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Medical Missionary Work and the Return of the Loud Cry

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • June 30, 2014
    7:00 PM
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What the world needs is peace of passes all understanding a mat. And you can't. Sarah peace. If you don't have peace and. One of the best things that you can do with your time if you have not yet attended the peace school is to attend and I'm one of the guests lecturers there. And a number of years ago and peace started. I actually helped. Starting peace with Adam Ramadan. And the North England conference. Adam was a Bible worker way back. And my church in the states and. He did his first evangelist to campaign also in one of my local churches and. It's been great to see Pastor random just grow. And then into leading in a vandalism school which I love the amazing facts. Center of evangelism center for five and a half years before I did my current job. So piece. The curriculum of peace is actual and the teacher. Teachers are excellent you really have a jewel here and here. Your conference here is solid behind peace. And I believe that there's going to be even expanded influence what I'd like to see. With peace is have a health school along with peace. So you could learn some of the things I've been teaching you there. At peace a man. But you can't have the missing piece. If you haven't had the first piece. So if you have not attended piece. I will give you no peace until you consider that as well. Like I said in the States I run a school called health. Health of vandalism and leadership training for him so for month program. We attempt to help people not only learn a cycle of evangelism. For the local church but of health of vandalism. You know when I when I was the director of amazing facts center of Angeles and consider Here's a circle. I was teaching people how to reach about ten percent of that pie chart. Those who are already interested in prophecy. The one I started the health school I realized that we we had touch points with the. The other ninety percent of the circle. Because almost everybody has a health concern or know somebody that do. And so the issue is reaching out with both of those both the practical and the prophetic. Those who attend. Our school get in shape themselves. This is a picture of my phone and my app and. You know I've got now over two thousand miles. Running walking as a part of the program and. My memory has improved my strength has improved my stamina has improved. I got to be able to keep up with my kids. I have a five year old. And I have an eight year old a ten year old and thirteen year old and. And my wife and I need to stay in health are or going to be in trouble. This is we mar this is part of the view that we see every day as I'm running there up the hill. This is some of our landscape there. This is the teacher of our. One of our classes the Western treatment of their lifestyle treatment of Western is ease Dr Nelly. He uses his book proof positive but he's writing a new book. That's an update on that book. And he covers all the science as well there and excellent material. And we have people that are laypeople also medical students and medical doctors come. Just for that class alone. When we see amazing results. People's arteries clearing up and people's minds clearing up. We cover. Many things on terms of the religion and health. As it relates to science a lot of the things I've been covering were able to go more in depth there. We have amazing results within our community you know sometimes you come from a culture that's meat eating coffee drinking. Dope smoking whatever it is. And we see people radically change this guy once from a Tongan background and. Polynesian background he came with hypertension he came with diabetes he came with gastro and suffered Geo reflex disorder he came with morbid obesity with it. Buckle has his waist was fifty seven inches. Three hundred thirty five pounds he was in depression. Naturally with all that. But as he came to the program. His blood pressure normalized his blood sugar normalized his last seven it says up his belt during the program. He no longer had the gastro softened deal reflects disorder. His blood sugar is now normal He weighs two hundred sixty five pounds. And he's now even lost more. He is on fire he's a transformed agent he's going to all the Polynesian churches. And he's dealing with all the adults that have had health issues and whatnot that now are dying in their forty's and late forty's and early fifty's. And he's saying look here's the way to reverse things and they're listening to him. Adults will listen to youth a don't usually listen to other adults and. You have a purpose. And your purpose. One of them is to have optimal. Physical emotional mental and spiritual health yourself and go back and share that with your parents and others in your church is how many you believe they need that message. Amen. That's the picture. So he's excited he's doing that he now works on my team I hire students every year that are in turns from my school and then I send them around to other churches and they do greater things than I could ever do they go places I could never go. They go around the world. And. It's exciting to see what people do that. Graduate from. Piece that graduate from health and such schools. OK So what is this nation's largest health problem. Cigarette smoking some say. That's the obesity alcohol suicide. Many of these sayings. Afflict even young people. But is that the largest problem of this nation. What is this church as large as problem. Silence Maybe not say able to speak for the Lord at the appropriate time. Chocolate someone says chocolate is the church as large as problem. Diabetes. Now actually the largest problem is that they're called Seventh Day Adventists and add that as means. The return or a period of Christ but Christ has not yet returned. The problem in the world and the problem in the church are the same the church. And the world the administers and the world. The problem they have is that Jesus has not returned. I with me on that. Now let me ask you a question Should Jesus have returned by now. Let's look at some statements. This is Ellen White in early out of an aspiring there speaking about this I saw that the time for Jesus to be in the most holy place. Was merely finished. And the time to last only about a little longer very little longer what year was ed written. Eight hundred fifty eight hundred fifty six an angel told her that the administers telling the conference that year. Some would be food for worms some subjects for the seven last plagues. Some will be alive and remain on the earth to be translated at the coming. Jesus things we're getting in order to ease us was about to come. But why are we even still here. This is what she said time is sure the day is it hands thing. Must shortly be done by what happened. Many of the eight hundred forty four Adventist delayed the Lord's return. Because they gave up their faith. After the great disappointment. So they did what to the Lord's return. They delayed it. And then they went to places like California. For the gold rush. They started to try and get rich. And they try to focus on the things the