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Extreme Preaching: Part 3

Duane McKey


Duane McKey

Internationally known lecturer and Bible student



  • December 31, 2015
    1:45 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen. And the over to talk to other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org And it's Father in heaven. We think you that you are such an awesome God. And that you have given us the privilege of sharing your message with others place in your Holy Spirit upon this room today this afternoon. Keep us a say. Awake. Give us. Energy give us wisdom and give us a heart for your word. I think you in Jesus name Amen. I think we probably have a bit of a. You know this is a our seminars continue as in the others. Some of those are repeat each time and perhaps we should attend that we thought we had so much we need to share. When did to to have a continuous. But. Let us just say this is sometimes people think that preaching is scary. And when think about ACA actually they say that that. One of the hardest things in the world to do is to stand up in front of someone else that you don't know. And give a presentation and scares people to death. I see some smiles here. I was scared to death but remember. Yeah if any of you were here in the previous session. I said it was all. You know I was concentrating on myself I me. But you know what would we give it to God. He will work in and through us the Holy Spirit will give us the boldness the power and wisdom and energy. And whatever else we lack. We actually have taken about three thousand people and show them how to preach overseas and here in the States and the most exciting thing yes. We have never had a funeral yet. No one has ever died. It really is life changing. Is Transforming is an extreme experience is better than extreme sports is the most exhilarating exciting thing you'll ever do. And you won't die. There's no throwing. When you jump off the Victoria Falls bridge you might die. Part die to self. That's right. It's life changing. It really is when you make your first call. When you make your first call. And people come for take step Jesus. Wow. You know. Yes that there. You know stand there and cry. It is it's so amazing to know that God has use you in such a special way. One of the most exciting things about overseas is the fact that you get to work with a translator because working with a translator gives you time to think as a young person to you don't have to be embarrassed. If you miss up the translator fixes it. And you know never ever see these people like again. So you don't have to be embarrassed. Except in heaven right. So working with trash there is a lot of fun. And I thought you might just enjoy this. This gives you a little example of how fun it is to work with a translator get him to demonstrate the challenge of communicating the Gospel across cultural in another language and language in context is very important. We will a straight business and American pastors big Through interpreter. This is not to be a reflection on the ability of our national Christians to interpret the rather it is a graphic demonstration of why missionary strive to master the language of the people with whom they live and Labor Day We have a great past of from America. Come to speak to one. He's name is pretty good. I'm very peaceful opportunity to untap it for this brother. Since he doesn't speak on a nice. Thank you brother thank you thank you I'm very happy to be here with you tonight and I like the faith bank you for the dinner. He says. Thank you for the dinner. I must admit I have them butterflies in my stomach. What did he said. I said I have them butterflies in my stomach. It seems all gas has taken some fries into his stomach. But I really like the food it was good I was really great. Thank you you're like I like the food it was very good very good Law Well you're right the fries. And I want to know that I'm tickled pink tonight that the you invited me here to share with you on it seems now that I guess has developed around and has been is granting asylum so much to here's a ton of complaints is going to fancy of Benteke about the topic that you've asked me to address. Guest has a great deal of elastic in his dress. To make my friends of the to get our people involved in spiritual ministries. He's going to tell us how to. And both of the ministering to the spirits. You see there are too many people around here with their Like taken to the groove in there running around like chickens with their heads in dismounts country damn us big taboo persecution. They're just killing people by cutting Madoff. Then they just run around full Wow I don't know why are there times the money of not worth my going to being with their touch the morning is not what the mountain of vegetables. I tell your friends that time to get on the ballot for G.'s a time to play sports what she says. The problem is you who are bastard part of the problem is you got those. You're always jumping the gun. Really jumping the gun. Jump jumping the gun you know. I guess you know putting a gun on the ground and then you're jumping up and down on your i was shooting YOU PUT YOUR MOUTH. Going Why is suiting up and your mouth was being you know taking a gun and food song. I now live. And then when you just many times it is a problem with just being lackadaisical mad Times has a problem the flaxen thing you must get on the even to be good to their seats. Good to their three who have to there's a good friends listen very carefully. When people come to your church. You just put something sticky on to see when they sit down and they can't get back up. I know it is getting ready for church I know how to compare what you are just playing it Sunday morning it's late Sunday morning