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6. Summary of 3 and 4

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 2, 2016
    3:15 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from the cold. Chosen in the oval Kentucky for other resources like this visit us online. A W W W G Y C Web dot org. Well good afternoon and welcome. This is the sixth. Session. In a four part series. You say How could this be the sixth. Session in a four part series. Well. Sessions one two three and four were actually contiguous we had different sessions then in session five we summarized one in two and In Session six will summarize the what we did in three and four so. Welcome to class. This is a Bible study class. And I know that when you have your Bibles. Out. You will be looking in and the. The best way to get something out of the class is you need a Bible. A pen. A piece of paper and fourthly the back of somebody in front of you. So you simply take your paper put it on their back and you take a net know. If you participate in class. By opening your Bible. And I know if you are using your phone you're not texting you're looking at the text. So. But if you participate by opening your Bible. Circling a word. Taking a note it at the end of your program book you'll notice that there are some note. Pages but the more you actively participate. Take the material home study it. The more you will get out of the class. We're going to look at the concept of the shaking. The sifting. And the final proclamation of God's message on earth. Let's pray. Father in heaven. We thank you with all of our hearts that Jesus is coming soon. We don't define how soon it may be sooner than we think. But we do recognize that the Great. Tenor of scripture is being fulfilled. That the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Matthew twenty four in Luke twenty one are all being fulfilled before our eyes. We thank you that we can live in a generation where we see the fulfillment of prophecy around us and we pray the that you'd give us eyes to see in wisdom. As we study in Christ's name. In eight hundred seventy six. There was a small group of nothingness to be leavers that wanted to build a church in Swan quarter. North Carolina. This little group of believers saved. And they had their eyes on a particular piece of property. That property. Was in the center of since the city. It was so wonderful piece of property. A prime piece of property. And they really wanted their church there was one problem. Mr Sam saddler owned the property. And Sam was not about ready to give a church. A reduced price for this property. And so when they approached him about purchasing the property. Sam Sadler said. Nothing doing I'm not selling it. They were quite disappointed. So they built their church. Outside of the city limits. And on September sixteenth. Eighteen seventy six they were having the church dedication. A hurricane came through. Sworn quarter that day. It. Poor down rain. The streets flooded. They obviously could not have their church dedication. But there was such flooding that it lifted the church. Off its moorings eyewitnesses a witness accounts. Record the church being blown gentle lady down. Creek Road. As the church came down Creek Road it made a sharp right turn and Main Street don't get ahead of people it made a sharp right turn on Main Street and was blown to the very property that they wanted. Mr Sam Sadler's property and the little church. Sat there. The next day when the winds abated. And the rain came to stop its flowing and stop pounding down. Mr Sam Sadler came out the church members around the church and he said I give up I can't fight against God. If you would visit Swan quarter today and it's an interesting story that you want. May want to look up on the internet not one preaching please. But it's called. You look up sworn quarter North Carolina. The church moved by the hand of God in the documentation is really really good it's not some fictitious tale it's good documentation. And if you visit there today. You'd see the You'd see a little stone plaque on it you the little white church is still off that inside but they built over the years. A new Methodist Church a brick church and put the plaque on the side says. The church moved by the hand of God The Church of Providence. The devil may do everything he can with storms to destroy God's Church in N. time. But praise God God Church is guided by his hand in triumph. There is some discussion of will indeed the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Survive. Will the church go into apostasy like other religious movements have gone in and will God have to call out. A remnant of a remnant. One of the things that we're going to do in class today. Is demonstrate biblically two or three things First that the church will face an incredible storm. Before and time. But that God has his hands on that church. And his church will survive. Secondly we are going to look at how God is going to purify his church and time. And how he's going to use a method. Different than anything he's ever done before that. One study of a loan is the answer to every offshoot that ever was or every offshoot that ever will be. The SAF to noon as we study the Bible together. We're going to look at a fundamental principle of where offshoots make a tragic mistake. And see biblically God's plan to purify his church then at the end of our class today the last fifteen or twenty minutes. We're going to look at the Laodicean message and and share some interesting insights about Laodicea. And why Laodicean message is one of the most encouraging in all the Bible when you understand it in its fullness. Let's go to Matthew the sixteenth chapter in the eighteenth verse. And here in Matthew Chapter sixteen. Jesus has taken his disciples and. He has taken them. Beyond the Galilee and they're going north. Matthew the sixteenth chapter your church turning there to end looking at the eighteenth verse. In Matthew Chapter sixteen. We look. And we're going to start a little earlier than verse eighteen so I can give you a settings so I can give you the background of the passage we're actually going to start in verse thirteen. Matthew sixteen and verse thirteen and then we'll go on to verse eighteen. When Jesus came into the region of sesame a Philip I he asked this is Siple saying. Who demand. Say that I the Son of Man and am. No notice Jesus is to incessant Philip high. Where is Sesame a Philip Piet what was Sesame a Philip I known for let's say my finger here. Is this land of Palestine. In the south you have