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3. Addicted to Purity in a Pornographic World, Part 1

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • December 31, 2015
    1:45 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from cold. Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. Other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web And haven't we ask now for a fresh dose of spiritual discernment. That we might hear your voice. Not our preferences and opinions. Not OUR see in but with that we would hear. Holiness. As a gift from Jesus Christ. I pray for your spirit to speak to make clear. Anything that is murky. That we might come closer to you have a deeper walk with Jesus Christ and truly live His righteousness and his name him in this book by Clifford Putney manhood in sports in Protestant America eight hundred ninety two one nine hundred twenty. The title of the book is muscular Christianity. You might say well I thought that was about English. Imperialism what is I have to do with sports. Well in the eight hundred eighty eight and one nine hundred twenty period. It started to become popular in America. The sports phenomenon which was the exact same time by the way that the administration had really come to flower and flourish and we had a growing body of Spirit of Prophecy. Insights that really hit their target right on the areas we need to hear it most. And I ended the session last time. Saying that there are three areas where we men become diverted from the true purpose the true victory the true cheese mints that God wants to give to us in our spiritual life. As missionary servants of his. And those three were pornography. Video gaming and spectator sports. And of course there are more as well every individual is unique every individual has a unique brain as well as I said last time. But also unique temptations. But how big is this one of sports I'll tell you in my personal life it's been huge. In the past in just being all consuming. It's what you think about it's what you. Obsess over it's what you talk about. I mean try going to a general secular family gathering where the guys hang out. After dinner or whatever what do you talk about. It's just the thing that you do divert see reverts to right. So by the way. Let me get into the quote you're going to hear not for me don't listen to your opinion or to my opinion. Listen to The Spirit of God who is the inspiration behind what we call the Spirit of Prophecy writings. Inspired. Statements here we go from the book education. The tendency of most athletic sports this was written in the eight hundred eighty S. at the time when sports were really starting to become a phenomenon in America. The tendency of most athletic sports is a subject of anxious thought. To those who have at heart. The wellbeing of youth. Games that occupies so much of his time. Are diverting the mind from study. So that's one aspect in an educational setting. And by the way a lot of times we will see. We will have. You know intramural sports we'll have competitive sports we will have organized sports. And what they found in a study called cognitive Genesis. Is that students in Adventist academies. Who play and participate in organized sports. Will actually perform lower academically So what we just heard there is proven now by the research. Pretty interesting. Continuing on. They are not helping to prepare the use for practical earnest work in life. Their influence the influence of sports does not tend toward refinement. Generosity or real manliness. Which do things their number one. You see sports on helping to become a real man but interestingly also I just have to point this out from previous session. There is such a thing as real manliness. Did you catch that there. So this whole feminist ideology that there's no difference in distinction between the genders. No there is such a thing as real mental illness but real men limits is not brought about through the competitive sports arena. Here's real mandolin is for you. Jesus the carpenter. Casting Out of the oppressors at the temple as we talked about earlier about this Israel manliness too isn't it. Jesus with the children on his leg Jesus. Taking upon the sins of the world the ultimate act of courage bravery and self sacrificing love that Israel manliness. Some of the most popular amusements. Such as Did you know these were mentioned in Spirit of Prophecy. Football and boxing. Have become schools of brutality. They are developing the same characteristics as did the games of ancient Rome. The love of domination. The pride in mere brute force. The reckless disregard of life. Are exerting upon the youth. A power to demoralize that is appalling. Now that's a strong statement about football and I've had a conversation with somebody where they said well know that men they didn't have as many rules or didn't wear as many pads. So. Football was different back then. Today it's OK. Is football today. Any less about the love of domination in the pride of mere brute force. Still the same game. So the still all applies. In fact I would say it's a whole lot more worse today because it's about one hundred times more all consuming. In the spectator sport of football with the biggest event in the world the biggest media event in the world being the Super Bowl. Which Madonna by the way called the Holy of Holies in America. She said that this is the sermon the halftime show is the sermon and she came to preach the sermon. So there's spiritualist influences in this and everything we get into that media on the brain. But back to zero real ones one quick statistic. Almost one hundred percent of N.F.L. players have a brain disease called C.T.E. when their brains are autopsied. It's a brain disease with serious brain damage. Seventy nine percent of those who have played football at any level. This is a competitive actual football. Have that same brain disease so it's not just N.F.L.. It's any level as well. Other athletic games. So at this point you're on OK Please don't talk about other athletic games I can. Breathing. I'm going I'm taking this in this is hard and I know. By the way this is hard. After this walk OK. And still do as I said but it goes on to other athlete against other act let the games. Though not so brutalizing are scarcely less objectionable. Because of the excess to which they are carried. Do you think that's taking place with our E.S.P.N. an E.S.P.N. Toobin E.S.P.N. news in just twenty four seven sports entertainment. This stimulate the love of pleasure and excitements thus far. A distaste for useful labor. So if you find everyday life boring. If you find school boring find labour boring Fred reading the Bible boring ask yourself what else am I doing in my life. That is causing these other things to become boring. It's usually entertainment related. They cause a disposition to shun practical duties and responsibilities they tend to destroy or relish for life's sober realities and it's tranquil enjoyments. Thus the door is opened to dissipate and lawlessness. With their terrible results. And there's more councils the parents teachers and students Satan is delighted when he sees human beings using their physical and mental powers in that which does not educate. Which is not useful. Which does not help them to be a blessing to those who need their help. While the youth are becoming expert in games that are of no real value to themselves or to others say to is playing the game of life for their souls. Wow that's a wake up call moment this is the lighting to satan satan his angels are working upon the minds of teachers and students to induce them to engage in exercises and amusements which become intensely absorbing. And which are of a character to strengthen the lower passions. What