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Lil Leaven Is Here

Phillip Sizemore
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Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • November 4, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Other in heaven we are grateful that. So many people have stayed around today. To worship you. And to hear this message from you and I pray Father that we won't hear me. The will hear you. Your spirit will speak in a mighty way. And our hearts are be touched by the message from your words Lord May It can they convict us and convert is that we hope hearing for your coming up here in Jesus' name amen. OK. I'm not working. I am working. So much better. Thanks guys sound guys. Praise the Lord for you. Working. Relations five nine. Says a little leaven leavens the whole lump. OK that's just kind of the thing Tex they're a little leaven. You know leavening is one of the leavening is. I'm sorry the sun's in my eyes. Yeah. Just a little bit inbred the whole thing is Levon right hoping to build up. So a little leaven love of the whole up with that in mind. I got to tell you a little bit of story a little bit of background from my life so that you have under standing we're going with the Bible Texaco So it's story time. I was raised a heathen. You don't know what a heathen is right. Non-Christian altogether. And I mention that before a little bit before. But I'll tell you what's interesting by the way I'm a I'm a middle child. Anybody out here middle child. Me your hands. Are we don't we have it rough. Middle children. We have it rough Don't worry it's not. Yeah. We're going to get here something's not right. So I understand that like the middle child thing is tough. Right. And by the way. My brother. Now. Some of you said I've heard one person tell me I said You look so much taller when you're up there as well I got four feet difference here. Right. I'm just a little guy. Oh well thank you I'm just a little guy five foot four inches tall. My brother is six foot one. My older brother my younger sister is little like me but it's OK for girls to be little but you know what. Growing up in a public school. I grew up in a public high school the high school I graduated from. We had three hundred fifty my graduating class and. My name being Sizemore I'm way down the list you know at the end get going getting called up. I literally had to fight my way through school. You know because everybody loves to pick on the little guy especially in public schools. I hate that. You know this bullying thing is not nothing new we all dealt with it if you're little That's just the way life goes. Is that right. Don't feel sorry for me you know I have the Polian syndrome. You know the polling center e-mails. The polling was a little guy and he had this attitude because he's a little guy used to have that. Like little people come up be all smart aleck to me and making fun of me stuff like that and I would want to fight them. Like a little baby rooster you know and I'm ready to fight. But at conversion. Like when Christ got hold of my heart that changes I can even laugh at myself for being short. I get to actually tell people you know one day. I'm going to be in heaven and so I said you're in heaven you'll be thirteen feet tall I said yeah but thereby also be sixteen. It's just not right. So anyway. This is how I grew up by the way my parents. Even though we were not Christian were. My parents were very godly in character in principle. In other words. They were it would be like Shame on you for lying stealing cheating or any of the obvious things in my dad was very much opposed to that and. My parents owned a business the whole time I was growing up. They owned a heating and air conditioning company. Right. It's a relatively small you had about thirteen employees or so but you know it's funny to me. It seems like every time someone my dad wrong or his business wrong. It was a Christian. Like what I call mouthy Christian putting quotation marks around in other words. They were they were the people it's always showing saying you know I'm a Christian and telling all about their Christianity. But it seems like every time someone done my dad's business wrong or done him wrong my parents wrong. It turned out to be a Christian. And I my dad actually it was the point of being almost like anti-Christian the his buddies. The friends of my dad and. You know they were they would give you the shirt off their back to do anything in a world for you. Non-Christian. Let me give an idea of kind of how how much of this was I have I don't see this kind of love. Oftentimes and this kind of sacrifice. Even among our people today. I remember one time. I was a sophomore in high school. My parents had built this little house. Modest house. When I was about eight years prior. It was three bedroom my brother and I shared a bedroom my sister had a bedroom. My parents had a bedroom. Right. And we had a big family room. Oh and by the way. I don't have any memory. Think about this. I don't have one memory. I can't recall one time ever my whole life that I ever heard my parents argue inviting. I don't have one memory that is that I said amazing it's hard to believe isn't it. But it's true that it's not they just they were just always so nice. And so I remember one time we were having supper. You know when something tragic or something great happens you know like something you remember you ever notice how you member even the details. Now how many people here. Remember what happened on nine eleven where you were that when that nine eleven took place in two thousand one some hands go up most of you maybe little bit too young. So young for that but you're a member that right in the sticks out your mind. How about when J.F.K. was shot that don't work here in America it works a right. Like no one is even talking about. You know people people remember these things. I remember I was. We were sitting on eating supper. We were having spaghetti. Isn't that funny how you member things like that and I'm telling my dad this story. This is what's going on at my brother I was telling him. At the end of our road where he lived there was a. There was a boy in a girl the girl was my age she was a sophomore in high school. The boy was a had your head and he was a junior. Their dad was on death row down in Tennessee he'd killed somebody when that when the kids were very little in and a gas station robbery right there mother had just ran off with the with the welfare money and things like that and was doing drugs and things. And this boy and girl. Would you set a troubled life. Right there they were they were out there by herself in that house they were afraid that the state would find out that they were alone. And pull them out of school put them in foster care and be separated they would get a finished high school and had their friends and stuff. Pretty tough situation isn't it. My dad gets up from the supper table. Goes out to the end of the road. Knocks on the door. The only answer the door and dad says you know you all come out to our house today when have supper with us this evening. For the next three and a half four years. That was my brother and sister. He took them into the house. I mean for our little house right. He takes the family