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Forgiven not Forgotten

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • June 8, 2015
    7:00 PM
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If you have your Bible turned on me in your Bible to our scripture reading for his sermon. A scripture we read earlier this week a marriage is a few more verses of it. Before we get into our word for today. Psalms one hundred three and starting at verse eight. Psalms one hundred three starting at verse eight the scripture says the Lord is merciful and gracious. Slow to anger and plenty is in mercy. He will not always child. Neither will he keep his anger for ever. He has not dealt with us. After our sins nor rewarded us. According to our iniquities for as the heaven is. I am of the earth. So great is his mercy toward them. That fear him. As far as the east is from the west. So far has he removed. Our transgressions. From us. Like as a father period. His children. So the Lord pity of them that fear Him for He knows our frame verse fourteen our love for He knows our frame. He remembers that we are dust. As for man. His days are as grass as a flower of the field. So he flourishes. For the wind passes over it and it is gone and the place there of Shell. Shall know it no more but the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear Him and His righteousness. On to children's children. To such as keep his covenant. And those that remember his commandments. To do them. A sermon this Sabbath is untitled forgiven not forgotten. Forgiven not forgotten Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to come together and to worship you to study a word ask for an outpouring an extra outpouring of your Holy Spirit today Lord. And I asked once again. That you make me just a nail upon the wall a rusty. Sorry nail or. But upon a nail I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ that Eric was NOT be seen or heard today instead. That is here word from the throne room of grace. This is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen. Let me come in from the Book of John the eighth chapter. John Chapter Eight want to start at verse one John Chapter eight. Starting at verse one. And the Bible says here Jesus went out. Went on to the Mount of Olives and early in the morning. He came again. Into the temple and all the people came on to him and he sat down and taught them down Tapper eight is a key chapter in a scripture and. It is an incredible story. But you have to ask yourself why it starts the way it starts. The first verse of the book of the of the chapter. Says Judge easels went on to the Mount of Olives and of the switches and says An early in the morning. He came again why did Jesus go into the Mount of Olives well. He wanted to the Mount of Olives because he was being attacked by the Pharisees and Sadducees he was under scrutiny and they were trying to get him and. If you go back to John Chapter seven you find that they gave had a few key things that they were trying to get him on the first one was they asked him by what authority does he doesn't preach in John sixteen and seventeen. He says My teaching is not mine. But his that sent me if any man will is to do his will he shall know of the teaching whether it be of God or whether I speak from myself. Jesus. Lays this principle on them that. Knowing God is not simply not simply a logistical exercise it's not simply an intellectual exercise. Knowing God means that you have to allow the Holy Spirit in you to open you up to receive truth. If you could simply receive truth. Without the Holy Spirit. There would be no reason to have a Holy Spirit. And so Jesus shuts down our first argument with that. The second time they get mad at him because he healed by the pool Bethesda and they came at him to plan his death now. They began to realize how potent a threat Jesus was to their very existence and so they begin to plot the death of Jesus Christ. And so they begin to figure this out. And one of the ways they do this they come and they say look this man is breaking the law he is healing on the Sabbath. Jesus The First some services did not Moses give you the law he said. And yet none of you keep the law. He says Why go you about to kill me because I'm out in public as look. You say you follow the law but in fact you're a bunch of murderers and you're plotting my assassination. And then he says on the surface of it most a certain a lot and almost eighty a child should be circumcised. If on the eighth day. It falls on the Sabbath. The child is still circumcised. He crashes their argument you got a C. are a credible the mind of Jesus if he crosses the argument says if you would circumcise a boy on the eighth day of the Sabbath and that's not a sin. How much more valuable. Is it. If I can make a man the whole on the Sabbath day. Who was sick and dying. Can you imagine the crowds. The ferrous isn't the Sadducees were demi gods among them. And you can question them you couldn't a challenge them. And here is this man this poor man from Nazareth from the ghettos of Nazareth some would argue. And when he speaks to them. They are silenced. In fact they send spies to go and get Jesus they they wanted to get rid of him and so they sent men to listen to him because by now he could recognize who they were the men went and sat in the crowd the. They blended in to