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2. Medical Missionary Work: Lessons From History

John Torquato Wayne Kablanow



  • December 31, 2015
    10:00 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen for other resources like this visit us online. A W W W G Y C web. Greetings. All come to this presentation on medical missionary work and lessons from sacred history. This is part of the six. Presentations that Pastor wink a blunt zero in myself Dr John Travolta will do. And it's the second in the series the first we just finished was the Bible in Spirit of Prophecy foundation for the connection between the medical missionary work and the three engines message. And if you're interested in that. Or any of our lectures or the slides. Then you can get ahold of all that material by sending an e-mail to a medical ministry at G. Mail dot com. If you send an email to a medical ministry. Dot com You get an auto response. That will include links to about thirty different things you could pull off and each one of those labeled with. You know. Titles that will tell you what you're getting including our slides and the various presentation that we have in presenters notes accent or a so let's go ahead in our head. OK. Well other heaven. Again we turn our thoughts to you. And we seek for your spirit to guide and direct us. We seek for your presence to be here. We can do nothing of ourselves. And so we just ask that you work here this morning where they are lies before you. And we just commit ourselves to you and reactions you help us to understand. The lessons from history so we do not repeat the mistakes of history. And we thank you jesus name. You that. OK so this topic lessons from sacred history has one major point of theme that floats through the whole presentation. The theme is self sacrificing love and service. It's love that works for others. The whole purpose of this lesson is to point out some of the failures that. That we as a people. Going back in time into sacred history have have made. And it can be a hard thing to look at. But it's what the purpose. Because by recognizing these negative things that can happen. We can choose another way. And that's our goal is to choose another way. The Scripture says Rebuke A wise man and he will thank you for it. And so today we want to look at some of these very difficult and hard to hear things about our history because it's not pleasant for us to take according to ourselves a I was a part of that I was history. That's true. And that's the whole concept is to be able to choose that way around. Those mistakes of the people of God in the past the. The Bible is faithful to chronicle those errors that we have made. And we can actually use that material the way they were intended to be used to be a blessing in an uplifting point for ourselves to avoid those mistakes. So I'd like to start by saying this this this. Second in the first part of the three of those message are extremely strong warnings for the world and for God's people at the end of time. Warnings against following the world's methods. Principles and practices and essentially. It's a it's a it's a warning against false opinions. Opinions that are not of God. So Revelation fourteen eight through ten is the one that talks about Babylon being fallen. That great city who made all nations drink the wrath of her fornication. One of the wrath reporting. And this really strong thirteen jewels warning against false worship false worship. In terms of of bowing down maybe. But also possibly false worship of following my own direction. And worshipping my own thoughts. Process. Those who don't learn the lessons from history are the words. We would be read. We would be repeating them in we'd be doomed to repeat the same issues again if we didn't know what errors they had made. And so we as a people. If we can't avoid using worldly means to accomplish sacred ends. We will avoid suffering. Both of ourselves and be more effective for God. We're going to take a look at three lessons historic lessons. With modern day. Illustrate parallels and lessons for us. But first let me just read. Testimonies ministers page thirty one this is. We are now a strong people. That's a good statement. If we will put our trust in the Lord. For we are handling the mighty truth of the Word of God. We have everything to be thankful for. If we walk in the light. As it shines upon us from the living oracles a god. We shall have a large responsibility. Corresponding with the great Like given us. Of God. We have many duties to perform because we have been made the depositories of what. Of sacred truth. To be given to the world. In all its beauty and glory. We are debtors to God to use every advantage. He has entrusted to us to beautifier the truth my holiness of character and to send the messages of warning and of comfort of hope and love to those who are in the darkness. An air of sin. We want to focus on the reality of the statements. We have been made. Depositories of the sacred truths to be given to this world. In all its beauty and glory. That is what has been given to you and to me. We have a sacred obligation to God. How are we going to handle these true a god has given us. So the first lesson that we're going to learn from is the lesson. The lesson of the fall of Israel. The lesson of the fall of Israel. Have you ever wondered. As I did when I was new in the faith. Way back in high school. Here you have the Nation of Israel. With with God as the head a theocracy. Given to God as a people with a special message. And a special message to be able to share with