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How to Study the Bible- Part 2

Sebastien Braxton
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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • June 8, 2015
    7:00 PM
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We're going to continue in our in our seminar. We talked yesterday about why is it difficult to study the Bible or to love to study the Bible. We talked about what you should do before you study the Bible. And then we talked about how to know what to study this is a big part of reviving your devotional life. So you recognize that relevance. Revives can you say that with me. Relevance. Revives. When you think about a preacher that you typically enjoy you think about the fact that what they're preaching about is relevant to your life. When a preacher gets up and starts talking back in my day. We used to walk ten miles to school and you know got it on now these young people taking the bus. You can get this is not relevant to my life is the truth. That's great that used to walk ten miles do you want to Cookie do you want to pat on the back. But the message is not necessarily relevant. But when someone starts talking about issues you're actually facing in your actual life. Then you start your ears perk up. You thinking how did this man know what I'm dealing with. And that. That brings a certain revival it draws you into the Word of God into the message into the story. Because of its relevance. So with Bible study. Relevance is fundamental to making sure that we grow in our love for the Bible in understanding how to study because as long as you have interest. Your mind will be focused. Now. We left off yesterday talking about the different kinds of literature in the Bible. So when you study the Bible you have to recognize after you find your topic. You say oh I found it in this book of the Bible we said with Proverbs. Proverbs is a type of poetry in the Bible. A type of what. Poetry Hebrew poetry. So in understanding I want to talk about some basic John rose in the Bible and some pointers to how to to really begin to dive into that particular genre of the Bible. Are you with me. Are So let's start let's start with Hebrew poetry songs. Proverbs job now or. Let it be known that the xian recent times overlap. So when Adam saw Eve in Genesis chapter two when he says this is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. That was poetry. You know is what happens when a brother sees a foreign woman. Right. You start school in poetry. Fit. And so in the same sense. Studying that part of Genesis you really need to understand some pieces of poetry. This is now bone of my bone flesh of my flesh. You see in Hebrew poetry it is not about the repetition of sound. But the repetition of thoughts. OK so. In English poetry right will say Roses are red violets are blue. I love Sebastian Braxton. And so do you that was poetic. And it was poetic because the sounds. Rind. Are you with me. Right there's even preachers who preach that way. So if you don't want strife. Feed on the bread of life right. I've heard it with my own ears. Because it is interesting style. But that's fine. He's trying to be poetic that's what we say because he's rhyming. Now there's a big difference tween poetry and hip hop but that's for another seminar. But regardless of the fact is that in Hebrew it is not about the repetition of sound. It's a repetition of what. Thought just to make sure you're still with me. So in the Hebrew context right this is now. Bone of my bone. Flesh of my flesh. He's repeating the same thing in different ways. This is what we call a parallelism a what. I hope you take your nose or you plan to buy the book. So be the one. So this is bone of my bone flesh of my flesh. So is there a difference between bone of my bone or flesh of my flesh No it is the same thought repeated in different words. This is what we call a parallel ism to be specific. There's three kinds of parallelisms you want to look for in poetry. The first parallelism is called they synonymous parallelism can you say that with me. Synonymous Now you understand the word synonym though it's the same idea. In different words so another example of a synonymous parallelism. Let's say would be. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. They are the same thing. If you trust in him or with all your heart. You're not leaning to your own understanding because trust and leaning are related. So now you see how the Bible writer is equating these concepts in the Bible. So we say what does it mean to have faith in God so. It means to lean upon him. Are you following that and that's how the poet is trying to express this particular biblical truth. So as you understand these concepts you begin to see the Bible come out to you. Even the prophets use poetry. To do their things right we say Jesus is King of. And Lord of. It's a synonymous pearl of wisdom is repeating the same concept in different words is there a difference to me Lord of Lords and King of Kings. There to sing. They are the same. And this is also how you can begin to prove how let's say the angel of the Lord is God. Just by these understand the bees parallelisms in the Bible. The second type of parallelism. Is what we call contrast in parallelism can you say that with me. Contrast internal ism So what that means is the first one is contrast it by the second was so sometimes things are made clear by bringing up the opposition. We have a saying you know when you deal with people who are afraid to confront their issues in life. You have or know people like that soon as that things get stressful or tight little steamy. They're like yeah got to pull out. So you go into a conversation that are well and someone raises their voice you just alright. Have a good afternoon. Or you know. I