate. The seed. Once the seed began to grow. The latter rain. Was poured out. So the harvest. Would be reaped. Now. Some people have said they haven't understood the agricultural psycho. Of Israel and they thought that the early rain would be poured out in the spring in the latter rain in the form not quite so many Israel. In Israel what would happen would be. Grain would be pioneered probably in early September Issue or so and the early rain would would be flow down in about October. The crops would grow. Latter raid more toward the spring time. And the harvest of grain would be reaped other crops would be so during this time as well. The early rain germinates. So the early rain poured out in the day of Pentecost. Was a miniature of what's going to happen in the mighty power of the Latter Rain. At in time. The early rain. Germinated. The seed of the gospel. And the gospel was spread. Rain is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The latter rain will be poured out in abundant. Measure. The Holy Spirit will come with mighty power. And at at N. time. God has a divine timetable. Christ was baptized. On time. Christ was crucified on. Christ ascended to heaven. On time he resurrected on time you send it to Evan and. And Jesus and again. Will has a divine timetable. This is the time of the Latter Rain. Jesus poured out the only spirit in early rain power. On time to launch the Christian church where living in the time of the lot of rain. A time to be seeking God. A time to open our hearts. Ellen White puts it this way. The dispensation in which we are now living is to be to those that ask. The dispensation of the Holy Spirit. Ask for his blessing. It's time we were more intense in our devotion to us is committed the arduous but happy glorious work a revealing Christ to those who are in darkness. We are called to proclaim the special truths for this time for all this the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is essential. We should pray for it the world expects us to ask you we've not been whole hearted in the work. Would it be an exciting thing. If young people in their school in their academy in their college. Young people go to secular universities gather together with administrations wouldn't be in a credible exciting thing. If once a week twice a week young people were gathering together to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. You know my wife and I have seen something really miraculous happen over the last couple of years. The church in which we go. Has had about thirty members for many many years. But we've seen in the last two or three years that church. Now. Every Sabbath there are between ninety one hundred people there. But you know if you would go to that church. At eight thirty on Sabbath morning you'd find people praying that the Holy Spirit would be poured out that God will send people to the church. People driving by see the sign have been coming in the other day. And we're building a new church I told some of you about it earlier. We're building what we call the Living Hope Seventh-Day Adventists Community Church. My wife and I moved into this community. About six years ago. There was no Seventh Day Adventist Church. Immediately in the community so we went to a church about twenty five minutes away. That church is now joining us in our community. But my wife began walking by a piece of property in our community. And it said this piece of property is set aside for a church to be built upon. It's a new community and they set aside three piece of property for churches one had already been built our community has about ten thousand people in the community. But we have about one hundred thousand people within twenty five miles of our community maybe a hundred fifty thousand so it's a great of Angela's the territory. Not a lot of had been a sleeping in that whole area. Would my wife walk by this property. She didn't say much to me she saw the sign church site for sale. And she began to pray on this property. Asking God for the outpouring of the Spirit. Upon this community and asking God that this church could. This property could someday be a house the seventh happened church in a training center. After a while and it's quite a long story saw a brief but after a while. She talked to me about it and. God began to bring in some funding we contacted the folk that own that property. And they showed us a different piece of property right in the center of Market Square. And it was really a miracle how we got this property right. In the center of Market Square not the one she prayed on. But one. Not far from it. And one much much better than that. And God began to bring in funds. We began to. Then think about building. And our project was a four point four million dollars project or about two hundred fifty thousand dollars from completing the project now. And got as brought in funds ten dollars here twenty dollars here and more. It's just amazing. And we'll have now a church. An evangelist a training center. And our eventual stick training center is different it's not like for six months nine months. We recognize that many