world has to offer. I want to get my degree I want to get my money I want to do this I want to do that because it's evident. Jesus is not coming. Well yeah go to peace go to Africa all go to the schools but don't get too serious because you're really just need to make a living. This was their mentality. Why are we still here a wife and speaking about had this to say. For forty years did unbelief. Murmuring and rebellion shut out engine Israel from the land of Canaan. The same since that had delayed the entrance of modern Israel into the heavenly Canaan. You know what one of the major sins was in the wilderness. Was on belief but how was it manifested. They wanted to eat and drink like the Egyptians. They rejected the health messages. A men. They complained about the complex carbohydrate diet. Every day from Haven't you think you need evidence that God is walking with you they had a clout. They had a fire. They had food. They had Mountain Dew. Or water from the rock. Amen. Evidence. Right in front of them every single day said Oh if I just knew they knew. And yet they rejected it. On believe in neither case where the promises of God at fault. It's the unbelief. The worldliness and consecration and strife among God's professed people that have kept us in this world of sin and sorrow for so many years is that in one thousand nine hundred three. Has much changed. People still fight in churches. Do we have all kinds of problems. Jesus sort of come by now. Well the Lord. Reached out to the administers again and eight hundred eighty eight sent a message through to young people. A reminder of something that had been in the Scriptures. By the way. Brother Craig. Teaches this and peace righteousness by faith that's his class on know where he went. But that is his class and he does a great job with it you need to go to piece and listen to the whole thing but summary of it. The Lord of his great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through elders Jones and Wagoneer by the way the young one anyway and there was a tentative can't mean and saw Ellen White there who was totally sick. But God. Encourage her and strengthen her she was able to get up she came she didn't want to miss church because she thought she was going to die that day and they brought her in a bed. To church and she was laying there. And then the Holy Spirit healed her she got up and spoke. This so. Gripped him that he gave his heart to Christ. And then Christ gave his heart to him and he shared the message of righteousness by faith. As a result of those confluence of influence coming together notice. What Ellen White said at that particular time the time of test is just bought us. For the loud cry. The what of the Third Age will that Revelation fourteen the last Angel. Goes into a loud cry. Has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ that's amplified by the messages of Jones in a way you near the send pardoning the Redeemer. This is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory. Cell fill the whole earth that's revelation eighteen. Taking the third angel's message and then expanding that revelation eighteen wanted to into this loud cry. And she set it began. It was beginning. At that time. When was that. Eighteen ninety three now here's the sad news. It began. But it stopped. The loud cry had begun but it stopped. I have your it catching the significance of what I'm saying here are you with me on this. It's stop why did it stop and what can be done to start again. As they were preaching that message Jones and why you know there was another young man who at twenty seven years old and taken over the western reform Health Institute. The population of patients had gone from twelve down to three because people were so alarmed that such a young man was in charge. You know the saying be where of old barbers and young doctors. And yet he showed himself to be in excellent condition he would actually end up doing over eighty thousand ballots surgeries. Not only that he would use all forms of nutrition and lifestyle. To heal people on the outside and on the inside. And he was well most prominent position in probably of the world at that time and ended up. People from around the globe came. That health message in other words was was was was coming together with this message of righteousness by faith. The loud cry to become and. And the devil was about as worried as the devil has gotten and censure race. And he did everything he could to disrupt the had that movement. And he did it. He disrupted it. There was a disconnection between the medical work. And the gospel work. There was a disconnection between the prophetic. And the practical. And the worst evil. Came upon the church. Kellogg got up to preach at a camp meeting in eighteen. Ninety three. And he preached six sermons that the ministers. Hated so much they didn't put them in the General Conference Bulletin. And he had the son them around his own with his own funds in fact we just found these a couple years ago. In a box and there. And as I read them and as we read them we realized wow. This is the answer that's been missing to bring about a return of the loud cry are you interested in that. And it has something to do with the health messages you've been hearing. Jones and why you an air talking about health care is Jones at that campaigning preach forty eight times on the right. Using the word. You know loud cry and righteousness by faith and then Kellogg preach six sermons. This is what he said in one of the sermons and you can see why the ministers didn't really like him so much. How can we expect to see the loud cry drawing people to the truth. When our actions are set to drive them away from the truth. You know what I was talking about one of the things. The ministers rejected the health message they said. I know we shouldn't eat meat but I'm going to eat it anyway. When they came to the sanitarium there was a little window. In the side. A room. All the patients were there the patients never had any meat serves of them except special order some of them could have once in awhile me out of this little window. But when the administers can't eat at the cafeteria they all went to the little window. This drove Kellogg crazy. It frosted his flakes. That's how they invented Tony the Tiger. No just kidding by the. He was very upset about that. And there was this huge polarity between the ministers. And the physicians that developed as a required. As a result. And this is the background to his remarks. This is what he said you're preaching. You preachers. About the loud Primus church. But that loud cry. Will not go until we do this. It's as plain as anything that can be that the great development of this work is not going to take place until our light shines. Until we let our light shine. By our good works right says the spy faith. That works. Amen. Now. What was it that he meant by saying. Works. You know people say look don't say you're saved by works you're not saved by works but when you're saved you work. What is the Bible evidence for that. Read this with me I and my father are. Jesus answered the many good works I have shown you from my father for which of these works to use tell me. The Jews answered and said for a good work we do not tell you but for blasphemy because