back kids are in the yard as filthy as pigs. Yeah you get kids do on here there are some Betty guard Jenny Arnett began not God takes. Then you bring him into the you bring them in the house. Bring him into the house and put him in the mouth of. He got some pretty good cinema and then you begin the peel them up for the mud off in the meantime your wife or C. then they're busy making up her face. When she's making a briefing on your life is making a face happy for cheese a few stumbles scientists ran into some done. I missed the boat certain small animals begin to fall for my sky and about that time you're a wise move. It's your face her hairdo it gets her face. Hard to hear her Where do you know. Oh yes I'm his wife my children are faced with one of the most farming from the sky. It's enough to make your head spin. Go blow make so had taken aback that enough to make you go bananas. Not sure why but probable fruit is coming in you know from well now you finally get the church. God. And by the time you get there you're not even thinking about God. No about a time to get this man's church. You know what do you mean think about God Your manage your wife and your kids. You become insane with your wife and you've baby goals. Your saw upset. But you begin to chew your wife out boy or begun saw anger which a wife day you begin to bite people are just sitting like bumps on a par just sitting like Brahms but on with your life is trying to smile. Life is trying to win but everybody can tell you just to out one conceive of bed in her. The bird must still be running down my feet a cock is as flying and I must rush to a conclusion seems. This man has had a vision. Blind Clarks giving people can clutch. Can. Good conscience. What you need to do. And get into your closet in prayer. You know in any kind of closet. I guess Wanadoo is going in a bathroom and pray. You need to go to mobs or and grab a hold of the horn. There you know the horns of the younger. Maybe goods. You must grab hold of the horns. I don't know why are we doing enough got the Falcon plan was there any part there you have begun to compose the prayer to burns on Byron. If you will only problem I worried all of your would talk just like I do our the Spirit will sweep over you got away if you get a broom. Where you were preachers in the Bible. This man thinks that the thing the feds are really in the Bible. I hope someday you can come to my church and bluff us the way we have been able to come and share with you. I hope my friends that someday. One of us to go to church and straighten out this poor man theology. I want to thank you for the opportunity that I had to come here and share these special insights with you thank you very much. Although we know it is part of the from America is very grave you know I saw a book. Get a move out of a hard core of story doesn't those two big thanks to demonstrate the challenge of communicate or working with a translator. That's why we practice our. Armand's three times. And that's why we give the sermons. To the translators. They have the sermons. And that's why. If we have a special illustration that we want to use that we talk to the translator and head a time about it. Otherwise. I have told really funny stories. Overseas and had it translated and have the people just look at me. They just don't get it. If they don't understand it. And so even though you may think it's cute. And even though you think you may think it's nice if they don't get it. They don't get it. So you talk to the translator ahead of time and it works very good. Fortunately and Rwanda where we're going to this May May. What is it Kathy. They should land May eleventh May leaven. We wanted the land. Unmade eleven in Kigali. And then the orientation is May twelfth and May thirteenth the meetings began. We have a meeting with you every morning. And we have a very good trainer who would be there with us Karen glass for and some of you know her and she be there with you this group from G Y C. We have a general conference people in other cities. And we have an elder Wilson in his own city. And it will be it at Gaeta Rama is that right. And in a very very nice hotel. And it's the food is wonderful. And it's very inexpensive. Will have the total price for the food in the hotel is seven hundred and ten dollars. Right. And now. It cost another six hundred dollars for the registration fee. And for the transportation each night back and forth from the hotel and do we ever have a deal for you if you sign up under Thomas' website that Tom has put together for us it's a beautiful website under the him. I dot Adventist dot org And it's on that sheet that were passed and now that you have it. Got it will make sure you have it when you leave. Then you sign and under G Y C. And you give a special discount of five hundred dollars. So that will help out quite a bit doesn't it. The tickets right now are running about thirteen hundred. If you. Comma stand ups they can see you. If you want to talk to Thomas he can send you to another place where you can buy tickets in January they're on sale right now for eleven hundred dollars and right about eleven hundred and so that gives you a good savings and so with eleven hundred. So you're getting a really good deal here so it's not. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg. You know well. If you were translating it doesn't cost an arm and a leg in Rwanda you may not. It may not come out so good right. So that's why we we had to watch those kinds of sayings were there were a dozen caution arm or leg. And we can say that here in America and understand what we mean. Right. So talk to Thomas. Or on the website there's also a site there. Allan Butler about their travel. If you forget that and. Right now she's in about the same price tickets just a little more think about thirteen hundred. And so you can get the tickets. Right. Extend. It's not not a bad. Yes. No no. Now let me back up and say this. Talk to your doctor we're not medical professionals we're just in the John conference we don't know a thing about medicine. It's just for some you know for insurance sake we can't tell you that. But you do have you will have a special General Conference insurance. And you'll be covered for fully. So that. That's fine is all taken care but talk to your medical professionals and make sure that you have to have the same shots you have here in the States you know you need to keep you happy or your tetanus and tie forward in different things you know the stock that you get. But normally. Now they will say to you because is Africa some doctors will say uni malaria medicine there's no malaria Malawi are in and. Arrow Wanda. The so you don't really need it. But if you want to be to be safe then the. What I would take what we suggest is what we suggest is take deep woods off and make sure you spray yourself well. The mosquitoes come out. If you have mosquitoes they come out. Dawn and dusk and are out during the night. And so you really want to spray yourself well. Deep Woods Off has a pretty high content of deed that keep the mosquitoes away. And oh. And what. What Duane and I do if we take malaria medicine is we take doxycycline which is actually in an a body. And it helps you in two different ways. So. Doxycycline is a daily medication. But some of the malaria medicine make you have nightmares and kind of make you sick and stuff and so we do not take it and we don't recommend it. However your doctor may say that you should take that. Ask him if you can take doxycycline if you look on the Web site for the disease control center. They list that and some of your health departments in your counties would tell you if you go just to the health department that you can take doctor if I can. So Doxycycline is a mild and I buy audit. You take it daily and it also it isn't prophylactics for malaria. Again there's no per malaria there. But if you're. If your mama says you got to take it because the doctor said you should. You should that you do it you know that's that's going to have to be up to between you and your mom and your doctor. Yes. I went to a travel clinic. Recently in Oregon and. I told them I was going to get to Ramah Rwanda. And they did give me a yellow fever. Vaccine. So I do recommend talking to your doctor. But that's what I had important to talk here. And you want to travel center. You can go there. The less expensive way to go is to go to a county health department. And they'll have a travel center and most of those and you can talk to them and they can tell you. And again. Yellow Fever is a good thing to get absolutely. OK. We will go through at the end we'll ask for some more questions but that gives you some idea so we're looking at about seven hundred ten dollars on the Web site. T M I dot org And you know T. know T.M.I. dot Adventists dot org And Thomas. It's working now on the i Phones and i Pads and to register you need to register to get the special discount for G.U.Y.Z. so you should go ahead and get that. So that T.M.I. dot EVIDENCE dot org And if you have any trouble with that. Thomas is here grab him afterwards and he can help you with it. And again if you really want to buy your tickets now and get and go on. You know it right now is a sale. It starts now probably go to January for the tickets and it's not bad at Levon hundred bucks. That's very inexpensive. Don't leave here. Without this. OK this gives you the information if you forget it. OK. OK let me tell you just a story. The most important thing that we have found for preparation for a mission trip preparation for doing a series of meetings in America. Are any place in the world or in your local church if you. Prayer. Pray pray pray. Let me tell you low short story about Mrs Ford and nor agreement. Mrs For lived in British Columbia. And several years ago. The pastor was saying we're going to have a series of means and he asked the people to raise their hand if they would be willing to to do something to be involved. And this is for he goes home and she had raised her hand she thought what can I do. I can't pass out literature my legs are bad my knees are bad. I can't do anything. And it's just taught herself. I can pray. And so she began to pray every day but she didn't know who to pray for. And then God spoke to her and she took the phone book. Open the phone book. Up and she found. How many names. She found fifteen names. And she wrote down those fifteen names and prayed for them twice a day morning and night for three years that Shelley and something marvelous happen. You see in church one day. And they had just finished another series of meetings. And all of a sudden the pastor. Bab ties to a man by the name of no agreement. And she thought. Nor Grima no agreement. I didn't pray for him. She got a list that sure enough she been praying for him. And they knew she had found in the phone book. So asked if people are leaving. The pastor standing by no agreement. And people are shaking his hand and she came by and shook his hand and she said to him. I have been praying for you for three years. He had this. Horribly surprised look on his face and says you what. Yes I've been praying for you for three years. What I've been pretty. I don't even I've never met a seven to Evan to spare for he said and house got this handbill. I came to these meetings. I don't know you. She said I know there were did you get my name in the phone book and the. The pastor says now. This is true it really is it seems almost impossible. But it's true. Nothing's impossible and God right. Because a friend