said I was sure that ten but it's eleven. You just decide you know I'm just going to not show up at all with why because I want to do it a conflict of what's going to happen when I show up. Well in the same sense. We say contradiction is the mother of clarity. When you have two opposing things sometimes it helps things to be clear. For example sometimes young people come and say I want to know God's will for my life I'm Confucian I do this should I do that I say one way to ask this question from a contrast in perspective is what you think the devil wants you to do. And people look at say well. I don't know what it is stay with this guy you know we've been sleeping together. So what you think the double Morsi to do. Stay with the guy that you're having sex with outside of marriage or leave him. What with the devil asked him to be with you guys thing. Stay So what even when you think God's will is leave. Because God and Satan. Are as far as certain as Light in Darkness can you say MN. So sometimes by contrast and it helps seems to be come very clear. Should I go to university should I go to a mission. What do you think the devil wants you to be. Awesome By got a victory hold our brother Hold on. So what do you think the governorship to do. Go back to school come work for are three things. So very obvious decision here. So in the same sense in the Bible proverbs fifteen verse one. It says A soft answer turns away wrath. But grievous words. Stirrup anger. Now the signal word many times in a contrast in parallelism is the word but. But it's not always there. You see I just used it twice right. But it's not always there. So I'm not contradicting myself I'm just letting you know there's an exception. So when you look at a soft answer. And grievous words. Those are not the same right. They are contrast are you with me. So because of that when you're looking in the Bible. And you're studying your passage in a way that book. Look at the verse and ask yourself is the first line. Repeated again. The same phone. Or is it contrast in the previous still. When I look at the contrasts you say software or grievous words right. Stir up that mean I'm sorry. Soft answer. Turns away wrath or stirs up anger. So you can either turn it away. Or you can turn it up. That's your option. So now when you start you know getting ready to share these things and reflecting on them you start thinking I'm not trying to turn this so I'm trying to turn it away. So what I want to do. Soft answer. You know that will save a lot of people's marriages by itself. Just and then. Now the third parallelism. Is what we call a. I want to use a technical term. A climactic parallelism. Let's use that term. Climactic like a climax right you're building up to something. So for example someone right bless it is the man that would. What is the first thing he doesn't do less than a man that does not walk in the Council of the UN golly nor sit in the seat of scorners nor. I'm sorry stand in the way of sinners and sit in the seat of scorners. So now you notice the progression right. Walking standing. City. Now you notice. In these things he's building. Right. So the first line is not repeating the previous one. It's building on the previous line. So says look. Bless it is the man who doesn't walk in the Council of the UN God And so this man is living in the idea of the advice of people who are ungodly or he's standing. He said in Terri's not even moving. He's just complacent. In the in the way of sinners. Then there's a brother that sits in the seat of scorners. So you recognize that the physical action of the text is climactic we build into something by following me. Right. And so you have another one I says that the name of the Lord is a strong tower right. And those. What happens to them. Yes. The righteous run to it and they are safe now. Imagine. Right this is not repeating the same thing. And it's not contrast. So it's building of the fact that if the name of the Lord is a strong tower. And the righteous run to it and are safe. That's the conclusion that's the climax. Do you want safety. You gotta know where there's a strong tower. And if you're going to a strong tower. Well that means you know you need safety. And if you're Rajah's you're going to go to the Lord's name. Because his name is a strong tower. So the righteous trust in the character of God. And this is a lesson to me that what happens when I feel in danger when I'm walking home late at night. When I feel like I'm not safe at my house or my university. The Bible says the name of the Lord is a strong teller and is the righteous that run to it so the difference from the righteous in the wiki is what tower they run to see in I'm not trying to preach but this is what happens when you understand the literature you're reading these insights begin to come out you are you following me. All right let's talk about historical narrative. Books like Genesis Exodus. X. numbers. The gospels are kind of narratives but the Gospel is considered a genre of its own. So we look at narratives never tips track. The journalistic threads. What where did I say. Journalistic rice on a journalist comes to a new situation they asked some basic questions. Who What Where When Why and how exactly so when you're looking at most books of the Bible. Even not narratives or trucking one of these things right. So either the book is tracking a person who. It's biographical. Did you know that the Book of Acts. Is only about two people. Peter and Paul. It's trucking them. So you start off Peter in the first half of the book of Acts. Then about twelve thirteen. The Holy Spirit comes out to separate me Paul and Barnabas and also need transitions to Paul's ministry. Then they overlap in X. fifteen. To deal with this council issue. But Peter. Because of his experience. Because oppose