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The Evidence of a Master Plan

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • January 23, 2016
    11:30 AM
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It has stood the test of God's book. The Bible. Still relevant in today's complex world. It is written messages of around the world. Isn't it amazing friends that week after week. Through our study of the Book of Daniel we have come to understand. The Bible's mazing ability to accurately point out the future events across the centuries. This. Accuracy. Demonstrates that this book is not a collection of random chance processus. But rather points to a master plan or someone who has taken. Personal Care. In the history of this world. It leads us to conclude that this book is of divine origin. And it can be trusted. Now briefly I talked last week about the concept of recapitulation or repeating and enlarging it the eastern way of thinking is. This way of saying something. And then expanding upon what was said Now this was demonstrated through the study of Daniel seven. And its repeating of the material in Daniel two. But with greater detail and utilizing different language and symbols in our study today. We will move into the third major vision of Daniel. Now the Book of Daniel actually contains five major visions. And those visions are found in Daniel to. Daniel seven. DANIEL. Eight. Daniel nine. And then strong through Daniel. Ten through twelve. We have already covered the visions of Daniel two. And Daniel seven. So let's turn to Daniel Chapter eight. As Daniel begins in verse one. He tells us that he received this vision in the third year of the reign of King Belle Chasse or. That was sometime around five forty eight B.C.. The destruction of Babylon will still about a decade. Into the future. And although never can as there's death. Brought about a weaker Babylon. No one who was living at the time. Could have cast that the minute he of the city could ever be breached by a conquering nation. Let's read. DANIEL. Eight two to four. I saw in the vision. And it so happened while I was looking. That I was in shoe Shan the Citadel. Which is in the province of the lab. And I saw in the vision. I was by the river you lie. Then I lifted my eyes and saw and there standing beside the river was a ram which had two horns. And the two horns were high but one was higher than the other. And the higher one came up last I saw the RAM pushing westward northward and southward. So that no animal could withstand him. Nor was there any that could deliver from his hand. But he did according to His will and became great. What's again we have beasts in our study of Daniel seven revealed that the symbol of a beast was a kingdom or a nation. Once again we do not have to guess about the interpretation. Later in Daniel. Eight In verse twenty. The angel Gabriel. Shares the interpretation of the dream with Daniel and it reads. The RAM what you saw having two horns. They are the kings of media and Persia. The vision here depicts two horns. Yet he points out that the higher one came up last. Interestingly enough when the meats and Persians first came on the scene. The meats where the more powerful. They had given the Assyrians considerable difficulty. From the ninth to the seventh centuries B.C.. But then under Cyrus the Persians became the stronger of the to the royal houses of the Medes and Persians. Into married. And the Persians became so strong that modern historians often simply refer to this empire as the Persian Empire. So was though when Cyrus conquered media. He incorporated it into his kingdom. And that is why we have the combined name of me to Persia. As stated in the Book of Daniel. You see Daniel sees in vision that the RAM would push. Westward. Northward and southward. And in amazing fulfillment of the dream. The major conquest of the Persians. Was toward the north where the Kingdom of Lydia lay and ancient Turkey. To the west. Persia conquered. Babylon in five thirty nine. And to the south. Cyrus is son. Cam by seas conquered Egypt. In five twenty five B.C.. All of this. An exact fulfillment of this vision that God gave to Daniel. In addition the choice of the RAM is also significant. On their seals the Persians. Used. The ram. As a common. Emblem. In addition the ram was a sacrificial animal that played a key role in the sanctuary. Service. That sanctuary service I'm referring to of course is the Hebrew sanctuary service. And the RAM symbolized the Lamb of God who died for the sins of the world. What a fitting symbol of the RAM as found here in Daniel eight. This sanctuary. Imagery. You see the Persians. Through three decrees. By their kings. Would command. And the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. That had been destroyed by never can as are they were extremely important in the reestablishing of the sanctuary service. Friends. What amazing detail is given in this prophecy. Once again demonstrating the reliability of God and His Word. But let's continue reading in Daniel Chapter eight verses five to eight. And as I was considering suddenly a male goat came from the west across the surface