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5. Summary of 1 and 2

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 1, 2016
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference. Cold. Chosen in the oval Kentucky for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org Father in heaven. We just want to thank you for the gift of life. There are many who have woken up this morning in hospital beds. There are some in war torn. The so in those. There are some who experience. Natural disaster. Whose homes have flooded. There are others who have experienced. Displacement they're refugees. But you have let us in pleasant passions. We are here at this G Y C conference and. We've eaten well. And we're warm. And Lord we don't deserve. These mercies. But we thank you and as much as you have smiled upon us. We are in debt to others to share your grace. And your of your goodness. Help us to be ever mindful that the good things of life come from you and ever mindful that we are your children to serve to bless others who are less fortunate in Christ name a man. We tell little bit about our seminar. Yesterday I did four sessions. And some of you were here. And I notice you've come back for a second dose. And so welcome. Again. We are going to summarize kind of what we did in the first in second seminar yesterday. And then tomorrow. And it will summarize what we have done in the third and fourth. Seminar So this is really a summary of the two seminars are a seminar isn't titled remnant advantage. The Bible uses the term remnant both in the old A New Testament. And the question we need to really raise at the beginning is. When Seventh Day Adventists peak about the fact of the ram that we talk about the seventh heaven is churches the remnant church. Is that any lead to stick to her. Is that a term of arrogance and pride. Is it something akin to a cult mentality where the code says we are the faithful ones and everybody else who does not think like we are is not faithful and they're all lost. When you look at the term. Remnant in the Bible. It's not any elitist. Term. At a wall. It rather is a term that describes a people who are faithful and loyal to God we're going to go through the New Testament through the Old Testament look at that concept that idea of the remnant. In fact Seventh Day Adventist do not believe that those who have not yet accepted the Adventist message are lost in any way. We believe that there are faithful Muslims and Hindus and a variety of those who have different Christian persuasions. In fact when you look at Revelation eighteen. And it talks about the fall of Babylon it says come out of her who my people. And what did Jesus say he said many sheep I have that are not of this fold. But them I must also gather in. When Seventh Day Adventists talk about the term. The remnant they're talking about in the biblical concept. And so we want to look at a dent to T. is a dent to the important is a Dennehy important. Is who you are yourself. Understanding is that important. If Seventh-Day Adventists believed that we were simply one of a thousand. Religious denominations. On the landscape of history. And that all of those the nominations were essentially the same. Would that impact. Our mission. Would it impact our Of Angeles to proclamation. It really would. Because if you take away this passion of a unique. Movement. Raised up by gone to. And if you take away this passion that fuels our people sending out missionaries to the end of the earth. If what we say. Makes a little difference or has a little significance. If I had been a source employee one of a multitude of religious denominations on the landscape of religious history. If that is true which it is not. But if it were true. That would seriously impact our entire mission. So yourself a dented to be who you understand yourself to be makes all the difference in your mission in proclamation. Why would a person. Make a decision to leave their job working on the Sabbath and risk. Not being able to pay their mortgage or risk. Not being able to pay their car payment. Simply to join a church that was like every other church. They would make that risk would that. But understand that God has a people today who he has raised up uniquely makes all the difference. When we talk about the remnant. The text that's most often comes to mind is founded what book of the Bible. What book of the Bible is the text that we usually quote For the record. Where is that found revelation. What chapter. Chapter twelve what verse seventeen this is a good call as I can see that already. Revelation the twelve chapter the seventy verse to will begin there. We won't stay there very long at the beginning we will come back to it a little later. Revelation the twelfth chapter you're looking there at verse seventeen. Now. The various translations of the Bible. Treat this text. Differently. And I'm going to share with you. One of the real significant difference is. Which is kind of a mistranslation. I typically use the New King James Version of the Bible because it's a little clearer. But New King James is not good on Revelation twelve or seventeen. And I'll share with you why as we go on in our study. King James is a better translation as are a number of other translations with Revelation twelve verse of Indian sets. The dragon. Who's that the dragon who is that Satan was enraged with the woman what's in a rage to mean pleasant happy. Cheerful. Angry. So the dragon Satan is angry with the woman who's the woman. The church in Revelation how many women are there. There are two. There's the woman of Revelation twelve of the woman of Revelation seventeen. There is the bride of Jesus who is faithful to Christ. And then there's the Harlot. Woman who's apostatized and drifted from her true love her and committed. Spiritual fornication with the world. So Revelation you have Revelation is a series of two says you have contrast into so you have the mark of the beast in the seal of God. You have the city of Babylon the city of Jerusalem. You have the Bride of Christ and you have the harlot woman. You have the harvest of gold and grain in the harvest of Cory grapes in the Book of Revelation. Throughout Revelation It's this book of contrasts. And so here we see the dragon Satan. Angry with the woman the church. He goes to make war. Now here is where the New King James doesn't give us the best translation and says with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God in the FOR have the testimony of Jesus. How does anybody have a King James