room and let it be a bedroom I mean living room the living room makes a bedroom for the boy. Our new house. The girl is in the bedroom and my sister my brother I still share a bedroom. Ever the next three and a half years or so I have a new brother and sister and my parents treat them just like that didn't expect anything in return never let a state find out anything. And paid for their their bills paid for their for their food. Took care of their school their clothes. Everything and never expected anything in return. And never got really anything in return I mean that they were grateful whatever. Now is interesting because the girl right on graduation she she found this guy and she gets married still happily married to this day with a family. The boy got a scholarship to door time University in Kentucky and studied and he's now married and has a has a career and everything like that is not amazing. That. And you know I'll tell you what that was my world view. Like I thought that's where people were that's this what people were to do. And again it was interesting as the friends of my dad and mom but the take on my dad has some his buddies and stuff were very much like that in character. Some of them were pretty pretty scoundrelly. You know it's counter only means you can get the context what I mean by it right when he must not the best kind of people. But they were that at the same time. Even though they've done things that were probably shady. At best they were very godly in principle most of the time. They weren't claiming to be Christian you follow them saying they were non-Christian. So this is my life. As far as growing up this is what I what I recognize and. What I saw in my pin my parents they were always helping people. But you know again it seem like I was always a Christian doing them wrong as a matter of fact we tell you one story they will go into the message here. I remember one time. I was a gopher. For my parents you know you know I don't want to go for is do you my parents he Some I said ya know what it is I've been one. It's an old term I guess it's like my dad's business the heating and air conditioned company. He would put me on my summers when I'll be out of school for the months that we had not in school they would put me in with it with this service guy. And the say we were on top of a hot roof in downtown somewhere like a building like this and the air conditioning is broken somebody's got to fix it so the service guy would go fix it. I was the guy running up and down the latter bringing him to I was gophering this and I was go from that right I would go for that go get this. And if he's under a house somewhere working on something I'll be the one calling back and forth under the house taking him tolls. Right. That's what my job was and they put me with this guy that worked my parents that was a Christian. He was a pastor actually but the nomination. Very very much telling us about his Christianity and I remember there was one of my summer breaks that we were we were on our way to do a job it was lunch time and we pulled into this. To this got to work for my parents. Right we pulled into his house to eat lunch. Now we only get an hour for lunch normally one hour for lunch. We were there for two hours I was playing ping pong with this kid having a great time. And after two hours we went on to the rest of the day. Well. All my time card that I turn into my mom. She was on the book keeping his stuff for the company right. I put that I had an hour for lunch. What do you think I mean two hours for lunch that day what do you think the Christian film his timecard one hour. Now here's the interesting thing my parents knew. Because of me that I had. We had been there for that time and I was just like you know I was I didn't work for that hour I was the. I was playing and eating lunch and doing thing two hours. When he put one. Are you know my parents is very interesting about that particularly. Never say anything. He has lodged in his mind. That's what a Christian is. If I want to saying. That's that's how that's how you are a talker sins are they in other words they they they somehow can get away with things that people like my dad would. I know that's not the case for most of Christians we understand what's going on there right. That's what he viewed things as now let's open our Bibles. We'll get back to that story the very end. Matthew chapter twenty three. Incidentally a little bit the story. I actually had met. I was single and desperately looking and. I was working at a factory. I was twenty two years old I had a two year degree in electronics on the work on the tonic things and this and this young girl. Right out of high school got hired and his factory running. This little tester. That kept messing up. And I had to go fix it and a year later I married her. Yeah. She wasn't looking. I don't recommend missionary dating anyway young ladies. Missionary died. Dating In other words finding a heathen and trying to convert him and the doesn't work. But this little girl and I met her she was an Adventist right. And. Long story but anyway. When I found out she was I thought oh great this kooky person because I knew one thing about religion. I had some. I had some relatives at one time that were Adventists growing up. And I knew one thing the administration eat pork. And I went to church on Saturday and I thought you were the only people the world that did that I didn't know about Jews or Muslims or anything like that with that even Portman I don't know nothing and so my first experience with I went to ground on a date that morning breakfast. I offer to buy her breakfast and she would eat any of the sausage or anything like what's the matter with you here have some and she would need I think what are you an Adventist being cheeky. Right. And she says. Yeah and I'm like great. I'm funny interested in girls she's one of them. I thought well I'll pull her out because we my cousins. Finally left that. Maybe I'll get I'll straighten out in amazing what God the right. So year later I'm baptized on the Sabbath and married on Sunday and have a baby come along. Take about one year and two months later. OK. Matthew twenty three. By the way. The greatest disappointment in my dad's life was when I became a Christian that I know of of toward me. There were those that were work he was disappointed with me it was became a Christian. Through. OK. Matthew twenty three. Then spake Jesus to the multitude into his disciples saying. The scribes and Pharisees. Sit in Moses' a seat. All Therefore whatsoever they did you observe that observe and do. But do you not after their works for they say and do not isn't that interesting statement Jesus says to the disciples. His followers all of us. The scribes and Pharisees the religious leaders. The folks that are giving you what the Bible has to say. Do what they say they're telling you right. But don't do after their work because they say and do not what one word would be used for that hypocrite. Hypocrisy. So Jesus was warning them about this he says. But look at very interesting that he's saying. Do what they tell you to do. Other words the doctrines they're teaching. They're right you need to follow them that making sense. Follow the doctrines are teaching because it's true. But