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2. A 'Heaven-Appointed Purpose' for Your Male Brain

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • December 31, 2015
    10:00 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from told. Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. Other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Once he Web dot org. Bother in heaven we thank you again for your word. What we would do without it. I can't even imagine. Our culture is so confused. And Lord we need clarity. Not confusion. And so we just pray for your spirit to speak to give us. Wisdom and Understanding. In Jesus Name. So we ended last session with the idea that male and female are of course. Equally human. But difference. Reflecting God in their own unique way. And one of those unique ways. Is this issue of headship and submission. Because we saw that in the very Godhead. The father is head and the Son is submissive to the Father. We've also seen that the head of every man is Christ. The head of the woman is the man. And the head of Christ is God meaning the father. And now this. Again does not create a hierarchy of quality or importance. In any fashion. In fact I've read many statements in Spirit of Prophecy and I share these when I do my parenting. Seminars. About education in child rearing and all of that the mother is considered to be. The it's is she's more important than the king upon his throne. More important than the king upon his throne more important even than an angel in her mission she has a higher. Mission. At an angel could not even ask for the mother has more influence than any power on earth. Other than God himself. OK So if we're elevating something. If we are going to say that one is more important or whatever fashion. They are equal. But if you were to err. I think Spirit of Prophecy. Leans toward saying that the role of the mother is the most important. On Earth. Higher than. The angels. Higher than the king upon his throne. Which is really really powerful and important for us to point out OK so when we say headship this is again not a matter of value. In any sense of the word. Also by the way I find it interesting that God created the. You know the birds in the fish. And then sort of the more intelligent animals. And then man man Adam. And then Eve. Isn't that interesting. Now again this is not to say that we are not equal we are equal. But the reason I'm saying it this way is because I know that as soon as I say had chip in submission. Our culture would slam this as you're degrading women. You're of the massage and as big an era back was the enter fall. Domineering whatever you know. And it's like you know that's not what I'm saying at all I'm saying was above what the Bible saying. In the Bible is saying also that woman was sort of the last act of His creation. And without woman man is not good for him to be alone. And also Spirit of Prophecy those those things I was mentioning so. Disclaimer stuff. Over on that I think I'm being clear enough. But in the family in the church. The sphere of men is different than that of women. The sphere of men is head ship is leadership. Priests of the home. Pastors elders. Etc. And there are many who take the Bible and they try to align the Bible. With the ideologies of our age. Specifically speaking of feminism. In this issue. And so they argue that the principles of headship were just some matter of the fall. Now of course the domineering the your husband will rule over you. Is a result of the fall. See Adam was given the responsibility to have dominion over this earth. Dominion. That's this Hebrew word means a loving caretaking headship leadership over the the world. And so as the king of this world if you will the Son of God as Luke calls him. Adam was the representative head of this planet. And he was supposed to rule in a loving way. Right. But as a result of the fall. We have all of the craziness. Of masculine dominance. That is oppress women would you typically in history that's ad that we're going to get into that the moment. Men I got to fly and we got a lot to go into here but we know this is not a result of all. This is not just something the culture was putting out. This is clear in the Bible. And by the way men. Also do plenty of submitting. We all submit to the laws of the land. Men and women. So submitting is not something that's bad it's not something that puts you in some sort of degraded position remember Christ. Submit to the Father. And all the men in this room. Submitted to their mothers and skins continue to honor their mothers right. So this is not some sort of better than the type of thing again. Oh by the way what if we end up with a female president will we submit to the laws of land so long as they don't conflict with the Bible. Yes will submit to even a female president of the United States. And so there is plenty of submitting that everybody does to mothers to Merkel in Germany for example female prime minister. So this doesn't this teaching of headship I want to be clear is not saying all males are in headship over all females. That is that is a twisting of the Bible that people have put upon the scriptures and it's not true it's under your mother. So we're all doing plenty of submitting once again. But here's efficient five wives submit to your own husband says to the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife. As also Christ is the head of the church. And he is the savior of the body. Therefore just as the church is subject to cry so let the wives be subject to their own husbands in everything. Now this is not subjugation this is not. Oppression. In fact husbands are asked to go even lower. If there is a low here. Husbands love your wives. Even as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. So the headship in the home the headship of male PNAS does not mean that you're some sort of elevated entity above no where Christ had equality with God He did not consider that something to be clung on to. He made himself nothing. Became the very nature of a servant. Took on human form and submitted to death even death on a cross is that the kind of domineering stuff we see in history that men have taken on not at all biblical headship is something completely different. The term servant leadership is an excellent when I think we're called to be in a much lower position if you will even then the wives and women that are in submission and submissive roles. We are called to be in an even lower role of dying to self completely like Christ it to be first to be last in Christ's kingdom right. This is from first testimonies the testimonies volume one. The husband is the head of the family. As Christ is the head of the church. And any course which the wife. A pursuit to lessen his influence and lead him to come down from that dignified responsible position is displeasing to God. It is the duty of the wife. To yield her wishes and will to her husband. Both should be yielding. Did you catch that part. Both should be yielding. But this is just how you keep peace he just uses yield to each other just do nice things for each other but the Word of God gives preference to the judgment of the husband we're going to see neurologically why this might be the case in a moment. But. And it will not detract from the dignity of the wife. To yield to him whom she has chosen to be her counselor adviser and protector. The husband should maintain his position in this family with all meekness gets with decision. Combining those two is something our culture doesn't get. We either become passive man with no decision. Or we become Dominionist still want to rule. With an iron. With an iron club. Now this is another state that's very important. You could just take this would be like yeah you know I'm the head of the household but how about this one is no evidence of manliness in the husband for him