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2. Even THEM?

Homer Trecartin


Homer Trecartin

President of the Midle East and North Africa Union (MENA)



  • December 31, 2015
    10:00 AM
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This message was presented at the July seed twenty fifteen come from the cold. Shows and in Louisville Kentucky. For other resources like this. Visit us online at W W W G Y C web or gee. All right let's put our heads. There lard. Thank you that you watch over us wherever we are and whatever we're doing. Thank you that that you do want. The Gospel to go to every person in this generation so that you can come. I pray that soon we will see that happen and that you will come in Jesus' name amen. You know. Last night Natasha. Talked about the Gospel going to every person in this generation. And that's what we long for. I've had people tell me. Many times. Admin us in our administration is that. Well you know all those people whoever they are meaning usually there meaning people in my part of the world in the Middle East and North Africa. Those people God just going after each them some other way. Maybe he'll do it with dreams an angel visits or maybe probation is already close for them but. There's no use we are going to send anybody there. Had many people say that. You know. I want to ask you does jesus want to come. He sees far more of the. Of the horrors. Than we see doesn't mean he sees everybody that suffering with sickness he see is the war he see is the abuse. He sees it all. He wants to come far more than we want him to. If he could finish the work with a dream or an angel visit. He would send one to everybody tonight. And he would come tomorrow. But God. Can't finish the work with dreams an angel this. It's. It. He is doing the fast. This most effective thing you can. By sending us. To to finish the work for him. Most people will never respond to a dream or an angel visit. Until they meet a real live person living in their community. Who can share what it means to be an end time believer in Jesus. They need to see us in the. Joyful times they need to see us in the hard times. In fact one of the best witnesses is when they see us going through a difficulty. And how do we respond to it. If God doesn't want us to go through hard times. But sometimes he allows it. So that others. Watching us through their through their drapes and blinds can see how we respond. And it can impact their lives. Our problem in the Middle East and North Africa is we don't have anybody living in most of those communities. We don't have any admin assistant most of them. And so I'm going to talk a little bit today about that. That dilemma. Of. Are there people that don't need to hear the gospel. Are there people that we shouldn't try to share the gospel with. It was June of two thousand and seven. When a young lady in book current was back to stand back to stand is not part of. Mina. The Middle East and North Africa Union but. But it's related to it there it's a Muslim country. June two thousand and seven not all that long ago a young lady came to the door of one of our members and knocked on her door and smiled brightly and said hi. I want to learn more about Christianity would you take me to your church. Well our members in this Becca Stan are very fearful they have been through a lot. They are always afraid to admit that there are members there. They meet secretly many times I shouldn't say they're always afraid they've been actively working. But. But there. Cautious. And so I remember wasn't sure what she should do. She said. Do you know what makes you think I'm a believer. All of the girl said. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you I went to school at the university with your daughter. We talked all the time. About religion. I really want to know more would you take me to your church. And our members thinking you know that's funny I do have a daughter she did go to the university. But she never told me about anybody that she was talking to about religion. But the girl seemed sincere and so she said OK. And she started taking her to our. Our legal church. It's a house church but it's a legal one. In book Carra and she started taking her there on Sabbath. And on Friday night. She started taking her to a small prayer group in a home in a nearby village. It was technically illegal. They'd been meeting for two years. In that. At that time. In that part of. Becca Stan. You had to have fifty people in your group to be able to register. And it was illegal to meet. Until you were registered. Well how do you get fifty people. To be able to register and so it was. They were meeting it was illegal they had a number of Muslims that were. Had become Adventists they had a number of Muslims were studying. And then some Christians and they were all meeting together every Friday night. So this lady is taking the young girl with her on Friday night and on Sabbath one week two weeks three weeks. The third week in that small house group while they were praying. They heard a noise. And when they opened their eyes at the end of the prayer they realized that somebody had slipped over to the door and unlocked it. And the room. The house was filled with police. The video cameras were rolling the cameras were snapping they lined everybody up around the wall of the room and made them. They took their fingerprints and their signatures describe a description of where they. Lived and why they were in this illegal gathering. And then they dismissed them all this is two thousand and seven. They dismissed them all and said You'll be hearing from us shortly. Well they knew what that meant. And then a little while. Few days. Every one of them that