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Cain's Mark

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • September 26, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Today we're going to becoming a very interesting topic. The mark of Cain. Now many times you hear some intel like this or perhaps you're like a of first like Revelation Chapter fourteen. Be where the mark of the beast right. Many times are thing to ourselves. Oh that's encouraging. But here's the thing. You're going to find of a tazer message is actually all very encouraging. Messes can you say meant to that one leave our heads for a word of prayer again let's just has Jesus. To be seen. Father in heaven thank you so much again for Jesus Lord. He is our whole or reason our argument. Right now God we pray that we would have war of Jesus. Open up our hearts and minds to be able to see. Deep things Lord will change us. Thank you God for hearing prayer. The name of Jesus. Amen. All right everybody. Let's take a Bob Let's go to the Book of Genesis Genesis Chapter four. First Book of the Bible fourth chapter of the first book of the Bible. Genesis Chapter four. Genesis Chapter four. Genesis Chapter four. Please say man if you're there. Now many times when you read the early parts of the Bible. When you're reading these stories like the Garden of Eden of Adam and Eve or Cain enable of nowhere and they are many times these stories have appeared. Cartoonish to us years to what I'm saying right now. They have appeared. Cartoonish to us because many times in growing up we see pictures of Noah's Ark and you see this boat with this giraffe sticking out his head smiling. And a bunch of animals and no smiling. There was a flood that disorder the world didn't look like that right. Or you read the story of Canaan or a Adam and Eve and providentially. If the right moment there are behind trees that are covering up their private parts right. And we look at stories like that and many times. Just because of images that we have seen know what we have read. Because of images we have seen these stories. Can appear cartoonish to us. But when you study the Word of God You begin to realize the powerful truth about the origin of humanity. Can you say meant to that God wants us to be able to take a good look at what happened in the past. So we can have an understanding of what's going to be in the future. Can you say amen to that. So here we are in Genesis Chapter four I want you to see something quite remarkable. The Bible says something interesting it says this. Now. Adam knew Eve his what wife. She conceived and born Lou. Cain. By the way. Chapter four is after chapter three. Now I know that sounds like a great revelation but I want you to think about this chapter three. In the Book of Genesis. Essential the end with the promise of a redeemer. Who would come through the line of to ease. Right. He would be born from Eve and of venture Lee redeem mankind. Destroy the devil and save humanity. So what happens in Chapter four is quite interesting the Bible tells us that there was a pregnancy. Somebody was born. Now when you read both chapter three and then Chapter four. Logically what you want to do in your mind is connect both of those two stories. You would say OK chapter three. There was to be a redeemer that was born. Chapter Four somebody is born. In fact take a good look at what Eve says. When Cain is born knows what the Bible says right here. Now Adam you even as wife and she can see and Bork came and said this. I have. Acquired a man from whom she's acquired a man from whom do you know what she said the Bible actually records their chief makes this proclamation when Cain is born she's saying you know what God has given me a blessing. Now knows what happens next. Then she born again this time his brother Abel let me ask your question. What is actually said about Abel at his birth. Period. Do you see that you're so no OK we're going to start taking notes right here OK and I want you to see how we're going to be pulling this all together. OK. Take a good look at what happens when Cain is born. Apparently there's this excitement. There's this joyful experience Cain has been born in fact what's very interesting. The word came actually means. Acquired a blessing from the Lord you know what Abel means and means. Paper. In fact it's the same word that's used in Ecclesiastes easer says. Vanity. Among vanities. All is vanity. That's able now this is the really exciting when able was born yes or no no it's like all Cain has been born inside. Oh and. We have another child who over here. His name shall be able. But let's get back to Cain. So once you take a good look at this because there is very much a contrast between both Cain and who Abel now want you see what happens in there. Calling or their profession. North of the Bible says next. Now Able was a keeper of the World XI but Cain was a to learn of the ground so here you have this they're both involved in agriculture of some kind or form you could say you have Abel that was taking care of the sheep. Then you have Cain. Abel was taking care of the sheep. That would be used for worship. Came. Was taking care of the land where food would be produced for people to eat. Adamy when their whole family would eat off. The fruits of Cain's labor. Are we track and so for us. I know now everybody stick with Genesis