to do well constantly upon his position as the head of the family. It does not increase respect for him to hear him quoting scripture to sustain his claims to authority. It will not make him and more manly to require is wife the mother of his children to act upon his plans as if they were infallible. Don't you love the balance of Spirit of Prophecy. What would we do without it. That's wonderful. So now you guys in the room you may not be a pastor elder father husband. There's more to masculinity than merely. This act of leadership had ship. Authority in churches and in homes. If you are wants in the I'll get into this. This issue. This is the official beginning of part two so about fifteen years ago. Twenty years ago I read a book as a twenty year old man would be fifteen years ago exactly as a twenty year old man. In college trying to figure out what it means to be a man. As a Christian I was an even juggle Christian I was steeped in emerging church stuff charismatic church mega church all of that. Back in two thousand and two thousand and one. And I read this book. That just sort of got me like on fire to be male and masculine. It's one of the most widely read books in the history of Christian literature. In fact it is number two in C.B.S. books you absolutely must own. And read Are you familiar with this book Wild At Heart. By John Eldridge. I want to get into what the. I believe is a counterfeit masculinity that has been accepted largely by the even job of the world. Chuck Swindoll said this is the best most insightful book. I have read in at least the last five years. The book has four sold five million copies. And it's been called a publishing phenomenon. Now there's much. Good stuff to be gathered from this as well but when we go to the wells. Of the even Jellicoe world. You're going to get the wheat and the chaff together. And so this is why I always want to just go to the Word of God go to Spirit of Prophecy and ask what is the Lord revealed to us because you get some stuff that's not good. Out of this book as well. If you go back to Greek. Paganism with Plato. This is one of the very early examples of of elevating and glorifying this. Masculine urge which he called the most. It's the primal. What they believed was a virtuous. Manly force but as you can expect in paganism. It was overdone. It was basically the belligerent. The violence. The unthinking passion and strength. That was that was glorified that's what the most is it's not. Christ like masculinity. It's the counterfeit masculinity. But it didn't end in paganism. Fast forward about two thousand years to the nineteenth century. And the movement of muscular Christianity was on the march. This was predominantly out of England. Because England was developing the world's largest empire in history the sun was to never set upon the British Empire. They wanted to conquer foreign peoples they wanted to subdue the savages. They wanted to kill or convert. At the sword and say. Now we have Christianized this territory. Through brute force. Kind of like. Constantine right. When he saw the sign of the cross in a supposed vision. And he heard the voice and saw the statement. In this sign you shall conquer and other words the cross is going from being a symbol of self-sacrifice. Self sacrificing love to being the symbol of conquest and domination of others. That was Constantine's contribution to Christianity. Well the British Empire. Picked up on that right where he left off. And so basically conquering violently and converting in Christianizing were one in the same thing. So these guys with the muscular Christianity philosophy. Would have some trouble with this or this this Jacob and Esau. Scenario. Because Jacob was a mild and meek man writes. It will turn the tense but you had Issaka who was the true masculine type of guy out there. Killing animals eating lots of meat with a big appetite red and he was the hairy man so if you were to go just based upon the cultures counterfeit masculinities you'd say it was the true man. Jacob was. Well kind of a sissy or something right. Well that's not what the Bible says that all right. Is I was driven by is advertising was a was not a good person and was it is sold as birthright for a pot of lentils I mean give me a break right. So the also about Moses. Somebody was being beat up by an Egyptian he comes in and intervenes and. He's the protector he's the the strongman here he kills the Egyptian muscular Christianity would glorify that. So the Bible doesn't teach this way of thinking. But the Roman Empire sure loved it. The Roman Empire didn't call it muscular Christianity of course but it's the same impulse whether it's in paganism. Whether it's in imperialism. Whether it's in Christian imperialism. The idea of domination bloodshed violence the Roman Games with the conquest of the beasts and the gladiators going at it by the way the gladiators. Interestingly when you read this book. While that heart. There is scanty references to biblical support to sustain a hyper masculine ideology. But there are many references to popular culture and movies. Quoting movies. Citing the gladiator there's a movie actually called the gladiator. Another one called Braveheart. And John Eldridge really polls from popular culture. To say well hey. Since men love these violent types of movies. Therefore there's something within us that God has given us and that this is a good and holy impulse. Now he doesn't call for violence. He doesn't go straight to muscular Christianity say we're going to conquer people's know that. What Wild at Heart is about. But it very much polls from the same philosophical impulse of domination. Violence and these these these these horrifically bloody films like Braveheart and Gladiator which he glorifies in the book is that this is what it means to be a man. In fact they have these retreats in the evangelical world where you go and they'd show clips of the of these movies that show. Show trailers to it and just kind of get everybody stirred up and then reflect upon. We know how does this relate to your spirituality and I'm going wait a minute we're pulling from how he would on this. And it's not just an evangelical world we see footy of Hollywood. Even and tearing into the remnant church which is a which is a sad thing. But in the book while there are also this. This really surprised me and I didn't see this back then but as I revisited this in preparation for the seminar. One of the arguments is God Is Wild at Heart because as you look at the animal kingdom. You see violence in fierceness and wildness in the end of the Kingdom was the flaw of that argument. This is a result of the fall right. God did not create animals to be eating each other in fact when you read about the new happens in the New Earth the lion is lying down with the lamb is that unmanly. No this is God's design this is beautiful this is wonderful. I think it's a beautiful picture of strong with the week isn't that I mean that's. There's a beautiful man astray in that. But anyway that's what's coming through in the book. Jesus himself was one hundred percent submissive to his father. But he was brave. He was courageous. He was self sacrificing. But was he wild and fierce. I am not seeing that he was there was a controlled indignation Yes when he overturned the temple. Tables in the temple of the money changers. But there's also an obedience. Submission. I see a pencil of deliberate actor in Christ. An empathetic and compassionate. Savior. Yes I see somebody who's willing to stand up to the oppressor. When he said. You lay heavy burdens on others and you don't lift a finger. And it you who have harmed these little children and lead them into sin it's better for you if you have a large millstone hung around your neck and thrown into the sea. So he had some strong words. But when I read the Gospels. Wild Man is not the phrase that