you. Being a man make yourself. God Jesus answered. If I do not do the works of my father then don't believe me. Another words the evidence of who Jesus was where the work said he did. And the evidence of who you are the works that you do not just what you say. Right. John five thirty six read it with me. The works which my father has given me to finish of the. Very work so that I do bear witness of me that The Father has sent me in other words evidence comes from those works. Read again with me. Do you not believe that I am in the Father the Father in me I can hear you the words that I speak to you. I do not speak of my own authority. But the Father who dwells in Me does the works Believe me that I am in the Father the Father in Me or Alice believe me for the sake of the works themselves. The evidence of who Jesus was with the things that he did not just what he said. But what he did. A man. Most assuredly I said He who believes in Me the works that I do he will do also and greater works than these he will do because I go to the Father. Jesus does not just expect works in you greater works and that's because all of you are working. Can you see a mission statement here. Can you see a purpose for your life. The purpose is to see what Jesus did and do the same. Actuated by the same spirit. Are you with me. Summary then. She's a said that he did the works that were outlined for him by the father. The works provided evidence of who he was that provided evidence of his true belief the father dwelt in him and allowed him to do the works and followers of Jesus. Likewise to believe they are likewise to do you. The works of Jesus. What exactly were those works. Luke seven nineteen through twenty three read it with me and John calling two of his disciples to him sent them to Jesus saying. I use a commie one or do we look for another. Do we look for another I repeated it. And that very hour what did he do what are the works. He cared many infirmities afflictions and evil spirits. And to many blind he gave cite the evidence. The works that he did were medical missionary works. He helped people that were sick. I know other words the secret. Element of Jesus' ministry was medical missionary work. Look seven one nine hundred twenty three. Jesus answered and said to them Go and tell the John the things you've seen and heard that the blind see the lane walk the lepers or cleanse the deaf ear the debt or raise the poor have the gospel preached to them and bless it is he who is not offended because of me you see when you do medical missionary works. You offend people because they're so powerful in evidence. You know if I took Jesus today to one of our medical schools or a medical center of the administers. And he went even to Loma Linda. And he just healed everybody for like three weeks in a row. They probably would want to kill him. How they're going to pay for their Mercedes. How they're going to pay for their house. You see. We have figured out a way and I've say this I don't think people are motivated by this I love met level of the university. We train people to go there and whatnot but I'm just making a point how many here with me. But could we ever become lovers of the money we make from medical missionary work more than lovers of the people. Could we be in love with the job that we do rather then the Gospel we should share. That's what happened in Jesus' day. And when Jesus came and healed everybody they said look that's our job. You're supposed to bring them to the temple. And we heal them. You look at the Old Testament the sanctuary was the place of healing it was the hospital. And Jesus came and healed everybody and everybody followed him and not them. They were the ones who said when you were sick or well or. When you were disease don't under seized and Jesus was saying look. Take up your bed and walk. He had taken away. Their job and they wanted to kill him. His inaugural sermon. At age thirty. Luke for quoting X. or a sixty one a sermon was given on what day of the Sabbath day and in that sermon you see the Sabbath you see medical missionary work and you see prophecy. Those three things need to be involved in what we do as young people. And as people in the ad that movement read it with me. This first sermon of Jesus the spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed made to preach good news to the poor he has sent me to heal the broken hearted to proclaim liberty to the captives. On the opening of the prison to those who are bound that sounds like medical missionary work right. And to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord in other words there's the prophecy element as well. Medical missionary work. Coupled with prophecy. Seared by Sabba Terry ends. Does that sound like something we should be involved in what happened as a result hold up your hand for a minute. All five fingers. That's the summary of the admin is perfect methods for fifty seven twenty seven thirty one thirty four eight hundred forty four. How many of you realize you have that right there in your hand there. Now we're going to go through each one of those. And we're going to see something I hope you see it clearly. Because it's the job description someone came to my counseling with me yesterday several of you and they said well what should we do it's not enough to sweep the house clean of addictions. You need to do something in place of it. It's not enough to say you can't do that and you've got to say what can you do. And what should you do are you with me. So this is what you should do and it's to couple the prophetic message. With the practical. Medical missionary work. Application let me she would have me. Number Like I said that the Creator rebuild the Temple was a decree to rebuild the hospital that was the health center of the day. It was the place of healing I want to was torn down there wasn't a place where people could really get healed. Physically emotionally mentally and spiritually that's what the sanctuary message was to do right. Moving from glory to glory to glory. Like I showed you in the first time we got together. Right. But now look at Jesus' life. He comes and he is now. Baptized and called the Messiah. How did they know that he was the Messiah up. Let me ask you a question with all due respect to the Scriptures that you've quoted. Would you think I'm the messiah if a dove came down over top of me. Would you think so would you think that I was the Messiah if a boy spoke you probably run away freaked out. Yes or no. I mean that is true the Bible says that but there's something more to the story there is actually eighty twenty seven. That happens but we're really what happened from eighty seven twenty seven to thirty one is what really prove that he was the Messiah. He went about doing good he healed people that nobody else could heal he touched people that nobody else would touch. He came close to the lepers people began going through the roof to see him. And this gave evidence of who he was. He reached out to women who others were not reaching out to and they begin to follow him. He reached out to lepers he reached out to Samaritans he reached out to all the people not being reached. And on so large a scale did he conduct his work of healing and teaching that there was not a building in Palestine