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Leading People From Health To Him, Part II

Don Mackintosh

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • December 18, 2008
    10:45 AM
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hi welcome back those who are alive and remain the this little overview of what we've been doing comedy just got here and were not here before well welcome you missed what you need to understand the succession however we will review so that you will you will fill as though you didn't miss anything now Lord and I put this in okay what we've been talking here about in the seminar for the first couple hours here is leading people from health seminars and an I would say to you that it's increasingly easy to do that at a more rapid fashion then then then was that even a year ago or two years ago or five years ago than I thought possible because there's a great spiritual openness now and especially during an economic downturn a couple weeks ago I was immobile and I priest 's sermon in Loma Linda had been hope Las Animas school church group the upside and downside and I mentioned an economist in this sermon I double research while there was a New York Times reporter that called that same economist and the economist said we got to listen to the sermon on our U-verse .org so the New York Times reporter Paul gelato got an audio bursa listen to five of my sermons including the upside of the downside which was out in the economy and people 's health improved and become more spiritually open at all except he called me up and interviewed me five times him that article came out of the New York Times two days ago and reference me as the bad as the tele- evangelist from California I am not a telegram was but the interesting part about the article was that it went on and talk about how people are now much more spiritually open there is a huge interest if you simply will seldom the scientific research that shows the power of spirituality as it relates to health outcomes it is seldom that and then you take a vote and say do like to have the spiritual brought into the seminar ninety eight percent of people raised their hands and the NATO to present you say what this is a democracy ninety eight percent of people say that the White House was ideologically lectin but we still love you or not something like that but you did say the mill we know that your Bergenfield again we bring it in until I discovered as you can bring in the spiritual very rapidly if you use the pulpit chair or the pulpit of science to get there like I said last time there would be no science without Scripture so that's an okay so this by way of introduction the discount week we look at last time meeting people from help them the nine are a characteristic to do that in our look at the Key Bridge I want to say though that is a lot more coming up we'll look at build a scientific study in the Bible and were also going to talk about reaching addicted people this afternoon powerful testimony that no one be here here that also those principles this afternoon and tomorrow Doctor Natalie how to be smart how to excel academically how to memorize effective way to increase your IQ EQ but not your DQ theory going so now after you after you do this is very if you do a very successful health program then people are very interested in what I do is I will start to invite them to whatever the name your program as I want to study with you the first depression recovery program while in the study would be the first such a program on a studying within the first Mister Brooks will live your program is for this hearing impairment that this is a pyramid scheme is getting so on he pointed there and then you start to understand in the study like as I given it to people now I don't tell you that most of these studies when I started out in the cell programs I didn't know what I was going and is probably a good case to make it still I don't but as I would start to answer the questions for people they would be job that would sophisticate my way of answering the question and this is basically the Bible say they came out of the funds go through with you on people in medical schools Harvard Medical School 's love what is well as many others are looking more closely at the connection between spirituality and healing dance seminars and conferences Anderson said increase awareness and interest in this likewise in the major periodicals of today there is this this talk about faith and how it relates to healing and meditation on Doctor Dean Orris of renowned cardiologist to does the program that does similar to some of the programs of evidence churches to reverse heart disease talked about meditation which is of course the lowest common denominator of spirituality in his seminary this as a result of message that it is a UNIX server spirituality everything that's using of the him but in other words is trying to bring that in focus I guess I know what it is I'm putting it into the others other articles are talking about prayer but some people get concerned I didn't get keep in mind this is a study and anything that I know pretty well now and my similar abilities and they complain they think they've been as this article put it ambushed by spirituality syllabus is only this is because me all the others that's what that's she's with me helping present is okay but what will be met they would we still love you love you and those incredible right and so ambushed by spirituality they say you know that I want to get ambushed but studies indicate that ignoring the spiritual aspect of our lives to be has in the trial so that I does go through some of the studies and I you know this is what I do not disdain almost initially and health programs to be able to bring it up sooner but I is a popularized version of some of the studies found in Reader's Digest on the scope to some of the church members have lower death rates than nonmembers regardless of risk factors it has good enough reason to join the church and not to go public to enroll here a minute also you know all the factors of heart disease and blood pressure and cancer in general studies