experience the Church is now able to move forward to minister to the Gentiles. And actually fifteen is the culmination of this in and it takes off with Paul. To all the way to the end of the book. You barely even hear about Peter again. Except when Paul is about to get arrested. And they're like hey man you should really go for this purification ritual which is what ended his ministry. And that's the irony is that Peter should have been defending him. But he didn't. Because Peter had an experience in this book. Showing how these two major characters of the early church interacted that's what that book of Acts instruct. But you could also argue the axis tracking geographically. This is where. Right so you can look at that and say well. Jesus said in the beginning in acceptor one. In verse eight right but receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you right in any says you shall be witnesses on to me. In one Jerusalem. And in all Judea and in some area and answer the automotive parts of the earth. So you notice the book of Acts is actually tracking this geographically. So up until you get to Philip where he goes to Samarium right it started off in Jerusalem. They started preaching on the day of. Come on speak to me. On the day of Pentecost. So I was in Jerusalem. But then they started expanding throughout Judea. That's when we come to go merrily on the council did we tell you stop preaching in his name. This thing is going all over Judean. Then. Philip comes along he's a deacon anointed was Stephen all of them is starts expanding to some areas he baptizes three thousand calls Peter to go lay hands on them so they can receive the Holy Spirit. And you've got the Ethiopian eunuch in there. And now it starts going to the uttermost parts of Europe. Are you following. And now calls going to Macedonia all these places. And so the Book of Acts is tracking geographically you could also do this in the Gospels. You could also do this in Exodus. We start in Egypt. Where in the wilderness now on the borders of the promise land. Locations are very important. Deuteronomy even somewhat tracks it's this way as well. But it's giving you the history. So when you're looking in the Bible. Narratives. Typically track people. Or they track. Locations. The other thing is narratives also track. Times right. So when you look at the Book of John. The first two chapters a first chapter has several days in it and it tells you on the first day. The next day John star Jesus. And the next days are you giving these continuous twenty four hour periods. Then you go to the end of Book of John chapter twenty one. And you start getting days again. And on this day and then the next day. And then the next day you're like wait a minute. This is the same as the first chapter. So now we begin to look at these patches that he's tracking certain time. Specifically are you following me. Right so you have who. When we have what's right so sometimes. A book is tracking particular events in a narrative. One good example of this is obviously exodus. Right you have the. The plagues coming down didn't he leave Egypt in this event they go tomorrow. Then they go to the. You know the place where the good water is. Then they go from there now they want water from a rock and in this is all these issues. Coming up and you're tracking these events as well as geography as well as you have who what where when why. So sometimes you have a logical books like Romans or Hebrews. It's tracking ideas. So the book of Romans Paul takes about three chapters to develop every single argument that he's building. So you look from chapter one of chapter three of Romans he's basically building a case we're all in sin. And we fall short of the glory of God. Unfortunately for US politics three chapters just to say what he says in the third chapter. Since I basically all seen it comes through to the glory of God. So when he righteousness to Jesus you could have just told is that. But Paul wants to develop this NG systematically. So you're tracking this and also you have books that are tracking how something came. So first Samuel builds up to How did Israel get a king. It gives you the background of this. Or Chronicles and kings is written by as row well Chronicles. And the purpose of this book is issue how do we get into captivity. What is the process week so this book is tracking not just kings and leaders. But it's right do you see the progression of wickedness of the leadership. And that tells me if I'm looking at my church I'm looking at my denomination on noticing. We're getting a lot of ungodly leaders we know where this thing is going. Somebody should have said have mercy. But that's where the Bible is tracking these different things in narrative so we're looking at narrative. Ask yourself Is this following the person is following a a location is following an event. This is following a time period. Is following a particular way of thinking or is telling me how something developed. Because even Genesis in Exodus have that relationship of how do we get to Egypt. And then Exodus tells you will. This will happen when he stayed with Joseph when he died he said God will surely visit you and take you about of this place. But they were still there for another four hundred years. And there was Joseph body. Bones in a coffin in Egypt. Never moved our. Let's talk about the epistles. Why does another major Johndroe of literature in the Bible. So when you look at the A pistols the letters of Paul Peter. John general the pistols. Paul has specific to Timothy to Titus to fill them on. You have the general of his use of the churches. Filippi in scoring teens. If so when you're looking at these particular letters you also want to keep in mind there are some elements two and a pistol ricer there's the introduction. There's the welcome