we're about to talk about lust. Did you catch that. That's big right there. Amusements are doing more to counteract the working of the Holy Spirit than anything else. And the Lord is grieved. And it goes on a view of things was presented before me in which the students were playing games of tennis and cricket's not very brutalising games right. Then I was given instruction. Regarding the character of these amusements. They were presented to me as a species of idolatry. Like the idols of the nations. There were more than visible spectators on the ground. Satan and his angels were there. Making impressions on human minds. I cannot find an instance in the life of Christ where he devoted time to play and amusement. I have not been able to find a one instance where he taught the disciples to engage in amusements. In order to gain. Physical exercise. By the way this should be balanced by another statement that about children small children. Find diversion and development in play. OK so we don't want to just be like a boot camp for our children and you're going to you know. Work till your fingers are numb and cetera. No children need play and in fact there's another state in the says that. I am not opposed to a simple game of ball so you know there's some balance here as well that. Throwing a ball around with your kids this is not. This is not seen it's the absorbing competitive sports particularly spectator sports watch this one. The world is full of excitement. Men act as though they have gone mad over low cheap. Unsatisfying things. How excited have I seen them. Over the results of a cricket match. I've seen the streets of Sydney. Densely crowded for blocks and on. Inquiring What was the occasion for the excitement was told that some expert player. Of cricket had one to gain. I felt disgusted. Why are not the chosen of God. More enthusiastic. It's because we're wasting away our energies on things that are not real. And so that there's nothing left for God. All of our masculine strength and desire to achieve. And passion is siphoned off into amusements video game in you name it. And the Lord is grieved as we said. Why are we not more enthusiastic about the gospel work and thirteen mint in a word. I hope it disgusts you as it disgusted. This is why it's there as well. How much time is spent by intelligent human beings in horse racing. Cricket matches and Paul playing. But will indulgence in these sports give men a desire to know truth and righteousness. Will it keep God in their thoughts. Will it lead them to a quiet inquire how is it with my soul. All the powers of Satan are set in operation to hold the attention to frivolous. Amusement and. He is gaining his object. He is interposing is devising spits Wien God and the soul. He will manufacture and diversions. To keep men from thinking about God. I remember as I was wrestling with this very principle. What really finally sealed the deal for me in helping me to break free from watching my favorite team and having to watch every game. Or any games for that matter. Was the idea of. Wow. How much are my thoughts upon God upon a lost upon my relationship with Jesus Christ. While I'm absorbed in this. Entertainment and that settled it for me I don't know what it does for you in these quotes that really hits cuts to the heart. But I know that the Lord is speaking to the men of the church. On this issue. And speaking strongly because he's given us this council. The world filled with sports and pleasure loving is always thirsting for some new interest. But how little time and thought are given to the creator of the heavens and the earth. Now this statement education fifty seven this is sort of a summative statement for the whole part we've heard so far in sessions one and two. And this tail end of session two that we're finishing up now. The greatest wants of the world. Need of the world the greatest lack in this world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold. Men who in their in those souls are true and honest. Then you do not fear to call sin by its right name. Men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole. Men who will stand for the rights. Though the heavens far in the powerful. That's our call that's our calling. We are the chosen. The called Are we going to be faithful. Such a character is not the result of accidents. It is not due to a special favor and damage of Providence. A noble character is the result of self-discipline. Of the subjects and of the lower to the higher nature. The surrender of self for the service of love to God and man to man does that really just sum it up right there. Self disciplining subjecting self. To the higher service. Of loving God and loving our fellow man. That's what the Christian life is all about. Right so how much do our diversions help us with that. Are we pass of man because of the culture around us and we've accepted the propaganda line. Or were afraid to be called Politically Incorrect or whatever. Are we just selfishly seeking our own pleasures as we're going to transition into the lust. Question What is the what's the I believe G Y C. Is a special time a holy convocation an opportunity where each one of us here specifically from the Lord to specific areas in our lives that are idols. And I don't know what those idols are for you today. I know what the Lord is working on with me in the reason I like to preach so much is because I hear a lot of preaching because the Lord preaches to me when I'm speaking out tell you some of that. I've got to have accountability on this thing. Of sports because it's. There are those older neuron. Pathways. And so my question to you today and I want you to think about this throughout the whole weekend. Is how will your life be different. On Sunday and Monday. When you had home. Compared to today. What idols will we be surrendering so that Christ is the supreme law of our lives that's what this whole summoners really all about. Now how about this. Think about these men in UK Noah. As we wrap up the men's section and head into the last section. These guys were willing to be absolutely singular they didn't have to fit in. They didn't have to do things like the. The stream of flow of culture around them. They were peculiar a peculiar people Abraham. Commanded his children in his household after him faithfully led family worship morning and evening. But you know also he was selflessly able to offer his own son. To God to offer the best of the land to his nephew lots even though he was entitled to it. Here's a true man right there Moses the leader of God's people but its strength was not only in the fact that he led God's people. But the fact that he was the meekest man on earth. In that wonderful. Biblical masculinity. Here of course David David not only because he defended little lambs and stood up to go as a protector. But he had the courage. In some fifty one to humble himself before God and confess his sin. That takes more strength than fighting a bear or a lion. How about. You got Daniel dare to be a Daniel. There to stand alone there. To have a purpose firm dare to finish it. Make it known. And then of course the three worthies who stood literally knowing that their death. Just like Daniels was upon them. Lord protected both powerful stories. And that Peter and John I love these guys. They were preaching the gospel. They receive the lashing for they're put in prison. And they were told You may no longer preach in this name. They rejoiced for being considered worthy to suffer for the name of Christ and they said. You judge for yourselves whether it is right that we obey God or man. And they stood up against those wicked rulers. Even if it meant their own death. This. Paul he might be my favorite man in the Bible seven Corinthians from the Jews five times I received forty stripes minus one. Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stone. Three times I was shipwrecked a day and a night in a day I have been in the Deep in journeys often in perils of waters in perils of robbers in perils of my own countrymen. In perils of the Gentiles and perils in the city in perils in the wilderness in perils in the sea and perils among foster brother and in weariness and toil in sleeplessness often in hunger and thirst in fastings often in cold and they could miss. Besides the other things. What comes upon me daily. My deep concern for all the churches. Empathy love compassion. That's a true man right there is not. Now here's the calling this statement an education. I have I believe and I thought I really know. This is at the core of the identity and mission of this convention where we gather together. And we're not just here as spectators We're not here to listen to some interesting messages. We're here to receive a calling to be faithful to the Lord's mission purpose. Here's the more one of the most wonderful statements. Literally in all of the Spirit of Prophecy. Success in any line. Demands a definite aim. Session two was called the definite aim a definite purpose for your male brain right. Such an aim is set before the youth of today both genders of course. The heaven appointed purpose ears your purpose ready. Here's your marching orders. Orders giving the Gospel to the world in this generation. This is the noblest aim or purpose that can appeal to any human being many a lad of today growing up as did. Daniel and his Judean home studying God's Word and His works. And learning the lessons of faithful service will yet stand in legislative assemblies. In halls of justice in royal courts. As a witness for the King of Kings. Millions upon millions have never so much as heard of God or of his lover veiled in Christ. And it rests with us. Yes who have received the knowledge with our children to whom we may impart it. There's a message to the fathers. To answer their cry the millions who have never heard the Gospel. Our world is a scene of misery that we dare not even allow our thoughts to dwell upon. Did we realize it as it is the burden would be too terrible. Yet God feels it all. Isn't that amazing. All of the pain and suffering. All of the misery in our world. God. Feels every ounce of pain that you've gone through that everybody has gone through he has infinite empathy and compassion. And here we are saying why God would you let pain and suffering going to go on. Wait a minute he's asking that to us. Why are you not answering this car. Because his pain and suffering is infinitely more even than ours. In order to destroy sin and its results he gave his best beloved. And he has put it in our power through cooperation with him to bring this scene of misery to an end. Go year into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature is Christ's command to his followers to all great or small. Learned or ignorant all or young the command is given in view of this command. Can we educate our sons and daughters. Can we had to Kate ourselves. For a life of respectable. Vention Now let's see a life. Professedly Christian. But lacking his self-sacrifice. A life on which the verdict of Him who is truth must be. No you not. Thousands are doing this are living a life of respectable conventionality the not bad people there. Well be a good citizens. They're nice. They have a job. They go through the routines of daily family life and their average. Not peculiar. God has called us to be peculiar. He's called us to be on fire with a definite name in a definite purpose. But thousands are living a Christian life that God will say I knew you know what's Jesus in Matthew seven. Talked about those who will come and say Lord Lord did we not prophesied under name and do all these wonderful things in your name he will say. I never what knew you. You know what no means in the Bible. These are we walking with God as he knocked did. I hope I have time in the last session. I'm collecting your questions by the way for Session six. And I hope to answer a lot of Q. and A and share some testimonies on overcoming lost. That people are sending go to belt of truth Ministries dot com Go to the contact page. Send me your overcoming stories your testimonies on overcoming lost. And also your questions on anything we're talking about. But I hope I have time also to explore the life of Ina because he's living. He lives a life that we are all to live that we all must live to be ready and be prepared for Christ's coming. So enough on that. That's my favorite quote of the entire seminar. Done. But now my friends. We have a lot to talk about with regard to the last issue. And I was all just finishing up session two there were here we go with addicted to purity in a pornographic. World. Right here. We have the brain is only two percent of the bodies weight. That you know the brain uses twenty percent of the body's energy so ten times. The rest of the body's energy is used by the brain neurons propel messages through brain circuits at two hundred fifty miles per hour. The brain is amazing the brain is more complex than our entire solar system. Scientists tell us. It contains about one hundred billion neurons and not just one hundred billion neurons but each each single one of these hundred billion can make thousands of separate connections with other neurons. So we're talking about the quantity of total connections in the brain we're looking at forty. Quadrillion. Now I don't even know what that number means that so big my mind. Explodes. So I have to lay down. Dollar bills on the face of planet earth did you know that if you lay down dollar bills on the face of planet Earth to get to forty quadrillion. And I'm talking every inch. Oceans and everything covered with a little rectangular pieces of paper. You'd have to cover the entire surface of the earth. Nearly fifty times to get to forty quadrillion. That's how many connections you have. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. This is a powerful powerful organ. But a powerful organ can become powerfully addicted. That's what we're talking about with lust. And we're not just talking about the regular pornography addiction. The clinical situation of literally being addicted to pornography. Every single male and did this is a female issue as well I'm speaking predominately to males here. And they have good research on the male brain as it relates to lust we're going to get into that. But everyone of us says as images thrown at us all the time. Many are deeply into the dark world of pornographic addictions. But many just want greater control over their thoughts. Over their eyes. You want to be able to have perfect. Purity. Because that's the mind of Christ. That's the mind that he wants to give to each one of us. Did you know that only thirteen point nine percent of young adult males. Never view. Pernod a few so we're looking at eighty six percent. View it's one Canadian researcher attempted to launch a study on university age men. He wanted to do a horrible study he was going to show innocent minds were not graphy and see how it changes their brains. That would have been really really bad to take pure minds and do that but he could is that he couldn't go forward. Because they couldn't find a single college aged male who wasn't already using productive. So his findings. According to a London Telegraph. Jonathan Lou. Guys who do not watch pornography. DO NOT EXIST. That was the findings of his study. Slightly overstated it. I think I hope. But anyway. That was a statement. Fifty percent of Christian men. Admit. Admit. In surveys to being addicted so you know it's muster much higher fifty four percent of cat pastors