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Leading People From Health To Him, Part I

Don Mackintosh

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • December 18, 2008
    9:30 AM
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him father Naumann were thankful that we live in this time and this place and we as we were challenge last night they'll want this to just be another convention but we want this to be a revolutionary events in our lives and the lives of others were here to be equipped for service and equipped to reach this planet in this generation and we thank you for the opportunity for thankful for the time here at generation of youth for Christ and so we has a rich blessing on each seminar today especially draw near here in this one in Christ name we pray on this allowed talk about here although next couple days first of all health and less loyal start out with this morning for leaving people from health seminars to them that thing you know the Lord as a red light about first and then the second hour I'm a cellular gene breads in other words once people have come to your help seminar what's that key bridge paradigm shifting conversation that this leaves them from from the scientific to the scriptural from the you know research to relationship from logic to love what's that was a station where I got the event of the results I think I was a good start with about ten men when we come back right after lunch I got some of the company with a presentation rubbing people the right way besides they'll learn hallowed about a distant tiny little bit about besides there then the oldest scientific study known to mankind order to cover that and then I've asked Rich and Susan Kahlenberg to join me for reaching at all like I talked about last night and remember that the number two and three causes of death for people in the age bracket of fifteen to twenty is homicide and suicide many times related to addictions and so Bob they haven't and an amazing testimony to share of the Lord let them know back to sanity from self-induced insanity so love you want to hear that and then telephone us again about it then on Friday Doctor Neil medley is good to be joining me to study with you how to excel academically I don't memorize effectively decrease increase your IQ soon and decrease your day to forget the vessel really talk about Friday so just as I was prepared for this seminar recognizes that the leading causes of death for all ages are heart disease cancer stroke chronic lower respiratory disease accidents diabetes and influenza pneumonia diabetes Alzheimer's disease kidney diseases that's typically what we says the leading causes of death but for people aged fifteen to nineteen a little bit all of that young adult category is the same one you have person on intentional injury homicide suicide then your cancers than your heart disease congenital anomalies using the difference where so the problem with doing health seminars many times the young people they don't think they have you know any problems in other words they know that living is important that another was a frontal mold not connected yet which is the reason ancillary accidents okay it's unintentional oh no they don't talk the president on the way down we go this was a bad idea either way they did they did they did you know they did exit polls because we work on people that attempted suicide that didn't quite make it and that's exactly what they thought they made the decision that has they were on the way down they said this is a bad idea unintentional injury number one homicide anger bitterness on dealt with the things going on and leaving to develop either getting killed or killing someone else in an suicide so so that the challenge in reaching someone in your age category is is to help them see what's important and why not can be done I wish I had time to go through a whole seminar on some of the things that are working reaching people that are young but one of the things that really works is what I've asked Doctor W Gerry are studying that is how to excel academically in another he wants to basically be stupid they were here when we step now I really want to be in Doctor Pippin someone are either one of you brilliant enough to go to that but but some people need some help getting there and when we discover that they're very interested in those things okay leading people from health to him after that will introduction into church was a shutdown would be community notice that the right of another sediment in Europe for all the churches are telling museums bookstores through the McDonald's now about that look at your church was this a valid community notice what program or service with a demand container law and fellow but more because people are retired him well for me the answer to that was way help programs either the church when we stopped doing those programs would actually got phone calls from physicians from clinicians at different time from dietitians from hospitals what's going on over there what is the program down there was one time our director got sick and analysis that may interest you have to have that program now looking at Christ method of ministry I like Matthew four twenty three if you are writing notes and Matthew nine thirty five there they say the same thing except a little difference in Matthew four twenty prisons and Jesus went throughout Judea teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people so Jesus went throughout all Judea and Samaria now it says the same thing in Matthew nine thirty five one little difference as is and Jesus went everywhere teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people 's indifference they started in Judea and Samaria and were successful there Jesus was and then he went everywhere the principal did to start somewhere and go somewhere else but it was talking to a guy last night is an ominous start and a mandolin still at the plan the event was admitted to break is allowed and one that was on the Governors Hill another would have to do something than other