Version of the Bible here. If you do. Rather than a rest of her offspring. What does the King James A. The remnant of her seed. So the New King James substitutes. Rest for RAM net. Is there a difference there is a major difference. When you look at the word. Rest. It's something that simply left over for example my wife cooks peas. And there are too much. Piece and she has. So we put peas in the refrigerator that's the rest they're left over. OK that's the left over. I'm out some time left over is a pretty good would you eat them but sometimes they are not quite as good sometimes left over to spoil right. The remnant concept in the Bible is much larger than the rest. The first time we find RAM that. In the Bible is in the book of Genesis it's the first time the word is used. And you go back to Genesis Chapter forty five and verse seven. And in Genesis forty five we're going to spend time in the Old Testament. Looking at this word. Remnant trying to discover how the Bible uses the word. And then we're going to at the end of our class or toward the end the last third apply of that. To today's church. Eyes. A Genesis forty five and you're looking there at Genesis forty five verse seven. This is the story of Joseph. And you remember Joseph went from his home. To being betrayed by his brother is he ended up in the pit. That he went to the palace. They went to the prison that he went to the palace and Joseph. In Egypt became a prime minister of Egypt next to Faroe. And there. During the seven years of plenty. Joseph had each ship store grain. And the seven years of famine. Took place. And when Genesis forty five was recorded we are two years into the famine. And so in Genesis forty five and what your eyes drop down to verse five six and seven. Joseph's brothers come to him. And as they do Joseph is explaining to his brothers. What has happened during the time of the famine. So Genesis forty five first five. But now do not therefore be grieved nor angry with yourselves because you sold me here. For God sent me before you to preserve life. Was Joseph bitter and angry because of the treatment of his brother it's did Joseph. Live his life filled with resent him and because of what his family did to it. There are people here process of Lee and classed whose parents have gone through divorce. Who do don't have the greatest relationship with family members. Maybe a brother a sister and anger doesn't solve the problem. Joseph recognized that God was bigger than the circumstances of his life. We serve a God that is a lot bigger a lot greater a lot larger than the events that happen to us in life. And so Joseph knew that Joseph understood that. And you get back to Genesis Chapter forty five. When you looking at verse six and seven. For these two years now the famine was to be for seven years. These two years the famine has been in the land. And there are still five years in which there will be neither power in your harvesting. Now verse seven is interesting. God sent me before you to preserve a POS there at the for you in the earth. And to save your lives by a great deliverance this. Anybody have a not their word in your translation for posterity. God sent me before you to preserve a posterity anybody have another way. And what remnant what translation are you using King James OK. A remnant. Now the word here. And this is very critical in understanding the remnant. The word here in the Hebrew language is the word shoddy. Can you say that with me. Shoddy shoddy is use fifty five times in the Old Testament to describe the remnant. So what is the remnant. The remnant is the posterity. The remnant has the spiritual D N A of the original. So the remnant in the Old Testament. Are a group of people that have the spiritual D N A of the original. So Joseph to say. God has sent me here to preserve a POS Parent to another words. So that all of the. Israel the chosen people of God will not die. Of the famine. We will preserve the seed. So when you are thinking about the remnant think not about kind of a bull to cough that we've sometimes used in evangelism that's OK. But it's not the most accurate. That we've cut off. Think about a living breathing organism. Think about D.N.A. think about genetics. You know. If somebody took a picture of your mother when she was seventeen and a picture of you when you were seventeen. Would there be any similarities. If somebody took a picture of your father when he was seventeen and you were so in it. Have you ever heard the expression. You're a chip off the old block. Have you ever heard that. If you're from the United States you may have as an expression you know you have this block of marble and you're just going to chip off it. You know you've got the eyes of your mother. You know you've got the temperament of your mother. You have the disposition of your father. You've got the hair texture of your father the. The skin tone of your father you got the eyes you act it. You know the other day. It was really funny. My wife is seventy one years old and. Likewise yours truly I mean my sody first year. You know I had a funny thing happened to me. I had tapes and it is written television programs twenty years ago. And they showed them on television and a lady wrote me a letter and she said. The A Pastor Mark. You don't look any different than you did twenty years ago. We were back and said yeah that program was taped twenty years ago. But you know. My wife is going to run a marathon she ran last year. Twenty six miles. Point two at seventy years old she came third in her age bracket she ran in Florida. And many thousand people running that marathon. And so my daughter. This year is going to run with my wife in the marathon. And so they were training. They were going to run like one Day thirteen miles to practice for this marathon. And so I said Look let me take some pictures of you so when they went out to train they both started to run. My wife had her left hand. Down. Her right hand up. And when I took the picture with out. Choreographing it. The pose of my wife. In the pose of my daughter. The way they were running was exactly the same. That's D.N.A. in the book a revelation. Starting in Genesis Chapter forty five or seven. The remnant have the D.N.A.. They have the spiritual characteristics. They have the the characteristics of faithfulness to go out. Now in the Old Testament this what you find God does three things with his remnant will show you that he preserves his remnant. He pardoned his ram that he purifies his rabbit. So that he can empower his rabbit. For