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Understanding Love and Friendships

Phil Mills Sr.

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • December 18, 2008
    10:45 AM
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him a first point that way left that had our last seminar was zone this applies the opportunities that unmarried ministry gives you secondly recognize God 's timing for courtship the one laugh hastily makes poor choices Proverbs nineteen to come first that means sufficient age and as a general rule of plan is sufficient age for the court to the narration a good age your here parties in the spirit of Scripture the twenty or above by this time that direction of life can be more easily determine the character patterns are fixed the future is more predictable because there's been a past you have a better feel for what the person will be like at forty it's like a credit history you can borrow money unless you have a credit history they want to know what your credit history is now God has given in the Bible three ways to verdict the future and that's a whole lantern itself but let me just summarize it the past is a predictor of the future Valley chapter and will be again the Scripture says the best predictor is the best that's why if you apply the school what do they has to say their transcripts why is not perfect but it's indicator of what the future is and so you want to half is the this efficient life experience that you can investigate that you can have some sort of means of project he will look at the other two ways to predict the future but that just that one then sufficient experience to line and maintain and organize home that you want God in a spouse or for us to be able to do sufficient experience the town job in a financial base to sustain a family now what if you are old enough and sufficiently experienced enough what lack I yet I often be sales a list of requirements for perspective may minimize interested in these lists so I would like you at this time to write down your last make it in divorce actions what you want in a future mate those that are absolutely essential you can't live without laws that are desirable and denies that you consider someone without one or more of these requirements and the third one is your list of undesirable attribute you consider someone but he wouldn't like it and what's your list absolute dealbreaker as I will not under any circumstances live with this category were going to give you one minute I hear a buzz what is your last absolutely essential desire of all kind of viable dealbreaker and and many for most people these would be the reverse of these are not necessarily high-rise got that last ten more seconds him a car I then asked question is have you made up a list of requirements for yourself would it mean to say deal brings in the marriage the qualities you feel are absolutely essential in a life partner and what about the deal breakers they have any of these qualities yourself our first concern in a seminar like this should not be what do I get but what do I bring to our marriage or courtship seminar is really not about getting the person you want but becoming the person you need to be with always take a life partner we must evaluate what type of license partner we would be the understand the responsibilities involved in marriage and parenting second Corinthians thirteen five examine yourselves you really know yourself is your assessment accuracy of you wrote down your description of yourself wouldn't agree with the description that happened would make of you or your parents or your teachers for I say to every man not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think that the thing Silverlake on we examine ourselves in preparation for marriage marriage is a test of love and so we must examine our ability to love and our love do we have a genuine love for doing that the Beatles had a hit song all you need is love when I was a teenager you heard it blaring everywhere it was a way of telling a lie by telling the truth it is true all you need is love him him and what is true love have we learned a lot have we received this gift from God how can we know if we have a chat love or not let's bow our heads father in heaven we are going to be looking at a very serious study that will be saying some things we all know but a few things that are surprising and dare large we want you to be the teacher only you have the wisdom to talk about love because you are the source of the only he'll have that proper way to reach our hearts father you'll be the one that instructs each of us because we all here need to learn about this I need to learn about it and I want to learn from you and now we commit this portion of the seminar into your hands in Christ's name and we began our self-examination by reviewing our past comparing our pastor the standard of love the ten Commandments when we log we have fulfilled every requirement of the law the first commandment that explicitly instructs us on our home duties is in the fifth commandment honor thy father and thy mother the highest duty that devolves upon you is where in our own homes blessing father and mother brothers and sisters by affection and the true interest before you become a physician you have to go through what medicines go before you become a nurse you have to go to nursing school before you get there I must go to the narrator 's fuel and marriage school is your home their home your childhood home is the school God designed to prepare you for your own home did you have difficulties in your home God wants you through those difficult days and be prepared to be a much better homemaker then perhaps you came from as a lab to learn love if you have not been faithful in that which is another man's invention is in the last seminar will show give you that which is your own were going to study this further in our next lecture this afternoon on the ingredients of happiness there are absolutely essentials to be happy and we want to look at those you need to know these ten ingredients for happiness so thoughtfully review how you have been as a family member