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2. The Adventist Worldview: What's Distinct

Andy Im


Andy Im

Associate Director for the Dept of Public Campus Ministries in the Michigan Conference. Director of the Institute of Adventist Apologetics for C.A.M.P.U.S. 



  • December 31, 2015
    10:00 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from cold. Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. For other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. All right well let's go ahead and get started in a few moments here. If you weren't here for the first presentation we covered. Really. I should have called the. The Christian worldview because we shared. What we have in common or what we share with our evangelical brothers and sisters. As far as a world view. This session is going to be dealing more with. What's more uniquely Adventist right in there is of some additional components that we add on. In terms of formulating one's worldview. And before we have a word of prayer I do want to share that. That some of the aspects are components of the world view. The admin is worldview. Will actually be covered in more detail. In our panel discussion. That's going to take place on Friday. And also on Sabbath where we're to get we're going to discuss. Recent attacks on the admin as understanding of the remnant. And also final generation. Theology and. And so we have a really I'm really excited about that because we have a really good group of panelists. And so just keep in mind that. That those two sessions are really in addition to what we cover here today or this morning. So anyway let's go ahead and start with a word of prayer. And then we will delve right. Into this. So let's power heads Heavenly Father. We think you so much once again for the gift of the Word of God. We think you for also the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy the. The Word of God and. And also for giving us minds that are able to comprehend the truth. And the words in the concepts that you would have us to understand and to know. We also want to pray for your spirit to be with us to impact our hearts and our minds and help us to understand. The things that you would have us to understand. And we think you Lord. We asked this in Jesus' name amen. All right so we're going to talk a little bit about the administers world view. And aspects or components that are more distinctive. Now. So we're coming at this from the perspective of a world view. So I'm not going to be addressing every doctorin that is distinctive from other denominations that's not the point of a world view. And the other thing that I might mention. Is. I want to provide a broad overview of what an admin is world view. Looks like and hold on one second let me get my my my clicker here going. On one second. All right. So the object will be to provide a broad overview of an admin is worldview. Not every particular doctrine that Aves doctrines and believes that make up. The key features of the admin its worldview. Are going to be assumed. So in other words. Because this is a topic. This or this discussion involves a worldview discussion. I'm not going to prove every single point with a Bible taxed. And so forth that's going to be assumed you can find. If you have questions on that in another sessions and other meetings. Are you can go to audio verse. But that will not be. My personal objective. This morning. So some of the features will be assumed. And also not. And I mention that part so as we start. I just want to mention also that. Or let me just go ahead and begin so let's start with a little review. Right we looked at. Nancy Pearcey and this individual this congressional chief of staff who lost his faith at an evangelical evangelical college. Because his professors failed to relate their subject matter with it. A Biblical com structure within a biblical frame of mind or perspective. OK So Bill worked or men left the church ended up coming back you read his way studied his way back to Christianity reading. C.S. Lewis and others. And I really I really appreciated his experience because it mirrors an experience similar to my own. I at one point. Lost my faith attending an administering institution. By the way. I attended the seminary I ultimately received my master's from Southern admin is universally both great institutions and and. God is doing amazing things through those institutions and. But when I was there I was at the seminary I just want to share this struggle that I had when we started. And began studying the process in which the New Testament. Can in the books that we have in the New Testament. How they were formulated the historical process in which the New Testament came to be the New Testament. I it was presented from from purely a historical perspective. And so as you look at it from a historical perspective. You look at various individuals that formulated lists you know and. And some of the lists you have. You have first John. First and Second John included but but but you know. But the gospel John his ex clue did. And then you have further on down nother Church Father includes certain books and omits others. And so when you study and look. And observe the historical process by which the New Testament became the New Testament. You know. I started having a lot of doubts like it seemed all together a very human process. Where was God's hand. Where was his providence. In the D. in the formulation of the New Testament canon. And I had a lot of questions I had a lot of doubts. And I'm not I'm not blaming