the world. This group of people given a special place amongst the world so that they could share. What god would have them to share. But in a single generation. They went from the greatest and most influential nation on Earth directly under God to a broken and divided nation. Without a place to stand in a single generation. And it's the lesson that came from that fall. That we want to focus on today. Because it really is. It gives us great direction. You turn to Peter Arkin profits. You'll find him. Three key principles that were involved in the fall of the Nation of Israel. That we want to focus in on in those three principles where these. Number one they lost the spirit of self-sacrifice. Number two they took to themselves. The glory that was due to God alone. And number three. They lost their missionary zeal. In turn to create opportunities for witness. Into opportunities for commerce. To gain a buck. This is what caused the fall of that great nation with its missionary purpose. Israel was agreed is the most wealthy nation of the time. During the time a Solomon's rain. But it fell in that one generation and. These key elements were the thing that cost in. So the first principle let's go them one by one in see how these developed the principle number one they lost the spirit of self-sacrifice. How did that happen with all that they had been given. You would think with great respect with great blessings we came. Come great responsibility and great response to the Lord. Well I share with you the beginning of it. You see with the laying of the foundation of the temple was the very beginning of that error which caused the downfall of the nation. As the foundation was laid the error was made that caused the downfall of the Nation of Israel. You see Solomon. In order to build this great temple. Called Hiram. The king of higher. He asked him to help him build the temple of God of Israel and hire him sent a man by the name of her own. Who was a mixed heritage. A mixed with Ridge's background. In Second Chronicles the other two versus thirteen and fourteen his is. And now I have sent. I have sent a skilful man in doubt with understanding her I'm my master craftsman. The son of a woman of the daughters of Dan. And his father was a man of Tyre. So he was of what. Mixed heritage. OK. Skilled to work in gold and silver bronze and iron stone and wood purple and. And Per and blue. Find linen in crimson and to make every ingrate any engraving and to accomplish any plan which may be given Him with your skilful min. And with this skilful minute my lord. David your father. So what you have is you have the people of God with a spiritual motive. In the people of the world with a worldly motive. Mixed in one person. That's the mix that's the that's the mix that we have mixing worldly and spiritual. In one person in prophets in King's page sixty three Her room was a descended on his mother's side of a holy yab to whom hundreds of years before God had given special wisdom for the construction of the. That was a wilderness. Tabernacle. He's well connected in pitch arson prophets comment on that on page sixty three it says that it sends of these workman inherited. Twit large degree. The talents conferred on their forefathers. For a time these men of Juda and Dan remain humble and unselfish. But gradually gradually almost in precept of really. They lost their hold upon God. And that it is dire to serve him. And self serving now. Unselfishly. They asked notices they asked higher wages for their services because of their superior skill and workman. As workmen in the Fine Arts. In some instances their request was granted. But more often they found employment in their surrounding and outside of Israel. Outside of the church in place of the noble spirit of self-sacrifice. That had filled the hearts of their is illustrative and sisters. They indulged in a spirit of cover just news. Of grasping for more and more that their selfish desires might be gratified. They use their God given skill in the service of heathen kings and lent their talents to the perfecting of works. Which were a dishonor to their maker. These men whom God had given special talents. With the intent to bless his own people instead employed their talents for the building in the beautification of temples of foreign gods. Using that which was meant for the sacred. Instead put it at the world again and rather than serving the Lord with it serving heathen kings in profits in Kings page fifty three. It says dust at the head of Solomon's company of workman. There was placed a man whose efforts were not prompted by the unselfish desire to render service to God. He served the god of this world. Mammon. The very fibers of his being were in rot with the principles of selfishness. See the differences between those motivated by the spirit of selfless sacrifice for the worst of God became evident in a very practical way in the differences. Of wages demanded for their work. The idea is unusual skill. Demands higher wage. Charge. What the market will bear. This one issue. Set into effect. A whole chain of events that lead to the further degradation of God's people and the eventual fall of the Nation of Israel. Picture action prophets are promising Kings probably Page sixty forces. Because of this. The news of his unusual skill. Her own demanded large wages. Gradually the wrong principles that he cherries. Came to be accepted by his associates. As they labored with him day after day. They yielded to the inclination to compare his wages. With their own. And they began to lose sight of the holy character of their work