try and get Jesus. When they came back to the Pharisees and Sadducees. And they said well what do you have one of they said you know we we stopped taking notes to try and catch him because never had we heard a man speak like that man. In fact ties. Teetered on of on the border of being converted themselves. So they had to dig deep in their bag of tricks. So. What Jesus does of course because of all of these attacks it goes and that's why he's up in the Mount of Olives. He has to get away. Yes to fortify himself because he realizes that the attack of the enemy is not going to abate. It is only going to get stronger and stronger. As the pivotal time comes for him to be sacrificed on the cross the you get that. So Jesus. He actually goes and rejuvenate some self. Before he comes back and ministers. And there's a couple of good lessons. Right in that first verse in a simple words I see Jesus went on to the Mount of Olives. Spirit of Prophecy Ellen White says that under those other trees. He was rejuvenated. He was strengthened. He got back. Himself about himself. To go back down in five. And I want to submit to you two things one. If you are in ministry and we all should be in ministry. You must have your Mount of Olives. Experiences. If you don't retreat and rejuvenate sometimes. You are not going to be used to be used to full capacity for the work that God has for you. Even Jesus retreats. Before he comes back down do you get that. The second part of it the second part of it is that is very valuable is that the enemy. Does not a bait. In his attacks. In other words it as we get close it as Christ was going closer to Calvary. And we know we are going to closer to the end of the world. The second coming of Jesus Christ. I want you to understand that the devil is not about to pull back. His attack. He's about to push forward his attack. But the children of God like crisis know something. The Bible says that the gates of hell. Will not prevail. Our Gates. Often says. Or defensive positions. It's a defensive position you've gotta get this. Before we get into the meat of what we're talking about. If again as a defensive position. And we are not to worry because the gates of hell cannot prevail against us. What does that mean we are on. We're on the off and says never think that because you are under attack. That you need to crawl up in a bar and be destroyed. I want you to understand that being under attack is the sign the devil. Sees something about you that he wants to destroy. And he will come in a million ways or maybe the death of a relative. And maybe direct persecution. It may come a lot of different ways. But I want you to understand that want to double starts to come after you. You need to remember that the gates of hell. Will not prevail. After Jesus Rick recuperates in the mountain verse two says an early morning he came again. Into the temple. And all the people came on to him and he sat down and taught them when the ferrous is and Sadducees saw that their attempts to to to destroy Jesus and to disqualify Jesus to truck Jesus. None of them work. They really got upset and now. They were really angry because here is Jesus. Sitting and teaching again his right back in the court of the temple. And the people are listening. And these guys can feel their power. Being sucked out from under them and they get really really desperate as they see that there is nothing they can do. That will stop this Jesus. From preaching and teaching. What God sent him to do so in verse three. They come up with their master plan. They come up with what they think is a plan that cannot be defeated cannot be the stronger the cannot be cannot be avoided and verse three says of the scribes and Pharisees brought under him. A woman take it in adultery and. When they had set her. In the midst. They say unto him master. This woman was taken in adultery. In the very act. So now they say look we're going to dig deep into a bag of tricks and we're going to get this Jesus. And we're going to get him on the question of the seventh commandment. We are born to get him around this issue. And we're going to bring him down because we're going to put him in a conundrum. And a conundrum means. We're going to put him in a position that he cannot win. Scribes and Pharisees brought on to him a woman. Taken in adultery so don't read too fast or stay there for a second who is this woman. This woman now is a woman who they would have caught. Actually in the act. It's early in the morning so. Whatever happened probably took place over several hours. There are those who argue she might have been dragged through the streets. Completely naked. If not she was barely covered and there was a nuff. Just looking at her to know that see haven't caught in sin and so they grab her. And they drag her through the seas. Streets. But now she's probably been kicked and punched and battered a bit. Along the way they stroll this woman down in front of the crowd. Can you have magine you're sitting there. Learning from Jesus. He's teaching about mercy grace. About the kingdom of God. Why his father sent him. And all of a sudden this woman. Make it a half naked strong down in front of you. They say to him Master even calling your master there is really a bit of a of a joke. In a sense. They're being sarcastic master. This woman was taken in adultery. In the very act first five now