comes to mind when I see Christ I see a self controlled. Wise. Firm. Strong. Yet tender also and meek and gentle and humble in heart savior. If you want to know biblically correct masculinity just study the life of Christ. You don't even need a seminar on it. Just read the desire of ages. Read the Gospels. But Scott. The Bible says The Lord is a man of war are we going to talk about this issue of war and violence. For a moment because I have to ask the question. In this statement in Exodus fifteen three. The Lord was indeed acting as a man of war when he overthrew the wicked and oppressive nations of Canaan. And our Lord giveth and he take it away right. He knows when people have reached the point of their probation when a nation has filled up the cup of his indignation. And when he says it's time to no longer allow this. This horrible child sacrifice and Co prostitution and everything to go on. He was a protector God at that point. But is he as as central part of his character. A god who delights in violence listen to the statement from Isaiah. For the Lord shall rise up as in Mount Peres him. He shall be wroth. As in the day. The valley of given that he may do his work so this is the work of punishment. Of Destruction of annihilation of the wicked. His strange work and bring to pass his act. His strange act. So it's something temporarily necessary that he has to engage in to destroy the wicked. To put these horrible oppressors. In the grave. To Sleep. But it is his strange act. It's not central to his character. You know when you think about Christ in heaven what's going to be the symbol of his character for eternity is the nail prints in his hands right. Not the blood stained hands. From having to take these temporary measures to put a check on evil. So yes the Lord is a man of war. At those times. But this is not the central impulse of his character. God is love and in fact. This is the loving thing to do. To engage in this strange act. Sometimes we pinch ourselves. To a corner theologically wins we say God is love. But he is also something else. As if that takes away for and competes with His Love takes away from or competes with his love. No When he did these things it was a loving thing to do. We could have a whole session on that issue just in itself I think there's a session on that I remember hearing in the in the promos. Of the seminars but these two books are secular books on the. What was the eight hundred nine hundred eighty S. and one nine hundred ninety S. men's movements. You got Robert Bly. You've got Sam Keen Iron John fire in the belly these books were part of this reaction over reaction to the feminist movement of the sixties and seventies. Saying we're going to take masculinity back. Now interestingly. These are secular books right. Not Christian books when you take a look into what the theologies and philosophies of these individuals are basically. We've got here. Robert Bly is a Freudian. Caro a neo pagan poets who also writes year in this issue of masculinity. Sam Keen itself is a self-confessed Choral Union. Follower of the teachings of this a cultic psychologist who actually Carl Jung said that he had a spirit guide that led him into his teachings. So this stuff. Not Christian right this is spiritualist. But interestingly. While the heart polls from these two in quotes and cites Bly and Keane positively and as as as something to to contribute to the Christian understanding of masculinity. Not good. Interesting Lee By the way. There was a cult a gang. If you will in Mexico called La Ruffa Millia and they would engage in assassinations and beheadings in the they call the divine justice and it was just like hyper masculine crazy violent group. The leader of this cult made while the heart required reading for his members. If that's how you something of course John Aldous is not responsible for that. He has disavowed that and he's not calling for violence or any of this I don't mean to you know impugn him. With that and I think his motives are pure. And I think he does have some good things to say. I'm not trying to just smash and nail into the wall. But I'm just saying be careful with evangelical stuff. Be careful with stuff from the wider Christian world. Asked Does that line up with the Bible does a blind line up with the Spirit of Prophecy. Now this issue of violence. I want to go back and go to the civil war. Because what I'm sharing with you about hyper masculinity and muscular Christianity. Runs completely contrary to the Adventists faith the advent of the admin is in polls of noncombat and see. This is probably considered one of the most just wars in history. Right. The war on the part of the freeing of the slaves as of eight hundred sixty three when i'm like an issue the Emancipation Proclamation. And listen in the Union Army. Skyrocketed. And the North. Subdue the south. The slaves were freed. And we say what a wonderful result and that is a wonderful result that the slaves were freed. Usually looked at by historians as a pretty. Just War. Are you aware of the fact that the advent of spying ears. During this time. Took a decided. Stand against. Joining in that war militarily. I want to talk about non-combatants a for a moment because it's an important part of our community of faith in our history that we have forgotten and neglected to a great degree testimony's Volume one I was shown that God's people who are his peculiar treasure. Cannot engage in this perplexing war. For it is opposed to every principle of their faith. And the army they cannot obey the truth that at the same time obey the requirements of their officers. There would be a continual byelection of conscience. Worldly men are governed by worldly principles. But God's people cannot be governed by these motives. Those who love God's commandments will conform to every good law the way and. So we're not. Dissenters in the sense of being you know. Movement that's trying to undermine the government. We we follow the law the way and good every good law of the land. But if the requirements of the rulers are such as conflict with the laws of God. The only question to be settled as shall we have been obey God or man. So the official church position to this day. Remains. If you're going to serve in military state. Functions and positions that it ought to be in a non combatant. Role that we are not taking bloodshed. Environments taking people's lives because when we look at back of the Bible Jesus says that we are to love our include even our enemies. Which is really a high standard for love. What does it mean to love your enemies it means that when there is a evil person out there. And you have this impulse to vanquish evil and you protect the innocence. You also have to think about the best interest of that evil person. Are you loving that person. And that doesn't mean allow oppression and violence in the innocent to be victimized and I want to unpack this a little bit more as we go forward. But basically loving your enemy all the apostle Paul says in Romans. If your enemy is hungry give him something to eat. So is that the impulse that we have to bless rather than curse. But I know that the immediate reaction of anybody with a conscience. Says well. If nobody defends the innocent. Then evils just going to take over. So how can we as Christians just stand by and do nothing. Well first of all we don't do nothing because we. Supports with our tax dollars and with our enthusiasm. Police military people that have to bear arms for the protection of the innocent and God In Romans thirteen has given the sword. To the magistrate. To the Caesar to the king to the government. And so they rightly use violence as a check on evil. But that's for the worldly men as we just read here. Worldly men are governed by worldly principles. God's people are not called to take those positions. To act in a violent way. Romans twelve