mission. He does three things. He always preserves the remnant. He always pardons the remnant the OIS impact he always purifies the remnant. And he always empowers the remnant from mission. Next tax were turning to. And I'm so glad you have your Bible and I know if you using your i Phone you are not texting you're looking at the text. I see a chapter ten. We're looking at verse twenty to twenty two. And once you understand the remnant in the Old Testament. The Book of Revelation becomes a live. Many people do not understand Revelation because they have not studied the Old Testament deeply so they don't understand the illusions. There are four hundred and four full tax or partial tax from any Old Testament. In the book of revelation alone. For it for us. We're looking at the book of Isaiah. Were studying the remnant the Old Testament so we better understand the remnant revelation. Isaiah Chapter ten. Verse twenty to twenty two. God does three things with the remnant. He preserves them. And in the Old Testament. You've got famine. You've got disaster. You have war. And in that disaster famine and war. God's always preserving his remnant preserving a posterity. That are faithful to him that revealed his grace and glory to the world. Isaiah Chapter ten verse twenty to twenty two. It's YOUR come to pass. Now this is talking about Syria. And it's talking about the attacks on Israel. The judgments on the Syria. And then it talks about God. Preserving a remnant that D.N.A. that spiritual genetic characteristics are of his people are preserved. I see a ten. Verse twenty. If you come to pass in that day that the remnant of Israel and such as have a scaped from the house of Jacob will never again depend on him who defeated them. But will depend on the ward. The Holy One of the Israel in truth. The read that will return. The remnant of Jake up to the mighty God for though your people Israel be as the land of the sea yet a remnant of them were returned the destruction to Creech Open Flow with righteousness. For the Lord God of hosts will make a determined. And in the midst of all the land. What's that saying. A Syria. Had attacked Israel. But God. Mood to preserve a ram net. Who he led from the destruction that took place with the Syria. Back to true worship in Jerusalem. So what do we find about the remnant here. We find that God had a people that he would lead from apostasy. To Jerusalem to establish true worship a profile of the rabbit is coming. You see who your identity. Makes all the difference. Who you who you walk. If Seventh Day Adventists are simply another religious denomination on the landscape of religion. Why again. Would we fuel. MISSION TO GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. But if indeed the D.N.A. characteristics of God's people throughout the ages are manifest within the advantage. Her church. If as God has preserved his people and pardon him and purified them in the Old Testament. If he wanted to empower them to make a major difference. Around the world if that was God's indeed intent. With Old Testament Israel. And if he has a remnant again. That he pardoned surrendered again that he purifies the wren and again the preserves. If indeed he has a people that we he will empower by His Spirit to go to the ends of the earth. Then this movement is the most exciting movement history the world. There is nothing more exciting than being part of the seventh heaven a shirt being part of an A and A dentity. You know I have preached the i've been smashed his now for fifty years. A stood on many of the great platforms of the world including an Olympic Stadium in by in a Port Moresby pup who get it were one hundred thousand people came many political officials to are of Angeles to meetings in Kremlin in Moscow a variety of Eastern European countries and London and so forth. In different places around the world. And I'm always thrilled to preach the admin to smash it for one basic reason. When I study scripture I recognise that God has raised up an entire movement. That is unique that is to preserve his truth. And to reveal his character. To the Ends of the earth. And so looking at the Old Testament that's what we find in the God who preserves the remnant the God part of the realm the God the purifies the remnant understanding this will make a big difference we come to Revelation. Take your bible please and turn to Isaiah thirty seven. And they have thirty seven. And you're looking there. Again at verse thirty one and thirty two. Isaiah thirty seven verse thirty one and thirty two and. This is talking about again in Syria. It's talking about snack or who come. Is to attack and destroy God's people. And it shows God's response to them. And again. Look at the A thirty one thirty seven. As they are thirty seven thirty one and thirty two. And the rim that who have a scape of the house of Judah shall take root. Downward. And bear fruit. Upward for out of Jerusalem. Shall go. A remnant of God's remnant is rooted. They take root. Downward. What's that mean they are rooted in his word. Rooted in his love. Rooted in his character. So here. The remnant in Isaiah thirty seven have roots. If you have a tree. A plant that springs up rapidly with a few roots. When the wind comes when the sun shines. It often destroys the point. God talks about the revenue. Here at the remnant. They have deep roots in His Word. Deep Roots of faithfulness deep roots of commitment. Deep Roots of loyalty. So they have. They grow downward. But notice what it also says. In the text about the remnant verse thirty one. The revenue to escape of the house of Judah. Show again take root downward and bear fruit. Upward. The deeper. Your roots down. Word. The more fruit. You bear upward. So the remnant have been preserved by God. From the idolatry of the culture around them. The ram that have stood out and been willing to be different. They've made character decisions. Who are these random act. They stand. Apart from the idolatrous of Babylon. They stand apart from the sun worshippers of Babylon. They stand apart from the him or ality a babbling. They are not partying on New Year's Eve in the hotel lobby. They're not riding elevators with bottles of beer in their hand it Wian in their glasses. They recognize that they have a higher calling a GREAT her destiny. They have roots down the word. They're rooted in God's word. They are rooted in Christ. They are rooted in a unique message for and and they grow. They bear fruit. They witness. They bear fruit into way. It's the fruits of the spirit of love joy