those with religious commitment did better in the house people with strong religious commitment that better when it came to not having as much depression not committing suicide alcoholism other addictions which are related to the top several kilos of people from fifteen to twenty years old right to remember number one was accidents number two was homicide number three was suicide enough and so religious commitment really helps avoid that him eighty percent of Americans believe in faith or prayer can help people recover from illness or injury is probably higher than that now when the studies were done like that there's a whole book that's come out on the connection between health and spirituality by guy by the name of Koenig I think his last they are holding this was an interesting guy he was a site that had some mental health issues and he was living home was under a bridge in any business and he prayed to the Lord he saw this passage in an that they were the living Bible that said publish up publishing me to the world they took deliveries of what I will become a physician and I will publish all about you if you help me I got help them heal the line he went to medical school beef venison is published the most about the Lord and its relationship between spiritual health of anybody everything the Lord even if his present people under under broken bridges that are homeless and does okay so more than sixty percent of doctors said that are doctors think they should talk to their patients about faith and prayer that's increasing now in an internal medicine the archives of internal medicine recently had an article that showed about shown how to bring spirituality and health into your medical practice and what questions asked to bring it up in basis of suggested are not doing that it's malpractice sixty favors a doctor said God intervened to improve their own medical condition so what's the point if people are wanted to move beyond the facts to consider faith issues beyond the science to look at Scripture beyond all logic to look at love and beyond research to look at relationships and and and they're very interested in those things I think you got to get their permission and asked me as though they're asking you're not telling is a big difference and if you don't want to experience the difference is trying tell people something about politics or him I get it right in the this study I built a relationship with people and then when I come I just I'm pretty upfront with them some evangelistic Bible as the final source of authority when the church began as early fighters began concerned as they saw people dying in an early age in the thirties and forties and so they decide to put so white out of the problem is that the whites out and Alan James White and they said will you help without actually they were self-appointed they begin a visiting health institutions of the day and look at the Bible for principles concerning health and informed the Western reform health Institute hired a position that was by so they had a new position the company to place those they love John Harvey Kellogg was twenty six years old and he freaked everybody else out .com and because he was so young and Brasa .net twelve days into the wind on the three but then he can learn his lesson and as you know we became very successful he and his wife decided to try and help the things that were killing people because it was a surgeon in about eighty thousand bouncers in his career as he looked inside he saw what was that thing everybody was still having constipation problems and problems with our digestive Sony realized that the solution to pollution the solution and he wanted to know helped sweep them out so spake and sweep things under the rug so we developed these foods it would be putting people on the moves of the Excel data butter and almond butter in the granola and cornflakes and all these different things he came up with even originated light therapy which we now use in the present not originated but really effectively as the hydrotherapy on all these different things pain he worked with and now discovering how powerful they are if you go to the museum in in Battle Creek or if he is to not is another one is that some of the investors but this was on by Kellogg's and you want to the very top of the first exhibit they attributed everything telling that in terms about the little lady named Helen why the same way that one out and found those places so you do not join in the study I'm showing them about the Bible but also all-white read the beginning I'll wiped pretty interesting recently I friend of mine who's come the number programs Doctor T Colin Campbell was at my church now Doctor Campbell some people will criticize his research for there is no question these are one of the largest epidemiological studies in the history of mankind concerning health and longevity and scope of China study anything at that why China study .com add to gradebook the first four chapters are especially interesting in that particular book Tom he talks a lot a little bit about guide nine Clive McKay and Clive McKay was the professor Cornell University for he was that was written about a ministry magazine back in the fifties because the student by the name of John Helen Sung I think it was went to visit her professor and gave him the book councils on diets and foods he was so struck with Bethany Road series of articles this was his last graduate student Clive McKay but he didn't know about that story really delightful so I sent an sixteen pages of what our White wrote I didn't realize the e-mail without law but a set of sixteen paragraph I was embarrassed but he read it all and this is what he said in an e-mail and then an interview legend February two two thousand five I am not aware of anyone who is more on point the nonwhite given her background she's truly amazing woman I'm convinced almost a hundred percent of her statements are not substantially supported by the scientific evidence has been developed in the last two to three decades of astronomy somebody doesn't have about the China study and has done over seventy eight years of funded research