people and Jesus demonstrated that sell it would start with which one of those three preaching teaching or healing healing restoration and let the states general education so right after e-mail people in Matthew Jeff four verse twenty three what comes after Matthew chapter four of the really one of those open one what happens after that Matthew Matthew for one chapter comes next and exactly Matthew chapter five is the sermon on miles right several legislative door opened you know my like to see the Windows Anubis is like an escape of my major results right after Matthew chapter four is Matthew chapter five with five percent is what is it restoration there is an education and a dedicated Hannah 's investigative and then after he was through with story people and educating people that couldn't help but respond in adoration as all men in the last verse of the several amount is what you space with authority not as one of the scribes and Pharisees in other words why Elizabeth did you hear we different in a wood responded adoration and I couldn't help but dismiss something disciplines and almost all of them which is what he was after he had the windows don't tell anyone about this baronial day that they would universally disregard that they job that I was fine but now I say it and they tell everybody and then of course everybody get in trouble what is the reason is I don't tell anybody except he was a go show yourself to the priest right so restoration led education the response was outrageous and I couldn't help but join him in proclamation in other words they join in my will happen great day on the automated like like Jason do things that lead to rethink of the harvest during his ministry Jesus about it more timely healing the sick vendor pricing on sorry Martelli the wrestler John Boonstra it was more time to what healing the sick of individual everything up time someone felt physically they tell all kinds people that's like a built-in sermon with illustrations England no right to his last injunction to his apostles the lands on the second they might recover and then were told and Tristan home page five thirty three soon there will be no work done in ministerial lives accept what medical missionary work growers market was good to be doing jail ministries or like is this weekend birthing ministries is with his daughters have their first having her first baby of the grasses can be back in the cave now as is the last thing that could be done is is medical missionary things I miss you to be simple things in other than the testimonies volume nine I mean this I'm a part of the media ministry I wrote with amendment media ministry but at the end of times can be people going door-to-door simple method industry teslas line nine at thirty hundred and forty four thousand ABN is not created and ready to contribute people going about doing it medical missionary work is to be connected with the gospel ministry it is the gospel in this is the gospel simply carry out CH five thirty two so another words someone comes to your seminar are to hear your help thing and and what they do their confessing to have any right when they gather the confessing there said that if they met what is this that is something as between you and God is something that disconnects right physically speaking as well I was doing this business of them is all you're doing that I confess their sin and in the position clinician educator humble servant of the Lord says this is what you need to do based on the word of God or science or whatever it is mother would be no signs of the word of God how come it later and they say what this is a hidden repentance for the get preventative follow-up eighty five percent of the cases this happens and that happens and then they follow it and what happens where he'll and the same word in Greek in the New Testament is used for healing and salvation is the word social CO FO or as socio- pastoral zeal at meals drinks else neither of those really but so so nozzles low and that's the same word for salvation if you have a think that's just amazing sin repentance salvation so that that's why she can save hundreds of the gospel also the Savior made every work of healing an occasion for implanting divine principles in the mind and soul feel the sex offender than the kingdom of God is in other words right after healing some Aleut ten nine says Taliban kingdom of God is come upon them come nigh them another words it is this the principles of the kingdom the Masters see the kingdom this is the network in there why sell educational lines ministry aligns medical mission airlines against supposed to stand as a unit of work are excited at amazing facts that we join together with Weimar and we have the proclamation we have the education we have a restoration as a unit him private now this is a this is basically the overview of what he would do to lead people from outstanding job in the Brothers waffling manual have the waffles they getting okay here's what happened seventeen questions here when you're leading people from hell standing m on a quest that will write the questions understood all the outline you see here for the music about questions the real thing the real thing the railway to be successful in an internal witnessing because now the front row grid as to let questions leave tips I was asking it will question them you know they're interested in what you have to say if they're not asking you a question that you don't know how you want to be so in tune with God in every area likely to become questionable utilizing another was the last two questions allow you to get what either wrestling it and questions it was a clumsier help from them because them questions about the future of their life their questions about what the relationship that questions about what's happening and webinars can continue that will bring into the health program after hits without problems you wanted this may so jazz is not the world when he is here but so while classical music that is that they does save you how why is it that this wise and that this church