now is something interesting because if you back up just a little bit the Matthew Chapter sixteen. I want you to know something he says here Matthew Chapter sixteen. What's a part of the message. A little leaven right a little leaven leavens the whole and I look at this. Matthew Chapter sixteen. Verse five it says. When his disciples were come to the other side they forgot to take bread for six Then Jesus said to them. Take he to be aware of the leaven of the fairest season the Sadducees. Now I get tickled sometimes Arima by I read the Bible with it with a mindset by the way I wish we had could have time to do a class on just how it like studying and reading the Bible because it's interesting things that many times we miss right. Try to understand what's going on with the culture of the day and everything. And what has taken place. You'll see here watch this. Which when Jesus perceived he said to them. Oh ye of little faith. Why do you reason them on yourself because you've brought over it. Do you not understand the the remember the five loaves and the five thousand how many basket she took up need of the seven loaves and four thousand how many baskets it took up. So Maginnis. The Bible tells us that Jesus always spoke to them in parables. OK in Matthew thirteen. First thirty five he says without a spare parable he did not speak and of them. Thirty four thirty five there he always spoke in parables right. So he speaking at another parable and then be aware of the level of the fair season or like oh it's because we didn't bring any bread Jesus is telling us not to bribe by leaven from the fairest the seriously. You know Jesus unlike guys you're missing the point don't you remember it like funny. Don't think I'm funny this is I fed five thousand. Right. Don't you remember that I don't remember when I when I fed the. The four thousand and you took up. Left over do you really think I'm going to CERN about Brit. And so their reply is his reply then is verse eleven. How is it that you do not understand I spoke not to you not concerning bread. That you should be aware of the level of the ferrous even the Sadducees. Then understood the way how that he bade them not be aware of the level of bread. But of the. What's the word in the Bible doctrine. Doctrine singular doctrine. The fairest sees end of the sad you see why I wonder. Jesus tells us in one place. The Dr in the things of the fire season aside you see their teaching you need to follow him do it but then here he says beware of the doctrine. Singular other fair season a sad you sees right. I want this doctrine is. I studied about this and I thought about it. You know what I think it is. I think that Dr about keeping the seventh day Sabbath Jesus was warning us not to keep that doctrine right. Not likely you but you don't don't you wonder he says the eleven of the Pharisees and Sadducees. It's a doctrine and he's warning us not to follow that doctrine. You want the Bible says that doctrine. Doesn't this look at Luke twelve with me real quick. Matthew Mark Luke Luke Chapter twelve. Verse one. They're holding up time clocks on me. Very agitating. I'm just getting sister. Luke twelve. Verse one. In the mean time when they were gathered together in a numeral multitude of people in so much that it showed upon one another he began to say into the cycles first of all be aware of the leaven of the fairest seas which is hypocrisy. So Jesus is telling us the cycles be where the level of the ferry season they says that that leaven is doctrine right that what we say it read in Matthew and then in Loki says be where the level of the fair seas which is hypocrisy. So this doctrine is leavening that the Paris he's had that they were teaching now. Rather than sisters I don't believe that they had a youth conference and it brought together they brought the ferrous the up front said Listen brothers and sisters Listen little you know people. I'm going to take you how to be a really good hypocrite. Like they weren't teaching that doctrine. Openly you follow them saying. But they were teaching it by lifestyle and other words. Basically the hypocrisy idea that they were teaching was. You can get away with whatever you want to do is only not getting caught doing it. Hypocrisy. You problem. You know hypocrisy is right. The word literally in the Greek it means every day just actor. Acting putting on a show. I think it's funny when you talk to young people particularly. They're like oh. The church is so full of hypocrites. If you like that. You know what I say to you in reply. It takes one to No one now almost I won't be serious here and talk to you I got you here you can't leave that block the door don't let them out. The definition of a hypocrite some by the acts one way when you're in from certain people. Different way in front of another people and yet a different way when you're by yourself and I mean are you following the idea. Jesus warning about this doctrine that there's these in other words. This doctrine of hypocrisy. It's like you're putting on a show. So if I think you're holy but in reality but reality. You're a scoundrel. And you think you're getting away with something and Jesus is like you're got the getting away with anything. You know it's very interesting. As as we look into this and think about it. Let me ask you young people. Do you act the same way. When you're at church in front of the pastor in elders and others. As you do when you're with your friends. And probably don't want to weigh out how you act by yourself doing that hypocrisy is a perfect definition of hypocrisy of acting. Putting on a show for everyone to see Jesus doesn't want that he wants our hearts twenty four hours a day. Not talking about not ever messing up. Then we all. You know. Times we've messed up haven't we. But we think we're getting away with something. You know in Matthew five or twenty I'm going to reference it. So you have it Matthew five twenty. Jesus tells his disciples. Unless your righteousness. Exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees. You're a lost person. Can you imagine that can you match with us a sound alike listen I want you in your mind. Think of the most holy person you can think of the person you think it meant on a fast track to heaven. And then. If you can think of something like that. Think about Jesus telling you unless your righteousness exceed their righteousness. You're going to help your last. You imagine what it sounds like to the barest coming to the Cybil like imagine Peter. Listen in the Sermon on the mountain Geo says unless your righteousness that sees the rights of the scribes and Pharisees your loss leaders like guys. I give up. Let's go fishing. There's no way in their mind there's no way. This crimes in Paris he's done everything so exact going to Matthew twenty three for just a moment I want you to notice how exactly scribes and describe in first these were. Matthew the twenty third chapter. Listen to this twenty three. Jesus says this. Twenty three twenty three if we're going. Whoa to you scribes and pharisees you hypocrites. For you pay tithes meant innocent common and admitted the way they are matters a lot judgment mercy and faith. These you should have done and not let the others. Undone and understand what's being said here that the scribes