there's the benediction at the end. There's the blessing there's the prayer. And in the middle you have he's dealing with specific issues in the church. So when you look at a letter the letter the point of the letters to say look this is what Paul is heard. And the information of the A Pisot gives you the story behind why is writing what he's writing. So you find on a Corinthians there's incense going on you find out people are eating meat offered to idols. You find out people think the gift of tongues is better than all the other gifts. So Paul Auster now do with the fact that no the gift of tongues is not. Love is the greatest spiritual gift. So all the sudden you're tracking these ideas and you can get lost in the fact. If you don't understand OK So Paul gives me an introduction. And usually in the introduction he gives you a basic summary of these are the con issues we're going to address. It's very easy to find in the Apostle. Right. When you check the introduction. Who is writing. To whom are they writing to. How do they even introduce the blessing to them. It's very interesting to see how Paul. He starts his arguments from the very word go. When he starts to bless them. Oh and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ and father who is a source of always them. And purity and truth. Said why are you saying that because he knows what he's about to get into. And he's building up. Even from his blessing. So would be a pistols you want to keep these things in mine who is writing the letter. To whom is it written. How does he introduced himself and his blessing to that church. Then you start breaking up the issues he's dealing with which will get you next. And then you deal with the conclusion. Right. How does he bless them with the benediction. Who does he want to greet. All those different things. He has purposes and every single one of them and he's using them so this a pistol is almost like a written sermon to council this church. The last one I want to talk about is prophetic literature. Apocalyptic literature. Daniel revelations acarya parts of Isaiah easy Q On Jeremiah. These have elements of it. So when you look at these prophetic books. One of the first things to keep in mind is a They're not chronological these books are arranged based on topics. So the Book of Daniel is not chronological. Did you know that some of you knew that some of your looking like never even read the book of thing. Still the Book of Daniel is not chronological. We know this because Belshazzar is taken out in chapter five. Then Daniel says. In chapter seven zero in the first year of the king the Bill Scher as our what as interesting when you go to chapter eight he says in the third year of Belshazzar the king. Weight. What is this is nephew his identical twin brother came up. Well. You killed one King another one pops a slug. So you have you have a concept that. This is not meant to be chronologically as a very definitive structure to the Book of Daniel that is fasten the I preached on this actually in Leicester. Years ago at a Youth Day and you find a fact that here you have the first of the Book of Daniel. From Chapter two to seven is all written in Aramaic Why is this written in Aramaic. That's interesting. Different biblical language. So chapter two you have the four kingdoms Chapter seven you have the four kingdoms. Chapter three. Someone is tested on the issue of worship they are faithful God delivers them. Chapter six. They're tested on the issue of worship. They are faithful. God delivers them. Chapter four. Heathen King is converted. Chapter five he thinking is laws. So two and seven parallel. Three and six parallel. Four and five contrasts. So now you wonder stand why then does he put this at the center of this section and they remade. It's because Daniel is trying to get across a message to us to say wiser that he was saved. And he was last there both Even But the difference is Belshazzar was a young men. And he had the testimony of his grandfather never Knesset and that's what Daniel brought up to him. Was what happened in chapter four. He says. And Belshazzar. Your father never can answer. Went through this. Humbled himself became a beast of the field. All this you knew. And you still did it home for yourself. Says nominate interpret the writing on the wall for you. So why is it that never can answer had many years to be converted Bill Schanzer had very little. As a young person. Because of the wealth of history. Before him. So some of us think we're going to be able to get old before we can get it right. Bill shows or says no because you've got the testimony of your father. And you got the testimony of your grandmother. And you've got the testimony of all these preachers and audio version and all these things that people are telling you this is what God is doing and has been has done. You think you got time. So you can drink out of the little goblets of God. Praising him do whatever you want with your friends. Only to rate for the handwriting on the wall. Your time is up. Cyrus is actually gate. Ready to come kill you all if anyone can help me understand the Bible now that that other things are going crazy in the world. Please. Where is Daniel. Then you if you do this for me I'll give you all my money I'll give you all these are making thirty making them. Men let your gives be to yourself. Who wants to be the ruler of a kingdom that's about to be destroyed. No one. So then you said let your gives be to yourself. I don't need your gives many of us may become wealthy you may become doctors may become lawyers. Just like Bill she has are thinking you have time in. Once I get a family I'll start having worship with my kids and then I'll do this and that and third. Those shows are. Daniel says here is my warning right. In the Book of Daniel. He had in mind. Young