Chapter four I want you to see what happens next. This is where the story starts taking an interesting turn. Verse three. And in the process of time in other words over a period of time or events. In other words this was not a fasting that took place. A gradual change. Started happening. Let's find out about this gradual change in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground. To the Lord. Able also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their frak. And the Lord respected. Able and his work. Offering. But he did not respect. Came and is offering and came was very angry and his countenance work. Fell just anybody know what the word countenance means. Your face. Right. Like the Bible or she records the face of Cain was actually just distraught. When you look there Kate. It was very apparent. Something was very very wrong. The Bible teaches that what's in the heart of a man appears on is phrase. And I can tell you're all happy to be here this morning. Amen. Even if your car broke down or you were in the wrong shoes. Right. OK this is where it starts getting interesting. The Bible then tells us that there was a time of worship. So the Bible dentist. That Cain. He built an altar to the Lord. Able built an altar to the war. Both of them are worshipping the Lord Amen. Both of them are bringing a kind of offering to the Lord and men. But want to what happens the Bible tells us that Cain. Actually offered up the fruit of the ground. A lamb and its friend the Bible then tells us Gaunts response of both of these forms of worship God looked at Cain's offering in the Bible says something interesting. Is said the Lord did not respect. Cain and is offering. Not just as offering those who do not respect. Cain. That's interesting point. The Bible says that God respected. Able and his offering so God lovely respected the offering of Abel who else do you respect. Able. Not just the gift. But the giver of the gift was important to the Lord can you say amen to that. Now we have a whole new outlook when it comes to giving tides right. You can do with a smile or you can do it with the face of Cain which one's going to be OK now going back to the story. The Bible says something quite remarkable. The Bible says that at this moment. Cain got so angry and do you know what God does. Gone actually speaks to Cain. And it's very interesting God uses an interesting and now a gene. Do you know what God says to came he says Cain you feel you do well will you not be. What's the words excepted. Don't forget that work. If you do not give you do well will you not be accepted gone is very tender and caring. With came he was reaching out to Cain he even says came. Why has your countenance fall in other words. Why do you have a bad look on your face. God then ministers to Cain trying to communicate to him. Things he needs to understand. God tells Cain something very interesting. In the astray should he says Cain. If you do not do well he says these words sin. Lies. Out the door. But then it doesn't just stop right there in fact if you look at some of the translations it's this sin is crouching after a door. And then it says his. It's desire is for you know it's interesting. Do you know what it sounds like housing describing sin by the way. As a predator. Using OK what's the big deal. He's describing sin. As a predator. Do you want to know why they're so interesting because when mankind was originally created and put in the garden the Bible describes about the animal kingdom at that time. The animal kingdom at that time. There were not predators and prey. But what happened is Will soon as Adam was kicked out there was a cascading effect upon the animal kingdom. And I'm sure Cain and Abel. After generations begin turn notice that animals were no longer friendly towards each other that these animals were actually hunting each other so as Cain is being merely being made aware of this analogy God says to me is like will see is crouching after door. It wants to take you out. And this would have been something very interesting to came because as they begin to observe the animals around them they were picked up wait a minute. It's like he's describing what's happening to the world. But then God gives Cain some hope and he says your but you show what. What he said to him. It's desire is for you but you shall work. RULE OVER IT God was actually telling Cain Cain. You should not be defeated by this. But you should actually conquer this. But you know the rest of the story. The Bible then tells us. Cain talked with Able and then went out to the field. And it says that Cain killed Abel. And then walked off like nothing else happened. And the Bible teaches that God confronted Cain. And he says Cain Where is your brother came replies. And mine my brother's keeper. Are Not response. For him and God says. The blood of your brother work. Don't forget that point the blood of your work. The blood of your brother cries out OK. By the way. I'm giving you when I'm in for sizing something. I want you to store all these things on Cause we're going to pull it all together OK Don says to Cain the blood of your work brother is crying out. You know worse. There is a cry for justice. Right. And God confronts Cain says Kate. You killed your brother. Able and then God says Cain you were cursed from this earth. And then he pronounces a very interesting