worth seventy years worth of funded research because I goes on to say what I've come to realize to even deeply worried about is why it is in this message about why notices been so misled on South outside Amazon like Ananda 's evangelistic and is abundantly clear to me that now time to bring for this in whatever way is forward and welterweight in each of us is able to do so but they can probably figure do I see coming against them a statement so you know people that can't figure probably to what's the connection between this and your church well I get no one answered seller like this the history the church we were all dying like flies of a thirty to forty and so we wanted to figure out what to do to reverse that Barbie Havard 's statement you don't tell what you don't know or get to know her basically by the way he was recently cellular seminar that Doctor Natalie didn't think anything would be here on Friday talking about mental big performance but he was in the he was a seminar the Doctor Nelly was doing a degree was so excited about this on a company purchased everything is whatever you want to do to get this word out so what did what DiBella wants a dog you would ask her out concerning helpful to say a lot of things zero Lobos but multiple instead of humans a study is worth because this is what I got the concept that his unit is dead and it does the people to what the history of the church and all white but now I'm right back to what the Bible so what does the Bible say about health and really stuck because you know Genesis one twenty nine basically says what he frozen food as grown fruits nuts dried over later vegetables were added every herb that yields seed every herb that yields seed now when an what diet doesn't want twenty nine they find is a high hydrate diet if you put it in any food analyzing program the basic idea that that dives one percent saturated fat seven percent fat seventy eight percent grade fifteen percent protein with sounds a lot like the artist program or a lot like the chipper or a lot like the new start program that we mark are a lot like that we march at all they still think that we mark the three butyl Walmart so that the basic makeup not to advocate not because you are nuts or because you want to increase your mega phrase and the mental health attributes note that saturated fat causes of four percent fat twenty five percent carbohydrate sixty percent protein forty percent that setting the fruits and grains so what will happen as a result women's as a result showing this was planned to people who even just tell them it's the same plan but now the American Cancer Society is using in fact they use Genesis one twenty nine on the front of all their posters and older flyers they can't do any better than it has take a picture of the friction of the things that are there that this is the best way to help avoid cancer so this was that this was the Bible 's health care plan but the devil came up with a different plan instead look intravenous route the fermented fruit and by the way the benefit is not an Apple specially a Macintosh apple fireman said casually everything give me anything you want it sounds a lot like many of the different dietitians and healthcare plans today but people did begin to die can't be tried to clean out the system of the flood that didn't work they chose a special people but they went off the rails of found themselves in each of him a story about how God 's people were in Egypt in the Deuteronomy seven fifteen knows what it says the Lord will take away from the ball what sickness and will put none of the evil diseases of what Egypt which thou knowest the bunny so they were having the disease is of little of Egypt what were those diseases that Conrad they say about thirty thousand or forty thousand mummies and maybe a few days as well and they looked at these monies and they recognize that they were dying of various things the diagnosis were recorded in this book by Carol raise a few years ago diagnoses what that means the enemy through gnosis means that now so the look join now and that's what they actually did they used x-ray machines CAT scan the scenes another looking back with all these different new technologies they didn't need an x-ray or CAT scan is a problem here what's the problem here so is that even have enough strength on his guitar but they're missing the point another person told me what was public or a cardiac cardiac region 's air analysis of the point its obesity is this a problem in America Bible says that he and the time that the blood that God will be there belly that happening this is a picture from the CDC counsels the disease and this shows the blue dark blue is no data then the light blows less than ten percent and a little bit more blues ten percent to fourteen percent people that are thirty pounds overweight on half for some of its five foot four inches now another step how this increases over time you'll see more people knows more people more people that are greater than ten to fourteen percent in that state more people more people all now fifteen and nineteen percent of the dark blue as ninety two and oh so gently in America and then this is greater than twenty percent of the people thirty thirty pounds overweight among those within his American getting larger than twenty five percent of the people in a particular state are now like that two thousand to two thousand three two thousand and four days he was seventy and as he worked to update it right now it's even more in other words people are there this accelerated problem with obesity of course what comes out of that is what diabetes big time is up seven hundred percent during that same time because the fat will close out the ability of insulin to get into the cells and and and it's killing people and this is happening to our used to they did have recent Hollywood production the rental these kids in this particular thing in the love and fit into the cost of the van those were were just made five years before for the same age kids and they could not even script for a movie and that's were getting the cream of the crop get far more significant problem maybe