students are going to school. And we have a pastor is that we're going to target we specifically for pastors for lay people for young adults. We only have classes like for one week. And we concentrate on that one week unlike every other month about six weeks a year we focus on our classes and we study the Bible together study. Everything from health of vandalism to prophecy to small groups and so forth. Well. I was down in our building our building is being built now it will open in March with our own church. And then we'll have our dedication in April and so I was there the other day and this just is an indication of how the Holy Spirit works. The church was being built and I was standing in the parking lot with some young people telling them about the facility. And I saw a lady walk by and some of our young people went up to talk to this lady and they signal me and I came over and I began talking to her. And I could tell from her accent that she wasn't from the United States. And I'm fairly good with accents so I can usually guess but I in my mind I couldn't guess I knew she was Asian but I didn't know where she came from. And I had no idea so I said to her. Would you mind telling me what country. Are you what were you born in. And she looked at me and I wouldn't say a thing. She said she was kind of rude in fact. And I couldn't figure it out I said I thought it was a simple question. So I asked her again would you mind telling me what country you were born him. And she didn't say anything she said I take a walk here often and just I thought I was kind of strange and we talked and talked and talked and talked some more. And pretty soon I sort of prejudice beginning melting which when's this church going to open I said Well. It's going to open in March and do we have a dedication April and we talked a little bit more. And then she looked up at me and this is what she said she said I am a Muslim. Born in the country of Afghanistan. But I no longer believe in Islam. And I was walking down this road today praying for Jesus to Jesus. I don't know Jesus at all but I was praying to Jesus. Asking Jesus to work a miracle. And he says She said that I met you. And we talked in the parking lot of this church is just being built. About Christ. About how we can change people's lives. About what he can do. I said then Turk and I pray. She said sure we gathered around. These students in this Muslim woman who said she no longer believed in Islam but she was looking for for Jesus. We prayed together in that parking lot. She began to walk away. And she turned and looked at me and I will never forget. What she said she said this she said. Pastor. I was walking. Praying for a miracle. And this might be the very miracle I was praying for. And we've invited her of course to our church. No human. Genius could orchestrates that. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. And as we are praying that God will give us providential opportunities. As we are praying that God will open hearts and open minds. He is going to do much much more than that you can anticipate that in your personal life. That just what God did in the first century. That he will do again for you. Just as he use the disciples he will use you just. You may be a busy medical professional in your office God's going to give you divine opportunities. You may be a student at University God's going to give you divine opportunities. You may be one who is working as a computer expert or an engineer or a mechanic or a painter or an electrician. God is going to give you opportunities you may be a housewife and God's going to give you opportunities in your neighborhood. Notice. As we pray God will do some things miraculously God's end time church has been given a special message in a special mission. And God promises. Special Power to proclaim the message and complete the mission the mission is huge but the power of God is greater than the mission. You know. NAPOLEON. Once led his men to into Egypt that's when they discovered seven hundred ninety eight there was that a stone. And as he did. The Polian took his armies. And they came to the pyramids. And as they stood before the pyramids. The Polian said this he said gentleman. The history of the agents. Is looking down upon us. The pulley and armies in front of the pyramids. Looking at the grandeur of the splendor of the magnificence of the pyramids. He said. Gentlemen the history of the ages is looking down upon us. And I would read. I would rephrase the Polian statement this way. The history of the ages. Is looking down upon an end time. Generation. Appealing to us to open our hearts. To receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the finishing of God's work on earth. No matter how much you and I want to go home God wants us to go home. Even more. The matter how much. We want to see the work of God on Earth finished. Jesus wants the work of God on earth to be finished. More. He was for the famines. The natural disasters. The crime. The terrorism. He was for that to cease. So that humanity can rise to its true destiny. Become everything that Heaven. Wants