sentence upon Cain No so the Bible says right here genesis for verse eleven. So now you are was cursed from the world. Earth which has opened up its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. When you kill the ground you told no longer yield this was strength. A fugitive and of vagabond. You shall be on the earth. Now let me ask you a question. What is a fugitive. Someone who's being hunted someone who's running from the law anybody else was a fugitive who gets a movie you Hood know what's a fugitive. Yes Tom. OK very good someone who doesn't have a safe place to be. Now what does a vagabond a wanderer. OK. I mean if you see somebody walking down the street he doesn't home would you say oh there goes a vagabond was a vagabond. As a pawn. Yes I had a lonely person a beggar anybody else what is a vagabond isn't like a positive phrase would you say oh i'm so you must be a vagabond Is that what we said people who were vagabond mean it's a negative connotation has a negative implications in other words. This person is a wonder in fact if you actually took a check of the he birds as somebody who is desperate for somebody who is a wonder now this is why. We start tying this all together. A fugitive and a vagabond you shall be on the what Earth. And you know what God does God actually marks. Cain. Now what's so interesting is how the story with Cain ends. The Bible dances. After this point that Cain actually went to the other side of the land of Eden. He do well. There does anybody know what the word lot means. Lives. OK now that's interesting. And the Bible then says he built the city there. And this son was born there. Actually he begins have several generations of people in that city. Now we're going to pull together all these things now we just place emphasis upon certain things. What is this all about. Ladies and gentlemen what you are looking at is the form of worship. That most Christians have fallen into. You are looking at a crisis. Lis religion. Now this is wrong or start explaining and helping us to understand what's going on here. The Bible says that Cain. When he was born what did you say. I've acquired a man from the Lord the Bible begins to teach us idea there was this great joy you were implying there was this excitement about Cain's birth. Perhaps he could be the promise for dinner. Can you imagine someone being born like that and raise like that God has tremendous plans for your life or there's nothing wrong with that. But it you know if there could be some leniency in there as well almost as if man. He is privilege. They begin to worship God in the Bible says something interesting. Who was the tiller of the land. Came who was the keeper of the she able in order for chain. To worship the Lord. Where would he have to get a sheep. He'd have to go to his brother to get it. Now that's interesting. The older brother would have to go to the younger brother. To get the she here able is he'd be gone for a certain period of time. Taking care of the she came to be working hard and the Bible says over a period of time. They begin to worship God. And the worship of came begin to almost change. Came instead of bringing the lamb. That he should have brought. He begins to bring the food of the ground. You know the Bible teaches that when Adam Eve sinned. That skins were prepared for them and placed on them your small what the word stands me. Coats of skin. You know where it came from an income from three ball park. It came from an animal that was work. Sacrifice and I'm just saying on your sort of seeing this all come together. So the Bible teaches a century there's this kind of sacrificial system that has been set up. And you find this. Even more articulated in the book of Leviticus. Did you know. There were five different kinds of sacrifices that could be offered to God. Did you know. One of them actually was first fruits. Cain actually offered a sacrifice to go on that later on in the book of who really cares. Would be totally acceptable. And you're saying wait a minute what's wrong with this story. Did you know that first fruits. Came after the Passover Lamb. In other words it was a kind of things. Giving offering. I was reading one one commentator said he said after reconciliation or tone meant. Then a Thanksgiving. Offering would be given. In fact remember what Jesus said after the leper was healed. What did he tell the leper. Go to mow go off for the gift that Moses had commanded you know what the gift of Moses had Commander worse. After you were healed you were to offer a Thanksgiving offering. Do you want to serve. He says look if there's something between you and your brother. First reconcile. And then go off for the gift that Moses have commanded. In other words. The Thanksgiving. All three words to come after in a tone meant kind of offering. But now you are looking at a situation where it seems that. Cain is bypassing the need of atonement. And he is going straight to what something's giving offering. The Jewish system of fees things. There were seven feast days there was the past or fees. There was the first fruits species. There was the only of inbred feast. There was the day of Pentecost feast and at the end of the Jewish calendar. You were three. You had the Feast of Trumpets. Then the Day of Atonement. And then you have the Feast of Tabernacles. But prior to the feast of first fruits. A