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Leading People From Health To Him, Part III

Don Mackintosh

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • December 18, 2008
    2:30 PM
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a friend of mine Nancy Adams is here today and Nancy is going to show a mover testimony is of working in the help of vandalism as a massage therapist sees of also tell you that story and that she wanted to show you real quickly how to do a a simple massage now because of the spirit of factual ethics we don't want to show everybody really on everybody else here but maybe what we could do is if you want to participate in this set next to someone it would be appropriate for you to rub their back okay and that may be here might be sitting next to your wife or your shoulders your shoulders just as shoulders okay and I'll let you be up to that in terms of your ethical standards that we will be videotaping this and sending pictures to your parents so him and so what will that Nancy can take over here and she's go take just a few most to share her testimony about frontline medical missionary worker not to come back to finish our little section on the book of Daniel W never powerful last section also dealing with addictions to go where you are all too long I just I learned in size and Hawaii in nineteen seventy three I gave a wide range from shadow was born the next and then I went to the story and its economy is the size is a praying work she would say that over and over again the size is a problem work and she's hot credit right now which is valueless finally saw it thank you so much for all the many blessings that you give us create a new emptiness right now use me as an instrument by him I learned that piece of office thank you for hearing our prayers loses his deficits on average average time I didn't size and unit itself and use management I has a great prayer and you know what the letters almost always answered it if I was sincerely pray that he has to fit in with the greatest joy the greatest joy in the world is to be used of God there is thing that can get turned on as much as knowing that you can use I got to try it I was a writ of mandamus might my mother was Jewish by birth my father was raised a Catholic I and you know there was a religion in the home that I'm very thankful because you know God works in every home matter how bad it is that force against the more the child fills a need of God and I did I saw my new guy tonight and I think Allegra my mother was open-ended she took me to Sunday school and cradle well and I learned about the love of God in their very young age and the icing on my home was very chaotic I couldn't see really got working there but I knew that there was a God who loved me and has asked the most important thing that we can get across to another person right in that we get that we need to get that we need to let God get across to us that we are loved and but when I became when I was fourteen years old I came home from school one day and my father I found my father he had committed suicide in the car in there with carbon monoxide poisoning and I was I pray I pray Lord please save my father tells women died he died two hours later and I fourteen is that age where you really making decisions and I decided I him I was so angry and I am doing a lot of anger all the time in my home anyway so this anger really came out and I went away from God he got into drugs and every thing I was lived in Oakland California and Berkeley was right next door I went from Oakland to Berkeley and got into the whole to be seen in the sixth of the late sixties early seventies but to know the Lord had his hand on my life a F et al. you that my parents about Brooklyn New York and they moved to California and bought house two doors down from the huge Seventh-day Adventist church at East damage or violates vacation Bible school and in particular for the first time when I was nine years old but had no support in my family and you know I want to know if you come in from the outside ad movies can be a very close society and so I didn't become an address in ISO but that seems never never worried people don't come right away because you plant the seeds in the Lord Waters and he knows the time when you call them so anyway and I went into this whole angry phase and that feminism men and antiwar all that and add that the Lord began to work in my life has about twenty four years old and my sister had just gotten breast cancer had a terrible surgery and I found the termite breasts and a couple of months later I found out that my grandmother had died of breast cancer at age forty and so I was really scared and I went to the doctors and yet to take biopsies of them I think that always hit the vegetarian friends which I think anything was food and what the tech meeting that exotic going to get away from it without but they convinced me to go to herbalist and this herbalist says he you have to get rid of all that a anger and resentment and just drink carrot juice him to try again about the specific person I might my whole motivation from white with anger and resentment I know anti- this and anti- that and is in the second thing was I just doesn't didn't think I could give up against the diet and health and so I went home from there and it's hard as I make this decision whether to go the doctor was crazy herbalist lady and I for the first time I consciously knelt down and prayed and I figure God if you're still a fair please tell me what to do and he was up and he said to me but he said that the team 's name really strongly you always pray in Jesus name and I think one or pray in Jesus name because I was a women's liberation is that I am one of male God and all that and that it was so strong that I could go all white in Jesus name I got from there I opened went to the refrigerator costarred headmen meeting and smoking cigarettes and and I opened the refrigerator and there is absolute nothing to eat but a kind of carrot juice I did not know how it got there later I found a friend had brought it over and put in the refrigerator but it was to me like what happened when I