Israelites. And young gent times. You must give your life to him. Today is the day. Selfish. And because of the history before you. You have less of an excuse. As my father used to say. Experience is the best teacher. But a full learns by nor the means. Because sometimes you don't get to make it back. You don't get to make it back. All right let's keep moving forward so apocalyptic literature is not chronological. A lot of a lot of times what I just described to you Daniel two to seven is what we call a cause I'm can you say that we're. C H I am car as I'm is based on the Greek letter which is X. right. So is the idea of this. This way of Hebrew punctuation. Hebrew what punctuation right so when you're writing a sentence. What do you do at the end of the sentence. FULL STOP RIGHT AS which is a good. Full stop. Part stop. So you say full stop. Period. Now we know we're going to a different thought well in all it says we don't have Microsoft Word. You don't have periods and commas in semi-colons in em dash. You don't have that So how do they communicate. The transition so they usually use this device called the car as I'm so when you start seeing the parallels you realize the message is in the middle. Writes like a center which is my friend just in Kim likes to see. Right so when you look at a sandwich. The meat is in the middle. So when you think about bread bread. Right there you've got she's cheese. You know whatever you put tomato tomato but in the middle. Is the meat. So in the same sense. In this car as I'm It's not about Daniel two and Daniel seven. It's not about Daniel three Daniel six. It's about four and five. Because the message is in the middle. You know another cause I'm in the Bible is the life of Abraham. It's a very fascinating concept right so in Genesis Chapter fourteen. Abraham saves a lot right. He goes with the armies the people of the plains he goes out there. Takes three hundred men or whatever. Saves a lot. Then you go to Chapter eighteen. This time. Lot isn't Saddam and Abraham prays he goes to gone he says Look shall the right she is perish with the weak and he says Lord if there be ten righteous. Will you save the city. This is as low as he goes and Gosse's if I find ten righteous I won't. I want to share the city but God knew that Abraham was thinking about his nephew. And he thinking of me at least him his wife his daughters ten they should have at least ten righteous. But they did it. But if you read the text carefully the Bible says. Abraham went out early in the morning he was looking out over the plains. And he saw the smoke coming up. And he's thinking about his nephew. What God had remembered Abraham. And this time. He saved a lot by prayer. When before he saved them by sword. So you go chop the fifteen. He makes a covenant with God. He goes through this animal slices it up God appears to him you go to Chapter seventeen he makes a covenant with God. Instead of cutting an animal he cut his own flesh. This is circumcision. You know what's right in the middle. Hagar. Because you know what happens after chapter sixteen. God changes his name. After the situation with Hagar does something in the story of Hagar. So I'm not going to tell you the answer to that. I would make you study. But that's how you begin to see in the Bible they're trying to let you know that we have a very central message to Abraham's life. We have a very central concept. Right to to to how we punctuate to let you know this is a story disses how we're thinking. And so in apocalyptic prophetic books like Daniel revelation. They use this device a lot Revelation is the same right as a it has a lot of. In it and even the big picture a lot of guys. A scholar back in the one nine hundred seventy S. argued that the whole book was kind I stick. Just to give you a little bit of hints on this right. So the seven letters to the seven churches. You notice that at the end of every letter. They have this little kind of refrain right to him that overcomes. He gives them a reward. Remember the first reward of the first letter. Does anyone know what it is it your bible says quote a revelation to go to Revelation Chapter two. I don't know about you but I just love these kind of things. I'm fascinated with the Bible. And how that how they tell their stories. It just gets me excited. So in Revelation Chapter two. In verse seven right it says to him who overcomes I will give to eat from the one tree of life which is in the midst of the K Look at chapter two verse eleven. It says. And He who overcomes show not be hurt by the second if Cain. Go to chapter two verse seventeen. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hit in one. And I will give them a white stone and on the stone a new name written. Which no one knows except him who receives it so we guess is white stone this manner. Then you go to chapter two verse twenty six. And He who overcomes and keeps my works on to the end. To him I will give power over the world nations right he shall rule them with a rod of iron they should be dashed to pieces like Potters. As I also have received from my father and I will give him the morning star. Chapter three. He who has an ear. I'm sorry verse five he will overcome shall be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life. But I will confess his name before my father and his angels jump three. And let's go down to verse twelve. He who overcomes I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God. And he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of my God in the name of the city of my God the New Jerusalem which comes down out of heaven from gaunt and I will write on him my new name chapter three verse twenty one to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my word. Throne as I also overcame a shadow of my father on his throne. All of these