and Pharisees walk along and say Oh look I found a dollar and I pick up a dollar bill I say look everybody. I found a dollar. I better go pay times what I'm going to pay tithing we very exact here pay my tied on a dollar I found. You understand I'm saying. Like they were very exact. Jesus. I can imagine the relief. On the ears of Peter Greste the apostles after Jesus says unless your righteousness exceeds theirs. He turns the scribes and Pharisees just a little later on and says you. Hypocrites. You actors. You're putting on a show everyone think you're so holy but your own lost. You're looking good for everybody. You're doing everything just right. But you are an actor. And he says you're paying tie the MIT innocent human on words of a little things the very most minute. This detail. I mean they're like making sure as well read here. He says. You blind guides which train and swallow a camel. Now to us that's not very funny to them it was hilarious I can imagine the people standing around in the day listening to your ideas just Jesus just said to the scribes and Pharisees. They would take their water cups. They would dip the water on the bow. They were poor at the restraint to make sure they didn't actually swallow a gnat. Which was unclean to eat. But at same time they would sit down and drink their with their water and either camel steak and say this is like hammering them over this. But I want you to notice. In other words the swallowing the nap the straining and that would be would be like paying tied them it as in common the way here matters judge of course in faith of the ox while in the camel. Isn't it interesting though that paying tied with Mitt and I think women everybody can see that. But we don't always see judgment or see in faith. Jesus is dealing with what's in the heart. We're really good at doing what's on the outside only. Jesus want to do with the heart he want to change the heart and he brings that up by the way when he says the next place in verse twenty twenty five only you scribes and pharisees you hypocrites. If we may clean the outside of the cup on the platter. But within your full of extortion and excess. Right. So your cloak your clothes are clean your cup is clean. Everything is perfect and clean but inside. You're a mess. Store here. You've got to be mad at me if I go over too much. Story time. I was a call Porter. After being an admin a slight five or six years. There's anybody here not know what to cope with or is. Please be honest. OK call Porter is it somebody that we sell. The Bible story books and things like that we go door to door selling those books literature of Angeles you may know that term. Yeah we do that right. And I was doing it full time with the big books there in the States and I was in northern Kentucky. Out in the country area where I would work. And you know after a couple years of doing this. I would get lead cards in the mail and leave the books in the doctor's office and people fill them out. And I could tell by the lead car what the person look like general degree right. And other words if the handwriting was like shaky. Like this. It was grandma getting it for her grandkids right. But I'll tell you my most favorite cards. Here they are. If you do they really work. You're probably agreement with me here. The loopy. Female handwriting. With a nice address and phone number. Listen. That's selling books. Right you know they're all my books and expensive books. So I got. I had this Lee card. And I had this woman pictured on mind thirty something. Right. One maybe two little kids but this woman. Thirty something years old a little money. I mean I just pictured living on the country I could picture it all by the address and a hand in hand writing right. So I'm driving out to the country and sure enough. I'm going along I see this house has its driveway about eight mile long goes up crawls around and has kitty litter. All over the yard. You're not kidding literals kids' toys you got it there I guess that's cut. Let your vendors talk you see the kitty litter you know you got something good there go to the door. They got kids. Right. So I went to the door and knocked on the door. This lady comes to the door. Exactly how I had a pictured. I think this is going to be a good day. So I go in are going to sit down. Can I borrow the seat just for a minute. Somehow I got to ask this one ounce a little bit. She invites me around oh yeah I feel that card out I'm going to sit down like this. She said across from me. And I get the books and I'm just gonna talk this little boy. Like eight years old system next year like this little gentleman. Man. This is good. She's oh yeah I'm so interested in the books I get him out. And just the start to him to the book. I hear somebody coming in the back door. And she goes Oh it's my husband. Now. When you're home alone with a thirty something year old woman and she says. Oh that's my husband. That's one thing. If he says Oh my husband's home that's another you understand the difference right so Emily my heart skips a beat and like all know. So so so as he comes in or I jump up and grab the books and was like hey I'm filled with the Bible story company. The guy can say he does it. No kidding. He says. What is this. It's like I'm so sick and tired of you buying all this religious garbage. You don't need innocent stuff for crying out loud you're Roman Catholic just go to the priest talk to him everything's fine you don't need this garbage. He said I need to be more like my dad. I need to throw that a few choice words he be out on the Brinkley bank yard right and it goes on and he stormed back out like. You not going to have a cell today. She says. I hope you forgive my husband city. He was raised a Seventh Day Adventists and had a very bad bad childhood but she said he was raised a seventh they have been has had a very bad childhood. My hardest are spending too much as I'm like wow. I hope she doesn't ask. I will Mormon know and it's a killing just getting sick. So. So I hope you don't ask me what I am Reichl it's like oh how was I was I was so I was bothered by that greatly by the way I was getting ready to leave. He still has become story back and I grabbed the book. Desired ages I'm like well he was raised and then this he should recognize this. I got about this are they just and turn it like this real quick and he yells a few more choice words and starts back out again. He looked out the book did recognize that you are pretty good at tech tips. Let's put a couple things together. Think about this with me because I was leaving that day. I had hours to go to work and I couldn't work and I've been a Christian now. About six years. With my palms were all sweaty How was nervous I don't talk to anybody. And I'm thinking on the way home. In my going the wrong is it really like this. So let's start putting some things together. What do we know about this guy. He's raised that dentist. We knew that that the T.V. on the yard. We know he had a very bad childhood. Don't we know this. And so I'm thinking. I wonder what it was like for him growing up by the way there's this things in this message that's for the parents to learn. And for the kids to learn. Right. So let's put this together for a little bit less picture fifteen years earlier Sabbath