the professor or whatever I I was just going through a time also on a personal level we're all struggling with things. And so all these things ended up where where I ended up leaving the seminary. For for a little while and and. I lost confidence in Scripture. Now. And when you lose confidence in scripture it's it's it's a very sad. Gary scary feeling. And I felt very lost and I didn't know where I could place my confidence in all the things that I had learned as a young from a young boy all the way to my time there was all called into question. And it took it took several years. Several years for me to find my way back to God and. And I'm not going to go into that whole story would. It would take up the entire session. But I do praise God. That he ultimately brought me back in it wasn't. It was intellectual. There were intellectual components. But it was also very much a hard thing and. And I praise God that he did alternately bring me back. And by the way if you do have questions and struggles with the authority of scripture and the reliability of Scripture the trust worthy in is of scripture. There are a lot of materials out there that you can go. And find one one one place I would highly suggest that you go and make save. Make it a favorite on your web page is what I call what's called the Biblical research institute it's an. It's a segment or organization of the General Conference. Right it's essentially the theological wing of the General Conference and they deal with many of these issues so if you Google. Biblical research institute and Seventh Day Adventists their website will pop up. And there are a plethora of materials there. That deal with subjects like the one that I have brought up here and many many others. And I would highly encourage you to go there and read that by the way not many people actually know about the Biblical research institute. And one of the challenges and if there's anyone from the BE are I in the general conference listening to this. What we need to do is a better job of engaging the resources that are tourch has and making it more easily accessible to the common person like you and I I know about it because I love theology I study theology I read about it all the time. And so the be our eyes. Is a place that I go to and read a lot. But we need to do more of that yes Jonathan. OK so. Jonathan Walter. Has just mentioned that the B R I has a booth here. They have books that you can purchase they deal with perma new dicks and worldview and other theological issues that I would highly encourage you to to read and go to. We also looked at this Christian foundation that. Interviewed college non-believers. And how and why they left rule. Religion and the surprising themes that that emerged. We found that they had attended church. At one time. These atheists. But for some reason or another they had left church. One of the reasons stated was that the mission and message of their churches were very vague and. And I do believe that we as an administration I'm including myself there. We can do a much better job in connecting the dots. Right. And connecting the dots in in providing a worldview that comprehensive for our young people. And we need to do that at the academy level the high school level. And also especially at the college level. One of the reasons why I believe that you have many of these mission colleges like Africa. Like arrives you have you have peace in England you have salt on all these mission colleges one of the reasons why they're so successful is I believe that there are for there feeling that niche. You go there you really are immersed into Adventism it's kind of like how many of you have been to a Mission College before. OK so I do see a show of hands. Isn't like and I worked at we mark taught at we mar for a number of years. And after all was or was located there. And how they described it was it's like you know put in your mouth over a fire hydrant. And then turning it on is it that your experience. Because Judas you're just you're just like you know wallowing in Adventism right. But when you come out. I mean you are you're ready to change the world. Right. You're in foods you're in Speier. You want to do the work of God and. And the mission colleges are fulfilling that role. Campus. The institution for which I work for that's a part of the Michigan conference. We also have a ministry that does that. But our particular audience. Are students that are are seeking to win. SAULS on public campuses on secular campuses. And so that's part of the work that I do. At campus and we have a one year program that we also offer on a yearly basis. But that's one of the reasons why these mission colleges are so popular because perhaps in many of our schools and institutions. The mission and the message is they and their for their fifth filling that niche. And I would highly encourage you to attend one of these institutions if you want to get more grounded in our distinctives. And in our message. I've kind of adapted. A quote that we read earlier. And put it from where you from admin is perspective or reframed it. The purpose of Adventism is about saving souls. So a kind of switch that around a little bit. It is that is our mission. But it is more than that or it includes more than that or it. Or something else should be incorporated into that. And that is. It's also about rescuing minds. You know the concept of the ceiling. A very uniquely admin askance at the ceiling is a settling into the truth. To a place where you cannot be shaken or moved. That's it