have you cannot defeat the previous year. The believe in seventy nine percent of Christians in general if you did in the previous year those are old statistics by the way from two thousand. This is only gotten worse since then review and herald eight hundred eighty seven gives us a statement. You know about the story of the Israelites when they were encamped ready to cross over to the Canaan. The Canaanite territory the promised land across the Jordan. What was see a scarred up his sleeve you know he couldn't get bail I'm to curse the Israelites. He blessed them three times so out came the women the mobile women came and they tend to the Israelites into sexual immorality and while he had the Israelite men and it is said. Said here that the very same Satan is now working to weaken and destroy the people who are just on the borders of the heavenly Canaan. That's us see it knows it is time. He has but little time left now in which to work. And he will work with tremendous power to ensnare the people of God upon their weakest points of character. There will be. Women who will become tempters. And who will do their best to attract and when the attention of men to themselves. Now this is a statement out of Maranatha it says as we near the close of time Satan's temptations to indulge appetite. Will be more powerful and more difficult to overcome. Is that not true. I mean just look at the food industry in everything that you have done with appetite. I mean include a bunch of that by the way and second beast rising a series that I'm working on for this coming year. Wow counterfeit food has literally totally addicted the brain. To various forms of hyper stimulating. Foods I have to put it in quotes because not even actually food. But we have here is a statement that says at the end. We will see appetite more difficult to overcome. Now in the brain. The same circuits for food pleasures are linked with the circuits for sexual pleasures. So this would be applying also to the sexual issue. And so the controlling power of appetite. Would prove the ruin of thousands. When if they had conquered on this point. Listen to this promise. If you can conquer on the point of appetite. You would have and you would have the moral power to gain the victory over every other temptation of seeing in that awesome. That's great but those who are slaves to appetite will fail in perfecting Christian character. The continual transgression of man for six thousand years has brought sickness. Pain and death. As its fruits. And as we knew the course of time. Saints temptations. Will become more difficult to overcome. And I got to tell you a little history I always got to give you the back on the context how we got to where we are today. Do you know this man on the screen I hope you don't I hope you never read his books or anything. About him or even learn anything about him. Because it's so disgusting. So horrific that I'm hardly going to say anything but basically. Alfred Kinsey is the founder of the sexual revolution of the one nine hundred sixty S.. His books were the sexual behavior in the human male sexual behavior in the human female. Known as the Kinsey reports where he put our all sorts of. Absolutely fraudulent. Phony scientific research on sexuality. And the sixty's movement picked that up and ran with it as we talked about earlier. Now guess who studied. Kinsey's weird just like almost psychotic type of sexual theories. Who study in Kinsey's material none other than Hugh Hefner who you may know as the founder of Playboy the guy who founded this whole movement in America of. Mainstreaming pornography. He said I will be Kinsey's pamphleteer. So he said I'm a taken place. There is and I'm going to make them widely available. And now you have millions hundreds of millions of addicted. Men because of the actions of these two agents of Satan. Now I have to emphasize the importance of Kinsey by saying this. Kinsey is to the progressive movement as Darwin is to the theory of evolution. He's that important. And I thought about this a little bit deeper and I thought Boy these two have some things in common. Don't they they both theorize that we are merely highly evolved animals. And our conduct in our behavior as such can be animalistic survival of the fittest Doggy Dog sexual. You know free for all it's. Debasing the created. Isn't that Satan's agenda. To destroy the image of God in man. That's exactly what this is all about. Now I shared a bunch of statistics that were kind of sobering and sad about how many men are entrapped by this. I want to give you a hopeful statistic. It's a statistic that hasn't been collected yet so I don't actually have the numbers but I know it's out there ready to be collected very soon. I believe that presently. There are more men in our country in our culture in the West. In the world that are overcoming the progress we trap. Than at any time in history. Because we had more addicted during the Internet age coming in in the late ninety's and over the last decade decade and a half. And there are so many there are secular movements of men saying men this is horrible we've got a good got to break free from this. And a whole bunch of self-help a whole bunch of psychology a lot of them don't have the answers because they don't have the spirituality but I'll tell you that even Jellicoe Kirk churches are just on fire with this. They're all over the place on this message. They're talking about it a lot. I'm trying to help us talk about it a bit more as well here. So that we can gain. The victories that we need. Now. This is about to be probably the most horrific brain scan that you'll ever see in your life when I saw this. It changed the way I viewed this completely. That's a normal human brain under a suspect scam. OK. This is a printer for users brain. You can see the whole holes in areas of non functionality the prefrontal cortex. Almost completely gone. How about this one. Cocaine addicts brain. This is really the one that blew my mind even more pornography at Explain. This is from the bottom. It's worse the prophetic sprain. Literally has more areas of non functionality then even a cocaine addict brain. And when we read the statement in one character and personality that the brain nerves which communicate with the entire system. Are the only medium through which haven't can communicate to man an effect is in most life. We go whoa. This is hugely serious. This is not only a moral issue in terms of violating the law of God. But this is literally about destroying the image of God Like Paul said. In first Corinthians six eighteen he who commit sexual immorality sins against his own body and then he was more right than even realized when he said that sinning against our own body debasing our brain. Destroying our neurological connections which are our only connection with God. This would be tragic. Now I know that when I show those images of the brain that men in general feel kind of like those guys look like men and one of I've done The myself. Is this reversible. And you just maybe you as a person who struggled with the issues of lust in your life. Have walked around with immense. Shame and guilt and feeling just low and feeling like a spiritual failure and you've got the accuser on your trail. Kicking you while you're down saying. You might as well not even try. You failed again you will fail again you're a failure that's your identity. That is a lie. From the accuser. Because the Bible says that when I am in Christ I am a new creation. The old is gone the new has come. And so you don't have to walk around with guilt and shame like this now momentary guilt is a good thing. Momentary guilt gives us that alert. Alert. Alert you just violated God's law you hurt yourself you hurt somebody else you hurt your