Judea. That's where Jerusalem was about five six seven miles from Jerusalem you have Bethlehem. So that's Judea. Center of the knuckle of my little finger here. Would be some Mariya. And the North. Would be Galilee sea of three major province is in Palestine or in Israel. Judea. Samarium and. You have Galilee. If you go north in Galilee. You come to the outpost city of Sesar IA Philip by now when you read about SED Sesar it Philip high. What do you think of immediately when you think of Sesar what comes to your mind. CAESAR. Philip Caesar. So is that a Greek name or Roman name. So Sesar Philip I was. Was it a Jewish city predominantly it was a what Roman city in the north. That was an outpost city. That was a Roman military garrison the Romans believed that the world could be dominated by military might but there's another interesting thing about Sesame of Philip high. That was the center of pin. Worship. Now the god Pan of the Greeks. We have a word we call pan theism. Theism. Theism. Talks about what God and tan with means what nature. So pantheism. Is seeing God in every aspect of nature. It's of course. A Greek philosophical heresy. Where God would be seen in the tree. God would be seen in the Plame. Sesame a Philip I was the center of town and theism. It was a center of Greek philosophy. And there was a temple. Dedicated to the god. Hand there. The Romans believed that the world would be conquered by military might the Greeks believe that the world would be conquered by philosophy. But there is something else or intellectual ism. So the Romans. Power. Strength. The Greeks. Intellectual as of education. Philosophy. But then you have the Jews. The Jews had a major temple at Sesame a Philip high. Because it was they are that this fountains of the Jordan River began. And the Jews had the idea that. What her. And life were acquainted. And so you have the Mount Hermon. And the snows melting. Coming down. The streams of the Jordan. And so they built a temple there. It with the idea that this was the foundation of Judaism. One of the places a number of places of course Jerusalem was a center so Jesus Walks. He leaves. Capernaum. And he's walking. And it's disciples must wonder where is he going. And why. And he walks north. And he sets himself against the backdrop of Roman military might of Greek philosophy of formal religion. And what Christ is really saying is that military might is not going to change the world. And brilliance of the human mind is not going to change the world. And formal religion is not going to change the world. But the Church of the living Christ. Built on the foundation of his word is going to change the world. That's what's going on here in Matthew the sixteenth chapter. So we look Matthew Chapter sixteen. Verse thirteen. When Jesus came to the region assessor E A Philip. So he sets himself against the backdrop of Roman military might of Greek philosophy. Sets himself against the backdrop of of ritualistic formal religion. Yes His disciples saying who to men say that I am. Some say you're John the Baptist who John who had been killed. Maybe he's risen from the dead they don't know. Some say or lied you who was translated without seeing death some say you're Jeremiah he said to them but who do you say that I am. That's always the question. The question is never what do others say but what are you who do you say that I am. Have you come to the place in your life or even accepted the living Christ that he's transformed you but who you say that I am. Peter said you're the Christ the Son of the Living God and Jesus said blessed are you Simon Barzun for flesh and blood is not revealed this to you but my father. When we come to the conclusion that Christ is the son of the Living God. It's always through the moving of the Holy Spirit. We give our lives to Christ. He draws us first before we ever come to him. It's flesh and blood has not revealed it but the spirit. Then he says. And I say to you. You are Peter. The word there is is C. force or pet throws. Which is movable stone upon this rock. This picture of this immovable stone. The fact that I am the son of the Living God. I will build My Church Now some people say that the church is a human being or a crowded institution. In my van to listen I've had people say to me. I want to accept Christ. But I don't want to accept the church. It's just a lot of bureaucrats that sit in some office taking people's money. But here Jesus said. I will build My Church. Who is it that built the church. Jesus Christ. He says I will build My Church. And the gates of hell. Will not prevail against it here is the incredible good news though the Church of Jesus Christ may at times be Oprah asked. Or push down. The gates of hell will prevail against it. Although the Church of Jesus Christ at times may compromise. Its integrity and depart from its values. Jesus is going to sweep in the last days a mighty revival through his church. He says I'll build my church. And the gates of hell. Will not prevail against it. So the good news is that in the final analysis Christ is going to win. And Satan is going to lose. Now down through the ages. God had an interesting way of purifying is church. We're talking. In this class about the remnant. And we're discussing the question today. Will the church service. Down through the ages. Christ had an interesting way of purifying is church. He always called out from the main poddy those who would be his chosen people will demonstrate that in a few ways in the Old Testament. If you begin with a bright Ham for example in Genesis Chapter twelve. So the church becomes the cold. Out one. It's this is true in the Old Testament. And it's true in the New Testament. In fact in the New Testament the Greek word for church is. EK least see. Clay see a in creek means call. The verb is to call. Act means out of. So the very word. Church in the New Testament. For Greek believe her is New Testament of course written in the Greek language was called the Echo a sea of the ones called out from the larger body. If you look at Genesis Chapter twelve verse one. You find this concept. This idea. In the Old Testament as well. Genesis. The twelfth chapter. And looking here at the first verse. It's talking about the story of Abraham. Genesis twelve first one. Now the Lord said to APRA get out of your country. From your kindred and from your father's house. To a land that I will show you and I will make you a great nation. Bless you and make your name great and you shall be a blessing. So God says to Abraham. Abraham. The idolatry around you is so incredibly