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The Character of God Controversy, Part I

Steve Wohlberg

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • December 18, 2008
    10:45 AM
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all right welcome here this is not hard to my little miniseries Sunday afternoon while ago I knew what was going on Lorenz his meetings that were supposed to be here in this room but now I think are not I don't know anyway my response was I had no clue I don't know what I'm feeling all I know is that I'm here to give for talks is all I know yes but without a penicillin replacing Doug the harder price tag is not so anyway talk to somebody because I'm not the man I used to work for that long time ago I used to be one of Doug's bachelors are unmarried by the eye no longer am one of the bachelors and I don't know what's happening with his speaking appointments all right so let's open our Bibles at the book of Revelation chapter fourteen I thank you for coming again I'm thrilled to be here the Lord is good I was so blessed by sensing the Holy Spirit in our last meeting it's just drilling to know that Jesus is with us and I thank the Lord for that I thank him for his faithfulness even when we fall he is still faithful and good and he picks us up and try to put us back on the narrow roads and that's where he wants us all this is my second talk but it's really the beginning of a new little miniseries three three times dealing with the character of God controversy I've written a new book actually co-authored I wrote it but I was actually the writer by Doctor Chris Lewis in Loma Linda we co-opted it together we work together on it we just felt that it would be better for the reader to just read one person style one set of people styles by this is a co-authored book and it's called the character of God controversy in the subtitle is a close look at the intense love and justice of God Almighty this book is different than a lot of the other books I've written which are mostly written for the world at large I try to write my books for a broad audience not just for people within the church by this particular book is one we shifted gears to deal with an issue that is happening within among us and I and Doctor Lewis both of us feel very strongly that it's it's a big issue it's a growing issue any issue has to do with God with his character with what he is like for what he is a blight on the more you read the Bible when you read the spirit of prophecy is very clear that we are in the midst of the controversy concerning the character of God and so that's what our focus is in this book yes can I turn my mockup I don't know exactly how to do that someone will have to turn the okay a little more volume Iran has been seem like a very left-leaning when I started actually getting into the meeting the volume went up and open it he turned it up or not but it went out which was good afternoon seminar once I was a series of meetings in Fort Worth Texas and opening night we didn't find out until after the evening was over that the speakers were not connected and yet we had volume that night and that was that a miracle of the Lord that was great so all right what were on-time schedules were to get started right away on the character got controversy part one this is our title with our heads and pray and ask the Lord to help us your father in heaven father in the name of Jesus we pray for the Holy Spirit to be here as we talk about about you and about the battle was going on about you that is happening within our church and around the world and I just pray we pray together that you did you would take charge of this meeting and I'll just be a channel for your thoughts for your voice and for your heart please God help us we commit this time to you in the name of Jesus Christ we pray amen all right Revelation chapter fourteen is a chapter that we know well verses fourteen to sixteen describes the return of Jesus in verse fourteen the Bible says I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like unto the son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle here's a picture of Jesus coming on a white cloud our ministry is called Whitehorse media we like that name Revelation nicely describes Jesus coming on a white horse here he's described as coming on white clouds I for I'm done here and then head back home to Washington I want to talk about the white world is Jesus Christ righteousness which is what is to prepare us for heaven and anyway these verses describe the Lord 's coming in the versus right before them in verses six to twelve we have the message of the three angels and the messages of the three angels are designed to prepare us for the coming of Christ on the white cloud and when you look at the verses before those in verses one to five Revelation fourteen one describe likely describes the people the people that are produced I guess that are prepared for the coming of the Lord and this group is called a hundred forty four thousand and fourteen one to five when you look at verse one there is there is a key characteristic of this group response as I looked and local lamb in the land represents Jesus stood on the Mount Zion and with him a hundred forty and four thousand having his father is name written where permits and in their forecasts right this is a key characteristic of this final group of people now when it talks about therefore has the misdemeanor skin something written on your skin about their noses between your eyes know what is beforehand representing the Bible it represents them I tried God is going to write something in the minds of his people now based on this person what is a written mayor in our minds it says it's the name of God the name of God is written and therefore has and I'll prove to you in a little bit probably most of the arty notice that when the Bible talks about the name of God is talking about his character in this verse tells us that God is going how the final people prepared for his cunning to have his character the attributes of its character written inside their head 's and also their hearts inside inside them