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4. Addicted to Purity in a Pornographic World, Part 2

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • December 31, 2015
    3:00 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from the cold. Chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. Come before you once again to ask for your teaching. To come through. We ask for open hearts that we would receive your word in your spirits. That we would come away with decisions. Today in Jesus' name. A man. People have wondered. Does the Bible. Talk about pornography. As the Bible. Talk about these issues that we're dealing with this afternoon. There's a Greek word. Poor Neda. And that an interesting word. Same root for our word for an odyssey is translated as fornication various different things in the English but we'll just call it porn a. And Matthew fifteen verse nineteen. It says that porn a proceeds from the heart. Jesus by the way. In Matthew five. Said that you can practice. Adultery in your mind. Even while just lusting after a woman who is not your wife. And so this takes place in the mind. In the heart. It's not only a behavior. It's not only a website. It's also what happens in the heart. The does the desires of the heart. First Corinthians six eighteen says we are to flee from tornado. Prescript in six eighteen also says that by practicing poor Neda. Your sinning against your own body. So here's a good term or euphemism for sexual sin that spirit of prophecy employs as a euphemism for masturbation. Self-abuse because it's a sin against your own body. First US alone eons for verse three. Says that we should abstain from poor Neha revelation nine verse twenty one identifies those who are receiving the seven last plagues as. Among them are users of porn a Revelation seventeen. Verse two and verse four and eighteen three and one thousand to the analogy of unfaithful religion or. BABYLON if you will the harlot of Babylon. Into the fornications of the poor Neha. Spiritually. So those are just some Bible verses on the issue. Now we're taking on this issue more deeply and what the Bible says. Pacifically about masturbation. Because I had a unique experience a few years ago to sit in a classroom at a Christian school. And the Christian teacher was doing sex ed. Sex education. For the children that day. And the teacher. Literally got up and fronts. And said I'm going to talk to you now about masturbation. And I know that this is something that many of you are engaged in. And I want you to know that as a Christian. This is something that you can rightly gaijin you can behave in this manner. And there's nothing wrong with it. And those of you have not begun to do it will. And this is normal acceptable. And expected behavior for in adolescence. In a Christian school. So we are totally confused in our culture of about this as just as much as we are confused about pornography in general. Wired for intimacy a wonderful book by a Christian author and I agree with like ninety plus percent of what's in that book. Awesome science behind a lot of it. But it says even if you're not viewing actual progress. If you know if you're not viewing last full images if you're engaged in this behavior just the physical act of it. Masturbation is playing with their OK Michael fire. It affects one emotionally and neurologically says William Struthers. Dr William Struthers Christian. Psychologist playing with neuro chemical fire. Effects you emotionally. Neurologically is not something you can just turn on and turn off in the brain. Because again you're setting yourself. Certain pathways in the brain. Here's what Peter says about it in first Peter two eleven. He says Dearly Beloved I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims What's that next word everybody. Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul. So what are we supposed to do completely abstain from anything that is a fleshly lust which of course this would qualify under that heading. Fleshly lusts and we are to abstain from its. There's a wonderful book called A sum of heal. Relative to solitary vice in the abuses and excesses of the marriage relation. Quite a long title they used to have longer titles for books back in the nineteenth century but this is a compilation and much commentary in there from the Spirit of Prophecy. Regarding solitary vice there's lots of euphemisms here. They didn't tend to use the technical medical terminology for it but self-abuse solitary vice it cetera are the terms that you find in here. And the excesses of the marriage relation We're going talk about that in a moment. But here are the effects now when people go back and read these books. Twentieth Century. Readers would go back and read. Ellen White statements about this behavior and say. That is new to Chris and silly and nonsense and they would make fun of it and they would say how outdated is that. I mean we know from modern science that there are no harmful effects and this is perfectly healthy behavior and so on and so forth and so it was ridiculed. Even by Seventh Day Adventists a generation ago. And presently to a certain extent but anybody who's in the know on the latest science is starting to hit the brakes on some of that ridicule and some of that doubt and question. And are saying whoa. There's something here. Now I'm going to give you the list I was going to bullet point it. I don't have time to give you all the quotes in their full quoting. I'm just going to give you the list that the white websites love to put out and say look at what these ridiculous people believe about masturbation OK. Here's what we have masturbation will called cause pain in the shoulder side and back. Great Exxon. After exercising or lack of strength of in durance by the way not all of these would be experienced by every behavior of this of this in this behaving vice. A deficiency in the mental strength. Being absent minded. Daydreaming and in attention. Is are all symptoms. Forgetfulness a weak memory a weakened brain in general a lack of perseverance and a reluctance to engage in active labor. A gloomy sadness upon the countenance. Frequent exhibitions of I'm a roast temper and those who were once. Cheerful kind and affectionate. Disposed to look upon the dark side. A loss of appetite. Poor sleep. Tired feelings in the morning. Damage to the nervous system. Easily irritated and nervousness. Decay of the skull this is where they really start to sound crazy like seriously. This is this is inspired what we do with is the health of lack of health. Action of disease upon them. Cancerous tumors. Inflamed mucus membranes in other words the common cold. Rheumatism. We can die site and dropsy also known as a demon. That's quite a list for us to go and look at the science and say Is this sustainable by the modern understanding spy the way if it weren't sustainable by the modern understand it's I would still take this on faith. Because it's inspired we ought to do that you shouldn't need science but we tend to subject the Bible in Spirit of Prophecy to the Higher Criticism of using the human intellect. How foolish that is. And people are being proven wrong on this right now as we're going to see. So what does today's science. Say according to coop or and current research twenty first century research masterbating as little as two times per week has been shown to increase depression. Memory problems. Lack of focus concentration problems fatigue back pain. Pelvic artistic ular pain is the starting to sound familiar. We're going to go we're going to compare it all in a minute but also Zinc is a very important mineral to human nutrition and proper functioning of various elements of the human physiology. And it aids in the formation of bone. And the prevention of bone breakdown. Zinc is important in unity since it's the first line of defense in the skin in the mucous membranes it helps to activate immune cells. Think is important for normal growth. Zinc isn't quite important for fighting infections and healing wounds and combating disease in general because it's a component of antioxidants zinc is used for Interestingly diaper rash. To use to reduce eighty H.D.. It's used to improve skin