is this why is it that you guys do that really is what that question because it is so did that dealing with their defect there did the effectiveness I am able to do that and you come up with a study that helps them a paradigm shifting study what I call what's the connection with Elizabeth who they say what's at doing that and their jobs to get Anzac then after that he will definitely go so well that they will constrain you how do I get that word absolutely for whom Jesus was studying with the apostles we got through and they said they constrained him please stay with us Ryan via Tony still went this morning I draw strength and energy from me and myself your good self they constrained him and then you know I take them do is let the Bibles are actually the world 's oldest scientific study according to the New England Journal of Medicine which is there no one says it's the oldest clinical trial known in the history of mankind so I take it to what the new individual medicine says it is the oldest scientific study Daniel one hundred we start this journey through Daniel one through six and/or gets her I said awkward time for Daniel one through six and was abysmal and holding a one hundred twenty months old and then after that I so this connection between chapter twelve the dance at the tip of revelation I still disconnected and the connection is so exciting it has only cleared things that when you get to alter an hour ending our study of the book of Daniel to and what about Rob Eliza the legal relations at the ten to twenty two and the revealed attesting to the room the charts then they go in a minute how can I become for what is the administration really changes otherwise it will look for missing our catechism which is Revelation chapter one and in Revelation chapter one for a single doctor the other search is first four versus salvation Main Scripture second couple verses we watched us with his blood salvation annex one every eye will see him so Kelly that's what I was a Mister Lord they establish chapter one verse twelve was walking among the lampstands as the site for the next one look at his right hand down and touch meters of diabetes and death and Hades after through that one one Suez to his account that's the spirit of prophecy and the last one John to the seven churches in Asia minor that's the document the Saints Church so what were the Scriptures salvation second coming Sabbath sanctuary said that spare prophecy and the Saints observed a man like that that study just having you want one right now okay come by the bows made it back to that I have it for you right will present for me to put in writing a viable case oh I forgot to bring it up but I I know you'll come by the booth and will get to you Joe Sebastian of the overview that's what I would change you if I had more time but I don't know I'm digital ad but luckily it was much as I can sometimes obtain a written a couple books want to process is a follow-up on the depression recovery or the pink metal performance seminars the doctor never does gulp from disappointment to appointment average economic Daniel begins with a disappointment and a little appointment and then the other one I've written a follow-up health seminars like the coronary health improvement project or programs like that like the news our program is really dealing with more coronary type things but it will go through Daniel then retweet we do the same thing by doing these you know what L White says the two books are the were especially supposed to be able share that mental people Daniel and Revelation so let's give them a thing amazing amount I can certainly testimony but this one the spiritual program started something new made my heart glad I can see that God is now in way that is one of depressed people they will think there is no God they will think of no reason to live as is typical normal and that's like the other depressed but they don't study and shown that if you bank there is no God he doesn't care about you personally your risk of mortality goes up twenty to twenty eight percent that's a very dangerous thing than I believe that God cares about yourself now on a case cover the eight characteristics of highly effective programs to think I'm a move that up to nine I will go through them slowly at very the revelation scientific excellence sacrificial service at this time spiritual pathway that was established there is sharing out the significance of the program is a source of authority this sequence of Scripture and the seriousness of the topic and we think you got that interview do then were done but I don't think you know someone do now more slowly scientific excellence second service spiritual pathways analysis one scientific excellence I'll wait to start with the last one seriousness of the topic seriousness of Daw topic is a picture of some graduates rebel programs using people that go to programs that you can die die evidence is a wonderful thought here the morning but it's something you must not forget if I had Gary Frazier did it today and he was getting it in the self-study he would tell you that at the start of heart disease of cancer of stroke diabetes it is died in the twelve years later but they all die remember that not make it by what doctors don't save lives they say the W Harris laterals and lives and I forgot alike we like comments I think in a never never land like Claudio deliberately he went to the doctor now but it develops not at the minimizing doctors or nurses the unit shown in sex as a Christian we have to realize that people all die so just remember that when people come to anything you don't like the last UIC and think there were some people traveling was killed at the DUI thing Doctor Bruno Ebeling Internet but today's again to all you can share all the good you can today silly to have right now so that's the one that was the first one serious is about now back to verse one alas another startling scientific acolytes when you go out program make sure it's excellent scientific excellence is what is the standard today he got a habit together