peace in the long suffering are manifest in their lives and secondly they bear fruit in witnessing. Who are these remnant in the Old Testament they are the city. They are they have the D.N.A.. They are a corporate whole Israel who God calls out for a special purpose and a special function. They are to preserve a knowledge of His love and grace and goodness. Now when you come to Micah. The fourth chapter. And your bible turned to Micah. We have God's activity in among this people who he's called out. Micah the fourth chapter. Now in the Bible. And the Old Testament. You have two types of profits the major prophets in the minor profits. Why the major profits major is because their message is more important than the minor profits. So the minor profits we can ignore right the major props we have to concentrate on because one of major one of minors that's true. On a piano do you have major notes in minor No it's now I don't know anything about music so some is going to help me here. I just thought about that off the top my head. You've got major don't survive you know it so that in a piano. So the minor no children of the play just play the major ones right. To the minor notes of the major Not yet. So in the I don't know about the piano but know about the Bible in the manger profits. You see. It's not that they have a major message in the mind of props and my name is not at all major prophets writings are longer minor prophets writings are shorter. Now here's an interesting thing about those minor prophets though. Or is the major prophets often make predictions regarding Israel the minor profits. Often certainly speak to Israel but often they speak. Focus on last days of verse history. And so I want you to go over to Mike of the fourth chapter it's very interesting this many allusions. Both in the major minor profits to shoot. To the history of Israel but also there are parallels with in time. So you're looking at Mike in the fourth chapter. As we study this this concept of the remnant. Mike a chapter for. You're looking at first six. Through eight. Micah four Verse six through it in that day says the Lord. I will assemble the lame. I will gather the outcast. In those who might of flicked it. And I will make the lame. A remnant. And the outcast. A strong nation. So the Lord will reign over them in Mount Zion. For now on even forever O.-U. O.T. power of the flock. The strongholds of the daughter of Zion. To you would shout come. Even the former Dominion shall come the kingdom of the daughter as I am. What is this talk about the former dominion. Israel that had ben in apostasy. Would experience. A revival. And God would lead a remnant. He would lead a people out of Egypt. Eventually would lead them through the wilderness. Eventual he lead them into the Promised Land. So the first Domania. That is the plan of God that Israel be a light of the world would be accomplished by God That was his his design that was his purpose for Israel. Just as God let Israel out of Egypt. And Israel wandered in the wilderness. But a remnant of those from the wilderness experience what into the Promised Land. So God let a paper on out of spiritual Egypt. Raised up a divided movement that have would have the spiritual characteristics. And the D. and A of his original faithful men and women. And he would lead them through the wilderness. Into the ultimate promised land. And the DEFER still minion would be restored. With the Earth made new and a new heavens and a new Earth and eat it would be made over that would be the first to many and. But the expression that I'm very interested in here. Is this because this clears up a great number of misunderstandings. The remnant are not some spiritual elite. They are not some super a holy perfectionistic people. But notice what scripture sands. I will assemble. Verse six of the lame. I will gather the outcast. Have you ever felt that you were spiritually lame. That you really wanted to overcome the impurity but you fell and fell again. You really wanted to come over come. Impatiens unkindness. But you fell in fill again. You feel that you've been bruised and that you're lame you look back over your past life and you're in your twenty's and you see things and things you did in your late teens. And you wonder whether God can use you. Because of the bruises. The lameness. If anybody was an outcast you feel you were the outcast. You went to an admin to school. But things didn't resonate in your heart mind you did some things you look back on now you wish you wouldn't have done. You went to a secular university and. And your for early years of that university you got involved in the party crowd you're just coming to G Y C and coming back. I have incredible good news for you. The message to the remnant. Is this. God says I'm gathering the lame. I'm gathering the broken. I'm gathering the bruised. I'm gathering those that have failed I'm gathering the week. I'm gathering the me and to an end time movement. And by my grace. I'm going to change their lives I'm going to heal their hurts. You say talk about lame and this I have felt cripple since I was a young child because my family was so dysfunctional. God loves to take the lame. He loves to take the out. Asks. He loves to take those who feel hopeless and give them hope. Those who feel weak. He loves to give them story. Those to feel ignorant. He loves to show them the way. Who are the remnant. They are a group of men and women young people just like you just like me who have been gathered in by the grace of God into an end time. Movement in which he'll reveal his love. Integrates through them to the world. That's who the remnant are they are those that are a faithful. That are loyal to God in this in time. We've seen that in my car. Chapter five. Chapter four. Now take your Bible and look over at Zephaniah chapter three. What do these mine a prophet speak about the end time. And time. Remnant Zephaniah. The third chapter. When we come to Revelation which we shall do this. Remnant idea. Will jump off the pages once you understand what. Indeed we are discussing now and Zephaniah chapter three. You're looking here at verse fourteen. Zephaniah three verse fourteen and onward to verse seventeen. Have your Bible and seven I have three. Verse fourteen to seventy. Single daughters Zion shout who owed. Israel. Big Adam rejoice with all your heart. This is happy joyful. Rejoicing. Old daughters I am. Why the Lord has taken away your judgments. There is no condemnation to those there in Christ Jesus who are the remnant. They are