most as in the law. Commanded us that such should be stone but what sayest thou. Now this was a again it was a conundrum if the Spirit of Prophecy tells us and cut a common sense tells you he's in a. He's in a trap. If he says. No forget the law. She shouldn't be stone. Have mercy on her. They would have been able to use was a ha he teaches against the law of Moses he should be. He should be killed and he said No you're right the law of Moses has what it says. Killer. There is a ha. He acts in the place of Rome. He should be killed by the Roman authorities. They were rubbing their hands they were sure. There was a it was factual. We've got Jesus. He's trapped. Verse six. This. They said it tempting him. They might have to accuse him. Jesus is so incredible. We sing about I'm really can't get to know him. If you don't read the four gospels. If you can't you just simply can't. And you can't just read them you. You've got to actually get into the story. You got to become a part of it. You got to use the deep. Imagination centers of the mind in a sense. And you've got to ask the Holy Spirit to really a show you illuminates you these stories. You've got a kind of be sitting there next to one of the people in the audience. As this woman a strong doubt. You've got a kind of be there and experience Jesus as they did in order to get the full this. Of his character. And here you begin to get it. That war but is a conjunction and what it means my English teacher taught me was when the writer says but it means. What I said was important but. Forget about it what I'm about to say. What's about to happen. Is more important. But. Jesus. Stooped down and with his finger on the ground as vote. He had heard them. Not. They wanted of a verbal response. And sometimes the double track make you think your options are a or B.. It's black or white. It's X. or Y.. Jesus finds a search option. Silence. Powerful. He says nothing and instead. He the stoops down on the ground. And he begins to write with his finger. What does he write and. At one of the things that we know he writes of the Spirit of Prophecy is he writes. Things that condemn the people condemning her. So their sins are written. But I want to submit to you that when I study the scripture. I think there are a couple other things that he writes. I think a couple verses that eludes to and before I get to those verses. I do want to mention that this isn't the first time God rights. How are you missed it. Well first of all let me stablish this. For those who have any questions. Jesus is God. John one one in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God verse forty. As and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus is God. And so this is the first time in the Bible the governor right swell. Where the other two times. That God writes in the Bible. Exodus thirty one and verse eighteen. God gave unto Moses. When he had made an end of communing with him upon Mount Sinai. Two tables of stone. Testimony. Tables of stone written with what the finger of God. So the first time God writes Don't miss this. The first time God writes. He writes the commandments as he write the commandments on paper. What I written on. Why what is the even just the symbolism of writing something in stone. What is it conferred to you. It's permanent. When God writes the ten commandments he writes them in stone and to this day. If you go to all of the engine rules around the world one things I love to see are archaeological findings and when you go and see them. When someone wrote in stone. Even centuries ago. It lasts better than if it had been written on paper with ten command. Written in Stone. And the reason the ten commandments are written in stone is because these ten commandments are in futile. They do not go away. They cannot be changed. They last for ever. The second time God writers and Daniel Chapter five or six twenty three twenty five. Then God in whose hand. Breast is. And whose are all the highways has doubt not glorify look at verse twenty four. That was the part of the hand sent for him from God and this is this writing was written. And this is the writing that was written. Meenie minie TECO who Farson the first time he writes he writes the Ten Commandments in stone. The second time he writes. The Bible says that part of the hand a came came from God and it wrote in the plaster. In that banquet hall. And it wrote mean immunity Farson. You have been weighed in the balances and work and found wanting the first time governor right. He establishes His law. This is the standard by which we live. The second time he writes. He writes a judgment based on that law. The third time he writes. So when they continue asking him he lifted up himself and said unto them. He that is without sin among you that I'm first cast a stone at her and verse eight says. And again. He stooped down and wrote on the ground. A first time he wrote. He wrote in stone and it was permanent. It was God's law. The second time a judgment based on the first I mean wrote which was a judgment on the law but the third time he writes. He writes in he writes the law in stone. He writes the judgment in plaster. He writes the sin. Why. Because you can't remove the law. But guess what with just the slightest brush. Of your foot. You can remove the sin. It just takes for a strong wind to blow. And a sin can be moved. In