was unveiling out thinking about it so I started on a thirty day characters fast toss fifty two pounds with smoking drinking and drugs and got rid of its humor my breast I also use comfrey poultices that when the prescription of the herbalist and know my sister died a year later and I went on to find God I I knew at that point in my life there was a God and I was going to find him but I could not believe he was in Christianity I could not believe that's where God was because I just did not see any power increase him I was indeed been and I knew that I had to have a God that was really powerful to get me out of it anyway the Lord my friend convinced me to go to Hawaii to get I had to eat natural foods and I had to live naturally and they just need to know why I want one way ticket to Hawaii seventy five dollars in my pocket and I went to live with some hippie friends I have banana farm I started it really sick this time I got a staph infection homes even providing you like crazy and it got infected and I got this huge tumor that stayed on the side of my neck like a half a grapefruit and I started praying again and the Lord brought a medical missionary and a man named John Bihari who taught that I love the health of the hippies and he added he had a paper on one side it had been ten Commandments and the other side it had eight laws of health and in the middle is Cross said if you love me keep my commandments and he said that the moral law according to the ten Commandments is about to talk about that today well which good but underground shall not sell these eight laws of health and if you break these your killing yourself and then went through them and described explained and it just really if he figured he'd love to help anywhere in the world and you can help people get well and it just me now I'm thinking that and I looked at my if I think it well you know it was just easy is it so simply what the real educated man he just taught the simple truth and many many kids were gone off the drugs put on more close change your life because this man is now nine years old and lives in Kentucky forty five minutes away the lives of my child my testimony they are the negative the thing and he was in the simple very simple man and death points are going with him everywhere but not limited to I Einstein I know I am emphasized the lemming gets the part regular size so he took me to a Hawaiian lady and that she was a massage therapist said that she was an orphan and she that she had been raised Methodist and she gets an amazing gift her name was in Hawaii with Kali who will not know who the local Nepali which means the refreshing mist that passes over the mountain leaving everything green and when she touched you when she massaged you and she always prayed and she was like a mother that I always wanted another easier desires remember big time has someone or something that was connect the feel that desire in your heart even if you don't know when he will bring into your life when you need it the most annexed kinds and so the AI does she live ladies as she sat me on the table and she said now I know you and you know me Lord knows both of him against his will superhero you and she put me on the table she put her hands on me and she prayed a beautiful prayer this is the floodgates of my fellow world and I knew that I was going to help me and he did to month later attitude two days later this estimate is that blogger with us either half a grapefruit went down to the size of an egg and I can turn my help head for the first time in a month in seven days it was completely gone and then we get a lot of cleansing staffing and I with I was not able to do that without any surgery which was amazing it never came out to now and then she started teaching the herbs in the size I became like a I I I might be illustrated I don't have time that the anyway the him I thought he and through her I was given I was healed I was I was given a given salvation and I was given my life work and I am so grateful and I wanted at one time I am in my minute of added equipment I think that there's something you like about yourself you pray about it because I don't want these sorts of things and fingers and my slides and try to put a ring on my system with a look like a sausage with a ring on it or is it was really easy for me to give a jewelry that is anyway I hope they like my hands and I looked and looked at my hand and she said the hands from the size and her hands were shorter instead year than mine the boilers and put them on you just you felt the presence of heaven and that a wonderful experience know what people need a benevolent technicolor healing touch therapeutic touch but attached where you are aiming to benefit them if not there's nothing in it for you particularly except for the joy that you give someone else and so that healing patch is something that that is what the world needs and belongs for I wish I could talk more about what I will be interested in giving a shout learning how to give a shoulder massage if you're interested in learning how to give five standout print alignment in all even givers many of you are willing to get a massage raise your hand and I and you and you sit down as part of his work and that I needed to get in the area one person the person to get in size and him him inside and behind them as a lightning and everything in a hole as long as you are you he is in and I dare say and relax to get you back to me him and him and him and he is anywhere at the plate he played for the gentle firm and gentle is the key to Hawaii to a new army which is the size of idea and then you know if you think appropriate favorite or with a magnet is always and hated it if you feel that their weekday when being it was not appropriate place or the person to pray silently on the ultrasound for the person that you're going okay with you as our effort here frequently what not to deal with these gentlemen husbands usually learning at their wife is a sister and a grammar neck in a guy like that and everything to him never never never start in size that way you have a trapezius muscle the concert here in the him him down was all I got