large enough to receive the multitude. That throng to him. How many think we need to have a revival of that town a minister as a matter of fact he even raised the dead. You know what Acts chapter ten verse thirty seven and thirty eight says he was anointed with the Holy Spirit. And when power well how do you know he had the Holy Spirit. By the with your anointed with the Holy Spirit that's the meaning of the word messiah. How do you know that he was the Messiah. He was these are the norms and with the Holy Spirit and with power. Well how do you know I had power. He went about doing good and healing. All manner of sickness and disease. The evidence that he was the Messiah was then what medical missionary work. Jimin. That's the evidence that he was the Messiah. And even raise the dead and when they said. He raised the dead human. You would expect him to jump up and say That's great. He's the Messiah. And what did they do said we've got to kill him. He's now even raising the debt. We can't let this go on. But he kept going about doing good. You see the problem with us is that we sometimes lose sight of our mission. There was a danger that the object of his mission would be lost sight of Jesus was not satisfied to attract attention to himself as a wonder worker or healer of physical disease. He was seeking to draw men to him as their Savior. While the people were eager to believe it has come as a king. To establish that earthly right. He desired to turn their minds from the earthly to the spiritual and when they were trying to make him a king they were he would run away here and there and there then you'd find him praying. Somewhere alone. He never would allow them to frustrate his mission and. Could it be that young people we get frustrated in our mission. We get frustrated because we think that the profession we're going to is the end when it's not it's just a platform. We're not called to be doctors. Soley we're called to be doctors who swear the message within that platform. We're not called to be ministers who just preach. We're supposed to go out and help heal the sick. You understand what I'm saying. Has the mission. Your mission as a young person been frustrated by a wrong thinking. How do you want to be about God's business. The evidence of Christ divinity was seen in its adaptation to the needs of suffering humanity his glory was shown in this conversation to our lowest eight. The principal the Baptist a life of self-abnegation was a principle the Messiah's Kingdom. So the evidence was what. Ministering to the needs of suffering humanity you want people to know you're a Christian. Don't say I went to camp meeting. The evidence is. When you're a minister ane truly minister a through medical missionary work. To people's needs physically emotionally mentally and spiritually. There's nothing more exciting by the way than that. Nothing more exciting. My best weeks are spent when I'm sitting with people dealing with their issues all week and seeing God's power. I work ninety hours hundred twenty hours that week. When I have those depressed people there. But it's worth it because they turn around and we see them go from major depression to no depression in ten days. I mean that's just amazing. So the you see the point from twenty seven a day to thirty one a day. He demonstrated that he was the what Messiah. The annoying thing was upon him it was seen through his work. What about the cross what happened on the cross what's the practical. Medical missionary application of the message of the cross. Well he died on the cross and what was the. What's the chapter we normally point people to. When we talk about Christ on the cross What's the chapter in the Old Testament. Isaiah fifty three I turned it into a sheet I use it with people secular people. They don't even know what I'm doing but I made the language kind of different. And I put this down I say circle any of these things that apply to you and they go through and they begin to circle the things that are happening in their life. Now remember what Isaiah fifty three says. You know. As believe I reported to whom is the arm of the LORD been revealed. He saw rise up as a tender root of dry ground he has no form or come on this that we should desire him. Right. But he was bruised for a nicotine for a transcription So in other words he identified with our sin with our same with our guilt. He was alone he was a bandit he was betrayed he was abused by authority figures he was physically violated saved it humiliated verbal Ian mentally abused. Has that ever happened to you. And even authority figures were involved. And then say it was involved and he was tempted to get into marijuana. Well not exactly. But to numb the pain. By being given alcohol on the cross and he turned away from temp. That the temptation to numb the pain. And then he was tempted to ask why my God have you forsaken me. Have you ever been there has anyone you know ever been in any of those pictures. He was rejected he was abandon. He came to his own in his own did not receive him. Can you see how powerful Isaiah fifty three is as a paradigm of emotional therapy. I have them circle that. And then I let them know. No one understands like Jesus. He can understand you. So twenty seven a D.. He's the messiah how do they know. Physical healing. Thirty one A.D. he's the Messiah. How do they know. Emotional healing. Flows from the cross. But then he died to prophecy said he would die he still confirm the covenant with many for one week. But in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice in ablation to cease and he would be cut off wait he dies in the middle of that seventy weeks prophecy right. He dies right there in the middle I can't go back. He dies in the middle of that seventy weeks prophecy he dies while How's his work going to be continued. If he's cut up if he said Doc if he's cut offas the Hebrew. How's it going to do this. How could he confirm a cup and if he's dead. How by the way. Is your work going to go on if you die How's my work going to go on if I die. How is God's work going to go on. I was Jesus we're going to go on. Hebrews chapter two verse three and four really with me how shall we escape. If we neglect so great a salvation which at first began to be spoken by the Lord Christ ahead and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him the church another words he would die. But the people would have caught the vision twenty seven eighty to thirty one idea and thirty one idea on the cross physical healing emotional he want to cut the vision. And if it's right they would then do the same thing. They would be involved in physical healing. They would be involved in emotional healing. Just as Jesus was is that what happened. Yes. God bore signs with signs and wonders and various miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit according to his own will. In the church Acts Chapter one what happen. They preach the resurrection how many think that's a great medical missionary miracle. By the way that's what we need how many you think that the ultimate answer to everything is Christ's resurrection. He died He rose again he's coming again the first ad is the evidence we need to preach the Second Advent. The man of the first day will be the man of the last day. Amen. By