and by lands or happy to be an advertisement is over three hundred and fifty studies not done scientifically in a peer-reviewed journal at your journal articles that show that that that the Adventist church has got what it takes in terms of health and preventive medicine of all those different things I will be monitored like that just being a manager like it was so the blues OEM and read the new book by Vancouver lose a living even Oprah talking about an issue talked about the multi commodity folks were to be taken up in offering soon so would like to write so three hundred and fifteen three hundred and fifteen site venture fund will acquire people called my church up as the researchers were looking for a vegan cooking class unlike really do not write the all you are you once I can help with this help with that mask way one of anxiety is in my June sixteen targeted both relative program this is dealing with coronary artery disease and all the different villas that normally on the big list if you're not young but remember that's number four number five on even the young was that taken care of a sixteen -year-old that actually looked I have a heart attack I hope that you were having these diseases increasingly up younger because of other things will come to be administered program when we use that and then my church these were the results of my church after ten programs we saw a drop in cholesterol from an average of two hundred and ten at the star to one seventy five for fifteen to twenty percent drop in clusters of every percentage drop in cholesterol as attended three percent drop in the diver Margulies so that they got three forty five were working with your workouts a week and Milton Sampson her next next next year is forty five and twenty five three is the best-selling computer and forty five percent of the risk is gone after the offenders unaccounted as a praise God that had been sent to the present things and by the way allies of the most disease and he does follow the news principal ninety five percent unnecessary while people lose weight women five five pounds men's six five this is the only document and prove you can say that men are real losers are nicely little bit more than ninety percent of those coming to our program would go on their blood pressure medications are no longer need of a violin is a big thing because there's a lot of things that are connected with taking blood pressure medication that any man may tell you the afterward and I don't like those medications nearly ninety percent of those in our program or taking pills or diabetes no longer needed the bills and papers that are those that can no longer needed to insulin injections so actually went off insulin diabetes by the way is the most reversible of the diseases that you can look at separate juvenile courts but type two diabetes on his legal adult diabetes is the most reversible in using this pronounce things that were reviving at Weimar then reversing diabetes program because of that and the house listening to Neil Barnhart is the president of the citizens Council for responsible medicine and he cited Weimar to decide that his public lectures and public venues let that man is great so here's what happens in your church as they come in that they have their artery that that looks now you can put those down little bit of the Mexican scene as possible the lights but they're not be like this area is ten percent right here and then account opens up and you can so you can see that that Leslie notes too late now this is out of business this is Doctor crawlies ahead of it hello are you there out of the breast cancer shot back at it I can't breast cancer task force at Cleveland clinic he went to see the doctor knows what he had he had a narrowing of his left anterior descending artery and it looked like these all remnants of vegan burritos and all loyalists like to and towards his battery was about running out and visible plugs in for me and so so so what happens then after he follows this regimen that basically you can teach in your church what happens aside is that just in like two years what happens within and by the way this was not a surgical option for him you can get surgery and that Sony has sent one would have to do a diet like they did at the new Star program for an administered to the know about it or care about that what happened was it opened clearly obscures what happens in ten day same doctor that helps Bob Doctor crawled at the Cleveland clinic ten days he rapidly puts people on cholesterol-lowering medications would you can also do just by changing taking cholesterol diet and intended fourteen days knows what happened with the provision this is the provision before the treatment the right section is where the blood was flowing and then knows what happens just within ten days that artery is opening up more blood is going with his blood is life because the life is in the blood and these are pictures what the loans of them is going to be another option what's the other option who is very better set off the button lights back on because we knows you here with you I will talk about next okay what is he talking while he's up doing a little slice back on so I conceivably is to make sure you're still alive so once basically happening in those corner programs is just amazing and that can happen where in your church and when you do a job like that when you use show people what's happening a lot you know what they do useful things is amazing why my church is not joined his wife and people know about this and amazing things start to happen I remember we did the program once I hasn't engineers there in the class engineers are always the most general uptight people because they want a really odd things work say that in a derogatory fashion and that they want to make sure everything like mentees are dotted the I go to Julie's algorithms lawyer talking on a cellular standard deviations of your thought afterwards enough in I think your anyway so this guy selected the beginning the seminar my turn to free like sixteenth and you will and