involves a whole a heart. Transformation. But also and into intellectual appreciation of the truth. That you're learning and gaining. Faith in the absence of intelligence isn't really. Faith. And in the book steps to try some Why says that she that God gives a sufficient evidence upon which to base our faith. And just we looked at this quote or. This tax in Luke Chapter ten. That we also want to emphasize as we often have neglected within our church we emphasize the heart the soul and the straying. But we need to do a better job in providing an intellectual backbone to our worldview so that when we go out into the secular workplace and secular universities were grounded in the Word of God. So the importance of the admin is world view again the world view. Will be your Alterman explainer. Ultimately it will provide your meaning and direction in a sense of destiny. To your life we talked a little bit about from the admin is person of how your identity as the remnant of REM Revelation twelve seventeen gives you a a clear sense of who you are in this time. And in this place in Earth's history. We have a mission to take the everlasting Gospel to the world. Our message is the three enjoy those messages. And also helps you as we mentioned to live a life consistent within a Biblical framework and I added one additional one. Having a world view. Also glues individuals. Together towards haystack. And not towards haystacks towards community. Towards could be I kind of jumped ahead to the hats of notes here. And when I was going to say that is. It's not what binds us together is not haystacks right. It's not just about haystacks and potlucks and veggie burger and by the way a friend of mine. Name is Jeff to tar Chuck. How many of you love like you food truck food. You like food truck food I mean that's kind of like a in thing now you know where where where you follow these food trucks on Facebook this is kind of. I think it's like a millennial thing right. And like. And these trucks they move from location to location. And you follow them on Facebook and you go and you. You can get like kimchi tacos. To you know that they make tacos made with in their particular site it's like a merging of Mexican and korean like Israel Ramos and Judy. You know it's like together. And you eat it and it tastes good and. It's a wonderful thing by the way. Going back I kind of got sidetracked. My friend Jeff to tar check. He's putting together a food truck called the haystack I mean have you have heard of that he also did a big event at the G.C. try to break the Guinness World Record for most haystacks even at one of them and they missed it by I think. Buys a couple hundred maybe a thousand or something. But anyway. He he's going to traverse the United States with this. Haystack truck. I told him that he has to come to East Lansing and I'll tell all our advantage friends to go and eat there. So. But anyway. What glues us together as Abu Anas. It's not just haystacks it's a worldview. It's a way of viewing the world and the events that are taking place in our society. Having a worldview will shape our opinions. I talked earlier in the last meeting about guns how Adventist have shifted their position on the notion of guns and I'm not putting a value judgment if you own a gun that's fine if you don't that's. That's cool. Not going to judge you. But we as a church once really emphasize the non combatant status of Abu Anas. And we took a more pacifist approach. The war and so forth but that. That is that a shifted over the past several years. Because we're up to painting our world view more from the media. Perhaps than we are from the Word of God. We talk a little bit about the environment. We talk about the environment. I've talked about the environment with many advantages and it's often shaped within the context of the Illuminati and some kind of. A conspiracy theory to take over the world. And hey you know. You can believe what you believe and I'll respect that you can still go to heaven. And believe in a conspiracy theory. But. But we also talked about how the Bible does inform us on how we should inform how we should and how we should have view. The environment that when God created us. He planted a garden of Eden the Bible says in Genesis two fifteen that God took the man. Put him in the garden to to work it to keep it to maintain it. To take care of it. And so there are biblical. There is a Biblical precedent for taking care of this earth. And our world and creation. The admin it's world view as we shared earlier is best expressed through the narrative. We talked about the creation. The Fall and Redemption and restoration. Concepts and events that we share with the broader evangelical community. That helps us and gives us a lens through which we view. Evil and in various aspects that will be dealing with later. But I want to talk. Now. As far as the uniquely Adventists purse. World view. And the components that entail the Avonex worldview. So when you look at evangelicals. The literature or evangelical apologist. They will typically begin the narrative. With creation. Also when they when they when they discuss for example the evil and missionary in this world. They'll emphasize the fall. And that's one area that that administers differ. In terms of our point of emphasis. We do agree with evangelicals in explaining the evil in the world with the fall. But we go back a step further with the the fall of Lucifer. Right so our biblical narrative. Starts not with creation. But with the fall of Lucifer and. We the techs that