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1. Biblically Correct Masculinity & the Mark of the Beast

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • December 31, 2015
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from and told. Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. For other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org. Bother in heaven. We thank you so much for the opportunity to be here in the midst of so many of your saints of your children who are yearning and seeking for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ made this session and made this whole conference be about Jesus be about drawing closer to you and Father as we take a look at what it means to be male. What it means to be a man in the twenty first century in this time in which we live we just ask for clarity for insights from your throne. We ask for wisdom for discernment for balanced and biblical an accurate understanding of who we are as men and what are calling is in your kingdom in these last days. We pray that you would speak that you would set aside all of our preconceived ideas and that we might just hear from you in Jesus' name amen. And Revelation fourteen. The second angel's message. You hear the following in the following adversity. Another angel followed saying. Babylon is. You know the next word. Fallen. Is fallen. That great city. Because she has made all the nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Are you familiar with what this word Babylon means. It's means confusion right baby. Confusion. She's made the nations drink of the wind of her fornication. Drunk in it with confusion. That word confusion I think to me. Sums up more than any other word. What our culture has done to the issue of gender identity. Roles. Sexuality and everything we've been valving being male and female. Confusion. Or maybe it's a deception maybe you'd say something else it but it's an it deliberate agenda of confusion. This is not something that has come up out on accidents. Confusion I want to share with you a little bit of history. And how we got to where we are in two thousand. Will say two thousand and sixteen. There was once a time long before most of us were alive. But not that long ago. Historically speaking. Where the culture. Glorified and put on a pedestal. Appropriately. The traditional biblical role of being a man and what it meant to be a man. Programs like these that we probably never should have been watching to begin with but they were a whole lot better than what's coming out today. This is Andy Griffith. Father Knows Best. They actually had a show called Father Knows Best. Which would be just totally unacceptable today. As you know. But these shows in these old sitcoms recognize the importance of what the Bible call what spirit of prophecy refers to as the house band that's an English word husband. Husband and what the Bible calls the head of the household. And that's almost a bygone age. A time that so distant in the past we almost have to laugh at it. And I look at that I go man that was just a half. Century ago where our culture kind of got it's the kind of understood what they will call masculinity. Meant. Well I used to teach history. And when I taught American history to my students in high school classes. I always would do well upon how the transition took place from the fifty's. Into the sixty's and seventy's. Major cultural shift. Took place in the West particularly as it involves this issue of gender identity and gender roles. The feminist movement. Pushed forward. A theory about gender that's with us to this day. And it basically goes like this. Being male or female in a gender sense. Is total it's completely a social construct. It does not exist. The only thing that exists is the different and that to me of male and female. But what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman is irrelevant and it's totally invented by culture. And it's something we need to just sweep away. Into History and everybody should be identical. Women act exactly like men men. Exactly like women and there's no difference. This was the message of the feminist movement in the sixty's and seventy's. In other words you as a male. And I'm speaking to the audience here. Being male women are of course welcome to join us for the session but men. You don't exist. Is basically the message of this. Aside from. You know pro procreation procedures that God has given to males and females aside from that difference. You as a male entity. DO NOT EXIST. You're male This doesn't exist. So on to the eighty's and ninety's what are the results of this anybody my age that you watch shows like this one. I hope not married with children. This is the home and prudent with him. The two men Taylor. They they started shooting. The father's knows best and the Indy Griffith you know. Bleeding and mentoring his son and being this good father role. And they made the fathers into what. Both hoons good word there brother I like that they're the butt of the jokes right there dumb. They're fools they fail over and over again. They just sit around with. You know a beer watching sports. And then you get even into the shows. Today that are that are on the air today that wasn't just the eighty's and ninety's. Whether it's Homer Simpson or. Peter what's his name. GRIFFIN. Obviously total total. But food. Good word for it. So this. This issue of the cultures. Attack upon masculinity. Needs an answer. And we have a Biblical answer. It's not just the sit coms by the way I want to share with you a montage of clips that I found on You Tube just different advertisements I got to slide it over on the screen here. Make sure that we got there and going. All right now. Take a look you'll notice in these commercials. These are all these commercials. The husband or the father is always portrayed exactly as he was in those shows as being an intelligence as being lazy as being driven by his appetite. As being disrespected by his children. His wife is the authority figure in the household. And it's not just one or two it just keeps on going so just tune into this. Listen this just for a couple of minutes and you stay here. I'm going to give them for you believe he's playing acting childish. Right. Stead of getting breakfast. So delicious you don't have to make coffee to you with a good plan says he's trying to help his daughter with her homework. Only come about you're going to watch that out if she were going to school project entire time. Time we get anything good. Sweetie I think he's a little extra favoring your dance. All I ever makes me sad. So come on a dairy taste when he came to five hundred five or one light be able to tell me why not just eat this bag. And how can you talk to me about fiber. Or you were eating a candy bar. Even join him. I really like this hot but shake your head a bit sick or drinking or. I'm waiting for it to cool down to hot fudge shake but it's not hot. What's the