in a spirit of self-denial. Left them. And in its place in the spirit of covetousness. The result was a demand for higher wages which was granted. So you have the effect of one man. Who came to the nation. To build a temple. To God and he began to infiltrate his principles into the minds of those that were directly associated with him. Not yet to the to the children of Israel as a whole. But to those who are closest to him. Initially you go down to prophets and kings page sixty four. The baleful influences thus set in operation. Permeated all branches of the Lord's service and extended. Then throughout the kingdom. The high wages demanded in received gave to many an opportunity to indulge in luxury and extravagance. The poor were oppressed by the rich and the spirit of self-sacrifice was well nigh lost in the far reaching effects of these influences may be traced one of the principal causes of the terrible apostasy. Of him who was once numbered. Amongst the wisest of mortals. Going on in that same page says the sharp contrast between the spirit and motives of the people. Building the wilderness temple. Back in Moses day. So the contrast there. And those engaged in erecting Solomon's temple in Solomon's day. Has a lesson of a deep significance. The self-seeking that characterized the workers on the temple finds its counterpart. When. Today. In the selfish. Nest that rules in the world. The spirit or covetousness of seeking for the highest position. And the highest wage is right for is rampant. You might say. We are talking about medical missionary work. And the three it was message. The work that to change the character of the people of God In help them to represent the character of God at the end of time. We're talking about lessons from sacred history that will teach us to avoid that which caused the fall of the Nation of Israel. It is a spirit of self seeking and self exultation that started. That would actually started the fall of the Nation of Israel and the issue here. Were selfless and self sacrificial service and devotion is is contrast to a desire for grasping higher wages. The spirit of those who build saunas temple were totally different. Then that sell sacrificing giving spirit and devotion that those who built the temple in the wilderness hand. You see in the wilderness. God instructed Moses. To accept only freewill offerings. But as you will see this method that Solomon shows this these issues. Began to permeate the entire nation. In a different way than the wilderness temple was Bill. You'd find the Temple of Solomon built because of these free will offerings. The spirit that dominated the nation at the time was a holy and sacred spirit and the principle was that the most routine and mundane menial task done in a spirit of sacrifice. In a spirit of devotion is excepted by God as worship. Trying your work becomes your worship right. So Principle Number two. Solomon first and then the nation as a whole took to themselves also the glory that was due to God alone. The temple. That was built in God's name became known as Solomon's Temple prophets and kings pay sixty five another the deviations from the right principles. And finally led to the downfall of Israel's King was his healed into the temptation to take to himself. The glory. That belongs to God alone. Going on from the day that Solomon was intrusted to the work of building the temple. To the time of his complete its completion. He evolved purpose was to build and house. For the name of the Lord God of Israel. This purpose was fully recognized before this employee the sampled host of Israel at the time of the dedication of the temple in his prayer the King acknowledged that Joe Hova had said. My name shall be there. And the next page page sixty six that seem chapter in behalf of every one of these strange your worshipers. Solomon had petitioned here though. And do according to all that the stranger Colace to the fore that all the people of the earth may know that I name to fear the. As do the high people Israel. And that they may know that this house which I have build it is called by Vining processing Kings page sixteen. Had Solomon continued in humility. Of mind to turn the attention of men from himself to the one who had given him wisdom in riches and honor what a history might have been his. But when. While the pen of inspiration records his virtues it. Also bears. Faithful witness to his downfall. Raised to the pinnacle of greatness and surrounded by the gifts of fortune. Soul and Solomon became dizzy. Lost his balance and fell. Constantly extolled by the men of the world he was at length unable to withstand the flattery that was offered to him. The wisdom intrusted to him that my glorify the giver. Filled him with pride. He finally permitted men to speak of him as the one most worthy of praise for the matchless splendor of the building. Planned and erected for the honor of the name of the God of Israel and its sixty four. Thus it was that the temple of Jehovah came to be known throughout the nations as Solomon's temple and him an agent had taken to himself the glory that belong to the one higher than the highest even to is this day the temple which Solomon Dick. Dedicated this house which I have built. Is called by the name is often a spoken of not as the Temple of Joba. But as. Solomon's Temple. If she slowly in perhaps maybe imperceptibly. First the great nation of Israel started. The downward. Journey. People literally worship. Solomon's wisdom in mind. But this was not the way that song was a first and first he would turn their attention and praise to God he