this one for purchasing a primary care visits about weight problems has active psychiatric illness is a depressed so obesity is directly relate to the president what's killing kids today number one accidents and it might be accidentally with her foot in her mouth number two homicide number three suicide and depression is rampant in that it can work it out I said I was listening to Doctor Neil Barnhart and he told me this is what you do to get a kid to always pay attention to it is just born it happened just in the hospital you want them to look at you and no one else maybe ninety twelve weeks of age you sit face to phase fifteen answers of Hartlepool maybe an you have one team 's overview added to one cup of water and then you dip their pacifier in and then you let them suck on that for just a few moments for a half minutes if they suck on that what you're looking at them have raised single time you come in the room from then on and you might need to bring forty or fifty other people the room they will not look at anyone else except you because what happened there they are has pictures of them looking at the people that gave them a sugar water what happens the sugar will have cause and opiate release and their dopamine goes up and requested a life is where you get your dog me now Rich Kahlenberg and Susan Vargas your powerful testimony to set the last seminar that I think should be a plenary session at UIC but there to share the danger of dopamine but this is really what's driving this problem in America by the way when you give those little infants sugar it reduces their crying it reduces the reaction to heal sticks and circumcisions and that will cause no effect however in infants if you give them sugar if there if their parents are opiate addicted mothers lowers of their preference drug use and they were getting the dopamine from everywhere else then this doesn't have any effect because there's no dopamine release in November I was against the requested life is where you get your dopamine is where you get your dog basically it's a and everybody here doesn't openly some dude in the right way some do it in the wrong way which one of these are addicting foods can you tell by the way if you give Narcan to people of the eating is picking for this is a drug that they can reduce arc and reversing an old the narcotic effect it will take away the dopamine effect is interesting this is what a life that some of this year this publicly but he is a rich unhealthful food the digestive organs are weekend and desires created for food it is still more stimulating that the appetite is educated to crave is an interesting the appetite is educated right the daily something stronger demand for stimulus becomes more frequent and more difficult to resist but I tell you that what were looking at this because what is diseases of the Egyptians and they were to have obesity right the morbid debilitated it becomes that is the system the greater the desire for the things one step in the wrong direction for the way for another and many who would not be guilty placement of table wine liquor any kind of that type of thing will look different with things with his creative thirst for strong drink so the written the ability to resist the temptation is almost impossible wrong habits of eating and drinking destroyed to help prepare the way for drunkenness why why is it you know you got the center and you've got the fat everything coming together and actually creates something when I hear something interesting about his rights at all the slides file obesity skyrocketed since the nineteen eighties in America you know the dairy industry figured something out this is from the dairy industry cheese lovers and triggering the crave the road so we can educate ourselves with cravings changed form December five two thousand the power of cheese what they discovered of the cheese industry back in the eighties was that there's two groups of people there are the cravers and enhancers and cheese snackers and she's Toppers and the dairy management and company are incorporates a look at what we have to do is get them to eat more cheese because of that heat more cheese it will trigger the cheese craving because what happens when you e.g. him is that there is something added to the casing and the cheese of by mother nature and that's more case so more funds showcasing also has more thing which is kind of the same thing as a dopamine derivative so the more change you we know more cheese you want and the more dopamine is released and save a the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell and those particular group and that the research actually in their plant in Wichita Kansas I believe and they discovered this and this is when they started at extra cheese everything because they realize that once you have that case you would want that takes more and more and more and the worst you've got the more you would want in this see this draft nineteen twenty cheese consumption America will for capital was three oh eight pounds in nineteen oh nine now in two thousand five it's thirty one four pounds still booming comes from three pounds a year versus thirty one pounds a year so how if you see that connection between that dopamine effect and the increase in obesity honey can see that this would be a very dangerous slide show and even most of those potlucks as we really pride ourselves we really pride ourselves in the fact that we don't eat meat and all these other things but what we do we kind of been struck by this as well okay so back to the disease of Egypt what's this problem some of them at all the guy got hit by three arrows noting arrows are pointing to the problem one is that that is gall stones coming from a high fat diet again what's the problem besides no eyeballs of skin this is the dental caries of cavities they did a study of Egypt so they discovered that they drank a lot of high sugar drinks about what sugar releases the dopamine this is why in America that's often a problem but it's been going up and up until this is what happened was happening by the lady also said this person has temporomandibular joint disorder that affects