of the whole earth without touching the ground. And the goat had a notable horn between his eyes that he came to the ram that had two horns. Which I had seen standing beside the river and ran at him with furious power. And I saw him confronting the ram. He was moved with rage against him. Attack to the RAM and broke his two horns. There was no power in the RAM to withstand him. But he cast him down to the ground and trampled him. And there was no one that could deliver the RAM from his hand. Therefore the male goat grew very great. When he became strong. The large horn was broken and in place of it for notable ones came up toward the four winds of heaven. Once again. No guessing is needed. The angel Gabriel points out in verse twenty one and the a male goat is the kingdom of Greece. The large horn that is between its OS is the first king. This goat. Represents the kingdom of Greece. And the large horn and obvious reference to Alexander the Great. To different Persian kings. Derrius the first and for ninety B.C. and Xerxes in four eighty. Unsuccessfully tried to subdue Greece. Through brutal attacks and remains. One such place was Macedonia. Their local ruler. Was a man by the name of Philip of Massa Don. Philip had a son who would what and as these brutal attacks by the middle Persians. That son's name. Alexander and. Alexander never forgot the brutality and humiliation. Brought upon the Greek people. And so with pinpoint accuracy. The creek goat. Would rise. Not forgetting the humiliation. And the prophecy states that to go ran at the RAM with furious power and moved with rage against him. And finally trampling him to the ground with no one to deliver him. The incredible speed by which. Alexander and his forces. Conquered the known world. Was truly amazing. They marched all the way up from Macedonia in the West to the Valley of the Indus River in northwest India. What a fitting symbol and Daniel. Eight for the goat. To go across the surface of the earth without touching the ground. And here is what makes this even more remarkable. Daniel eight predicted this rise over two centuries before the Greeks begin to conquer the world. In addition Daniel eight. Predicted that. Alexander and his kingdom would be cut down while they were at the very height of their power. And that prediction by Daniel came before Greece was even a power to be considered. Notice what Daniel States. Therefore the male goat. Grew very great. But when he became strong. The large horn was broken. Friend Alexander conquered the world. But he couldn't conquer his own addictive behaviors. The representation of Greece as a goat is intriguing. The goat was a familiar figure on Greek Queens. The original capital of Macedonia was age I from which Alexander was from. There is a similarity between the capital city of age I and the Greek word. Age yes. Which is the word for go. Biblically. The goat in the sanctuary service. Represented both the Lord. And as Ezell. As a cell was the representation of the devil. On the Day of Atonement. As a Greek symbol the goat was represented both by Alexander. And his nation Greece. Yet once the horn was broken and eventually. A little horn rises. It is key to understand its connection with the go. You see the Persians were represented as a ram a creature of sacrifice. In the temple. And it was fitting for their influence in the rebuilding of the temple or the sanctuary. However the Romans were not sanctuary builders. But they were sanctuary destroyers and desecrated. This is seen in the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and eighty seventy. And then in eighty one thirty. When the Romans. Erected a temple for Jupiter. On the very grounds where the Jewish temple once stood. But let's continue in Daniel with chapters. Chapter eight verses. Eight and nine. After that prominent horn. Bro. For notable ones came up toward the four winds of heaven. And out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south toward the east and toward the glorious land. Alexander died in three twenty three B.C.. In three A one B.C. Alexander's Kingdom was ruled by cause Sandor lie CYNICUS solution. And Ptolemy. The unity of the empire was extremely fragile. In fact it only lasted for twenty years until solu sis. Defeated and killed. LYSIMACHUS into eighty one B.C. from the date of two eighty one B.C. historians. Now unanimously. Affirm that there were only three. Substantial kingdoms. Resulting from Alexander's conquests. These three kingdoms. Were the anti gonads who ruled in Macedonia and Greece. The Salusa pts. Who ruled an Asia. And especially Syria. And the TAL meds. In Egypt. They controlled most of the world. East of the Mediterranean until the Roman conquest. But what about this fourth kingdom division of Greece. Fascinatingly enough. Recent archaeological discoveries and historical discoveries have confirmed the existence of a western Greek Kingdom developing. They actually lived in Italy. Now they were different than their eastern cousins and their life philosophy was heavily influenced by us and Parmenides. This shape. The Italian intellect and culture. In addition. Those western Greek philosophers. Greatly