it to be. The question might though be asked. We live at the crossroads of eternity. And all heaven is looking down upon us. God is going to do exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or think acts the Apostles Page six hundred said there is nothing that the world needs so much as the manifestation through humanity of the Saviour's love. All heaven is waiting for men and women through whom God can reveal the power of Christianity all heaven is waiting for it. And the earth is looking for. God wants to do amazing things through you. Now you might be asking. How can I personally. Receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in my own life. What is the criteria to receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I want to spend the last fifteen minutes of class. Looking at some biblical principles that God Himself. Gives to us for the personal reception of the Holy Spirit. In the life is the Holy Spirit some mystical experience that. It's in some way magically comes upon us. Is God waiting for some point of time to pour out His Spirit and is that some pre-determined date on the calendar. Are there some things we can do to personal read receive the Spirit of God knows is that interesting same and Ellen White where she says. The Holy Spirit may be falling on hearts all around you but you may not notice it or recognize it. What are some very simple things that you can do this week and next week to open your heart to receive the Holy Spirit in fullness of measure. Now let me put it this way. So that nobody misunderstands. When you look at the subject of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit has a variety of functions. OK. Before you whenever a. You and I ever turn to Christ the Holy Spirit. Convicts us of sin Romans two verse four. It is the Holy Spirit that leads us to repentance. John sixteen verse thirteen and onward. When he the Spirit of truth has come he'll guides you into all truth. So before a person ever. Mentally can sense at all the Holy Spirit's working in their life. You remember what it says in a Clichy Estes three verse ten and eleven. God is put in turning in their hearts. So John chapter one Christ is the light that lights. Every man that comes into the world. Everybody born into this world is being impacted one way or another by the Holy Spirit. That doesn't mean that they have to make any consent for that. He's moving. When that individual. Yields to the prompting of the spirit the spirit comes into their life. And through the living Christ. Changes them. So repentance is a gift of God. Prompted indicted by the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit convicts us. Though his spirit guides us. Conversion is a work of the Holy Spirit. Growth in Grace is a work of the Holy Spirit. As we grow in grace. That's the Holy Spirit. That day by day reveals truth to us it's the way Spirit the guides us. So. Christians are convicted by the Spirit. Christians are converted by the Spirit. Christians are instructed by the Spirit. The infilling of the Holy Spirit is something else. It is possible. It is possible to be convicted by the Spirit converted by this spirit. Instructed by the Spirit. But yet and yet not yet field. By the Spirit. What does the Bible mean when it talks about the in the filling of the Spirit. The more you when I open our hearts to God. The more the spirit. Fills our life. Any powers our life. So as we make commitments to Christ. The spirit fills in fills us and empowers us. Just before the coming of Jesus. The Bible promises. That they'll be an outpouring of the Spirit. Proportionate to the task before us. We call that a lot of rain. So the task before us is so great the task before us is so large that the church. On Earth cannot accomplish it. So God promises. In a bun didn't. Amount of the Holy Spirit. Let's suppose that I am traveling from Louisville Kentucky to was the entrance. And let's suppose I'm traveling by car. Would it be a wise thing for me to fill up my gas tank. Before I leave. But we'll. One tank of gas. Get me from here to us Angeles. What do you think. But my tank is full but my need is what greater. However a full you are with the Holy Spirit now. However much the Holy Spirit works in the church. Now. The need to impact the world with the gospel is what. Grazer. It's greater. So the question becomes how can you and I participate in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In the latter days of versus three. Let's look at some text the eleventh. Chapter of the book of Luke Luke. The eleventh. Chapter. Luke the eleventh. Chapter in the thirteenth. Verse. If you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children. How much more. We are Heavenly Father. Give the Holy Spirit to those that has this is the egg. The A of the reception of the Holy Spirit is to ask to be on her knees saying god. Today. I want to be your man. Today I want to be your woman. But you know how weak I am and how powerless I am. Grant to me your spirit to be the person I need to be. I can't do this in my own strain. Lord. I long for the infilling of your spirit today. To be