the way I could talk more about this. I get so frustrated when I only have four four hours to talk to people. The church then healed. Emotionally in the Upper Room people that never got along came together. Anger bitterness dissension. Was put away. They came together of one accord. That word WANT TO cord means they moved along together harmoniously together. There was physical healing there was an emotional healing. They called upon the name of the Lord accepted to that they might be saved the word save their is so so. It's the Greek word for health. If the Greek word for salvation is the same word. Healing and salvation. What we need is a Desoto a fact we did a sow's osu not may have physical and spiritual healing. I meant. All right. Accept a three. Healing at the gate beautiful. This guy tried to get into church for years. But he was sick he couldn't get in he was lame he was crippled. And you couldn't go in if you were halt or you were blind or you're lame and they healed him. And he was able to go into the church. Another words the church had not healed him for years. And yet now when they came he was healed and he was able to enter in to we need to riches that heal people physically emotionally mentally spiritually. Accept the four they were still talking about of the man was healed. They put them in jail as you remember. But they could say nothing against the evidence of medical missionary work. They could say nothing against it. Everybody know that he was sick. And that it was healed. That's what I love. In my local church thirteen and a half years we did medical missionary work people who are sick and everybody knew that their doctors do it the nurses knew everybody knew it. They were sick they were almost dead. But then they got healed their quarter our disease the reserve. Reverse. I started getting phone calls from their pastors and from their ministers. What's happening over at your church. Do we need the same thing to happen how many think we need to be involved in it but you don't need to send the Flyers of the prophecy seminar all of that's fine. You send out the evidence of medical mystery work and they'll come in the last six months I've had at least eight people come to me and say How can I join your church. I like that a lot better than me asking them to join my church. Amen. Healing. They were in one chord. Then Solomon supports accept the five they brought everybody there and even Peter's shadow was healing people a multitude. From the surrounding people came and they were healed. This is what the church is supposed to be like. Pontins needs to be fulfilled with non Adventists to are trying to get into the Advent is can't meaning. We don't just need an admin this book Center we need a man Adventist book center. Him and I hope you're waking up here. I saved X. six by itself because this is now thirty four eight hundred thirty one A.D. physical healing. Thirty. I mean twenty seven in the physical healing thirty one idea mostly. But what about thirty four A.D. on our prophetic timeline. What what practical application here it is now in those days when the number of the disciples was multiplying there arose a complaint against the hebrews by the helm is because their widows were being they collected in the daily distribution. They didn't get meals on wheels to everyone and they needed help and so they called upon a man who was filled with the Holy Spirit. His name was Steven and they put him in charge. And what did he do. He made sure that the Meals on Wheels got to everyone. And that was so. Months. Evidence. Look he would start. Even though there was potential racial disharmony he took care of the Greeks and the Hebrews. He took care of everybody. And this was so much evidence that a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith. They said. That's the right one baby ah. That's the church. That is what they're supposed to do. We should all be doing that and they started to join the church. That's not just the members. That's the leaders of the priests joined the church. How many think that needs to happen today. You know your ministers need to be working with the other ministers in town. You need to be working with the lay people. They need to be working with the ministers but all of you need to be working together to have such a powerful. Medical missing area experience that no one. Look I have to have had a number of ministers kind of my church and say Look. My members don't know that I'm here. But I need your help. One guy in a recent depression recovery program when he got through he said Don. I was meaning that I was trying to talk to him I said Now I want to share the Sabbath and other things with him. I was so I was you know I was really answer you about that. He says Don I got to talk to you. So what is it he says look I come here and I've realized here at this program that everything I've done physically is wrong. I've changed it all got to giving me power. I'm changing what I eat. I'm changing when I drink. I'm changing what I listen to I'm doing all that but I got a problem. My church does all the opposite. They drink coffee before the worship service and during the worship service and after the service. They listen to music that has all the rhythms and all the different things that mess up my mind. And they eat all the wrong kind of foods. Look down. This is what I need help with I've got to attend a Seventh Day Adventist Church I'm Sam. So I can make it through the day on Sunday. It's going to take me time to transition much it just was not a small church it was a mega church in San Diego. This was a guy in charge of ten fifteen thousand members. And he was saying to me. I ministered to a minister help me. I need help. I want to live like an admin a son I would bring my people along. A great number of the priests were becoming obedient to the faith. Can you see a picture. Does England need the picture. Twenty seven a decent he wanted a D.D. thirty four A D. Stephen was faithful. Great number of the priests believe. He died a moderate just like Jesus had died a martyr. Interesting Jesus symbolized that he would die. Then he died. Then his followers begin to die like him for the faith. Can you see how practical this prophetic template is. It's not just to be seen as. As a chart. So that you put it up on a screen. It's supposed to be integrated with the practical elements of of lifestyle and of healing. How many could see that picture. What we we did with surgery. We disconnected it. We need to reconnect it to people that will reconnect it all is a you. How many you want to reconnect to. Now on the show you something. You know those first three lectures I gave about chicken coffee. Choices. A man look at this. Look at this. Look at this look at Josephus us. Look what he said. In describing the early Christians. Josephus was right after Christ living during that time he saw this whole thing. And areas talking about the Christians this is Joe himself in the early picture. They are early Christians live to a great age. Most of them upwards to a century and consequence. I imagine. Of the simplicity and regularity of their mode of life. Hello. Another words. It's not just these works of medical missionary work. It's also that they lived. A simple lifestyle. They changed