we utilize are easy kill twenty eight verses eleven through nineteen and I.V. or fourteen for Sec of time we're not going to read those verses but those are the class attacks that we have used to describe. Moose a fur and his fall by the way Dr Davidson of the seminary. I do want to mention that easy kill twenty eight eleven to nineteen. Many. I would say most Christian theologians and I'm talking Bible believing. Feel logins do not equate easy kill twenty eight with the fall of Lucifer. And so want you to be aware of that. And so that has received some criticism. I want to point you to a book. That was published recently by the Biblical research institute I know. I'm pretty sure they have it. At the be our eye because it's a newly published block where Dr Davidson of The Old Testament department at the seminary. Has done an excellent job of defending the historic admin is position of easy kill twenty eight being the fall of describing the fall of Lucifer. And so for those of you who want to delve a little bit deeper into that you can certainly do so I want to read a quote here from the great controversy so the Avonex narrative begins with the fall of Lucifer sin. Originated with him who next to Christ had been most honored of God and who stood highest in power and glory among the inhabitants of haven't. Pride in his own glory nourished the desire for supremacy. Moose or fur went forth. To diffuse the spirit of disc of discontent among the angels. So one theme. That is that that encompasses the avid listener to is the great controversy. What I call the metal narrative the great controversy. Met in narrative. Frank Holbrook in the handbook of Seventh Day Adventists the ology says a worldview. Featuring a great in in describing the great controversy state says a worldview featuring a great cosmic controversy between God and Satan is a hall mark. Of Adventist thought. And Ellen White's own words in cope or ministry. Page one twenty six. The great controversy contains the story of the past the present. And the future. And so I want to summarize the great controversy. In a nutshell. So our net and narrative begins. With the fall of Lucifer and concludes. After the millennium. When Satan and his angels and the wicked are destroyed. Right so that involve the second death. And also all to Millie where sin and wick and. And all the wicked. Including Lucifer are destroyed. For ever once and for all right. That concludes the great controversy. The evangelical community. Does not have that perspective by and large the great controversy also concerns. Satan's allegations against God's character. His Law and his government. And I would add to that. That one additional element. And that is the claim that gods and law cannot be kept and we're going to be addressing that on Friday. And on Sabbath in our panel discussion. When we discuss. Final generation. Theology. So the allegations of say Tim against God's character. His Law and Government so by the way the best way I can describe it is this. All of this is going on this better this grand battle that began with the fall of Lucifer is going on Peyton Place in our world. This battle between between Christ our Savior Jesus and God and Satan who was formerly lose a fur. And it's over these allegations of God's character. His Law and Government. So it's like. It's like having a window into a perspective that is beyond our planet. And beyond our world and Slike being an aunt. Right it's like being an ant and understanding why tires run over you every day. Right or. It's like being an ant and it dawns on you. Wife footsteps. Tromp on your and pile. Right. It's kind of like an explanation of something beyond your little pile. Right. This little earth. That we have and live upon. And so the great controversy is it's a very fascinating study by the way how many of you have read the book great controversy. So a lot of hands. OK So I've you haven't read it I would highly encourage you to read that book. The Another component of the great controversy there's a battle being waged for the allegiance of all sentience. Beings both in this world. And the worlds beyond. Now are evangelical brothers and sisters will. Will incorporate into their worldview this component right that there is a battle being waged between God and Satan at a certain level. But they don't. They don't factor in the universe and the cosmos the world beyond the other the other planets the angels and so forth. And that God when He made decisions. He also had them in mind right. That the accusations leveled against him. Right were level that were were communicated to the angels. And all the other creative beings were observers of this phenomenon and as a were looking on. God when He made the decision to to have loose to to to prolong Lucifer's life. Right. He had in mind that the questions and the thoughts of all created beings. That is a perspective that is not shared by and large with the broader evangelical community. Very unique to Adventism. The controversy. Coleman eight. At the end of time over. Loyalty to God's law. The Sabbath. This is a huge pivotal component of the Avonex worldview. In the in the book is Our Vegas. The chapter it is finished the warfare against God's law. Begun. Begun in heaven will be continue to the end of time. Every man will be tested. Obedience or disobedience is the question. To be decided by the whole world. All will be called to choose between the law of God and the laws of men. There will be. But two classes. Right so the Sabbath plays a huge role in our world