gives us our marching orders that's where it says if your enemy is hungry. Given something to eat. Romans thirteen. Describes the state and their role. To bear the sword to punish the wrongdoer to bring the vengeance of God upon the wrongdoer literally says he's a minister of God. So we need to support that. But then I know this hypothetical comes up you know this region you Tech shooter we just had the big shooting in San Bernardino. So what if there's no public authority there. What if you don't have those who are lawfully assigned with this position of using force for the protection of the innocent. I love the U.S. Constitution I used to teach American history just love to get into what the Bill of Rights says. And how this country is uniquely designed and a way to preserve freedom and to preserve liberty and and to preserve security. It says in the second amendments to the U.S. Constitution that in order to have a free society and a secure society. It's important that you have an armed population. Now that doesn't mean we as Christians ought to do that to engage in that. But when you have a society. That's following the Constitution and you have say. Somebody who's carrying a weapon. Because they want to in a situation like that be ready to protect the innocent. Have actually. Study where in mass shooting situations. When there's at least one. Law abiding armed individual. The body counts. Averages to in mass shootings in situations where there is no armed individual. The body count averages fourteen. So seven times. So the Second Amendment thing even though. I don't personally do it I don't think we ought to be saying I'm going to be the one that's going to take him down and we're going to kill people. The idea that you have a society that does that is part of the American structure of government. And it is apparently working. So just to be aware of that. By the way. I want to also say that the. Even though I wouldn't do it. The people that do that I want to say that that person is a hero. That that is a an act of bravery to say I'm going to put my life on the line. Soldiers when they engage in acts of self-sacrifice of what they believe is no for their country and to protect the innocent and so on so because we take the position that noncombatants see as a church doesn't mean that we degrade what the other folks are doing to protect and to serve. OK just to be clear on that. Also by the way. There is a natural human right to self defense. So you never want to put that imposes upon a somebody is not a Christian be like you are not to be doing that as the Bible says turn the other cheek. The just part of being human in our world in fact the Bible talks about this in Exodus twenty two that if there's a thief found breaking in and he is struck so that he dies. There will be no guilt for his bloodshed but if the sun has risen on him there shall be guilt for his bloodshed. So in other words if there was a break in situation in Israel. And it's nighttime. And you protect property and life and family by using protective force. And the man dies. You are not guilty of bloodshed at that time. In the development of light and truth. But if it was morning time or day time. Then you are guilty because you used excessive force you should have done something to restrain and not kill. So interesting verse there in Exodus. But what is they have to do with today. In the New Testament times. Jesus said put your sore back in it's place for those who draw the sword will die by the sword. And I don't see any New Testament permission that we would be engaging in violent acts of any kind because to me. And each individual. You know follow as the Lord leads you in the scriptures on this but to me I feel uncomfortable saying I'm going to end his probation. My objective. In my calling is to witness. And the Lord giveth and he take it the way he knows when that person is past the point of no return. I have to witness and preach the Gospel to the point where there is no more opportunity. The Lord knows the heart he has the wisdom to put his children to sleep. And he is not assign me that role in that job. And maybe you as an individual. Have a unique calling in this and I'm not going to stand and judge and assess every person's relationship with Christ on this but from my point of view people will say Well Scott than fun what would you do. If a robber rapist and murderer and a madman was coming into your home and. You're the head of your household and. You're the father of the home and. You've been called to protect your family. You know what my flesh is you're going down. I mean I start I start getting my hypermasculine. This guy is going to die. And I confess that that's what the flesh would tell me to do. How dare you. You know I had all these you know old old ways of thinking like when you're teenager you get in fights or whatever you know that's part of my past and many of us guys of you know struggled to overcome that. I would not be pleased with the situation. But you know what I would do if I was operating in the flesh. I would not be thinking about his soul. I would only be thinking about my family. Which is important but I would be forgetting about his soul completely exhausted say. He's going down. So what would you do then Scott. You know I've heard wonderful wonderful wonderful many wonderful angels. Stories of protection of missionaries who don't feel that they should be going in with arms into the territories where they're seeking to witness for the Lord. And the angel of the Lord in camp with round about them that fear him. That love the Lord and God is our protection. He is our shield in our very great reward. And so to just trust in the Lord. I don't think is presumption when he has said I am your shield. And he said the Angel or camps around you now. Absence. Angelic intervention. If I'm waiting on the Lord and there is there is no absent. There is no angelic intervention at that point. What would you do Scott and this is just. This is just my take on this. This is. You know think through this for yourself. But to be consistent with Romans twelve and turn the other cheek sword back in its place and all that. And the idea of. I don't want this person to die because I don't want to end their probation. If I'm thinking holy impulses of thinking of his soul and thinking of the lives of my children simultaneously. If I'm thinking about what's best for him. Allowing him to victimize others is not good for his soul is it. So to use a measure of force. To protect. Not to harm. Not to kill not to improve probation. But for to protect not only the innocent but to protect his soul from engaging in an act that he's going to regret later. To use some sort of force to restrain. I think would be appropriate. You tell me would ask it during Q. and A I know I've opened a giant can of worms here but we're talking about hyper masculinity here. We've got to deal with this issue of violence. Because we've got Braveheart. And we've got Gladiator being glorified by the evangelical world. We've got to speak into this and we've got to resurrect this idea of non-combatant see. Because it's a part of who we are as a people. And it's been forgotten by and large So anyway here's here's a true Christian martyr. Right. What I just described of an assailant coming in you know this isn't like you know. The Martyr moment. If you are persecuted for your faith. That's a totally different thing. We've got to be able to be willing to to die and if me and my family families where women were buried underground right as you heard last night in the plenary session. That's really really hard for as a man to say. We are going to be martyred if necessary. We have to be willing to go there for religious persecution issues. Oh I don't have time to tell you the story. There's a wonderful story in this brand that we read to our children. It's