rewards are discussed at the end of the book. So when you learn about the second death. When is it brought up in the in the Book of Revelation. At the end chapter twenty. Then you say OK when is the Tree of Life brought up. Chapter twenty one. They hid in men is the man of that's laid up in the presence of God. This is the part of men a right that he gives to them. What that man is in the presence of God. What where do you find that God is dwelling with his people again. Into the book. They say clothing white Raymond's names not blotted out. That's at the end of the book. Not only that when are they sitting on thrones with him. Kings and priests at the end of the book. Now you say OK. Sebastian it's pretty fascinating right. Did you notice in the seven letters right. He has this refrain. He'll say in the first letter right. He says look. Repent. Blah blah blah and says lest I come right. And catch you off guard. As he goes through these things he says behold I come quickly and then by the end of the seventh letter he says behold. I stand at the door and knock. So before and and the first letter it's book gets are stuck together because I will come on. I left I come. Then he says I am coming. Then he says oh yeah behold I come quickly. Then he says behold. I'm not the door. And guess what church we are labeled to see. And he says Listen. The urgency of the situation is the reward that we're receiving. And the reward that they're receiving from the very first generation of the church to the. The Church of F. A C. says look all those rewards are coming at the same time. In the New Jerusalem. In every generation must overcome something. If they're going to enter that. That kingdom. Every single one but for us. You see the progression of the presence of Christ and you are in nearer to his church. I follow what I'm saying. So now you're looking at the apocalyptic literature in terms of. This is not chronological. Because little to see is at the beginning of the book. Amen. But this is the last church and all the rewards that he's talking about are coming at the end of the book. But there we can argue in the next section of Revelation right we go to four and five you have the lamb. You have the twenty four elders you have the beast right with the faces and everything that lamps and all these things guess when it comes up again. Chapter nineteen. Of Revelation. It literally does not appear again until Chapter nineteen. You don't ever hear about this throne room you never hear bodies elders. Until go to Chapter nineteen. I'm going to show it to some you guys don't believe me. I remember when I study Revelation. Sometimes I have to live. Jump of a star doing a hell of a you dance like man this is crazy because I'm sitting here my mind is blowed. Chapter nineteen my Babylon is destroyed. He says After this I heard a loud voice of a great multitude and have been saying all of a salvation in glory honor and power belongs to the Lord our God does that sound familiar from the Throne Room see. Then he says for true in Roger stars judgment because he is judged a great harlot. He goes into all these things. Look at verse four. And the what. Twenty four elders and the for living creatures fell down and worship God who sat on the saying amen. Ali Louis except or a except except. And then you go down the verse eight into her. It was granted to be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints and he goes and talks about in verse nine at the end those who are called to the Marriage Supper of the land. All these pieces together. From Chapters four and five in the Throne Room scene. Into the SEALs are now here fulfilled. Because they said Oh. When will you avenge our blood upon them. So now you're looking at this scene. Again. It's almost Kayasth it's paralleling each other and this is not chronological. This is based on topics and arrangements. And so if this is and I could build a case of I had a whole sermon on revelation that it is Kayasth tick. That means the messages in and guess was in the middle. Revelation twelve thirty forty. That's interesting. The dragon. The piece from the sea. The piece on the land. The three enjoys messages the hundred forty four thousand. The man it comes on the cloud with the sickle that's the center of the book. Just like the Book of Daniel. And now we can start building a case the last thing I want to talk about what apocalyptic literature. And we've got to move on is the concept of symbolism. Cons of the what symbolism. So now when you're looking at a prophetic book. You have to always think in symbols. Right they use one thing to represent. Another in prophetic literature. Very common. Even in non biblical apocalyptic literature it's coming. So when you look at it says a lamb or a lion. You have to recognize revelation right. That a lion in the Bible can be a symbol of multiple things. So Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah right. But then the Bible says in Peter that old. Watch out for your enemy. Who is a roaring lion. So it's a case so is the lion represents Satan or Jesus or. So you have to understand the context of the symbol. In the book that you're reading. Very very important. So. Studying symbols and understanding how they're used in that prophetic book is critical because one and Revelation thirteen when the beast comes out from the sea. It has the head of a what Revelation thirteen. The first verse. When his beast comes up from the sea. It has the head of a you guys Evans's. It has the head of a what a lion you speak up if you can be wrong be strong. It's like this all right. So as a head of a lion has the body of a leopard. OK. Has the feet of a bear where no symbols come from Daniel seven. You think that's a coincidence. No. So he's using the fact that yes there was this. Were member when this book