view. Another huge component and I've discussed it somewhat huge component of the Avonex worldview is this notion of God's character. His name His law. Will one day be vindicated. Right. And I shouldn't say one day be vindicated. Certainly it was vindicated. To a large measure at the cross right. In the book. These are Vegas. In the chapter it is finished. Ellen White makes that very clear that God was vindicated. At the cross but it was not completed it was not the in the vindication process was not completed by the way. All commit vindication of God will not be completed in its finality. Until after the millennium and. After New Jerusalem comes down. And the wicked are forever eradicated. So just keep that in mind if you read the final chapter in great controversy. It's very insightful. What she has to say about the ultimate vindication of God So God is all through the vindicated. Through various components number one the life of Jesus and the crosse right. The life of Jesus and the crosse patriarchs and profits page sixty eight the plan of redemption. Had a broader and deeper purpose than the salvation of man says it was not for this alone that Christ came to the earth. It was not merely that the inhabitants of this little world. Might regard the law of God as it should be regarded but. It was to vindicate the character of God before. The universe right. To this result of his great sacrifice. Its influence upon the intelligence. Intelligences of other worlds as well as upon man. It would justify God and His Son. In their dealings with the rebellion of Satan. It would have stablished the perpetuity. Of the law of God and would reveal the nature and the results of sin. By the way. In the in the chapter it is finished. She she speaks of how the enjoy. As are observing the crucifixion of Jesus. Stand in a whore. That the Noosa for a once an angel would would go to such an extent as to crucify. The Son of God and and to a a larger extent it settled in their minds and Vidia Kate it God's character his name as Satan was exposed in his actions. God is also vindicated in his just feelings and Cosmic History. In the book great controversy the controversy ended. God's wisdom his justice. And his goodness will stand fully vindicated. It will be seen that all his dealings in the great controversy. We have been conducted with respect to the eternal good of his people and the good of all the world that he created. So. And by the way this is the chop the last chapter of great controversy where all to be vindication takes place. Part of that entails. The panoramic scene. I don't know how God is going to do it. Where where there's going to be a panoramic television set if you will where everyone on planet Earth. Both the redeemed and the wicked. Will observe the history of the great controversy. And at its conclusion Satan himself will conclude that God is just in his verdict. Upon him. And the evil that he has committed so number four Satan will be exposed for who he is that's another way that God is ultimately vindicated. Is also his just judgement or justice. By the way. Justice or judge Ben it's not something that you and I. When you think of justice and judgment. How many of you get nice. Does it evoke nice feelings of comfort and feelings of happiness and peace and security. It should by the way it should because we have Jesus. Right. Who stands in our stead. Who imputes his righteousness. And why says that when God sees us he does not see us. But he sees the perfect righteousness of his son and and praise God for that gospel. But the justice in the judgment is critical to the vindication I want to read. This is a anon Avonex author but he raises a very interesting point that I think we need to consider in terms of how justice. Vindicates. The character of God and he raises this question he says this he says God me forgive. Evil done in the past. But the evil was done to the Jews in the Holocaust. To the murdered man and his family to the rape victim to the family decimated by a drunk driver. The relatives of those killed by a terrorist. Terrorist bomb. What right has got to say that this evil. Can somehow be wiped away. So that appears not to exist anymore. Is this not simply another way of be literally evil. Making it appear that it really that it isn't really important as all that. And what right has got to say that he forgives the offender. When it is Joe Smith. Not God who has really been hurt by the way we are going to delve into this topic. When we address the subject of evil and God how an all powerful all loving all knowing God could permit evil. We're going to go. Delve into that more in depth. But the Ensor. To this question that end here right. Raises is dealt. With on the basis of the judgment. And Justice plates a huge role in that the wicked. This is great. The great controversy. The we could receive their recompense. In the Earth. Some are destroyed as in a moment. While others suffer. Many days. All are punished. And notice what it says here. According to their deeds. So God does NOT be little those wrongs and those offences that there will be justice one day. And by the way that is necessary and imperative for for for God to ultimately be vindicated and. I'm going to just throwing that out there are not going to explain it in for all you'll have to come. This is my way of hooking you for that meeting. But I really will develop that thought. Much further in tomorrow or the meeting this afternoon. Satan is made to suffer not only for his own rebellion. But for all the sins which he has