health. It's used in treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment for macular degeneration. Used by the liberty to hell. Bind. Toxins for removal. It's used for I haue Skin Health to boost mood and to boost brain health. So that some of the uses of zinc to help bring positive effects and you saw the negative effects of zinc deficiencies. But interestingly zinc is related to the press a practice of ejaculation. Which releases five milligrams of zinc. You need ten milligrams per day. And up to half of that is removed from the body through. Ejaculation So according to Ph D. M. D. David Horrigan. The amount of zinc in semen is such that one ejaculation may get rid of all the zinc that can be absorbed from the intestines in one day. Repeated ejaculation may lead to a real zinc deficiency with various problems developing. And this is not brand new research either. The white estates been putting this out for quite some time to defend against these attacks and studies have linked zinc deficiency with worse Dimon worse vision. In a dim environments. Poor immunity. White spots on the nails. Which by the way I've looked at message boards of like secular recovery groups. And I've seen references to white spots on the nails that were present while the addiction was in place but then after the diction has been overcome the white spots disappear very interesting that had to do with zinc dry skin and acne. Also a symptom of zinc deficiency so skin problems. This is from Richard nice Ph D. in Clinical Psychology. That's your patient breaks down the finer sensitivities of our nervous system. It is not difficult to see in terms of the electrical mediation of our nervous system. How disease. Becomes a natural result of individuals who have placed their own gratification at the center of their being disease is the natural result of this. So let's go back to this list do you remember this crazy sounding outlandish list that was ridiculed for so long. Let's categorize these into a few different groups OK I've bullet point in this way so that we can see this red highlighted section here. Pain in the shoulders back inside. Had a great exhaustion after exercising lack of strength or interests. Deficiency in mental strength. Daydreaming in its engine forgetfulness weak memory we can brain. Doesn't this sound exactly like what Cooper in Karnes found here in the research. Memory problems. Lack of focus concentration problems for back pain. Public artistic you are paying. So it's already borne out the first part of the list. To be accurate based upon the latest science. That's reading as little as two times per week causing these things by the way which the always leads married men to ask the question what do you do then with I mean if that this process of losing zinc I mean this is part of procreation and intimacy in marriage. What do we do with that you member with the title of that book was the the asylum appeal to mothers relating to the solitary vice. And the abuses and excesses of the marriage. Relation. So there comes a point where this could be excessive also in marriage. Now you're all wondering well how much. I don't know I don't have an answer to that. So I'm not going to tell you you have to ask the Lord. He'll lead you on that but here's some interesting research that maybe helpful by the way there's more going on with this than just the release of zinc in semen this this is also there are psychological things going on with as we just heard selfishness putting your own gratification of the center of your being. There's something fundamentally different. Not just on a feet. Not on a physiological level but something fundamentally suspiciously and emotionally difference between relational intimacy of giving. And this wonderful beautiful act that God has given some of the marriage bed. Versus the act of solitary vice and self abuse and selfishness right. Those are two very different things. Emotionally spiritually and still they'll have effects here that are beyond the mere physiology of zinc OK. But how about this one right here see this long long section of the list. We read in the one nine hundred centuries from Ellen White statements that the masturbation led to a lack of perseverance. It reluctance to engage in active labor. A gloomy sadness upon the councilman countenance. Frequent exhibitions of I'm a rose temper. For those who were once cheerful kind and affectionate. Being disposed to look upon the dark side. Loss of appetite. Poor sleep and tired feelings in the morning. You know what all these are these are all symptoms of one thing. Yeah. Depression Cooper and confound increase in depression. And so she just delineating all the aspects of depression here. In effect of two times per week. Even so how about this these ones. These ones I could not find any studies about but what I found on the message boards were individuals who would say things like my tremors. Are going away. Like tremors really. So when you're engaged in these big. Hey viewers. Having more tremors do disruptions in the nervous system basically. And so when we see damage to the nervous system and other people would say I'm less irritable I have less nervousness and anxiety and just like feelings of tension. I have more peace and more. Just nervous system balance in my in my gut in my brain and all of that. So that's borne out by anecdotal evidence on the message boards of pornography recovery groups. Now how about this section of more difficult ones here. The case of the skull. Lack of health will be and so on and so forth. Let's take these one at a time in really and how they relate to zing. You might have been noticing as we were going through. I remember the thing about this and that. Let me just lay I'm all out OK. Zinc is necessary for the formation of bone and the prevention of bone breakdown. You remember this. So for the Prevention of bone breakdown. You need lots of zinc. So if you don't have sufficient amounts of zinc do you see how the bone structure of the skull and the body is going to be. Not growing properly. And even breaking down. Interesting. OK how about this one deficiency causes dry skin. Acne and it's used to improve. Skin Health it's use in the treatment of diaper rash zinc is important in Skin Health. Well. The lack of health will be in a sallow face. Caused by this behavior because of a lack of zinc zinc also aids an immunity remember this one. And if in fighting infections and healing wounds and in combating disease. As an opponent component of antioxidants. So the progress of disease and cancer is tumors upon the body can take place at it to a greater extent when the body is zinc deficient. And this body isn't deficient when this behavior is engaged and have been. Your member is essential in immunity as the first line in the skin and mucous membranes so no surprise that you see the common cold the inflamed mucus membranes. When you're seeing deficient because of self-abuse rheumatism really up to sink is used in the treatment for rheumatoid arthritis so if you don't have sufficient zinc this could be contributing to an increase in rheumatism zinc is used in the treatment of macular degeneration. Zinc deficiency. Causes. Worse dim worse vision in a dim environment so when she said we can I say this one is really ridicule like really are going to go blind if you do that people just make fun of those make light of the servant of God you member what happened to the youth who said Go on up bald head and they were making fun of the the prophet Elijah. God takes the seriously. Were to take solemn Lee the councils that the Lord has given to us all of the ridicule of decades past this needs to stop. Because Inc actually does. Cause I say to be more quare healthy and you see less well in a dim environment. So we can I cite simple. Dropsy or a demon. Treated with thinking other nutrients as we saw. So that pretty much settles it I'm going wow this is a whole lot more credible scientifically than I thought. So as wonderful as it is to take things on faith. Sometimes God says let me provide you the evidence. Then you have no excuses at all to not have faith. Because there's so much evidence to sustain it's the violation of one of God's