is writing the different colors of stuff in an activity gets really interesting angles while this is pretty good so this guy after he graduates his cholesterol down his heart diseases that event he goes to his company says you guys get endosperm becomes recalled memories of love with you to visit this company would it wasn't fine fine fine you know me not thinking that it was a big deal as a final telltale in his college days before the labyrinthine thing about right now gets most of Norma two days before he called that Hilda got all set up this can be a positions are in positions of the company of the hospital goes well this is the Boeing Corporation fair if I thought I called my friend we put together a presentation we go we get the presentation in France his right you got to do this about incorporates those like now not on a weekend over the Boeing Corporation Inc. a publicly landless companies and twenty thousand percent a lot has that are visible small church the music was wanted to send some executives do their history what happens now segment is sign up for the same program they want to care the entire program in their entire health care plan this is the greatest shirts sharing Molly Brad Bronner and forty has anything we should be doing that same thing happens in the emotional help many times we weren't afraid helping with the muscle diseases will happen with something that's physical that can be cut off sliced chopped up puréed marinated black we some girls that he almost will or relatable they were like oh no no no you go to a counselor or someone else to act as we can help you which is the church would it do mandate you him I think we can probably build deeper the health education program that was developed by Doctor Nelly recently try to do that and it has amazing results here's a picture of the pre- and post test stores and just one in patient program that were working on Doctor Natalie does the medical I do the spiritual and someone else does the psychological and after just ten days please turn it back on a little bit little what happens is a one hundred percent response rate to the program and these people on the back inventory they were severely depressed that's the top one category monorail mileage after just ten days all of them go down you know to present mild or some moderate depressive that happens in and administer anything that's pretty good it doesn't happen more when people say scientific excellence they immediately say well this is the right one baby because it's been documented and they say that the state of charts and graphs amazing the result but that alone when people start looking again at sacrificial service people are used to having signs of the excellent at a cost but they want and sacrificial service and when you show sacrificial service in my particular program work we do the program of the three Angels church in Wichita for thirteen years it is on my sacrificial sites and they would reach out to the people and they would love the people and they would not only care for the people but no like people no later than that we pray behind the scenes they would be telling there praying for them unless that was appropriate and when I worked in the hospital for about eight years of you with a summons Romans were praying for you they all really is it that bad I so use it on thinking about you is that you think when you price them so and and and they see the love of people not in the face this is a white updated to formally nine advertisement became endless as a result program that's how they look in the actual program seasonal interfaces are delighted to have disinterested benevolence of people that work in these programs which ways are not so interested in themselves but they're more interested in the people there serving of acolytes and if we have institutions even if suggestions but it is a good quote only relevant because I don't have as much time as unlike testimonies volume one if you treated people all only for the recovery of health volume one page five fifty four a special blessing and I will not rest upon institution it's just for the recovery of health and not for the recovery of spiritual health do not have the blessing of God they want to move from just talking about someone increasing life to having a journal like not just talking about avoiding death but avoiding the second death right that's a picture scientific excellence sacrificial service and a sufficient amount of time and I love programs that are long the longer the program the better because then I get to know people amen how do these people the liners Mister and Mrs. Weiner had heard them to go okay we can have a program of the church is given in our love will be the best one over twelve o'clock to him as saying people to get lots of relatives or Eiffel in my office one day the whiners of the White House that was another that I got I pulled in the office and I said to him I said just what these people get better during the program and then they learn about seasons and then accept Jesus in their life is uneventful and I a man so we need to take the long view right a likely new date is when you have ever dated someone will looking cognitive ever know someone I got married and when they started recording what they do All-American I just think this short on duty for five minutes when was the last time with you we need to have that mentality of sacrificial service and disinterested balance of both people were caring for a man so sufficient time and significant interaction about someone that you spend time with them but they never say anything he believes that with them for years like this is so vacuous unless her anything happen there we have to have sufficient as significant interaction let me say this that this won't happen unless we have this the church seems content to take only the first depth and conversion they're more ready for active labor than humble devotion more right to engage in our religious services and in a work of art meditation prayer our neglect of her bustling shelf religion must begin