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The Daniel Cycle

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • January 9, 2016
    11:30 AM
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It has stood the test of God's book. The Bible. Still relevant in today's complex world. It is with messages of hope around the world as we begin today. It is important to remember and review what we have talked about before. The Book of Daniel is broken up into two major sections. The historical section which covers chapters one through six and a prophetic section which covers. Chapter seven through twelve. Now what we will study today. Will actually prepare us to dig into that prophetic section. Now in those chapters of Daniel seven through twelve. Every chapter. Except for Daniel ten and eleven. Contains a very specific time prophecy those prophecies. Need to be properly interpreted in order to be properly understood. For instance in. Daniel Chapter seven and verse twenty five. The Bible speaks of the Little Horn. He shall wear out the saints of the most high for a time. Two times and half a time. Now. In addition. Daniel eight fourteen says that it would take twenty three hundred days in order to cleanse the sanctuary. And also in Daniel nine twenty four. The Bible says that seventy one weeks. Are determined for Daniel's people. And for the holy city. Verse twenty five says it must CYA The prince will arrive. Sixty nine weeks after the decree is given to restore and build Jerusalem. And Daniel twelve seven says that the abomination that makes desolate. Would shatter the power of the holy people for a time. Two times and half a time that that is only to name a few of the time prophecies. And Daniel seven. Through twelve. We will study and have much more to say about these amazing time prophecies in future shows. But for now. The key to understanding these time prophecies. Lies in the specific relationship between a day a month and a year. Now there is actually a remarkable prophecy that occurs. Seven times in the scriptures that revolves around this relationship between a day a month and a year. Those seven times are all found in the Book of Daniel and Revelation. Daniel revelation. Are Really sister books or book ands of one another. Daniel was a sealed book and. In essence the Book of Revelation. Represents the unsealing of Daniel. But what was this amazing prophecy that occurs. Seven times. Its first appearance is found in Daniel seven twenty five. The little horn shall wear out the saints of the most high for a time. Two times and half a time. Then and. Daniel Chapter seven twelve and verse seven. It would be for a time. Two times and a half a time. The shattering by the abomination that makes desolate. Of the power of the holy people. And as we turn. The nations will trample over the holy city. For forty two months. Versus three and seven. I will grant. My two witnesses power to prophesied for one thousand two hundred and sixty days. The beast that ascends from the bottomless pit. Will make war upon them and conquer them and kill them. While Revelation twelve six per ounce is these words. The woman fled into the wilderness. From the dragon. To be nourished. For one thousand two hundred and sixty days. But verses fourteen and fifteen. Of Revelation twelve. Also say this to the woman. Were given to wings of a great eagle. That she might fly into the wilderness. Into her place where she is nourished. For a time and times and half a time. From the face of the serpent. And finally Revelation thirteen five. Through seven states this. Power was given under him. Speaking of the beast. To continue forty and two months. And it was given unto him to make war with the Saints and to overcome them. Now I know that this may be a bit confusing. But here is what I want you to notice. Each of these prophecies. Is describing the exact same events. Now. However the timing is described. And it uses different language. Language of days. Months and times. Now that word times is another word for years. And so when we compare these numbers. Let's take particularly notice that twelve hundred sixty days. It calls forty two months. And forty two months. Equals a time. Times and a half a time. Which is clearly three and a half years. And these are three different ways of expressing the exact same time period. So you might say to yourself oh OK. What's the big deal. Here's the big deal. And the question we need to ask. Are the prophecies of Daniel. Seven through twelve. Simply limited to some three and a half year period. Some twenty five hundred years ago. Well friends. We need to go to the Book of Daniel itself to answer this question. It is interesting how Daniel himself. Uses the word days. In his book. For example in Daniel Chapter one Verse five. And verse eighteen. The Bible says that Daniel and his friends. Appeared before the king at the end of days. However. Their schooling covered. At least three years. And again in Daniel four thirty four where King never can as are lost his mind. The king recovered from his insanity. And the Bible states. At the end of the days. But we know from Daniel for twenty five. That the period involved with the connector was seven year. Daniel five eleven refers to the days of never can as or this was a reference to events that occurred. More than I have a century earlier. And Daniel to verse twenty eight. Speaks of never can as a dream that revealed. What was to come in the latter days. However those events. Didn't occur. Days later. They occurred. Years later and verse forty four of Daniel to says that the great image of the dream was to come in the days of the kings who were to rule the divided kingdom of iron and clay. Those days are obviously referring to the years of those kings. Daniel eight twenty six refers to