would focus their attention heavenward. But eventually Solomon took in the nation of Israel with him. Took to themselves. The glory due to God alone. The spirit of pride. Took over. And thus you have the second great principle that caused the fall of the Nation of Israel from its high and holy calling to a broken in divided nation. The second principle. So now let's go to the third principle. They have lost their missionary zeal. You see the missionary spirit was eventually supplanted by a spirit of commercialism. They took the opportunities that God had given them by being planted in the crossroads of the nation. In turn those opportunities into opportunities for commerce. They use the blessings of God that he had given them to dispense to the world. And consume them. Themselves and they used them for selfish is selfish purposes. The blessings of God used to make a buck. Placed in the midst of the nations all the different nations. Had to go through history. And they had a unique place in the world. Given to them by God and a unique message to bring to the world with unique opportunities to share. Profits and kings page seventy. God has designed that his people should be the light of the world. From them was to shine forth the glory of his law as revealed in the life practice for the carrying out of this design he caused the chosen nation to occupy a strategic position. Among the nations of the earth. And then going on through this territory ran many natural highways of the world's commerce. Caravans from distant lands are constantly passing to and fro. And there was given to Solomon in the people an opportunity to reveal to the men of all nations the character of the King of Kings and to teach them to reverence and to obey Him to all the world this knowledge was to be given through the teachings of the sacrificial offerings. Christ was to be uplifted before the nations that all who would might live in a piece of anyone. Solomon wass sight of he is. I purpose. He failed of improving the splendid opportunities for enlightening those who were continually passing through his territory and tarrying in its principle cities. The missionary spirit that God had implanted in the heart of stone in the hearts of all true is relates was supplanted by a spirit of commercialism. The opportunities afforded by contact with many nations were used for personal aggrandizement. The commercial advantages of an outlet at the head of the Red Sea were developed. The revenue of the king and of the many studies was greatly increased but at what cost through the cupidity in the short sightedness of those to whom had been intrusted the oracles of God. The countless multitudes who throng the highways of travel. Were allowed to remain in ignorance of joe. I don't know if you're following this. Have we lost you. You can we. Yeah. Well how does this relate to medical missionary work. It's coming. And here it is in striking contrast to the course pursued by Solomon with his with the course. Followed by Christ when he was on this earth. The Saviour. Though possessing all power. Never used his power for self aggrandizement. No dream of earthly conquest of worldly greatness. Marred the perfection of his service for mankind. Foxes have holes in the birds of the era of mess. He said but the son of man hath not where to lay his head to those who in response to the call of the hour. Have entered the service of the master worker. May well study his. What his methods. He took advantage of the opportunities to be found along the great thoroughfares of travel. We're talking about a theme that runs through all presentations that we were together. The theme of self sacrificing love and the Neverland service. And that theme. One to following Christ. The theme is the one we would like to focus on. And written. Take a minute and just draw the comparison with the medical practice of today. Think about it today. I'm a physician. I'm a physician who works. Doing that all in a stream. And I recognize in my own my own trade. If you will. The nation of Israel fault fell from three things they. They fell. Because they had lost their spirit of self-sacrifice. They fell because they had taken to themselves the glory. Due to got alone. They fell. Because they had. They had was lost and lost a missionary. They lost their missionary zeal. As I see for medicine today. Tell me where we are in medical terms. Have we lost our our sense of self-sacrifice and yet. Replaced it with a sense of entitlement. How we have we taken to ourselves. The the glory due to God alone. Using the God complex. Have we have we made. Have we made medical missionary work. A way of earning a buck and come in wealthy. And in the end. Have we have we lost our missionary zeal. Turning an opportunity for witness. Into opportunities for commerce which allows the people that throng. Our communities. To remain in ignorance to the God of heaven. Now it's not just the the. The work of the physicians that can do this even amongst our churches. I want to be the church who's known as this kind of a church. We want to be well known to be part of something grand. Often times. And so because of that the underlying motive although not as clearly stated as in maybe a medical field. It can be that we lose our sense of self sacrifice in order to be part of something grand. In order to to bring to ourselves the glory which is due to got alone yes I'm part of that church and we have this ministry. In order to to take to ourselves. That which we should not have. And you don't have to get paid by making a dollar. You can get paid by influence. You