hot fudge. It's a shake part. It's all cold. It's not as hot as you would think a shell might be. You never think that if she gets hot. The most is called a hot foot shake. Even then you pretty much figure out that it's not that we have. Well you have to have someone explain to you what do you eat multi-grain cheeriest. So trying to watch your weight. Why. Nothing it's just the box it's a slow in fact. Do I look like I need to watch my weight. Do just as if that's one hundred ten calories per serving but there are the reasons why I like to do. So the box. Just says it's made with five whole grains. That's good isn't. What else does a box a book so shut up Steve is that Ricky Fisher in your face was three time first grader Ricky Fisher two times more money does not take pencils. Money. You need you so see it was smart guys. Sort of like how you have that miracle. That's exactly right. Go there that. I know my diet well. Yesterday I had an apple turnover. I know it's sort of my weakness. I always keep it in my house. While that Boston cream pie white chocolate style buried here you're going to kill out of high. Young people already lost some weight. Man what are you doing. You could see the look on his face like intentionally The acting is look. Look dumb. Look let you know you're driven by the appetite here she was of course talking about flavors of yogurts he's going to look for all these desserts. Again and again and again the theme seems to be getting harder and harder as we pass along through history to the point where this one really shocked me I thought this was a joke. I thought this must have been some sort of fake news some sort of satirical news. How you know masculinity is just totally being ruined in our culture because you don't get much much more tight type of manly culture than you do. Into in the military right so you have strong men military men. Literally being forced required to put red high heels on and walk a mile. As a part of a feminist campaign that was taking place on this campus this happened about a year ago. And I'm going wow. Something is afoot in our culture. No pun intended. Now. If you also look at the action heroes. And from Huffington Post. To Forbes to a bunch of different news outlets they're commenting on the increase in lead female. Action heroes. As opposed to the traditional male role of being the strong being the leader. In fact the latest I hope you haven't seen this I'd ever seen it I don't plan on seeing it. If you've seen it or are thinking about seeing it. Watch media on the brain. Also six parts. And you'll learn a little bit about what the entertainment industry is trying to do to your minds but this. From what I've heard about the new Star Wars film called The Force awakens. The lead female is sort of what the lead male used to be the strong one the smart one. The main driver as far as the rebel force goes if you don't know what I mean by rebel force could I'm glad that you are unplugged from the culture but I grew up in the eighty's with lots of Star Wars. But anyway. That's what's going on even the Star Wars culture so. The culture. Him asking if you will. Men Hood. Masculinity and what is the results. When you look at men in our culture today. What are they like what is going on with masculinity I think this image really sums it up really well. We have a new creature on planet Earth. You might call this devolution. You might call this The Descent of Man this is passive man here. And we descend literally into our man cave in our culture. Passive man goes down into a cave think about that for a moment a key is we're animals live. So here we have taken on this identity of being a total creature of passion a creature of non intellect. And we go and what do we do in the man cave Ironically we watch. Hyper masculine displays of chest thumping and hyper competitive miss so it's as if the masculine energies. Have been stamped out. In our culture and so what over with the over reaction is is a sports crazed individuals like the man on the screen who refers to himself as King James. And that's not just picking on that one particular athlete. But this is the culture of sports. That we men are so drawn toward And we're going to talk about more about sports in the next session. But there was an interesting talk that was done by a sociologist and a psychologist named Philip Zimbardo. He did a TED talk. Called the demise of guy. It's a clever title basically what he was talking about is an observed phenomenon. Among young men in our culture where he describes that they have a social awkwardness. A lack of leadership in strength that they the more passive. And they don't really know how to communicate as well as they once did once did. And motivation is really dropped. Among males. And so he gave this whole talk on the demise of guys and what's causing this we're going to talk about some of that in the second session but what really struck me was a little survey. That they had on the Web site after the after you watch the clip. You vote on what are the number one and number two and number three reasons why. Men are so passive in our culture and have lost all motivation in our culture. And the number one reason you know what the number one chosen reason. According to the survey was conflicting messages from media institutions. Parents and peers. About acceptable. Male behavior. So we're confused. The culture sends us all these conflicting messages. You don't know what it's acceptable. And I being some sort of massaging to some sort of big if I you know become the man that God is calling me to be. And we end up. Confused and checked out. In our culture but then speaking of confusion you know TIME Person of the year writes Time Person of the year. Was angle the Merkel. The prime minister of Germany but you know who the runner up was. Yes there's a hands on the screen right now. Caitlin genitor received the runner up. Second place for TIME Person of the year for twenty fifteen making headlines and dominating headlines with this issue of transgender. Ism and. She had a huge effect upon our culture isn't just a single person. I want to be clear about something by the way. When we're talking about biblical masculinity and next session when we get into the brain. And the difference between the male and female brain. We're talking primarily in predominantly two individuals who have a normal. Physiological make up. Who have a normal childhood experience but there are folk. Individuals that have a legitimately disturbed past. With trauma with abuse. And in a small number of cases. Physiological anomalies. So just in a crowd like this we're talking mostly to guys mostly to guys who have a normal male brain a normal. Chromosomal make up. But to the individual I just want to be very clear that is in the situation of struggling with gender identity struggling with same sex attraction. Whatever it might be. There are some situations where somebody is born with some