Father in heaven Jesus Christ. And the Holy Spirit. You have done damage in the brain says. This was bad. It's called your conscience. It's called guilt. That's a good thing. But it's meant to be momentary. You're not supposed to walk around with a continual sense of guilt and shame as if it's a chronic state of being. No guilt is meant to cause you to make it right with God or if you find somebody else to make it right with them. And then it's let go it's off the shoulders and you do you can breathe you can walk in newness of life. See God doesn't want you to be ruminating over your past sins and failures. In fact they found that in research in the brain when you think about and ruminate over your failures and since it's passing the brain circuitry over the very same. Pathways as the scene itself. Now you see why Satan wants you to keep feeling the sense of guilt and shame all the time. Because when you continually replay that think about it know your failures and own your failures and think about it. You're widening those pathways. You're increasing the chances that you're going to do it again in the future. When the Bible says that a righteous man may fall but he gets up. When it right just man. OK. As of right now. If you in your heart of hearts are going before the Lord. Spiritually. Committing and saying this has been an idle I have made provision for the flesh I have allowed this. But right now. I confess my sins before you. Father and I asked for the blood of Jesus Christ. To take my sins. Not only off your record what's But to block the record books but to block the sins. Out of Me Out of the sanctuary the sanctuary in heaven and. This temple. That these sins would be removed in this day of atonement completely from him that I would be a new creation God grants you that it's a miraculous moment where you are whole in Christ. You have some work to do going forward. By God's strength. But right now. You stand. Righteous before Jesus Christ. OK. Don't let the accuser cause you to reinforce those pathways. By saying. Maybe someday I'll get over this. No you're over it right now. OK. Now there's more to be said we can't stop seminar there. But that's where we stand right now. I got to share this quote with you this is awesome. Jesus with the man of the pool but the by sin we have severed. We have been severed from the life of God. Our souls are polls aid of ourselves we are no more capable of living a holy life than was the impotent man capable of walking. Many realize their help in the helplessness. They are longing for that spiritual life which will bring them into harmony with God in our striving to obtain it. But in vain. And despair they cry. And then I am. Who shall deliver me from this body of death. Let these desponding struggling ones. Look up the Savior is bending over the purchase of his blood. Saying with inexpressible tenderness and pity. Wilt thou be made whole. He bids you arise in health and peace. Do not wait to feel that you are made whole believe the Saviour's word. Put your will on the side of Christ will to serve him. And in acting upon his word you will receive strength. Whatever may be the evil practice. The Master Pass. Which through long indulgence binds both soul and body. Christ is able in longs to deliver. He will impart life to the saw all that is dead in trans press passes. He will set free the captive that is held by weakness and misfortune in the chains of sin. The sense of sin is poison the springs of life. But crisis. I will take your Since I will give you peace. I have bought shoes with my blood. You are mine. My gracious strengthen your weekend will. Your remorse for sin I will remove. When temptations assail you when Karen perplexity surround you. When depressed and discouraged you are ready to yield to despair. Look to Jesus and the darkness that encompasses you will be dispelled by the bright shining of his presence. When seen struggles for the mastery in your soul and burdens the conscience. Look to the Saviour. His grace is sufficient to subsist subdue sin. Let your grateful heart. Trembling with uncertainty. Turn to him. Lay hold on the hopes that before you. Christ waits to adopt you into his family his strength will help your weakness. He will lead you step by step. Place your hand in his and let Him guide you never feel that Christ is far away. He is always near his loving present surrounds you seek Him as one who desires to be found by you. He desires you not only to touch his garments. But to walk with him in constant communion will talk more about that when we talk about this constant communion. But I wanted to share that hope with you before we get into all the neurology of the diction and understanding that the last cascade and last in the understanding the pornography addiction. We've got to know that there is hope that there is a solution that there is a savior. And that solution has already been wrought out. It's already done. He's already defeated the devil is just waiting for say to be crushed under our feet. As it says in Revelations are written Roman sixteen. Wonderful verse there. Anyway let's get into this issue of addiction now. Modern. Science allows us to understand that the underlying nature of an addiction to pornography is chemically nearly identical to heroin addiction. So this is what the researchers are telling us the scientists are saying this is a drug addiction so if you're addicted to pornography. You have the same level of compulsion. Addiction. Need desire. The less same level of addiction as a drug addict. Pornography triggers a myriad of and dodging us. Internal natural drugs. That mimic the high from a street drug addiction to pornography is addiction to what I'd talk sense. Mind altering drugs produced by the viewers own brain and but I know that people will say. You know I don't really have a big problem with in August because the last time I viewed it was you know whatever earlier the summer no couple times a year I've slipped up and. So I'm not in that you know habit it's not a real big problem for me and so you're not taking the steps that are needed to tackle this issue. We don't say things like that about heroin. Right. You know I only used heroin a couple of times last year. You know that's something we don't say so same thing here it's just as big of an addiction. Maybe an even bigger moral problem. And so if you let the devil get a toehold in your life. Numerous studies have shown that when you permit this to enter in your life just to get a little wedge. That it overwhelms the brain's ability to think and to make wise decisions is like a hypnotic trance that takes over the brain. Adventist home actually refers to last census next as a form of witchcraft. So. Licentiousness meaning meaning lustful practices which it's like a witchcraft like a bewitching because you know the devil is the true one behind this right. This is not just neurology and physiology is a spiritual battle for your soul. And so you become completely captive. Under this hypnotic situation so why is so hard to stop you probably as an individual male in this culture have been hit with things in the eyes are drawn to things he developed habits. Talking about masturbation as well viewing pornography or just general lust. You know you're buying blueberries at the grocery store and there's those magazines and. You just can't help but take that second look. The reason for this is that the literal of the structure of the brain has been changed the structure of the. It's been conditioned and have been to allies to engage in a particular behavior over time and. So those pathways become wider and wider and wider and you just go down that without thinking. And so it's going to take some effort to reroute those pathways. Because moral