about. Just paraphrase real quick OK as love the story is about angelic protection. This family goes on a camping trip OK they enter into a campground that's totally deserted. And somebody tells them hey you know there's been some biker gangs around here in a kind of dangerous people. So a lot of people they've been threatening and harassing people and. So a lot of the folks have left in the families like well it's late. You know we can't we don't have time to go into another campground so they pitch camp their mom and dad took a walk. The kids are in the camper. Reading getting ready for bed whatever. And the they hear the bikes. And the biker gang is driving up. And they literally walk up to this tent with the two little girls the daughters of the family in there they're shaken the camper the camper not the tent the camper. And getting ready to flip the thing and harass this family in Doogue Who knows what. Well. The father sees what's going on of their back from his walk and he walks up. And you got to do you got to like a gang of strong men here. This only only a father would do something like this right I mean what would you do. He walks up and he says. Can I help you gentlemen. He didn't have a gun they didn't you know I'm going to start a fight with these guys. He just said can I help you gentleman. Strong confident walks up. The bikers. Look at him. Is a true story misbranded the Uncle Arthur these are all true stories read the bedtime stories for kids. The bikers eyes bulge out of their heads. They go. They have the look why does a ghost. And they get on their bikes and they get out of there. And that's like yeah. What happened. Well the police came. And they said You guys are here what do you do when you know the biker gangs around the dad's like yeah they came by and the police are like what you talking about is the day came by and I walked up and I said can I help you gentlemen and they ran away. The police didn't believe it there like you gotta be kidding me. This is a hardened criminal gang these are not just like bikers who are having a good time. You know. Dress and in their leather and you know going in their clubs and so on like like a lot of bikers do these are is a criminal biker gang. And the police would not believe it. Well you know what was there. Just like it with a mountain was filled with the angels open his eyes that he may see it right. And these bikers saw the angel or camping around about those if you can literally camping in the situation. I found that to be an awesome story. That reminds us of the reality of this. Now we've got to really fly through the brain science of male female. But you have on the screen right now is how the other science is showing the differences. Here you have Johnson quoted in the brain in love by Daniel aman the genetic differences between the sexes are hundreds of times more significant than the differences between the races. You can't look at an F. M.R.I. of someone and say that's an African-American brain or that's a Caucasian brain. But you can differentiate between a male and female brain. Feminist mood of the sixties and seventies is totally debunked. At this point of modern science. There is a difference other than genital differences. But new science is just put out an article just last month with shocking headlines like this. Scans prove there is no such thing as a male or female brain. I read that only way of their overturning all the science in one article. What do they found this is this kid if possible. Well you read on in the article and they are dreaming of a genderless future. Is Oh you know one day. It's kind of like a you know having been color blind like Martin Luther King dreamed of you know we can all stand together as people and I was a good dream but now they're dreaming of genderless future. You know interestingly in the article it says if a neuro scientist was given someone's brain without their body or any additional information. They would still probably still be able to guess if it had belonged to a man or a woman doesn't that kind of contradict that. Going to be careful when you're looking at what the world's putting out there even in the science. So they're saying yeah you can tell the difference to the male and female brain is hundreds of times more significant than the difference between the races. Genetically. You can see the difference in the brain. In fact you can see it from the very very earliest days in the womb. At twenty six weeks of pregnancy the presence of a wide chromosome. Triggers a boost of testosterone. That differentiates a boy's brain. From a girl's brain. So already. Even maybe parents like. You know we don't want to know what it is still is born right is that a boy or girl. Well I'll tell you what God knows and that is a boy or girl in a very real neurological sense from the very very early stages. I'll tell you about some of those differences with the corpus callosum in the right and left brain in a moment. But basically you know and now it's a propaganda lies and there's no difference between the two baby girls have been observed in studies to be more interested in smiling. Communicating people and security. And maybe boys more interested in objects. Actions and accomplishments. Now. That's not something that these babies were taught conditioned to believe this is not culturally socially imposed upon them in some sort of gender. Oppressive structure. Now this is just who they are as babies. And this is why they be girls. More interested in dolls maybe boys more interested in trucks it's just kind of the way they are. And you know I didn't know if that was the case until I had my own kids because I was brainwashed will all the stuff in college. With all this stuff about you know what we the girls like that I was because we give them a doll and we encourage it. And I thought well what about the really really really young you know what do they do they lean toward where the studies show it. Studies also show that the boys brain has a more developed parietal lobe. This is where you engage in three dimensional thinking and acting. So throwing and catching balls. Trucks building fixing things all of this. So here's your first lesson guys for what it means to be a male neurologically part of it. This is the small Essen but it's true nonetheless what did Jesus spend doing for the first thirty years of his life. He worked with his hands right. This is a hard one for me because I'm a teacher I'm a book nerd I'm a guy who likes ideas and. Don't like fixing things and I don't know what's what in a car engine so. The Lord is working on the on this first US only as for says. Work with your hands. So that's a that's a biblical mandate. Those of sedentary and literary habits should take physical exercise even if they have no need to labor so far as means are concerned. Health should be a sufficient inducement to lead them to unite physical with mental labor. So just for your health by the way this is not just guys of course this says in the book education that girls should use the saw and the hammer. Just as much as the rake and the whoa. And the boys should learn to you Do their domestic duties well. So this is not like a moral delineation in like strict categories here. We have a very balance. Progressive get biblical be viewpoint on all of this from Spirit of Prophecy. But men are especially tasked with the more visit vigorous physical labor. And it says by the way that it is in a spirit prophecy as a says. It's indispensable for a young lady. To learn to make good bread. It doesn't say a corresponding statement about a young a young male so there can be a division of labor to a certain extent. But also girls using the Sonne the hammer and voice domestic duties we got there. Right now how about this one. Girls are more verbal they have more language center development than boys. So baby girls tend to