precepts. Does violence. To your moral nature. In the greater lust series disk. Number three is about this issue and I get more deeply into this what we're talking about right now. I refer to this as a violent. Vice because if it's. Violence to not only your moral nature but your physiology. This is what actually refers to this behavior as self murder. Which you might say that's a really strong term for it but if you think about it say you're a smoker. You're really committing slow slow motion suicide aren't you. Slowly over time you're increasing your likelihood and chances just getting closer and closer to that point of having lung cancer and ending up dying because of a certain behavior. Whether that's diet. Whether that's narcotic drugs tobacco or engaging behaviors like we're talking about right now in a word like self murder I mean we're violating the precepts of God it with that aren't me. If you think about the Ten Commandments. And think about how these behaviors we're talking about with lust. Pernod a fee. Self-abuse all of these girls go through the Ten Commandments just a second. Have no other gods before me. Sometimes we put things before God her own pleasure don't weigh. And we've got an idol in our lives which is linked to that it might not be a physical Idol but it's certainly an idol just Israel taking the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Vainly taking the name of God I take his name I am a Christian. I take the name of Christ. But is it in vain is it through a pretence. Is it a fraud is it phony. That's another way of taking the name of the Lord in vain other than saying is name. In a disrespectful way. About the Sabbath day many people engage in these behaviors on the Sabbath day. Honoring your father and mother the something your parents would be proud of of course. We're looking at a fifth commandment issue as well there. And then you got the remaining ones with adultery didn't I shall not commit adultery obviously that one is violated here. Lying. We're always covering up. Our tracks when it comes to these secret sins as they're called in Spirit of Prophecy. So. Adultery. Bear false witness. Kill. Now you might say really kill me just go over the effects to the physiology in this reference of self murder. So we're looking at literally we're going to covet you're covering something that's not yours it belongs to somebody else it's not your wife right. And you're desiring that which one did I miss you know yes doing something that's not yours. You're seizing sexual pleasures and experiences with individuals on a screen that are not yours so. Boy. We just really kind of the divine wants to our moral nature into God's law. And I'm not saying these things to heap. Additional guilt and shame on the struggling soul who needs them. The Savior at the pool of Bethesda look I've covered all of that because that's important to start with but I know that there are some of us where we kick against the goads. And we don't want to hear truth. If you're one of those people who just absolutely melted by the love of God right now. And you're ready to go and do anything. You've already had your conscience quickened OK. Right now with this I'm speaking to the. Howard heart. Maybe the Lord would break through that we have really done violence to ourselves and to our moral nature. Violated God's law and truly broken his heart. Now if you're in the situation of again. That you're ready to walk forward in newness of life. Don't let the user. Put you down OK He wants you to walk forward. Starting right now. But how about this this is really interesting it says in one character and personality. Not only does God require you to control your thoughts. But also your passions and affections. Your salvation depends upon you. Your governing yourself in these things. That's an important statement. Because when the Bible talks about salvation. It doesn't talk about its soul e. In the terms of forgiveness and legal pardon. Salvation is a freeing from sins but it's also a reclaiming from sins what I mean by that. When I am in Christ. I am a new creation the old has gone the new has come. The experience of salvation is having a transformed mind. A renewed mind a new nature. A new life. It's no longer I who live a crisis lives in me it is them in the mind of Christ the old has gone the new has come. The Biblical descriptions of salvation in fact the very word salvation. Means to heal. To be healed. Of a sin sick soul that I was born with. We were all born in sin conceived iniquity and then we subsequently made choices. To rebel against God but he wants to give us complete and total healing from that forgiveness from our sins is only the starting point of the journey not the finish line. When I start on this journey and I receive the righteousness of Christ I am a totally new creation I've had all my sins forgiven. But I can't just walk forward now in rebellion presumptuous Lee saying Well all I need to do is ask forgiveness each time. And then I'm saved and can be in heaven. And I will continue to sin and insist on being able to continue to sin until Christ returns. This is not Biblical I grew up with this the ology I thought as a young person I literally lived in total rebellion played in a rock band. Did the I'll call everything you know and it did says in total rebellion and I would. I thought I was a Christian the whole time listening to totally say tannic music you name it just. I won't get into all the lurid the evils of my teen years but I would literally go to bed at night. And I would ask the Lord's forgiveness for every willful presumptuous just absolutely hati sin that I gauged in the face of a Holy God. And I thought I was justified before the Lord by doing that. That was a life of rebellion with a form of religion. But denying the power there of and is not acceptable to God. He will say to many. I never knew you. And so let us let this be true of us that our salvation depends on governing ourselves in these things. But this isn't the only state governing ourselves by whose power mind or gods. Absolutely I hope that goes without saying. But the here's the here's the warning. Solemn messages from heaven. Cannot forcibly impress the hearts that is not fortified against the indulgence of this degrading vice. So in other words when we are engaged in this degrading vice. We will not hear the voice of God to the same extent that we would be able to if we were living a pure life by His grace and his strength. Will they sacrifice comeliness health. Intellect and all hope of. Evan. Everything worth possessing here and here after to the demon passion. Make God grant that it may be otherwise. Strong statement their hope we're hearing this. This song. Jumped off the pages to me as I was reading this. As in preparation for the seminar a greater loss when it right before I recorded this year and a half ago. I was in my devotions at some thirty eight in the ever see how the Lord. When you're in the word. He will bring things to you that you need a particular time auntie. And I saw things in this song in the spirit was just showing things in this that I had never seen before. And you judge for yourself. I never heard this take on song thirty eight but now knowing what you know about the effects of lost addictions and master retore habits. Here we have some thirty eight. Which seems to be getting into touching into these waters a bit. First who says. Your arrows pierced me deeply and your hand presses me down. So the Psalmist here in verse two is feeling a sense of condemnation of judgment from God. There is no soundness in my flesh nor any health in my bones. Because of my sin. Interesting. I am troubled. I go by out down greatly and morning. All the day long. Depression. For my lawyers are full of information. Inflammation this word law. In the Hebrew would be. Pelvic side back area full of inflammation. I am very I'm feeble and severely broken. I groan because the turmoil of my heart's. So somebody who is broken and an emotional deep level. Turmoil in his heart. My heart pants. My strength fails me. As for the lights of my eyes. It has also gone from me. My loved ones and my friends stand aloof from my plague. Those who