cost. In the cleansing. Flames the wicked or at last destroyed. Root and branch. Satan the root his follow words the branches. The full penalty. Of the law has been visited right. The rapist. And the terrorists. Justice will be enacted the four penalty. Of the law will be visited the demand of Justice will be met and heaven and earth. BE HOLDING will declare the righteousness of Jehovah. And so I know those are very to to many minds very challenging fans and. And it's something that you and I have to sit down and pause and consider. As we read statements such as these. I've been is conclude the cosmic controversy. After the millennium as a mentor before. With the second death and the resettlement of the earth. What are some of the implications of incorporating the great controversy. Worldview. Well number one. It provides a theocracy what I mean by a theocracy is a rationale for the existence and the continuation of evil. Right. The great controversy perspective does that. Now explain that this afternoon. It also provides a perfect. Perspective on your personal life. In terms of your Altman meaning. And your purpose. It provides a unique window into the logic and mind of God. Though limited in his dealings with created beings. So as you're like that ant and you understand why. Why and why those tires. Like run over you and why the footsteps. Trounce on you every once in a while but obviously you don't understand everything. You don't understand that he's going to work and then he works at a law firm. And he asked to go there every morning at eight and return at nine. You don't understand the full picture. Right. And we have limited human beings of course will never fully attain that complete knowledge. At least not until we get to heaven will have a better understanding of that. Having the great controversy. Met in narrative also provides the ultimate meaning of human history. And the great controversy is is played out at the end of time so. So in this narrative. We narrow down to the times that we're living in right now. Right. And there isn't what we call an Eskimo logical component. An end. End of Time narrative that you and I as Adventists have and have incorporated into our worldview. It's based on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Where we see their identity and Revelation twelve seventeen. That we are the the remnant with a special mission to take the everlasting Gospel to the world with a message the three angels messages. We also see in Revelation Chapter thirteen. That there will be a climactic and universal testing truth. Right over the Sabbath. A great controversy it states the Sabbath will be the great test of loyalty for it is the point of truth especially controverted. When the final task will be brought to bear upon men. Then the line of distinction will be drawn between those who serve God. And those who serve Him not right so we have this climactic and universal testing truth over the Sabbath. We also have the investigative judge you've been in commenting on this great controversy in the chapter in the Holy of Holies while the investigative judgment is going forward in heaven. While the sins of the Pena to believe it are being removed from the same show every there is to be a special work. A purification of putting away. Of sin. When the work of invest investigation show be ended. When the cases of those who in all ages. Who have professed to be followers of Christ. Have been examined and decided then and not till then probation will close. And the door of mercy. Will be shot. Right so. So are our perspective on what's going to take place at the final events of Earth's history. Play a huge role in how we live our lives. Today and how we interpret the events going on today. We talked about the close of probation. The time of trouble. And the second coming. And these are some of the components that we will also cover. In our panel discussion. Later on I want to move. As weak as we conclude that ever mentioned before the A worldview can be expressed as a narrative. And it can also be expressed as a cluster of bullies. So we have for example. The same show every doctrine. Pastor David Shinn stated. Last year and a sermon and made reference to this quote that the century doctrine open to view a complete system of truth connected and harmonious the same. Doctrine certainly plays a huge role in the Abu Anas understanding of where we are in earth's history and. And our future. A significant component of the admin its worldview. Also concerns the restoration of God's image within humanity. What we call the recreate the physical the mental and the spiritual capacities. So when Adam came from the creators and he bore. In his physical mental and spiritual nature. A likeness to his maker but by disobedience of course this was forfeited. Through sin the divine likeness was Mark. And well nigh obliterated man's physical powers were weekend. His mental capacity was lessened. And his spiritual vision was damned love. The basis of creation and of redemption is the basis of true education. She goes on to say to love him the infinity a mission one with the whole strength and mind and heart. Means the highest development of every power. It means that in the whole being the body. The mind as well of the soul. The image of God is to be restored and soul. Huge component of the Avonex worldview. Incorporates this notion. The restoration of God's image. Within man. ARC worldview is comprehensive taking into account the entire being it constitutes more than merely an intellectual