of mine just. Not long ago went to Canada. Found nor agreement and he said it's absolutely true that it happened. He's in the church there. She is Mrs Ford A since died. And so. The pastor said. Tell me the story here. Well you told us three years ago email you. Everyone had to do something. Yes I remember that and she said I don't know I do so I went home and I took my phone book open it up. And I went through the former Can I found fifteen. Names that I've been praying for for three years and nor Green was one of them. And the pastor said. Do you have that list we're sure I have my Bible can I see it. And she he took and not looked at can borrow this list or sure she said every memorize I've been praying for three years. Morning and night for every one of them. And so he checked all the other pastors in the area there in B.C. British Columbia and found out that was it. Eight or nine of them have been baptized. A man is no amazing. While you don't know what God would do when you start praying. And you start praying something special is going to happen so. Mrs Ford. Yes. Preparation prayer. Kathy. You here are my mother used to say I'm sure on one prayer. So we see Prayer changes lies so if you. If you think about doing a mission trip. Need don't have the money. No big deal for God. You pray about it. You tell your church you tell your pastor. You tell your friends. And God will make a way. He really well. God will make a way for you to have the funds to do this trip or to do any other project that God wants you to do well here we are. I am to preach. And you know one of the things that we always say. On every evangelistic meeting. If it's in the Bible I believe it. If it's not in the Bible it's not for me and. Do you know sometimes. Young people especially are embarrassed to say that they say. That's kind of dorky. But you know what it has power. Because when you when you are preaching. You let the people know if this is from God's word is not for me. This is God's word and it has power to change lives and Wayne. Had a series of meetings in Botswana. You know what happened. He was at the General Conference for committee meetings about a year or two later. Was it a year later. And this one lady comes up to him. Who was on the General Conference executive committee and went and down the hall she said to do. She sighed to wait and she said. If it's in the Bible I believe it if it's not in the Bible it's not for me. People will remember that in thing he will be drawn to the Word of God and that's fully what we want people drawn to the Word of God not to us. We want them to be like the brewery ends. To ship to search the Scriptures. We're going to use. Yes I surmise are also are doing some new I don't convert sermons. And you have both of them to yours where use them over there. This is a sample that can you see by my computer. In the back you see it all right. All right. You see how it looks. You have on this site and you can adjust the size the writing a set or one side you have watched up on the screen what's behind you the people are seen this picture here. And the other side of this is what's coming up and down below here is what you say OK. You practice three times. Out loud. Out loud. Three times. And then you work your translator. You know he has the sermons and hear read them over. And so it's is full proof it works it really does. It's exciting. Like the story we show this morning you know the White House where she ten ten year old girl in Guyana who preached. You can do it you really can it's easy. It really is. It's. You will surprise yourself that anything about this is to. When you come back you have so much confidence that you have never had before. It's a life changing experience spiritually. And also with your abilities and how you can preach and use. You know that God can use you in many ways we had a friend of ours who who who went with us and he had. You know he had a hard time finding a job he he didn't have any special talents or gifts and things and he when he learned how to do this. He used Powerpoint he learned how to Thomas with this Power Point. He came back he applied for a job at a health systems. He went as an assistant to one of the prisoners. And they were doing. For presentations. And the presenter got a bad cold and didn't know he couldn't speak in such Thomas that. Oh I know how to depart Point presentations he just learned it in Africa. He stood up and did a fantastic presentation. And he they kept him on this has been. What ten years ago he has a fantastic job he got married and has several our children now. I think three their right to change his life. And now he's he's going to church all the time he helps in church and just it's an amazing thing. So and I help here. You know happier gifts. It's. When you preach. As many sermon seventeen eighteen sermons. When you preach that many sermons. As many as some pastors doing a whole year. You know how to preach you know how to give a presentation so it's very very helpful now the power of the Holy Spirit. And by prayer. So we like to have volunteers are on. We're going to do this right now. And we have time. And so I need a volunteer. Kathy. One thing I wanted to mention is. When you take these sermons. One lady said. I need to know how to to edit them. For myself to use in a prison. And I said No problem. You can delete slides. And you can add wording. But one thing that we caution you. When you're over in Rwanda. If you're going over to Rwanda. The reason why the union the Rwanda Union and the conference's opened their arms to us is. They know what we're going to be preachy. They have faith in the sermons that we're preaching. We don't. We don't we ask that no one makes their own sermons but they follow these sermons and the reason is