halfway down your back that's it that's a muscle that turns you and everyone at the Czarnecki when you turn to get it here if you're down here that the trapezius muscles they don't start on the nasty start building up the defeated muscles of blood starts flowing up to the neck this is called the ten minute tuneup and that the class that is classical need a friend today and he certainly start with correctly and just it sounds right up this life you have an cervical is the biggest Dunkin' Donuts except on some people think that my net is pointing fingers right side that said premises and shall you feel myself revisiting your piece of the Army call that pressure and you can rotate and don't don't don't let at this one to three really okay go down next some length press and all the pressure rotating wine to three release and move down pressure rotate rotate release down pressure rotate rotate release and I I down until my fingers cannot get stay up on the shoulders any longer pressure rotate rotate really three things going here are pressuring the proper area I'm response to think of myself I does find heavy pressure most people like any person whether a new project with them to that mockingly can take pretty heavy pressure rather needed to go in the small muscles in a map okay pressure proper pressure in the proper place then there's when everything your heart arrhythmia the ribbon and teeth you got to get a written jet counting regular study gamma started the seventh cervical I pressure road to a roundtable reason enough after pressure pressure you move down okay pressure rotate rotate release pressure rotate rotate release pressure will rotate rotate release pressure rotate rotate delete update principle is feeling for muscle tone and now it's time for the easiest way to start with is to compare one side to the other sitting in a walk this sums down each side of the spine and CL if you can find a type place now defended by comparing a and you can talk to Nancy like I write they are both little tight designs also are yeah okay okay now regularly when you place the call that the trigger point to administer the muscle is to get some questioning it like you did before called pressure and then stretching across toward the shoulder well where there and just about anything a little bit below it cracked into a comments directed across that when he again indicated he may feel miss all my fellow site on her right here is not wedding under that attention I can not a mother and stretch at night one of feeling a lighter type this is called with businesses needing this a nice light meeting where I'd like to say nice to be needed and how these can be themed and hammy treatment are deeper pressure many he will lighten it up particularly when Americans Americans do not like pain if you are why they work in a Japanese you are here no better than the five therapists in and out like himself when I do take your point with Americans I have them breathe you want let's try to find a spot again this is tight when the other and both you and your patient take a deep breath now and help mold a new exile slowly through your mouth and your pressing into that Michael leaving your body weight and holding the pressure will one to three and released normally are having them breathe out at the same time that you're doing so and actuation and breathing to as a time is different it didn't hurt it it also makes memory lapse of a document against you want enchanting up against your moving away from your night back to hire him naked eye agency and they should be obtained and feel that you dinner it's worked a day ago and then breathing off the oxygen in the blood which helps open up these areas were doing and were pressing out the way when you're when your muscle tenses up to get waste products that build up in the area calcium sulfur and depressing that out only when you release quickly the blood flowing back here and you're helping to wash away about that that debris so that Nikita and any of them I find ten people for like five minutes and will dramatically anywhere you can just do it anywhere and it is a semi- rubbing your net denounced the Regina network of resellers and he just made in the context that you could have been everybody since not everybody is willing to do that there's a lot of people that are anything so much fun to go around trying to Disneyland instead so I will also fear you can just use your thumbs and whereat very quickly so why would we want to learn depressed the end lean your body weight called depression and is working with is that now you get really cared when you hear the entire use other body part like Tiger so the one who has had partner needed to answer is walking back and forth now remember you like never around when you get lower than some people are very motivated to life again he will have elected a year is a really naughty that the reality will an argument with a guy yesterday that I fell and there were some benefits to being fat and he is doing is either one of them that I don't outweigh the bad things are working out okay and then I would also use my elbow I think this is it like that right you will see that we live and multiply for him and he well I wanted this thing Nancy for stepping in here and teaching is a little bit about the size now to see if my computer is here okay right review not been here to the seminar yet okay well kill you totally confused I would say what we've been talking about methods you look confused by this note you are Google we've been we've been talking about leaving people from health to him and him I talked about the first hour I find about nine characteristics of doing successful help of vandalism then in the second hour I talked about a key bridge study that once you do a successful evangelistic for a successful health seminar people naturally will ask the question what's the connection between Ms. in your church for like after Nancy Rob Mars on his neck and shoulders is going where can I get in touch for that lady again right so that's the same thing it happens in and is successful I will massage or unsuccessful health seminar and you've rubbed people the right way so