that stands the reason of your money O box three thousand years what's the problem here these are the femurs and there's the phalanges of the fingers hanging down the middle and anything they did they can see the socks which is it particularly blew it up for mid- and large dividend blown up and they said in the article that this person had a pronounced coronary artery disease interesting so coronary disease heart disease diabetes gallstones of all the things by the way all top five killers in America the savings would join the Egyptians you see what this does is someone who's been studying the science within your program and then they see that that that the diseases of the Aegean agent for the same thing we can see what effect that might have been something always a minute the Bible and the Bible they had the same diseases were having now right now that the big thing comes up how did God remove these depressing diseases and that is the first one of the linear program is help program basically what he did was he did a big experiment in choice theory William Glasser recently persuaded the city of New York a city according to New York to engage in the five-year project of the twenty thousand people replace external control psychology would choice theory another was to choose the right thing this is awakened the seeds twenty thousand people in this town how to choose the right thing we can save it down indefinitely discovered that one him I was saying because they made choices what does LOI say educate educate advocate health by choice not by chance so what got felt his program was the accident program is a real popular magazine arrived there accident exit exit it's all over the place literally actually without all goddesses with when we get odometer from the metered measured way so he doesn't hear your people I was at the jerk program is not a jerk it's the accident program leaving people out step by step in that meter to measure way so why do the program began exited twenty three people cried out they groaned in their bondage they were abundance physically they were in bondage spiritually they were in bondage milk to it to their habits and everything else with any promises made when you start a program you need to make promises we do in our program that we do our helpers if you cover the program is set to percent of you will have this happen that happen what we promise that the way he made in the present it doesn't matter which I cover ourselves but the promises God made beginning with this it to end this is a great promise you can make using to be in your programs if you diligently came the voice of the Lord your God I will put none of the diseases which you which I brought up on Egypt is upon you for I am the Lord who does what she was coming into the great promise I buy later they come out with the Adventists affirm a edition for do I see where is that him talk to the rest of us have a copy but that they hand them out as an drive an article under where are those I would get my article him I said all right I wrote an article as supplementary here somewhere I don't I guess it and put my picture on the front which is probably a very wise move and not wanting to terrify people but I don't know if they put it in here not maybe did anyway what I did was I wrote an article that you don't want to read that shows you the connection between the right-hand of God 's healing on the Nexus chapter fifteen and healing throughout Scripture because when this is on the Lord who heals eventually true and that right hand of God is specifically linked to healing that's why the devil attacks the right hand with the mark of the beast at the end of time in the format how did God run the program I tried out for it this is what he did he took a history and to begin to confront errors through education what we do on our programs like whenever you can do probably a draw people 's blood they really like that I gone wild world get in somewhere because of your documenting things right so we took a history begin the front to confront errors through education the biggest problem with Americans have is not with a is what they think anything that is what they think they'll fix with a solid drawing a mental problem not a physical problem with no effects that what were some of a cognitive distortions or things that thoughts cognitions that were distorted or virtually worse of the river having been tempted the river was the worst thing worse of the river because I thought it was the bloodstream of God they thought that the God of Cicero 's words that was actually the blood of that God is a little girl made in the blood of God was a pretty good right as other were saved by the blood of the river and got such an essay by the blood of the river you need to be saved by the blood of the land they would worship the frog sitting on template that could see me afterwards will do with you individually so they worshiped the frogs instead of having stories about the day the cow jumped over the moon if they would allow the frog jumped over the moon and they were frauds because I thought they were probably one of the men were fraudulent of that school is is is is the goddess of fertility and so they worshiped the frogs so got them all right viewers of the frogs is limited I was in the frogs everywhere that God chose such eighties of the frog into the bedroom is at the front into the kneading bowls the kitchens into the microwaves and everywhere else in the frogs ended up everywhere got to be in your life get so they set were not interested in having God in this integral part of our house and it was a capital offense to kill frogs but they started the kiln God was taking their cognitive stores anything what if you really want to worship God God needs to be everywhere in your life and when they kill gotten got rid of God he was dealing with their distortions they also worship about this gabardine with all these things and in fact no Egyptian priest could officiate if he was defiled with bugs or life itself so got to look at you worshiping the blogs I will send the bugs everywhere that effectively set down all the churches in the town