was written there was no New Testament. So here I am as a Hebrew reading the Book of Revelation. So much are all there is an animal that came up from the sea. Guess where those animals were in Daniel. The winds of striver blowing on the sea. Are you fully what I'm saying. So he's giving you the clues a look when you read this. I didn't have the New Testament all I was the Old Testament so if you tell me a bear or a lie in a leopard on like Daniel seven. This is where also with the symbolism of come from. And those symbols represent it would write kingdoms and nations. But this one is like a conglomerate right. It's got pieces from all these different things. So it's got them out of a lion. You know the head of the Lions got the body of a leopard it's got the feet of a bear. It's got horns on its head like a dragon that's also in Daniel seven. Has horns. As got multiple heads with crowns and all these. So you're thinking OK. It's adding all these things that if you don't understand any of seven. There's no possible way. You would fully get revelation thirty. Because of the symbolism. So understanding symbols. Is very very important in apocalyptic literature art let's go forward. Let's talk about the three steps of on of interpreting the Bible. Ok so many give you the general overview. And I was going to hone in on a couple points the first thing is observation. Was the first step. Observation second step is interpretation. Third step is application. The first step is second to the third step. So the summarizes right. Observation is. What does the Bible say. Whenever I teach a class. You know I should teach it missionary schools or when I go to other places to teach about how to study the Bible the first thing I do is I tell them the first class. This is how to study the Bible if you'd say something. Oh doesn't a Bible say this I'm ask you Where is that in the Bible. You can't tell me to reference you don't bring it up in class. The second thing is when you say something that you say you claim the Bible says if it doesn't say that I'm ask you a very simple question What does the tech say you know people like to say things from the Bible but that's not what the Texas. This is true. They just go to a general text. Yeah. We're all God's children I had a nice healthy argument with someone. Everybody's got children as it is now with the Bible says that what Simple were not all God's children. What I said. Go to John one says there and John want to says well to them as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God in order become a child of God takes power. And it takes receiving Christ. You don't just become a child by virtue of all your you know you may be a Son of man. Your descendant of Adam. But she's I will. I'm going to think about this text. You do because that's what the Bible says. And then it goes first John chapter three the same author verse two says We love it now we are the the children of God Who is he talking to the whole world. Know he's talking to them. The church believers. We are the children of God But you say OK I'm still not convinced. Matthew chapter five. OK. Jesus is like OK. You should love your enemies. Yes. Do good to those who hate you pray for those who despite for the persecution. So now. Then you know what he says after that that you may be. Children of your Father in heaven. Because he sends his son. On the just. And on the on chance. He sends his rain on the good. It On The evil. So here you look in the text like. So being a child of God means being like him. And being like you means. You must love your enemies because God loves His enemies. If you and I are on just we are enemies of God. That's why Romans says while we were yet enemies. Cries done. The just for the UN just. He justifies the ungodly ungodly people are enemies to God. Your enemies of a state you are heavenly criminals. We don't like that term but that's the reality. You break the law in England. Well guess what you become a criminal. Then you run from the law Nama Allen acknowledged the law of England. That's what we do to God's government. On an acknowledged along with keep doing what I'm doing. Because God is patient. He's not trying to fill up his prison. He's trying to see but try that in English. See how it works so. So here we're looking at the idea that. What does the tech say that's observation. Interpretation is so what. So this is what the Bible says. So what the Bible says that. What does that mean. What difference does it make. So when the Bible says OK but love it now we are the children of God. So what. So what would the children of what does that mean. Do you understand the privileges of a child. Do you understand how God views you. If you have a child to say that you're the child of God. Completely helps you to grasp the love of God. Because when a father looks at his child is like listen. I love you more anything I hate. Much August Bill spaghetti. I'm a favor soup this shall become sneeze. Right in my eyeball. You're thinking this is nasty. I'm upset. But that's still the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. So in the same sense here we come Mrs Beloved now we are the children of God. So yes. By you going out there and sitting in stand up late with your boyfriend or your girlfriend acting crazy on the streets didn't fights got as I get you just need them eyeball. But you're still to the cutest thing I've ever seen. Because that's my son. And he says look if he doesn't chastise you. Then you orphans. So was going to call me as I get you going to speech is going convince your heart you will be walking among men I should have done that. I can't even face my. My dad I can't face this preacher. I feel like they can see right through me and all of that is because God loves. Because he's a father and at times when you thought you