the seed. They are the D.N.A. of the original. They are those that God has preserved. They are those that God has called out. They are those that are faithful to God He has taken away the judgment. There is no condemnation. Now to those there in Christ Jesus look. And it says The Lord is taking away your judgments. He's cast out your enemy who are the Remnick. They have come to Jesus Christ and Christ is triumphed over the Prince of palace and powers of hell. In their life. He has cast out the enemy. From their lives that they are not possessed by the enemy princess by Jesus. It says that I was cast not the enemy the word is taken with the judgments the king of the Israel Bill Ward is in your midst. You shall see disaster no more in that it shows be said of Jerusalem. Do not fear Zion who are designed God's people the remnant. Let not your hands be weak. Why not because God's your strength. The Lord your God in your midst. The mighty one will say. He will rejoice over you with gladness who quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you. With singing. Who are these verse thirteen tells you they are the remnant of these serial who are faithful to God. When says they do know on righteousness what's not talking about. It's talking about they have a heart like Jesus had Remember in. John eight first twenty nine it says Jesus says I do always those things that please The Father and in Hebrew stand verse seven it says Lo I come in the volume of the book it's written of me to do that i will all got it your member Jesus and get seventy and Matthew twenty six. Says father not my will but I will be done. Who are the remnant. There are those that have been pardoned by Christ. Called by cries. Those who hearts want to do one thing and that's the police Christ Jesus sings over them. The expressions F N I A three. That I love is verse seventeen. The Lord your God your myths the mighty one will save you rejoice over you with gladness he'll quiet you with His Love you all rejoice over he would sing it. Jesus rejoices over those who make a commitment to be while and faithful to him. There's a lot in this world. That makes Jesus cry. Last night. My wife and I want to go for a walk because often in the evenings after we have preached or given Bible studies or taught all day. We walk I try to walk five miles a day my wife jogs with she goes with me we walk. Vote. She is a jogger. And so we were I came out of the hotel last night. New Year's Eve And I said to the. Dorman at the hotel I said look we want to go for a walk tell me where it's safe to go I don't feel like getting mugged. Tonight. And he said if you go left you walk out a couple blocks it'll probably be safe there to go he said but you just have to watch out for one thing as if it's just one thing that's not too bad what's the one thing. He said the drunks. He said this is New Year's Eve and they can be drunks all over the streets and just watch out that you know get hit by some drunks. And I just comment I said well I'm not worry about the drugs because they can't run and I can. And so anyway. We went out on the street. And we walked probably for ten minutes. And we knew that wasn't the place we wanted to be. And I've thought about it a great deal. Human beings created in the image of God. With Destiny. That is incredibly high with the Norman's potential. Yet. Thinking that the essence of joy in life is to go out and get wasted on New Year's Eve and get drunk and wake up the next morning with a hangover. And not wait to be able to do it again. And I thought. As God looks down on this scene. I wonder if God is crying. I wonder if God is sweeping I wonder if there's a tear in God's eyes. Has anybody ever said to you. How's your day going. Has anybody ever said that to you how was your day going. Have you ever said to God. How's your day going. Have you ever got up in the morning and said God I just wonder. I go to bed at night got hot your day go today. If God could talk to you and you asked God. How was your day going today. How would your day go God. What do you think God would say. I think God would say to me mark my day went rough today. I was with millions of Syrian refugees that had little to eat. All created in the image of God. Homeless shaking in the European cold. Fleeing from oppressive regimes. I was with children. On the continent of Africa. Born with age. I.V. AIDS positive. Who have just a few years to live. I was with where every woman whose husband got drunk and came home and smashed her in the face and broke her nose. I was with every baby. It was born deformed. I was with every mother who held the baby in her hands. The first child born dead. I was with every victim of war in Iraq. Those oppressed by oppressive regimes and prison. I was at every funeral today. And the problem arc is I've got to go through that tomorrow. Again and again and again. Do you think God ever cries. You think God ever cried. I think I hear god crying. Adam and Eve sinned. And I think I hear god crying. Israel dances around a golden calf and I think I hear god crying. And Israel apostatize And I think I hear god crying and Christ is nailed to a cross and I think I hear god crying. Is there anything though that could make Jesus happy. Is there anything that makes Jesus sing. Is there anything for the prince gladness to Jesus heart. In the context of the remnant in the context of Old Testament. Israel. That is faithful to God in the context of the grace of Christ pardoning them. In the context of God raising up an end time. People that reveal his love and share His grace. With the world. We have this marvelous statement in sacrament Zephaniah chapter three verse seventeen. The Lord your God in your midst. The mighty one will save. He will rejoice over you with the lads. He will quiet you when it's love will rejoice over you with thinking. When young people commit their lives to Christ. Joy fills his soul. In a world of sorrow. When God gathers together and last day. Graham that who are loyal and faithful to him. And when they focus on mission to share his love with the world. Jesus think I know this. Birds were made to fly and fish were made to swim and human beings were made to serve God. And we come to it with all of our hearts and all of our schools we gather is his last day remnant whose hearts are committed to be faithful to all of heaven sakes. I want to make have been saying don't you. I don't want to make Jesus sat don't want to hear is to flow from his eyes. I want Jesus to be God I want to sink. It when young people