they were totally different than their culture. They didn't say Look my dad ate that my mom a ten I'm going to eat that they said no. My father in heaven says eat something different drugs not take different. And they did act and Josephus saw that he wrote about it. Amen. Oh I'm a little bit. Pumped up here but you can you see how many think we need to fire to stars. I mean can see that this prophetic template is not just some kind of theoretical. Let's do the marathon. It's let's do the life. Let's live the life. Let's we transformed agents. Following the prophetic and practical template. That's been given to the room the church. Eight hundred forty four came in like I mentioned already. All bells were coming together. After that disappointment. They found out something that Daniel eight fourteen. Would set under two thousand three hundred years then sell the sanctuary be cleansed. That meant that heaven was going to be cleansed and then they coupled with it. Matthew chapter six verses eleven would says. Well I will be done On earth as it is in heaven and they begin to watch one another's feet that was the first thing how do we clean our feet. They did that John thirteen. Then they saw. Leviticus eleven ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen and it showed how everything else should be cleaned up cleaned up cleaned up cleaned up and then comes a day of atonement. Leviticus sixteen. And they built a church that was based on that whole thing. And it was all working. And the message of Rights is my faith came in and the message of John Harvey Kellog and medical missionary work came in and the world was being rates. And the devil came in incensed. And he separated the two. And he got into our minds and into our hearts and got us off track but now is the time to bring it back together. A loud cry began folks. And God wanted to begin again. It began. And it stopped. But it needs to be can. I can. And then third sermons on Harvey. Preached that that can't mean what was not published. Was a sermon where he pulled out Ellen White herself and quoted from testimonies volume to pay twenty four twenty five. And we also go to this level headed myself or behind myself where faith is good works appear. The sicker visited the poor cared for the fall of and windows are not neglected that sounds like a summary of my sermon Doesn't that make it our clothes and the destitute. Are fed. Another words right just miss by faith. Works. And then you begin to preach. This is why the ministers didn't send it out. It's not the abundance of your meetings that got X.X.. That's not the numerous prayers but right doing. Prayers Annex or to talk are cheap fruits. If you just have prayers an extra taste and talk. Not coupled with the works. Means nothing. A man. But fruits that are manifest and good works and caring for the needy the fatherless the widows are genuine fruits and grow naturally out a good trait. How many of you want to have genuine throats. In your own life. And in the life of your church. When heart sympathize with Hearts burden with discouragement a grief this is a motion of healing the hand dispenses of the Navy. The naked our clothes. The stranger made welcome to a seat in your parlor in the place in your heart. Angels are coming. Very near Alawite herself at forty seven people say in her house at one time. Always was taken care of people mothers who are on Wed or problems in their house she live what she taught. John Harvey Kellog spent every single dime he raced fifty six children. He was the George Mueller of Adventism little known he never kept the money. It was Will Keith who started to frost the flakes and make money. He never did. He poured all his money into making alternative foods. That could help people clean out the inside as well as the outside. Yeah you see flipped out he went off the end but could it be because there was a separation between the ministers. And the physicians. Unit stand what I'm saying. He still probably is the best known Seventh Day Adventist in the world. All of our praying in the absence of food by the way will avail us nothing. And Leslie resolutely take hold of this work I don't care if your have a great lifestyle even you my to listen my mess is OK no more cheese OK no more chicken OK no work off a case doesn't matter. Unless you use that strength and ability to actually do the works of him he went about doing good. We must do the same. This will give on mystical evidence that the love cry that stopped. Has now begun. I want to go and be a part of that loud cry beginning. Here's a key text to Isaiah fifty eight. It's a text White says every ad that is passes to preach again and again. What's of start with the Day of Atonement cry aloud spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet tell my people their transgressions right remember that there are says yea we got flicked our souls but you're not hearing this so that David told a message. How does it in Isaiah fifty eight if you turn your foot from the Sabbath from my holy day from doing your own pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath the delights. Then you will have the heritage of Jacob all feeds you you'll be on I healed remember the fact. So if there's any church in the world that should be preaching this it would be the administers because we talk about the David tell me. And we talk about the Sabbath are you with me. And yet they weren't hearing why weren't they hearing they were preaching there were prayers but they were not hearing God was not hearing there was no light there was no loud cry at all stop. What was the solution Isaiah fifty eight gave. Feed the Hungry. Don't neglect your old flesh John Harvey Kellogg applied it is messages he said look there are Catholics who are taking care of our retired ministers because we don't have a retirement fund. We're not taking care of home flesh he said. We need to be reaching out we need to be serving. We need to be doing medical missionary work and what happens what's the solution of love for Christ leads to a crisis like this what the Christ do. He did medical missionary work what should we do medical missionary work. And they will see your good works Matthew five sixteen and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Glory will return because the works. Are say not as ours but as God's and the loud cry will return. When you see how many can see something here. How many can see yourself in that picture. Do you see yourself. Fifty eight chapter of Isaiah Why says the work that the people got to do in Christ lines is clearly set for the regular Yup there to feed the hungry clothe the naked bring the poor that a cast into their homes. Draw out their souls of the hungry satisfy the afflicted fall. If they care the princes of the law of God of the acts of love and mercy. They will represent the character of God to the world. What if every single one of your homes was turned into a bed and breakfast and you started hosting people from the United Kingdom A gave him a free day on Sabbath. If they listened to your seminar on Sunday morning. And you turned every single house. In this entire time for its into an evangelist and center. That's radical. What if your church was busy seven days a week not just one day a week. And you hosted