great. And the apostasy around shoes. Is great. Therefore I'm calling you out. And I'm going to pull ass you and I'm calling you out to be obedient to me and followed it keep your commandments. So in Genesis one. God calls out Abraham. To preserve its people. Abraham has sons and daughters and they have sons and daughters and there's Abraham and Isaac and Jacob Jacob has a number of children. How many sons particularly twelve. And they become the twelve tribes of Israel and eventually. Israel goes into Egypt bondage and to preserve. God's truth. God calls his real out of Egypt shin bondage. And you'll find that the Book of Deuteronomy. He calls them to go to a promised land where they can worship. Without the pagan influences. You'll find that in Deuteronomy. And she'll look there at the sixth verse. Deuteronomy Chapter seven. Verse six and onward. He says your holy people to the Lord your God the Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for himself. A special treasure. Above all peoples of the face of the earth the story about Israel. The Lord didn't set his love upon you because I choose you because you were more a number but the Lord loves you because he would keep the oath which he swore to your father's verse nine. Therefore know that the Lord your God He is God the faithful God who keeps the covenant. In mercy. With thousands of generations. So God calls. Israel out of Egypt. They wander in the wilderness of forty years but finally gets into the Promised Land. The pattern in the Old Testament is very clear Abraham. Must be called out to preserve faithfulness. Israel must be called out to preserve. Faithfulness. Time goes on God since profit. After profit. To Israel that Israel except the prophets of God. At times they did but most of the time they did not and eventually God since his son. Indeed all of his real rally round in accept Jesus as the Messiah. Quite to the contrary. And eventually Christ is crucified and Calvary's cross. Resurrects from the dead. Ascends to the sanctuary in heaven and raises up the New Testament Christian church. That he calls out of the larger body of the Israel that is apostatized. Now as a corporate whole. As a body. As a nation Israel did not accept its Messiah. But individually Israel I said a vigil Jews form the the basis of the Christian church. They were the called out. Ones the ones called out by God. And you find that in Acts the second chapter and acts the second chapter there is this mighty revival. That takes place. The Holy Spirit is poured out on the day of Pentecost. And as it is God leads three thousand. Into the Christian church. And it's interesting if you look at verse forty one in contrast that with verse forty seven X. two verse forty one. Then those who gladly receive God's word were baptized. The same day there about three thousand souls added to them. Verse forty seven. Praising God and having favor with all the people. The Lord added to the what the church. And one of the church the called out ones. So you see God called out Abraham. God called out Israel. God called out the New Testament Christian church. The Bible defines the new cast Testament Christian church as the pillar and ground. Of the truth. As the Christian church was faithful to Christ in the first second and third century is it grew rapidly. But there came a point where the Christian church group large it apostatized. And we have a long period of time known as the middle of the Dark Ages. In that period of time. We at the end of that period. You have the world N C's. Being faithful to Christ being raised up to champion the Word of God God raises up the various reformers. Like Haas. Jerome swing Lee Luther and. Wesley and God raises up a reform movement. To do the same pattern that he's been doing since the days of Abraham. He calls out. A body of believers in the Reformation. But as the Reformation continues to go on. There were truths of Scripture that were not restored. Most of the reform churches of course kept Sunday most believed in the immortality of the soul. Script teachings not found in Scripture. So God raised up a new movement which he called out of Protestantism. What was that movement called The Seventh Day Adventist right. And you look at Revelation Chapter eighteen. Again you find this calling out. So from Genesis to Revelation. There is this idea of calling out. You call out the smaller group from the larger movement and. You do that largely to keep to preserve truth. And so in. Revelation Chapter eighteen. After these things I saw first one another angel come down from heaven. Having great authority the earth was a limited with the scoring. And then you could out of verse two he cries mightily Babilon. What is babble and will you look at the first four letters of Babilon be a B Y B B Y is a baby called a baby a baby is called a baby because it babbles. It's beach is confused. So what is valuable and represent. It represents the confusion a man made religion rather then the revelation of divine truth. And so you look here in verse. Talks about Babylon is fallen. Verse three. Is an interesting verse. It says the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Wine affects the forebrain conscience judgment. And it's the wine of false doctrine. That has intoxicated. The nations of the world. And they don't understand fully truth for all nations have drunk of the one of the rather forty cation. And what is fornication it's an illicit Union. The kings of the earth have committed fornication with her. So the Kings are the political powers of the earth. Have an illicit union with the church. When the church. Looks to the state for its power. It becomes beast like. Because there is only one head of the church. And the head of that church is Jesus Christ. So here Revelation Chapter eighteen is talking about an illicit union between church and state. But another element is Prady and in the merchants of the earth to become rich through the abundance of are a luxury it's so here you have a political economic and religious union. That's taking place. So Revelation eighteen. Is talking about God's final call. Last days of first history where there is a political economic and religious union that lines up. But then God makes an appeal his final appeal verse four and I heard another voice from heaven saying what come out of her who my people. Lest you share in her sins less you receive her plagues. So again there is his calling out there is the apostasy of a larger body called Babilon. There is that calling out. Insert a Incidentally it's come out of her my people. Where