morning heavier notice on Sabbath morning things come up that they were comparing that week as anybody knows that aside to me. What you think that's happening. You think maybe the devil's working a little extra time on that day. Like he gets he gives. He's not getting in rest he doesn't want you to have it either right. Spiritual especially. So Sabbath morning. I can picture. Brother and sister. New ones in one or more than the other dad comes in and turns whites on says Get up get out of bed time to go come on time for church. Get restless go. Sister comes out the room he said Young lady. I told you before to get rid of that dress you're not going to wear that to church anymore go take that often change. Young man. If you're seventy one teacher they tell me what happen if you do that again what you did last week you had it your way to get home you had it right. And then he's yelling about you know how dad likes your mom and Sabbath morning. I notice that they don't they don't fight only they fight on Saturday morning. No. Praise the Lord. You know how the devil's working the right. I can imagine is going on in that family like the kids have and they have a tough time in this week this having me this week that had thrown the T.V. out you are guilty was tired of it all the bad stuff that's on it. Listen T.V.'s are bad. What you put on Candy. And if you can't control it maybe that maybe you do need to get rid of it we're brothers and sisters let me tell you as parents. There's a right way and a wrong way to get rid of things. If you end up getting rid of all the bad things out of your home your kids hate you what do you accomplished. Ever allow all the bad things in. Isn't it interesting that gene is one of the temple. Turned the tables over anybody out in the next next three verse of the kids are sitting on his lap. Why the kids want to be around them because it was different. They understood his love. You understand. So that Sabbath morning now they're on the way to church. They pull out their driveway. And mom starts yelling at dad maybe a little bit there for the grass not being cut and dad yells of all my little bit because he hasn't had time right there arguing they get to church and dad turns around the table in the parking lot turn from the kids behind him and says. Now listen to me. I told you if your seven school teacher in by the way I'm preaching today you're setting on the front row and only one word out of your you had it maybe. So they get into the church the church doors open up happy Sabba. I'm so happy to be in a house of the Lord the day. Oh isn't the Sabbath wonderful Now you're laughing because you know it's true. And so Dad is preaching the Sabbath and the kids are sitting on the front row. Just like you guys are all I can get their photo and gets up and he preaches a sermon about getting rid of this he sent this week with you are doubting you are doing kids. Isn't wonderful that Sabbath day are family so good and the kids are like thinking themselves dirty. Can we tell me ten years old I'm outta here. I'm outta here. Right that's what are thinking. Now listen before I go any farther. Just because you parents may have lost your kids maybe because your kids are out of the church. It's not always your fault the got her bit of it is like I have a daughter she's seventeen I have a son. By the way she single guys. Facebook you go on Facebook be my friend you see what she looks like applications I'm taking them. Good at this kid I want you. Yeah. Good admonition Mihm no problem. I'm all for it. She would kill me. Now Boy He's just fourteen soon to be fifteen he's not really interested in anything yet except playing a few more years for him if the Lord Teri's OK so he's Or was I. OK. So that's up there. And it is talking in a sermon right. He's talking about how one of what has been a House floor on Sabbath. And the kids like. I can't wait to get out of here because I'm sick of this. That's put on the show you know is everybody is such a good Sabbath I'm so glad to be in the house were preaching in here and teaching and. And the kids would like I'm out here. So then some time goes by where I was that it's not always the parents' fault. I have two kids. God forbid they leave the church. But if they do. I want to be in that because of what dad and mom was like. And if it. If your kids of live because of what Dad moments like there is forgiveness for you. I mean we can't blame the parents every time kids leave if you do you're by mean God. Didn't he have a couple of left parenting right. You know kills me want to hear from these pious parents oh yeah my kids they're going to church look what they're doing because I'm raising them right like the rest of us aren't. Everyone still to make your own decision you understand if your parents have been a bad expects and boy they have been hypocrites of They've been jerks to you. That's still not a reason to leave because God is not like that we need to have that relationship with God I understand that the drawbacks are a lot harder for younger people. You know understand that there's. It's difficult when you see this representation the brothers and sister be faithful to Christ OK So that here. Here. The kids now left church right. They've grown up left church and I can picture that we know that this guy listen. What we know about this guy. He married what kind of woman. The boy. Our own Catholic lady that's why didn't you notice how he was able to get was such a hard time. What did he remember from his religious upbringing What do you remember how to give Roman Catholics a hard time. I'm just I'm just speaking from the heart to be honest with you listen what's going on just like just like a. Maybe a young Jewish boy left the faith and and married a Samaritan. Our kids are just crazy last how do they do such a thing. I believe that that guy married that Lady Alice spite for his parents. I'll show them right. So anyway. Sometime later. I can picture dad twenty years later. Fifteen years. Maybe tell you this very day I don't know he could very well still be the same thing. Up on Sabbath morning. Follow me. My kids are all the church. I just don't understand. If you had more youth of INS more activities for them. I think they would still be here. Not Sants. They would still be there if you would present Christ. In the right way. In front of them if you would live and practice what you preach. Something some people still way they just don't leave my brothers and sisters I pulling out all my heart they would stay around it would be faithful in a living. What we preach. Do you believe the message. Let's act like it. That's the fruits of it you know that the young people can see that there are so good at recognizing our parents are hypocrites because they are too. We need to put this aside we need to be true to Christ. All of us have messed up for my kid you know what I've done with my kids you can ask them if you're getting my daughter by herself or my son. Asking if I've done this or not I've apologized for being wrong or kills me. I came to that was my wife hardly. It's hard for guys to say you're wrong isn't. But if you are. That's what Jesus would do. That's what he would have you do. Course he's never been wrong so he would have to apologize right. Are you following