inside of their souls also describes this group and it says in their mouth was found no guile on some Bible say no deception for they are without full before the throne of God were dial means deception or lives so the hundred forty four thousand have God 's character and therefore has and what comes out of their mouth is the truth no lives at the devil is a very very subtle and cunning of the him not only trying to deceive people out there but he's trying to the same people in here as well back we've been told that our greatest dangers can come from within and it just makes so much sense to me that if God is seeking to write his character in the for heads of his people and that this is part of their preparation for the second coming example being prepared for the Lord that the devil would do everything possible to try to prevent that writing God 's name in our forte is to take place and one of the ways that he would prevented his life distorting I prefer to the character of God and he's been trying to do this for a long time it started in heaven when Satan first began to question God he began to challenge God when he was actually Lucifer and his name was changed to Satan and then he convinced other angels to the scene them about God that was really the ultimate issue that you have and what was God Satan lost confidence in God and Kevin challenged him amendments are there angels to go in his direction and the desire of ages it says that Satan misrepresented the character of God and says he best how to deceive angels and it also says that's how he deceives men in the same way that the quote in the book the great controversy page five sixty nine that says it is Satan 's constant effort to misrepresent the character of God the nature of sin and the real issues at stake in the great controversy powerful quotation so that's why we've written this book is to deal with the subject to tackle the subject to understand the subject as much as we can because we are in a battle and when you really heal away the layers of the onion and get down for the core issues that this whole moreover that Shirley is dealing with them we has individuals are dealing with the core issues have to do with God right when God is an and with his character with what what his wife because we have to run it says in first John chapter three verse two that the Lord wants us to see him as he is and Satan is trying to get people to see him as he's not so that eventually they will be on the wrong road John chapter seventeen I believe it's very reimbursed for Jesus as this is life eternal that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent and so the issue of God and of his character is central to the issue of the great controversy now let's go back to Exodus chapter thirty three in his first talk on a focus on the attributes of God 's character we'll take a look at what happened at the Golden calf and explore issues in the second program the board meeting were going to focus on Gethsemane and across very very powerful what really happened there and then in the third and the last segment of the three parts organized talk about the character of God and its connection to the message of the righteousness of Christ righteousness by faith Christ our righteousness they're all intertwined and the devil is certainly not happy that were focusing on this you know what I don't care I really really commit yourself to the Lord and start following him in a week come under attack from the devil and Satan has been attacking me for a long time it's a miracle that I'm still here after almost thirty years Satan has tried to derail me many many many times and I know that I have a personal enemy who hates me him is mutual if we has him I don't like him either pennies that were with me I'm at war with him and I I cherish the problem is that there is greater and sees that is in the event in the world and hallelujah camera look at some real issues today they're very very powerful and we need spiritual discernment in order to see them correctly and and I'm not talking about just seeing a theory that I present to you I'm talking about having the Holy Spirit enlighten our minds to teach us about God 's character based on the Bible that's the issue and that's what we need to see Exodus chapter thirty three finds Moses up on the mountain and inverse eighteen he said to God I beseech the show me thy glory show me your glory Lord quite a request from this man Moses first nineteen the Lord responded and said I will make all my goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you notice that in Revelation fourteen one we read that the hundred forty four thousand having the name of God written and therefore has in this verse God says I'm in a proclaim my name so this is the name that needs to be written in our for his God 's name is character and then in verse twenty seven he said you cannot see my face for no man shall see me and live verse twenty one and the Lord said behold there is a place by me and you shall stand upon a rock and it shall come to pass when my glory passes by that I will put me in a cleft of the rock and I will cover the with my hand while I pass by and I will take away my hand and you shall see my back parts of my face not saying quite an interesting situation here so Moses was up there on the mountain and got picked him up and put him into this little crevice somewhere little cleft of the rock and he put his hand over that premise and Moses was kneeling down there just in all peeking through the little cracks in God 's finger as the glory of God passed by in front of him that's what happened how would you like to be Moses hiding the question of Iraq and seeing the Lord passed by and reveal his glory his character his name in front of you we all need to crouch low and pray Lord teach me teach me is one thing to to make an image in our minds of what we think God is like and it's another thing entirely to Neil Hunley and say Lord teach me what you're like a big difference the difference one of the ways we can break the second commandment about bowing down to images is by creating an image in our heads that isn't true