Passover lamb was primary and this way that was supposed to be the first three piece. And so what you were looking at least in Germany. Kane is bypassing the need of IN THE told me offering. And he is stepping over that and going straight into of things. Giving offering. Now we begin to understand something about Kate and what he believed about his own walk. Do you know what Cain began to believe. He didn't have since he had no sin. That needed to be atoned of hands he jumped over the Atonement sacrifice and went right into a Thanksgiving sacrifice. And the reason I bring it up is simply because of what all might say is right here it's very powerful she says these words. There is not a point that needs to be brought upon more earnestly. Repeated more frequently. Or establish more firm I mean you can't make a more definite in there. In the minds of all. Then the impossibility of falling man near to anything by his own barest cruel words solve a shoo in is through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Can you say how do you to that you see God now only. Disrespected Keynes. Offering. But came himself. Because Cain have the audacity think you know what I don't have since I can be right in the presence of God. With our Redeemer. And the Bible begins to reveal what was the source of pain. Issue is that Cain began to believe. He didn't need a savior anymore. By the way do you know the difference between Martin Luther's understanding of Justification by Faith and Catholicism's understanding of justification by faith. Martin Luther belief that you needed the righteousness of Christ that comes from Him alone. But Paul says I'm beginning to preach. You needed justification by faith. To begin with then the Holy Spirit takes over and you are wind of the need of the blood of Jesus who are looking at actually is a picture of what the end times. Reveal. And that is this. You're going to have one group of people that do believe it is possible to marry themselves to God with their works. And you're going to have another group of people that believe that merits. That only the merits of Christ. Can Save them can you say meant to that. But notice Well my face ratio she's been very embarrassed she's saying something she says look there's nothing more than needs to be established in the minds of all they can save themselves. They can save themselves. You can save yourselves. You know being a minute pastor. Many times I've thought to myself on my priest or I.V. Dr marked off. This checklist. I've accepted Jesus. And now it you keep going on down the checklists blazon German This is central to the belief of all Christians. And that is this that Jesus Christ alone. Is the only one that can give you sell vision. And you say meant to that. But in order to receive this solve ation. You need to be poor in spirit. Do you remember the parable that Jesus gave about invitation to a great feast and do you remember the king gave an invitation now. And all the servants were now and they begin to invite this person that person this person. And human are an average category of people said. We have excuses. But then the master says something interesting he says go to the highways and byways and find the poor. And did you know it was from that class of people that actually excepted the invitation. It was the poor that accepted the invitation. I'm not talking about poor finance wise. But they were poor and you know what happens when they actually go in several of them going but there was one person who went into this. Fees. And the master confront somebody says wait a minute. How did you get in there without a robe a wedding garment. And you know what the Bible says about that man's response. It says he was speechless. Now you think to yourself wait a minute couldn't God just invite. He just invited the poor. Now were poor people going to get wedding garments. It was provided for them. In other words. The reason why the man was speechless. Is because he had no excuse. The wedding Garner was provided for him. You know when Jesus actually goes over the Beatitudes you know what the very first beatitude is Blessed are the. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the work. Kingdom of God notices. In other words to to receive the righteousness of Christ. One must accept. They are poor in spirit to ality. There must be an understand God I can do this and many times we believe in our Christian walk wait a minute you know what I think I can. And that is where the problem begins to take root. You see the Bible says something interesting about came it quite it. And then usual dilemma. It says that came would be a vagabond and a fugitive right. Somebody running from somebody and somebody who doesn't have a home. But in the next few verses do you know McCain does. He builds a city. Now doesn't sound like someone who's a wonder how do the Word of God not come true. The Bible says he would be a wonder but in the next few verses. He builds a city. Maybe God was just threatening came. You're going to be a vagabond and a wanderer. So Keynes like OK. He goes and he's twelve on this side of Eden. And then he doesn't just too although the Bible says He builds a city. Now this when someone builds a city that sounds like they have a home to me doesn't sound like to you. That sounds like they don't need to wander anymore. So how do we