had been there that night got a knock on their door. And a policeman was there and he invited them to come to court. That's the word they use he invited them to come to court but that's not like being invited to a birthday party. It's not something you can say all sorry it's not convenient for me today. When you're invited. You're arrested basically and they all went to court and they. They sat there in the court room and looked around quietly and realize that every one of them was there. That had been in the room that night. Except for the young girl. And then they knew she was a spy. That the government had planted to find out where they were meeting and. And to let them come in. Well. Six weeks later. Barbara and I were visiting with Carlos Becca Stan. And we met with some of the church members in the church this is the house church off here on the side and these are some of the members. And we had a wonderful time together and toward the end of the. Of the morning. Somebody whispered to us Pastor. Would you be willing to come and meet with us this afternoon in the house group in a nearby village and I said sure. I hadn't heard the story I didn't know anything about what had gone on. They. We went and met in this room. This was the room where they had all been meeting and arrested. When we came in this time they had a banquet set up. Wonderful food in in the Middle East and Central Asia the food is absolutely wonderful. And then we were all sitting around there together. They had no Bibles or hymnals. They had all been confiscated by the police. And they even if they had one hidden at home they wouldn't have brought it here. But. We sang together we prayed together we talked together. And then they told us the story. I was. I think they were afraid that I would be afraid I wasn't very worried I didn't figure it was Becca Stan wants good relationships with the United States and I didn't think they would come in while I was there. And arrest me and everybody else they. But this was the first time in six weeks that they had had the courage to try to meet again. In this room. You see what had happened in court. Is they all have been fined. They were told they were reminded of what the law is the law is that if you get caught once you're fine. If you get caught meeting illegally a second time the finest doubled. If you get caught a third time. You go to prison. Most of our pastors and was Becca Stana been arrested once or twice and they're facing prison sentences. If they get caught again. Going to meet with any illegal group. But so we were we were sitting there meeting again praying together you can see some of them are. Are still Muslims some of them are. Our new Adventists that used to be Muslims. And. And as they were praying I started to cry. Because they weren't praying. They weren't praying for safety. They weren't praying for protection. They prayed Lord. The next time someone acts. Interested in knowing more about you. Help us not to turn them away just because we think they might be a spy. You know. I don't know if I have that kind of courage or not. We know. In Mina. That there are spies. We probably have spies in our churches we may have spies working for us. Even when we know that the governments are going to have spies the governments are tracking everything we say and write by e-mail and we use secure systems and. And we tried to take care of but we know that the government's watching what we do and reading what we write and say. I'm sure that some government. Will know about some of the things that I say here this week we're trying to be careful what we say. But we have had people come back from camp meetings and have the SEE ID the Central Intelligence Department meet them at the airport and say Mr So and So welcome back. We know that you were it in such and such a state at such and such a camp meeting and you spoke on these come on these topics. Welcome back. Aren't threatening them but they're just letting them know they're watching what we're doing and saying you know sometimes. We meet somebody AI we can be out here on the street in lieu of all it can be anywhere that we live. Sometimes we meet somebody and we wonder if we should help them. A blind man with a can a mother with a baby walking between the cars a child with a broken leg. A new family in town. We meet somebody and we wonder if we should help them. And whenever that happens. I can almost guarantee you that you think of a particular story in Luke Chapter ten. The story of the Good Samaritan. We meet somebody and we say OK Lord do I need to stop I mean it's raining and I'm in my good clothes on the way to church and their car looks like it's broken down or. You know. We think but Lord. Am I being like the Levite or the priest you know we remember that story. In Luke Chapter ten. I. Just go through it briefly with you. And you can follow along on the screen. Jesus. You remember the rich. The ruler had. The lawyer had come and tried to trap Jesus and it says in verse thirty. Jesus replied with the story. A Jewish man was traveling from Jerusalem down to Jericho and he was attacked by bandits. They stripped him of his clothes beat him up and left him half dead beside the road. By Chance. A priest. By chance a priest came along. But when he saw the man lying there he crossed to the other side of the road and passed him by. A temple assistant or Levite walked over and looked at him lying there but he also passed by on the other side. Then a despise Samaritan came along and when he saw the man he felt compassion for him. Going over to in the Samaritan sued his wounds with olive oil and wine and bandage them. Then he put the man on his own donkey. And took him to an inn where he