we need to let the Lord teach us and that's has really impressed me Exodus thirty four continues on the Lord said to Moses should he said she went to tables of stone like the first and I will write upon these tables the words that were in the first tables which you broke on a comeback that because this is the context of Exodus thirty four it really takes you back to the time when Moses broke the first tables and while I'll come back to explain the significance of that so God told him to get ready in the morning and come up back onto the mountain Mount Sinai and to present himself there on the top of the mountain so most of this got up early in the morning verse four says he took the two tables of stone he rose early the morning and went up to Mount Sinai has Lord had commanded him and he had two tables of stone in his hand in the ten Commandments knots it's interesting significant that Moses is coming up the mountain with these tables and then God reveals his character in verses five and six seven and the connection is the reason why most of us turning the tables is because the character of God which he was about to describe is also inscribed you might say on the tables of stone God describes his character in verses six and seven he described his character on solid rock and when Jesus came he revealed that character in his own life what the character God is really like so let's look at it verse five says the Lord descended in the cloud and he stood with him there and he proclaimed the name of the Lord again back to relation fourteen one hundred forty four thousand will have God 's name again therefore heads and hear God is proclaiming it himself right so we should take our son Moses was told to take your shoes off for you on holy ground and we should reverently let the Lord talk to us based upon his own revelation verse six says the Lord passed by before him and he proclaimed and deservedly put the verses together that's how we know that the name of God gives his character we know that biblically because here he is proclaiming his name and he is revealing his character biblical interpretation of name of God verse six says the Lord passed by before him and he proclaims Elmore the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin and that will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and upon the children's children unto the third and fourth generation and Moses made haste and bowed his head toward the earth Anna says that he worshiped and he was worshiping the true God was he not he saw the revelation and a fact that revelation was so powerful that when he finally came down off the mountain this time his face was glowing his face he was literally the man with a shiny face because he sought God he saw the Lord 's character and he also saw the plan of salvation and how God 's mercy was going to be demonstrated through a Savior and we'll talk about that more later anyway we look at verses six and seven it's very clear just by looking at the verses that God 's character is a marvelous land of various attributes is not right it's like some of you ladies maybe or some of the men made good cooks I'm not much of a cook before I got married I never really cooked I just compiled was the compiler and now that I have a wife lovely Wi-Fi she does some of the cooking and I felt a little bit but anyway it when you cook a good meal under the nail has a combination of elements has season names various types includes rightly have to put them together in the right way and then it is good by the combination is not right as I look at these verses God 's character as a way it's an exquisite combination of different attributes and changes on the broadside we can say that these attributes are a way of mercy and justice and that's just the broad sweep and not only that but it's heavy on Merseyside 's characters had me on the Merseyside verse six says he is merciful first thing merciful God 's been very merciful to me and to you from something once that we often complain that we don't get what we want but we should all be thankful that none of us has yet received what we deserve the right God has been merciful to you and to me are we wouldn't be here and then says he's gracious and his long-suffering which means patient he is abundant in goodness and in truth thought is not only heavy on the Merseyside but he's a God of truth truth is a key component to the character of God must never forget that we need the truth about lies and says continuing on about his mercy he keeps mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin now the fact that the iniquity transgression and sin are mentioned shows that God is very good he is a holy God up your God and that when people don't follow him and break his law there is such a thing as soon and transgression and iniquity right sin is sin but God is so good that he can still forgive iniquity and transgression and sin praise his name he didn't forgive their iniquity and trends I say we wouldn't be here we would all be utterly lost that in the last part of verse seven says and that he will also assess by no means no means clear the guilty this is talking about is just something most people agree with emphasis dealing with God 's justice that he is merciful he's full of truth but is also just that he will not clear the guilty but he will visit visit the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and upon the children's children to the third and fourth generation navigation of the justice of God is a big issue within our church right now and then they issue has to do with the nature of how God visits Kennedy are familiar with this issue quite a few of you are there are a number of options when it comes to God 's visitation is justice or his punishment absent one option is that the way God visits is by simply allowing people to reap what they sow allowing consequences to take place such as if you smoke a lot of tobacco you'll probably darken your lungs and maybe even get lung cancer and at the way God would visit upon that person for for doing that would be just to allow them to get lung cancer to allow them to reap what they sow and then