are many or most of God's people today. There inch Babyland there in churches that don't understand the fullness of His love. The majesty of his grace. The awesome ness of his truth. And God is giving appeal for them to come. Seventh Day Adventists do not believe that salvation comes with a denominational label. We believe that salvation comes to men and women whose hearts are sold out. Totally for Jesus Christ. And who are committed to following his truth wherever it leads. I am a Seventh Day Adventist not because I was born and administrate was born in a lovely Roman Catholic home. I was educated by the priests and nuns and memorize the mass in Latin or at least the poor sions of it. But when at seventeen years old I heard. The truth of God proclaimed and sensed the revelation of that truth through His Word. My life was turned upside down it was changed and so I sense that call of God. I'm an Adventist because I believe that the Seventh Heaven is church. Most rightly reflects the character of God. Most accurately reveals the love of God. Most powerfully proclaims the cross of Christ. And most clearly reveals God's truth. To our world. Now notice from Genesis to Revelation. Genesis Abraham. Come out of her. Egypt Israel. Come out of Egypt. New Testament Christianity. Come out of the larger body of Israel. Reformation movement. Come out last days. Apostate Protestantism babbling. Come out. So you know you have this coming out now here's the question will there be a calling out from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. If it grows large in apostatize is. Will there be a calling out of a smaller remnant. That's the basic question. Now let's let's approach that question in a for Raiatea of ways. Number one. If there were a calling out. What would say that movement. Would not grow large and that would need to be a calling out from it. If you have Adventists. And you have reform Adventists. Then you have to reform reform Adventists. Then you have to reform reform reform Adventists. So there must come a point at which there is no longer calling out correct. And what I want to show you today. Is that a number of things. There is no teaching in the Bible that teaches the remnant of the remnant Revelation Chapter twelve teaches the remnant ever seed. Will look at the seven churches. You start with F. A Smyrna perk I'm a sly a Tyra. You go. Sardis Philadelphia latest see it. Lay to see if the seventh church. You don't have a remnant coming out of Laodicea God's method. In the last days of Earth's history is not a calling out of the faithful. But a shaking out of the unfaithful. If you understand what I've just said it will save you from a thousand heresies God's method. In the last days of first history is not a calling out of the faith. But it is a shaking out of the unfaithful. Because the wheat and tares grow together until what the harvest offshoots make great capital of the fact of what they perceive to be liberal trends in the church right. And they try to point those out. The thing that they miss is the clear parable of Jesus. The wheat and terrorists will grow together to what the harvest. Now we look at the fact that there is a difference between a calling out. Any shaking out. And we need to probe that. Take your Bible and turn to Hebrews chapter twelve. There is no passage in Scripture. That is clearer. No passage in Scripture that is clearer on this shaking out. That must be fundamentally clear in our minds. Where looking at Hebrews the twelfth. Chapter. Hebrews Chapter twelve God's method of purifying is church today. Is not a calling out of the faithful. But it's the shaking out of the unfaithful. And if you study the shaking carefully. In the Bible in the writings of L. and white there are many different things that a cause that shaking. Summer heresies that commanded the church that God allows that shake out some. Some are shaken out because their. Laodicean and their complacent. And when the test of persecution comes. They go. So there's a variety of agencies that produce an end time shaking. But he were chapter twelve. Starting with verse twenty five see that you do not refuse him who speaks for if they did not escape or refused him who spoke on earth. Much more shall we not escape. If we turn away from him who speaks from heaven. Now. What's that talking about. As we shall see. It's an allusion to Mount Sinai. When God came on Mount Sinai and spoke to Moses. And when he wrote the Ten Commandments with his own thinker. There was a shaking. Earth shook with the thunderous voice of God. So Hebrews. The writer of Hebrews Paul is alluding to that verse twenty six. Whose voice then shook the earth that's God at Sinai. So there's a lot of language here. And he brings you back to the law of God. Law of God faith of Jesus will be de part of in in time scenario. Conflict. Verse twenty six. But now he has promised saying. Yet. Once more I shake. Not only the earth. But also heaven. As me to shake heaven. Keep going. Now this yet once more indicates the remove full of things that are being shake it. What happens to the things that are being shaken. What happens to those. Do they stay. They are what. According to scripture. They're removed. Verse twenty seven yet once more indicates to remove the things that we shake it. As of things that are made that the things which cannot be shaken. May remain. The reason we are not interested in any offshoot is they do not remain. But they are Shoot they shoot off and so God here. Tells us that a mighty shaking is coming. And there will be multitudes that leave. The advantage church. But they'll be multitudes that come in from churches that are not called Babilon they'll be multitudes that come in as they hear the call of God. Verse twenty eight. Why do we remain. Why aren't we shaken out. Why do we remain there for. Since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shake it all though the shaking comes to God's Church. We remain committed to Christ. Remain loyal to God. We remain faithful to his word why because we know. To his little flock he will give the kingdom. We know that the kingdom is coming. We know that the church will triumph in glory. We know that it will arise as fair as the sun as mighty as an army with banners. We know that it is people according to a fee sions chapter four and five will not have spot or wrinkle or any such thing. We know that Christ has triumphed over the Prince of pallet is in powers of him and that the gates of hell will not prevail against his people. Oh though there will be a mighty shaking. There will