sort of some sort of defect if you will. And that itself of course is not sin. If you are a victim of some sort of abuse and trauma childhood of course. That itself is not sin. And so just to be clear that the temptations. And the feelings that you face in life you've been dealt of be particularly uniquely difficult. Hand of cards in life. And don't feel condemnation. Because you have that. But the Lord is asking you to trust him through that the follow. Because if you take the cultures cues and the culture says you well in order to self. Actualize and be the true you know I was born this way they sing songs about this right. You have to act out on these feelings. You have to give in to these these different identities and different same sex attractions and so on and so forth. The culture says that if you don't do that you're in some sort of oppressed situation I'll tell you something that is a giant stinking lie of the devil. Because God can help you and walk you through every challenge. In your life I just want to be super clear on that and by the way. You're not alone either. Because for every individual who asked a face life. Saying. I may never marry. I may never marry. Biblically. And therefore I may never marry. You know I think I can think of somebody who lived thirty three years on this earth. Never marrying. Never engage in any sexual behavior whatsoever. I'm talking about our elder brother. In the human race. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior your best friend OK so he knows. The walk of having to deny the flesh. Day after day. And by the way all of us are kind of in the same boat in a way as well because a lot of times. We think. Well you know. SCOTT That's really easy for you to say because you have the joy in the experience of being married. I'll tell you something. You can be fully human. You can be fully Christian. You can live in abundance. Life. Even without being married. And I'll tell you something every day. My culture to slams me with messages with with images with temptations. At the. I can't go to the grocery store without magazines. Advertising. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME. Rights. Are you go on check the weather in these ads on the side it's just like everywhere. We all have to deny the lusts of the our eyes and the lusts of the flesh. When a million different attractive individuals present themselves to our eyes. And so that's that's really something we all have to do. So it's not just the homosexual or the person struggling with gender identity that has to bear that cross we're all in the situation of having to deny the flesh many times over and over again so let's ban together. We are the people of God. And we can do this with Christ's strength. So just. If your lot in life is that that that's not sin itself. But follow the Lord through it and he will give you. He will give you a victory over that but don't don't pursue outside the bounds of the Bible and say you know I want to you know have sex reassignment surgery I want to marry. Of the same gender and so forth the Bible is very clear in this deuterium Deuteronomy twenty two verse five the woman should not wear that which pertain if I'm to a man. Neither shall a man put on a woman's garment. For all that do so are abominable unto the Lord thy God. So that's something that the Bible speaks very clearly and I'll tell you something. Again speaking to the individual struggling with that then we'll get back to the main message but God may take those feelings away. He has with with with some people or he may just say this is going to be the struggle in the challenge that will prepare your character for my soon coming because this is going to be hard. This is going to be very hard. And every single one of us is going to face temptations in our life that God will permits for our betterments for our growth for our development so that we can be prepared to meet Jesus when He returns. So just to be clear on that. Now I want to share with you. Just before we move away from that topic. This this clip. Blew my mind because the woman you're about to hear from is a self identified transgender being OK. The name is Camille Paglia and she's. Physiologically biologically female dental finding male. And what she has to say about this issue might surprise you. OK She's a scholar. She's a social credit. Critic. She's a feminist. And she is a self identified. Transgender being Camille Paglia I want you to hear what she has to say about this movement that really took off just this year. Like just the last eighteen months it's just been aggressively forcefully moving forward. Transgender mania sealing her thunder she calls at that. Let's listen in. I think that the transgender. Propagandists OK make if while inflated claims about the multiplicity of gender sex reassignment surgery even today with all of that all of it you know it and dances. Cannot. In fact. Change anyone's sacks of hey you can you can define yourself as a trance man or a trans woman if some one of these new gradations along with Gayle. But ultimately everything will file in the human body. And the D.N.A. in that cell remains coded for your biological birth. So there are a lot of law is being propagated the present moment. OK which I think is not anyone's best interest. I would NOT what I'm concerned about is is the you know the popularity and the. They'll ability of sex reassignment surgery. So it's someone who is feeling. There's It doesn't feel that the that he or she belongs to the biological birth gender. And the people are being encouraged to intervene in the process of parents are and now encourage to a subject for the child to proceed jurors that I think are form of child abuse so either you know the hormones. To slow puberty. OK. Actual surgical manipulations at center I think a that this is wrong that people should wait until they're of an informed age of consent. Parents should not be doing this to turn into their children. And I and I you know I think that even in the teenage years it's too soon to be making this lead in the P.P. People change people grow. And people adapt. Now. I'm concerned that. Again about the about this in my study of history in sexual persone I'm always talking about the late phases of culture and this is and was very always drawn to the late or decadent phase of culture Oscar Wilde. Is one of the great exponents of that in the late nineteenth century. He's one of my my strongest influences from my earliest years. And I found in my study that that history is cyclical. And everywhere in the world. You find this pattern in ancient times. That as a culture. Begins to decline. You have an F. or essence of transgender phenomenon. That is a symptom of cultural collapse and so rather than people singing the praises of a human the human him in a humanitarian liberalism. That allows all of these of these of these transgender. Possibilities OK to appear. And to be encouraged. I would be