took care of him. Now do you ever go to bed at night wondering if you were like the priest today. Oh Lord. I didn't even slow down. I mean I saw them out of the corner of my I but. I was late for that meeting and I didn't even slow down. Or maybe you should go to bed at night you say Lord I was like the Levite today I slowed down and looked but you know I learned I didn't have any money with me I mean I'm not a mechanic there's nothing I could do to help them and. And I went on. I think most of us know what it feels like to be the priest or the Levite. We can look at times in our lives when we've done just that we might even know what it feels like to be the man in the dish. Have you ever had a day were life left you pretty beat up. And you thought nobody was paying any attention and you wish somebody would. Maybe you stood in the rain beside your car that was out of gas or. Or whatever it was. And nobody seemed to notice. But when Jesus asked the question in verse thirty six. Who was monk who was his neighbor. We know what we should answer don't worry. We've got the priests the Levite the man in the ditch. And when Jesus asked the question who was his neighbor. We say. The one who showed mercy. The good Samaritan don't we. We know that's the answer. But you know there's one more person in the parable. There's one more person. That showed mercy. In this parable in Luke ten. I don't know if you noticed but I skipped verse thirty five. I ended the verse thirty four and then I skipped a verse thirty six. Verse thirty five says on the next day when he departed. He took out two dinero I gave them to the innkeeper and said to him. Take care of him. And whatever more you spend when I come again. I will repay you. Now. Who does the innkeeper represent. You know what purpose does verse thirty five have in this story. Why did Jesus add a new person to the story. He doesn't need him. We clearly know that we're supposed to be like the Samaritan not the priest in the Levites So why does god add. The innkeeper. Into this story. Well. Back when I was in school on time. Probably it's the same today. Back when I was in school if a teacher assigned a three page paper. I wrote as big as I could write. Why I want to fill up the space right. If the peach. If the teacher assigned a two thousand word paper I talked about anything that was remotely related to the topic. Because I wanted to fill up space. So was Jesus trying to fill up space in the Bible. Did he have a certain word count that he had to reach and so that's why I put verse thirty five in there. I don't think so. Jesus had a purpose for everything that he. Didn't the so there's got to be a reason for verse thirty five to be in this story. But before we look at the reason. I want to remind you of a few other illustrations that Jesus uses in various places. We are supposed to be lights. And we sing a little song This Little Light of Mine and we're supposed to be lights. But who's the light of the world. Jesus. OK. We are supposed to be shape. We're we're like sheep. But who's the Lamb of God. Jesus. We're supposed to be shepherds to the flock he has given us but who's the good shepherd is Jesus. I would like to suggest that we are supposed to be good Samaritan neighbors. But that he is the Good Samaritan in the parable. And if he's the good Samaritan could it be that we are the innkeepers and that's why he put verse thirty five. In the story. I want you to think about it for a minute. This is a hotel in. Book Caro's Becca Stan is just a fairly standard hotel beautiful old hotel we stayed in. When we were there. Day after day. If we are the innkeeper. We go about our jobs checking people in and out of our hotel cleaning the rooms changing the beds. Maybe we're wheeling patients in and out of surgery. Maybe where a dentist fixing teeth. Maybe we're. Chairing meetings or preparing lesson plans for school or. Or maybe we're students and we're studying for exams and writing papers for teachers or maybe we're a mom or a nanny and. All day long where we're washing dishes and clothes and wiping runny nose and feeding the baby all night long and then we're supposed to wake up the next morning and still be smiling and happy and cheerful about everything and. Now whatever it is. We all know what it's like to be so incredibly busy. That we don't think we can handle it. The thing. Our heads are just barely above water. And it seems like in the midst of that frantic time. Is Always when the Good Samaritan comes. And he doesn't just want a room an Aryan. He brings somebody into our lives that's going to demand more than we think we can possibly provide. You know. I think probably all of us at least in our minds if not really verbal A We've all probably prayed a prayer like this. No please God not them. Not now. I mean send them to somebody else. I don't have time today God Maybe tomorrow maybe next week I don't have time today. I don't have the money. I don't have the energy. I don't have the expertise Lord I don't even understand their language. Lord. I don't even like the smells coming out of their house at meal time I mean. Send somebody that understands them. Not me. Send somebody else but the Good Samaritan. Doesn't just come to us and bring some extra work. He actually has the audacity to lay two coins on the counter and say I have given you what you need to take care of them. I want to ask you a question. What nationality was the innkeeper. Bible doesn't say does it doesn't tell us what nationality the innkeeper was and that's OK because it really doesn't matter. I want you to assume with me for a minute. That he is a Jewish innkeeper. He's standing there it is counter. Busily doing whatever innkeepers do shuffling papers checking