understand this we understand this because when God was telling Cain. You're going to be a bad vagabond. And a wonder what he was saying to him was spiritually you will always have unrest in your heart. Spiritually you would always have unrest. Because you have rejected this. Atonement. You will always have this. On rest. In your heart. In other words. A wondrous somebody who has no rest day or night. Now we begin to understand a little bit of the context of the message with him and when God is saying hey don't worship the beast and his image. When God is saying if you worship the VSAM image. You have no rest in that we begin to understand what this is pointing to it supporting us through the story of K.. Then when you reject Jesus as the. Soul cost of your of righteousness of salvation. When you reject Jesus. You begin to go down the path of wandering. There is no more peace in your heart and lays in John many times as Christians we have lived too long with our heavens. Piece too long without Heaven's peace without righteousness. And God is offering it as a gift to all of his people the Bible says Romans Chapter five verses want to do. Therefore having been justified by what faith. We have what peace do you know the word pieces translated. Rest. We have rest with gone through our Lord Jesus Christ to whom also we have a access by faith into this grace. In which we stand. And we Joyce. In the hope of the glory of God Can you say mentor that Deliverance reverse mime. And being found in him was read together. Not having my own righteous this. It doesn't matter if you are eating wrong. Amen. It is a matter of you don't believe in walking a certain distance on the Sabbath. If it is your righteousness you are not going into heaven. If it is your righteousness. You have substituted your God's peace with your efforts. The Bible says something interesting. And being found in him not having my own righteousness which is of the law. But that which is through the faith of Christ. The right justice is of God by what. FREY knows the Bible says right here vision chapter two verse a few nights for by faith or you saved through one sees me by grace. Is it correct the pastor at their For by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourselves. It is the word. Gift of God. You see the sacrifices were called a gift a gift. It is a gift of God and not of works first. Anyone should both north of the biases next. Romans Chapter five or one we read this right from the very beginning. Therefore being justified by faith we have one piece with gone through our Lord Jesus Christ from not a change of the Gospel price for it is the power of God unto salvation. To everyone that believes to the Jew first. And also to the Greek for their in is the righteousness of God revealed from Word three to freight as it is rain. The just show live by word three. Over and over again there's emphasis upon God's people. That is the gospel of loan. That can save you. Did you know in the Old Testament. You have the sanctuary services. All of Israel was to surround the saying Sure. But do you know what was inside the sanctuary. You had in the most holy place. You have the Ark of the Covenant. And in the ark of the company you have the Ten Commandments. And you know what was over the Ark of the covenant the mercy sea and you know what was over the mercy see. There are two angels but the Bible says the angels heads were looking down upon the mercy. They were looking after gospel. How Mercy is covering over all our sins. And how we are broken the law of God. This was to be the center of all this real. You see the Gospel was to be the very central point. The focus and ass they carried the ark forward. It was to be a picture of the gospel. Going to the entire world. Do you know when Jesus says and after chapter four twenty four. The Gospel shall be preaching all the world there is a world. Winners and then the world. And will come. Did you know if you go to Revelation Chapter fourteen the Bible describes what this Gospel is the Bible actually says it is the ever lasting gospel. It is a revelation of the everlasting cart and Covenant of God. A picture of Gaunt's love. And his desire to see his people and he say amen to that knows what the Bible says right here and he was Chapter one Verse four by works. Abel offer to guard a more X Y Z. By faith. Amen. By faith. Abel offered to gather more excellent sacrifice through Cain. Then Cain. Through which he obtained witness that he was righteous God testifying of his guest now here for a good sort of an interesting. And through it. He being dead still world to me as your question. What did God tell. Cain. That was speaking. He was saying. Came the blood of Abel is crying out to me. Is this talking about the blood of Abel. Is this talking about the blood of Abel speaking. No it's not something else about Abel that speaks louder than even his own sacrifice. His faith in the Redeemer. That would come to save him. This is what still speaks to all of humanity. More than just a vengeance towards Cain is descendants. But the gift of God. That is available to all the mankind this is what is speaking to all of humanity can you say meant to that knows well my says right here the enemy a man in God is not willing that this truth justification by faith should be clearly presented for you know said if the people receive a full