talk earlier tend to talk more women. As adults say thousands of more words per day than men. By the way this doesn't make you a masculine if you talk about my son Lee by talks a lot I don't actually myself. You got the guy if there's dog a mile a minute for six hours. I would have a fear of do I actually got of introverted gotta like to keep quiet a lot but anyway. My son Lee talks a lot but generally as a trend. Boys. Less than girls. And so if you think about who's best suited to raise in train the children. Verbal development in small children is hugely important. Understanding language from a very early age is hugely important as it sets the stage for all future learning who are children going to learn language from better. From a mother than a father on average right. So pretty interesting also by the way that you need a lot of patience with children with small children. University of Pennsylvania recently discovered that the sections of the brain. Used to control. Aggression. Guess who they're stronger in females are males females. They can control aggression better the more patient with their children. So God is a sign. Rules here that are appropriate neurologically. Here you have. Dr Amen and self is done. That tens of thousands of brain scans knows more about the brain just about anybody says there is not one human society where men are primary care takers for kids. Men and women are wired differently. Women have a larger emotional brain. It doesn't mean that men are not essential in child rearing. Of course that's important. Who man that's important listen to raise in the room and do the whole parenting seminar so you get the clear balance on this. It doesn't mean that it just means that they have different roles. The emotional brain who is best that nurturing connecting with the kids male or female. Course we have female there so we're seen there's a difference in the science. They're more in touch with the feelings of their children's feelings of others and emotionally bonding and connecting with children which is essential for children. This is why admin to some page eighty four. Says that the mother must stand preeminence in the training of the children. So that's that spirit prophecy based. And also peripheral vision women have better peripheral peripheral vision I didn't know that. And so you know that's kind of important what's the kid doing over there was a kid doing over there is the boiling on the stove and women tend to be better multitasking right. Or being aware of other things and men. More more tunnel vision more focus. Which stresses me out when I'm just taking care of just two kids. By myself. And you know the Lord will give us strength we can't cop out me like one man's role is in the kitchen with the kids and I'm going to go. Don't go there guys we need to be true leaders servant leaders but anyway. It's not a. It's again not a black and white moral issue you guys can be great caretakers too. I have a friend who's a stay at home dad. He had colon cancer is wife is the breadwinner of the family that's not immoral is nothing evil about that but what are the bot what the Bible in modern science are telling us is there is a difference between the two God has paid placed a special gift to dissuade than one gender. Special Gift Miss within another gender. And also with an individual's. You know if you're a little bit different within your gender that doesn't make you immoral or something like that. We're going to talk about that a minute I'll get to that in a second bases. It's right here. Corpus callosum. This area of the brain. Allows connection to take place between the two hemispheres of the brain. Women have a more developed corpus callosum. Even within the womb. That's visible and ultrasounds of babies. You can see little baby girls have more of this. Which means women will do more whole brain thinking. And men will focus more on one side of the brain. And so in studies when they when they when they read to males and females and they look at what's going on in the brain. They're just read a book. And they'll see. Women have more whole brain reaction just listening to the words of it. Pretty interesting men. More just on one side. MARTHA. Bridge. Then says the females. Seem to have language functioning both sides of the brain basically what I just said. And interesting this is that New Scientist article that I was talking about earlier. They also say sex differences in brain structure do exist. So they have to admit the truth even when they put the headline out there. There's no such thing as a male or female brain amazing. According to Robert Goyer or Ph D. in are all just University of Pennsylvania. Most of these differences between male and female brains are complementary. They increase the chances of male and females get joining together this is evolutionary. Nonsense of the whole species but you get the point. Complimentary differences he can see that. You know biblically. We are intended to be complimentary. Because we both reflect the image of God. Together. I want to talk left brain right brain for a minute OK. Most men are left brain. Focused. We do less connection between the two we do less whole brain thinking and more left brain activity. So interesting Lee women use both hemispheres better than men. And the in the right brain the neurons aren't as densely packed together. So you can draw upon multiple areas of the brain simultaneously. Better if you're female or if using the right brain. So naturally women actually have more neuronal connections in the brain than men women have nine point five percent more connections than men. But since men. Most of us use the left brain so intensive. The and the neurons are more densely packed. Men have more neurons. So we'll have more connections. Men have more neurons. Go figure interest in that interesting. So that allows the female brain. To come up with bigger picture concepts sometimes. Which may seem vague to a male. But with Sometimes it's forest and trees right we're down looking at the trees. Focused intensity in the female brain is more able to intuit things and see the bigger picture. Interesting connection left in brain there. Men have more neurons women have more connections. So by the way there's a lesson there. If you don't have females in your life giving you perspective on things given you insights on things your mother your sister your wife whatever. You're not thinking with your whole brain. It is not good for man to be along. We need the. Don't be like demeaning at all they don't know what they're talking about on a better problem solver and whatever it is that's nonsense. God has given us both the unique abilities. Now it's just that we his just an interesting factoid. When a man's brain is resting. Seventy percent of his brain is totally inactive I'm not talking about sleeping when you're just kind of sitting there in this as us why the ladies will say What do you think it up. Nothing. Literally. And that's OK. That's how we are. When a woman is resting. About I didn't mean to pick a picture that. Where she looked like upset I am looking at that a second time like this she look like she's stewing about something I didn't mean that it's meant to me. I googled like woman thinking OK so when a woman's brain is resting. It is seventy percent. Active. You know ninety percent active sorry. So ten percent in active. Wow So we're seventy percent inactive when resting. Females and ten percent in active. When they're resting. And God made us so wonderfully. Our Creator is so. So he's all knowing you know what he's doing when we exercise. The male brain. Wakes up. So if you ever feel and sluggish. When I wake up in the morning. I not ready to like jump into the day with all of you know. My in those he hasn't exercise. If you're feeling tired bored whatever it is exercise it wakes up your brain. In