shaped. Plato and Aristotle. Whose ideas. Actually became the very foundation and structure for the little horn power. Now although this may be a new thought to those seeing or hearing this broadcast today. The early Christian church. And the Roman Church. In particular were deeply influenced by the Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle. In the formulation of its doctrinal system. Frankly friends. It is miraculous that the Book of Daniel revealed this close relationship between the Greeks and the Romans. When archaeology and history. Are only now discovering that relationship. For instance that relationship is not only demonstrated in Daniel eight. But also in Daniel to in Daniel to the Greeks are represented by the belly and five. Of bronze. Whereas the Romans. By the legs of iron and now the word. By in Daniel two thirty two in Air America is very similar to the word for five in Genesis twenty four nine. Where Abraham made his servant. Swear on to him by putting his hand under the thigh. Of Abraham his master. That was a think about this though. Since the leg is a single entity. It requires both the upper the thigh. And the lower half. In order to walk. This imagery. Seemingly suggests that close relationship. Of by and lower leg is the same relationship between the Greeks and the rooms. In Daniel seven nineteen we read that the indescribable beast. Had iron teeth. But it also had nails. Of province. Once again the iron legs of Daniel to point to Rome. And the bronze. Points to Greece. There is no doubt about this. Greco roman overlap in Daniel seven. The relationship however is even clearer in Daniel eight. As we have already pointed out. Remember this chapter. Does not state that the horn was split into four. Rather it states that the first big horn. On the male goat was broken or plucked up. And then Daniel. Eight eight points out. Instead of it came up for conspicuous horns. Toward the four winds of heaven. Now Daniel. Eight twenty two brings a bit of clarity for kingdom shall stand up out of the nation. The prophetic focus is therefore on the Greeks. As a whole and not just the Kingdoms. That resulted from the breakup of Alexander's empire. The little horn. Rome. Literally grows from with in a Greek context. Now. Again later in the Book of Daniel in Chapter eleven. Greece is introduced in Chapter eleven in verse two. And after the overview of the Greek kings of the north and south. Daniel Levon twenty provides and proceeds to deal with the Romans. There is no transition. There is nothing that marks them as separate peoples. You see the Book of Daniel seems to treat the Romans. As though they were and out. Growth of the Greeks. And so as a result. This close relationship between the Greeks and Romans. As revealed in the Book of Daniel and confirmed through recent discoveries of the Western Greeks. In Italy. This all. Strongly points to the fact that Rome is the Little Horn of Daniel eight. And would arise out of the Western Greeks. One of those four horns and Daniel laid this little horn is slightly different than the Little Horn of Daniel seven in studying Daniel eight verses nine to twelve we realize that Daniel uses one symbol the little horn. To represent both Pagan and papal aspects of this power. So let's take a look at the activities of the pagan Roman aspect of the Little Horn. Daniel said in Daniel eight. Verse nine that the Little Horn would grow exceedingly great. Toward the south toward the east toward the glorious land. The history tells us that the first significant venture of Rome beyond the A tell you in peninsula. Was toward Sicily. In the south. This is where the Western Greeks were residing. This involved. A consistent southward movement through great Greece. In order to ward off. The cars the journey ends of Africa who were threatening to take it and fact within a few generations. Carthage itself was conquered. And later destroyed. But one room turned east and conquered the rest of Greece. Western Asia and North Africa. In addition the Glorious Land is a reference. A symbol to Jerusalem or Palestine which was incorporated into the Roman Empire in sixty three B.C.. You see justice Daniel seven pointed out characteristics of the Little Horn. So. Daniel eight points out characteristics as well. Daniel eight eleven mentions three specific things that the little one would do. First it would rise up against the Prince of princes. Second. It would take away the daily or continual service. And third. It would cast down the place of God's sanctuary. All of these things were fulfilled and took place under the Pagan. Roman Empire. You see it was under a Roman procurator that Christ was put to death. His death. Rendered the earthly sanctuary services. Nomen void the Romans attacked Jerusalem. And in eighty seventy. They destroyed the sanctuary itself. Jesus himself confirms this prophecy of Daniel. Eight. Specifically. Daniel eight thirteen. And the abomination of desolation. We spoke these words in. In Matthew chapter twenty four verses fifteen to sixteen. Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet. Standing in the holy place. Whoever reads let him understand. Then let those who are in Judea Felicie to the mountains. Now the sister parallel passage of Matthew twenty four is found in Luke twenty one vs twenty to twenty four. Interestingly enough Jesus does not repeat the phrase. The abomination of desolation. But instead he says these words. When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies. Then know that its destruction is near that he warned those who were in Judea. At that time to escape and flee to the mountains. It was the pagan Roman armies. That encircled Jerusalem and planted their standards just outside the city walls. Yet according to history. No Christian who listened to the Lord's warning and fled to the mountains. Was a lost in the destruction of the city. And thus far the study of Daniel eight. Reveals that God had a plan. These things can't be attributed to random chance processes. How could have Daniel. Known or gassed. That Babylon would pass off the scene. While it was still a ruling. Empire of the day. And showed no signs of being invaded. How could have Daniel randomly predicted. The rise of the Persians. Over the meads. What it was clear that for over two centuries. The maids were the stronger of the two how is it possible. That the choice of the RAM to symbolize the Persians. Would be so fitting to a people who are friendly to the Jews. That helped them restored their city and temple. Could there have been random chance at the speed in which Greece conquered the known world. How is it possible that Daniel. Would have predicted. The fact that Greece would be led by a mighty leader an Alexander who would die in a very early age. At the height of his power. What kind of speculation. Could lead one to the fact that the Little Horn would grow out of the Western Greeks who resided in Italy. Which is one of the four horns. That came up in place of Alexander in his kingdom. What type of gets to me it would take place for the prediction of the pagan little horn. First attacking the south. The East and the glorious land of Jerusalem and Palestine who could have predicted with accuracy. Hundreds of years before he was born. That the pagan Roman Empire would ultimately put Christ. To death and destroy the temple. And the city of Jerusalem from the answer simple only God could do so he is real and he seeks to enter into relationship with you. You know. There is one of the thing that happens with this little horn power in Daniel eight. That we haven't talked about. Daniel eight thirteen and fourteen tells us. And this is what it says. Event I heard a holy one speaking. And another Holy One said to that certain one who was speaking. How long will the vision be concerning the daily sacrifices. And the transgression of desolation. The giving of both the sanctuary. And the host to be trampled underfoot. And he said to me for two thousand three hundred days. Then the sanctuary shall be calamitous. What is this all about what is this twenty three hundred days we far into. What is the relationship between the little horn in the cleansing of the sanctuary. Where does this event. Take place. When does it take place where a lot of time today to discuss that. But join us next week. And we will answer all those questions. In the meantime we can rest assured. Once again. God is real God cares for us. And once us to be a part of his kingdom. That will last forever. Will hold you back to respond to his invitation. He will not let you down. Heavenly Father we're so thankful that you have the world. In your hands. We give our heart to you today. Please care for us we pray in Jesus name Amen. My dear friend. Isn't it amazing how this book. Over and over again demonstrates that God is real and he wants to be in relationship with you today I want to offer to you a D.V.D. of the past program called the book. That couldn't be silenced. And that D.V.D. will help you understand. Even more. The reliability and authenticity of the Bible. In addition to that. Like to offer you the Discover Bible guides to help you in your relationship with Jesus. Here's the information you need for today's offer. To request today's offer just log on to W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca. That's W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca and select the T.V. Program tab for Canadian viewers. The offer will be sent free and postage paid for viewers outside of Canada. Shipping charges will apply. If you prefer. You may call toll free at one eight eight eight call. That's one eight eight eight. Call Call any time lines are open twenty four hours daily. That's one eight eight eight call or if you wish. You may write to us at. It is written. Box twenty ten. Oshawa Ontario. L one age seventy four and. Thank you for your prayer requests. And your generous financial support that. It is written. Box two thousand and ten Oshawa Ontario. I want to age seventy four. Fred thank you so much for joining us. If you want more resources I could you to go to our website. It is written Canada. Dot ca. Please be with us again next week and tell then remember. It is written. Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


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