with emptying and purifying the heart and must be nurtured by daily prayer five three five thirty five hundred is probably the most essential thing here help program without letting faith in Christ is a personal said it's impossible to make our influence fell in a skeptical world as we can get others that once we don't have thoughts from our blessings page thirty seven so the mutton of the most key element of many people from help and that you're just within guide you can leave and where you're not been organized currently living effectively about the energies about the Cadillac he was driving around one day they something respectfully to the bank induces labor in of ideas it's hard to series of lysergic while I do stand up and drive groceries away standing up is because I hope that some horses to the front of it and I just pulled around yes I think you're missing the point of the car what you have to do is turn on the key and that it has power steering we might enable added GPS system to it but our Chris expresses so much like getting into we walk run our own strength but were not connected that's the main reason our health programs don't lead people to the Lord many times does that research had a problem of not having enough help programs for those that were probably people from help programs to the message and I think one of the reasons is because of this there is nothing more needed in the work of the practical result of communion with God we should show barred daily lives that we had peace and rest in God 's peace in the heart will shine for and the countenance it will get to the voice a persuasive power community with God will part a moral elevation to the character and to the entire course of action and prayer is that it does work must not be neglected for here is the source of the strength no work for the church to take precedent over this sixty forty seven we think that's a powerful won't if you want that link people that you have to be connected and when you're connected everything you say is significant because God directing you this is the way walking in it I had a voice behind me saying all this way to go that way talk about this talk about that feeling all you want to start you don't want to say right is a picture wanted Jesus less programs while not really dispose on the Internet public the crowd on mountainside this was found Jesus would have to stand at the base of mountains because there was not and they would look at this that statement on so large a scale to conduct his work of healing and teaching restoration educational and proclamations you think that there was no building in less timelines another resave them all the things that's wrong been an administrative unit something that's a great quote like business conventions and it would be like to swell SOW outside San Jose the big mountain he drove by everything that should be happening again but just because a large programs in our large programs are not words that I don't tell you I love against large but these large programs always came down to the ones a lot audience him and Nicodemus little like his he was affluent and that's the only time appropriate for a man you don't meet with women in middle life if he met with the woman at the well the middle day and I'm it all came down to the one soul audience every program we done the larger the program gives it a less successful because you don't have that patient interaction you have that personal interaction so we had to be very deliberate in our church about one-on-one I think that a group but you can call for decisions you can get to the heart of someone unless you're dealing with them one-on-one solid scientific actual sacrificial servants of this entire end of the sharing testimonies man we would have a special Sabbath at the end of our class we had people coming to let you read the facility you were in our that this church made the facility is available would you be willing to come and share what happened when they came in at zero nebula that did that solidified in their and their heart what that this was a part of the church it also noted that the church members the first programs I did in my church no the church members wanted simple like indulgences like you really get the vegetarian foods by using the as bad taste great less filling in all the stuff and they were like they didn't want to do it but when I saw the community members say man this afternoon that happened and everything else and what all and the testimonies filled up the next class is to the folks that want to a recent music that they were not even individually candidly came to the health and are the naked they were baptized what happened to you they went through the present recovery program and I can hardly even walk when they came in they were flat affect of faith they were just totally like walking a likeness zombies the Malaga Papineau stepfather drove there either popular jaw-dropping and very happy to be a part of the kingdom of God amen so you have scientific excellence and service a dozen times in the desolate and a spiritual pathway is established during these help think that he'll help evangelism is the vandalism initially one there is this big slide trying to write it all rapidly in business from Doctor Timothy Jennings actually one interview Madrid and Gonzalez left the area Doctor Bevins a less like how to value my let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus this is a spiritual nature which is made up of reason this reason together though your sins be as goddess of the white as snow they were likely to be of role will as well if you are willing and hope you will need to go to laminate in the land reasonableness of film uniformity and cover the scientific research is not at all that's that's a reasonable and in fact it's right causes is knowing what's right and wrong and that's okay that's wrong or that's right and then worshiping all I can see when you said that's worth my attention it's worth something to me I'm coming back again and so they begin to worship because any of them