this mindset. Jesus was warning of the scribes unfair Iranian disciples not to not be following in the footsteps of the problem variously listen. It goes on to say we read a text and Luke Chapter twelve. Let me go back there live Chapter twelve is not a sad story by the way. You know I found myself. I found myself more than once I think. Praying for that guy because he was he hasn't Christ rightly represented to him. Maybe you haven't either. But maybe you're getting an opportunity now to hear him represented right. The rest of Luke Chapter twelve isn't what it says Remember the first part Luke twelve one says beware of the level of the fairer sex which is the Parker see verse two said something very interesting. Remember hypocrisy is thinking of getting away with something right. For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed neither hidden that should not be known Therefore whatsoever you have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light. And that which is spoken in the ear in the close it shall be proclaimed from the housetops. In that amazing In other words you're not getting away with anything. You know so many many times in the Bible the but if you read words it says Jesus knowing there are thoughts done the DOESN'T So you've been reading that Jesus knowing that he knows exactly what we're thinking. You're not getting away with anything. Because you're a jerk to your kids or maybe you're because you're a kids your jerk your parents. And then you go to church and everybody's all happy and. And all were so it's such a holy people. Doesn't make you so. Because God sees what's going on in the in the privacy of our own home. Are you aware that how serious this is like we're talking salvation in Jesus is wearing out salvation. He wants the safe everyone he can you can imagine. As a parent particular you want to do when your kids safe so bad you want to say just like there's nothing else you want to see them in a keno gonna pay for that daily for my kids can imagine what it's like for God when He looks down. And he's like I can't take them to heaven like this. I want to save them. I want to turn to me. Can you can you picture the mindset. Like we think we're getting away with something. Bible says you're getting away with nothing. First print in four or five says therefore judge nothing before the time until the Lord comes. Who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness and make manifest the councils of the heart. Then shell every man have praise of God. He's going to manifest the counsel of the heart that things were getting away with were not kind of scary isn't I had people tell me Oh you're so judgment you don't know my heart God knows my heart I say yeah that's what scares me. He does know my heart. And I will say this desperately wicked who can know it all the we just need to turn to Him brothers and sisters turn to him for the help that he can provide and live. What we put in we preach. By the grace of God. Now I got to hurry it along just a little bit it's OK let's go to Revelation Chapter three. Religion chapter three. You know. I read this Tex and Revelation three. I've read it many times. And I never really understood it. I've heard many famous preachers. Explain in different ways. I never understood until something happened in my life we're getting close to the end can you stay awake just a little bit longer. We're getting close to the end but you've got to hear this message you have to hear this part this is truth from God's word. Listen I struggle with this for a LONG AS time to something happen in Revelation Chapter three. How many churches are there in the Book of Revelation how many churches. Seven and a seven churches the last one right. That's the time frame you're living in prophetically Did You Know That. Interesting study you're living in the seven churches and they were that churches what. Laodicea which means. Judging of the people the word legacy means the judging your living in the time of the judgment that you know that does a time in which were living look at the Council the Bible gives to the church a little see a verse fourteen. And into the angel the church allowed to see and write these things say the Amen the faithful and true witness. The beginning of the creation of God. I know your works. That you're neither cold or hot. I was that you were cold or hot. So because you're lukewarm in either cold or hot I will spew you out of my mouth literally translated it makes me want throw up. Now. I struggle this because I hear people say. Like. All right for instance. Let's start this way he said I would rather be cold or hot. So let's put hot in first huts over here what is hot. And so I shouted out what is hot on fire for Christ right you're full on living for Jesus and you're in you're doing everything you can take people to heaven with you right that's that's on fire. Then what would Colby to people to explain to a cold as if it's something good to offer to do this right. My view of cold. Now right my view of Cold now is cold I could care less. I don't care. But he says because you're lukewarm. That's worse than cold hot or cold because you're lukewarm you make me sick and I thought. Why would that be because in luke warm closer to hot. I mean it's like you're traveling that direction right. And I never got down to something happen in my life why would he rather be cold last not caring or burning up fire on fire for God. Full on. But why is the matter upset or sick because I'm lukewarm. At the body else or a struggle that idea Why would he want me to be colder than least lukewarm. Nobody OK that's fine. I have. You just don't resent how do you want to million dollars or anybody I'll give it to you like to dance goes up OK no one's paying attention. All right about the data My girlfriend told you a matter. We dated for about a month into dating. We dated one year I got married. I got married. And I got baptized one year to the day we met and married the next day. So your one day later I'm married. I work past the Lord knew I was going to an evangelist you know very persistent. So we were dating and. Now by this time in my life. My parents had shut their business down. My dad was having a little bit health problems. Of young age he had some health problems. So the business down. My mom because she's such as much experience and bookkeeping there thank you no problem getting a job they wrote comes working jobs just to just to finish out like a fully retired right. So my mom's working at a Borden's ice cream place in the in the office. Doing all the orders and work orders things like that and the truckers come in and. She gives him the order to go to places and things off and she does the book work. My dad. I'm a pilot My dad's a part of a lot of flying. So he he got a job at the airport. Just kind of as a fix myself or he'll take airplanes and things like that just hanging out basically the airport for and getting paid to do it for his semi retirement we could fully retire. And when I would go home every once while to visit my dad now we go flying or we go fishing. We do things like that. So one day my wife and I was coming out of my girlfriend at the time we were coming out of Wal-Mart. And I get in the car and my cell phone rings. They just come out with