people in that church and you gave them two hours of I think what's home in. John Newton's home in Charles Wesley's home and. You took people from around the world and sold them out how medical missionary work. Started in the United Kingdom. I'm just trying to put some seeds here in your Bonnie. Amen. They will represent the character of God to the world and receive the riches blessings of heaven the Lord says then sell by light break for those the morning that I held off look at the benefits to yourself. Your light breaks forth. Your health will spring forth speedily as I write just go before the Christ our right to stays on the glory of the Lord will be your reward. How Little Louie Yeah how little you know yeah. And you know what. If this would have happened what to tell a white said. Had the purpose of God been carried out by his people and giving to the world the message of mercy. Christ would have come. And this. To the world. How many think it's about time. How many you think it's about time. How many of you think it's about time. Now. I was talking to the adults earlier similar message here basically. And I thought the reason I ran out of time was because my clicker wasn't working but I see now that I'm at the same moment here in two minutes remaining. But I did dead. A little bit more animation this particular presentation. But I have about fifty percent of this message hasn't been share you need to hear the rest but you probably can't hear this can't me but let me tell you what I would tell you if I had time to tell you and then I want to show you a clip and we're going to close. Do you get the major point here. The Advent movement. And the world have the same problem what is it. Jesus has not returned but who is responsible for that is that the world of the administrators and the administers to reverse that worse evil. Needs to bring back what medical missionary work. And the prophetic message together. Every church is to be seen as a health center. Every meal is to be seen as a marketing tool for the master. Every drink. Is to be a way to dial in to the Lord and Savior. Amen. And when those things come together that provides then evidence. People's heart disease is stopped and reversed people's diabetes is stopped and reverse people's obesity problems are stopped. And the reverse. This provides evidence the first invitation I ever received to England was from Oxford University because someone had gone through a program in my church in Kansas. And they were related to an Oxford professor. And the first imitation ever got was from Oxford to come in here at the vegetarian club. People in this land. Want to be healed they desire. The fruits of the admin is messy it's a man. Now I'm starting a church right now. And I'm using students. Because I want them to see what I saw over thirteen years I call work with me in my church back there Adam worked with me in my church back there. Other youth worked in that church remember that I go. And God gave evidence in that community we everyone knew us in the town we had a sense of identity. And our church group. But now I want students to see that so we're doing that we more on the campus. We drew a map around the Wiemar campus two miles and we said we're just going to go out and find out what people need we want to do good. We did a dental clinic. We turned our classrooms all into a dental clinic. The very places where we were learning. Anatomy physiology theology. Now we're turned into a medical clinic and the people came in and we took care of them we had one hundred people come we now twelve of them attending church. We're doing and I clinic next we're turning our local small church. Into a medical missionary center. I don't know a works here but I know there were all kinds a road blocks where I was where you going to get servants. People won't come because they already have national health care. And by the way they do. Thanks to Obama now have that in the United States. But they came. And all the roadblocks were removed. And there's a revival happening in that small hamlet Jesus lived in a section of country that was forty miles wide by seventy miles long. Now as we thought we had five hundred people in it. Don't tell me that if you work in a small hamlet in a small village with only five hundred people. God can do great things. We're having a whole camp many based on the life and teachings of Jesus. And he only lived forty miles wide seventy miles long and came from a city of five hundred people don't think your small church can't make a difference it can be a powerhouse for the Gospel. We've got also tells us to reach the big cities. Last year I was invited to speak at a A.S.I. convention. And I went there and I kind of I Love A aside it's got a lot of good things they have all kinds of Booth. But I had this impression to say something that was inflammatory. Could you imagine me saying something inflammatory. So I said to them I said you know really and joy that fact that you invited me. But your convention somewhat sickens me. They looked at me and I said let me explain. We're spending thousands of dollars here. Our choirs are all coming in here. We have all these boos here. We're focusing on our self with our own message. And we're not focusing on anyone else. What if we just did like the atheists. They said what. And I showed them a clip of these atheists that went out and begin doing good for the poor and how thousands came to be helped by the atheist and said This is a same full that the atheists are doing with the you have been is to do and then I shared some of these quotes that I sure would you did. I thought it was going to be killed. The coordinator of the event was like look had a machete you know and and I thought this is it after the meal guess what happens. Can I mean they say. Would you please come to this room with us like this is it. This is my Stephen moment. Go into the room. I'm going to show that clip next by the way the A.S.I. clip guys if you get ready. Came into the room. And they said to me. Your message was exactly what we need to say. We we don't know how we're going to do this. We don't even know if we can do it they got an argument about whether what I said could be done or not let can't be done it can be done well what about this is what about this. But then they said you know what we have to do this and then they begin to pray. They reached out to various mayors across the across the state of California. And the mayor of San Francisco. Got back in touch and said we would love to have you come and maybe do something like that in our community. But there are all kinds of roadblocks. All kinds of miracles that happen I can't tell you at all but to make a long story short. Take a long story short what happened was God use that sermon I couldn't help it all. All I could do was support with pen and voice already got a church I got a little school I got to do stop. But God then moved on multiple people. There were one hundred fifty people that attend the meeting they had a ten thousand dollar offering that you know the next year. There were eight hundred people that attended A aside there was an effort of two hundred sixty thousand dollars a day man. And let me show you what happened. Run that clip of a a side. Look at what