concerned about what what how Western culture is defining itself to the world because in fact. This these phenomena are inflaming the irrational indeed borderline psychotic opponents of Western culture. In the form of ISIS and other jihad this and center on. Nothing more. Better defines the decadence of the West to the G. hottest OK. Then our toleration of home. Of open homosexuality. And this and this transgender mania now. I mean I think that any vision of the future I think the Futurist from the science fiction of the late nineteenth century into the twentieth century. Usually they have projected that that. Men and women in distant space. Will start to conform to each other in gender and you see that and you see it in Star Wars. Gender seems to start to be a race. Men and women are working side by side almost as as as as unit and it was seen as something mechanical about it this. Shaving away of gender differences. And yet more and more the masculine is seen as somehow Retrograde is something in the Paleolithic something belonging to the past. Wow or the Stones crying out or what there. And that amazing. And it. Boy I was I think about the weeds in the weeds growing up together in the last days on to the harvest. And you know that our culture in the West and globally is going to degrade more than any culture ever has in the past. Don't you expect these things to be amplified all the more the transgender mania as she calls it the melding of the genders so that there's not a distinction and a difference like I was just talking about with the feminist movement of the sixty's and seventy's. So we live in a time where we could objective Lee say that this propaganda pushes she called it is absolutely going wild. And one thing she said about is people people change in terms of their feelings in their attractions in the one researcher. Identified and discovered in the research. Was that so many particularly youth. Go through phases where they. They have changes in their feelings. And they might think that they are a certain way that they are homo sexual that they are bisexual or whatever but then later on that that changes. For a Barry large number of youth. In fact he came out and said that there are more acts. Gays than gays. Because so many people have that stage in their life and then the their life moved on and they they kind of went beyond that. And that's not to deny. Of course the reality of that hand of cards that many people have been dealt. But that's also part of what she's talking about that this these things change. And also I should mention by the way. That's when she says. To leave the children alone on this. I just like this is the one thing that starts to get my blood blood boiling a little bit when I see what's going on in the schools. To propagandize the minds of small children and so warped their view of sexuality and gender. And this is this is predominately a seminar for for males. Of youth an adult age but really you know. I got to start preaching that message on the children again because I've got little ones and I can't imagine how crazy you'd have to be to actually entrust your children's mind and soul and character and worldview. To the world the schools of our time when they're pushing this so aggressively I have a whole bunch of information on that but I'm leaving a lot off on this just to focus here but you know it's not just a cultural attack on the genders. Of what one thing that really surprised me is studying into the physiology of the endocrine system are you familiar with the endocrine glance. Basically every human being except has an endocrine system that excretes various hormones. You've got and regions. You've got different. Male and female hormones estrogens being predominantly female and regions like testosterone. Being the more male hormones and males predominantly have more have more of the. At the end. More of the estrogens of course. But recently what they found in our environments in the food is is something that they refer to as Xeno estrogens spelled with an X. Xeno estrogens and other types of chemicals in the past the sides. We're talking about the the hormones in the meat. Chemicals in the plastics even. And these have a suppressing effect upon the. And a consistent. So the endo can system can properly regulate the hormone balance. So maybe it's not just a cultural propaganda that's manipulated people's minds into thinking this way or that. Maybe literally physiologically. We are suffering from hormone imbalances in our developmental years. To the point where we have actually an increase in the number of people struggling with these issues. So you know this whole myth about. Let's be real men I got to eat a big slab of beef on my plate right. Well that beef. That cow is loaded with hormones they they they shoot these get these these cows up with hormones and antibiotics and all sorts of things that may actually have an effect that you might surprise that might surprise you. So when. Basically when men have larger amounts of xeno estrogen in the in their system. Then the proportions of vs estrogens gets out of whack. And in extreme cases they find that reptile difficulties in males. Reduction in body hair. Sometimes literally male breast being formed in you're going wow there's something really really messed up going on here you know that Satan is up to a major push in the last days to ruin the males the leaders of God's movement. Now how does this all relates a Bible prophecy. The two thousand and fifteen was just an amazing year in history I was like to look at things as a historical move through the historical record lens flying over the forest if you will. In this moment right here in American history. Was absolutely critical. It was a hinge point in American history the moment of course for those listening to the audio. The Supreme Court. Passing declaring the gay marriage. To be the law of the land in every state in America. And so no state now. May say. We did sense we want to only have regular traditional biblical marriage. That's not allowed anymore and they literally flashed the rainbow symbol right on the White House. Sort of as an in your face moment. And again what does this have to do with prophecy. What I see happening in current events. In recent history. Is this push on the part of what you might call the the secular humanists to the secular left to really aggressively advance. A cultural it genda. For example this one right here. Are you familiar with the queen James Bible. I mean they're almost deliberately trying to agitate and blasphemously just rile people up. This is not a joke again some of these things I have to look is this some some hoax thing no this is real the queen James Bible of the rainbow cross on the cover. And then they actually change the verses of the Bible this is the King James Leviticus eighteen twenty two that I shall not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination. Well in the Queen