them. We just had cell phones it's brand the kind of things. Hard to believe isn't. I flipped it open. They used to do that you know. I put a cell phone open and see my dad I said hey what's going on and for the first time I can remember my life ever. I hear my dad crying like why would have a growing like he said your mom and you know how your brain works really fast. I thought was dead. I quoted you crying will be start with a word and your mom. Your mom left me. It's like well have to you know that's a silly. I got claim it claiming. You know listen. I tell you something that the people or parents are listening. Divorce is the worst thing you can ever do. I would rather my dad say my mom was dead. Than leaving him. You want to whine that you have no option you have no choice but to choose purposely to leave him to do that. I just take a minor around that. And no matter how old your kids are when you let them know that you're divorcing. Is the most painful thing they'll go through even more than death. I'm sorry just a way as if you've done this in the past God will forgive you. We got to go to Him for forgiveness I'm not talking about the forgiveness aspect of it we know what got to do. But don't do it to start with by the grace of God It can work out. It can. God is greater than all of our Since God can work out that he can fix the married. And for the kids are setting it right now to gone through that you know exactly what I'm talking about. You do. So I'm like twenty years ahold of a fine tell them I that my parents were the perfect couple she left him there my dad tells me the story. You see there was this truck driver that was a Pentecostal preacher. They started liking my mom and flirting with her and I'm not letting them off the hook and anyway. But he was putting the moves on her My mom have the empty nest thing the kids are all the house stuff like that's going on you know and different things but whatever. So he starts. Really bring. Because a preacher working just as a truck driver. So he puts the moves on my mom right. And they have this affair and mom's leaving Dad for this guy. That said I want to kill him. And I encouraged it. I wanted this man dead I did I want converted yet. Even as a convert it is very difficult not to say go ahead you know I'm saying this guy does run all right. He remarked that five it is like one in the world is a I think in one of those any of us thinking we're doing something stupid like that that's Pressley claiming to be a Christian. Seriously. So he said that's I want to kill him. And so. My brother not come a brother so we got to go home. So we went up there and just to be there and. My dad he's never was the same. You know like like. Let me tell you what happen eventually. The guy didn't want my mom saying he wanted to have a good time. And after all once saved always saved you were you want to do when you're still right back in good standing right. I hate that. But hey what happens. The guy decides. Fun times over. I'm going back to family. His church of course at all it's all about Grace come on back your phone to say you're sorry. Listen brothers and sisters you can be forgiven. And we better forgive people for this. But does the trust factor. Always have to be there. After that. Listen. If Hitler hadn't been killed at the end of World War two. And you want to start orphanages for all the Jewish kids it was killed. I would say my kid there I was a Jew. But by the grace of God has forgiven when when I when I had to forgive him. But would you stand as your kids there's daycare. No. All right so. So anyway this guy goes back in his life is finally back with his wife back to his kids meantime my dad's messed up in the head. They never worry never is a sign right. Like we would be setting out mom and dad they work things out or back together. And for years many years after I went up getting married when I was baptized got married my dad's like oh yeah now he's a Christian to read about random girl is behind moral standards. Because I became a Christian is an interesting. Christians That's right that's that's that's how many of the people the world view us. But my dad's friends. Some of them were kind of like. Well they were sort of like Mafia people. My dad was a nothing like that but they were right. And. Well we'll tell you about few things that took place that I know of is take the long tail that but anyway something's happened. But Mom and Dad they're together. Several years later he's like me again. Right now I'm a Christian I've been married now for some time. We got a couple kids will come along. And then she just a little in the markets a little baby baby baby. My dad and I were going fishing one day. You're like a fish. We're going to sing. I love the fish. And I mean a strike. Now some you might not understand all this because it's American stuff but you know in a truck. And in his glove box. I'm just messing around with things that are driving along and open up the glove box. Enter the tape in there of George Jones. Gospel music. OK he's a country music singer but it's gospel country. Thing and like my dad with gospel music. And it's like the Holy Spirit says. Talk to him. It's OK. I got to get away and right. So I said Hey Dad Dad. I notice here you have this type of gospel music. I know you have this right. And I said. I start trying to witness the I'm about what Christ then of my life. In order says to me. I don't hear I want talk about it like but then he said look I don't want to go to heaven. But why. You know who's going to be there. I think that they're not going to be there no no no no they're not going to be there. And I started to talk again he said I don't talk about it. So respect him and had to shut up with the tape back in there but you know what I said I've got it now for the first time in my twenty some years of life. I got to have a spiritual conversation my dad that door's open now I'm going to get him next time right. The next phone call I get from mom. Your dad died today of a massive heart attack. I didn't get a chance to talk to my dad again. And so I read this text. Because you're neither cold or hot. Because you're lukewarm. I want to speak you out of my mouth. And I got it. See people like my dad over here in a cold side. Going to Hell by themselves. So to speak. My dad's in the hands of just God he may be in heaven like he was very godly impress Well I don't I don't we're not we're not a judge either way right. He may be in heaven. In a resurrection He may come up in a person I don't know. But listen. My dad and his friends were over here not claiming Christ. They were going this direction all by themselves they were taking a body with them. Now. The people here on this side on the hot side. When they when they want to try to get a chance to witness to their to their family or their friends over here on the cold side you want to the problem is it's a people standing right here is the people the middle that's their neither hot. They're neither hot nor cold right. They're little bit worldly little bit earthly like the Pentecostal preacher that says you know want. I'm a really good Christian when I need to be right I'm really good Christian I need to be. But it's same time I love messing around with my wife and kids. I'm a really