understanding. It involves the development of the physical powers which also impacts our intellectual and spiritual faculties. How many of you. Have heard of the health message or feel that the health message is a vital component of Adventism. And I see. Most of the hands are raised and certainly working out we more. I believe that the health message is the right arm right. I just drives it as a right arm of the third in those masses. And it plays a huge role. But I do want to make some qualifications. Right. We need to see the health message. Also as a means. And not necessarily as the ends and I want to share what I mean by that so it plays a role in the spiritual and develop. Spiritual development and more ality it's not the end as in. It's a checklist that you and I have to be accepted by God OK I'm begin. Checked. I didn't eat cheese check. I refrain from cooking with oil. Check right. And I think we can become very imbalanced. When it comes to the health message. And so to to an extent we need to understand the House message in its proper context. And so. Just some statements review in Herald January twenty five eight hundred eighty one she says Let none who profess godliness. Regard with indifference to health of the body. So it is important. And she says and that it will not. And don't think that it will not affect your spirituality. She said the close. Sympathy exist between the physical. And the moral nature. Your brain. Your brain in my brain is the only mode or means by which God communicates to you and to I right or to be. And so what we eat. And the exercise and. I need to do a lot more exercise than I do you can probably see that. But we what we eat and how we live our life. Impacts our brain and thereby. God When we communicate with us. It will be it will be clear. It also has a moral dimension. It affects our spirituality. She says. Goes on and says this in councils on diet and foods page forty eight anything that lessens physical strength and feeble as the mind and makes it less capable of discriminating between right and wrong. We become less capable of choosing the good. And having a less strength of will to do that which we know. To be right. And so if you're struggling with sin. In your life. If you have struggle and struggle with temptations. There's a devotional life that needs to be had a prayer life that needs to be had but we believe in a comprehensive message. That also incorporates. How we what we do with our bodies. That also helps us in our moral development in recreating God's image in man. She also talks about health. As vital to appreciating and accepting truth. You need clear energetic mind in order to place the right. Asked him upon eternal things. How many of you have love Indian food. I have a whew hew Mundus weakness for Indian food. Right. And the problem with Indian food. Is that typically when you go to an Indian restaurant you go when at lunch time. Why do you go at lunch time. Because it's a buffet. Right at the buffet. And so if you're paying like eight to ten dollars for that buffet. You want to be economical. Right you wanna. You want to maximize the benefit of your eight or ten dollars. And by the way that's not the mindset we should have now what happens when you eat everything there is to eat in that Indian buffet and it's all the Tarion right. But it's very Indian food is also very very complex and very very heavy. Right. And whenever I think of this quote I think of Indian food. Because when I eat a ton of Indian food if I over eat. And I fail to be temperate. I can guarantee that you will not have a clear energetic mind. That is a fact right. And you will. You won't be able to place the right estimate on eternal things you why because you're going to be sleeping on your couch. Right. And so I make it a point when when I'm when I'm when I'm going through finals when I was in school or have things that I really need to use my brain for I I avoid Indian restaurants like the plague and. I just don't go there. I don't want to even deal with that temptation. Notice what she says. If you indulge in wrong habits of eating and thereby we can. The enter the actual powers. You will not place that high estimate upon salvation and eternal life. By the way that's one of the ways that the health message serves as a right arm. To the Gospel message. People can only receive in understand and comprehend those truths. If they're eating in a way that allows them to receive it and comprehend it. OK. It's role as an entry wedge. How many of you are from milieu with your pathways to health. And that's essentially what we're talking about here. When properly conducted. The health workers and entering wedge. Making way for other truth to reach a heart. By the way. I praise God for your pathways to health. It is amazing how many of you have attended a year pathways to health. Didn't it just bring you to tears. And you're just flat out in on. As you see. Literally thousands of people being cared for and the tears. It just it's just an amazing experience if you have a chance to attend and volunteer. Please do so I also want to qualify it in this way. The health message. At the same time. Isn't the message and Ellen White has some very clear statements on the she says. The health reform is closely connected with the work of the third message yet. It is not the message. Our preacher should teach the health reform. Yet they should not make this the leading theme in the place of the message. And so the reason why sure that that passage is not to undermine the whole