other words. Even in this demonstration. He's trying to show you His mercy that we read about in some one hundred three. He isn't a God who's trying to put your life and your mistakes. And your faults in stone. If the sand turns to stone. It's because you pour concrete. On the same man. He has no intention for your sin to be permanent. No intention for your past life to live on forever. The God we serve has no intention that our mistakes. Should haunt us throughout the system of ages of eternity. The fact of the matter is sin is written in sand for a reason. Give the sentence of more of the Jeremiah seventeen a verse thirteen says all or the hope of Israel. All that for sake he shall be ashamed. And they that the part from the. Apart from me shall be written in the earth. Because they are for second the law of the fountain of living waters can you imagine if you just wrote. Jeremiah seventeen in verse thirteen in the San Jose forces this is a form verse thirteen. They offer sacrifice on the mountain tops and burn incense on the hills. Under oath poplars and terrible it's because they're there because their shade is good. Therefore your daughters commit harlotry. And your brides commit adultery. I will not punish your daughters. When they commit harlotry nor your brides when they commit adultery. For the men themselves. Go apart with harlots and offer sacrifices. With ritual harlot. The biblical precedence on this in Hosea four says that the men. Don't miss this. Who brought her to Jesus were actually the guilty ones. How else do you know where to find a harlot at four o'clock in the morning. You just are randomly kicking in doors in Jerusalem. They were killed they were guilty of this which they were trying to get her. Killed for. And so. Jesus puts it back on him by writing sins in a sense. And I would have to believe somehow they were they knowing the law and the Old Testament. Would have known these verses. Somehow it comes forth. That in fact the guilty one in the equation. Wasn't the woman simply. It was really all those who orchestrated her demise. To simply make a point. Jesus is quite successful in verse nine says this and they would hurt it. Being convicted by their own conscience when out one by one. Beginning at the El this even unto the last. And they would hurt it being convicted by their own conscience. When went out one by one. Beginning at the elders. Even under the last time it is something not and scatters people like roaches. Like having your sin uncovered. When you imagine these guys the oldest cat just LOL you. Trouble starts live without the next guy picks over Jesus because of that they come rushing towards Jesus when he doesn't respond. They pick over show the and is no wait a minute as me. And I slip out. And slowly. They start to disappear. They start to dissipate and I want to tell you how profound it gets everybody eventually disappears. The whole crowd even a folk that was just there get in Bible studies before. Because the Bible says and Jesus was left alone. And the woman standing in the midst let me tell you something. No matter how bad the sin. You committed might be. There is simply no place on earth better than to be left alone with Jesus doesn't matter how bad the sin is you used to do. Doesn't matter how messed up how far you went. Doesn't matter how much drugs you may have done. Doesn't matter how many people you may have been with. I want to submit to you if at the end of the story. You are left alone with Jesus. You turn out OK. Our lease it will turn out OK. If you can just trust in Jesus. C. was left all alone with Jesus. Bible says when Jesus had lifted up himself and saw none but the woman he said under her. Woman. Where are those down accusers why because they had broken the ferrous isn't Sadducees brought the largest bringing her first of all the only person I was really supposed to bring her to to to anybody with accusation was her husband. There was no husband in the story. Secondly you couldn't bring the one of the people committing adultery. By default you had to bring two people. So here's how big this thing gets. Based on Moses's law itself. She had to be let go because they didn't follow the law in bringing her to Jesus. However day. They were pretty crafty they were they were trying to set her up. And you need two witnesses at least. So watch this. The key to that word alone there. Don't miss this. The key to the word she was left alone with Jesus. That alone is significant because if it's just Jesus. He's the only one now. Who could actually witness against her. Get this now. And when he says. Neither do I condemn you. She is freed. Permanently. Because you have to have told people. In order to do it to everyone else even a crowd. It doesn't even mention to the Siple here. They're very quick and he's lost the longer. So what is there isn't a nuff evidence against her. Why because she has fallen at the feet of he who will be the high priest. And he chooses the judge. Chooses to say. The evidence is in adequate. I don't condemn you who has condemned you woman was eleven she said no man Lord. No matter what because there's nobody around. And Jesus said under her. Neither do I condemn you go and do what he says I don't condemn you why because the last witness and he's the witness says he doesn't condemn her. Based on the evidence in front of him. I don't