principle is exceedingly weak. When it conflicts with the stablished habit. So you know it's wrong you don't want to do it you keep doing your own why am I. Why do I keep doing this well because moral principle is weak. When confronted with your established. Habits. So do we need. The Lord strength in the situation. In my weakness. His strength is made perfect. I want to explain now to you the last cascade so you can understand the process of your eyes and brain. And how this all begins and ends. The first area of the brain that involves the desires of the flesh is the hypothalamus. This area is hardwired it's not very changeable or plastic if you will this past brain plasticity is the term they use. This is an area of the brain that it that wants. Food water and sexual pleasures. And it's an area of our human nature that God has given to us it's not sin and there's nothing evil about this and you aren't to overcome. Or do anything with it's just there. OK. Now when you see an image. You see a sexual image on the billboard of the magazine or the screen. The phallus activates an area called the L.G. end that's the first stop on this last cascade if you will. So in other words you've seen you've noticed the image and the brain has said. There's something good there. Then it goes to step two the vision processes. The image in the occipital lobe at the back of the brain. So your eyes take it in the back of the brain it sees that it beholds it contemplates. You think about it you enjoy is look the second time all of that. OK so here. You don't have any control over it. Here you can choose. You can make some choice and we're going to get into that how to overcome all of this. In the next sessions but right now I just want to walk you through the whole process. If you allow that image to be contemplated to be held and and looked upon. Then what takes place. Is the prefrontal cortex. Literally shuts down because you're the heart rate increases a bit that shuts down the ability to have the executive centers of the brain functioning. And the limbic system is on fire and. Basically it's kind of like the limbic system is the gas pedal and the prefrontal cortex is the brakes. And you've lost your brakes you just fly. You just go down. Naturally every time without thinking. And this becomes problematic and you go down the slippery slope into additional lust. Additional testosterone is released into the bloodstream priming the body for sexual action. And as you beheld that image or thought. For more than just an initial millisecond where you can have some control. You have this drive tension within the hypothalamus that increases the Amiga agitation middle are usually known as the fear circuits within the brain. But this is the area also where the agitation of the desire to behold more loss will images and engage in secular sexual behaviors. Is agitated. Then usually men will eventually relieve the a mega legislation through masturbation. This releases enormous quantities of dopamine and dodgin as opiates. The pleasure reward centers of the nucleus accumbens in the singular cortex are stimulated. Just the same as with substance abuse literally upon ejaculation the and they go immediately are calm. Anxiety and tension is release So basically the amygdala. The flesh if you will clamored for something and it got its. And so then. It's been satisfied. But not just that it burns the initial arouse or into the memory. Because the brain says Remember that. It's called the salience network. The brain remembers things that are emotionally significant that are pleasurable. And it says call that up at a later time we're doing that again. So that's where the habit starts to set in. Now there are certain effects of going down this slippery slope that I call the lust cascade. First effect of the lust cascade. Has to do with this area of the brain right here. Called the interior singular cortex. This is the area of the brain where you have your feelings of others centered love your feelings of conscience OK. Now first of all your conscience is going to be seared. When you deny deny deny the alerts that are given to you by your ex your singular cortex. It starts to not respond to those this is what the Apostle Paul said when we have seared our consciences as with a hot iron. There's a literal neurological reality to that. But not just that. Interestingly the anterior cingulate cortex is when you're thinking of others and thinking of truth and goodness and. I'll truism. This area of the brain is runs opposite to the enigma. So it's kind of like a teeter totter. When one is up the other is down when the other is up. The others down. So basically if you're in a situation of fear. Let's use that as an example. You're thinking of self-preservation right. Fear and self-preservation. That's not thinking of others and altruism is it. Or if you're thinking of others you know you're running into a burning building to save a baby or whatever you're not really that afraid of the fire just like you are you know it is your. This one's on fire in the middle is not as significant. At that point. So what's going to happen over time. If you deny this one and you enhanced this one. You're going to have a weaker and weaker area here in a stronger stronger and stronger. Area there. By the way this is wonderful because the Apostle John says that perfect love. Drives out. All fear. Perfect love drives out of fear. So these two are opposites. Love fear. So Perfect love drives out of fear but also fear will drive. Love. If you're thinking of self-preservation they're not thinking of others as well. Now a third effects of the lust cascade. The higher cortex is left out of the equation. Again and again. Resulting in increased impulsivity less self-control and increase of centeredness So going down this last cascade will damage your character further and further. And the natural route to play here is decoupled. The normal way that God created us to experience pleasure. Is that when we do things according to His will. Pleasure. Naturally follows. Our culture does it opposite. We try to go out in search of pleasure. As if it's the end goal and am. This hedonism whatever you want to call it. It's living for self ending for pleasure. Stimulation. Entertainment. You name it. But God has created our minds so that when we live for him. We pursue his will. When you love others when you sacrifice self when you learn something new when you accomplish something great you work hard at it. Pleasure. Naturally follows. OK. But when we go the easy way and do an end run around God's design. The brain becomes accustomed to a bit you wait. To the need to have the instant pleasure to have a quick to have easy. They actually done studies on rats. On this and they let them hit a lever and they tapped the lever they'll have a stimulator that it's the nucleus accumbens the pleasure centers of the brain. And the rats literally just start tapping the lever over and over again to stop eating their food. And they start dying wasting away and dying. What an analogy for us today right. And we neglect. The Word of God. Because we have so many entertaining and interesting and exciting things to do in our day. So much stimulation so much pleasure. Whether it's the food. The sports. The entertainment the pleasures you name it. And then the bread of life becomes distasteful to us because it's boring compared to everything else you might not think about it that way but that's really what it comes down to. When people break free from all the hyper stimulating things we do in our lives and start buckling down and studying the Word of God and working with their hands and being out in nature. Just living the life God given us to live. This starts to come alive a lot more especially when