in that sense God is looked upon as being passive in his in the implementation of his justice he allows consequences to take place now than option two option one option two is that the way to this is more directly that he can actually directly visit or punish someone because of their sense and in a third option which I personally believe in is that he can use a combination of both methodologies that he can allow natural consequences to take place as a means of what we might say retribution for justice or judgment and if you can also at times act directly himself personally against sin I believe that when I look at the Bible and I we build a strong case in Scripture and in this book the character got controversy that the Bible and the spirit of prophecy gives examples of humble I do not believe it is one or the other way the evidence is very clear that it's bowl and let me tell you a little personal background when I first became an agonist Christian Adventist at the age of twenty I went to one of our schools in Southern California and was in college study for the ministry and had a close friend who introduced me to ideas that were coming from another university that was close by and that these ideas were beginning to grow within the Adventist church and I started reading some books and they influenced me know this is being recorded and I'll just tell you I'm Doctor Ray Maxwell in Loma Linda he was one of the main people whose books I was reading and there was a certain reasonableness to a lot of what you said is and because I didn't have a lot of background myself under study honestly this is my experience I believe what I was reading in his books for what for a year or two and I saw the arguments and I put together the quotes and it makes sense to me as it makes sense to a lot of people today has his ideas are growing in certain circles within our church and in a sense to me but then as time went on a lot of different things happen and don't get a deal with me in when it came to these ideas and I began to see that not all of these ideas were really right based upon the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and however struggle over this was a battle inside my head and eventually things became clearer and clearer and that is what I think that I don't want to go into but as the years went on I became aware that actually last few years that these ideas are resurfacing and growing within our church right now the the research Institute of the General conference number of their authors are very concerned about these ideas as well and their growth within the church and they written papers that are in their archives dealing with these exact issues and the knife read these and I studied this and I struggle committed about it and then some time ago a doctorate Loma Linda Doctor Chris Lewis and I began to discuss this and the two of us strongly felt that it was time for us to put what we know in France to try to help fall hazard dealing with these issues come out on the right side not yes yes yes yes I am that the issues they live theory that is being promoted within the church and it's a mixture of minutes ninety nine catches say one person teaches everything and it is a mixture of a lot of different ideas about what an occurrence within the church I was exposed to when I was going to school and artist out there right now is that being the justice of God can almost entirely behind defined as something that is passive on his part that he withdraws his grace and his mercy and allows consequences to take place and that is the justice of God that is the wrath of God inside they interpret Romans chapter one where the Bible says God gave them up he gave them up he gave them up to their evil ways they say that Scott Sharaf and and that wrath theory as it being simply passive has implications when it comes to your understanding of the cross in the near understanding of the seven last plagues in your understanding of what happens at the end of the world and the destruction of the wicked in it it means its way in and then when you understand righteousness by faith that view of God 's justice in this character affects one thing after another and that's what happening and so facile ability to looking at more closely now I know our time is moving so I don't frequently have questions that he just forgot forgot to look I want to do I'm let's take a look at Exodus chapter thirty two as I mentioned that the context of Exodus thirty four is God telling Moses to bring up two tables of stone up to the mountain like the first ones that he broke right Xmas three four one when Moses and break first tables for Sinai when he feels like worshiping a golden the golden calf situation in chapter thirty two business background of what we see in Exodus thirty four new Newman another quotation here from quickly back to the revelation in Exodus thirty four next to the thirty four on God 's character signs the Times June seventeen eighteen eighty says Moses sought mercy and justice Landon in harmony and love expressed without a parallel six testimonies page two twenty one says we are called to represent to the world the character of God as it was revealed to Moses so this is part of our calling and I believe strongly based upon all my research that God 's character is in the land of mercy truth and justice which is ultimately rooted in QR unselfish love God 's love is the root of everything you guys added it is demonstrated in his mercy and his love for truth and in his justice and we are exploring now is justice looking at this chapter thirty two because that's the context of what happened in chapter thirty four Exodus thirty two verse one says when the people saw that Moses had delayed to come down out of the mouth and the people gathered themselves together to Aaron and I set up makes God which shall go before us for as for this Moses this man was brought us up out of the land of Egypt we do not know what has happened to him what has become of him so Moses was up in the amount he had been up there for quite a while the lights down below were getting restless and they went to Aaron and his hair and