can get paid by reputation. So these kinds of things we want to learn from because they're subtle. And they cause the fall of Israel. We want to be like Jesus and take his example in our own hands. So we can follow His will in continue as the Last Day message comes from our lips. We can use the faith of Jesus to develop the character of Jesus in loving sacrificial. But Neverland service. You follow us where we're going now. OK Welcome again you're on us. In the intervals of his journeys to and fro Jesus dwelt at Capernaum which was no one has his own city. Situated on the highway from Damascus to Jerusalem in Egypt. To the Mediterranean Sea It was well adapted for the center of the Saviour's work. People from many lands pass through the city in tarried for rest there Jesus met with those of all nations. And all ranks. And does his lessons were carried to other countries and into many households. By this means is tryst was aroused in the prophecies. Pointing forward to the Messiah. Attention was directed to the sea of year. In his mission was brought before the world. This is in stark contrast to the work of an entire nation. This work of Jesus. In one little location. Was a micro picture of what the nation of Israel with to do. So what only what is doing here is contrast in Solomon. And the principles that were developed in the kingdom there. That brought that kingdom down. Contrast in doubt. With Jesus Christ. And the principles. And that's what we're trying to bring out to you here today. In this our day. The opportunities for coming into contact with men and women of all classes. And many nationalities are much greater than in the days of Israel. The thoroughfares of travel. Have multiplied. Me. Thousand fold. Like Christ. The messengers of the most high today. Should take their position in the great thoroughfare. Where they can meet the passing. Multitude. From all parts of the world. Like him. Hiding self in God. There to so the Gospel seed. Presented before others the precious trues of Holy Scripture. That will take deep root in mind and heart and spring up into life eternal. Now let me ask you John. How many people go through a typical physician's office. In a year or in a physician's lifetime. The average physician will see between one hundred thousand and four hundred thousand people in their life. One physician. We graduate hundreds of physicians. Just from one medical school. And there are others. And it's not just the physicians. By the way. But how many people will go through our churches in our go drive by our communities. That could be drawn into our churches. By the service of our people taking care of their felt needs. That's right in a been if this and loving and sacrificial way. You see what a terrible loss that was. If you think about the contrast between Israel and. And Jesus the example of Jesus. What a terrible loss. Israel sustained when you see with the high and holy calling was that they could have achieved. It was a terrible fall from the height of the salt in time a Solomon. Down to the nation where it no longer even had a mission anymore. And no longer had a message. Its purpose was. Now had to be filled in suffering in a way that they had where God did not plan for them to have to do. So that was history and. We can learn from that lesson. Very interesting quote in last day events. We have nothing to fear for the future except we forget the way that the Lord has led us. And his teachings in our past history. You see the Seventh Day Adventist health ministry was placed at the very crossroads of humanity. Everybody has a need for health. It's everywhere and. Both are professional component in our church based component conserving this benefit by divine providence we have been given the privilege of being blessed with being contact with every level of society. Male or female rich or poor everybody needs this thing address this health. In their lives addressed. And so the question is whether we allow people to pass by our offices or our churches. To remain in ignorance to you Hoba. How do you get in touch with them how do you how do you contact them how do you make a difference in their lives leave want to have saying something to do with you. You serve them in loving sacrifice and benevolence. You do the work of Jesus. And that is all is necessary. The broad meaning of what that says. But it's all is necessary. The work of Jesus. We change our care. Our characters are changed by the faith of Jesus. So the question is we have been made to posit Henri's of divine truth. Given a special place among the nations and an eternal purpose. To serve. Do I sacrifice. The question what the problem was in the beginning that Israel lost its sense of self-sacrifice. Do I sacrifice. Maybe it's wages I look for maybe it's prestige. Maybe it's honor. Maybe its influence. If this is the for my program or the fact that my church had this ministry. Do I take to myself for my health ministry steam. Maybe even just my local church the glory that was due to God alone. Let's take a look at a second story from from sacred history. Let's turn to the story of Jesus as he cleanse the Temple in Jerusalem. Remember how it was that people were using the temple. As a shortcut to accomplish their own goals. They were using the. The the temple for buying and selling for their own commercial benefit. Making merchandise. Of the gospel of God. Taking what God has given us for a blessing to others and using it for personal gain. Notice Matthew twenty one versus twelve to fourteen says Then Jesus went into the temple of God and drove out. All those