people whatever he's doing. He's standing there. And the door opens and there in the door of this Jewish innkeepers in is a. Hated Samaritan. You know if you think the feelings between Muslims and Jews are bad today. There were really bad feelings back then to the Jews and the Samaritans hated each other there stands a blood covered. Hated Samaritan. And he's dragging with him a half dead Jew. It's a Samaritan in the door. Dragging with him a half dead Jew. That he says he rescued from the ditch. Oh you are right. If you are a Jewish innkeeper you'd say. No way. I mean he probably beat him up right around the corner and almost killed him. And now he wants to dump him on me so he can escape and get out of here. The Jews. Thought the Samaritans were a bunch of liars they wouldn't have believed anything. That that Samaritan standing in the door would have said. OK let's say maybe it was a Samaritan innkeeper. And the door opens and there stands. A stupid Samaritan. OK I'm a Samaritan innkeeper but. But that guy is really stupid look at this he's dragging with him a half dead Jew. And he wants to put the bloody guy in my clean sheets in my hotel. I mean why didn't I don't really believe this but remember I'm talking like I was a Samaritan innkeeper. Why didn't he just leave him out there to die one less Jew would have been good for the world. You know if you were a Samaritan innkeeper that's what you would have thought. Either way. The innkeeper has a problem doesn't it. Either way the good. Ten in the parable is coming to the inn keeper and asking him to go out of his comfort zone and help somebody that. All of the friends and family of that innkeeper would have said Man you are crazy. Why in the world. Did you take that risk and do that and. He often comes to us and asked us to cross ethnic and cultural language. Social economic boundaries. In order to care for the people that he has placed near us. He doesn't say it will be easy but he lays the coins on the counter and says I have given you. What you need to take care of them. Do we believe that you are around us. And I'll talk more about this later another one of the seminars. But around us. In the Western world. Europe Australia North America. There are millions and millions of Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus. Seventy five percent of them say they don't know a single Christian personally. We do business with them. We check in and out of their hotel we eat in their restaurant. But they don't know us as a friend. We don't know them. We say. Lord let somebody else let let pastor Homer over there in Minot take care of the Muslims not not me here I mean. And yet you have a freedom here that I don't have. Over there. Or I can be over there saying Well Lord. Let them take care of them in lieu of all you know not me over here it's too dangerous over here. We're all in that danger of saying Lord Have you really given me what I need to take care of them. I don't know the language. I am. And we have all our excuses. Now there was a little five year old girl. In in the college Dale Tennessee she was too young to be a missionary. At least that's what everybody thought. She and her family. You were in a program called Kids and discipleship. And have you heard of that. It's a wonderful program teaches families. How disciple their children and then how to disciple the people around them. They're the. The program the families involved in that were getting ready to go on a mission trip and everybody was being trained some of them were going to run a dental clinic and some of them were going to run a B.B.S. and. Some of them were going to do a building and. Everybody was being trained except the five year old. She was too young to be a missionary so they just let her play. But eventually the planes took off and landed in in that. Latin American country. I don't remember which one. And everybody around them down there spoke Spanish. But they started into their projects they had translators or they knew some a few people knew Spanish and they started in their projects and. Everybody was working except the little five year old. She was too young to be a missionary. But in the midst of the one of the Vacation Bible School Programs her mother was leading out up front and and. In the. She had a huge room full of kids. And in the midst of that B.B.S. program. Her little five year old daughter. Stood up walked out the door and started walking across an empty lot. Well any mother would be worried. Anywhere that that happened. But especially she was worried here in this strange country. What happens where is my daughter going what might happen to are out there. So she called over one of the elders and she said to him. Can you just follow her you don't you know little kids sometimes can get upset if somebody tries to interfere with their plans. So can older kids so can. Older people. But. But she didn't want to have a scene but she said just follow her. Don't. Don't let her get lost or heard or something. Well they were gone a long time. And when they came back they sat in the middle of the group until break time. And during the break. The elder came up to the mother and he said. Hi didn't know that your daughter spoke Spanish. No she said she doesn't speak Spanish. We've never lived near anyone that speaks Spanish. He said wait a minute. I just followed her over there across that vacant lot and listen to her for fifteen minutes. While she talked to those kids over there about Jesus in beautiful Spanish. No the mother said. You just know both languages and you got mixed up which one you were hearing. On No he said I think I know the difference between Spanish and English. The mother called the little girl up