the ceiling. Up. Of the vision which pertains to many days. Even to the time of the end. Now. Was the time of the end just days after Daniel had that dream. Obviously not here. There are many examples. But one of the most important. Examples comes from Daniel eleven. And verse thirty three. Which says the persecution. Would last for days. Those days are the same as the time. Times and a half a time or three and a half years of Daniel seven twenty five. What does all this mean for here's what it means quite clearly in prophetic literature. One prophetic day. Is equal to that of one. Literal year. And so this means that twelve hundred sixty days is actually equal to twelve hundred sixty years. Forty two months. Which is equal to twelve hundred sixty days is equal to twelve hundred sixty eight years and three and a half times or three and a half years. Is equal to twelve hundred sixty days. Which is equal to twelve hundred sixty years. This is not some new discovery that I'm sharing with you. Many Bible students. Many Bible teachers and scholars. Throughout the centuries of the past have utilized this principle in Bible prophecy. That one prophetic day. Represents one literal year. And all of this is an essential part of the building blocks of an astronomer. By the name of is John Felipe day. Schussel. He used this in order to solve a very complex. Astronomical problem. Now what is fascinating is that his solution. In astronomy. Led to the discovery of the Daniel cycle. What we are going to see is that day shows SOS discovery. Actually confirms the year day principle that we saw in Scripture. But we're going to see it affirmed. Through scientific means. So let's talk a little bit about. Dacia sews problem. You know. For centuries. Astronomers and mathematicians have tried to harmonize the daily. Monthly and yearly cycles. Now think about it for a moment this can be a difficult thing to understand but it's actually quite simple. A day contains twenty four hours. And it is a fundamental measure of time. The month or the interval between one new moon. And another contains. Twenty nine days twelve hours. Forty four minutes. And three seconds. And then the year. Occupies twelve months. Ten days. Twenty one hours or three hundred sixty five days five hours forty eight minutes and forty nine seconds. If we were to calculate the number of days in a month or any year. Or how many months in a year our answer would involve fractions that would make this task. Increasingly difficult. Now again don't be confused by all of this. But here's what I want you to do. Imagine for just a moment that the Earth Moon and Sun were all. Own range. In a straight line. Now. Given that the earth revolves or spins completely every twenty four hours. And that the moon takes twenty nine days twelve hours forty four minutes and three seconds to go around the earth. And that a year takes the Earth. Three hundred sixty five days to go around the Sun three hundred sixty five days five hours forty eight minutes of forty nine seconds. How long would it take to bring all those cycles together. So that the Earth Moon and Sun came back into that original position of being in a perfect line. Enter on the scene. A strong. Merck is John Felipe day Shas So the dish also was doing. Chronological research. In an attempt to answer that question we just talked about of the alignment of the Sun Earth and moon and that in addition he was seeking to find an accurate date for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. To accomplish that he was studying closely the prophecies of. Daniel Chapter eight in. Daniel Chapter nine. Now through the study of Daniel. He began to wonder about the relationship between the twelve hundred sixty day prophecy. And the twenty three hundred day prophecy. Actually being years. Now somehow he must have noticed that these periods are linked to one another by various themes. And so this led him to a brilliant idea. He began to analyze these periods. From an astronomical point of view. In other words he began to wonder if the twelve hundred sixty and twenty three hundred prophetic day or literal years might be the key to harmonizing. The three basic time units of the solar day. The solar year. And the lunar month. And he concluded that there was one of four possibilities. Now. Don't lose me. First the solar day. Harmonized with the solar year. Suck at the solar year somehow harmonized with the lunar month. Third the solar day some. How harmonizes with the lunar month or. All three are harmonized the day month and year. And here's the beautiful thing that day shine so discovered when he applied. The Year Day principle. To these mathematical and astronomical. Challenges. First he discovered that both the twelve hundred sixty. And twenty three hundred. Prophetic day prophecies of Daniel. Were remarkably perfect. And accurate. Lunar solar cycles. Each was a harmonization of the second class. Meaning that the solar year. Harmonized with the lunar month. No previous astronomer had discovered this relationship. So as the day she was so. Continued his calculations. He discovered a cycle of harmonization between the day the month. And the year. And that had also eluded astronomers. Up until that point. When he looked at the twelve hundred sixty years. It was a good fit. Almost perfect harmony. A remarkably small error. Between the day month the near. However the twenty three hundred year prophecy was even better. It resent represented the kind of cycle that had long been unsuccessfully demonstrated by astronomers in fact. By using the two thousand and three hundred years to harmonize the day month and year there was only an error of eight hours and twelve minutes. Which is remarkably small. That's roughly a point zero zero five percent error. Over the twenty three hundred