were that happens in our program like did you listen to this first lecture minor prodding at apogee all that that was what my time for the to organize at all when I was worth my time I went on a text back to someone and say within a man in right right that's worth my time elated I can develop it's up to you so that's the spiritual nature of work but it it struggles against something else genetic vulnerability with infected about the epigenetic so the kingdom 's morning when I die that's a great study is in Ezekiel eighteen showing how genetically things were being passed on within that chain was broken because genetics don't have to be had now we have good genetics and genetics what we do lifestyle triggers one or one way or one the other way they did studies with mice and I thought I even turned the genes on for cancer and turn them off base a lifestyle change humanities but you aren't aware genetic vulnerability right and that it are adorable he will set will set us up for self and methods of selflessness as I wanted for myself sensationalize the bad front of likely lust of the flesh since I've that feels good to me that a lot of dopamine involved so sensation materialism I wanted for myself it's any good I can afford it I have the material means generally to the studies that when the economy goes up health goes down when the economy goes down health goes up every time unemployment goes up people die later calmly say amen let us have more unemployment I forget the economic stimulus package let us get healthy Hollywood disco terrible McDonald's shutdowns country in DC that so you have several persistent in the spiritual nature that the fight against the flaps the spirit version of the flash right in the middle of the T this is what you changed and your help programs have been shadows and said that even shows the spirit and so the flats not by the will of less about the will disparage one thirteen shooting is that you will serve work out your own salvation with vigilant when I got it working about the will add to this advisor and then the weapons of our work are not carnal but there might the pulling down of strongholds and casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself of the knowledge of God bringing in an array of the obedience of operating the holders of the visit dendrites every why do we preach why do we preach longevity when Jesus had set the life of brevity while we preachers indicted thirty three as it was safe for Jesus to die he demonstrated that when on the cross he said August seventy he said not my will inhumanity but thy will be done he died to the human nature and parts of all of the divine nature it was safe for him to die how they wanted to be safe for you I think the reason God wants us to live longer 's two reasons number one to help others but number two because maybe we haven't gotten where we need to be haven't taken up the cross mentalities and later thankful that you're alive so why do retreats longevity when Jesus had a life of brevity is because we haven't come to the victory in this area so let's all go to the bathroom seminar eventually his victory in Jesus not my will but thy will be done so that health methods then is the answering wives than when we use it people who come to the programs make unselfishly with selfish motives but in so doing they place themselves with the truth of God will find access to the heart and they see the spiritual power of the program 's scientific excellent sacrificial service sufficient time should testimony significant interaction and in the spiritual pathway is established and once that's established will start asking this question what is the connection between this and your church having as yet I can have as soon happen hundreds of times we have a thousand people come to our program the Wichita and ten percent of them have had now joined in the search for many of them had that question plan undermined by successful programmer when asked that question then comes the next foot 's skip one significant directly put in twice which is significant I guess we lead them into the proper source of authority not science necessarily but now we live into what the Scripture 's what isn't it really hails people 's of science of the Scriptures the Scriptures it says in Psalm one hundred and seven verse twenty right this annual notes it's notable Psalm one hundred and seven verse twenty two sent his word and healed them so what is the video people solve a lot of what I say hundred seven on December the twenty Sievers nineteen says full because of their iniquity approached the grave therefore all manner of food that was an examination showed destroyed well life is absolutely like the world I overflow the authorities that you will not believe all the province of all the word of God is called including Genesis one twenty nine hundred is creating no fat no blood that is but the basis of size the basis of science is really the Scriptures I wrote about recently Copernicus 's secret where he talked about the motivated Copernicus to find out what he did about the sun he was a very godly person he was studying all the stars to see what was going on with the Reformation he believed that the Reformation was ordained by God and if Christ came because of the star and the planets maybe it wasn't until the plan is that I discovered about the sun directly got so much I was not because of the heliocentric ideas he had but because he was directly connected with Luther and Melanchthon and I don't like them until they pick a different and interesting book to read the says this about science in the Scriptures of new it's interesting there are certain cultures were sized and develop into Chinese mine Egyptian Babylonian great cultures all had varying degrees starts in science that ended in stillbirth it says in the book the origin of science and the science of its origin why is that none of these causes to develop no rigorous scientific thought belief in God 's omnipotence Jason have nature from interested into the realm of processes because they believe that God