leave power will be words. Broken. His power will be one. Do you know the devil right now doesn't want you to understand this. He is absolutely tireless in this effort to make sure you don't get this. Because there are some things the devil is fully aware of hears convince. Do you know when he's convinced about some volume on the way. The devil is convinced the gospel work. Is the more convincing you are as you say yes to that had a man. We don't want there to be the truth. But the devil is convinced that the Gospel worth. And he is fully convinced. Fully convinced that he needs to make sure that Gore's people don't understand this truth. You see the same God that says Go and sin no more said these words. Neither do I condemn you. Amen. Gone cause us to receive by face. The righteousness that comes from God and God alone can you say amen to that. You know my said something very interesting. This is where we start getting some history of the church. Early on in the eighteen eighties. Unusual things begin to happen in the early part of the seventy Adventist movement. The gospel was going to the entire world. Sunday laws begin to pop up. And it seemed like the world was ripe for something. All of a sudden Ellen wides husband dies. But there she is at his bedside and gone speaks to her. And no sort of said right here. When I sat with the hand of my dying husband in my own. I knew that God was at work. It was there. Like a clear chain of white presented before me. It was there I understood that I was to take the work. And the burden stronger than I had ever born before. It was there that I promised the Lord that I would stand in my post of duty. And I have tried to do it. I do as far as possible the work the Lord has given God has given me to do this with the understanding that God was to bring in element in this work that we have not had yet. Apparently something was about to be introduced to the church in element. That would completely revolutionize the church. That would take the Church of the next level in preaching the gospel to the entire world. That the glory of God could be seeing that the outer rain could be poured out to all of his people. And that Jesus could come back. An element a powerful Allen and what was this element in the end of the eighteen eighties preachers began to preach. Under the Spirit of God. About the righteousness that comes from gone alone. You see the early church. As they began to preach about the law of God and share with an apostate Protestantism. They you need to come back to the law. Sure enough. That was true. They had completely missed the Sabbath. And there was this call from within Adventism are from Africa. Adventism come back to the savage truth. However as there was an emphasis upon the law of God Christ began to be a clip of his he began to be what equips and all of sudden controversies sprung out of the church. You had one group of people that were saying. The law and the standards of the church. And then you have another group of people that were saying through Christ and Christ alone. And sure enough there was this great conference that took place near eight hundred eighty eight. But notice what was said at the opening address. Dear Brother new show a sample the General Conference. We are what we are one impressed that this gathering would be the most important meeting. You have ever attended and let me ask you a question. If I told you. I need you to come to a meeting Wednesday night. And you would say OK. Maybe. And I would say these words. It is going to be the most important meeting you have ever attended. Would you show up. With Sean. He would show up right. You would say. You are be there right. Come on I want to see if Israel right. Knows what she's saying about this meeting. We are impressed at this gathering will be the most important meeting you have ever attended. And you're going to understand why it was to be the most important meeting. Because this would be. Turman at this we were there are not. Jesus was to come back. You see the early church. Needed an element. That was going to revolutionize them. And it was a prior to a a prioritizing of Christ in other words Christ no longer being eclipsed. But that Christ would become the center of seventy Adventism and have this message been accepted Jesus would have come back. We had missionaries poised in different countries. Sunday laws were started. The gospels rapidly multiplying the church was growing. And this would be the element that would change the game. And so you can imagine. The intensity of that moment. And yet. What took place was there was a rejection. And are struggling and striving against this message. And you know what's happened. We have been here for more than a hundred years plus one during wondering do you know why the children who are going to go into the holy land because of work. Unbelief the Bible says and believe is why the children is will to not go into the hole where they didn't believe it they would not accept this message. There were so worried that they would lose control over their church. If Christ. Became Central. And the focal point. Ladies and gentlemen. But what was preacher that message. Still have an effect. There was actually in transcripts of the sermons that were being preached about Christ and His righteousness righteousness. Being said. All the way to Asia. And