in your own home how are you as a son daughter a brother or a sister event carefully compare your life with Christ as the example in the case of the fifth commandment we look to Christ and how he treated his mother is dying on the cross and in his suffering tremendously but he had such a habit of caring for his mother that he forgot his own suffering and thinking of verse he must've sent her notes given her little attentions and gifts Mary must've thought if only every one of my children were like Jesus and then compare your past life with Christ life this is how you review your life your life in the light of God 's word has cell messages in Google four thirty three instructions have been treated with kindness and love the mother was cared from you for from infancy and are you treating her with kindness and love now when was the last time you sent her a note gave her a call on the phone got her a gift this issue happier because you are around for is it a relief annuity do you ignore her for your friends before making your plans do consider her wishes to argue with her over your hairstyle music close choice of friends in every way consistent with God 's word you try to please or are you like Jesus have you caused her pain and brought her sorrow by doing your own thing these are serious questions and covers areas sans Deuteronomy eighteen twenty one eighteen states that a disobedient and rebellious son needs to be stoned to death his questions must be considered before anybody thinks about courtship and dating and this is a quotation from an article on preparing for marriage that we've looked over here and I've just outlined all these questions messages to the began to look over my life in medical school and I realize that I have not been the brother I should have been my sister is a tremendous person and when I came over in the hospital I don't remember this very well but after Osborne Shady talk she was given a half years old and she talk her most precious possession which was her blue blanket that you called or who may him fashioned verbal advantage of the new baby her much and not parted with she gave to me and I entreat her farewell and return and I was younger brother and I teased her and I did lots of things that I should not have done as a Brother and begin to think about this in medical school and I remembered several things that I did that were really mean and cruel to and I thought I need to make it right so I called her up and I thought probably she has forgotten these is hopeful she was she had mentioned that she had remembered them they will budget for Dave and I'm I'm grateful for that and there are things that maybe some of you as you review your life you think that you need to call parents or siblings and make it right a happy marriage is built on genuine love shallow affection and fineness can be created by feelings but genuine lobby is supernatural and it comes from God only those who receive this love should never consider marriage how do we know if this genuine love for God encompasses our entire life and being our love is not revealed by merely saying I love God my little children let us not love in word or in time but indeed in truth John said our lobby is revealed by several things first of all our priorities we show our priorities by how we spend our time and our money we say we love the Bible but do we choose spending time on the Internet over our our time with God 's word sumptuously instead of church begging at the work on time of the designated Sabbath school sumptuous television instead of permitting he is God our priority closely allied to priority his commitment farce is a generation absolutely commitment they don't commit anything and politics their independent Tyndall is there agnostic in church membership their nondenominational and church attendance the goal of the program sounds interesting there's a better program and another church I go there if it's a nice Stanislaw millennia go to the mountains or the beach instead of church and do what's convenient but in relationships they don't marry they just live together but come that mine is a myth but whether it is a hard pleasant around with pleasant and are you committed to God if you are not committed to God he will not be committed to another person have I gone beyond on their affection for God TOEFL and complete surrender to his directions and says that Judas June as a log to the great danger you say you need more than love for God to be safe June is left is an desire to be with him he felt the desire to be changed in character and life many hoped experiences through connecting himself with Jesus but Jonas did not come to the point of surrendering himself within the next three words the way for God there was no commitment there was no self-denial it was no yielding to God rather than following desire Judaism desired he hoped but he did not commit do I really really understand what you do it involves priority it involves commitment him love the sentiment is so sacred that but you know what it is it is a term used but not understood the sentiment is a a thought an idea or opinion based on a feeling or emotion there's a lot of talk about love people in love are the first to get a question in a murder that the police and the worst shooting spree in the United States history had last been in the real killer for two hours ago one they were interviewing and questioning the girl 's boyfriend Karl Thornhill we are a long long way from love and understanding it when people supposedly in love are the first suspects the first of the question in a murder the warm glow of impulse the fascination of one young person for another set love it does not deserve the name truelove has an intellectual basis that the federal knowledge of the object love so we take more thought in determining whether are close to us and add to us than we do our life 's partner people take more care in choosing their business partners who do their life spark because the brain is turned off but true love has what kind of basis and the basis but basis you cannot love without knowing a person well and that takes some time this