all the priests could not work and they said when this happened in this particular plague you look at in the X 's account is that this is the anger of God and so God was saying look I want to be everywhere even the small parts of your life the front of the bigger places but what about the new small places one of the nose is between the two thousand and the heirs and economists appears so and the whole thing shut down how they can see what God was doing everything in a massive amount of people that massive spiritual and physical problems him addressing their thoughts and reconnecting their thoughts with reality it was clearing up their cognitive distortions that's what they administered and caused the problem do in the Dodgers before the seven last flags he wants the administered to be involved in clearing up distortions only when the involvement work the last language I ever have all these written out but jingle tomorrow now they worship the sun have another words of the data okay that's the giver of all life and by the way the sun is without light there is really not life right evening even those lower feeding animals on the very bottom of the ultimate they live they say no why does with a all the droppings of the want to live the life so they live because of light as well right is a leading dad was they were to design in fact Pharaoh called himself on Monterey the only ray of hope the sun God and so guess is okay here the ray of hope in the rate of melt and turn them off he turned off the sun it was so dark you couldn't see anything and you get it it's educating feel the darkness only a visiting window in these caves will turn off all of the lights everybody freak out the turn on their cell phones or cameras they had to have life so they turned off all the light of the drive uses here not the light on the letter the world to see in your help program to do the same thing God was doing you ask those what cognitive distortions you tell people finally the truth you do it tactfully and sensitively and maybe using science but you tell them the truth of it it is probably because you know that age of tolerance will kill you the age of truths will save you I was a country originally was set all the highest value was tolerant to let anybody come into the country and the people came to the country started beating other policemen killing all their law enforcement officers in us all now we've lost our culture together they decided to do they said we used to say God was not a lie but were so concerned that our nation is in a republish the book of the book they republished the Bible and he retranslated after a hundred years and they sent the Bible all the people in the school it simply states the Bible we need to get either the back they discovered tolerance is not as important as truth doesn't mean that to the people can be tolerant barley can see what I'm saying at least get it out those of the people consume so in your seminars after doing this it would set it in the study people are now being exposed to what not just the size of your program but the science of Scripture concerning out and start and it has traded in physical space out of kindness versus the next thing I did was order a blood test in his actions program said look if you kill a lamb and put the blood doorpost to pass the test is not to be very bad blood test for you you either do my testbed is pretty interesting when we had someone come to the hospital we draw their blood we shall result in the crowd what must I do they say and God did the same thing in his program but I like drawing people 's legitimate on the left so afterwards if you'd like to draw your blood will meet you outside just doing that's for those of the day don't be worried next they were to leave Egypt how did they leave Egypt they drive they walked so what got it was it had a built-in one exercise program there was no secret rapture got to the sale dad understood the rapture you here today as to helicopters no as they walked this by simply walking that will reverse many problems and went right so they walked in our program guys have a mapping we show people we have like a good contest whether to walk this far that was okay here in this town with old about the album without everything else we want to move on now from that town we keep walking walking walking as they walked by the way you know how parties is what everyday that a study of all the stories in the Gospels in a set on average he walked like twenty one miles a day I want to be like Jesus Adventist pioneers Adventist pioneers in Allah what's the average person walked in the days the plaintiff and nineteen eleven the last statistic I saw was they wouldn't they are nineteen hundred they walked eleven miles a day hallowed be like the others finance will take Justin 's challenge to be better than in this finance and build more like Jesus so let's say fifty miles a day so they walked what did God do to remind him of his power he taught them Saul family like people saying how they like some people say how to direct people advocate the same no as we get the blessing but if you got the Messiah it got been sung I will sing unto the Lord for he is trying gloriously the horse and rider thrown into the sea how many know that song right song right I like Doctor Nutley sung in his depressed recovery I don't like it I don't like it it's okay it's okay I can send it anyway I can send it anyway I'm all right I'm all right I don't like it I think that's my kids right go the store they want something no tidal like you don't like it it's okay so good and so my dad used to do this therapy can we were growing up you know you know the song goes you can smile when you can't say wording that that the those that were needed smiles or drive down the the Yugoslav but you can to our data file when you cannot be heard you can smile when it's about AAR very again even though in thing with her smile anytime any where so this is his music therapy how is it when you know this was not the rock that made you roll was also take its toll but it was the right kind of music they meant by the way we think there's a good time is again about getting