also seek my life lay snares for me and plan the deception all day long to see knows how to get him in this particular sin over and over again. I am like a mute who does not open his mouth. And therefore I am like a man who does not hear. So secret sin. Not divulging going before the Lord. In true vulnerable. Openness in you all or I hope all here Let listen a moment of glimmer of hope you will hear oh my god. But then he says I am ready to far. This not sound like the Cycle of Sexual addiction and sexual behaviors. With all of these things and he says my sorrow is continual before me so the depression continues. So what is the sound like feeling. Condemnation and shame. Having skin abnormalities an unhealthy body said my flesh in my bones. Unhealthy bones. Depression definitely coming through their lawyers back or side. Pain. A wounded heart with emotional pain. This is in increased heart rate for T.. We can vision. This sounding for Miliard isolation. Snares all around to entrap and keeps it secret and doesn't hear a solution glimmers of hope and God. Which is followed by failing and falling. And a sorrowful future of expecting to continue to struggle with this but then things change for him and I'm sure the some can mean many different things to many different people speaking in the your particular situations in life. And whether the sourness was but struggling with this issue or not I don't know for certain but I believe that these words are here for us today. He says I will declare my and they could see this is true confession. I will be in anguish over my sin. True. Deep. Repentance. My enemies are vigorous they are strong. So he recognizes that this battle is not something he can do with normal. Weaponry and tools of human strength. He says Do not for sake me. Oloron Oh my God be not far from me. Make haste to help me. Oh Lord. My salvation. That's the prayer each one of us need to have isn't it with every temptation maybe your temptation is has nothing to do with what I'm talking about here. You're here just to learn some things but every single person in here. Has a unique. Temptation that Satan tends to get you on more than others. And that's the prayer for each one of us. Make haste to help me. Then we read earlier in ministry of healing. See him as one who desires to be found by you. He wants to come in and save and heal. He's not some aloof. Distant condemning. God looking down and saying why don't you get your act together. What's wrong with you. Maybe you've heard voices like that in your life but that's not the voice of your Father in heaven. At all. His voice is to draw near to each one of us. And he will be there to help. Now I want to give you some tips. Some skills tools to take this battle on in a practical way in our lives. We learned last session about the last cascade. About this process of seeing the image and it leads to this that this and that. Where in this process. Can we have some control in our lives. How do we gain victory over last Here's where we begin this is from testimonies of sexual behavior. The purity. The holiness. The life of the life of Jesus as presented from the Word of God possess. More power to reform and transform the character than do all the efforts put forth in picturing the sins and crimes of men and their share results. So I've omitted. Several hours of statistics on how pervasive how harmful the pornography industry is how you are taking advantage of other souls are going to get into that actually because we're going to think about altruism and other Center love but we all know we're living in a pornographic world. I think we all know. It's pervasive and terribly damaging and absolutely life and family destroying and toxic to the core. It's ruining millions of people's lives and present life and eternal life got it so we don't need to just picture. The results of it. We already know. And we got to touch on that it's important but here's the ultimate solution. One steadfast look to the Savior. Uplifted on the cross will do more to purify the mind and heart from every defilement than will. All the scientific explanations. By the able to stop. Isn't there Hossam. I mean it almost becomes something that we've said so many times and heard so many times that we doesn't hit us with the depth and the reality that Jesus truly is the answer to this. I got this guy I know I've heard that a million times in churches in the. No no no no you haven't got it. Like we've got to get this. Deeper more often more thoughts of Jesus more beholding the life of Christ. Once that fast looked upon him on the cross. This is the solution with a capital S.. There's more to say about this about how this minute fests in our lives but that's all timidly. The solution they found actually in addiction recovery and research that people who are gay engage in more prayer. Are less addiction prone. If you are engaging in less prayer. You're more addiction problem. Isn't that interesting. So there is actually this is why even secular people go to Alcoholics Anonymous and they start. Appealing to a higher power. And it's not specifically Christian and it's you know people from all walks of life but they realize there's something to needing help from an outside force. We know that to be Jesus Christ. Individuals who personalize their religion. Cultivate faith in God and internalize spiritual values have better coping skills and less depression and it's life's challenges. So research is actually showing that Jesus is the answer isn't that something wonderful fair. National Institute for Health Care Research reviewed. Two hundred studies on spirituality in health. And they found that the positive effects outweigh the negative. Ten to one. You might be like what negative effects what negative effects. Those would be the negative effects of twisted counterfeit. Forms of religion. OK. But they just study religion as it's practiced. And even with all its flaws in Babylon. We're seeing ten to one positive the negative versus having no religious faith at all not amazing new directors in Psychological Science looked at fifteen health indicators. Those people who were active in religious faith. Were better in one hundred percent of these health indicators. Do you ever see one hundred percent of anything in research. That's pretty rare. That's awesome. That's really exciting. Been active in your religious faith. One hundred percent better and all the health and indicators. Robert. Sapolsky an atheist. Wrote a book called Y. Z. breast don't get all Cers. And he said on page three hundred seventeen. He basically really honestly assess the situation. He says if somebody believes in a God who answers prayer has discernible rules. And isn't out to get you. Then the stress reducing advantage must be extraordinary. Do we believe that absolutely right we believe in a God who is Love who is not out to get what he's out to require us to get us to save us. And the. Course answers prayer. And of course has discernible rules. In the ten commandments. And so that's extraordinarily stress reducing So basically that's going to help with overcoming addictions and health in general. So they're seeing it now we know this from Spirit of Prophecy. The Spirit was given to be given as a regenerating agents. And without this without the Holy Spirit. The sacrifice of Christ would have been of no avail. Sin could be resisted and overcome. Only through the mighty agency of the Third Person of the Godhead. It is the spirit that makes effectual what has been wrought. Out by the world's Redeemer. It is by the spirit that the heart is made pure through the Spirit the believer becomes a partaker of the divine nature. Christ has given His Spirit as a divine power to overcome all hereditary. And cultivated tendencies to evil and to impress his own character upon his church. So the Spirit of God will be doing this work in us. The Holy Spirit never leaves on the sisted. The soul who is looking on to Jesus. He takes. Of the things of Christ and shows them on to him. If the eye is kept fixed on Christ. The work of the Spirit. Ceases not until the soul is conform to his image. I think that means every one of us has the Spirit working honest to this