catching up with objects in this line on them the thoughts and affections is about reason without judgment in the says a temporary event in central if you want something more than temporary one real love do I really understand love to do if you do have a received God 's love for others it's easy to talk about it popular songs about love popular religion is about love and even Satan loves love the endless the affections by his eloquent vapor trails of monetary favorite topic is popular love the typical meaning of the statement there and love the romantic love that dies intestate she wanted tasks for genuine love before were mounted in a chemistry lab we run tests to determine the purity of a substance in the lab of life we test for the purity of genuine love and medicine from time to time we discover a task that we think is really terrific and over time we discover it's not that good how do we know what love is the first test that is not a test do we love those who love us those who recognize and say nice things about us do nice things for us do we want second are we polite to those of our own group we don't love outside of our click a circle these are not love you well know do we cater to the rich famous and great but ignore the poor 's necessities of life these are not useful tests in the lab of lies we test for the purity of love with the four-part test the first three are well known nothing new here go really quickly before this counterintuitive the first one is do we love our enemies we bless those the curses do good to those that hate us secondly do we love those who reprove us and welcomed there were approved certainly do we reach out and help the unfortunate and poor around us but now I would like you to look at the last and somewhat unexpected test of love because as I said before this is counterintuitive are we very careful in choosing only God-fearing friends shining friendships with those who do not fear the Lord do not I hate them all are David said who hate the semi- not grieved with those that rise up against the first twenty two goes on to say day I hate them with a perfect hatred I count them mine enemies son fifteen for in whose eyes January two thousand Chronicles ninety two J you this I've had in either C or should assess sentencing trust that she was now help the ungodly and love them they hate the Lord therefore his wrath upon data from before the Lord son fifteen for news eyes of vile person is condemned but he honors them the fear the Lord James for forty adulterers and adulteresses know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God is a wish of the genuineness of our love for others by home we attempt to help which is all but home we choose as our friends and companions which is the godly grade care should be taken by Christian youth fundamentals of Christian education page five hundred great care should be taken in the formation of friendships and in the choice of him us him to see a soldier now think of a pure gold turns out to be base metal only a walk-up of wise men shall be wise for a companion of fools shall be destroyed the angels of heaven who fell and the angels of heaven will remain firm he knows the difference who their friends remained or their cherished associates in who they rejected his friends and associates only choose as friends will almost certainly determine who we marry a spouse is generally either one of our friends like our friends are suggested by our friends Jacobs signs of Judah committed adultery with the assistance of highroad local Canaanite friend Jacob 's daughter Dinah became involved in fornication because of her local Canaanite friends Samson one of the judges of Israel chose the wrong wife with the help of a Philistine friend later doublecrossed Damon Sydenham the how to write his sister with a Jewish friend and relative Joseph could have been in this hall of shame but his refusal to associate with evil companions protected built upon a first wife spoke to Joseph day by day and I'm quoting from Scripture he hearkened not under her to be with no wonder we're instructed let all who inform her right character choose associates or of a serious thoughtful turn of mind and/or religiously inclined but just because people make a profession of religion does not mean they are safe associates Jesus warned us to beware of wolves in sheep 's skin the vileness of the human heart is not in the him there are those that are not open sinners they hide their sins from human eyes they have a fair outward morality just because a person is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian does not mean it's a safe person for you to marry there are persons who have for some time made a profession of religion who are to all intents and purposes without God and without a sensitive conscience but notice these very winds carry a pretense of piety they offer prayers bear testimony and meetings are now apparently serving the Lord they deserve and emanate an Emmy award for acting pretending of a Christians when they are not their hearts are corrupt their conduct is condemned by the law of Jehovah which they profess to keep them how do we differentiate the shape from the sky 's rules we are all full sometimes but just this last week we found that some of the smartest wealthiest people got hold either the biggest Ponzi scheme in history fifteen billion dollars loss from but when it comes to a potential marriage partners ladies and gentlemen you must not be fooled there are variety of ways it is to detect counterfeit Christianity but this takes time Judas was able to disguise himself for a number of years but noticed some very accurate clues the walls are staying in trifling their conversation is of a low order courtship and marriage occupy the minds of the exclusion of higher nobler thoughts was dating this was dating that their disguise can be detected by their vanity they are proud of their own small accomplishments petty things privately and famously talk about themselves they dress to draw attention to themselves him their trifling afterthought without seriousness and dignity that after talk with levity to indulge in light or