to speak write so after you show that starting it we went through in our last dog if you weren't here everything is worth and then hearing a study that the building that once you do that and you know you got to the next the next step in the process oh by the way tomorrow Doctor Nellis it would be with us how many one be smart all right so you can be talking about mental P performance strategies and and then called different things tomorrow so that health studies and Lisa what's the connection study then that means Max to looking at the book of Daniel Daniel Chapter one is the oldest scientific study and we talked a little bit about the different parts of Daniel Inouye written your health seminar you document really God 's word because science is not a documentation of something God 's argument going on signs at all they discovered something new but then you read the thing is as we just discover what's already happening development magazine like they discovered they might have documented how many of Salome but it's been happening on the net after the study that just shows that God already knew that and then Daniel chapter one that's the oldest scientific study known to mankind I love going to that study because it then shows how to give your heart to the Lord and here's the concept because I'm not to be able to go through the whole thing I thought you might want to have your backdrop a little more than your head mentally so I must go through the whole thing but when you say this with him Daniel chapter one the real essence of Chapter one is to basic powers struggling over an individual there is the king Nebuchadnezzar and is the King of Kings God and that one of the film when it became on McCain and their bulk trying to get the heart of the individual right and they didn't did you notice what that Nancy was saying us to drum in someone else's bag back there you knows what Nancy was saying she was saying you know who would like to get a massage or given the size of what you know sometimes in season here giving this besides just with the purpose of helping someone not for yourself because that was a very key constant this is the idea of giving not to get but just again as Christ would give her God would be right and it bears at the wonders that that that whole thing going on there's there is the king who is giving thanks to the three Hebrews and is the King of kings and getting things to the Hebrews one is getting to get that is distilled arts of people and one is gathering to keep another word so they can keep the relationship with than with others as of the issue in Daniel chapter one is really the heart that in a health seminar that you go to what you end up doing him people when your confidence you let them do more and more things like my brother was rubbing my back enough I got some more confidence as he went on it was like to break my back felt like I gave him more more compensating health seminar this happens where people start opening up they tell you things they open up their lives and they do all kinds of things because they start to have more and more confidence in you and that as they follow the principles of reasoning accomplices because those principles of the negative shared actually work and is always my blood pressure without my cholesterol and element blood sugar when down in my my feeling of healthy oil and end this is what's happening you see on now that same concept I share with them in the study as they look you gave yourself to this program physically you stepped out in faith and then God responded by giving you what grace you step out in faith and in God David Rice you step out in faith and in guide to do more grace say grace they are right that's what happens in Daniel chapter one and there's physiological aspects to it and there's is a very spiritual thing this because the time I want to sell you some of those things without going through the entire presentation which I would love to do but I'm a disco to Daniel one now will look at it on this August look here at a little bit of the chapter with you on by the way Daniel chapter one how old was manual one he was taken captive she was fifteen years old and that he served in the case virtually was eighteen how old will spell the Shatzer what the kingdom fell he was fifteen years old Daniel one and Daniel five like bookends it's the tale of two teenagers it's the tale of two young people and one gave their heart to God and one gave their hearts of the other power and everywhere one did something that was right the other did something that was wrong is the most powerful book to use as a young person as your reaching out to someone else so in Daniel chapter one and it's really I think it's a key key person doesn't look like achievers but let me just read you in the third year of the range of like an king of Judah Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and its needs if you think that's a wonderful help that it is once you understand it because of who what was the third year of the reign of July Kim and so was the key it's a job like it was the king of Judah enough to go back you can start the trace that Powell was Daniel when he came to Babylon fifteen minute trace back fifteen years and guess who the king was at that time Josiah Josiah became king when he was owl eight and when he was sixteen and a revival of the GUI to Gompers and then when he was twenty seven he was full that's when Daniel was born twenty seven years old and then he died when he was thirty nine when Daniel was twelve and so when he was born Josiah was King and when he died Josiah died Daniel was twelve the first twelve years you know what Josiah did he discovered when he was twenty seven the book of the law and he began to teach health evangelism along with everything else and that led to a robot I will in the kingdom and it led to a revival in Daniel 's life at all three friends like that gave the hearts to God because they've seen their master that's indicating they'd see him involved in this as a limit got to Daniel 's time labeling of the babbling made in this bill for anything because it already purpose therapist therapist for this both of our