condemn you he is a perfect. And writers judge Amen. But then he gives her. One of the most important for the whole story you can gloss over quickly if you want. But at the end he says. And do what. In fact when he says this to someone in another story says. God said no more. Or else a worse thing happened to you. So how would Jesus give her a command that she couldn't keep. Would Jesus give her a command that it was impossible for to keep those Jesus play those kind of games on people. If Jesus said Go and sin no more. It means. He himself would defer the power to live a victorious life. He God doesn't give us instruction he doesn't empower us to keep so when he's given this instruction. In fact. I like to look at the ten commandments like this. I don't look at them as ten commandments simply. I look at them as ten promises. Don't worry you won't commit adultery. Don't worry you won't lie. You know don't worry. There's a promise. I'm in covenant relationship with God. Sort of what. To some is a command. Becomes a promise to me. Free from great for sixty two of the desire of ages. It says this was to her the beginning of a new life a life of purity and peace devoted to the service of God in the uplifting of this fallen soul. Jesus performed a greater miracle. Than in healing. The most grevious physical disease. He cured a spiritual malady which is and to death. Everlasting this penitent woman became one of his most steadfast followers. With self sacrificing love and devotion. She repaid. His for giving mercy. In his act of pardoning this woman and courage and her to live a better life. The character of Jesus. Shines forth. In the beauty of perfect right just miss. What he does not pileated sin nor less in the sense of guilt. He seeks not to condemn but to do what a magic is our churches had that attitude. Says here the world had for this. Earning woman. Only content and scorn. But Jesus speaks words of what comfort and hope. The settlers one pit is the weakness of the center and reaches her a helping hand. While the hypocritical Ferris's. The now the. Jesus bitter. Go and do what sin no more. In other words. Some are looking for you to be in sin. So that you can be destroyed. In fact that's the almost the definition of Hussein is this is an accuser. He want you caught in your sin destroy. Jesus is exactly the opposite. And some of us give the attribute of the devil. To God. God doesn't want you in your sin. He sent His Son to liberate you from sin not just the same you used to commit. But the liberate you from committing sin in the future. Go and sin no more. Watch this. It's. It is not Christ follower. That was averted eyes turned from the airing. Leaving them on an inner to pursue their downward course. Those who are for it in accusing others. And zealous in them to justice. Often in their own lives. More guilty than they love this quote she says men hate the sin or. Why they love the sin. Christ hates the sin. But does one. Love the sinner. She says this will be the spirit of all who follow him. Christian love is slow to censure. Quick to discern penitence ready to forgive to encourage to set the wander in the past. Of holiness and to stay his feet. There in something of a Christian because of stories like this in the Bible. Because I pass and I am chief among sinners. And I've learned in my Christian walk. That you know as we gain victory sometimes we gain pride. We get more confident more confident over confident and fact as we gain victory sometimes we talk about fanaticism this morning in a savage and service cool. Sometimes our victories make us look down on those who haven't gotten their victory and. Here's the here's the problem with that all the Devil has. Is get you to be prideful in your spiritual growth. And he can. He can actually circumvent. And the rail. Your spiritual growth. And you'll not even be aware of it. Let me submit to you like we said today in Sabbath school. The key to being a Christian is humility. In fact it is impossible to be an arrogant. Christian. That is an axiom moron. They do not exist. So I challenge you that as you are walking the walk. And as you grow in Christ and. We need to grow Don't get me wrong. And all of these great teachings we get. We need to have them. But I am sometimes worried that folks get so high and mighty. We start to think we are the judge. Equal even the great great great preacher from or could University. And I was love fortunate enough to be in school he still taught the dynamics of Christian living class and evangelism class equally without a great saying he would say. The problem what many in the church is that they are so heavenly minded. They are no earthly good and I've had to ask myself and my so heavenly minded that I am no longer earthly good. Do we do good for our communities. Because doing good is what Jesus requires of us. Or do we do good in our communities around our churches. Because we want them to join our church. Tricky question. And fact I challenge you that if you make your priority. Simply doing good for the community. Without asking anything in response you get a better response than if every time you go out to do anything good. It comes with a catch that we want you to join our church. Our health screenings. Ought to be done. Regardless if the people ever join our church or not the work we do in a community should be done simply