makeup to God make us about Erin was in charge of the key and most 's absence him they wanted him to make a God now what when what should Aaron have not here's these restless people saying thanks and God watching Aaron I'm not no transience that notwithstanding candidate Aaron was was a really nice guy and niceness is definitely important in the Christian character we need to be kind and gracious and nice for sure but there comes a time when we also need to draw a line and say no and that's what Aaron should have done but he didn't used to it was nice you might say he was to do was compromising so Aaron said to them first to break off your your golden earrings and bring them to me verse four says he received another hands when he fashioned it with engraving tool and he made a molten calf and any siblings are your gods O Israel which brought you up out of the land of Egypt when Aaron sought to build an alternate source for this golden calf he made a proclamation and he said tomorrow is at least to the Lord how was it really the Lord that they were worshiping in Estes no energy shows how people can get off track and Mister God make the realm God and then worshiping and that's what they were doing and this was a big mistake ersatz success they rose up early in the morning they offered burnt offerings they thought they brought their peace offerings the people sat down to eat and to drink and he rose up to play they were having a big party at the foot of Mount Sinai worshiping God they had created in their own minds and inbuilt in the form of a golden calf a block of metal for seconds as the Lord said to Moses high up on the mountain God began to give instructions to a certain extent it down for your people which out of the land of the debate have corrupted themselves God saw exactly what was happening they were not worshiping him truth and they have corrupted themselves and it made their own God Moulton God and so Moses against the trek down to verse fifteen Moses turned and went down from the mountain and the two tables of the testimony raises hand the tables which were written upon both their sides on the one side and on the other they were written for sixteenth at the tables were the work of God and the writing was the writing of God and Greg Raven upon tables it was God himself it wrote those in command with his own finger and he was revealing himself in that law is look at later on as I mentioned Matt Lawton character was really demonstrated in the in the fullest sense when Jesus came here on earth and live that long he showed us what that law looks like when it is kept so Moses is now on the way down from the mountain carrying the ten Commandments for seventeen says Joshua heard the noise of the people he he ran into Joshua on the way down Joshua had was either to a nanny Josh was the most is there the noise noise of war in the camp and Moses said is not the voice amendment shop for mastery neither is in the voice of the Nutcracker being overcome some battle going on Joshua is a fight going on some of our enemies are attacking us and Moses said no that's not what's going on Melissa said it is the noise of them that same do I hear you're having a party so Moses and Joshua continued down to the bottom of the mountain verse nineteen visiting the past as soon as he came near to the camp he saw the calf and the dancing and Moses anger waxed hot and he cast the tables out of his hands and broken beneath him out now we let Mount Washington in a little town right I love how important it for Washington and his wife in the mountains and vessels of all kinds of high trees around and even if you buy a house with the lighthouses are house hunting right now and away from town up in one of the mountains the noise from the cars and trucks that go down and down the highway you can still hear them because the acoustics are very powerful in that area is just the way you situation is that you can hear the road noise from a long way away and I can imagine that the acoustics in this area where the electric cat was very very good and when Moses came down off the mountain all of a sudden all the Israelites and maybe Mayor first heard the crash most of the tables and crashed on the ground run on a rock in all of the answer lies in the midst of their party they froze and they look in a snare and they realized Moses has returned and his face was very intense I'm sure now you know that Aaron and Moses and is quite a contrast between the two of them in which one was revealing God 's character more perfectly at that moment Moses or Aaron was Aaron was nice but he didn't have the true interest of the people of God in his heart but most esteemed and Moses knew it was time for action is very very serious situation so he broke those tables which showed that the intellect have broken their covenant that they had made with God and Moses begins to talk to Karen they had this dialogue lastly before that Moses typically took the calf burned in the fire ground into powder and engagement of the intellect to drink and most said and what it is people do you that you have brought some great sin upon them you have led them in this she said parents that let not the anger of my lord wax hot you know the people they are set on mischief for they said to me make us gods which shall go before us but as for this Moses the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt we didn't we do not know what has become of him an answer and I said to them whoever has any gold let them break it off so they gave it to me then I cast it into the fire and how can Mister tell you the truth not exactly know that wasn't true now she had a lot to do with making but he justified himself and he is a blame the people which is through the golden and a cap popped out and as I look at this addition was made of human nature when you're when you're guilty when you're wrongly done wrong when you yielded when you compromise it's a lot easier to blame somebody else than to take responsibility for your own actions and one of the issues that we all personally have to do what is our own personal sense when we sin when we made a mistake when we gone in