day. Because the system work ceases not until the spirit and soul is conformed to His image. The pure elements of love will expand the soul. This is key. The pure elements of love will expand the soul. Given a capacity for higher it taints. So we see literally brain. Neurology changes circuitry changes in their wide pathways of altruism and love giving you a higher capacity since the pathways are widened you can think and feel those thoughts more for increased knowledge of heavenly things. So. It will not rest short of the phone us. Blessed are they which you hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. I was thinking about this in the context of the women who were abused who are captive who are in the system voluntarily and sometimes. Through. Non-voluntary situations and through depression and drug use and prostitution you name a new you look at the image. And the thoughts of a person in this industry. Caught up in selling their body. For the pleasure of men. Viewing their point of graphic videos and images on the computer. And if you think. Alchemist a CLI about that person. Think for a moment. The next time you see an image of a woman being being objectified. In some way. Turn into just an image for the consumption and pleasure. We talk we call it pornography consumption. That's kind of what it is it's not a two way thing at all but if you're thinking about that person. And you're thinking about their story. What have they gone through think about what if that was my sister. What if that was my mother. Right. And all of a sudden the pathways in the brain that are seeking to take advantage of that person. Are totally overcome and overwritten by true thoughts of love and interest for that person's benefit and. That's the ultimate solution neurologically here. Because overcoming our sin problem. We can't view it as trying to not do something. If you say I'm not going to engage in this behavior. I'm not going to think these thoughts. I'm not going to do this or that. Then the question is What are you doing to replace it let me use a little analogy here OK. I want everybody in the room. To not think about a pink elephant right now. Have Reverdy thought about of an elephant trying not hard trying hard not to. I don't think a lot of think of it. But now you're thinking about it right. So trying not to do something is a futile effort. We have to try to do something else. Addiction Recovery or rewriting our sinful pathways of our brains. Is not the process merely of unlearning a behavior it's the process of learning a new behavior. And when the mind learns a new behavior. It forms as pathways in connections. Around a whole different way of thinking and doing and being. And that's what I'm talking about here. If we're thinking truly like we've just read the pure element of love will expand in the soul. Those two areas of the brain can't simultaneously fire. It's just that they can't they can't co-exist. That's what policies are going about with salt coming out of a fresh spout. I believe that the reason why many find the Christian life so deplorably hard. Why they are so fickle. So variable is they try to attach themselves to Christ. Without first detaching themselves from some of these cherished titles from these cherished titles isn't that a helpful statement there. Until we renounce self and selfishness we need this pure elements of love until we are not self unselfishness we really can't appreciate God's self this character. Only the unselfish heart. The humble and trustful spirit. Shall see God as merciful and gracious. Long suffering and abundant in goodness and truth. What it means to be converted. Is to be converted from self. To God and others. That's the pretty much to some asian of what it means to be a Christian. That my life is lived for the love of God and love of others not love of self. And that doesn't come from within me that comes from a regenerating power called the Holy Spirit. The being the third person. Of the churn ety the love of God being implanted in the souls the only way I can access that. Is this works salvation Scott. To say that we must. Govern ourselves in these things in order to have our salvation secured. As we just read your salvation depends on your self governing yourself in these things. Let me be clear on something. The ability to repent. The ability to have faith. These are something in themselves that are a gift from God ever read the Bible where it says that he has granted repentance on to Israel and that he has granted to each a measure of faith. So I can't muster from within myself. Faith or repentance. I can choose to receive the gift of God in the Holy Spirit which is bringing me to repentance and bringing me to faith. The only way to salvation is God's grace through faith. And I exercise that faith. Only through the strengthen the enabling that he gives me. Folks. We can't even breathe without him giving us that breath right. So to start thinking this is some works thing. Think again that's a joke. You're not going to accomplish anything without the power and strength of God in your life. But does that mean we are passive. Does that mean we take no actions. No we must exercise that faith we must allow the spiritual power of Christ to work in us. But I'm dead in sin engine interest passes. I need that regenerating power. So here's some ation. The power is all of God The righteousness is all christs that he's wrought out on the cross the glory is all to God. But the responsibility to receive this is all right here. All the glory to God all the strength and power to God. All the solutions are God's But the responsibility for my salvation lies in my own doorstep. Will I exercise their faith that he enables me to give God doesn't do for us. What we can do for ourselves. He doesn't take over our bodies. And just say I'm going to force you to be a Christian. He says Ask and you are see. He says Seek and you will find. So we must ask we must seek knock at the door might be opened by us as to abide in Him we must abide. We must look. And live. The look part is our part that God will give us the strength to do. So everything regarding of the Ourselves ation. Depends upon our own course of action. Because God has done his part now he's asking us to step forward in faith. So I'm not going to be saved in doing nothing. This is why the Apostle. Said Faith without works is dead. Because you can't to say I have faith I believe in God. Well. Even the demons believe in shattered. So to know that there is a God and to even call him Lord as Jesus said may not be enough that we need to have that true. Hunger and thirst for righteousness. Only then will we be filled. Is that clear on the work salvation thing. Make sure I'm not leaving anything off there. Yeah that's good. How about this quote Oh. He loves you and gave Himself for you. His great heart of love is touched with the feeling of our infirmities. What sins are too great for him to pardon. What soul too dark and sin oppressed for him to say. So if you're in a situation of self deprecation and famine failure on the lose or whatever. Now know what Saul is too dark and sin of press for him to say. That's a rhetorical question meaning. There aren't any. He is gracious. Not looking for merit in us. If we're trying to present merits a god. That's a joke right. Is easily He's gracious not looking for merit in us but of his own boundless goodness. Healing our backsliding. Loving us freely. Wow we are yet sinners he is slow to anger and of great kindness. Longsuffering to us. Not willing that any should Paris. Perish but that all should come to repentance. So that's the message we have today. None are so vile. None have fallen so low are you hearing this. None are so vile. None have fallen so low as to be beyond the working of this power. In all who will submit themselves to the Holy Spirit's a new principle is of life is to be implanted. The last image of God is to be restored and humanity. Lost not just the faced. We may be so deep in sin. It's like as if we've annihilated every impulse for good. That last image of God will be restored. In your humanity that's a promise folks. But man cannot transform itself by the exercise of his will. He was