because that's what Jesus did. And don't get me wrong. If we do that and were sincere. And they see our sincerity. It will take down was that our intention. Can't take down. It is our job as Christians. To set the wonder in the path of holiness. And the stay his feet. They are him and want to key ways of doing that is what Jesus did with this woman. It is to build actual relationships with the people around us. So we're not simply handing out tracks as we run by folks. But we stopped to speak to get to know them. Jesus could have easily brushed this woman often. And actually forgiven her sin and and told to go about our way. But he goes from here and they build a relationship. She becomes his the cycle his follower. In many ways she is a very devoted to Christ because she isn't just a number to Jesus. She's a soul. Because of a tell your story. Most challenging thing that happened in life. Happened I'm actually about seven years ago now at a cousin who was drafted into the National Football League. He was a number fifth overall in the N.F.L. draft and signed a thirty six million dollars contract thirty six million. Now he's in the first family member or went pro a brother. I think passed around and are mentioned earlier who played cricket for West Indian team and was a had a record in which gets him. Does very well in Jamaica to this day. I have another cousin who now just got drafted a San Francisco forty nine ers my cousin Carlene son Sean was special. Sean Taylor was drafted fifth in overall in the draft in the first round. Signed his giant contract this was a kid who grew up in church with us. He was a Pathfinder. He sang in a choir reluctantly like most of us did in our family. But then his parents found and its parents were together but is his father. Both parents went to church. His father found out just how realizes how good he was in football are American football. I mean his kid. He was a kind of kid or you'd be walking past him in the house and he would jump off the couch and hits you in your chest and tackle you when he was only like seven years old should always know where he was because he just loved to hurt people. Hence he became a great football player. He was drafted and. Well first he went to high school he won a state championship in football for his high school first ever the same high school where Madonna. Sent her kids goal of a prep in Miami. He left there what you were see in Miami where I went to medical school and in his first year I want to national championship three and a just a couple years later he went into the pros Sina's giant contract was drafted by the Washington Redskins and began his life as a National Football League N.F.L. player. But of course if you separate yourself from God Don't miss this. The devil fill the void. So I began to get into trouble drinking smoking weed. He got into some trouble with a possible threatened DUI while he was as first year as a Redskin is big trouble came when some people came to one of our friends from church is House. Over in a kind of one of the more poor neighborhoods in and stole his four wheelers A.T.V.'s and want to be told the police and few days went by they didn't go get it. Shot where armed and went and got his went to go get his vehicles back. And he got them back and of course the criminals who took him call the police on him. And because he was the celebrity he's the one who got in trouble and was now facing up to twenty years in prison for threatened assault with a handle on or whatever the actual charge was. He went to a lot in that time and he began to sober up he had a daughter born to him and all of a sudden he started to come back around and let me to some There's a verse in the Bible says. Train Up a Child in a way he should go and when he is old it will not depart from him. And all of a sudden on his offseason. Sure that's awesome is that after he dealt with that legal challenge. He began to show up at the church again. In fact one Sabbath of appeal was made. And Sean got up and down the are worth thirty some odd million dollars and gave his life to Jesus Christ. He struggles I saw him a few weeks after that he was at one of our cousin's house where we were have they're having a baby shower some some kind of thing and. And he pulled me aside is a recluse and. You know I don't want to play football forever. I don't think I could do this he says. I want to Harvard finish this thing and finish football because when I come out of the N.F.L.. I really want to be a part of church. He said I've learned. Don't mistress. He said of fame and fortune is empty. He said nobody really loves you. Nobody even knows you. They just crawl all over you and everyone's on the take he says. I'm at home most in church. Some of us are so busy trying to get. Exulted in the world and get placed in the world. And you don't understand. The Earth. The world is not your home. You'll get there only to have that emptiness I spoke of earlier this week that God made the human heart. So big that only he can fill it. So it was empty and some young men got introduced to him in one of them a cut of grass even and. When he wasn't married. One of his sisters had a party and young men went to the house and when they saw how generous he was and how he had to relay and around and and Castle and around it. They decided they would come back and that they would