is because everybody is preaching on the same topic and. These are experienced evangelists that a put these sermons together. Wow. Well Lauren. We were just there. Yeah. It we went through London on our way to Montenegro and to India. Yeah right. So Lauren. Let me pray for you. OK. As well as Barra heads. Father in heaven thank you so much for Lauren that she is willing to be the first one to stand up and share the message to. Show how easy it is to preach these sermons. Pray that your bliss are in Jesus' name amen. OK. Now one thing we said in our previous session. Is when you preach. With a computer. Especially when you're overseas. You want to have. We're going to ask them to each place to have a table. And you put your computer on the table and have an hour from you. So that you can look down and see the notes and have. I contact with the audience. And so that is so important because you don't want to be hiding behind your computer. You want to have. I contact with your audience and make them feel like you're speaking to them which you really are with me. You have never done anything like Oh. So if you see this road. Do you think I was just made by itself. Oh do you think that somebody has made it cuts in design to it. Even though Rosenhaus is a much much simpler than the wells and human life itself. We know that they too are complex. Oh well moment. We know that too complex to have simply originated to have something written it by accident. So how did this complex world. Here. How did you get here. Who made you. Today we're going to look at what the Bible says about the intentional way life began here on this. We will begin to learn about the God who claims to be the designer and creates of everything. But God who claims to be. The eyewitnesses. Of how this wealth came into existence. The Bible pickin by saying. Very simply. She's cheating isn't she. You've done this before haven't you know. This your first time. You're kidding. Why do you think. Thanks Lauren. Wow that's great thank you so much wow. I'm sorry I showed you first now all the rest of we're going to feel threatened. OK. Really ready to preach. One right where you do like a. Yes. Let's pray together K.. Father in heaven thank you for Alpha and I pray bless him as he preaches for the first time it's easy for the first time I thank you in Jesus' name. And he men. OK. Do I start from the beginning to do this or go on from there from the beginning from here. I'm here. Begin by saying very simply. When you read the text here. I was like to turn to the screen and point to the screen and read it off the screen. What happened. You two will look to the screen right. And we want people in the audience to read the Bible from the screen. OK. We will begin to learn about the God who claims to be the designer and creator of everything. The God who claims to be the eye witness of how this rule came into existence. The Bible begins by very simply saying. In the beginning God created the heavens and the years. Genesis one respond on the first day of creation week. God created life and began and began the cycle of days and nights. Then God said Let there be light. And there was light. And God saw the light that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness. So evening and morning. Where the first day on day two God made the sky above us and separate the water on the earth from the water in the clouds and the sky. All right. Good good. I'm sorry actually is. Actually a job. Very good. No volunteer maybe a young lady or younger man or. Yes sir. Please come forward. Is An exciting. You know we first did this when we did the new beginnings. Back in for I can't remember as an A.S.I. meeting in San Francisco. And I remember it was the first time we had that we just created the New Beginnings the New Beginnings project cost. Was a two million dollars when an A.S.I. in Michigan. And then we read raise the money for two million dollars to put all the graphics and stuff together and these are the new beginning sermon so this is these have been revised now. And that's when it started it's a been ten years ago. At least. Yeah. You know more than ten is and I think it was. Yeah about fifteen years ago. Right. You are Daniel. Are you from Daniel Indiana. Can I pray with you. OK. Father in heaven thank you for Daniel bless him as he shares with us thank you so much he's willing to have this experience in preaching in Christ name Amen. OK but he came up here. He was fourteen years already short of I'm allowed with his mom his mom is going to preach he was going to do anything he was not. You know he just a fourteen year old kid. This kind of then having direction in life and. And so I said the tailor I said you asking about this. I said the tailor tailor one of our speakers got lost in South South Africa didn't make it to my Lowry were you speaking he said what course not. I said I have I have a D.V.D. player here we have their sermons and everything. We just try. No I said you know just just sit down I said all up you can just try an operation a button for you. So he he read it through he tried. And he tried to get in and try to get in and he said you know what I think I could do that so that night he preaches first sermon ever. Emma Lowry it wasn't good. No Tom I said that it was a very good. But the next night he was better in the next not he was better in the next now he's better and you know Taylor today right. He's excellent. And he learned to do this by preach in his first sermon and. Well our way when he was fourteen. So God can use any of us right. Yeah. You bet. Pardon me if I mess up and give me. All right so that evening in the morning or the first day then God said Let there be a light. Story affirm that in the midst of the waters. And let the waters divide the