trivial amusement below order of conversation I think in talk as we say nothing more than who's dating who now unfortunately were naturally affect traffic tools there is an inclination with the youth associate with those who are inferior in mind and morals and its inclination cannot be resisted except by the power of God our natural tendency is unless corrected by the Holy Spirit have in them the seeds of moral death unless we become vitally connected with God we cannot resist the unhallowed effects of self-indulgent self-love and temptations and that's why every day we have to fall on our knees and say dear God kidney for the day and if we indulge this tendency we becoming happy what real happiness can a young person expect from a voluntary connection with persons who have a low standard of thoughts feelings and the poor since God desires our happiness he warns us of the danger of following our hearts in the choice of companions because of this danger it's important to seek and accept the biblical counsel regarding all friendships that we are not many have time to cover it but it's completely covered in the syllabus we won't give that the study found in this we would be remiss if we didn't mention the media Associates reform to see we not only make friends with those around us but we also choose his companions in the books we read the videos we watched the music we listen to television the main yeah I profoundly is our friend and influences of the following refers specifically the books the principle applies to all of the worlds media outnumbering all other productions of the press like the swarms of locusts darkened the land comes the flood of novels and romances the cultivate in the youth a lovesick sentimentalism to teach them the courtship and marriage of the great object of their existence and unfit down for the practical duties of the useful life it's interesting I watched another physicians in this audience can can attest to this I saw certain kinds of diseases and I almost always knew that if I admitted these people to the hospital what books would be bringing with them you know I see some novel and me just to spin in the inevitable summa courtship love story is important for us to recognize that loneliness may be a necessary part in our preparation for marriage just as God allowed Adam as we mentioned last time to spend a period of time alone to be more grateful for even God may see that we needed similar experience when I came to Loma Linda was the first time in my life that I was ever only never happened before and I didn't know anybody and and it was at that time when you're lonely that year some particularly susceptible to certain temptations and so the Lord to protect me gave me a quotation which is found in our high calling page sixty four but I'm giving you the original because she wrote to her nineteen -year-old son will lay when he went away from home for the first time and was in school and she said this at her side she said your feelings of unrest and homesickness our loneliness him they form what your wife and your your heavenly father means to teach you to find in him the friendship and love and consolation that will satisfy your most earnest helps and desires you see many young people are looking to human parents or human friendships to fulfill the deepest needs that only God can fulfill humans God may lead disappoint us seem a remote human support so that we can turn our eyes on him alone and be aware of the good Associates the God is made available to all God knows our needs he declared it is not good for man to be alone he is provided for our companionship through the word of God with the word of God in his hands every human being wherever his last life in her lot in life maybe gas may have such companionship as he shall choose in its pages e-mail Congress of the noblest and best of the human race and may listen to the voice of the internal as he speaks with man and of course we can have the best friend of all the friend is closer than a brother though we have rejected him he does not reject us he walked the wine press allowing that we may walk with him daily the Bible records stories of many through the centuries were God 's friends there was in and Abraham and Moses and he wants to add my name to that friendless my friend of Phil in heaven don't you want to be introduced to zoom with Christ walking all this is my friend so friendship requires a response is never one way the mass murder of Virginia Tech refused to let others be his friend he refused to respond when they tried to be friendly he turned away he ignored all attempts at really reaching out and if we turn from heaven 's friendships we are in danger of being mass murders committed suicide in the end we destroy ourselves and when Christ is our primary friend he introduces us to his friends can you imagine how excited the Angels must've been to introduce Mary and Joseph it was a match made in heaven and that's what God wants your matches to be made in heaven ten if you are looking to others what only God can supply you will never ever be satisfied one of the reasons why I was impressed with share a my future wife at that time my present wife my first wife my only life my current wife of my favorite wife him and him for the things that impressed me was she was perfectly content of the single I was looking for that because I knew that unless somebody Jesus failed their life and they were content as they were I could never feel the need to know he could feel than it have to be possessions or have to be children it have to be something else continually reaching out to satisfy discontented because Jesus isn't all in all how does God introduces to his friends through our soul winning the first major study goal in college when his many colleagues to Christ as possible pray every day to be alert to opportunities to help others I worked for three and a half years I was very fortunate to work with a great dermatologist and a great man Doctor John Chung and I watched out the smartest person I have ever met and I met some really smart people but the most gifted person I have ever been around was also