the wrong direction whatever we've done whether it's our doctrines are teachings of our lives are prohibited or whatever it is we need to be willing to take a look at our own at her own hearts and say Lord I didn't sorry and if were wrong about God 's character meaning to be willing to say Lord I've been off track I'm sorry help me to know the truth and to see you correctly well first twenty five is very important says Moses saw that the people were naked for Aaron had made a naked to their shame among their enemies one must look at them dancing around naked he realized that this people was in big trouble that God what was being withdrawn from them because he could no longer protect them in the midst of their enemies when they were doing these things and he knew that this was so serious that the enemies of Israel could come in and wipe them all out and I do believe that when people standing on the wrong direction God has withdraw his God does he cannot protect us from the consequences of sin when we going the wrong direction or least not completely new he still protects us amazing as much as he does but there's times when we gone the wrong direction in the afterlife and done what they had done his great sin than they were in danger of being wiped out by their enemies and Moses had a heart for the people and he knew that the road this table was eventually going to come the Messiah and the Messiah Jesus was coming through this table the Diana cross and to try to redeem a whole world to redeem a lost world and Satan was working among this people to destroy them and it was an emergency situation that's the context sooner so in that situation what is going to its true he withdrew his hand and they were in danger but now once again it is is that the extent of his justice the full extent of his justice to just withdraw and let consequences take place or is something more needed in this situation that's the issue well something more was needed in verse twenty six Moses stood in the gate of the camp and he said who is on the north side let him come to me and all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him when you read this is about this in the book contracts and profits I encourage you to read all idolatrous I is very clear that what happened was when Moses look at the people and say who was on the north side company that there were three different groups of people that materialize in front of him one group was those that had nothing to do with the golden calf melena they did not bow down and they came over on to Moses right side the second group was those that didn't worship the golden calf that had send button name when I saw Moses Holy Spirit convicting them and they repented and I sent word were sorry when we want to come back to God what a mistake we made a block and metal not God and they gathered on Moses left-hand so that they were on the right and the nonfatal but the repentance were on the net it was a group in the middle that didn't move and that group was in cordial that was a group that had instigated the building of the calf they were the biggest threat to the well-being of the whole group and they refuse to repent we will not latch an announcement is that Moses had Moses you know what you doing what are you being so narrowminded and we worship happens in Egypt and why not worship one now even gone for a long time and we like Aaron and we don't like you who knows what they said and so anyway there's these three groups now here's the question what is is not to do in this situation here's the number and their threat and Satan is behind it seeking to influence and affect the whole camp and leave the whole group to be destroyed so what is got to help however how does the God of love respond to this situation he has a number of options obviously he could continue to withdraw his hand just allow certain natural consequence to take place that Middleburg for you to do something more and it's very clear to me I don't have a question in my mind not a shot on the down as I read the chapter and reap greater profits that a God of love looked at that situation and new something more direct had happened because it was an emergency and something had to be done and so in the next verse verse twenty seven Moses said unto the Levites thus says the Lord God of Israel put every man his sword by his side go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp and slay every man his brother and every man his companion and every man his neighbor and the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses NFL of the people that day about three thousand men is very clear when you read the Bible when the race could hurt profits that the Levites as they moved in this work definitely clearly carrying out the mind of God the character of God the justice of God was being inflammation right there to a group of people that would not change it also says in paper profits that for the Levites this was a painful for them to do they did not enjoy they did not take any pleasure in it but it has to be different if you've got some problem with your body let's say your arm has some kind of disease you know typical illustration daydreams disinfected your arms it's coming up Iran is moving toward your here your body toward your hearts and you go to the doctor what's a good doctor going to do as he looks at your case is a doctrine essay not such a nice guy and I would ever put a knife in the arm candy that because I'm such a nice now I'm going him that life can offer a different take off your army there's nothing else to do if there's another way to do it but if there's no other way to get your arm off to save your life and no one would accuse that Doctor of being cruel arbitrary vindictive mean for no whatever other words can come up with anything it is not that it wouldn't be true that Doctor has the best interest of the person at heart and he does it because it have to be done and that is what God did when he commanded the Levites to do it he did not disallow natural consequence like take place only but he implemented through the Levites direct justice and the spirit of prophecy is very clear