and said Honey what were you doing when you left. And the little girl said Well Mommy. Jesus told me to go tell those kids about him. And mommy said oh that's nice honey. But how did you tell them you don't speak Spanish. And the little girls and the you can picture a little five year old Saying this the little girl said. Da. Maybe she didn't quite say that but she said mommy. Jesus told me to tell them about him. So I went. And Jesus stuff the words in my mouth. But I'm tired of speaking Spanish now she said and she ran off to play with their English speaking friends. You know. Old that we would have the heart of a child. That we would believe the Good Samaritan when he comes to us in our in and says to us. Mr innkeeper. Mrs innkeeper. I have given you. What you need to take care of them. We say oh no Lord show me let me see it first but he says. I have given you. Go. And I can give you the words or whatever it is that you need and. You know we're standing on the edge of the Jordan River I believe it's time for Jesus to come. I don't know how it's all going to happen I don't know how the millions of people are going to see and hear. But we're standing on the edge. Of the Jordan River. The obstacles around us seem immense sometimes we wonder how can we ever accomplish what needs to be done just here in the little city of Louisville. And we have massive cities. How can we ever do it. But I want you to remember that God doesn't tell us. To figure out how to get across the river. When Israel was standing there at the Jordan. He didn't tell them to figure out how to get across the river ditty. I'm I'm. I'm a list maker. I'll confess I always making lists and plans and and. I would have been sitting there thinking OK let's see. Ten people per boat how many trees do we need to cut up in the mountains of Lebanon. And how long will it take us there. To get everybody across. God didn't say to them figure out how to get the people across the Jordan what did he say. He said walk into the water. And when they stepped into the water. God opened the river up and who got the credit did Joshua get the credit for figuring out a way to get the people across the river. No God got the credit because he finished the work. And that's where we are in history today. We're at the edge of the Jordan River. God doesn't want any of us to get the credit he just wants us to step into the river. And he can open it up and finish it. A number of years ago before many of you were born. The Berlin Wall came down. Suddenly unexpectedly. We weren't ready is the church. We're praying that in the Middle East and North Africa we will be ready. When the wall of Islam collapses. I believe it is. When it happens. Will we be ready Will we have people in place that can carry on the work. Let me show you a little about the Middle East and North Africa. This is our union. Twenty countries. Five hundred million people. Illustrate how big that is. You know that the world church is. Divided up into thirteen divisions. And men. So we have thirteen divisions and sometimes they include us in that group even though we're not a division. Where tach. Directly this. Blue area where tach directly to the General Conference. The population of Mina is way bigger than ten of those thirteen divisions. There are only three divisions in the world church that are bigger than Mina. For population. There. There are only. Those of the three divisions that have more population than men on. There are only three divisions. At sea in in the land mass menace bigger than Europe. It's bigger than any two African divisions combined. It's it's way bigger than the United States in fact there are only three divisions that have more land mass than the Middle East and North Africa Union. But to me the most challenging way to illustrate what we're facing in men eyes this. If you divide up. Every seventh Day Adventist in the North American division. So that no two of us live in the same apartment block. Even husbands and wives. Everybody would divide us all up. Put each of us in a different apartment block. And if every Adventist contacts one person a day. It will take us. About a year to contact everybody living in the North American division. Now one contact isn't enough. Usually to bring somebody to Jesus. But that would be a start wouldn't. In a year. We could contact. Every person living in the North American division if we each contacted one new person the day. OK if we did that same thing in India. It would take two years. Much bigger challenge in India. If we went to South America which used to be one of our major mission fields and now is sending missionaries. It would take five months. If we went to the Philippines you hear a lot of groups going to the Philippines and there are still massive needs everywhere but if you went to the Philippines it would take four months. In Southern Africa Indian Ocean division in fact all three of the divisions in Africa it would take about two months. The contact everybody living there if every admin ASCAN tact and one new person. But if you divided up everyone in Manama so that even my wife Barbara and I lived in different cities. And if we each contacted one person the day. It would take us four hundred fifty years to contact everybody that currently lives there. We have almost no admin us. In that massive. Territory of the Middle East and North Africa. It seems like an impossible river. To cross. But God is only asked us to get our feet wet. And he will open the doors and we see that happening. Over and over again. Sabbath. I'm going to tell some more stories about what he's doing in the other seminars that are coming up. I'm going to tell some more stories about about what God is doing. It's