who bought and sold in the temple and overturn the temples. The tables of the money changers. And the seats of those who sold. And he said to them. It is written. My house should be called a house a prayer. But you have made it a den of thieves then the blind and the lame came to him in the temple. And he healed them. You know we I can get off the Blind in the lame. They're not pretty they're not influential. They don't have a lot of money. And there we often not paid much attention to them. But they're the ones who came to Jesus and read the same story from different. Different gospel. Mark. Eleven. So they came to Jerusalem. And then Jesus went to the temple new began to drive out those who bought and sold in the temple and over to turn the tables of the money changers in the seats of those who sold us. And he would not allow anyone to carry wares through the temple. And then he taught them saying it is not. Is it not written in my house should be called a house of prayer for all nations. You've made it a den of thieves. And in John Chapter two. Now the Passover the Jews was at hand and Jesus went up to Jerusalem and found in the temple those who sold. Oxen and sheep and dubs. And the money changers. Doing business. When he had made a whip of cords he drove them all out of the temple with the sheep in the Gox and then poured out the changers money and over turn the tables. And he said to those who sold drugs. Take these things away. Do not make my father's house a house. Of what. Of merchandise. Jesus saw the temple. As being desecrated with commonness. That which was a glory to God was made a mood of gaining an income. Now those guys weren't just helping the worshippers accomplish the worship of God in a needful way these. These guys were making good money on the House of God. They were just helping to meet the needs of worshippers. They were making money hand over fist in the process they were touching sacred things. But with common hands. They had lost the odds of God in their pursuit of the common and it is dangerous to treat. That which is holy and sacred. With common hands. Now. The Scriptures we just read demonstrated that some were not making money in the temple. Some of them were just using the secret grounds. As a short cut. They were carrying goods to the house of God. They were using the temple of God as a short cut to get to where they wanted to go. They were not trying to make money off the temple they just wanted to use it their way. Without a sense of its sacredness. And Jesus drove them out. In the book Spirit of Prophecy Volume three says Jesus had taken his position as a guardian of the temple. Jesus in taking charge of the temple court had wrought there a wonderful change. He had banished the buyers and sellers the money changers and the cattle and would not suffer and that any man should carry any vessel through the temple. So sacred did. The world Redeemer regard the building dedicated to the worship of God. So is there a lesson here for us. Could it be that we would use the temple of God to make money and over fist. To use the opportunities for witness to help people to understand the God of the tabernacle. As a method to make a buck. To getting rich or have influence or to receive to ourselves. A reputation. Now. Maybe we've never tried to get rich off the temple of God. But I would never use the temple of God for our own purposes. The way we wanted to without a sense of it's sacredness taking shortcuts to get to where we wanted to go our selves. The not considering what God meant for his temple to be possibly even destroying our own health using practices. He's upset and service or lifestyle issues. Maybe even just working too hard and he just not sleeping. Staying up too late. You know the Internet. Eating too much or too little all of that destroying our health. You see Jesus didn't appreciate those any more than you appreciate the money changers or those who are carrying wears through the temple. So a very difficult thing to watch and to see it apply to myself. It hits my heart and my soul. But that's what history is for is to teach us to avoid the mistakes of the past. And by listening to what God has said to me. I can avoid it. Even if I made the mistakes in the past I can avoid it now that I know. And that's the purpose of looking at Secret History. To make sure that I have the opportunity for change. One more story. Or finish in the context of the story is a man who is a prophet of God. The Prophet Dalan bill was a prophet of God known as God's prophet in and. He was a profit was willing to curse the people of God for a dollar. Remember the theme that runs through all these presentations is the theme of self sacrificing love and service. And again contrast in daily in this way. So let's turn to Revelation Chapter two in verse fourteen which talks about the Church of Pergamon in the seven churches of Revelation. The church a purpose was the church that fell into deep apos to see. Notice what it says about this church. What Jesus says about it. They have a heart. Trained in covet US practices and are cursed children. They have for sake in the right way and gone astray. Following the way of Bale I'm the son of Peor and love the wages of unrighteousness. But he was rebuked for his iniquity. A dumb donkey speaking with a man's voice. Restrained. The badness of the prophet. And in Jude chapter. There's only one chapter. And there's not a love of chapters in Jude. I think it's versatile verse eleven and Jude. Well to them for they have gone. In the way of Cain. Have rung greedily in the air of bail them for