females. When they are feeling. You know anxious an over active with their brain. If they exercise it calms the brain. Isn't that amazing. So exercise wakes up the male brain and calms the female brain. I love. I love that. Now. Left brain right brain. This is important. The left brain is doing logic. Where the right brain is doing creativity. The left brain is doing analysis where the right brain is doing imagination. Left. Sequencing right. Whole estate thinking left. Linear right. Intuition. Left mathematics. Right. Arts. Left. Language and right also for women. Right rhythm. Left. Facts right. Non-verbal feelings. Thinking and words on the left visualization. On the right words of songs on the left in the tune of songs on the right. Computation on the left in daydreaming on the Right now I said before that most men are left brain thinkers so I'm going to speak to most men right now. So we have the ability as men since we're mostly hanging out there in the left hemisphere to be more analytical more logical more precise. More capable of conceiving executing plans. Breaking down complicated patterns into component parts. Also interesting Lee the left brain is more optimistic. And so when we say like men like to solve problems. You know that's kind of a reality of nerve neural neurology of modern modern science has discovered. And there's also a lesson here. When we say that God has assigned man. Men the position of leadership headship. This is the. The take action. Side of the brain the solve problems. The do something. The more action oriented part of the brain. Spiritual Leadership if you will. I found this study to be fascinating. As important as the mother is in the formation of the character of children. As I mentioned. Higher than the king on the throne etc. If a child. God forbid has one parent that's an unbeliever. The children whose mother is the unbeliever. Are more likely to be a Christian. Then the children whose father is the unbeliever. So even though the mother has much more effect on the formation of character in the day to day development of that child. The ultimate final convictions and spiritual leadership. They're taking their cue. According to the research slightly more from dad's approach and the ology and beliefs then mom's. So I found that to be helpful to understand this left brain person. A little bit better. But also George Barna has found that church is where there is more male leadership. Are more successful in churches where there is less. Male leadership. So what God said in the Bible about men being in the headship positions. Is absolutely true. And it's working in the in the actual practical day to day living in families and in churches. Now by the way I don't want to leave out the. There are men who are more right brain oriented. And that's not sinful. OK. How about this guy who built those do remember. There's a well the artist. Of the Old Testament. And so there are a lot of guys who are you know. Still still a weaker corpus callosum but they hang out more the right brain. Very musically oriented artistically oriented etc. And sometimes actually they found that gave men's brains. Look more and operate sometimes more like the male brain it's. So each individual has a unique brain we don't want to paint with such a wide brush and make this like Dick clear delineation of moral issues and if you're not this way you're not a true man no not not true. You can be your individual self in God's kingdom. However he made your unique brain but again I'm speaking mostly to to the gender differences of predominantly most men to to to debunk our culture is nonsense that there is no difference to uphold the biblical notion of male leadership in headship. And also to to tell you understand yourself. Generally as men. For the most part but for the females. That have more ability in the right. Brain here as well as the whole brain. Connection between the tween the hemispheres. I want to mention. That's the right brain is a little bit more pessimistic. Is more prone to identifying problems. And the right brain is more prone to having a sense of fear and insecurity. Now I'm not trying to demean all women as not strong and confident they're all fearful and secure and they need the strong man said May can feel better now it would be going way too far and playing in the cultural hyper masculine notions but there is something true about this. Listen to the statement. The Lord has constituted the husband the head of the wife. To be her what. Protector. So there's something there. Spiritually. That we've been given the kind of brain that can identify the problem. Bring the solution. Bring comfort. Bring confidence being strength to are the women in our lives. He is the house band of the family binding the members. Members of the to gather. Even as Christ is the head of the church. Let every husband who claims to love God carefully study the requirements of God in his position is that what we're doing today. Were carefully studying the requirements of God in your position as men Christ's authority is exercised in wisdom in all kindness and gentleness. So let the husband exercise his power and imitate the great head of the church. So there you have that. Now this was know a lot of guys aren't in a situation where your husband so you're not a house band you're not comforting and uplifting and you know empowering your wife. You're not you know in this position of headship in leadership and. So you're like well how does this apply. I love this story from Christian News. News article about a little boy in California recently stood up to a man after witnessing the stranger. Catcalling and cursing out a woman who was out for a run. The woman have to be secular singer songwriter Giulia Prince price. Who shared her story on Facebook last week in explaining how much the child had made an impression on her. She explained that as she was out on a run on Nov eighteenth a man loudly began cat calling at her sexy lady. Hey hey hey sexy lady. Price ignored the man and kept. On running. Which in turn made the call or a cat collar angry. He began to curse or out spewing profanities. I ripped my headphones off prepared to stand up for myself price outlined. But a little boy nearby a little boy. Nearby only identified as James was watching the incident. As he walked with his mother and younger sister Jane spoke up to defend price. Who was just a stranger to him. Thinking that a man should always protect a woman. Hey that's not nice of you to say to her and she didn't like you yelling at her. You shouldn't do that because she's a nice girl. And I don't let anyone say mean things to people. James eclair to the man. She's a girl like my sister and I will protect her. The man who had been eating lunch outside then became embarrassed and gathered his items to leave. Price asked the mother if she could bring hug the child and tell him thank you I told him how grateful I was for him she recalled. He just shrugged and said. Well I just wanted to make sure your heart was OK as beautiful as a. Boy and knows what it means to be a man. And that can bring tears to your eyes that's OK guys because that touches my are. I mean what a beautiful story. You know David Rohde said to Solomon when he was soon to die. He said Be strong be strong now this is not physical strength was David known as being like a big strong. Giant Man when he fought Goliath. No not at all. He was its resoluteness firmness unbending this. By the way if you ever read in Revelation twenty one verse eight. That the fearful. Are listed among idolaters and sexually immoral people and the liars and those who practice witchcraft. The fearful are mentioned as. Among the wicked in Revelation twenty one verse eight. And then interesting. So they even said to Solomon his son. These strong and show yourself a man. Keep the charge of the Lord your God to walk in His