conference for this purpose they had already purposed in the hearts of all of God Daisy that and so they knew how to step out in faith not because it was so forensic because I already saw the guy was so good to get the idea so Daniel while Ben is really all about giving your heart to God than a powerful really is so here's how we know how old he was the upper look page eighty three he was about fifteen or sixteen years old he was a child when he was caring to the babble why did this happen to you I love the statement that you have many occult lessons to learn before their prepared for usefulness that don't you love that statement in order to be fit into the bill positions of trust they must submit to the Stern to see him in this appointment and I nearly met him today and necessary dictates what value I would like to use instructed to five nineteen oh two zero I have found that to be true in my lot that it's really one nurse times of pain and disappointment that I learned this is a summary of called of being a call for the use of so sorry that payment him when we come to our school when it amazing solids of the Vandals and spiders and light is all there is an annoying to him and him as you build you that as you go to time as you as you knock on doors and doors knocked on your rule something about the pen in the book of Daniel and we single chapter begins with the disappointment and that leads to an appoint so this is why Hill got sought it in an and his team his liking the mental ward prepared him for that but not even though God lets us go through pain and suffering and united not many really like that global bit too much I like this one too not açai is free not a paying about ninety three does the soul but the problem vibrates of the fathers are cleaning up the wonderful thing to sell it he sees what we need any allows us to learn itself into a centralized again in chapter one I start to bring out this idea of how to give your heart to God and I show them physiologically know what happens and then you get the one is a keyword that use again again again diffidence day annual that word when it talks about Daniel purposed in his heart all by the way they did different things the king gave education DJ Bob Gill doesn't matter who really educates you the manner we watch or listen to is a troubling to you that maybe you're even here with me right hopefully not because of any adult education so well let him study for your neurons and they had little baboon and out of the bedroom a minimum unit and he was watching he was wanting you that they were watching this baboon and different things that happen in his brain and you know what happened there in the brain as as they do different things in different parts of the brain with five and mirror neurons fire not only hasn't performed a certain action that ultimately wants someone else performing right to get his watch in the same manner as a Google search 's and sounds weird also disbar women animals wanting someone else perform an instant mirror neurons also far if they hear the sound so be careful to live pleasing interval is that you mirror I add that when people listen to sentences describing actions the same mirror neurons fired as when and if the subject before the act of themselves for this is why we say Uganda's watch anything on TV July kids you can does listen to anything you can even just read anything is one of those new birth to the picture of this and he generally say it but there's the red section here that fired when they actually did the action inside is when you thought about it or when you saw her when you heard saying area of the brain was spiraling so we can get an education he gave the name doesn't matter what people call you doesn't matter what you call yourself you know having her the story about the nova is a great name for cart separating Mexico work means no doubt sales really fell in know what this is recently in New Zealand they call the airlines their Kiwi airlines high how many Kiwis and everything and fly I was a big airline really never got off the ground and never had a chance to change the names so on and he gave been told him he gave introducing this king was tried to distill their hearts through education through through renaming them and through all in all the food that he gave is an actual picture of the three Hebrews is instead write me second Abednego I doubt it's amazing what were discovered with archaeology so much and you don't have things really change that much you go down the street and you go past the restaurant they said we want you to be a Burger King and for the ladies Dairy Queen we want you to have not just margarine put into your arms around his king size so just like the King was trying to still their hearts so in this culture today people try and still our hearts and many times people 's hearts are stolen in physical ways even sometimes before they are in spiritual ways or vice a versa units on Wednesday so we knew health evangelism it's a very it's a very spiritual thing and really the essence and because I want I want to know get some time near the end to make sure and help me out really the essence of Daniel chapter one is this is the struggle for the heart goal is to bring this to me and why the great question to ask is you know what why is why that young man giving up certain drinks and a young lady why what's motivating right who was getting this makes so the annual event that something is as a day of chapter one verse eight he is in his heart that he will not defile himself right for this purpose right the purpose of what purpose is the same word that Susan Jeff the one percent of what it says McCain gave them names same Hebrew word that you know that so another words Daniel Malik doesn't just mean he purposed in his heart he gave his heart he had given his heart to God this is the essence of helping people to really be successful in health evangelism why was it member my last time together why was it the God of brevity has us preach longevity why Billy God who lived only thirty three years talked about wants us to talk about eleven hundred and thirty three years it is because he learned that lesson