profit and perished in the rebellion. Of Korra. And then second Peter chapter two verse fifteen. They have for sake in the right way and gone astray. Following the way of Bale I'm the son of Peor who loved the wages of unrighteousness. One more statement about bail I'm Joshua thirteen averse to the children of Israel also killed. With the sword. Bale I'm the son of Peor the Seuss A are among those who were killed by the sword. So Belem eventually. Because of his greed lost his life. So being that was able to make prophecy. But he was greedy for gain for FIM for influence. And here is a key element. They even was willing to see the people of God cursed. Again. In order to make a buck. Willing to curse the very people of God to make a buck. And he was eventually killed fighting. The people of God. He fought against his own folk and in God and. Because he loved to make the wages of unrighteousness. Because he was greedy. Looking to make a profit. And this is a terrible lesson. We need to call our professionals. And our pastors to decide where they stand on this line. You see today many physicians and pastors seem willing to see the people of God cursed with the worst. Evil will explain what that means when I'm talking about. But they're willing to do this in order to make a buck. As a physician to retain possibly even their influence as a pastor. They're willing to see the people of God cursed. These were the same things that were offered to bail them money. Pride. Influence. Power. He was willing to curse people of God for His own brother and of Israel. And today modern day physicians and pastors may still receive the wages of bale of the prophet who died while fighting against the people of God. Here's that passage that we talked about before the medical ministry page to forty one. My brother in the Lord calls for unity. For one. We are to be one in the faith. I want to tell you that when the Gospel ministers. And the medical missionary workers are not united. And by the way. Let me just pause there. That's why. Dr John and I are doing this together. We want to not just talk about it. We want to demonstrate that we are united. Where one. Together. But going back. I want to tell you that when the Gospel ministers. And the medical missionary workers are not united. There is placed on our churches. What the worst. Evil. That can be placed there. Our medical missionaries ought to be interested in the work of art conferences. And our conference workers are to be as much interested in the work of our medical missionaries. Now let me ask you Do you know. This is white. To exaggerate. She said the words. The worst evil. I mean it conjures up in my mind. The the thought of the First Evil. Pride. Arrogance territorialism selfishness. I will rise. I will place my throne about the stars. I will be as God. Do you see this happening sometimes in our own churches. You see this happening sometimes amongst our own committees. Do you see this happening amongst their own people. You see. This is the worst evil. And it is currently happening in some places. Because we have allowed the medical missionary workers to be separated from the Gospel missionary workers. And by doing so have called upon our own people. The worst of evils and not in notice is not in our clinics and is not in our hospitals. It is in our churches. Medical ministry twenty four twenty five nothing will help us more at this stage of our work than to understand and fulfill the mission of the greatest medical missionary that has ever trod the earth. Nothing will help us. More than to realize how sacred is this kind of work and how perfectly it corresponds with the life work of the great. Missionary. The object of our mission is the same as the object of Christ mission. Why did God sent His Son to the fallen world. To make known and to demonstrate to mankind. His love for them. Why is that necessary. Because when we see the love of God Our characters are transformed. God's purpose in committee. Committing to men and women the mission. That he committed to Christ is to disentangle his followers. From all worldly policy. And to give them a work. Identical with the work that Christ did. All heaven is looking on with intense interest to see what character the medical missionary work will assume under the supervision of human beings will men make merchandise. Of God ordained a plan for reaching the dark parts of the earth. With a manifestation of his benevolence. Will they cover mercy with selfishness and call it medical missionary work. We need to respond like David did. Lord be merciful to me heal myself for I have sinned against you. This is a call to repentance for the people of God to recognize like they did when they found the law in the temple. To realize what have we been doing. Where have we been. And we could have messed it up then. But instead they humbled themselves they came to God in repentance. And God said I will bless for it. If we will see our faults in the faults of our people from the bible times until now. We can choose another way. That is a lesson from history. We can choose another way. We are calling you to do what our forefathers. Failed to do to make this part of what you understand and to make a choice. On it to choose to serve the Lord in south. Sacrificing love. And the Netherlands for the people around you. This is the lesson of history history. For God's people today. We're calling you to do more than you are able with your own human effort in fact. We want you to accomplish that which is on the GA on the order of God's ability. Because it's God. Not you who do