amazing what he is doing. Even in these countries that we thought we couldn't do anything in. Every time we get an admin Astin to a community they start to find people who are having dreams. Who who are waiting to hear but they need to see that person. They often the dreams are pointing them to someone that is living in their community that they can go and see. I was a barber and I lived in Africa. Couple of times and. One time. We were we were in Zambia. And I was driving a four wheel drive. Land Cruiser it was my first time ever driving a vehicle. Where the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the vehicle. There was not the wrong side but it seemed like it to me because I've never driven one now I have a lifetime truck driver's license from Zambia. To drive a banana truck I finally learned well enough and then later we had the same situation when we lived in Cyprus and. I've gotten quite used to switching from one side to the other. But at first it was quite a challenge except on this trip it was no problem. Because we were driving out through the Zambian Bush country we were just on a little to wheel track and it didn't matter which side of the road you were on there wasn't any side to be on. We were going to a clinic. A small clinic way out in the bush there in Zambia. And as we drove along. I one point. We came to a cluster of huts and I saw min and boys standing around those grass roof cuts with long poles. Beating on the grass roof and. I slowed down to see what they were doing. And they proudly dropped their poles and showed me what they were doing. They ran around quickly and gathered up by their naked tails handfuls of dead rats that they had just killed in those grass roofs. These were not Zambian pest control. They weren't xterm. Exterminators they were husbands and fathers who were gathering supper. For their family. And I shuddered I thought oh yes how these people need to hear the gospel. And drove on. OK. We do that. Lots of times don't we. We came to the clinic I mean that's where I was headed to the clinic I didn't have time to stop. Right OK I drove on got to the. They had a clinic a school. Nice program there was a beautiful place at a little church. And I asked one of the. One of the min that was working there all so how many people come to your church each Sabbath. It looked like it could fit. About this many and many people I figured maybe one hundred fifty two hundred people I said well it's Africa you know maybe they get three or four hundred people in there. I have a Briton in the top two things where you can pack fifteen people in where there. Harmony my niece. Knows all about that. You can put how many people on a motorcycle harmony. If we can pack people in and so I thought maybe quite a few. Would be there and he said Oh just a handful. I said Really. With this bustling community with this clinic with this school with all the projects you have going on. You only have a handful of people every Sabbath. He said well yes you see he said every Sabbath morning. We break up into groups. And we go in and visit every house. And community within a four hour walk of here. On Sabbath morning I said wait a minute are you telling me that you get up early and you walk two hours and you have a Bible study or a branch Sabbath school and then you walk two hours back. And I was really feeling guilty. And I felt pretty proud of myself this morning that I walked from the hotel over here to the convention center. Two hours out of it they said no no we get up very early and we walk for hours and we hold a branch Sabbath school or a Bible study and we walk four hours back. And we'd go further. Except that it's dangerous to be out late at night and it gets dark too soon and so we can't. But they are. They were covering every home. Within a four hour walk. Every Sabbath. They they believe the Good Samaritan. He said he had given them what they needed. They didn't have a truck. They didn't have a car they didn't have a motorcycle they didn't have a bicycle. But they all. I had two legs. And those with longer stronger legs walked further and those with shorter legs walk shorter. And they were covering every home within a four hour walk and I said Oh Lord. Why don't I believe you when you say you've given me what we need. We walked down through the sesame fields to a little house that they had been. And there was a big tree out in the clearing and under the tree I noticed a small gravestone and. I just walked over curiously to see what might. Who might have been buried there I I expected maybe a grizzled old missionary that had given his life. For Africa. But I saw an eighteen month old American baby boy. Had been buried there in that grave just a year before. Year and a half before maybe. I asked about it and they said. Told me about a couple that had come as volunteers. With their baby. To work in that clinic. They had given their hearts to the people. Of Zambia. They had worked hard the people love them they love the people but one day when the father was in town with the only vehicle. The baby had come down with a case of malaria. And died before the father got back that night. They buried him under the tree and. About a year later. Just a few months before I had come they had gone back home to the United States. With empty arms and aching heart. You know if. Years went by I forgot all about that experience. A few years ago I was in Tennessee. At a little church. And I was speaking their. Sabbath school in church in the afternoon. And as I was sharing stories in Sabbath school I was talking about. Sacrifices that missionaries make. And I told about a number of experiences of sacrifices. But I didn't think about this one I never