to any candidate Gethsemane and in front of the universe and not my will inhumanity but I will do my nature be done this is the same lesson that Daniel learned and he said not my will but thy will be done because he had given his heart got that key for anybody having success with health evangelism or with the changes that you're talking about is getting hard to God and how many notice that you have to give again again again again giving the heart to God so the question and in and in dance at the one that I asked people in the middle that that study is now signaled they got to me is the height had a nervous and setting up their car I think you never sat up front and after once again everybody moves as we move the wall at anyone else the key year really gentle gentle wonders how do you give your heart to God how to get their hearts the usually at this time they sell kinds of bizarre thing like all of you which is that how you have somebody trustingly limits up as I was very good spend time with them knowing them stepping out of a deactivated because he has surrendered very practical to the Danube which induces him to do something to eat how do this you get part of this group to do simple things and into the one naturally to Danielle he says I have a relationship with God that fills me with a the faith of Jesus the faith of God right had so much faith in him that even though I was offered all those things even as a teenager as a young person he said cannot remember how I'd rather not do that and he stepped out in faith knowing he could of been killed monarchs over there in Iraq you know and then in the Middle East and everywhere many times they were the types of people that if you said no to the little meal he became a male of alliance right so you literally step out in faith and then what happened God brought him only bring into his hand he brought someone the chief of the UNIX it was very unique and he came and he said look I'll help you out and brought them into favor and that the units on the do this with you another was when you step out in faith other people start to step out in faith to and when they ball step out of date what happened the units are freaked out and this is where the first scientific study came in he says all right I know you're breaking up I can't lose you now you don't vote for what we just do a chat send him right I will step out in faith together so he said no to everything that was off for now I thought this was interesting we said no so those different foods Limited show you what happens when you say no to the very things and Daniel said no to coffee said note to the king 's wine and selecting me he said no the case food because he knows even though he knew that this would lead to death which is very depressing when he said no to alcohol he was really saying no to depression is when you drink your serotonin level goes up but that rapidly falls leaving you hang over that last slide I showed the last time tryptophan hydroxy tryptophan serotonin melatonin this mess is that all of it depletes vitamin B6 we have to get B6 or be shot people to come in to the hospital that been alcoholics and folate levels of tryptophan metabolism is altered adrenaline is released increasing stress everything initially in decreases but then increases in terms of anxiety I were thankful that you don't drink you defend this is what this is what Daniel didn't know Jesus was following by faith with Goddard said and by the way Tom decreased frontal lobe glucose utilization also occurs when people drink alcohol in other words they get a little stupid comic and noticed this works what's the number one cause of death among teenagers preventable accidents many times related to driving of the influence of alcohol or your cell phone driving under the influence of the cell phone he said noting some make at our elevated arachnid Donegan yes the brain is shown to cause depression so when he was saying no the main he said no those of the whole chapter is chock-full of both kinds of things and now the New England Journal of Medicine like I said January two thousand and three so this is the oldest scientific study if you want to study the oldest scientific study with someone study Daniel one but the religionist study is what is not the science of science for the science of salvation the same way order to be successful long-term and health evangelism is only if people give their hearts to God not just physically in your program lower their cholesterol but also what spiritually has been a wonderful privilege to see people that come through these studies and I'm sure we can give our hearts to God talked to Gary freighted with a Vietnamese health study is underway at the self-study one how many read the result of that ever additional to that does live much longer but it's interesting that the self-study to their doing a subset with things about eleven thousand cohorts in the study and they're asking about spiritual motivations you know I think you happen to discover that the people that responded to an appeal like Chelsea Jordan gave a disciplinary do much better physically I may think that's probably going to be true and I wanted and I will know that but they're wanting to document that scientifically how merely significant to be good so the point is what I've learned over the years is that health evangelism generally be damaging to people unless you lived on the Lord because they can clean up their house one day within seven demons will come in wars like the Bible says and laughs the Lord dwells in that house and alas what they've given up is replaced with something better yet not doing them any service so I get there seminar scientifically isolate all the different eight nine asses that I gave you then the second thing you want to sell them have to go that seminar is that Britain study that says let everything you learned in itself some seminar was already known by God and showed by God and then at the end of that study the action is hungry people by the way got out the wilderness only to why because they had really given their hearts to God only two of them were faithful and that's why we go to Daniel one to