a most humble he was always putting others first to offer a chair he was opening doors it was cleaning it was unbelievable it was a real hell to watch somebody like Jesus in those ways and in classes watch for opportunities to be helpful to others and to your professors it meals look for ways to become acquainted and friendly with others say to learn about them their goals or interests there difficulties learn the art of asking questions the easiest way to learn about people is in group activities I'm not talking about group of mice breakers one time groups that meet and then disband I'm talking about long term group formation and activities now here I will be talking specifically the college age students that can be for older but people who are in a college or collegiate atmosphere my advice is to get involved with a group soul winning opportunities they may involve singing bands vital marketing full-scale evangelism Sabbath school when I was in college we started Friday evening Bible study group we conducted a Sabbath afternoon children's story hour in the neighborhood filled with children we organize community health education programs in the summer we get all kinds of things and it's amazing all the activities that you can do as a young person choose a name to call your group this gives you identity work under the authority of the school of the church I encourage my daughter when she went to Loma Linda not to be and just a an observer but have become there that the sun broke and so she was involved with the very start of work near the start of Advent home she and not an Eric and they were committed to that that's what were talking about some hair in the four years that they were Loma Linda grew from twelve to fifteen do I think it's probably two hundred and fifty nine two fifty and seventy five and being determined and committed not just convenient Warren Buffett when he's investing he doesn't just hoping gas he does this in the ice died dies and in courtship and marriage don't just halt when gas don't just standardize what I'm about to say is some crucial and secret information and I'm going to give it away some of you already doing it but I may give away some key secrets some are doing and don't realize that they're doing it but this is important keep your eyes open and your mouth shut don't breathe a word about what you're doing seeking to uncover the this ranks in the people that are around you observe those who are faithful note those that take responsibilities don't miss those who see what to do and do it there are good signs in these become better acquainted with those were studying the Bible and have a genuine prayer life watch those who are wise thoughtful to pick up their plates from the cafeteria and spitting of letting others when you go into a meeting watch those who will look for somebody who is sitting by themselves and sit down one watch how different young people interact watch for those who are teachable to be very guarded with those who are independent and do not work well under authority of those who are upbeat and positive when it is difficult and their uncomplaining there is an unexpected load I think of Mark Finley he was an associate pastor when my dad was pastor in Hartford and one day I was I must've been a zucchini at teenager and we were going in gathering mostly uneven melanin gathering his failure but I grew up we've been doing gathering and now and and I didn't like to do it and so I was bellyaching about having to do this and having to do this and Mark was just full of smiles despite my complaints going slower and I am sure even want to do any more than I did know those who are uncomplaining when there's an unexpected load it with happy for those are not sensitive and touchy learn to appreciate those are contented and happy whatever their present situation those well-adjusted young people who are not restless I will just wait until I find a boyfriend or girlfriend now those who stay around and clean up and those who are early to set up of the reserve those were courteous and thoughtful blessing the conversations seem to supportive whose critical notice those in the group who know how to economize about being austere times are those who have spiritual insights on appropriate reparation for a group of those who are not just trying to get entertainment in and don't overlook the meals the groupies you'll find some concern about health there will be no sort careful with their diets when and what they need they may know how to cook not just by fast food note those who are always tidy and modest in their close style watch for those were seeking to please the Lord in their dresses thinking instead of seeking to draw attention to themselves those who seek to meet the Bible standard and are not cringing slaves to the fashion police find out those who are not argumentative about their convictions that is quietly live them they are not obnoxious you'll see these with meekness not domineering and demanding as leaders become ice student of human nature you'll be developing a valuable life time scale people shout out what they really like if you just watched observe them my dad was probably only the greatest genius that I know of in observing people serving people trained marksman trained Russell Burrell trained Gary Gibbs he saw real potential and that's it you want develop you'll also be valuable lifetime friends any time you may find you work particularly well with someone in this outstanding and select group of quality young people to get better acquainted that's not the only way of course you may be in a situation because of work age or location where you have limited group contacted God can and will guide you found there was the pay channel training that went to Mesopotamia and found Rebecca I don't know when that camel train will come for you but don't be in a rush during courtship this question of marriage should be a study instead of a matter of impulsive cell and white waits for the Lord be strong and let your heart take courage wait for the Lord wait for the Lord and keep his way did desire to genuinely love your neighbor as yourself are