was precise use in these various cultures it was nothing precise this is okay got it happen and then again after we call that one Bible and its twenty seven to thirty percent of my pants now that the big one and none of the debates represent you the Bible is minimal thirty percent significant falsifiable if the Bible is the basis of scientific thought the concept of hourly world as the days from the rational consisting out of the Bible provided a basis for the belief in the cause and effect concept of science the pagan gods of other cultures were capriciously given the weather really do and this did not sit well with the consistency of science have anything the Bible is for scientific do you realize you would not have the one without the other what is the foundation science or the Bible the Bible is the foundation of scientific arithmetic of the Bible so I do know that show people in my health seminars the oldest scientific study was of course again I told you Courier new and old medicine January two two thousand and three is the book of Daniel so I then take them to that sequence of Scripture that I described to you and they begin to make decisions this last picture for is our break ten thirty the Selectric this picture is a picture regarding Georgie came he was the intake in every class in math in the state of Kansas and he was an engineer he was the one that designed the logical systems for the global flyer that plane that Steve Fossett flew all around the globe before his father was turned off and on for a graph through at that point welding global Flyer this guy design electrical systems of that became the right one of my programs and he was a you is an atheist but a nice it is but a dispute is to understand that God really worked but he saw all the scientific excellence he responded to the sacrificial service he 's there was sufficient time within filing vitamins housed in a big stack of books all signs of him vegetarianism and veganism and honest I called his notes on Adventism he was studying all I think is really odd thing is you guys are actually scientific but spiritual but not like Princeton scientists dear scientists who are Christian and he says I find myself gripped with some type of power that I don't like but I ensnare that this is the place I should be invited to attend and not become a church member sister that's fine and then I can with the day were preaching the appeal surmise region appeals with the levels leading from the church had been there for thirteen years when someone treats five Hill farewell sermons might entitle the series faring well as you think it may also run up reach five sermon is a typical presently that every two years rights of speaking the services faring well as everything that I was pouring my heart out for about twenty seven people at about noon they visit Disney was one of them please listen there also is a big tears coming down blessing and sobbing when you look at what made the appeal and he came over that appeal what it happen in the letter from health to him medical missionaries are laboring evangelist lines are doing a work is of high order as their ministerial teleworkers in our walks of life will be fine many who responded the truth because it's consistent scientific right because it bears the stamp of a high character of the gospel not a few men of ability that's one of the gospel into energetically in the Lords work David went to a vegetarian restaurant Mary Byrne that's not a very good neighbor cookbook that was her name Mary Barnes said Henson vegan food began to talk to him share the gospel with them I think he's when entered energetically and work him for scientific excellence was sacrificial service holders of this amount of time and then got is a spiritual pathway to be established and then there is staring at significance of that significance in the testimony that people are then brought to the source of authority that's what Scripture which is the basis of science Linda led through a sequential study of Scripture starting with that study how it will looking at the next hour ominously that and they go through a sequence of Scripture than they does Daniel one through six seven through twelve revelation ten to twenty two Revelation one and remember the seriousness of the topic because people that attend your programs will all die everybody Jesus healed they died again the point of your program is not to save people from dad it's to save them from everlasting death the point of your program is not to bring a life is to bring eternal life your grant is the documentation of the gift of repentance I was going this life and I went way it is a documentation of the goodness of God which he says they repented sung to mail as we dissected memorably we know the Bible this is a very top scientists is unwise that he does Isaac W raises of those ways race in the state that I said well that's the Christian area is always raised to Chris Black and never believe in God him killed animals like a toenail testament I'm in this for animal rights is the brother kind of like the kill animals and he loves the fact you don't like it don't look at Jonah last verse he didn't destroy Nineveh because there was much livestock there he loves animals he never wanted to be a sacrificial system it is wanted you to see how terrible sin is and how terrible death is a little purpose I don't think he summed God this far-off became the next died for you and for me he led the live the life of brevity so you can live life longevity in the wrath of God is just as significant as years and said in Genesis nine that he requires the blood of every animal is killed without cause is the biggest animal-rights activists and you got that from him is like talking to you but so I don't because you're in a conviction even when indirect women this is my audio receiver Steve Weiss a generation of progress you would like to learn more about G1 please visit .net on your life back on the board like this one is online seminar www. on U-verse .org


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