show how to give your heart to God and Dennis by the way how long was it from Egypt to gain as a study value now long it takes about ten days of walking ten days and help many years were they out there the absolutist probably save you that's the reason work on it you're still here doing G Y C we've been born in the wilderness were wandering around right ten days time is that me ten days to get from their case and then in Daniel chapter one how many days was how it works out I am the difference was what giving Bart stepping out in faith and be filling with being filled with gods grace now we have about ten minutes of time left to the end of this seminar and I gave away time at the beginning and I'm going to give away some time at the end because there is one section today you will want to miss which is the last hour of the seminar and uninvited Rich and Susan Kahlenberg to share with us they are hi actually are my landlords this is my attempt to make sure I don't think getting kicked out of my house for executive know enough they become very close friends and that will attest to what the Lord has done their life they're getting introduced in the next ten minutes and I believe that our direction you want to come back for the next hour Richard Susan now I do you mind if I turn the lights down low this week is a better way to write one here is going to go all the way out but that's okay okay okay the fighters were what I wife and I are going to do today is present a little bit about addiction the first slide to another show you organ to be very alarming disturbing but believe me there's a reason for the trust me okay there's a reason for the sea is a laborious as I really want to look at this but I emerge of extreme makeovers right but this is what you call an extreme meth makeover I don't think you've ever seen these types of pictures before it happens when you use chemicals and in and administered them from the outside in okay I don't know the time frame that help is very long couple years here for this poor young girl methamphetamine addict K and once again as administering chemicals from the outside in does this in and Morgan explain what happens in the brain would explain what drives someone to destroy themselves and Don talked about the dopamine and stuff like that and what happens in the brain and how much dopamine you need to survive 's middle name is is brought the survival we need this dopamine to tell us to do certain things it's how we survive but when it means when we administer substances or be different behaviors would become a slave actually good at feeling that we want and any addiction get effects of dopamine system three and a half years later is that incredible what this drug does and the brain is actually telling itself to kill itself to talk about why it does that to talk about also about other addictions where the brain tells you to kill yourself similar to this believe it or not now this lady here this is when she first got arrested she got arrested every year for ten years and it goes this way in a notice and down and down here she should totally blind she has no teeth she's all that the devil that awaited me he cooked up this chemical so anyways very interesting and like I say this is Logan to talk about but there is hope not have support their and and and it it's almost like she could looking to the future some will be found in whose minds have been sold on the basis that they will never in this life become what under more favorable circumstances they might've been planted in their minds uplifting ennobling thoughts who she's talking to us right let your life make a plain tendency when I got out of my addiction I was addicted to the stuff I could no longer read but there was people 's lives who I watched let your life make it plain to them the difference between vice impurities between darkness and light in your what example let them read what it means to be a Christian him interesting Christ is able to uplift the most simple and place them where they will be acknowledged as children of God joint heirs with Christ to the immortal inheritance is that awesome there's hope for everybody right have one more picture here this was in nineteen eighty one in plaster County this is a nineteen ninety three is twelve years of drug addiction this is my wife God is in the business of restoration that's an extreme makeover is in it is unlikely it is my wiping out Susan Susan was stand up and and all of the reason we wanted to show this beginning here was we wanted to get your attention we wanted to let you know that God is in the business of restoration what we go through is working to talk about how we came into the church and a little struggles that we got so you can understand how to work with people that have frightened her brain you know and you can understand why someone you're working with wolves in all now I know why he does that right now I know why have to wait and slow down with them and whatnot so the very important that we understand this because we watch people coming to our church and he chased away because of it's hard to deal with these types of people that come in and they frighten her brain but it is doable right it is doable one of the best is the talk about the leading causes of death were his fifteenth nicely as unintentional accidents number two what homicide number three suicide which means they're getting involved in drug clout motivated you is the status where people are so we can help the reverse many never get into this and also that help people that are starting to get into right so I I'm looking forward to the next okay so I think were probably about a time no yes okay let's close with a worker father in heaven we are so thankful that you are here with us you give us so much confidence that we can rely and trust in you have a feeling is that we ask or did you be with us in a continual basis here Jesus is a man this is my audio receivers he was a generation or you would like to learn more about G1 please visit .net on the life that God is working like this one is an online service www. .com universe .org


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