ways to keep his there choose His commandments His ordinances and his testimonies. According to what is written in the Law of Moses that you may succeed in all that you do. And wherever you turn. What a wonderful charge he gave to his son to be strong. By the way David himself. He was the youngest strain. And when Samuel came to array his children. When when. David's father came Jessie came to raise children before Samuel was David welcome in that line up. No. So David had a position in the family that was demeaned. Maybe you had a childhood where you were not affirmed an uplifted in strengthening given courage. Encouraged by the father figure in your life. By your father. David certainly wasn't. But you know one. We have a perfect father. To fill the gap for where all of our imperfect fathers did not do their job fully because the. We've all got that experience in our lives. Where we have insecurities we have fears. We don't have this in his perfection yet but when you go to your Father in Heaven every morning and every day you get on your knees and you recognize that he is calling you to be strong to show yourself a man and he says to you as an individual man. He says to you. You are my beloved son whom I love and whom I am well pleased. He said that's a Christ. Desire of a just says. He says that each one of us do I need to hear that sometimes. I think we all need to hear that sometimes you can do it. You are strong. You are courageous. Have confidence. Be strong and do the Lord's will. Though the heavens may fall. You've got the demise of guys with. Philip Zimbardo you remember the number one reason why men are failing today. Was conflicting messages in the culture. You want to know what the number two number three reasons are through that I cover that in media on the brainwashed media on the brain descrive we're going to run out of time. No clear delineation lack of goal setting is the second reason. So we don't set goals we don't have a purpose and an aim and a mission in life. And the third reason why men are failing in our culture is digital entertainment. According to the research here at the survey. Video games and and Zimbardo dwells to great extent on that. Again describe a media on the brain gets deeply into the video games issue. Pornography issue we're going to talk about in the next three sessions. But I'm going to add a third that they didn't that he doesn't mention. Because this these three things. Have something in common. These three things. Video games. Pornography and spectator sports. All become the obsession. Of men who have no purpose in actual life. Because we've got these masculine energies to lead to solve problems to be strong to be courageous God's given us this male brain. And since the culture is said don't do anything with it because you can't be a leader. You're not supposed to be a male. We go well what do we do then we turn into passive man. We become conquerors and achievers in the video game world we experience all of the sexual pleasures of the pornographic world. And we. Siphon off. All of our male strengthen energies into rooting for a basketball team or a football team. That is doing nothing it's all fiction it's all a game right. But we become so obsessed with me poor ourselves into it and all of our enthusiasm goes into that. And we're living in all three of these in a counterfeit. Reality. We're not living out God's purpose for us as individuals. When we become addicted and obsessed. In these three areas. All three of these suck. Way. Our Strength. Our masculinity and it's siphoning wasted. Into three things that mean nothing in the kingdom of God. I wish I had time right now. But after lunch. I'm going to share with you more about the sports world. How it relates to muscular Christianity. And what Spirit of Prophecy has to say about this you're going to hear a phrase called real manliness. In Spirit of Prophecy. And you're going to see some incredible quotes. If you've never seen the all of these quotes I collected basically all the quotes on sports. And how we should understand this. And I'm going to insert that at the beginning of the next session. Before we get into the issue of lost and because I cannot leave this is side. Because I know that this is a big big hang up for us. It's my personal story if you've ever watched media on the brain I talk about my obsession with college basketball and all of this I grew up loving sports. Playing video games. I'm one of you. I've walked the same walk. I'm not on a pedestal in any way in fact when I hear about what's going on in the sports world. It still speaks to those old neurological pathways and I'm like I want to watch it. No that's not I. That's the old nature. Let's put that to death right it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. Do we as men want to have the mind of Christ. Do we want to have true strength courage. Leadership self sacrificing love in our lives where we say. My main purpose and my main agenda in life is to bless and uplift others men and women to seek for the last to win souls. Because crisis coming soon. We see it in the world events we see it in the news headlines we know that the time is near and urgently we must ask. Lord redefine me. Please. As a human. And as a male. What does it mean to live in these last days. As you as an individual because folks when we have an army of youth. Male and female. We're going to end up with the most incredible. No power. Ever seen with the two working in concert with the complimentary aspects. Oh. Somebody needs to a seminar they're doing a seminar biblical femininity I think they aren't are these are they aren't I thought I saw one but always car bombers cancelled but anyway. These two equally important. Equally important. And God has a plan for us to not buy into this cultural nonsense and madness. To go to the Bible. To go to the Spirit of Prophecy. To go to the science. We've seen some pretty awesome stuff as more coming. But guys I know that the number one thing is not the cultural propaganda the number one thing. That is our hang up spiritually. Our unique temptation is the lust issue. So have the courage to come in and let's face this and deal with us and look at the science on lust. Look at the science on from Griffey addiction. We're going to talk about masturbation all of it. We're going to take a look at what the Lord has to say and how to break free like practical real actual methods and steps to take to walk with purity and be addicted to purity in a pornographic world that'll be the next session we'll talk a bit about sports as well let's close showing Father in heaven we thank you for your grace that it is sufficient for us. We thank you for calling us your chosen. Calling us to a mission. I pray that you help us to recapture what that means. How to be the protectors how to be others. How to comfort. How to Be like Jesus. Help us to be true men. We know that that is the greatest lack in this world is the wants. The lack the need of men men who will not be bought or sold men who will stand for the right of the heavens may fall. May we be those men. We can't do that in our own strength the Lord we ask for the mind of Christ. We ask for a new nature. And new heart. Forgive us for buying into the culture is propaganda or buckling under the pressure of political correctness or infusing our passion into worthless things like we mentioned a moment ago. Lord just give us a passion for the True for the beautiful for the good Give us a love for souls most of all. A love for Jesus Christ Jesus' name. Eman this message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference. Cold in Louisville Kentucky. You want to see the supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based centered. And so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. But over G..


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