rob him. And this is Florida this is this is this is my I mean this is this is where people who carry guns Lord of the pretty done wielding state as you might know. So they come back to rob him one night. Except he was supposed to be in Tampa Bay Florida play in a bucket here is what he hurt his knee. So he didn't play so instead of going back to Virginia with the rest of the team. He came to Miami because he had a giant yacht fishing boat. That he loved they want to check on his boat. His car you want to see his mother he loved his mother. My cousin Donna. He always wanted to come back and see his mother. He loved her to death and so he came to Miami to check on the family check on some stuff. Because he was injured he couldn't play anyway. And while he was in the house that night with his girlfriend and the baby. Somebody broke into the back bathroom window with a gun. They came into the living room and he came out with Jamaicans and came up with a machete. You could have any more people machete. Cutlass. So he comes out with a machete and when he steps out. I don't even know if the young men actually want to kill him because he fired shots at his leg. One misses and the other one hits. The problem is it hits and it severs his femoral artery which is the biggest artery in your like. If the bullet goes. An inch to the left one instead a right. It's a flesh wound. And he lives maybe breaks his femur is his is the bone in his upper thigh but. But it hits that artery and because he's a world class athlete. Unadulterated world. At least his heart is. If efficient at pumping blood. So once his adrenaline is up and his blood pressure begins to drop. What this is heart do it pumps. Even faster. And factors father who was chief of police from Florida City. Told me later on that they believe that he actually bled completely out in the house. Yaml and shows up and they take him to a place where the helicopter can pick him up and they air lift him to write a trauma center which is the trauma center. Why train when I was in medical school. They pick him up they take them to there and they give him fifty thousand dollars worth. Albumin the protein. To try and keep the blood in his veins that pumping full of blood they pump I'm full of fluids. And he just swells up. Because once your body's off like that it doesn't manage fluids very well. And I'm in California watching all of this is P. and C.N.N. show what's going on and I can see all my cousins. Sitting outside the hospital. Trying to wait to see if a good word comes my grandmother all go where nard Clarke has the most and strangest of behaviors. She gets to the hospital and she sits in the recovery room after the surgery. And she won't move she sits right by the head of the bed now you have to understand. She actually because of his parents split. Many of us. My parents were split. We we grew up in her house. At least on a weekend sort of an even more time than that she was our spiritual rock. She sang us to sleep. Hymns from the strum to him no forced us to pray in the morning and to study the word she she she was a spiritual rock. And now she sat there at the head of his bed. And she sing in and. She's mumbling stuff in his ear my brother David is like I don't know what she's doing but I had totally not taken back to homes that the shower and change. She won't move. She won't leave his side. Eventually a few days into this whole tragedy. The doctor walks in with a nurse and. And the doctor goes in and says to the nurse. Grab his hand and the nurse grabs shorthand and the doctor says so and if you can hear me squeeze his hand squeezed her hand and his and he squeezes the nurses hand he says Sean if you can hear me. Blink twice. And he blinks twice and a doctor walks out the same thing. The nurse walks out. And what in a few minutes my grandmother. Starts to pack up her stuff. To get up and leave her brother David. You know I tell him it was going on like that doesn't make sense why would she seemed like the miracles about to happen. So when I went in twenty four hours. I move forward twenty four hours. Shawn is pronounced dead he dies. Boom. Tragedies all over the news you can go look at Sean Taylor you all of the stuff is there. In fact I just sentenced the guy was shot I'm just this year. And when I get to Florida. I make a beeline for my grandmother. So mama. I don't understand. The news on and on and on and on the television was saying that he had blinked. And he'd And any and squeezed. And it seemed like he was coming around Mama why did you leave. Right then my grandmother said You see for those few days before I was singing to him the songs I sang to him when he was a child. She said I was whispering in his ears. The verses of Scripture that I used to try and get him to memorize. She said I was recounting for him. The plan of salvation and reminding him that the blood of Jesus Christ is sufficient. She said at some point I began to get tired Ricky. And I wanted to go home. So I prayed and I said God. Show me that he's heard what I've said as he said he walks the doctor and the nurse and I walk in and the doctor says if you can hear me do this and. If you can hear me do that and when he responded to the strange voice of the doctor. My grandmother knew he had heard everything she had to say. And her work. There was this is a David. Techno know our wash up. We taste