that God was good the new doing and I think he issued he didn't and he was good in doing and he had a reason for it he had a reason not only that significant that in verse twenty nine he took the Levites Moses said in verse twenty nine consecrate his talk little to the Levites consecrate yourselves today to the Lord even every man upon his son and upon his brother that he may bestow upon you a blessing with me got the Levites who implemented his direct justice in the situation and he honored them and even the caretakers of his Temple because they did such a painful thing because it had to be done in pure charts and profits for the reader a little bit to you from this book I encourage you to read this chapter deleterious Sinai talks about the apostles apostasy at Sinai it says unless punishment had been speedily visited upon transgression the same results what happened in the days of the flood would again have you been seeing the Earth would become as corrupt as in the days of Noah him as transgressors and stared labels would have followed greater than resulting from the spring of the life of pain it was the mercy of God that thousands should suffer to prevent the necessity of visiting judgments upon millions in order to same the many he must punish the few and then there's more what rated all but been the last sentence says it was in love to the world in love to Israel and even to the transgressors back from that that crime was punished with swift and terrible severity of the amazing and that is the context of Exodus thirty four work I described his mercy is that his justice there was a lot of mercy revealed in the gold and even after they were doing it Moses came down and gave them all an opportunity to repent when his editor on the lower side is in the mall that was the first season Golden State and yet finally one group in the middle said when I committed were not given an example was behind that group and that Diebold was behind that group is a very very evil and sinister being one of the issues that I've seen great become very clear to me is that to the extent that we understand the evil of sin to that extent are we going to appreciate the justice of God against to the extent that we do not understand the evil of sin the horror of sin to that extent are we going to not understand the justice of God against it and we even might end up which many people are doing today without really realizing what they're doing they're coming the conclusion that it that it I understand your directly that he must be evil in doing and I want to worship a God like that so many civil God can't be that way so instead of believing that he does it for good reason they rearrange things and say well he does it but he doesn't do it that way he does it in a different way he just withdraws his hand that's the full extent of the way he implements his justice but that's not true God does withdraw his head many times but he also punishes directly when the situation requires it and when he does it he's doing it for good reason motivated by love naturally Hebrews chapter one and this is all part of the character of God and the character of God controversy chilling on right now within our church Hebrews chapter one I think I started a little bit late so I'm in a go for another ten minutes for the recording I hope that's okay hi Kimberly chapter one verse eight is talking about the sun about Jesus the father is talking about the son and the father and son are winding character right some people say what the God of the Old Testament is mean God of the New Testament is nice not sure here's the lots of mercy in the Old Testament enters also plenty injustice in the New Testament and a God of the Old Testament is really Jesus Christ and the God of the Old Testament Jesus the father and the sign in the Old Testament and in the new are always united there's we cats got a be only got a new they are united and we need to understand their heart Hebrews one eight father talking about the sun to the sign he says here Sharon L God is forever never a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your kingdom you have a lot of righteousness you have what I think about that you have left the God of the Bible is a God of love God does love Saturday everybody pretty much believe that within our church I believe that strongly some people don't focus on it as much of anywhere and the challenges balance we can be so focused on mercy that we neglect justice would you be so focused on justice we neglect mercy we can go into one pitch after another and God wants us to find a balance which is described in Exodus thirty four which is revealed in the character of Christ himself which is what we need to have an eye for his balance scriptural balance not one foot in the world and one for the Lord but biblical balance you have less talking about the Simon Jesus does not destiny Jesus loves so much that he gave his life on the cross she was he less that what no one is a necessity lots the less righteousness not only was I statements what's right because he knows that righteousness is the basis of security in this universe not only that but it also says he luckily loves righteousness that wanted to say when I visited that he had painted painted what is a hate iniquity you hated that this guy does have one we all know that when he does not hate worthwhile thing yes he does hate when you read the survey does it says that Jesus loved every sinner when one thing in this world the Jews hated him will send you hated how much education with a hatred that we can't even understand out of your parent you probably understand a little bit more on now dad took me forty five years to become a father got married forty one first sight afforded by now my little daughter 's on the scene and she's almost one four -year-old and a one -year-old my two little munchkins who jump on me in the morning when I get out of it and it's just wonderful to have these two kids and I allowed my kids I love my wife and I love my children and if someone were to break into our house and grabbed my little boys Thomas the train set and grab it and try to see the money had