you aware of your natural tendency to choose evil associates and will you accept counsel from godly parents regarding appropriate companions are you willing to limit your chosen associates to the godly and avoid all evil associates even if that apparently seems to mean a lonely life are you willing to be very selective in the book she read a radio programs you hear music you listen to in television movie and video programs you watch choosing only that which will honor God dear desire Jesus to be your closest friend cost I was running a couple years ago now for my exercise and when I run by I take my iPod and I now have on my iPod six translation of the Bible and fifteen books of the spirit of prophecy is wonderful him like him so I was listening through acts the book of acts while I was running in and sidelined the Angels called my attention to a verse that I was here then that I listened to was talking about exercise and so I slowed down slightly because I wanted to have a little extra oxygen sucking think about what cottages talk to me and this is the verse was asked twenty four sixteen and herein Paul was saying to his news judge herein do I exercise myself have always our conscience void of offense toward God and toward men he was exercising himself not just out jogging like a gerbil but he was exercising to have a conscience void of offense as the Lord that is the exercise that I want to have and then it says void of offense toward God well I know I thought about avoiding offense toward man I tried during the day if I'd done something wrong to make it right in our home whenever on family members are others have a vital and have avoided a conscience void of offense toward man I never thought about a conscience void of offense for God before how can I have a conscience void of offense towards God and as I begin to continue running I realize that the worst six areas that I could offend God I can only mentioned three of them the three most important the first way that I can offend God is my past sins I have forgotten those sins usually my I have a memory that's newly coated with Teflon him Tom and since I forgotten what's in the past is God I forget now he still cares is still injuring me what I've done still being reproved and reproduced in others and so I asked God while I was running dear God please forgive me for the sins of the past and if I confess my sins what is the faithful and just to the forgive them I'm thankful but as I was thinking about it not only do I have a sense of past sins I also have present a socially acceptable sins in all there are things that we do that everybody says that's okay it doesn't matter in the time of Jeroboam of the golden calf that northern Israel could ever get away from that acceptable sin was socially acceptable in fact it was the human social life push going to be unacceptable against that city but that is offensive to God Luke sixteen fifteen he said under them ye are they which justify yourselves before men but God know if your hearts for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God as I said dear God please forgive me for my socially acceptable since and then I was also impressed with secret sin the third type of offense to God because of the sins that I know about but nobody else knows about it now you can be sitting in a Mayday and have a face that looks like you're listening to the presenter and your mind is where faraway and God knows him that in our in our minds we have the most tightly guarded secrets the secret sins and I prayed to the Lord dear Lord cleanse thou me from secret defaults on nineteen twelve in MFA the consciences mentioned several times in the first chapter first Timothy one five now begin to the commandment is charity out of a pure heart the end the goal of the gods word is love out of a pure heart and a good conscience and faith unfeigned from which some having sort of have turned aside in the vein January if we don't have a good conscience we will swerve from God 's path that is if our life is not void of offense toward God verse eighteen this charge I commit under the sun Timothy according to the prophecies which went before on the bid out by them Midas wore a good warfare holding faith and a good conscience which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck without a good conscience trying him in danger of a ship wreck much worse than balls and I invite you to make these same commitments do you want to have a love of genuine love in a relationship and in a marriage are you willing to make these commitments you want to have a conscience that is void of offense towards God and toward man we buy that if these five commitments a genuine love your neighbor as yourself a awareness of a natural tendency to choose evil associates and I think crying out to God for good companions a selectivity in your books and a clearing of your conscience by having a conscience void of offense towards God and man if those are your commitments would you be willing to head bowed to put your hands up and then down Lord you see each come in my hands and drawings pack I pray that you will clear the consciences show us ourselves that we may we may confess our sins and show us our Savior who is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness there is probably someone in this group dear Jesus that this discouraged and depressed and thinking that they can never merit the best kind of spouse dear Lord none of this can merit any kind of of spouse but we trust in you help this person to reach out and take your promises of full acceptance Falwell and now dear Lord I pray that your blessed us in the other sessions may your Holy Spirit fall may our time together might have they not be just a original we go through but a real-time of recommit rededication and fellowship with you we thank you for hearing for answering this plan for Jesus Christ 's name are this is my audio person 's life generation of advice you would like to learn more about you might think this is a done life that God is working like this one is online seminar www. audio versus nonwork


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