basket. But for us to have a proper perspective in a balanced perspective on the health message. I want to close with this last one that is very dear to my own heart. This. The notion of the freedom of will and the liberty of conscience. And this is not unique to Adventism. But within the great controversy. It plays a more nuanced. It has more nuanced. Impact. And relevance. And I want to read several quotes and make some comments and we're going to close. She says God desires from all those creatures a service of love on the edge that springs from intelligent. Appreciation of his character. He takes no pleasure in a forced allegiance. And to all he Krantz freedom of will that they will render him voluntary service. Furthermore every human being is created in the image of God isn't down with a power a kin to that of the Creator individuality. Power to think and to do it it's a work of true education to develop this power. What power the power to think and to do. To train the youth to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts and ideas and. I want to close with this many many of us have a misguided notion that we need. When we surrender our will to God. We give him our will. And then he makes the decisions for us. How many of you have or have thought that or think that currently that when we surrender our will to him. We say Lord when you wake up. Lord. Do you want me to wear my green jacket or my black jacket. Lord please reveal to me what your will is. How many of you have gone through that before this God does God and gauge. US at that level and should we engage ourselves with God. At that level. It's a it's a it's a very important question and. And the reason why I say that all. Let me let me ask you this. When when God told Adam and Eve Of every tree in the garden. You may freely eat. Except this one so you have all this. Just don't eat. This one right the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But of all these trees. You may freely eat. Did that mean that when Adam and Eve woke up and they woke up and they. There's a hey let's go eat. All more. Should I eat durian or do you want me to eat. Apple. Was that a question that they needed to ask God every morning. Absolutely not God had already directed them and told them that all of these trees. You may freely eat. Whether they any apple or a pair was not a moral question. I don't want to minimize the fact that we need to ask God for four areas in our life in terms of his direction. And his providence. But it's also dangerous to have this notion that when we surrender our will that we. We negate or delete. What L. White says the. The development of the power to think and to do. OK I want to I want to show you a quote. Notice what she says here. The surrender of the will is represented as plucking out the I or cutting off the hand. By the way don't do that it's he's using symbology there are will it is to be yielded to him we surrender our will the God our God saying to finds it. Sanctifies are will that with that we may receive we receive it again. Purified and refined and as we are in connection with him right. So linked in sympathy with the divine. That he can pour through us. The Tines of his love and power and. And so we need to have a balanced understanding right. And balance the notion that God wants us to serve him intelligently. With the will that has been saying to fight. But. But he also empowers us with that sanctified mind. With the power to think and to do. And to do the things and works that God would have us to do and I used to I went through an experience where where I would say Lord you want me to wear this. This suit or that suit and. And this was my thought process. This suit is uglier. And so you know God wants me to not be. You know look. Because that might make me proud so I'm going to wear. The ugly suit that doesn't fit me. Right. And you can go through this brand of legalism. Right I call it legalism. That will ultimately drive you. From the church. Out of the church. Because you're going to you go you're going to have a perception of God as one who controls you. Right. God Satan. Possesses people. God does not possess people. And God works with us and we can be free and cries. To serve Him and love him. And I share that. Just because I know many many young conservative Bible believing spirit profit believing. Mission college graduated. Young administers struggle with this very thing and ultimately a drives them to a point where they said Ike I just cannot serve God. Any longer because it burdens be. And it brings me more guilt. Than peace. Go to Jesus read the book steps to Christ. Read it again. And you will find that in Jesus. You will find true freedom. True liberty. That only G. those Christ. Can provide. That's our heads for it word of prayer. As we conclude. How many father. We thank you so much for the advent of one that's based on scripture. And we're also. And the Spirit of Prophecy. We thank you so much for revelation for a picture. That is painted of you who loves us who desires are good that once you transform us and recreate us into your image that you empower us with the ability to think and to do. And of course it will be in line and in harmony with you and your principles. As you transform. As you have transformed our hearts and minds. We thank you Lord. We asked this in your name. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen. Faithful in Louisville Kentucky. You I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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