James Bible it says the all shall not line with mankind as with womankind in the temple of Molech. It is an abomination. So it is added the words in the temple of Molech. Which implies that you can lie in such a fashion. Elsewhere. As long as you're not in the temple of Molik because the verse after all only says Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind in the temple of Molik it is an abomination. So you can engage in that behavior outside the temple of Molech says the new queen James Bible. Now of course these words were not in the Hebrew at all when they were not in the original at all there is the transliteration of the original and with them it with a male not. You shall lie with the lying with of a woman. Of course this is all convoluted verses are English but that's the Hebrew there's nothing about Molech in there right. Amazing amazing so. The push is going forward to the point where you even have stores like Target it's actually buckling to this pressure and they actually in removed their male and female labeling for the clothes and toys like normally go to the girls section of the more little more pink and different toys and so on they said no more male and female in our stores. Because it might offend somebody who doesn't identify as one of the other and we want to be. You know sensitive and so on to the transgender issue. And of course the bathroom controversy was just like the talk of two thousand and fifteen so I don't need to rehash all that but the emergence of transgender bathrooms. I actually have personal experience with this one because I went to a wonderful organic restaurant and. Many times when you go to a urban. You know health food type of place. You know the world view of the philosophy there might be slightly different from biblical Christianity and. So when I when I went in there. There was some some weird stuff on the walls and so on and I'm OK. A kind of understand what kind of place them in here but let me just test this because I went to the restroom. Wash my hands get ready for eating my organic food and I noticed there were two restrooms. One was male or female. And the other was male or female. I'm like that's weird. Usually when there's two restrooms. It's male female. Or sometimes you have a unisex restroom when there's only one restroom right. So that would make sense. Sometimes you'll have like a unisex or a family restroom when there's three. Restroom. But I've never seen two. And they're not male This was MALE This was female. So I went to the lady at the counter. And I couldn't I couldn't you know. Show all my cards if you will or my to had you know somebody spit my food or something or throw me out of the place but. So I just kind of one of the counter and I said you know I noticed that you guys have the two restrooms The both are gender neutral. Was that in an effort to be sensitive to the transgender community. And she she looks at me she gets this very serious look in her face like kind of both of which she's like yeah. We are definitely not the kind of restaurant. That would put male on one of the red. One of the bathrooms and female on the other like this look of indignation like that would be some horrible. Offensive thing. I'm going wow. We are literally entering a time like Camille Paglia said. With the melding in the merging of genders. Where there is no distinction and if there is a distinction that's considered some sort of offensive thing. All that this one really blew my mind I was speaking to a friend who's. She's been going through the education system in child development and special education. And she had a sort of practical experience with with some children and she said I got to apply some of the things I was learning and I'm like oh what are you learning exam into the child development stuff to parenting an education. I thought this would be interesting conversation. Oh it was interesting because she goes. Well you know one thing that really is important in the development of children is say they're playing with a toy. It's important for you to not intervene in that in tell them. Like what the toy is. I'm like what come again. Yeah. Like if they're playing with an airplane. Don't come in and say this is an airplane. Because maybe to them. It's a boat. Like what. No but it's an airplane. So I'm just listening. I'm not taking it all in I'm not responding. And then. I knew where this was going because she goes. And if there's a little boy dollar a picture of a girl or whatever you don't say that's a boy and that's a girl. I'm like that's what this is all about the post modern culture wants to annihilate reality can we just put it that way. I mean there is no truth. There is there are of course no moral absolutes and that was out the window years ago. But now there's no distinction between male and female there's no reality and identification of facts and objects being what they are. It's just an incredible number that our culture has done. Upon the minds of these children to the point where in this this again is is real this is not fake news. This is the Toronto Sun. Mother and father are being dropped from an Terrio government forms. So they used to have you know your forms for your birth certificate who is the mother the father. That you can't say mother and father anymore. Because it was some people might not identify as these gendered terms. In the classrooms they have children. Doing the same thing we're not going to say. He or she today we're going to we're going to use different names like purple penguins for different groups of people of both genders and mother and father will gradually disappear for months areal government forms. Liberal M.P. member of parliament Glenn. The Triborough introduced a motion passed by the legislature Thursday calling for gender neutral language. It's a motion that's out there to make sure that government is continuing to look at what we can do to progress and make sure forms are inclusive. Birth certificates will continue to refer to mother and father. For now but basically that's changing his motion says that the legislature supports replacing gender terminology with gender neutral and inclusive language on all government forms. The government the government should reflect the diverse nature of our province including that not limited to replace the terms mother a father with terms such as parent or guardian so will say parent or guardian now. Not mother and father and if your really goes to this extent here at Kansas University where the student Senates just last month. Voted. They passed a motion that. In Student Senate business. Part of their decorum part of their rules. There by laws or whatever you call it is that they may not use terms like he she him or her. His or hers. Etc. No gendered terminology. At all is allowed on the student senate. And so at that point I start to wonder is is reality itself under attack. And if you can't say he or she him or her. Then we're