be a mighty revival. The Holy Spirit will be poured out. And God will use his people for the finishing of his work. Verse. Glasses on. Twenty eight. Therefore since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken. Let us have grace. By which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. What is the Apostle saying. He is saying don't let yourself be shaken out. Keep your faith in this living Christ. Let his truth change your life. And let nothing shake you out to this people into this church. God has sent a last day message. There are four chapters in the Book of Revelation that describe God church. Revelation Chapter ten. Describes the historic rise of God's Church. It describes the fact that God's church would raise. Rise up. After disappointment that it would study the prophecies of dad and all the prophecies Daniel would be sweet in the mouth bitter in the belly. And God would raise up a New Testament God would raise up his church. Like he did the New Testament movement out of disappointment. Just as the disciples anticipated that Jesus would establish his kingdom on Earth. And he didn't do that they were bitterly disappointed. He was to he died on the cross they misunderstood prophecy. They thought the Messiah was going to wash or in an eternal kingdom at that point that Christ is going to vanquish the enemies. Christ died. Was resurrected ascended to heaven. And out of the disappointment of thirty one a deed Jesus poured out His Holy Spirit from the sanctuary in the New Testament church was raised up. Fast forward two thousand year old most fast forward to eight hundred forty four. Again. Christ people study prophecy. Again Christ people are bitterly disappointed. Again. They look to the sanctuary. Again the Spirit of God is poured out. And again. God raises up an end time movement out of disappointments a revelation ten. Describes the church. That rises out of disappointment. It's the historic rise of God church. Revelation twelve. Describes the a dent a fine characteristics of God's Church. The God church. At the time of the end. Would be guided by the gift of prophecy that it would be a crisis entered by a believing movement keeping the commandments of God and also the Sabbath. So Revelation. Ten summarized is the historic rise of God church. Revelation twelve. Is the a den of fine characteristics of God's church and Revelation fourteen. Third chapter on the true church and Revelation is the message of the true church. The message of the three angels. But the condition of the true church. Laodicea is found in Revelation three. And so we want to take our Bibles and turn in for the rest of the time we have in class we want to look at Revelation three verse by verse. The church at Laodicea is the last of the seven churches. One of the most favorite. One of the favorite places I love to travel is the Middle East and. I go into these biblical sites. Really gives Isn't it amazing insight. I've been travelling to the Middle East for many years and when I first started going to lay it to see it. It was not Escovedo I used to love that side I think even more than I do today. Because with Trump around Laodicea and. Nobody went there was kind of an out of the way place but about five years ago the University of Palooka Lee in. Turkey began to excavate at Laodicea. And it is true they've Escovedo a lot but it doesn't have the primitive ness of the site it used to have. When I used to go to the stadium there any grass was growing up through the stones and so forth. Legacy It was a city of about one hundred to one hundred twenty thousand people. Now here's how you tell that the population of an ancient city. When the archaeologists Esk of eight. One of the easiest things to excavate are the stadiums because the state was regard surely above ground stadiums of course. And the stadiums are usually partially preserved even before I ask of Asian. If you look at the size of the stadium which is fairly easy to estimate you can estimate how many people sat in this stadium in in late to see it's about nine ten eleven thousand. And you multiply that by ten. You'll pretty much get the population of the city. So Laodicea. If you look at the stadium. Nine ten thousand would see it in the stadium. You'd have about one hundred thousand. You go to F assists the stadium seats about fifteen sixteen thousand that's a sea about one hundred sixty thousand. These were no backwater six. Backwater cities. One of the things that impresses me particularly about Pull all. Pull who went to Philip. Paul who went to Fessler Nika poll went to Athens Paul went to Corinth poll went to F. and says he tackled the most difficult sophisticated cities of his day. He went into those cities and took them for jesus when you look at Laodicea latest He was known for three things. First land to see was very wealthy city. It had its own banking industry and legacy it was destroyed by an earthquake in eighty sixty. And when it was because the Romans appreciated the city so much. Latest see it got rich because it was on a trade route. And the road. Went from east to west. And there was also a north south road. And so legacy was at the hub of commercial. Empire. And it had its own banking industry. In fact one of the Roman governors was travelling and needed a loan. And so he went to the bank of Laodicea to get a load. They were so rich so anyway earthquake destroyed late a C. in eighty sixty. And the Roman government appreciated latest see it so much. It said OK guys. We are going to rebuild your city for you from the coffers a rope. And you know what the folk at Legacy has said they said forget it. We got enough money to rebuild our own city. Keep your money room. And they rebuilt lead to see it out of their own money. So when you think a Laodicea What are you thinking about. You're thinking about wealth. You thinking about arrogance. You're thinking about self inflated importance one of the great cities. The day of the second thing about Laodicea. Was that it was a fashion bazaar any ladies here. Like to shop anybody's here that don't like the other maybe a few. It was a fashion bazaar one of the things about Laodicea was that they produced a special type of wool. And it was the range of the day. It was black and they also had some will they died purple. And the ladies in Rome. Loved it so when their husbands were traveling. They would go shopping in Laodicea to bring these woolen Toga is back to a room or the other cities. So. Rome was known for its clothing. It was known for its money. It also has a rather late A C. it. It also legacy