dedicate their lives to him to go out faithfully to him in mission. All of Heaven rejoices Old Testament remnant who are that they are those that God has preserved. They are those that God is part. They are those that God has purified. They are those that are faithful to God. They are those for whom commitment to God means everything in their life. We now go to the New Testament. ROMANS the eleventh chapter. Who are the remnant in the New Testament. And how does this put relate to an end time remnant in the Book of Revelation. ROMANS the eleventh chapter. Romans eleven describes the fact that although. Israel as a corporate nation. And I did the details but as a corporate nation. Turn from God's love and spurned his grace. That there is still in the days of Paul were many within Israel. A remnant within Israel. That at Hearts a longing for God. And so you come to Romans eleven. There are two major descriptions of the remnant in the New Testament many in the Old Testament. One is Romans eleven and the other is Revelation twelve. Romans eleven. Verse three four and five. Talking about the nation of Israel as a corporate whole not individual Israelites verse three. Romans eleven. Lord they've killed your profits torn down your altars. I'm alone left and they seek my life. That's of course you watch and speak. But what does the divine response they to him. I've reserved for myself. Seven thousand of not bowed their need to bail in other words. You lied to things he's the only one he's preparing for translation and. God says No Elijah seven thousand if not by out there need to bail. What would be another name for the seven thousand. You've got it the rabbit good. So. So another name for the seven thousand would be what the remnant So that's the context coming into first five. Now we come to verse five. Even so then at this present time Paul says. Another words New Testament. We're talking about. Forty five a deal or thereabouts. Even so at the present time after the death of Christ. There isn't a what. Remnant. According to the election of grants. And by grace there. It's no longer by works otherwise grace is not Grey's So he said. Even among them. Israel. There is this remnant those whose hearts long for God. Those that are faithful to God and God is going to preserve them. Is going to gather them in to a New Testament. Movement that only impact the world. With that background. We now go to a clear understanding of Revelation chapter twelve. When you come to Revelation Chapter twelve it can be divided into four parts. Revelation twelve. Is like four separate youtube video scenes. So when you think of Revelation twelve. You Tube. Chip Pickler short seems. You know fifteen minutes on youtube is pretty long isn't it. So if you're producing a youtube clip. How long is that clip going to be. Maybe four minutes maybe five minutes. You're not going to want to go to August. When you think of revelation from shout from verse one to verse seventeen. You have to great controversy between in first. The six thousand years of human history there about. You have that in seventeen. Verses of Scripture. So Revelation seventeen Revelation twelve. Is like for You Tube clips. So you see the first clip. Then it jumps to the second clip. Then it jumps to the third clip. Than A jumps to the fourth clip. The first video clip in Revelation twelve. The viewer is taken. And you see have at it in that clip you see a battle between good and evil. A battle between quite in say to a Star Wars conflict. And that's what it says in Revelation twelve seven to nine. It says. I saw up. I looked up into heaven. And Michael and his angels fought against the dragon is angels. And the dragon was cast out of heaven that was not a place prevail anymore for him. So see number one. Jesus wins. St Louis is battle in have that now the theme. In each of these four clips is the same. Although the scene difference. So you begin the great controversy. There's war in heaven. Lucifer wants to take over God's throne. He wants to usurp God's authority. He the creature. Wants to be worshiped. Rather than the create her. And so Lucifer is cast out of heaven. Then. Oh most two thousand years go by four thousand years go by a period of time goes by one thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand. And then you focus in on the next video clip. And the next video clip from the fall of Lucifer and have that is the birth of Christ in Revelation twelve. And you see this video clip in which sated who warned against Jesus in heaven that now wants to destroy Christ on earth a decree has passed that all male children under to be killed. And you see that video clip. But in that video clip. An Angel appears to Joseph eventually and. Jesus goes to Egypt and he's protected Jesus when state loses. That's a second video clip. Thirty feet a clip you see is a long period called the dark or Middle Ages. A period of twelve and sixty years where Satan. Tried to destroy the people of God. But again Jesus when state loses. Then you come to this fourth video clip in the end time. You've seen that a third of the angels were faithful to God in heaven. You've seen that Jesus was faithful to God. You've seen that during the middle ages. God has had a church that is faithful to him. Now you come to Revelation Chapter twelve or seventy. And the dragon. Who's that dragon again. Satan was enraged What's that mean. Angry with the woman. How many women in Revelation to what chapters are they found in. Twelve and seventeen twelve is the pure woman. The bride of Christ. The seventeen is the harlot woman. The dragon was enraged with the woman went to make what war with what the remnant of her seed who keep the commandments of God the testimony of Jesus Christ. The expression. Make war. The devil is angry with those that are faithful to God that loyally reveal his love and grace to the world. And the devil will do anything he can to destroy them. And so here you have the devil making war. This war has also brought to view in Revelation seventeen. In Revelation Chapter seventeen. A woman. The harlot. Woman. The one whose apostatize from the true faith. She has gone out. After other lovers. She rides on a beast. So when you have a woman riding on a beast the beast would represent the state. Powers. And the woman represent the fall in church powers. So you have the woman. Guiding directing the state. Powers. So they have a union of political and religious power is here in Revelation seventeen. When you come to Revelation seventeen. Verse thirteen. These are of