break installed or try to attack my wife or grant my daughter and try to hurt her holiday I love my family would happen I have pray Lord help me know what to do prayer do I thought well I do I don't know what I did when I tell you I love my children and my wife because of my love I hate to that would hurt my and that is because I love so I hate to understand this verse tells us that's the way Jesus since Jesus hates sin because it hurts those he loves and ugliness that will never really understand the true character of God God has withdrawn his hand many times as examples of this you'll find this in the Bible him us him directly and he does it for good reason because sin is dangerously bit of ethical dinner with when inheriting in the New Testament remember Herod the angel what Herod imprisoned Peter and John and Pete was in jail and the angel came into the present and the whole prison that an angel struck Peter it says in the Bible constructed in a second let's get out of here so Peter got up anyway and inherit found out that Peter had escaped and he slaughtered the darkness wasn't the guards fault with regard to one of my good with my dad cruel cruel man in any way down to Caesarea and he had his big speech in front of his whole crowd and they said this is a God not a man to hear that yeah that's right and he was exalting in his own glory his cruel girl glory and taking credit to himself and thinking that he was he was a God and it says in acts thirteen that the angel of the Lord struck him and he died when you read and actually apostles I want to record with the same angel that struck Peter struck Karen but she said it was a different stroke there are times when God does at directly and he does it for good reason and he's good in doing it and one of these days Jesus is good to destroy the devil rated in Ezekiel twenty eight God says I will bring fire out from the midst of you and I will turn into actions upon the sun on the air in the side of all that behold you and you will never be any more Satan hates God with a passion and he destroyed to enjoy music and one of these days God himself is to destroy Satan freedom hubris to Jesus will destroy the works of the devil and he's been included doing it and when it finally comes when he does bad people are going to say amen Lord we trust you thank you for acting to get rid of evil in this universe because you love us so much I'm in a close with one verse we got more to discuss this is a startling revelation chapter sixteen this is all part of the character of God to say that God is able to punish defendant is not true for life Scott is not evil when he punishes sin is good and does it for good reason Revelation chapter six for sixteen of the great day of the Lord when Jesus comes and says that the wicked relations six sixteen will say to the mountains fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits upon the throne and from the harassment of the land for the great name 's wrath has come and who shall be able to stand this is the only person in the Bible that describes the wrath of the Lamb and I hope I can find this quote to market but it's in the desire of ages tickets page six hundred shared his desire of ages page three twenty five the woman turned around on the land is only as one time in the whole Bible benefit the sixteenth only time the wrath of the Lamb what doesn't make sense how do you have what I am and wrap out of ignoring other now is not on twitter the land the oxymoron a land with four here is the spirit of prophecies explanation him here is close with this sense of divine love has been stirred to its unfathomable depths for the sake of men and angels marvel to behold in the recipients of so great allowed a mirror surface gratitude in other words when the Angel CS not learning about the gospel about Jesus 's suffering and dissenting across and then we just think all that's nice when we turn the channel and watch something else they just they can't comprehend that shallowness they marvel at man's shallow appreciation of the love of God heaven stands indignant at the neglect shown to the souls of men would we know how Christ regards it how would a father and mother feel this is just burned enemy they know that their child lost in the cold and in the snow had been passed by and left to perish by those who might have seen it in a house built my little boy was in the snow freezing and a group of people went by and said oh I see you again it's on the way up and there is Abigail in the snow freezing slowly in all their body is slowly freezing your child my child I would apparently only saw this here is what it says and says what may not be terribly grieved wildly indignant when they not denounce those murderers would wrap as hot as they are tears and as intense as their love the sufferings of every man are the sufferings of God 's child and those who reach out no helping hand to their perishing fellow beings provoke his righteous anger this is not around of a way our basis in twenty five land is not just a passive withdrawal it is a national against people for good reason and may God help us to understand the God of the Bible his mercy history is justice underlying by his love his intense love for you and for me that he would do everything and anything to get us out of sin and save our souls because he last offered every enough what will talk about in the next meeting with our heads let's pray heavenly father father we pray for the Holy Spirit to show us your character to show us the exceeding sinfulness of sin and to show us your infinite love and mercy and help us to understand that when you do finally act to punish sin it's motivated by the purest of actions by your deepest love to get rid of the horror of something people that will not change what please help us to see you and love you and have your name written in our forth in Jesus name we pray will all this media was used by audio viruses worms he was generating the unit like to learn more about G1 is I'm not having done quite well done and this is an online service this is www. audio versus nonwork


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