was make it on your own god was caring. It's funny when you carry your kids and they're the ones tire on turn on what do you carry you. Oh are you complaining because I'm the one burning in the hot sun killing your heavy behind this. But you're the one irritated. Is no different between us and gone. And it was even when you think about death right. Behold now we are the children of gone. You know if death is but a sleep is no different in children because when you try to put a kid down to sleep. They want to do everything but sleep under my one of my younger brothers. This guy was in there. And he's like my step mom so I know he can stay up with you guys were like Miles. You're sleepy man just go to bid. Nominal not tired. Spell this out. Eyes like role in the back of his head. Looking like a slot machine. You know I'm like this brother is dead tired. I'm not tired. Falling all over to play Miles go to bed. I'm not tired almost a mile and it's the same thing when it comes as I we don't want to die. We don't want to done to guns like it's just to sleep. And when you have to put your kids down to go to sleep. They want to do everything we go to sleep. But you know the one thing the child always ask for when they're going to sleep. They say. Papa can you stay with Mama change the my bit. So my wife will crawl into the bed. She'll sing to them go to sleep. All the sudden the presence. Right. Helps to sleep. To be so much easier. You know off to be afraid. Into go into that good night. So why is it any different beloved if we are now. The children of God. When I have to be afraid of death your father's is pretty useless. He says I'll be here when you wake up when it's time I follow what I'm saying. But that's what the Texas. But now it's almost so what it says there was a significance. That's interpretation. The last thing is application. So I already kind of built that application for you. So Beloved now we are the children of God That's what the Texas. So what does the tech say that. Well the significances. I don't have to be afraid of death. I don't have the question how God feels towards me. Even when I make mistakes. There's no parent at Hayes their child because you me one mistake. None. Oh no I messed up for you. This is a terrible thing. You know my daughter be walking around. I lost the baby. I lost my dolly. This girl's got to break down in tears you thinking Jesus is coming. And she's lost my calm down. We'll find it no I can't find it I can find. Relax relax. And I know Jesus isn't somebody said. At this can't be like Relax relax know you understand he was my first boyfriend. Don't brew. Relax this. It's OK fifths more but you don't understand our are really need training I really need to go on a mission but you don't know what supporting Relax relax. So now the application becomes listen. Why am I being stressed. That's why the song says God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind. So when you don't understand. And you don't see his plan. And you can't trace of him. Trust his heart. Because he's your father. You have to trust your father is wiser than you. So when you say Lord I prayed for this didn't come through God is like trust my heart. I'm for you. I'm not against you Jesus is your friend. He's an older brother. She I don't have an older brother so it's hard for me to resonate with that concept. I am the older brother. So I can understand from the degree of what I am to my siblings. My desire to protect them into defend them when my brother gets into foolishness. Not to step in because he's about to beat him down. So why would you say this to this person. Now like your brother still get a Muslim like listen pin understand he was wrong. But I can't let this go to hell for this like. You know that's what Jesus does. To justice justice say look he said. She said she's the die. Jesus understand. He was wrong. She was wrong. But this can't go over really. You know what. I'll pay for it. Put it on my account. And I don't why says. At the cross of gee justice. Wheels down and says it is you know. You no longer are we being chased by justice. Because mercy has found a man. It's a beautiful dawn. My time is up. Unfortunately. I could go for another hour. I'm just so enthused right now my pumped up with talk about studying the Bible but I hope this has been helpful for many of you. Like I said. What I'll be doing is at the artery booth and also I'll be around. If you're interested being on the email list once we have the book out. Then I can get your email will let you know. Don't worry it'll be very small books not like two hundred pages. You know this is some theological tread is very short to the point. And that we can let you know when the book is ready. Very cheap easy to download easy to read and hopefully will be a blessing to you and your personal walk with God. When we stand for prayer. Father in heaven. We are so grateful for the. The Word of God David said lord. Open my eyes. Then I may behold wondrous things from your long. David knew something wonderful. Was in the Word of God but he just also knew that he just could not see it on his own. He needed Jesus to open his eyes. Because many times Lord we see what we do not observe. And so we ask this morning. Is Lord that she would open our eyes that she would help us to see in the Bible. What you see how post to behold. Wondrous things from the Word of God things that would make us rejoice in our hearts. Things that will bring tears to our eyes. Things that will bring peace to the so. Things that will inspire us in move us to greater service. To deeper love and faith. Trust you. Thank you hearing in answering this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio. You would like to listen to more sermon. Visit. W W. Or.


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