in really big trouble with the Bible. I mean if he she him or her is hate speech. Then the Bible itself is going to become even beyond that how about just violence itself. You think I exaggerate listen to what Pope Francis said. Just last year. This was in a statement about fundamentalism Now before I tell you what he said. Gets you a basic definition of fundamentalism. Fundamentalism means. The belief in the trust in the Scriptures. As the inspired word of God and that could be. Whatever religion. Belief in their scriptures as literally true. OK so you are all of fundamentalist if you believe in the Bible. And believe in six day creation and all of that OK So if this is what he had to say about fundamentalists. He said. A fundamentalist group. Although it may not kill anyone. Although it may not strike anyone because some of the Muslim fundamentalists out there are violent jihad us of course. But we saying is a fundamentalist group. Even though it doesn't kill anyone or even though it doesn't strike anyone. It is violent. He says the mental structure of fundamentalism is violence in the name of God. So believing in this. As I mentioned a moment ago. Literally is getting to the point where we will be called violence. Hate group. Even as a church that leaves a non-combatants in which we're going to talk about next session. Which is highly ironic but what he's saying is that it's not about actual acts of violence. This is why this term micro aggressions is being used on college campuses. If you say anything that's politically incorrect. You have just and gauged in a micro A. Pression against somebody. Where traditionally in law and common law in British law an American constitutional system and aggression is an act that deprives somebody of life liberty or property. It's an actual act. That has violated them in some way. Well today. Micro aggressions are. If you hurt somebody's feelings. You have engaged in something that is like an aggression. And in other countries in Canada and Western Europe. They actually have laws on the books. Against what they call hate speech. So this is coming here. In fact there was just a school. A Catholic school in Boston Massachusetts. Just last week or two weeks ago and they refused to hire a homosexual man as part of their staff. Because they didn't think that would be a good example to the youth at their school. And they did that they said we don't believe in this is openly living this and this is not what we're about. Well. You suit. The courts came in and said You must hire him. So this is the way were headed now after that Supreme Court decision. And I asked the question. What does this have to do with prophecy. Because this particular session is called Biblically correct masculinity. And the mark of the beast. And we've also we've seen all leading up to this so far. The idea that the culture is attacking Absolutely. The genders and anything dissenting against that is considered to be. Hate speech. Basically. Let me let me repeat history. OK. One thousand nine hundred seventy S. We have two things happen. One. A cultural degrade ation of morality you had sex drugs and rock'n'roll you had free love and all of this in the sixty's and seventy's right. And then in one thousand seventy three you had a landmark Supreme. Court decision. With Roe versus Wade. And the abortion. Movement. OK what did this lead to politically in America. Because we know that the mark of the beast is not going to be imposed by the secular progressive humanists. You know that the mark of the beast in Revelation thirteen by the way if this is new to you and you're coming to us even the first time really what is he talking about Mark of the beast. Go to this Web site right on this website Bible prophecy truth. Dot com. OK and study this issue. In-depth Revelation thirteen talks about a time where you will not be able to buy or sell. And there are actually be a death decree. Imposed upon. Everybody in the whole world. If you don't abide by the religious structures and practices of the beast. Power. That is the whole world is following after. And so this is a religious persecution. Just like in the dark ages. Religious persecution. The final events of I will prophecy are not secular persecution. Like the kinds we've been talking about here. But it's religious. So what happened in the sixty's and seventy's cultural degradation. And a big Supreme Court decision that really got the religious community of America angry and that led to the rise of the religious right. With Jerry Falwell Pat Robertson. Big names like that and they call themselves a Christian Coalition the moral majority and we're going to take America back for God. That was the the rallying cry. Of the religious right. And basically that was certainly the step in their toe into the market to be stuff of we want to enforce religion. Freedom of conscience is not acceptable because look what that has led to. We need to have so much freedom of conscience in our country because it leads to all of this cultural decline and all of this immortality. And we need to truly politically take America back for God and we. The Christian community will rule the structures of government. Is that biblical. Is that what we ought to be doing. No we should be people who promote religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Now that's what happened is the six sixty's and seventy's and eighty's. What does that have to do with right now. Well. Are we seeing history repeat. Moral degradation. And a landmark Supreme Court decision. We're seeing this repeat. So can you see a return. And a rise in a resurgence of a movement on the rights that will eventually lead to the imposition of the mark of the beast. So it's not so much. The secular progressive. You know. Homosexual movement. That is the danger alternately to religious liberty. Yes that has temporary and temporal and present dangers to religious liberty. But the big danger. That's coming down the road is the reaction. Because when they flash the rainbow flag up on the White House and they say. You can't even say he or she or her and him and his and these words. People start to say this is crazy. And they overreact. So there's going to be a reactionary response. In the near future in fact it's already happening. We have prominent political candidates right now saying things like. We need to put everybody of a certain religion in a national database and track and monitor their behavior and just stuff like that was unthinkable. Years ago we're going to need to do and security is going to rule and we see the. The murmurings the the rumblings of the coming police state if you will so religious liberty is under attack already. Now. What does the Bible have to say about all these gender and sexuality issues I want to actually answer. The culture. On this and see what the Bible. What Jesus has to say and what this. How can we as men can understand what it means to be male. Now I can say. As