a witness to the people around me. But you know how weak I am. How incapable I am. Lord fill me with your spirit filled me with your spirit. So I can be that powerful witness you want me to be ask. Is the first step in the reception of the Holy Spirit. It's a heart that is asking. When young people together. Are seeking God and asking. And they're spraying in small groups. It makes incredible difference. As a young man living in the country of Wales. He was the son of a miner worked in the mines for many many years. But he came to recognize that he was destined to do more than simply make money in the mines. He got a small group of young people in the began to pray. And they prayed. He prayed by himself for about six years. Started when I was about fourteen fifteen years old prayed to lose twenty one twenty two by himself but he had other young people from time to time but when he was in a surly twenties he really sought God in prayer and a mighty revival broke out in whales and over one hundred thousand people were converted in a six month period. And this young man. Prayed with. Smaller prayer groups. Prayer groups have been powerful. Agencies used by God to initiate revival down through the centuries. It's one thing to pray. Yourself. But it's another thing to have a prayer group. You know Ellen White makes that statement in seven thought I am of the testimonies page twenty one and twenty two. Why do not two or three meet together and plead with God for the salvation of some special one and then still another. In your school. Are there groups of two three four five that are praying together. In your office do you pray together in your church do you pray together. As small groups meet together and pray. Seeking the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God will do some amazing things for the first a is is ask. As we are asking. The second aspect of all of this is praying Psalm fifty one. I pray Psalm fifty one. Often as we're praying and asking God for the spirit and asking him for power of the Holy Spirit in witness. I often pray Psalm fifty one often I lie on my bed and pray some fifty one some fifty one starting with verse seven. I shared with some of you how to pray. Through the Psalms. And let me share that again for those of you who have may have missed it or I didn't go into detail in. Somebody asked me after class this morning about praying through the Psalms. When I pray to God that is my. I am talking to God. When I read the word. God is talking to me. There is nothing that delights God more than my talking to God. Back through his own words. There are different kinds of Bible study. There is some kind of Bible study where you study to learn information. Sometime I'm writing a book. And I'm studying to learn information to write that down. But that's not sufficient to nourish the soul. There's some kind of study that I'm doing. When I'm studying for a sermon. And all of that is good but there is also devotional study where the only reason for your study is to know God. The only reason for your study is the come heart to heart with God. And one of the ways you can do that is by praying through the Psalms. So the Psalms become the language of the soul. To speak back to God. And as you are praying. You'll be amazed at how you sense that you're shut in with God's presence. That the Bible becomes the subject matter for your prayers. Remember Ellen White says. Says. Open the Bible and read it on your needs. What she's talking about there is a devotional life. That is focused on the word. Where the word becomes the subject matter for your prayer life so for example. Often. I will take some fifty one. For example start with verse seven. Purge me with hyssop his suppose a cleansing agency and I'll be clean. Wash me. And I'll be whiter than snow. And I will sometimes stop there and say Lord I want you to do that for me I'll be lying on my bed ward wash me wash me. My motives may not be pure. I may have selfishness I may have pride. Lord. I want to receive your Holy Spirit so wash me. And I'll be whiter than snow. Make me to hear joy and gladness. That the bones which you've broken may rejoice or to have been to joyful today because I knew that I let somebody down. I knew that I disappointed somebody else. I feel the paying of guilt and condemnation and Lord. Make me to hear that joy and gladness again. I've been broken in your presence. Hide your face for my sins blot out my iniquities. Lord please do that for me hide my your face or Mycenaeans Create in me a new heart renew a steadfast spirit in these times I waver award I'm up and down I'm not real steadfast. But war renew a right spirit in me read you a steadfast spirit. Don't cast me away from your presence Lord. Don't take your Holy Spirit from me. Lord I need your Holy Spirit. Every moment I need convicting I needed converting. So what you are doing is you're asking God for the spirit Secondly you're taking the word of God and letting the Word of God break your heart letting the Word of God speak to your heart. And talking to God back through His Word. Then I will teach transgressors your