it's fused with an outreach mindset of concern and love for others and love for God. I mean that's like the. That's really the essence of it all. But anyway you decouple this normal route to pleasure from God's plan and you go right to the pleasure centers within the brain just demands of the easy way over and over again and you end up like this drug abuser here. Having less activation in the pleasure centers of the brain. A healthy brain. Enjoys life. You see a beautiful sunset. Here the laugh of a small child whatever it is you just kind of love life you just have a lot of joy a lot of Peace a lot of energy lighten your eyes. But the drug abuser. Life is just dull and boring. Until they get their hits. Same thing here with the last addiction. They did a study where they exposed. Subjects to printer feel most every day for over six weeks. Horrible again but here's what the results were the subjects were far less satisfied with their marital sexual relationship. No surprise there right. Another study found that after viewing only twenty six. Sexually alluring slides. And one six minute video. Subjects were less attracted to their wives. No surprise there once again but people have often had the thought I know there's a lot of young people and marrieds in here that you may have been had this go through your head once I get married. Then this last problem will go away. Ask any married man if that's true. It will tell you getting married does not solve your sin problems. It does not give you self control. It does not reroute all the pathways in your brain that you have bit you waited over years of teen hood and young adulthood. And so this is just absolutely not true. Millions and millions of married men are addicted to pornography. And they have wonderful lovely wives but you can't compete with the hyper stimulating pornographic stuff that's put out there to be so intensely absorbing and so addictive. It's like a drug. So just to debunk that you've got to deal with this. Now because now is the day of salvation. These are the opiate receptors they become numb. When you over use them. Like with pornography. So as I was saying you become less pleasured by normal everyday average things. Here's another effect of the last cascade oxytocin and vasopressin these are the trust love bonding hormones of ever heard of these are the ones that. Mother and baby bond immensely. When the mother gives birth to a baby. Immense amounts of acid president oxytocin are released. Or even upon Brett best breastfeeding Now also when in sexual relationships between man and woman. There is an enormous quantity of these trust love bonding hormones that are released. And which is appropriate right I mean God has given us that so we always return to the wife of are you so that we love and cherish and and have this emotional connection literally based upon it chemical and in part. Upon a chemical connection that is given to us. However this could becomes problematic. When your releasing these with many many many different women out there in the Internet or whatever. Instead of the one that God has resumed. Reserve. All of your love and affection for who may not even be in your life yet at this point. But we're not supposed to be having these experience with so many people. Because it messes up God's design for it's so. Enough on that number six in terms of the effects of the last cascade. Is the pathways I've already talked about this issue with the widening of pathways. I won't get into all the science for the sake of time. It's very interesting but in the path where you're more likely to use it in the future it becomes more of a habit. Here's a statement exactly about this. This is explained in the science of a whole one hundred years ago. The sensitive nerves of the brain. Have lost their healthy tone. By morbid excitation to grab. Gratify and unnatural desire for sensual indulgence. So literally the losing of the healthy tone of the nerves. That's actually visible now under brain scans where you can see. Literally you can look at a brain into literally looks like a different brain. You can see the pathways of certain areas of the brain are shrunk down. Have lost their healthy tone if you will and other areas widened. As we've been discussing. This is from Maranatha. Even some who profess to be looking for his appearing are no more prepared for that event than Satan himself. They are not cleansing themselves from all pollution. They have so long serve their lust. That it is natural for their thoughts to be impure and their imaginations corrupt. It is as impossible to cause their minds to develop on pure and holy things. As it would be to turn the course of Niagara and send its waters pouring up the falls. Wow. So the journey the struggle the battle you face is as difficult as turning those waters upside down. Do you see now why you need God why you can't have a half hearted relationship with Jesus Christ. In a pseudo religious life. And then say yeah and again self control over this. You're kidding yourself. OK. You need full absolute one hundred ten percent devotion to Christ. Laying aside every idle asking. Lord. What do you want me to do I'll go. I'll go to all the greatest lengths. I will make every sacrifice needed. I will do what ever it takes and they'll probably ask you to do. Some kind of radical things. To gain control over this and. Because it's going to take radical things as we just read with the the Niagara. Now often people have also wondered why did God give me a sexual nature to begin with many addicts I said just God just take this away. Just make me completely a sexual. Just just I don't want to have sexual desires whatsoever. What do I do. Well. He hasn't done that and he probably won't do that and I'll tell you why because God is three. Right. Father Son Holy Spirit. And he has created us. Male and Female in his image. And so God is a relational God and he's created us to be really a relational beings. As relational beings. Part of that is the sexual intimacy between husband and wife. Part of it. Now can you have intimacy. Outside of a sexual relationship. Oh absolutely absolutely. In fact I'm going to get into that. I'm a good new it right now. OK. Quick story. This is a wonderful analogy from the East Coast they brought in these mobs. And they had a bunch of they wanted to have a silk industry. They have all these Moscow and all over the place with the mosques sir. Eating all the vegetation. On the trees. And the trees are getting destroyed by the mosque overrunning the whole ecosystem. And they're panicking they're going what do we do know the answer to get over. Well what we do that they decided to create a little capsule. Where they in capsulated the sense of the female gypsy moth the that the males are attracted to and they would release these capsules all throughout the environments. Of the mosques. So the during mating season. The. Both sexes would come out and they would be ready to find their mates. But the male. Mots would not be interested in the female boss. They would be going for the capsules and obsessing over the capsules and flittering about the capsules. And all the female monster gone what's going on here. Well this is what an analogy this is for us right. I mean we have a generation of marriages that are at best we can barely staying together. And more often just falling apart at the seams. In large part in part due to these issues right here. Because when it comes to the issue of intimacy. God has created each one of us with a deep need. We don't have a need for sexual behaviors. OK Lamas want to be clear on that. BE ABLE TO GO TO HAVE MY needs. In all this nonsense from the popular God give me a break. There's no needs there. And you know that you need food and water and