Seventh Day Adventists Christians. The term fundamentalist we can. We can say yes. I agree. I believe in a six day creation. I believe that Jesus is coming literally in person and had it's why we're here right and we are here to draw closer to him to be prepared for that coming. That's what it's all about so if I don't truly believe in that I mean what's the point. So I am a fundamentalist. I believe. When it says in the Bible that God made them male and female. God created them in his own image in the image of God created he them male and female created He them. I believe this. I believe that the two are difference. And this is not talking just physiologically. This is talking about us being image bearers of God. So in a unique way. Males. Alone or females. Alone. Don't fully reflect the image of God. It's together. Male and female that we. We reflect. God's image. But you know from history you know from intuition that there's a difference. But the Bible even says that there is a difference God of course is referred to. Predominately in the Bible in masculine terms he's referred to as our Father. But I want to I threw together a little bit of a bullet point list on how women especially reflect certain aspects certain attributes of God's character. Better than men do. And Bible refers to it like I say a sixty six thirteen God says I comfort. Just like a mother. Comforts her child. Just like a woman who had never forget her nursing child I will not forget my children he says. Like a mother eagle I'm like a mother eagle hovering over her young would have beautiful picture. These are pictures of god. I seek the last like a woman seeking throughout this whole looking for a lost going. I care for my people like a midwife that cares for the child she just delivered. I can get as angry as a mother bear up to her Kobes. And I long for my people like a mother hen longs to gather her chicks. Under her wings. Isn't that wonderful. That's beautiful Now you could also go way too far on this have ever heard of this book the shack. OK This picture is one of the persons of the Trinity as being female that's not biblical. In fact there's a United Church of Canada the largest Protestant denomination. In Canada has omitted completely in their in their denominational publications. Any reference to God as a father and said they pray to mother or father God Mother and Father God or simply mother god. So in certain theological sectors there is no interest at all and being biblical so we don't want to go that direction but this list right here. We can see that God created females in a unique way to reflect his image in a way that it is not good for man to be alone. That the man could not do alone so God created them male and female. To reflect his image. Now let's get into a little bit of what that means basically. You can see clearly in God. Masculine characteristics that he is given to men to reflect. And I say they're masculine because to be created men in that way. Strings. Decision. Power right. But then there's also mercy. There's also comfort. There's also grace and caring and affectionateness. We have Jesus. Talking about the Louise of the field right. And some like tough guys might say well you know that's not that's not masculine enough to talk about the beauty of the lilies of the field Jesus had the little children on his lap right. I mean this is what God is like in his complete and total nature. And so he embodies all of the aspects of what it means to be human and of course we all need to embody all of them as well but not necessarily in equal proportions. OK. So it's not a moral decisive. Delineation where. If you book if you're a man that you're not supposed to be comforting in appreciating of of the delicacies and beauties of nature and all of that no no no no let's not. See that's part of that overreaction thing where people would go way too far and say how we'll talk about it next session actually something called muscular Christianity. Next session is going to be very enlightening and eye opening we're going to into the brain science behind all of this but I hope this goes without saying as I get now into the difference between male and female Biblically. It is of course. Difference. But difference in kind but not difference in quality. You know what I mean by this. Male and Female we were created difference. But not as a hierarchy of value. OK So we believe completely obviously this goes without saying that in the kingdom of God There is neither male nor female slave nor slave nor free June or Greek it's cetera. Ye are Christ's you are Abraham seedier heirs according to the promise. You're all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. We've all been baptized and put on Christ. So as it comes to our value as children of God as children of Abraham. As Christians. It's exactly equal there is no difference there. But there is a difference in terms of who we are this is a statement from Daughters of God I know that the this isn't about the difference this is about. Absolutely Progressive this movement was in a good sense of the word I love this. I know that the faithful women should be paid wages as it is considered proportionate to the pay received by ministers. Did you hear that won't whatever does did that for the past hundred whatever years since that was written. That's a that's a way ahead of its time statement. I know that the faithful women should be paid wages as it is considered proportion to the pay received by ministers. They carry the burden of souls and should be treated on shit. Should not be treated unjustly. These sisters are giving their time to educate those newly come to the faith and hire their own work done and pay those who work for them. All these things must be adjusted and set in order and justice be done to all. Way ahead of his time. You know. There is such a thing as a good. Progressiveness a good progressiveness. But a word of caution on progress. There is an idea there's an idolizing of progress. As if progress itself is the end goal. Here's a definition of progress from Merriam Webster a forward or onwards movement. As to an objective or to a goal. Let me use an analogy here OK. If you're progressing. On a hike up a beautiful mountain pathway OK the pics perience of progress itself is beautiful. But really you want to get to the overlook right you want to get to the lookout spot. And when you get there. You stand you. You are just in awe the beauty of the majesty of creation and you go. Wow this is this was the end goal. And the progress that brought us there was an amazing experience. But for those who idolize progress in itself. They would just keep on going right. And it's the forward movement itself that matters which would eventually carry you off the cliff. So what is the end goal for true. Biblical progress. It's getting back to the Garden of Eden. Back to God's original design. And that's in your personal life as well. When it says you put