happened. I want to get a picture here. You have a clip. The line began forming twenty hours before the doors were scheduled to open. Residents of the Bay Area. To be the first in line to receive free medical and dental services. Spent the night. Dissipating relief coming in for Dawn. They came with pain. They came with questions. They came to bring a friend or relative in desperate need for the time the doors opened. Thousands have gathered in both San Francisco and Oakland California. For their bridges to health medical and dental clinics. Which promised free of charge services. On a first come first serve basis. Organized by the Western U.S. chapter of Advena services and industries or A.S.I.. The unprecedented event included the involvement in partnership. Of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in both central and northern California. The church's Pacific area Union headquarters. The office of the mayor in both San Francisco and Oakland. The Department of Health and other civic ministry and health related organizations. Over a three day period. Close to five hundred health care professionals and volunteer staff worked tirelessly to provide dozens of medical and dental services to close to three thousand local residents. Volunteers. Most of whom are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church came from all parts of North America. Some even from as far as Saudi Arabia. Driven by a spirit of service. And the desire to meet the tangible needs of those who would come. The clinics were organized into specific service areas. Each with its team of specialized health care professionals and trained volunteers. Patients were registered. Deficient Lee and escorted to the proper area by hospitality volunteers. Waiting areas were set up near each service area. As patients awaited personalized care. The services offered were comprehensive by any standards. Considering that the clinics were housed in multi-purpose venues. Using high end technology. Highly skilled dental professionals provided crowns. Fillings. Extractions cleanings and necessary root canals. Meanwhile onsite technicians ensure that the equipment was well maintained and available at all times. Close by patients received I care services including vision testing and free glasses. One patient with tears in her eyes. Explained how she would no longer need the large magnifying glass. She had carried around in order to read. And yet another area residents were able to visit one on one with primary care physicians who consulted with patients and diagnosed a number of concerns. Specialized medical services were also available including Pediatrics. O.B. G.Y.N. S.T.D. and H.I.V. screening. Medical massage. Physical therapy. X. rays and laboratory services. Perhaps the most dramatic example of the diversity of services offered was a general surgery. Including an operation performed on a patient. In order to take out a lie pomo the size of a grapefruit. And yet it seemed by the event organizers led by assize Dr Lee Lewis. That the bridges to health experience could and should be even broader. In addition to personalized and professional health care patients were offered a variety of live musical performances as they waited. School choir's smaller ensembles solos and instrumentals filled the. As Bay Area residents who waited treatment. Patients also had the opportunity to take advantage of chaplaincy services. And those who were there over lunch time. Were offered a free nutritious meal. In the end over five million dollars in health care was given to nearly three thousand residents of the bay area close to five hundred service oriented professionals and staff. Those could and should be considered tremendously successful results. And yet perhaps the greater results are the intangible the effects in the lives of those who returned home. And to their communities with less pain. And more hope. And that has a purpose worth pursuing. And a story worth telling what if every one of your homes. Became a medical missionary center. What if every one of your churches. Became a medical missionary center. What if Newbold college. Became a medical missionary center. What if the all church. Use the right to open the door to the Gospel. At this time. There is work for you to do. I took my whole student body. To that event. You know what happened afterwards that talent along the coast side the small towns. They heard about it. I went to one of the small towns because my relative lives there and he goes. I thought you might be in town. I said why is that because I watch the news. And they said the advent of said common done the same thing you told me you were thinking about last year if you're one of them in the know it's the Holy Spirit. And that reenergize the discussion about God and that small town. Five major metropolitan areas have now asked for clinics. One of them in San Antonio where we're going to be there in San Antonio we went to visit the man we saw them this video that I just showed you know he said. I would like some of that please for my town. And we said well we need a space that's larger. We didn't have enough room we had to turn away four thousand people. What have been is many had on to where you turned away for the thousand people. And he said I'll give you the Alamodome. It's three hundred thousand dollars a day normally to rent I'll give it to you for four days free. I want God to move on that clinic that medical dental clinic people from around the world will come after that Elder Wilson an elder filial sprit chin evangelist take meeting coming up we're going to have bible workers. How many of you desire to pray for that event that guy can use it to affect the whole world. There is work for you someone came to me last night and said look I want to recommit my life. I've given up a. I want to give up marijuana I want to give up alcohol I want to give up immoral practices I want to give those things up what should I do. There is work for you to do everything you've done wrong. Can be used to show people the power of God Now that you're doing right. All things will work together for good. To those that love the Lord and I pray with you. Do you have a picture. Is there a work for you to do. Let's pray Father in heaven or thankful today. That you the author of Peace the Prince of Peace. Want to come into this world in our eyes have seen but a glimpse of the glory. That you desire to display a long ago in your church the loud cry came at stop the worst evil came into the church but now. I sense in this room was this group of people with this leadership in this conference that they desire to see your glory manifest again. Work on each hard and it's life work any tome any church. Work in this conference this union this division. Start a fire in Scotland. Start a fire and Wales. Start a file of fire in England and may the spirit of the reformers. Come again may rougher Mason and revival come in our own lives and through our lives into our own churches. Through their lives into the community around me. You come. This media was brought to you by audio force a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audiophile if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit. W W W or.


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