good Christian I'll tell you about my Christianity I'll tell you how good a Christian I am I all look like a good Christian. But I'll still an hour of time from your from the employer. All cheat on my taxes. I'm a good Christian most of the time. And then brothers and sisters because the people standing there in the middle there neither hot nor cold that went to God it's over here that. It's really loving the Lord and want to serve him trying to witness to his dad is over here you know why can't you want to why because the Christian. That is neither hot nor cold. But he's lukewarm. And it makes God sick and frankly it does me to make me want to throw up doesn't you. I mean. Maybe we make ourselves want to throw up before lukewarm. Brothers and Sisters the appeal that God gives to the Laodicean church and lastly the simply this. Repent or get out. Be all for Christ or get out because what think about this think about it if you're just look at war. You're going to hell anyway. If you're half in the church and have found it doesn't matter you must all be cold that's what he's saying get out because Big be that way. At least you're not taking people with you is that making sense. Does the Bible make sense or do you know why God warned us not to have the doctrine of hypocrisy you want to know why because you don't go to hell by yourself when you do that you take people with your brothers or sisters that's a crime. So God's calling us. The Church of lunacy that he's calling us is calling us all along not to have a doctrine of the Parker see. But he says. I want you to be the faithful and true witness. I want you to be faithful. I want to be on fire which should be hot hot. Serving me that you can see things out and we do have time to do that. I don't know if they give me the floor a while ago so they had no cards to be able to get the cards. I'll just go over them. Afterward. You have to talk louder. After the people making that right now. Listen. When you get these cards on the way over time. Way over. But I praise poked our hearts. Remember when we read in the beginning a little leaven leavens. The whole up a little hypocrisy. Goes a long way doesn't it. Listen God is calling us to come out of our of our of our lukewarm is called Come out of our of our state of. Not really being on fire for Christ and get over in the hot side. He wants us to be faithful he wants us to be true to him. And you'll see the appeal card. Please fill it out when you get it. If your name your address your phone your email. And your local church pastor if you have a right just put it all down there well it won't hurt you. And they have to has the column in the right says I accept Jesus as my personal savior. Praise God If you check that course. I wish to recommit my life in Christ we all need to do that I would like to get baptized. Or you could say maybe you've been convicted over this week that today. Actually that you stretch. You went far from God Remember to take you back is not good news. If you've been that parents been a jerk God will take you back. If you've been a kid that's thinking about leaving because your parents are jerks got to take you back. He wants you on fire for him he want you there. The last one here says I wish to surrender. On the altar haven't a lifestyle that I know is hindering my walk with the Lord and brothers and sisters keep in mind is hindering other people's walk with the Lord to surrender it. Christ can give us victory over all things. Even the doctrine of hypocrisy. And it says I would like to commit my life to actively share my faith and witness for Jesus. In other words the Appeal Court is asked if I want to be on fire for Christ. I want to be on fire. You want to be here. If you decide not to be. I know it's a terrible thing to say. But please us make sure that we're not responsible for making it so that people that decide to be can't be witnessing the people that aren't. Let's be one of the other. That's the appeal isn't it isn't that the appeal that God makes to the latest in church. Either be all in for God or be all out. But not in the middle. God says it makes him sick. When you get them with these cards filling them out. You want to pass them to the middle. So what you want. Because otherwise. These people stick him in a bottle and walk out in one hand and maybe there. Maybe you're feeling convicted make a decision right now you've never made before put a little note on there. It was something you want to say something that you something really convicting you. And you want to talk about it put it on there. Someone to talk you. We can pray about things and got to give us victory. I want to thank you guys so much for allowing me to go so long over without complaining. Yet. Everyone get a card. Anybody still need one. That's right you got your hands or anything anyway. Give just a minute to fill it out when you get done. This is passed into the center and they'll come down pick up this way. OK guys. So we make sure we get them. By the way. I'm very thrilled to have the privilege of knowing this message that you made you had the ability to know your whole life. For those you were raised administering feeling like that's been something that's negative. Don't feel that way. Listen there's nothing out there that you want. There's nothing out there you want. You know I think maybe a little bit of and have had and I as a raise my youngins is I tell I let them know that. How empty it was when I was out there. You know the thing that scared me more than anything. Drove me crazy. Was quiet. I had have I was trying. Conflict in my life. Up with something. I had to have a field of something all the time. Always trying to have a deal with something. And when I was quiet. I would go insane. I can set and they how I can sit in a quiet for hours now is something that can't when God comes into our life it feels that empty void right. And you can spend time with him. That's what you're looking for. You won't be happy. Going out and pacing the world trust me you won't be happy you'll be empty. You'll be happy when you surrender your life to Christ and everyone is to do that if you're raise an admin if you still need to surrender you like to Christ. Please be on fire for him out. Listen while they're doing this I'm going to invite you to buy your head and we have a closing prayer here and preface the are you guys when they make a name of God Father in heaven I want to thank you so much what a blessing. It's been to be here and Lord I know that many hearts. When your word is spoken or touched by the message. And I thank you for it. God please please give us a heart to be on fire for you. I know the appeal is repent or get out the Lord I want. We don't want anybody to leave we want everyone to be on fire and living in the life dedicated to. We have so many opportunities so many beautiful chances to do what is right. And I for you help us be faithful. Lord forgive us for the sin of being lukewarm. Forgive us for not caring at times and even being cold. And I pray that you put it upon our hearts. Thing we're missing him that none of us. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio for see if you would like to listen to more service. Lead to visit. W W W dot org.


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