years. As days shows so pondered the similarity of the very small error. In each of these time prophecies. He theorized that the difference between the. Twelve hundred sixty. And the twenty three hundred years or one thousand and forty years. Would prove to be the key to unlock the mystery of when the Earth Moon and Sun would be in perfect alignment again. And my dear friends. That is exactly what he found. Let's allow him to communicate this discovery in his own words. This period of one thousand and forty years. Indicated. Indirectly by the Holy Ghost is a cycle. At once. Solar lunar and dye your know or terrestrial of the most perfect accuracy. I subsequently discovered. To singular confirmations of this fact which I will explain presently. When I have a deuced. All my purely astronomical proofs. May I. In the meantime be permitted to give this new cycle. The name of the Daniel cycle. Perfect harmony. It couldn't be an accident day shot zero recorded. This profound discovery. In a booklet. Titled historical chronological and astronomical remarks on certain parts of the Book of Daniel. It was added to edited by his sons and published in seven hundred fifty four some time after his death. But more importantly his findings were independently confirmed by Messrs. Myron and Cassini who all were celebrated astronomers of the Royal Academy of Science in Paris. They declared days shows those findings. To be in harmony with astronomical. Fact. Now. Don't let all of this. Astronomical talk confuse you. In simplicity what does this all mean friends what this means is this. It demonstrates that the year day principle which is why do the attested to in the scripture. Finds its ultimate ground and foundation. In the very material. Of creation itself. You see day shot zose own conclusion of this. A stunning discovery. Demonstrated to him that it is absolute proof that the Book of Daniel was divinely inspired. Listen to day shows those own words. Such a cycle. Would never have been chosen by accident. And since it was not accidental. It must have been chosen by him. Who timed. The movements of the sun and moon. In their orbits. My dear friends since day shows those use of the Year Day principle works in a miraculous way to unlock the mathematical and astronomical problem. Of harmonizing the solar day. Lunar month. And solar year. There are only two explanations that are plausible. First. This is just a matter of chance. And pure luck. Friends. We all know that that's not plausible at all or. This is designed. It's planned. It is clear in my mind that this is evidence that a divine hand has given the prophet. Divine information that could only point to one conclusion. There is a divine source of all things. And a Creator of All Things. A designer who is designed. Everything in hopes of having a relationship with you. Friends. When we look at that. There are only two. Logical conclusions. To this issue of Time and prophecy. Any other conclusion. Would simply be irrational. The first is this. God does indeed exist. And he desires personal interaction with each and every one of us. And secondly this book. The Bible is divinely inspired. Designed by a master designer. And his authoritative and completely trustworthy. In the lives of those who choose to trust him. Listen to these provocative words from day Shazam for several agents. The Book of Daniel and especially these passages of it. Have been quoted in commented on by numerous and varied authors. So that it is impossible for a moment to call in question. Their antiquity. Who could have taught their author the marvelous. Relation of the periods he selected. With soley lunar revolutions. Is it possible. Considering all these points to fail to recognize in the author of The Book of Daniel. The creator of the heavens and their hosts of the earth. And the things that are there is friend. Will we as we study this book. Fail to see the creator of the heavens and the earth. God is calling. He is appealing to each of us. To see him as Creator and Lord. Author Edwin. De Kock perfectly summarizes day shows those discovery when he states these words. As our planet spins. Upon its axis and drags along the circling moon. To swing with it around the sun. The solar system completes a Daniel cycle. Every one thousand and forty years. What is this. If not a message from the Creator Himself. Speaking to us. Not only from the pages of an ancient book. But also from among the stars. Did you hear that this book. The Bible. It is a message for you. It is a message for me. It's personal. Directed right. Toward you and into your heart. God wants you to be in a relationship with him. He wants you to trust his book. He wants to hear his call to come into relationship with him. He wants you to hear that call. My dear friend. If God can guide. The universe with such precision. Don't you think he has a plan for you today. When you accept that plan. Today. Tobacco. I I me. You are there. You give my you with to love me. Oh with the world would be one. I'm willing to eat. Thank you you said you was. Friend would you like more information on pursuing that relationship with God. Today want to offer you a booklet by my friend Mark Finley living in the end time prophecy study guide. Here's the information you need to request today's offer. Just log on to W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca. If you prefer. You may call toll free at one eight eight eight. Call I I.W.. Or if you wish. You may write to us at. It is written. Box twenty ten. Oshawa Ontario. L. one H. seventy four. Fred thank you so much for watching. Join us again next week until then remember. It is written. Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word the proceeds from the mouth of God.


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