also had a a university. A medical university in Laodicea. And you know what they produced. I sat of the per game I said it was a little it was. It's made of a powder and it mix it with water in a be a pace that was fairly effective for I deceases. So Jesus says. You think you're wealthy. You've got the banking industry. You think you are closed because you're a fashion. Place. You think you are. You can see because you got the medical university psychic a nude good news for you. You're blind and wretched and naked. Now Jesus. Introduces and uses Laodicea. As an example. Each of the seven churches have a message. Relevant to the first century. Laodicea was a real church. That really did become lukewarm in its spirituality. But this church. Represents his church. At the end of time. That would also be luke warm and spirituality. Why do we use the term. Lukewarm for Laodicea what it what evidence is there that there was a lukewarm water. Not far from Laodicea. There was higher opulence six miles eight miles across the valley higher opulence had mineral springs of mineral water. You go there today. I used to go there ten years ago fifteen years ago weren't so many hotels you can wait in the springs a lot better. But today you know what they did build a lot of tourist hotels. Siphoned off the water. So it's hot mineral springs so when you go to the hotel you can take a hot mineral path. But the original springs are not nearly flowing with as much water today. But you can look across the valley from higher up a list to lay to see it. And there's what's called Trafford teens travertine sir like. They're like they're like open pipes. You know if you have a pipe. That's kind of like this. And you cut off the top so the pipe is more you shaved it doesn't have the top on it and they end the travertine. Would take the lukewarm water. The hot water from higher up the less. It would go across the valley. But by the time it came to L.A. to see it be very lukewarm. And a lot of sulfur in it it was almost undrinkable. I suppose they had to have some way of treating it. So. Laodicea wealthy. Sophisticated educated. Wealthy. Sophisticated educated fashioned bizarre. Lukewarm water arrogant. Proud. Laodicea thinks it has need of nothing. God uses that to describe his last state church. And he describes his last state church. As this way that his church would be apathetic. It would be complacent. It would lose the passion for Mission. In many areas. It would look inward. Rather than outward. It could become self ocus prayer at times would become an external form. Bible study would lose its passion. And so when he describes Laodicea. That's the description. But here is the incredible good news. There is nothing no message in the Bible. That is more encouraging than the way to see a message. And I'll show you why. Take your Bibles and look at Revelation Chapter three. We start in Revelation three. Verse fourteen. Into the angel of the Church of Laodiceans now the word Laodicea means that word literally means the mean were does not mean lukewarm. I've had some people say oh the word latest C. means lukewarm not so. It means of people adjudged. So land to see it is the seventh church. There is no church called out of Laodicea. It is the Church of the judgment in our. Generally speaking it has become complacent. Apathetic and lost its sense of mission. So God wants to bring a mighty revival. And that it will see what he does these things says the. I need to have somebody help me with the last part of Verse fourteen. These things says the what the what a man. When do you use a man at the beginning right. When do you say men. She's a says there's F.S.S. this. There is Smyrna. There's Pergamum ist this fire Tyra. There's Sardis. There is Philadelphia. There's Laodicea And then there is what everybody. There is what others know church coming out of legacy of because Jesus as a man. And for all those people that say. The remnants going to come out of the RAM net and God's going to call people out of Adventism. When Jesus says it is a man I say amen amen that was right in. All right now. These things says the Amen. So Jesus says after late to see if there is no other movement after latest see if there's a man. Then it says Christ is the faithful and true witness. What does it mean that Christ is the faithful and true witness. Oh God forgive me you know what I used to think that meant. The Christ is faithfully and truly witnessing of all my scenes. So he can reveal them in the judgment. That is certainly not biblical. What does it mean that Christ is the faithful and true witness who is he the faithful and true witness. Of remember when Philip came. And Philip said to Jesus. Show us the Father. And what did Jesus say to Philip. If you have seen me you have seen what the father. Jesus walked the dusty streets of Galilee touched the eyes of the blind and they were open to touch the years of the deaf and they run stopped. He was the think full and true witness of The Father's Love. Mary is caught his is thrown at his feet in adultery. And she says. I don't condemn you go and sin no more he is the faithful true witness of forgiveness. The demoniacs come to him and he cast them out. He's a faithful and true witness of the power of God. So Jesus is the faithful and true witness of the Father. And what display it to see a need more than anything else. A fish and of the faithful and true witness. To see what Codd it's really like to see God is as not. The vindictive judge. And the wrathful tyrant that Satan is made him out to be. But to see God as one that cares. God that loves to see a great big God that can help them over the hurdles of life. And the challenges of life. So to Laodicea Christ says this is the last church the last movement into this church I will be revealed as the faithful and true witness and charmed by my love in change by my power will be a mighty refired will that sweeps through my people. We continue. Notice. Verse fourteen last part in the beginning of the creation of God. Now that confuses some people. Is Christ. The Christ come forth. As the beginning of the creation of God. Was he the first one that God created. I'm going to pull off. And just give you a little hint on some of the things that are happening in Adventism today but I can't spend a lot of time to develop in this but I'll give you a seed thought. There are those people that will take a text like this and misinterpret it. Take a text like that crisis be gotten of the father every time the bible uses be gotten. It's the incarnation. He's coming into the