US has no power by which this change can be affected. The leaven something holy from without must be put into the meal before the desired change can be wrought in it. So the grace of God must be received by the sinner. Before he can be fitted for the kingdom of glory. All the culture and education which the world can give will fail. Of making a degraded child. Making a degraded child of sin. Into a child of heaven. The renewing energy must come from God. The change can be made only through the Holy Spirit's all who would be saved high or low. Rich or poor must submit to the working of this power. No mere external changes sufficient to bring us into harmony with God If you can reform you can make some positive change of the breakdown of enjoy. This is talking not talking about external change. There are many who try to reform by correcting this or that bad habit. They hope in this way to become Christians. They are beginning in the wrong place. Our first work is with the heart. A profession of faith. And the possession of truth in the soul are two different things. The mere knowledge of truth is not enough. We may possess this but the tenor of our thoughts may not be changed. The heart must be converted and sanctified and what does that mean. Converted from self. To God and others. To thinking of his glory. Loving him. Supremely above all else. Thinking of the best interest of others. As the aim and wellspring and purpose of my life. Christ prayed sanctify them through that truth by Word is Truth is a wonderful quote from Christ object lesson the last part of it here. The truth of the Word of God meet. Man's great practical necessity. The conversion of the soul. Through faith. They are vital in influence is to be woven into the human experience. They are to permeate. All the great things and all the little things of life. Receive into the heart the level of truth will regulate the desires purify the thoughts. It enlarges the capacity for feeling for loving this love masters. Every other motive. Reason I call the seminar. A greater lust is because the Greek word for lust. Just means a desire. It doesn't necessarily mean an unholy desire. And so if we have a greater. And holier desire that overwrites and rewrites all of the depraved desires that we have in our lives. Then we fulfill this. This love masters. Every other motive. And raises its possessor above the corrupting influences of the world. The Word of God is to have a sanctifying effect on our association with every member of the human family. Even that woman you don't know who's on the screen right. Ever seen a cough become died. If we live this way. Then our religious faith will not merely be one. Influence among many others. I think this is the biggest problem with the vast majority of Christians in the churches today. Religion is one aspect of our lives and stead of it being our lives. Listen to this its influence is to be supreme pervading in controlling every other influence. It is not like a dash of color brush here and there upon the canvas. But it is to pervade the whole life as if the canvas were dipped into the color. Until every thread of the fabric were died a deep. Unfading hue. That's what our religious life. Walking with God like did. Needs to be like. So I'm back to this question. How to Stop the last cascade. From happening. Because the bottom line is as we've seen. We need a connection with Jesus Christ. We need to exercise faith moment by moment. We need to walk with him. But there's more to this because we need not just a form of religion we need a new obsession. I mean we're obsessed with the things of this world right. We need a new and higher and holier absolute desire and totally new brain map. This is what Paul was talking about and Romans twelve years to when he said that you can ever a nude mind. This is physiologically neurologically something real. So when I try hard to not do something I try not to do something we just illustrated with the pink elephants that that is not possible so addiction is about the structural change that took place in the brain to begin with. So you know what the solution is is new structural change change. New pathways to replace the old. Think about it this way. The neurological trough. If you will the channel that you've etched into your brain map. The last cascade going down that same pathway that's not something that formed overnight. Right over years that's become widen and wide and widened. For that to shrivel down neurologically which it will literally do. We have to over and over and over again choose a different pathway. And then over time. That's going to begin to disappear and we will see the structural changes in the brain this is from William Struthers again wired for intimacy. Explains. If this corrupted pathway can be avoided. A new pathway can be formed. You're not going to think about nothing. You will go down a different pathway when you're faced with a temptation. We can establish a healthy sexual pattern where the flow is redirected toward holiness. Rather than corrupted intimacy. By intentionally redirecting the neuro chemical flow. The path toward right thinking. Becomes the all Wouldn't this be great the preferred path. And is established as the mental habit. Deepening the holiness pathways we are freed from deciding to do what is right and good and good as they become part of our embodied nature. And you read that statement a spirit of prophecy that says. We would be carrying out our own impulses in doing God's will when we have the mind of Christ. I want that. I want to be impulsively obedience. I want to have a situation where I can't help but be disgusted by something that used to lure me. And is so attractive to the world into my old self. But I know now how destructive it is how hurtful to that person is how hurtful it is to my own saw. And to the kingdom of God in the name of Christ as I represent him in this world. I want to have that desire that is so. Redirected initially and intentionally through the new habits because if the brain is powerful enough to get you addicted to a behavior. Folks. Then the brain is just as powerful to get you addicted to a new behavior. That's a big insight. For me. You can. See a woman objectified in a picture. Where you are you see that. And you get a little upset about it because you know how wrong it is that can be the new the new pathway the new habit. Specifically the Bible says do not remember the former things. Nor consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing. Now I shall spring forth. Shall you not know what I will even make away in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Rivers in the desert. That sounds like Niagara Falls going up were rivers in the desert is got into doing miracles. If you can create you. Do you think you can create a new you. I mean this is a God of miracles we're talking about you'll need miracles for this battle. Because it knows exactly what he's doing he's been studying this for six thousand years. And he's devised his deceptions and temptations in such an alluring way that the vast majority will be caught in his net. But it's not needed. Because he is doing. Rivers in the wilderness business but notice what this says the whole I will do a new thing a new thing. That's a phrase that should echo through our minds as we're seeking a new mental map of the way we engage with the world. Behold I will do a new thing. Behold I will do a new thing. So he's going to have me completely rerouting my whole life around new thoughts. New Behaviors. Anything new is good and you are I literally mean that anything new what they found and addiction recovery and. Like literally just doing anything new like spring cleaning. Rearranging the books on your bookshelf. Changing the furniture in your house like anything new starts to activate new neural pathways. And as silly and unnecessary and unhelpful as that might seem every new thing you can do in your life is going to help you form new pathways that become a new habit that start to get your mind obsessed over new things most importantly for new habits over bible study and scripture memorization men while how about what if I had a scripture memory. Verse at