mentioned it. At the end of Sabbath school. A young woman came up to Barbara and ion. She was crying. She said. My husband and I volunteered in Africa once. In Zambia. And she said we were out at a remote clinic. In our baby died and we buried him under a tree there and suddenly I was crying too because I realized I had stood by her babies grave. What a sacrifice. They had made. To help take the Gospel. To that part of the world. You know it's. It's time for Jesus to come. There are massive numbers of people here and around the world that have never heard. They still need to hear what we have heard. But often we throw up our hands and say I can't do it. Lord send somebody else lord maybe it's not the right time. Maybe somebody else would understand their culture or. Or it's dangerous and illegal over there Lord or we don't have the money. But the good Samaritan comes to us and he says two things. You remember he said to the innkeeper. I have given you what you need to take care of them. And then what did he say. He said Whatever sacrifices you were asked to me. Whatever else it costs you. I will repay you. When I return. Now that's a wonderful promise isn't it. God has said. I've given you what you need I don't care where you're living. There are people around you that. Need to hear the gospel. God needs you to become their friend. You know what I long for. Was to see a group of people individually not I'm not saying that we do this is a group. But who will go into a Middle Eastern restaurant or will go into a Chinese restaurant or. Or an Indian restaurant and make friends with the people litter there. Go to the hotel where somebody is. You know from one of those countries managing it or ride with a taxi driver who is who is from Pakistan or somewhere. Get to know them get to know their name see them over and over again. OK this will cost you some money but let's say that you have a Middle Eastern restaurant. Maybe it's. Maybe it's a Lebanese restaurant or something in. And you gone in a few times you've gotten to know the guy's name and you're trying to think and pray Lord what could I do. To somehow connect with this man. Well maybe your brother. Is having a birthday party coming up pretty quick. Why not ask them to cater your brother's birthday party for you in other words at your house get them to come and provide the food. And serve it to you somehow you've got to find a way to become good enough friends even if it costs you money. To get into their home or them into your home. And I guarantee you if you invite them to your home eventually they will invite you to theirs. And the discussion will begin to grow. We have millions of Muslims around us here in the United States. And we're in a free country. And most of them. Don't know a single Christian. That they consider a friend. Why because we've never gotten to know them. I want to challenge you get to know them. The good Samaritan has given you what you need to reach out to the people around you. He will help you. And then whatever sacrifices it costs he will repay us. When he returns. We've got a few minutes before we need to quit. Are there in. Questions. You can always contact me at info dot add. Info at administering and then a dot org. Or get one of my cards up here at the projector or. Come over to our booth. Mindy and Philip. Mindy and Philip wave your hands. There with us and man of they live in Egypt. Mindy is helping to direct our our tentmaker program you can talk to her we have. Bruno in the back is one of our wild Ensign students run on and wave your hand in case some. Are new this time. We have quite a few. Working at the booth that you can talk to but any questions here now. Yes that's right. God wouldn't want to stew. OK she's saying what would what could you start praying for. Even if you can't drop everything and move to the Middle East right now and that that's a very good question I appreciate that. God doesn't call everybody. To go to the Middle East. Thankfully because then if you did who would who would be a witness here and in Louisville who would be a witness in the other places we need people everywhere. I'm often reminded of the story of Jeremiah we just studied about in the Sabbath school lessons. You remember how Jeremiah was telling everybody to surrender. To leave Jerusalem and go surrender to the enemy. But when Jeremiah tried to leave the city what happened. God allowed him to be arrested and sent back into the city God allowed him to be kept there in Jerusalem. Even when he was trying to do what he told everybody else to do. God doesn't want everybody to leave home and go somewhere. But everybody can start praying. And often when we start praying God let begins to lay a burden on our hearts. I would challenge you to pray for a couple of things for us. One would be. Pick a country. And start praying for it. Study about it. God may have you end up picking three or four countries or he may lay a special burden on your heart for that country. Pray for our big cities. I'll talk more about that in some of the other seminars but we have massive cities we have hundreds of cities. Without a single Seventh Day Adventist in them. We have cities mini mini cities that are five ten twenty times bigger than Louisville. We have many cities that are far bigger than any city in the United States. With and some of them don't have a single ad minister in them. So pray for our big cities start looking at the biggest cities in the Middle East North Africa and pray for those. But I would. Most of all were praying for laborers. The Good Samaritan. Told his disciples the harvest is right. Pray for laborers. That's what we need we need people who will come. You know. The south after noon at one