accomplishing to allow God to work in you. To accomplish his own actions. So we want to make a call to you today. By faith. To let Jesus and about his life his self sacrificing love in your life. In your thoughts. Your words or we able to do any better than those who went before us we must. But we can do nothing or selves. Because you and I are just like those who have gone before us. We have hearts that are selfish. Proud self and vicious. So what do we need to do. To walk across that threshold. From the common and mending to the miraculous. To the power of God to a life that is from a life that is just routine in regular to one that enters the room. Of the miracle of God. What will it take. What practical and actionable mindset. Activity functions direction. Can we take that will accomplish this goal or John the Baptist. Is an example. Power equal to God because it was God's power. And not man's power. And we're going to be dealing with a motive in the power. This afternoon. Let me ask you what could we compare the genuine Christian life. To be like. What if we were to say that the life of the Christian was like a schoolboy. Who is learning to write cursive. Letters and is set before him. The the perfect. Script that he's trying to to copy. And the more he tries. The closer he gets. But it's still very imperfect. Would that be a good description of the Christian life. They were trying to copy. The Master. When you look at who the master is. It's impossible. It's impossible. So there's no hope for us because all the details in US is not good but all that rolls in him is the god it. And you can never never successfully. Copy you know as if you five eight nine. For my thoughts are not your thoughts nor my ways your ways. As the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the Earth some way. Ways higher than yours. In my thoughts higher than your thoughts. So if you would like to copy Christ and do it successfully you have to have a power. That's equal to that of God in your life. So let's take this illustration a step further. If the master instructor came along and he put his hand upon the hand of the boy. And he put his hand on him and. It was him directing the hand of the boy as he wrote those letters. Would that be a better illustration of the Christian life. Yes. But still not perfect because God does not want us to be just simple. What do I say. Mation. He created you thinking. Intelligent human being. So even though it's a step closer still not the truth. You would just be very mechanical So even though we have to die to ourselves our sinful nature and Yoder selves and instruments of righteousness. God does not treat us as a lifeless object to be used. The Christian life is pure and simply. If the master instructor. Put all of his own skill. Put all of his own ability. Put all of his own thoughts and power into that boy. And then the boy began to write. And who was it was perfect yet he was stead of the master. Doing the writing. He's not just yet not just imitating the master. But it's the master's own writing. Yet it's the free and joyous acts of the boy. There we would have an excellent illustration of the Christian life. There for my beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only. But much more in my absence work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for. It is God who works in you both to will. And to do is good pleasure. Inflation's to twenty I've been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me. And the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. And he who abides in him all. Also to walk. Just as he was and how was it that he walked. John fourteen ten. Do you not believe that I am the father and the Father in me. The words that I speak to you. I do not speak on my own authority. But the father who does what the Father who dwells in me. Does the works Christ has given you the company. But instead of standing off and watching you try to imitate him. He comes gladly into your heart. Becomes one with you. So that his life. Is your life and his acts are your acts. This is life. Your Christian life. And her final reference desire of age is sixty eight. Well known to your possibly. All true a beauty and scums from the heart. It was hard work with Christ. If we consent he will so identify himself with our thoughts and in. So blend to our hearts and minds into conformity with his will that when obeying Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses. The will we find sanctified will find its highest the light in doing his service. When we know God as it is our privilege to know him. Our life will be a life of continual obedience. To an appreciation of the character of Christ through Communion with God sin. Will become hateful to us as far hence Father in heaven we thank you so much that you've given us lessons. These are hard lessons to bear. Painful to see. Lord it's easy for us to feel. Blamed even. But you know of or that wasn't your purpose. Your purpose was to warn us of the. The obstacles in the downfalls. So that we might have life. In be with you. We pray that you will help us to take to our hearts. The lessons you have taught us into a to appeal to our own yearning love and desire Lord for you and response what you've given change us Lord. Your character help us to be molded. So that you are fully living. It. Thank you Jesus. You are this message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen. Faithful in Louisville Kentucky G Y C A supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot au or G.


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