water from the waters. Then God said Let there be affirmed in the midst of story. And it was so the next. It's indeed to then God said Let there be if firmament in the midst the waters. It's routine in the waters and let them divide the waters from the waters. Says one six. And it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And so the evening. And the morning or. The second day. And then God called the firmament Heaven. Sorry. The third day God made the dry land. To appear in created the seas and covered the earth with plant life. And God said. Sorry. And God said Let the waters under the heavens. Be gathered together under the place. And let the dry land appear. Great give a hand because Daniel thank you you do that. Can't you. You bet. Of course yes yes. Daniel Sure yes. So if you practice how many times. Now this is this is cold turkey guys. When you come right up and you have a seat before. It is cold turkey you just but. And of course your in front of all these guys and gals and we you know it's kind of intimidating. But when you're He practice you Times and you're there in Rwanda and you working a translator. You know be so easy like Kathy said. You know pray and pray and pray and you learn that it's not about you. It's about him. Right. OK. Why day. Now I see Richey raise your hand first come come on down. Come on down and your name is OK. Good good good show and now. Kathy upright with you Neal. We're so glad she kneels come she was at every one of our seminars haven't you then. Yeah. So she's now in the very beginning. Father in heaven thank you so much for Chanel. And her love for you and for her willingness to be used by you. We ask that you will bless her in a mighty way into he's a snake. A man. So you know the drill. OK. Then God said Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear. And it was so then God said Let the earth bring forth grass. The herb the Eels yield see. And the fruit trees. That yield fruit according to its current whose seat is it itself on the earth. And it was so. So the evening. And the morning where the there day. Oh well I don't know just how many features. Your teacher. OK. And I think today. Your Hand fantastic Good good good I need another word volunteer maybe the back someplace Oh oh here. Oh. This young man come out to various divorce. OK. Of ours. Let me tell you from Georgia Chanelle for you from Michigan. OK. And Georgia. OK Father in heaven thank you for two of our US and I just pray your bless him. And keep him excited about you and about preaching in Christ's name Amen. This is fun. Wow. OK let's go to the next six. And it's off the screen again we have one thing that's always good to refer to and it takes on a life. You point this Reno it's a little more difficult and or one of that will be your one. So you tell you are right. Then God said Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens. To divide the day from the night. And let them be for signs and seasons. And for days and years. And let them be for lights in the From a mess of the heavens. To give light on the earth. And it was so. And God saw that it was good. So the evening and the morning were the third day. Wow Wow. X. or you guys say. All right. Good job. You going with us too right. OK. Praise God. We got Georgia and Michigan and or you from again. Indiana and London and Colorado. Wow. Well we have fun together. Anyone else how about this young lady right here in the front you want to try. Mandy. This is many is from or again. Good friend. Me Pray for human father in heaven Lord thank you so much for Mindy that she's come to see and has a passion for you. Lesser as she shares a word now in Jesus' name. And then. OK Genesis one thousand nine hundred says so the evening. And the morning. Where the fourth day. On day five. The Bible says God made. Birds and fish and other creatures. What did God create on the fifth day. Then God said Let the waters. Abound. With an abundance of living creatures. Let the birds fly above the earth. Across the face of the firmament of the heavens. So the evening and morning were the fifth day. Genesis one twenty three. The sixth day of creation was the most important so far. Then God said Let the earth bring forth the living creatures. According to its kind. Cattle and creeping thing. And beast of the earth. Each according to its kind and it was so good many Thank you thank you. She's going to Rwanda that's right. OK. Good good guys. And you want to ask like to try this in the back here somebody in the back. Just want one more one more one more. OK. Come P.S. One guy on the the girl. Maybe in the back there were you girls who are trying in a way you girls in the back of the back row is there is no one is there one just one. How about the second to the back row. You guys think about this and. Yes OK come on down cut your name is Stephen OK Stephen. Where you from New Hampshire in you are you would be the New Hampshire. That's a great state isn't it. Let's pray for Stephen Father in heaven thank you for. Stephen I pray that your bless him as he takes. Has his experiencing going to Rwanda with us to hear that you're willing Christ's name. OK maybe it's just one verse twenty four says thing God said Let the earth bring forth the living creature. According to its kind. Cattle and creeping thing in Beasts of the earth. Each according to its kind and it was so let us make man in Our image according to our like this. Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over the cattle. Over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. Are you done before. Yeah. Yes from Ohio. We're so glad she's come. Let's pray for Erica. Father in heaven thank you so much for Erica. That she has come to this class. And I pray that you will bless her in a special way if she shares to with us about creation. I thank you in Jesus' name amen. Where you know Genesis one twenty seven. So God created man in his own image in the image of God He created him. Man in female he created them. Then go sought. Everything he had made. Indeed it was good. So the evening in the morning with the six. Adam and Eve did not just evolve or just happen. The Bible says a God designed their bodies in his image. He is the great engineer. The great intelligent designer who brought us to be God the Father as the bought. Bible calls him was not alone in his work. Of creation. It was a work of love that involved the entire Godhead. I say. Even a great job. Thank you thank you so much wonderful. Awesome awesome. Where you go so back standing there at the door why you want to come down. Have a nice experience. How about when you said in the back he want anyone to back here. Girl guy. One more just one more one more. Is there one more it's a war more where you want to write. OK Here we go. If you want to back there too while the girls. Guys just just raise your hand you like to do it. I like to try like the try is your one. OK well you spray by that were you from William for Pennsylvania. OK Father in heaven thank you for a way and thank you for his interest in Rwanda and interest in preaching I just pray you know bless him. Thank you he be here with us in Christ name. You go by where you are Bill Bill. OK. Then open the right names down do they. OK. You can just start here he was a great engineer. He is the great engineer. The great intelligent designer who brought us into being God the Father. As the Bible calls him was not alone in his work of creation. It was a work of love that involved the entire Godhead. Genesis one twenty six it says. And God said Let Us make man in our image after our likeness. Oh the Gospel of John developed this even more. Text in the beginning was the word. And the what Word was WITH gone in the word was gone he was in the beginning with Gone. All things that were made through all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was main. Thanks. Art is OK it was under G Y C You need to get it within January. OK. So we need to do it in January. Plus the good thing about signing up in January you get the sale prices for the air tickets if you wait. If you Terry. You're going to be in trouble. OK so to for G Y C I think you go on to your science sign up and you have to pay a hundred or deposit. And that that way you're in you get the discount. And then you go ahead and work with either Thomas or Elam Butler it's on the on the. And so on the the website there Alan Butler's name is. But if you want Thomas' cheaper tickets you can talk to him today and not to get that nailed down for you. OK. So the. The total amount that you will pay then will be seven hundred ten dollars. There is also a thirty dollars fee when you get into the country over Wanda. At the airport you can buy your visa and then thirty dollars in the other questions. So. So the main thing is to sign up and then go to your doctor are. I would. It's less expensive. If you if you go to the county health department. And most of our counties have those and they can give you some advice there and get you the yellow fever shot at that's why the ask you Have we got those and. And also I say you know if they insist that you take malaria. I would ask them about doxycycline my county Heart Health Department in Texas where we got ours. They said docs he's talking which is fine in our doctors have told us that to. So there is no malaria but if you're scared. And the doctor says you should take it anyway. Go ahead and take the doxy because Doxycycline is a mild antibiotic. And so it enter our Sometimes we get some travel sickness and that takes care of that as also and as also helps you with a malaria. What's the word. Profile activists That's right. As a pro mild prophylactic as well and takes here that it's almost as efficient and almost as good as some of the heavy heavier antimalarial drugs like mellowing to some of those are really hard on your body. And so we do not encourage it. And just tell the doctor you like to send a little milder like the doxycycline if you look at that you'll see that's a prophylactic as well for anti-malarial. OK. Now the other questions that you might have for us. Yes. Yes. No. OK. Now it's your sermons and. The nice thing about the A.S.I. sermons too and also the new ones and the General Conference you have it in English and English and now that for a wonder if you time for that you get there one decent you can also have it. And it's free. There's no charges no expiration dates or anything for either one of the sermons. And I think you can go on there's a web. Isn't there a on the phone. An app. Of the is an app for A.S.I. servants. And you can get that and you can look at the sermons right away that way. So you can go ahead and get those and I would encourage you do that so there's an app for the A.S.I. storm and and go ahead and get those and you can look at it. And you can start practicing. When we're talking about Rwanda we want you to realize that you are not going to be alone. Duwayne and I are going to actually be coordinating these meetings. And when you sign up. I will be sending you. E-mails with information about the country over Rwanda. About the hotel. You're going to be eating food. Just like you do in America. Maybe not the same. Same menu. But they have potatoes they have rice they have beings and. And and vegetables and wonderful bread and wonderful fruits. And so. All that good stuff. And it. The hotel good to Rama where G Y C. Participants are going to be. Is amazing I mean is very squeaky clean. The people are awesome. We ate our allege they're doing two males there anyway it was