world. They'll be those people that say. Any idea of father son in the Holy Spirit as separate beings. Eternally. That's kind of paganism. And they'll have the idea that God is one. He kind of be got Jesus there was a time evidently that Jesus was not they will say he came forth in the Father and they'll say the Holy Spirit is some kind of force. Not the Third Person of the god. I want to just give you one line of reasoning I could give you fifty texts that prove that that is untrue. That Christ is eternal. Johnny fifty eight Jesus says I am the I am. He's eternal. The Greek word is eggy Eggo Amy I've existed from eternity. But here is something just to reason about. When you talk to those people this is what they'll say to you that there is some point in the past where Christ preceded forth from the father. But that point in the past is so far in the past that you can't conceive of what it is. So here's what I have said to them. OK let's assume that is true. There's a point in the past for purpose of discussion. That Jesus came forth from the father let's let's put that means that he didn't exist. Longer than he existed. Because if you take me to that point in the past that is so far distant. That still is a punk till your point in time. Right. However far back it is it is a point in time. Correct. But if infinity is infinity. It has no beginning. Correct. Therefore Jesus didn't exist. If you take that reasoning. More than he existed. Right. Therefore he does not have eternal life and he can't give it to you where that philosophy leads. If you take it. They won't admit that but that's what has to lead. Because only me turn to Christ can offer you eternal life. Only one with no beginning can offer you a life with no ending. That was free I just threw that part in OK now. I got to get back into each year. All right. Beginning of the creation of God. What does that mean. Why is that powerful. Beginning of the creation of God. The word here. Beginning. Is R K. It is to begin her the first cause. In all God's creation. It is not that Christ is the beginning of the creation of God in the sense that it was he was created first. It is the sense that he became in all God's creation. Turn to a fish in chapter three. We want to look at that. Then we want to say how does this apply to the latest thing and message. We're going to look at a fusion chapter three. The preacher got side tracked so I got to move now. I was going slow. When I was young I used to go real fast but I got older and so I go a little slower now. Alright a fish and Chapter three a fish and three were to look there at first nine. Here we go efficiency three verse nine. We're going to look at verse eight nine. To me. Paul says who are least who are less than the least of all the saints this grace was given that I should preach. Among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ. And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the ages. Has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ. God did what through Jesus. He created all things through Jesus hears the legacy and message. Got rights to the latest seasons on the faithful and true witness. I'm the one that reveals what God is really like I'm the one that reveals grace and mercy and forgiveness. And this grace of God. Blowing through the adventure to create a mighty revival. That he says on the beginning of the creation of God What does he say that to Laodicea this reason. He says I'm if I am all powerful. And if I'm the creator. And if I can speak in light. Chases away darkness. If I can speak in the earth is carpeted with living green. God says if I can speak in and animals appear. If I can speak in worlds can into existence and light comes into existence. If I can speak in fruit trees produce their fruits. If I am the all powerful creator I can recreate your heart for everybody that is in crisis can create these five or seventeen is a new what. Creation. So God wants creation to take place over again in your heart. The answer to Laodicea is the living Christ who recreates within the hearts of men and women. His image. It is this. Living Christ who recreates within our hearts. A love for others and a passion for witness. A passion for vision. And so the layer to see and message is the most exciting. Message in the Bible. Not because it does not depress us. It reveals to us. The true nature of God church. And it speaks about the faithful and true witness that will show us what God is like it speaks about the all powerful creator that will change our lives. Verse fifteen. I know your works. Your neither cold or hot I wish you a cold or hot. So then because you are lukewarm and neither cold or hot are spew out of my mouth. Notice what happens. He spews them out of his mouth. What is this cold. This is the shaking with they go out and they don't remain. So the Laodicean message that talks about the spewing out. Is not the rejection of the movement. It's rather the spewing out of the shaking out. Those that do not accept the counsel of the true witness. What is the counsel the true witness. I counsel me to buy of the gold. Tried in the fire. Verse eighteen. What is school tried in the fire. Let's look at each of these symbols and see what they are. Jesus is knocking on the door. Of lead to see if he is prepared to initiate a mighty spiritual revival. And Jesus gives us counsel. I counsel you to buy of me gold tried in the fire what is that first Peter. What is gold tried in the fire first. Peter. And you're going to look there. Second. Peter. It moved. Yes. We want to look at a couple of the Peter's. What is gold. Tried in the fire. We're going to look at second period first Peter we want to be first peter out. But we've got to get in second Peter as well. Second Peter chapter two verse four by which have been given to us. Exceeding great. In precious promises that through these you might be partakers of the divine nature. Having escaped the corruption that's in the world through laws. Now. Keep your finger there. Now go back to first. Peter. First Peter. And now look at first Peter chapter one verse six and seven. We're going to pair those two verses first Peter one verse six and seven. In this you greatly rejoice. Though now for a little while if need be you have been grieved by various trials that the genuineness of your faith. Being more precious than gold. That perishes is tested by fire. May be found in praise and honor and glory. What is the gold account you to go by me gold tried in the fire. Its faith that has been tested by trial. Have you had your faith. Tested by