something. God does not leave you without the opportunity to make your final decision. He's not looking to destroy the pundits immediately set out as Santillan always been a trouble maker. It's his fault that this happened to him. It's all on you can go online. They tried so hard to some of them to try and belittle his character. It turned out it was the goodness of his heart. He was so nice to these young men. That that's a big part of a reason why they came to get him. God is not marked. My grandmother sat there. She did for him in a few days. Some of your parents of trying to do for you in a lifetime. Have you sing the songs of songs of redemption and worship and praise. Because the Bible says the got inhabits the praise of these people. So that's why your parents. The Church. So we want you singing. Pre-song is worse and so that's why the hymns are important because God inhabits the praise of his people. He comes down among us into that praise experience and watch this although Sean had let out. All of his blood. And all the modern science couldn't figure out how to put it all back together again. Even with the fifty thousand dollars worth of albumin. The blood that he needed at his death. Had been shed. Two thousand years earlier. And with that blood transfusion. With that blood applied to his life. It didn't matter how much dirty did in his life. Righteousness my friends my city and I challenge you to believe in God and his funeral our pastor Pastor David P.A. spoke. Sat behind a lot of N.F.L. players his agent is the agent that they did the movie. Jerry Maguire about. If you ever saw that movie I see that was his agent. They didn't want to be and began to cry on so much of a mission on so much and I was in it as a member of the like. He charges the number to this guy. But he gets back to see me mentions that someone's next contract would have been forty eight million dollars. No wonder the agent was crying. Watch this. All the millions of dollars he had the mansion he had the W.'s the. The house in Virginia. All the stuff all the material good shot had. When we buried. There was no you going to the burial site. I want you to get this. You know tain fame and fortune in the world. And guess how much of it he was actually able to take with him. In fact Solomon says someone else was spend his wealth and that is a true statement. I'm going to challenge you today. I may just want to make it appears all week. I want to make this appeal right now and again. I want to sing. That theme song as and I think praise to get up because that theme song is something that whoever I don't know how you guys came about to pass the RAM in this song is a powerful song I don't want you know. I want is the next in your mind as we leave camp meeting this week. But I want you to stand. Willing to do what the woman in the story did. And follow Jesus once you have an encounter with him. I want you to do what my grandmother did and she are your experience. To those who are dying I want you to do what I'm praying and hoping my cousin Sean did. So I can see him again in glory. I want you to have accepted the salvation that comes only from Jesus Christ. If you willing to move away from this world and into the arms of God forever. You're willing to begin to see this world as a foreign land. And we is just pilgrims moving through it. If you're willing to make that stand. That when we leave camp meeting this year. We go out and to conquer in the name of Jesus Christ. I want you to stand with me as the song is. Oh oh oh oh oh oh Mr Valma God we thank you for the story that is only written once in Scripture. The story. Captured by the Apostle John. Who on the other disciples for whatever reason didn't include it in their gospel he saw fit on the Divine inspiration to record a story of a woman caught in her sin. So that we two thousand years later. Two thousand years plus later. Would understand just how tender and loving Christ is that although he does not Paley it said he does not condone sin. He's not here to destroy us in our sin either. Or got I challenge us. And I asked Lord it you would give us the strength to live the kind of lives. Where we love. People into knowing Jesus Christ. When we are able to relate to people to bring them to know Jesus Christ and Father God those here who are like. The woman who was caught. Those here who are still struggling in the nakedness and shame of their sin. A father God that they would meet the Jesus. That day that she met. Then they would know. Neither does he condemned. That to his power they can go and see in the Noble. Ask a blessing on this group of young people and older people father. Ask a blessing that when we leave can't meeting that the experiences we've had this week that the feeling of the move of the Holy Spirit. The Worship Experience is a Father God he would not become a distant memory. That we would go home and have Can't meeting in our home. Daily searching the scripture and calling out to you. So the father god. Maybe next year we don't need can't meeting here in north because maybe to work could be finished and we can have a camp meeting all the sea of glass father got all As the Apostle prayed. Even so. More Jesus. A prayer Jesus personally made the church say amen amen. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. 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