forty five. The the seminar that we're going to do is call it we're calling. Mini skirts mothers and Muslims and it's not just for ladies. It's for anybody. It's about culture. I think you'll enjoy it there's going to have a lot of fun things in that but what about why it is that we can't connect with our Muslim neighbors. Why is it that seventy five percent of the Muslims Hindus and Buddhists say they don't know a single Christian they can call a friend. It's not because we don't want to so why is it what's wrong. We're going to talk some about the cultural differences. That will be the softer noon a few more minutes any questions. Anybody has. Yes. Lots of medical mission and. Opportunities. We. We are not like some parts of the world. We don't have any advantage to call INS to to sions. I wish we had some clinics. We're trying to get one started in Egypt. We do have some. Administers dentists in Tunisia. Who are former Muslims that are now Seventh Day Adventists. That operate. Some clinics there. But we have no medical facilities or institutions but lots of opportunity for medical missionary work. We have. Many doctors and nurses. That come and work in our part of the world. For money. Many of them are admin us. Sort of. But many of them don't. Aren't faithful admin us. We want dedicated admin a swear willing to stand up for what they believe who will come and work in those. In those cities. Mindy is the one that's helping to coordinate that program for us. So yes we have many opportunities for for medical missionary work. Has many facets we have opportunities and can get visas for people who have degrees and specialties in medical fields. But we also have opportunities for others who are just willing to share the health messages we know it in a quiet simple way. With family and friends. That makes a huge difference as well as. As admin us. I'm always amazed you have these two groups in the Middle East the Jews in the muslims that are always fighting with each other but as that administers. We have tremendous opportunities with both of those groups. You know we we don't drink alcohol we don't eat pork OK over here some people think that's a negative. Over there. When I tell somebody they'll say to me Are you a Christian. And sometimes I will say well what do you mean by that. Because if I say Christian. They think I'm a Pagan. They think that I drink alcohol. Port pray to saints. Down Di cons and live like the soap opera's that's what they think is Christianity. If I so if I say Christian. I'm not really connecting with them I'm just shutting the door so if they say are you a Christian sometimes I'll say. What do you mean by that. And they'll say well. I I R. I don't know what I mean by that are you a Christian and I'll say well. I'm a believer in Jesus. But I don't eat pork and I don't drink alcohol and I don't kiss icons and they say that. Then you're Muslim you're not a Christian you're a Muslim you're a better Muslim than I am you don't even smoke. And it opens a lot of doors that way and we can talk. And there's a lot of other things we need to talk about but at least I haven't shut the door right at the beginning of our health message. As a powerful impact. Especially in any other questions. Yes. Biggest missionary need is people. We just don't have enough had been this there. Of any sort. Oh OK. Well I'm not wanting to criticize He said he applied ten years ago to the Middle East area and never got a response and is there a big difference now. I don't want to criticize anyone that was doing the work before us we all build on the work that went before us and. Yet we have tremendous needs and we are trying not to let anybody that contacts us not get a response. God doesn't always open the doors. But when somebody e-mails me. I pass it on to Mindy or to Brian at the booth or. Some of the others that are dealing with various aspects. And they say they follow up on it and we have in the last three years. We have added two hundred missionaries. Of various sorts. Some are students that we're putting in universities some are tent makers that are coming in. Some are volunteers that come. For for a year and help us in various projects. All kinds of different things we're trying to say Lord. If you've put a burden on somebodies heart. We must have a need that matches that. Will you open the doors for it to happen not sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he says no. I'm I'm needing to redirect that person that's not where I need them but. Many times he's opening the doors and we're finding a marriage. All right let's pray together and then we will meet together for those that can this afternoon at one forty five. Dear Lord. Thank you that you are the Good Samaritan. And that you've given us a role as innkeepers. Lord we want to be like you. We want to be like the Good Samaritan. But we also want to be faithful in keepers and. Take care of the people that you bring to our lives. Sometimes you place us among them sometimes you place them around us. But either way. Give us the wisdom. The ability to reach out and touch their law. Lives not offend them and turn them off. Lord I pray that you'll bless each one here. Fill them with your spirit. May the very atmosphere that surrounds them impress people as they come into their presence. And then give them the ability and the wisdom they need as you've promised. And then Lord. Whatever sacrifices you have ask us to me. Whatever it costs us financially or personally. We know you will repay us. When you return may that they come soon we pray. Jesus. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called. Chosen. Faithful. In Louisville Kentucky. 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