my disposal every time a alluring image. Raise its ugly head look. What if how about this. What if I was walking with Christ so closely every day that my thoughts were on God and or I was whispering a prayer to God every time. Right before an image showed up to attract me. If I had that kind of relationship with Christ. And I had this kind of new brain map. Then you got the new in place the old has gone. The new has come. And this could mean. In certain situations. A new cell phone device a new computer just like doing away with the old things that are wired together in our brains. My brain associates that place in my living room or whatever with the sinful behaviors and sinful actions. And so new newness. Just just little things like that can actually help. Now of course these are miniscule compared to what we've already talked about in terms of having the Holy Spirit speaking to us and having a new nature in Christ. But just these little tips have been helpful for many people. What is the mental map of the brain. Filled with. They did a study in U.C.L.A.. The University of California Los Angeles where they had subjects think about their love for their spouse. And then they showed them they let the people go through a slide show with their own slide device. And they would they would have images of the opposite sex and some of them would be like super sexualized. And what they found was the control group who weren't primed with thoughts of love for their spouse. Would do well on those images. Longer than the people who had just been thinking about the love for their spouse. So the people who were thinking of the lover their spouse would quickly skip through the images of sexually attractive people of the opposite sex isn't that amazing. These are even people who are motivated by Christian impulse. So the bottom line is if my mind is set upon. Love for others and love for God. Then it doesn't want to those things of the world you follow. This is a Roman six sixteen Do Not Do you not know that. To whom you present yourselves. Slaves to obey. You are that one's slaves whom you obey. Whether of sin leading to death or of obedience leading to righteousness so when I say addicted to purity and a pornographic world. And slave to to be in compulsively obedience. This is what Paul is talking about here is not something I came up with. If you have wired for intimacy again. William Struthers. He says. Imagine that you could be neurologically enslaved to purity. Rather than porn and slave to seeing the dignity of each individual rather than your their utility to you. The process of sanctification is and diction to holiness. A compulsive fixation on Christ and an impulsive pattern of compassion. Virtue and love. Boy he nailed that one out of the park they're not just some more practical tips to stop the last cascade from happening and for that pathway to being only down. One thing can be very helpful. Is a deep breath. So that image appears you're walking no driving down the road Billboard You've been the mall or whatever. By the way there probably certain places you should stay away from. I should be watching the sports because they know how to advertise to men during the beer commercials and all that. Maybe the certain beaches we don't want to be going to so. The mall. You know Victoria's secret right there probably not a good place to be walking by if you want to trying to be visually and in sexually pure in your thoughts and where your eyes go. But anyway. Let's say an image hits you because you're not being presumptuous and inviting temptation and making provision for the flesh but you're just living your life. And boom something hits you. Taking a deep breath. Breathing correctly like Spirit of Prophecy describes from the diaphragm. Actually does something to the brain. And what it does is there's this nerve in the upper back area of the neck that links into the limbic system into the brain there. And it's called the dorsal Vaghul nerve. And it actually is combed by a deep respiration. Which we read over one hundred years ago a good respiration soothes the nerves. The dorsal vague on there the nerve is soothed by a deep. Respiration. I just love Spirit of Prophecy it's just so true. So taking that breath. Call me is the nerve that links into your limbic system which is the area for all of these desires and fleshly compulsive patterns. So you can call that just by deep breath. Now that in itself isn't the solution but all of these things together. Come forward to help. And give you a helpful. Picture for this. It's hard by the way to remember not to remember to breathe properly. So sometimes it's good just to take breaks in your day. Make sure you're not getting stressed and anxious and so on and so forth. Because one thing they found about pornography addicts is they are much more prone to isolation. Also to depression and to anxiety. So men in our culture. Many of us were not affirmed in encouraged. As children and so we feel a constant need to perform and if I'm not achieving and accomplishing and performing that my value and I have my sense of being a man is damaged and wounded. And so I'm constantly. Either stressed because I'm going full throttle trying to be somebody or I'm depressed because I feel like I'm not measuring up. People have been more depressed than oppression and stress. Are more inclined toward pornographic addictions so. Just a thought on that on breathing and recognizing that God has already given you your worth and identity and purpose in life just being a child of his. He says You're my son whom I love and whom I am well pleased. So they are so vague and they're pretty interesting. This. What's what was why is there a trampoline on the screen Scott. OK this is been helpful to me. In terms of. Thinking about a phrase that has helped me as I navigate the world around me. And that is bouncing into holiness. Balancing into holiness What are you talking about. OK Well think about this you're going to have a image. A provocation take place. Were something hits your eyes OK now you know about that lust cascade. The fact that the hypothalamus says. I desire food sex and water. You know that's not going anywhere. But the second look at that image that millisecond where you can have some control over at that moment where you. Behold that image for a moment or you let it think you know go through the brain instead of immediately put in your mind on the scripture memory. Upon Christ in the sanctuary right. I mean something holy. If you're if you're beholding that image that's where they are little low fills up with activity in the male brain just starts to shut down the prefrontal cortex starts to shut down in years. Obsessing on these images that you just love and there is just amazing images and they captivate the brain in him the ties the brain and all of that. Instead of going down that last cascade. Let's take this. This impulse that Satan put in our path. And let's do like a judo move OK. I'm not in the martial arts but I'm familiar with the concept of Judo. And it basically is you take the enemy's momentum and you put it on him. And you defeat him with his own efforts to defeat you. OK So this is what we can do on say. He tries the free us through this. And we can we can use that bounce. To a to become actually a catalyst for greater holiness. What am I talking about. OK. The image hits you. Instead of. Taking advantage of that beautiful picture. And consuming that image and taken advantage of that person. You think of the infinite value and worth of every woman who is trapped in these in the sex trade in the pornography in the prostitution you name it. And you start to have that heart of your ning a desire for salvation. And for people to be protected. This is these guys that I heard about a bout a decade ago and they would literally go undercover into Thailand. And they would pretend to be hiring out the services of. Some young girls on some you know. Person who's been enslaved into this into the sex trade. And they would they would take her and they would rescue her and get her out of the country. Which I just found to be very you know that's that's that's an interesting thing to do that these guys are