ways and sin is will be converted to you. Lord when is that going to happen. When you purge me with his ship. When you wash me when I am filled with joy when. When I know that I have a clean heart created by God then God Your I'll be able to teach transgressions your ways then sin is a going to be converted. So. Psalms becomes. Or the Psalms become your subject matter for prayer. The Psalms become the basis of repentance they become the basis of confession. You can do that with the Psalms You can also do it by meditating on the life and death of Jesus you know there are six chapters in the Bible. On the death of Christ and. If you want to reach devotional experience. That gives the Holy Spirit time to work. That opens your heart to receive the law to reign take those six chapters. It may take you two months three months to get through all six chapters but you're not. It's not a speed reading program. Here the six chapters. Some twenty two. And as you're reading them. Ask God to impress you with how your see INS hurt Jesus. The reason we sin and sin again. Is because our sins haven't hurt us and of suppose here is a hot stove. And I take my hand and I put it on a person's me. But what if I put it on it right again. What do I know. Didn't burn me enough. Right. Because it burns me enough what am I not going to do. I'm not going to put it on again right. The reason we sin and sin again. Is because we don't understand the cost of sin to Jesus and the pain that that brings to him. So I'm praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I'm asking God to help me repent of my selfishness. I'm asking. I'm talking to God through His Word. And at times I'm reading about what Christ went through for me and asking him to break my heart. Over what he went through for me. So here are the six chapters. Some twenty two. Isaiah fifty three. Matthew twenty six and seven together. I link them together as one unit. So some point to Isaiah fifty three. Matthew twenty six and twenty seven. Mark fourteen. We check for just a second if I want to include fifteen as some time you know the chapter doesn't quite. And you need both chapters to get the complete story. But you just look at Mark fourteen for a minute here. So you want to look again at. Yes. Mark fourteen and fifteen. Mark fourteen and fifteen. Then you look at Luke Chapter twenty three. And John Chapter nineteen. So let me repeat those six units of chapters again. You look at some twenty two. Isaiah fifty three. Matthew twenty six and twenty seven. Mark. Fourteen and fifteen. Luke twenty three. And John nineteen. Take time with those chapters. Now what is going to happen to you when you read those chapters. Zachariah tells us. The Zachariah Chapter thirteen elastics for the day. Zachariah Chapter thirteen. And we're going to look there at what happens to us. Zachariah thirteen. In that day. A fountain it will be open verse one for the House of David. In the end happened in switcheroo slim For seen in unclean this. In that day. A fountain will be open. What is that fountain it's the fountain of grace back to saccharine at twelve and verse ten. What will God do for the House of David. As we come to the cross. And I will. Poor on the House of David on the habitants of Jerusalem. The spirit of grace and supplication. They will look on me whom they have pierced. And they will mourn for him as one mourns for his only son and grieve for him as one agrees for the first born. What happens we will keep the cross. When we look at the one we pierced and see what our sins of done to Jesus. We mourn. Because of that sin and turn away from it. When will the Holy Spirit. Be poured out in abundant power. On a group of admonition young people and adults in the administration. Only spittle be poured out. When we long for heaven. What we long for Earth. When we long for the things we turn a team more than we long for the things of time. When we will all. To police Jesus more than we want to please ourselves. When we long to live for him. Rather than longing to live for ourselves. When we when this world becomes so distasteful to us. That is what Jesus wants. That's my desires not your desire. Let's stay in and pray. The Father in heaven. The desire of our heart is to see you face to face very soon to be an eternity with you not simply for our sake but for your sake. Not only did you come to the cross. The bear the guilt and shame of sin. Not only did it brings pain to your heart now. So Father grant to us. This sense of longing for eternity. Open our hearts to receive the outpouring of the Latter Rain. May we seek for it. We sense that what you did in the New Testament can be done again. And we just pray that your accomplish that. Through us. We pray that soon your work would be finished and that Jesus would we could go home to heaven with you. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference in Louisville Kentucky. Supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered. Console winning Christian to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online. G Y C web.


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