one mind. So there is that one mindedness between the religious and political powers. They give their power and authority to the bees. Verse fourteen. Here's that expression make war again. These will make war with the lamb. And the lamb. Will overcome them. For he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and those that are with him. Are Cuomo. Are chosen and are faithful. Now. What's another name for the called the chosen the faithful. The Watt. The ram that the rebels are call the by God for a special purpose. The Revilla the red that are chosen by God to because Jodi in this of his last day truce of scripture. When the REM that our faithful to God He pours out his Holy Spirit through them to impact the world. So the devil hates that. Because the devil knows that the call of chosen and faithful remnant will be empowered by the Spirit. To proclaim his everlasting Gospel and that the world will be impacted by the Gospel. This gospel of the kingdom will be preached wallboard as a witness to all nations then what's going to happen. The end is going to come. The devil knows that. So he attacks the remnant. It's quite an interesting scene here in verse fourteen. They'll make war with the lamb. But the lamb will overcome them. Who wins in this battle is the dragon women are who wins. The Lamb overcomes them for he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Those that are with him are quote chosen in faithful. What a picture. What a picture in the Book of Revelation. Imagine this scene. Here is a brand to Saurus or a T. rex how tall with maybe eighteen feet maybe auto twenty feet. Thirty feet. I don't know. Tallest animal I ever saw. Were these giraffes were flying a helicopter over Africa over an area of very primitive area of Africa. And I saw what your rafts. Heads above the tree use. Eating from the top of the trees. And I looked out of the helicopter and I was a strangest thing I ever saw. Here you have to all these drafts heads. Eating from the top of the trees you may not think these mother giraffes are so large but they are huge. But I'm picturing now a brunt to Saurus. Oh maybe twenty feet twenty five feet tall. Huge weight multiple tugs breathing out for I don't know dragons. That's just a myth this in it. OK so here you have these huge huge drag. And you have a little tiny lamb. And the dragon approaches. Breathing out there are large failings the teeth claws about ready to grab this little lab. And the lamb is the appetizer and throw it up in the air and swallow it. If you saw this huge dragon and a little lamb. What would your natural. Observation be your natural observation would be there is no way this lead was good when there is no way. But the lamb. Overcomes the dragon. Because a little with Jesus is munch and small with Jesus is great. And no matter how oppressed. The people of God are no matter how oppressed the remnant are when the mark of the beast is in force. No matter how the odds are against them. No matter what how it looks that they will be destroyed. God's remnant are destined to victory. Jesus is going to triumph over the Prince of Palau to use in powers of hell it and he has triumphed over them in the cross but and try his ram net. Who go through the greatest time a trouble that at this world has ever experienced. Will be His ambassadors. The witness of his love and grace in the world to be impacted by them. We must take a look at the characteristics of this and time reminiscing just as God has preserved. A.P.P.O.. All through the old the New Testament and justice God has preserved. His posterity. Throughout Scripture. A group that have been faithful to him. Pardoned by in school race purified by its love who have reflected his goodness. Just like he has done that throughout the centuries. According to Revelation Chapter twelve. And in time God will also have a faithful remnant. They have been called out by God for a special purpose. They are faithful and loyal to God The Bible describes this. Remnant as those who keep the commandments of God and of the faith of Jesus. Let's ago unpack both of those things in the few minutes when our class. Comes to a close and ties some things together says they keep the commandments of God. This keeping the commandments of God is another expression used in Revelation on a number of occasions in Revelation Chapter fourteen. We find in Revelation fourteen verse seven. A call to worship the Creator in Revelation fourteen verse nine that we find a call not to worship the beast. In Revelation fourteen verse twelve. Those who do not worship the creator. I mean those who do worship the creator and those who do not worship the beast. Are brought to view. They worship the creator they don't worship the beast Revelation fourteen verse twelve notice what it says. Here is the patience of the sayings. That's Here is the in durance of the believers. They are the faithful remnant they have. They are the posterity. Of cries. They've maintained the Word of God patients. Means in durance saints of the believers. Here are those that do two things they keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus and I want to look at the expression of thief of Jesus. Does the passage say faith in Jesus was a passage that faith of Jesus. Is there a difference between faith in Jesus and the faith of Jesus. Is there a difference. Believe hers have faith in Jesus. The faith of Jesus is the quality of jesus faith. Living in our hearts and minds. So the. Not only do we have faith in Jesus that He is our Redeemer. But the faith of genes us. Fills our lives and transforms us. So this group of people. Not only have faith in Jesus but they have the faith of Jesus. The quality of jesus faith. Lives in their hearts as a life transformational principle. Making them over again. And it says they keep the commandments of God in Revelation Chapter fourteen. Those who worship the creator. Specifically those who egg knowledge the Creator by worshipping on the Sabbath. They are they keep God's commandments. Because they have Christ. Faith living in that. Not as some extra no legal istic requirement for salvation. But because the dynamic. Life giving faith of Christ. Leads them to obedience. Their faith is so good. It works. Faith always manifests itself in works. And if faith does not manifest itself and works. It is not faith at all it's presumption. So what do we know about the remnant they are preserved by God. They are pardoned by Christ. They are gathered together to be a testimony of his grace to the world. The quality of Christ they lives in their lives. They are an end time generation people who reveal his love and they are there faith leads them to obedience to His commandments. Now there is one other aspect of this in time reading that that we must look at. And it's found. Again in Revelation Chapter twelve verse Evan team. It says The dragon is angry with the woman goes to make war with the remnant. This is not some spiritual group. It is a chosen group of by God. It is those who are faithful to God. It is those that are wild to God It is those that have the heart desire to serve God. They keep the commandments of God They have the testimony of Jesus. Now let's unpack that see if there is deeper meaning in that than we previously thought the testimony of Jesus. What is another word for testimony. What's another word for to who gives their testimony. A witness. So this is that they have the with this from Jesus. If Jesus. Sends a witness to a witness of his truth. I want to know about that witness don't you. OK But let's go to Revelation nineteen first hand. Revelation nineteen verse ten let's try to unpack this whole idea of the testimony of Jesus the witness. John. For Also his feet to worship. The angel. That brings the him the book of Revelation. You know this passage well but we're going to unpack it a little bit Revelation nineteen First him. I fell on his feet to worship him. But he said to me. See the out do it not. I am your fellow servant now. If you're if you're underline the underlying fellow servant. We're going to come back to that in another bible passage on your of your fellow servant and of your brother who have the testimony of Jesus worship God with the testimony of Jesus is what the Spirit of Prophecy. So Jesus. Witnesses to his church. Through the Gift of Prophecy. That's the way Christ. Witnesses to his church. Through the prophetic gift. Now. This is really confirm further in Revelation chapter twenty one Revelation chapter twenty two. Revelation chapter twenty two verses nine Revelation twenty two verse nine. Remember I told you about that expression fellow servant. Here it is again. Revelation twenty two verse nine. Then he said to me. See the thout do it not. I am your fellow servant in of your brother in the prophets. So you have something added here that you didn't have in Revelation nineteen ten the expression of your brother in the prophets. So in Revelation twelve seventeen. It says that Christ. End Time remnant will be guided interacted by the testimony of Jesus the word testimony means witness in Revelation nineteen. Ten. It says that the testimony of Jesus is the gift of prophecy in. And the angel. A dent to himself as a fellow servant with John who is a prophet. When you come to Revelation twenty two it talks about fellow servants of the prophets. So what is the testimony of Jesus. It is Christ. Witnessing through his profits to the church. Now this is further confirmed in first Peter. So let's go back to first Peter. And will bring this all to a conclusion. First Peter chapter one verse Peter chapter one. What is the testimony of Jesus. It is Christ. Witnessing to his church. Through the Gift of Prophecy. And you're looking at first Peter chapter one. And when I let your eyes drop down to the first Him first Peter one person. Of this nation. The prophets have been wired and searched. Diligently who prophesied of the grace that would come to you verse. You have been searching. What or what manner of time. The Spirit of Christ. Who was in them was indicating when he testified before hand the sufferings of Christ in the glorious would follow the spirit of Christ. Testified. Or with the nest. Through the Old Testament prophets of the Messiah that was to come. So what did I say I have. I say I had the Spirit of Prophecy. The testimony of Christ working through Isaiah predicted Jesus would be born of a virgin. What about Jeremiah. What about his E.Q.. What about Daniel. The Spirit of Christ working through. Then you know that is the Spirit of Prophecy. So what is the Spirit of Prophecy. It is Christ. Witnessing through a prophet through a messenger. Of His grace and goodness. And his will for his people. So what does Revelation Chapter twelve predict. It predicts that in the last days of verse history. God would have a remnant a group of men and women and young people that were called out by him. Preserved by its grace. From the culture of their tie. That would be totally committed to it. So look out for him. This group of people would be called by God. Pardoned by God. Purified by God. Preserved by God. This group of people would be guided this remnant would have the D.N.A. of the original Their whole desire would be to be faithful to Christ. They would have the quality of Christ faith living in their heart as a dynamic principle. That would lead them to will be obedient to God's Commandments. And they would be guided and directed by the Spirit of Christ working through the prophetic gift. Seventh Day Adventists believe that it was manifest through Ellen White and we make no apology for that. You know I want to cation James White. Was challenge. By an evangelical minister and the evangelical minutes that we believe in the Bible. You folks have. And one white. And James White simply looked at him and said. The difference between you and me is this. You only believe in part of the Bible that we believe in all of it. We believe in that part that speaks about the give to prophecy. God is preparing a group of seventh day adventists young people to impact the world. As a last a remnant who you understand yourself to be makes all the difference. Advantages. Who are we not arrogantly not proudly. But we sense that where the people of God to impact the world. And they could be nothing greater than to understand that destiny and live it. Let's pray. Father in heaven. We thank you as we've studied the Old Testament remnant the New Testament remnant we thank you we praise you for what you have done in raising up a people as the Old Testament says you gather the lame into a ram that you gather the outcast. We are weak and broken in fall and. But redeemed by your grace. Charmed by your love for given empowered. We leave this place with a humble sense of it and Denton T. in Christ. A remnant of that we go out in fact for you in Jesus' name. This message was recorded at the Jew I see two thousand and fifteen conference called shows and they form and level Kentucky Jew I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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