put their lives on the line like that. And so if you're thinking about others best interest. Again. You're not thinking about taking the experience of pleasure for yourself or about this one. I mention a second ago you thinking of Christ in the sanctuary. So this balance is going to take place. You bounce heavenward and sort of bouncing off the cliff into the abyss of lust and lustful practices. You allow this temptation to be a judo move upon say and you say no you're not going to get me on this in fact this is going to draw me closer to Jesus Christ. Because every temptation every pitfall every challenge in my life. God has permitting. For my in betterment. For me to become closer to him to become more holy. And so when that comes after you flip it on its head and say I'm going to bounce heavenward with this. I'm going to think of Christ blotting out my sins in the sanctuary. I mean how nonsexual is of the salvation. Redemption plan obviously this is totally different wiring in the brain. Wonderful replacements for the degraded. Pathways in the brain. Or here's another one. This is one that as I was walking down the airport terminal and. For some reason it's a mall. Also they had the Victoria Secret there. And I remember the phrase popped into my head. No Think you. I don't know if that would be helpful to you because of the self. It's an offer Seaton's pluck the fruit. Off the trees and he's saying. Take this. Well. The phrase No thank you was a phrase were accustomed to saying when we don't want something we do we want to say no to something so. Just that phrase goes through the pathways of our brain of denying something in the final about no thank you. Or how about this one. This one really helps me as I think about the higher motives here. And I mention the surlier thinking about this woman is it what if what if you. This was your mother your sister in the situation of being objectified in that manner that all of a sudden you have those Al truest Dick the true a stick. Motives and impulses. But you know what the best way to take this balance you know you're going to bounce somewhere why don't I bounce in a productive. Direction. The ultimate way to do this is to recognize the supreme say God I know that you have given each one of us. A wiring within our make up that we are in part. Sexual beings that that part of us to draw us into a deeper relationship with our spouse. And if you're married. You can immediately start thinking of your love for your spouse. If you're not married. You can also go even deeper. Because remember the picture of husband and wife is merely a type or reflection of the relationship of God within the Trinity and of God with us. And so now all of a sudden. Those needs for intimacy. This twinky has been thrown out there. Little capsules faking the scent of the female gypsy moth has been put out there and you're going to know. I don't want that I want the real thing I want true intimacy and start developing upon the love of your Father in heaven. And the love that God has within the Godhead. These are the highest themes that the mind can do well upon and when you rewrite the brain map. Along these lines. You're completely totally on up ending. Satan's temptations. And you're removing that from your brain. Completely. Now I have more on this. And we have another session tomorrow. And another session Sabbath. So. Think through what we've said so far. But we're kind of just sitting pause on the presentation right now because to get deeper into the spiritual experience of this. There are practical things like we've been talking about and of course find accountability. If you're in a. If you're in a prophetic ssion you need accountability. You need. The websites you visit being e-mail to a trusted friend you know covenant ises great software on that. But of course that doesn't solve the problem. Because there are people who can always find ways to lust without you know. Those reports. Finding their way to the trusted accountability friends. But another thing too I want to mention since I brought that up. Many people in the even Jellicoe community feel that divulging. All of their private. Sins and dark. Behaviors and thoughts to many people is the best path to finding salvation and healing from this. And I don't think that that is supported by the Bible Spirit of Prophecy. I'm not about the confessional. Where we go when we confess our sins to the priest right. We confess our sins to the priest. Meaning Jesus the high priest. And so they're done studies on women and wives who have had husbands who are engaged in the point a graphic addictions. Adultery. And when the husband divulge is all of this to the wife in a staggered disclosure. Telling things that should be better that you know she doesn't need to know every deep dark thought and know that's just a burden on her that's totally not necessary but what they found is the psychological profile of a woman who's learned all the deep dark secrets of the dark world that the husband has been engaged in and he staggers this disclosure to her she has a psychological profile of a rape victim. OK So just be aware of that. And yes we need to confess our sins before God we need to make things right when we wounded and hurt another. And just just think through that there's some good spirit of prophecy on this by the way in terms of. Do we want to just like Should I never tell anybody how do I handle that. Let me give you one quote on that. I'm getting ahead of myself but I felt the need to throw this in here right now because if I don't say this now. Somebody may go. And feel impressed and do something in a compulsive manner. But where is my confessional Did you see an image of a confessional on the screen yet. It On Up With that in. Well basically there's a statement of mine character and personality that says that the inexperienced. Need help they need they need guidance. And so for you to go to a brother in Christ. Somebody that you think is a. Somebody who's along on the journey and there. They can offer some some help. Then go to them and say you know hey this is what we all struggle with how do you how are you gaining victories in this instance when we start talking like that and start sharing ideas that's going to help it doesn't mean we're divulging everything right. And talking about all of our secrets since we confess our secret since to God. But nonetheless there is that statement and I want to find it and bring it to you. I just found it. Now in character and personality. Seven sixty four. Says the extend the inexperienced. Need to be guided with wise counsel. When in trial. And assailed with temptation. So there's a lot of statements about not. You know doing the confessional thing. But then there's that one as a balancing statement as well that you can't walk this year any alone especially without the Lord let's ask for his presence in this journey. Father in heaven. We thank you for this time we've had to deal with these tough issues and I know there are many who are striving for mastery over this and who felt. Burdened with guilt and shame and I just pray that you would relieve them of that. And empower them. That we might have the actual practical skills and tools from your word. To have your word hidden in our heart that we might not sin against you and many more things that we need to discuss but as we are short on time there in the session we just ask for your grace. Which is sufficient for us that you would be made perfect and your strength would be made perfect in our weakness. We thank you Jesus for this time to be together a G. Y.C. to seek you to know you better. To understand our calling to understand that we are chosen of you to do a work. Now we can only be faithful. Through your power in our lives. I thank you also that this is a time where we come face to face with the person in the mirror. And where we are called by you to relinquish our cherished idols and pray for strength for that decision in the decisions that need to be made this week by all those and. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen. They for supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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