as excited as a good good and bad music some people don't know that I asked the questions using musicians of Illinois not sure you know Indonesia with that when you look at Exodus thirty two which one understood there was that music in the game the one that was highest upon among the general set Moses where particles now this is the sound of war but Josh was gone all know what this is in indigo blue behind the mountain the understanding that music amen so I will sing unto the Lord in song that forgot to flow to God provided the drink actually was Mountain Dew him side by side and I said and done it to drive so that's dry water that drink that can sink battleships right what kind of food that they want to eat they were quibbling for quail right in the weather spicy foods and you can teach you what it will codefendant got provide management out of Australia or New Zealand have the word man up on these things it's a it's a word of the Mari on which of these pagan tribe that means this spirit I feel it but man what does it really mean what is it was exactly what people will say when you think of the industry and food usually know what in the world is that you install MultiSync you know and they look at them but the reason for this guy here at our our program look at is that what is up at him and his lookers who is this manner this means what is this happens and health programs everything got Natalie Purcell by the way the manna was what was prescribed to need he also said Wendy even one with this post even in the morning right and so you had to get up in the morning you had to kneel down to pick up your manner would surmise you live not by bread alone but by the word that proceeds from God because you pick it up and it was made out of coriander seed and they said that when you raise it up in the sun it looked like the color of value which is like the color of a rainbow so you remember the covenant every morning and had a new covenant with God as you woke up in the morning but we got understood light therapy just like the Kellogg enemy others doing the present therapy and turn the lights off and the lights won't give up in the morning he said they needed an extra life there were thirty seven through the wilderness for forty eight airstrikes actually we needed less than that though they are looking for here as they were very depressed and depressed other people now what happens what happens then in these programs this is fascinating is that you will start out with a diet of manna which is high complex hydrates is high in tryptophan with the highest source of tryptophan bias tofu or pumpkin seeds try in the net but only the highest resources Turkey Algol so short the van that assays into hydroxy judgment only in the presence of sunlight and B6 vitamins do not know where vitamin B or anything comes of this agreement and vegetables anytime your request on the desk to put down green leafy vegetables I decide you academically so sunlight and related vessels that's thirty thirty minutes of sunlight right and I'm I right bring the levels is always the is always the answer being held without polkadotted vegetables and I feel for him and then entered the van is Jason hydroxy just abandon the principles drove the back of the doors and the serotonin that happy debacle probably look bigger to be more serotonin in the world today is a failure do your best the tryptophan would be in the sun today and you'll do that now those blue dots on comeback tournament but serotonin basically is turned into melatonin and the present job complete darkness then they've is not too much complete darkness now I complete darkness of the pineal gland can make the melatonin in the net that can rebuild your brain and one is that most aptly make from the hours of one nine to twelve which means you need to go to bed earlier than you did last night as I saw every single one of you blinded about whether something else that will block melatonin production does what it is insulin and subjugate food at night and the food is digested then to get into the cells what does it need insolence of the pancreas is stimulated and releases insulin thereby cutting off the production of melatonin this is why you should not eat at night coolest way to go to bed early and this will increase increase your mental ability at school I would like to get higher grades if you are so far gone that you're not raising your hands by the way doctor knows you share like fifty things like this in his lecture on Friday morning he will be so smart when you leave that you will start to look like Doctor number so what was given by leaders looked smart of enough delegates for it gets there before he was arriving is slightly out of the truck so what was given to stop until my said that if I was so I went forth what was given to stop reverse or better yet prevent cognitive distortions from ever occurring again him God takes away ten distortions replace them within truth he never takes away anything less to give the something better he never takes away something that will go against the laws of health legislation replaces it with one that will bring us closer to him the first forty minutes and close to the others last six commands anything for God whomever takes without giving more for taking told him God hears and summarizes plan and purpose for his people all of this one I talked to some of this is why it is is it they asked me what was this guy told you about last time who said that animal rights is what motivated him as anyone know what motivates Seventh-day Adventists are involved in health the ghost he looks at me like I don't know is why yes I do I told Miss the sanctuary motivates Edmonds knows what how does that work because we show you in the sanctuary outside of the sanctuary nothing everything unclean was kept outside the century know you could meet Mister and Mrs. Peggy and you can bring the new sanctuary than any other song love their new building counseling there closely together on claim was outside the station when you went into the outer court of the sanctuary what kind animals were used to symbolize the coming Christ only clean animals and by the way those are the only kind you should be allowed to be if you do eat them during emergency ration time by the way why did God ever kill animals because there was an emergency right why were animals ever eaten because in time of emergency flood right clean animals and that was kept in the one outer court work Christ of course was sacrificed for us as our Passover lamb when you got to the holy place of what was introduced in the sanctuary you had drains and grapes in olive oil omega-3 's though complex hydrate him a little bit of the active ingredient of wages which will protect you from many things like orange juice will so then I'm the little incidents that make it make it all smelled good to know what was in the most holy place new ad manna which means what what is it what was math coriander seeing the floor as Psalm seventy eight says of the corn of heaven so it was a complex hydrates to help you with your complexes and man and Albans and Albans according to the US Department of Agriculture and other sources are the perfect match and here you thought you were but a perfect match is always and for satiety another was presented of fullness that's really good for diabetics is a given that full feeling but wherever there's a not there is also a fruit coming almonds are related to the spouses are related to peaches and also you have symbolized the most holy place fruits nuts and grains how did they get interesting you go all the way from here back to Genesis one twenty nine Harley-Davidson respite and God is moving people or process does God love people here duty take on the form of sinful but or the likenesses of the Scriptures civil of a flaccid human flesh and with the outer skin badger skin which was unclean that he do that but then they move people and process some people say why did Christ eat meat while he was living in this particular part of the sacred service he identified with humanity but he only a claim he gets enough but at least they got there and have been up until eighteen forty four he was still eating me I think in the final rock caribou hunting no that was the big caribou vote him right so find a way when trying to avoid what we want we want to take building in the study of the astronauts and astronauts think they deserve it on astronauts and the biggest thing asked not wanted in space the demand was fresh meat so the government being as brilliant as it is I mean I think if you are in charge it would be a lot better I'll get wealth all right so they study that's what they did they spent fifty million dollars on this project they studied how it was they could transport cows to the space station and they got hung up with the warrants state of Nevada what to do with the wardrobe I guess that would ably supported by the study for me was it I was picturing these pictures of cows with helmets on the boards again but the thing that really got me was that we want to take callous to the mode so we can kill the many is so hard for us to give up on our bad habits they did a study of Americans they said if we gave you two thousand dollars to stop eating the way you do would you take it thirty five percent of Americans said absolutely not we wouldn't change a thing so what happens in these programs what happened in the state of advocacy that powerful study of anything that might be helpful study gives a what we did was we started with the science but now we seem bent on the basis of Scripture they can learn the same thing and when they see that study I've seen people that are very bright people to get the lights going to go all this is why your church does that all this is the sanctuary humane law and legal there's got to be more to this in the Bible and the circle of the Bible so what happened to them here's a picture from the archives of General psychiatry which I read everyday because of my is this is a fiction I'm a psychiatrist and a white Wilhelm is this is a picture these pictures of the coconuts there are brains right here are people that take ferocity which is the dirt generic name for what for Paxil with violet is more Paxil and drinking water than almost anything else these days because people take them with Paxil in this country urinated in the waters of the rails so what happens when you take Paxil the sections of the brain that that light up it's like the midbrain this event as you feel better but it's stimulating those sections of the brain notice what happens in cognitive behavioral therapy which is taking people 's cognitions and say they are driving your bit behaviors in a wrong way we need to do therapy on you when even tell you the truth another words there is bad phone these the bad foods donate them there's bad music these about using belt wasn't enough there's bad churches of God to them by the well-stocked into topsides this deeply just good foods and bad for us all yet to believe that this amendment is going on I don't want to give this your bright guy one of the good churches and the bad churches worms at lunch legal amigos I never thought about that one salmonella client request itself but look at what happens to a cognitive behavioral therapy what part of the brightest light enough look at that how much anyone at help program that they were in help people heal from the head to the him of the five for the end of the fingertips and that's what happens when we leave people from help them out it has it all let's study is and then the next study when come back after lunch will rub you the right way but it will also talk about that next study which is the oldest scientific study known to mankind Daniel one right thank you so much for your gentleness freedom father in heaven were thankful today that you came here to bring health but you use it out methods to bring you people to yourself and you want your people to do the same help us to be effective in leading people from hell to him in Christ name we run on the this newsletter on numerous C- innovation and progress you would like to learn more about G1 releases of .net and done quite well done working like this is more a online service www. on Hoover's .org


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