evolutionary scientists confuse this because since sexual behaviors are in the same areas of the brain is food and water desires they say all that's all needs. It's a need. No I can. I can name at least one person is name is Jesus. And he lived thirty three years without any of course any any sexual and agents of any kind. Whether private or with another individual. Perfectly sexually. Pure totally abstinent from any sexual behavior. And so it's not a need first of all. But we do have a real need. And you know what that need is true. Deep intimacy. Connection human to human. Mother a father son. To father sister to sister friend to friend. Those relationships. Fill a hole within us that God has created. So that when we have these connections with other humans. We are painting a picture of God because God. Is relational. But here's the thing. Many many many people are starved of intimacy. They haven't had deep relationships they didn't have good relationships with their parents particularly with their father. And so since there starved of intimacy. Satan can throw a counterfeit out their lust. And the areas of the brain that say. Draw yourself to a female for intimacy. Are are rerouted into a cheap pleasure. Where there is no intimacy. It's kind of like when you go into the gas station if your start for real food. And you see the Twinkie on the shelf. And you go Man that's what he looks good but really that's not food. It's not food. The Twinkie is a counterfeit. Food. But your brain your body says I want that. And you go and you gobble down that Twinkie. Is your body. Satisfied with the true need for nutrients. No the pornography is the same way. The counterfeit capsule. Has been put out there. And a generation of intimacy starved. Lonely people who are the most connected generation in history through social networking. But the most isolated in terms of deep emotional bonding. Are so intimacy star that they are so much more in drawn to this counterfeit. I'll tell you there's actually studies out there that have shown that people who are people who came from homes that were emotionally disengaged. People came from homes where there wasn't much warmth and closeness. Are much more likely to become pornography or acts. That doesn't mean they're the only people. Anybody's a potential candidate for this temptation. Particularly men. But the ones who had the least amount of deep emotional intimacy with their family with their parents are the most likely to fall for this trap. Because they're so starved. And what a what a ugly wicked temptation that is right. And I'll tell you something you may never marry. Maybe Christ comes very very soon and the young people in this room. Never marry. Or maybe you're struggling with same sex attraction. And you're going this is the cross I've got to bear I mean I may never marry if the Lord doesn't take this away and in change my attractions and to be faithful to the Bible I will not lie with a man as he lies with a woman. And I'm going to be faithful to the Word of God and I can be saved even with these temptations Amen. If you never marry for whatever me's result be barges call not to marry. Jesus said. That's not all ought to marry. Paul said that. And then Jesus also said that some are unix some are born this way Some never marry. And then he said he said marriage is for life by the way. And the disciples said. If that's the case it is better not to marry. Because what if I marry poorly right. So there's a lot of situations where somebody will never have that form of intimacy. Husband wife sexual intimacy and sexual intimacy is just one aspect of a greater deeper wider intimacy of husband and wife. And if you never have that experience. That doesn't make you less human. That doesn't mean you're not fulfilled. That doesn't mean your needs aren't being met. Did Jesus live a life being fully human. Yeah absolutely I mean he was totally fulfilled by his father in heaven that's the ultimate form of intimacy right there. And by intimacy of course I just mean closeness I mean relational connectedness. You know if we had our true needs met. Spiritually. Relationally emotionally. This issue of the progress the addiction. Would not have nearly as much potency and punch to it. So are we walking with Jesus Christ. Our is he our best friend do we go to him in conversation. In prayer. Pouring out our hearts to him asking him to walk beside us that we might walk with him as did a knock. That's ultimately going to be the solution to this I have a whole lot more to say about this we have another session this afternoon in fifteen minutes. And we have another session tomorrow. On the issue of overcoming lust. And so I want to give you more hope. More tools in your bag. To slay the straggle in your life. But before we go there I want to have a word of prayer and clothes. And the specific appeal at this point is just to ask the Lord to speak specifically to us about the steps we need to take that we would be willing to do anything he would ask Father in heaven. We've dealt with some difficult issues this afternoon and I know that your heart is grieved to see the pain and suffering of this world those who suffered abuse neglect. That shit that you feel it all. And you put it in our power to end pain and suffering by cooperating with infinite strength. We just ask for that power in our lives. To not only give us victory over sin but to create a new passion and desire and purpose for us that we wouldn't be drawn to the counterfeits of this world. The video games in the spectator sports in the meaningless worthless things. Help us not to be drawn to the vain thing but to do. To the true. And the holy and the lovely. The admirable in the excellent in the praiseworthy and we know all those things are found in you that you are all those things. May you be those things to us and we truly love you and love your word and not not view this as something that's obligatory as a part of our lives but may we truly fully be consumed by our love for you and love for souls and father I know that there are many in the room who are not only struggling with the occasional glance. The second look at a looming images but deep seated. Addictions that have widened the pathways of the brain and created habits that every soul and here. Must find freedom from with your strength. We thank you so much for your patience with us. We thank you that you're bending over your purchased. Possession. Like the man at the pool of the saying that we can be made well. If we look to you. Help each soul to be making a decision right now Father of the city and right now I G Y see that. Not just this coming year but our entire lives. As we approach this new year. Our entire lives would be fully dedicated to you that every idol. That every provision for the flesh that we've permitted in our lives. That every diversion from your word and from your purpose that your calling to us. Us to let all of that would be sacrificed and surrendered and laid on the altar before you. And I don't know what those peculiar things are today but Lord I do know that we all need to be making decisions to be willing to go to any length. That you ask us to go to to make the most outrageous sacrifices to do the most seemingly ridiculous and peculiar things that the world would say why. Father we want the world to ask us why we are peculiar why are we having so much hope and peace and joy in our lives. Why do you find purpose and winning souls for others. Pray that we would be that example. As a generation. And this message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference cold. Chosen. They feel in Louisville Kentucky. Do you want to see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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