on Christ. This is a personal experience of being saved. And being regenerated by the blood of the Lamb and progressing. Closer and closer to Jesus Christ in his character. Now. This statement. This is where it gets sort of gets politically incorrect. Here we have. Eve was created from a rib they can from the side of Adam. Signifying that she was not to control them as the head nor to be trampled under his feet as an inferior but to stand by his side as an equal. Now that's that's very progressive to be loved in progress and protected by him. But you hear this protected by him. How could you say such a thing. Does this mean that male and female are exactly the same when it says they're equal. Exactly the same as it regards to salvation. As it relates to salvation. Exactly the same as we are children of God. But you know I hear there. Is it OK to say that Kenyon runners are the best long distance runners. That they're better at it than a guy like me where my ancestors hail from the Netherlands. In Europe. Yes. The Kenyans are better at long distance running. Is it OK to say that when it comes to combat. Males are better equipped as a group than females they found in a recent study arm and the Army found that women face. Two to four times. The levels of injuries. Mental breakdowns depression etc and. That's not saying that people from the Netherlands are bad and Kenyans are good. It's just there's differences right. So what are these differences. Let's get into this. I want to share with you. What the identity of the Godhead is. And the relationships within the Godhead and then we're going to see how that relates and applies to male and female gender so. It says this in paychecks and profits. None but Christ the only gotten of God could fully enter into His purposes and to him it was committed to execute the mighty counsels of his will. So Christ. Executed. The mighty counsels of is Father's will. The Son of God had wrought. The Father's Will. In the Creation of all the hosts of heaven. In all this he would not seek power excitation for him selfe contrary to God's plan. But would exalt the Father's glory and execute his purposes of beneficence in law. So did you follow all that the son was executing The Father's Will he was doing the Father's plan could we say that he was in submission to his father. Yes and that's not bad. That didn't put him in some sort of subservient degraded position. Although he was a servant in that sense in the good sense of the word. Here you have first Corinthians fifteen and eleven it says. When all things just to be subdued unto Him meaning cry. Meaning God. Then shall the Son also himself. The subject. On to God that put all things under him. So in the future. When all is evil is annihilated. The sun will and Jesus will skin she knew to be subject to God. For the head of Christ is God. So this is something that's in the very identity of the Godhead of the nature of God. The concept of headship submission is Biblical real. And it's who God is. And that's why by the way there is such an attack on it because Satan wants to annihilate anything that has to do with the character in nature of God it specially those who bear his image. Now let's get into what this has to do with male female in as us bearing the image of God. Male and female. It says I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ and the head of the woman is the man. And the head of Christ is God. Now I know many people would say well this is just something that was influenced by the culture back then and this is not. No actually inspired. You know I believe in the Bible. So I can't go there as specially when I see in the Garden of Eden. This headship relationship and I see in the creation of this earth. Jesus was subject to the will of the Father. And in the future. After Sin is annihilated. Then he will be subject on to him. So this is not just something that's a result of the fall. And it's not just something that it was the culture influencing the writers of the Bible. Which makes the bible kind of. Not as inspired this is actually God's design. OK now we're going to get a lot more into that in the next session. But I'm just flat out of time so I have to hit pause on session one. I over. Are prepared to much content. But we're going to be unpacking this further and understanding what that means for guys who aren't married first of all. But then also what that means in our homes in our churches. And how to take this position of leadership in headship in a biblical way. And not go counter to that we're going to see a Absolutely. Dangerous. Counterfeit masculinity. That is huge in the evangelical churches. And we've been given such a gift. We've been given such a gift in an understanding of the Bible. In a clear and balanced way. And there's a thousand different deceptions out there especially on this issue this is a tough issue to navigate. So we're going to spend the next hour. Trying to understand. The brain science of male and female and fully finish understanding this issue of headship submission. Male this in the Bible what does it mean to be a man. Scripturally. So let's close with prayer. And we'll take a break and come right back in. Fourteen minutes. Let's pray. Father in heaven we thank you for this brief time we've had to think about your word and understanding that prophecy is soon to be fulfilled. We know that the cultural agenda and the propaganda. Manipulations that take place in our world that we don't need to be a part of that. I just pray that you. Impress upon us to unplug and detach from the cultural messages that are so warping the minds of men. Give us a a renewed love for your word a renewed love for being in in nature for experiencing life the way you designed it so that we're not exposed to this system of control of the thoughts of the masses. And I do also ask Father that you'd help us to not overreact to the progressive secularist agenda. That seems to be annihilating all reality and truth and morals. Help us not to join that movement that seeks to legislate in and force. But to rather just share the Gospel and this is why we are here. Father and she Y.C.. We know that we are here to receive a call. Knowing that we are chosen. Knowing that we can only be faithful. If we have the righteousness of Jesus Christ and so for that we ask right now that she would baptize us with your spirit that she would give each soul and here. Revival and reformation. So that we can understand our role as men. Understand what your word is teaching us. And that we can truly lead. And do your work in our individual lives. I thank you for a while for to take a break and to come back and hear more from you in Jesus' name amen. This message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference cold. Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. You want to see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot au or G.


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