fantastic. We could not believe how good it was. And so you are well taken care of there is when you fly in to keep golly. There is somebody there to meet you there is somebody to transport shoot to the hotel in good to Rama. Which is about forty five minutes to an hour from the airport in Kigali. And then on Thursday you have. You'll arrive on Wednesday. And usually in the afternoon or toward evening you'll arrive. And then on Thursday. We have the orientation. About. And you meet with the pastors in the area as well as the elders from your church. Each one of you will have your own church. And then on Friday morning. There will be where worship. And you'll have a meeting there as well and then Friday night. About four thirty on Friday night the thirteenth of May you'll be picked up by either at church member or the pastor. Usually it's a church member. That would take you to your site where you would be preaching. Now one thing very important for us to tell you for parents and for all you to know is that if your young lady. We tell then the pastor or any male cannot pick you up by himself. And so we make sure that you're taking care of. And so someone else will be there for you and with you. And what take care of you there are people in or wanted are nice saying a great thing about being a seventy evidence no matter where we go in the world. Are people take care of us and they'll take care of you very very well on and the food is wonderful. It's just a great mission trip. At the price actually I think this is one the less expensive ones we've ever had and so the price is right. And we're subsidizing it with five hundred dollars you don't have to pay the site fee. So it's really a great deal for you and arrive if you get your take is other than Ellen Butler she knows the date. But if you talk to Thomas and get a less expensive ticket you need to right there on the eleventh. On the eleventh of May two thousand and sixteen not two thousand and seventeen or eighteen. Two thousand and sixteen. Eleventh of May That's not long is it. You had time to prepare time to get your fund raising in place. You put a hundred dollar deposit I guess you have a few weeks to go ahead and raise the other money. And then for your airfare as well. Not January they always have good sales on airfares a good time to buy your tickets in January don't. Don't wait till May one. Be very you know how then you're looking double in the price so that's really makes it tough for you. Other questions. Yes. Yeah yeah yeah. OK. Third I V's. OK. Great deal isn't it. Wow. From London it's probably cheaper I'm sure. Yeah. It probably isn't talked to Jonathan. Or to Thomas. They can give you the website. If any of you are under the age. Well under the age of eighteen. You have to have a parental consent. Will send you one as well as a point person. That is actually going to be overseeing you I mean if you're traveling with a group of Dalton or whatever. So that is very important we want you guys. We want your parents to feel reassured that you're well taken care of go and go ahead and get signed up as soon as possible we have fifty slots for G Y C. And we're going to make a big announcement on Sabbath and pass out all these brochures and have the decision cards and sell US laws will go. So go ahead and get signed up and we're ready to go OK. Any other questions before we have her on North times about going here to apps. As I evangelism. Thanks. Thomas. Anyone else. So go and get your app look at the sermons. You can download I mean his start practicing right away. Pretty good deal will send them to you with are all one D.'s but you can practice it's the same sermon so are Kinyarwanda. OK. Again great great mission trip. Wonderful Life changing. Tell Mama. It's safe. She's going to look at the news is you going to see. Hope there's war in Burundi next door. Well they're having some problems ember and he bit into has secure borders they've had trouble for years in the Congo. Next door as well not in or a wonder. It just doesn't happen there and so it's very very say. Good stable government. Past history is a long time ago where the genocide everything is fine now. You'll be say. We don't take people to it's unsafe places we just don't do it. And so this is a safe country. Wonderful people. Great advice. We're looking at I think. Seven hundred thousand admonition the country of Rwanda. The day and probably all a million a half we say their advantage. And so which is why the have. Most heavily populated places in the world of seventy AD minutes. And it's a great place to to do evangelism. And a great. You have a great and wonderful life changing experience. On the Edge extreme head pounding heart pumping extreme. Experience and preachy. Life depends on where you fly found it. Yeah. I always plan on twenty twenty hours and course you have layovers. Yeah yeah. I'll I'll inundate you with e-mails and you can email her a car you have her phone number and we'll help you out any way we can. I think we have to go to Thomas would you come forward to have prayer for us please. Thank Thomas for being here with us and. Yeah. Website he didn't put it all together forest and miss him a hand said Ray. Thank you fit work that you do when you know he lives in that you want to do you in with and. What I just asked you help us to follow your lead. This message was recorded at the do I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen. Faithful in Louisville Kentucky. You I see the supporting ministry have a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Six to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered. And so when interest to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online. I W W W G Y C web.


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