trials. And have you hung on to Christ. In spite of that. I counsel you to buy me gold tried in the fire what does he say. Translation. I counsel you to hang on no matter what test you go through. I counsel you to trust me no matter what challenges you face. Because I'm going to get to Vela within you. A faith. To get you through end. Because when every earthly support is cut off. The only thing you will have issue or bedrock faith in trust in God. So he says I counsel you to buy me gold tried in the fire what is gold try in the fire. It is thing if that works by love. It is a trust in God. That is so deep that nothing can shake us from him and his movement. How do we develop this faith. That works by love. How is it that our faith in God is dramatically increased. That's where a second Peter chapter two can see in verse four. By which have been given to us. Exceeding great and precious promises. Has God given us the promises of his word. Are they precious. Are they more than precious Are they great in Precious. Are they more than great in pressures are they exceeding great and precious. That through these you might be partakers of the divine nature. How do we become partakers of the divine nature. Through the promises of God. How do the promises of God. Relate to things in God. When I read the Old Testament and see. Moses and the children of Israel fleeing from Egypt should in bondage. And I see and read in Exodus how God opened the Red Sea. I say God if you open the sea for them. You will can open the way before me. When I read how God guided Israel. With a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day. I say God you can guide me. When I see Israel's hunger and God raining man a down from heaven. I read the precious promises of God's word and I say God you can Rain Man it down in my life. When I see Jesus touching the eyes of the blind and opening them I say Jesus. Touch my eyes and help me to see defied realities as I reach your word. When I see Jesus and stopping the years of the death. I can say Lord and stop my years as well. So reading the precious promises of God's word is life. Transformation Oh. And it develops our faith. And we have a faith that what is more precious than what gold. He goes on here in the Book of Revelation. And he says I counsel you to buy me gold tried in the fire. And that you may be rich. So the richness of think is crater than all the riches of Laodicea. Then he says and white garments. What are the white garments. Revelation the nineteenth chapter. What are the white garments. Revelation Chapter nineteen. Verse seven. Let us rejoice and be glad to God rejoice Revelation one hundred seven. Give glory to Him for the marriage of the lame has come. His wife is made of so for ready and to her was Krantz had to be arrayed in fine linen. Clean and bright for the final linen is the righteous acts of the saints. Now if you look at the progression. Gold white linen. I said of the gold is a thief. Gold has to do with the inner relationship with Christ. In which I know him as a friend. And I trust him. What is faith. Faith is a relationship with God as a friend. Well known. So I will trust him implicitly to do whatever he asks and go wherever he follows faith. It is an internal quality in which I trust God. Implicitly. What is the white linen. The white linen. Is the current spawn doing. Results of faith in which the righteousness of Christ. Imparted to me. Reveals. In my life. A character difference. That's why Revelation nineteen verse nine says to her is granted to be a radiant white linen. Clean and bright for the right. What fight linen is the righteous acts of the saints. What is Laodicean need of faith. That leads to positive action in Christ like works. So the final linen has to do with positive choices based on faith. Empowered by the righteousness of Christ. That transform our lives. What about the I said of. I conclude with this. The ice is the defining Lee annoying to the Asian. So I see the world. As Christ. See use the world. And I have a passion for the world. Like Christ has a passion for the world. Safe within leads to good works without. I said has to do with a missionary drive a concern for the world that Christ has the openness to the spirit. And the infilling of the Spirit. Empowering by the Spirit. So then let's summarize as we conclude our cause. What if we discovered we discover that God is a church and the gates of hell will not prevail against him. We've discovered that throughout the ages God has called people out of his movement. But there has to come a point where they'll be an amen. Is there an amen. Where is it found right after the book to let right after LATE a see a RIGHT THERE IS AN AMEN. So there's no REM that comes out of that there isn't a man there. And what does God do. He spews out. Which is a shaking out. The Laodicean complacent was they go out but God. Then has a mighty revival in his church. And in that church. There is a rediscovery of faith. Trust in God. The righteousness of Christ Springs a great revival of men and women are changed their actions demonstrate their interfaith any touches their eyes so he sees the world as. So they see the world it's he sees the world. And they have a passion to go out witness for Christ. I want that bill don't you. I log. That my life. Reveal the righteous acts of the belief of the people of God and of Jesus. I'll get my eyes touched. So the world so I can see the world as he sees it. Go out to proclaim is eternal message that's for a father in heaven thank you so much that your word is clear. Thank you so much that there's an answer to every offshoot that ever was or ever will be the naysayers. Miss understand the book. Thank you that there will be a mighty revival among your people. And that revival will come from the faithful and true witness. The want to reveal God's love and grace and righteousness that revival will come from the mighty creator who can recreate our hearts. Or do we long for the gold. The faith. The Interfaith the trust in you. No matter what we log that your righteousness be revealed in our lives will all that the ice after such as our eyes. We go out witness for you from here to eternity. Christ name. Thank you for coming to class today. Joy The rest yourself. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference cold. Chosen. Faithful in Louisville Kentucky. Q I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered. And so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online. A W W W G Y C Web dot au or G.


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