the reports show that even when they took the sermons and were presenting them up front and church. There were such power that attended this their revival spoke out in those areas. Because of a written manuscript. Christ was being presented this enjoyment do you want to know something Frederick Nietzsche said this he says. Because of the God is Dead movement. One thousand nine hundred ninety percent you would be the bloodiest century. Ever Do you know what's happened in the last hundred years plus. World War one. World War two. You have the Korean War. You have the Vietnam war. You have a whole host of Warse you have the development of nuclear warheads. You have just in intensity of violence as Hakan place over the last hundred years plus that have made all of Earth's history prior to that time. Look like a walk in the park. It wasn't supposed to happen. You see. It was enough. The great controversy was still out a point where it could have finished up right then and there. But you see what happens when you don't change your par at the right time. And you keep driving with that part. Part of the relevancy. The damage that can happen later on when the breakdown takes place. Is far beyond measurement. We have been here too long ladies and gentlemen. We have been here too long. And what Christ wants to do. He wants to reawaken in his people and understanding of this great central truth I want is this great central truth. There is one great central truth to be kept ever before the mind. In the searching of the Scriptures Well what is that Christ and Him crucified. Every other truth. I want to pay attention this. Every other truth is invested with influence and power. Corresponding to its will a sion to this theme. In other words you just don't have all the teachings of the church. On equal footing. In a row lation to the Gospel. And the closer they are in understanding the beautiful picture of the gospel. Their important goals. Up higher on the rank of scale can you say men to that. Through the wall and the Gospel. The war has great importance in that it reveals the gospel truth. Listen John and all our teachings are to can you say amen to that. But connected to Christ. These teachings become truth. Do you know what Jesus said. I am the way. The truth in other words Jesus didn't say I am the way. A truth that isn't there some people preach. Like Jesus is just a truth. But Jesus said I am the Way the Truth. And the life he told the Fair see if John Chapter five are stories search the Scriptures. These are they which what. Testify of me is either called the disciples hunder standing in this. And that's why many times are quoting from the Old Testament. They couldn't. Unsee Jesus. In every single verse. They saw him in everything. And it became their whole focus in presenting the gospel. All of our teachings are designed for great purpose and that is a revelation of who Jesus is can you say meant to that. Now just to give you a bit of analogy. Imagine somebody speaks to you about the greatest event in their life. Joe was the greatest event of your life. That ever happened was the best thing ever happened here besides you're accepting of Christ. OK. Even besides your relationship with God What's been the greatest event your life. OK mate you are trying to lure you out on that one OK I just took a long time ago. Now ladies and gentlemen. If I was to share with you Joe. Let's say Joe I'm Joe. I said let me tell you about the greatest event in my life. Besides accepting Christ and following him. OK What is that it was a marrying. Michael. OK. It was marrying my beautiful. Filipino wife. OK. And then you say. Why don't you tell me about that event. And you see her right I'll tell you about that event. OK. And I said you know man that was a wonderful way I mean you should been there. Oh yeah tell me more. I mean you should seen the decorations are on the church. Awesome. And the preacher he was a good lookin Indian preacher I mean that was amazing. You like Oh OK All right. Right. And then he says all and the blueberry pancakes. You start scratching head you like blue bird pancakes have to do with anything. And then he says. But man you should have been there. When I saw her walk down the aisle. And as she was coming down the aisle. Oh man it was amazing and. My craves e-coli is in ball. And you would be like what does that mean but what are you talking about. You see this is actually how we are presented. The message of the church. We are presented the primary. Relevant message. And then we have added. Other facts and true truths you could say. But disconnected from the event itself. Are you listening with me. Yes or no and you know what happens is sound like George into people. But going back to the relevant save I was to come back and say you know a little just about my wedding was a beautiful wedding. You see see my wife when she came down. That morning. All of our families got together and we have blueberry pancakes. And it was just amazing as we were just sitting right next to each other strange other's eyes. I get that. And it should have been there. I was walking down. It was actually my crazy cousin Bob here actually made the food for us during Paul there in the reception. And it was the most amazingly she actually made the cake. And there was a pick her little picture all statures of me and my Filipino wife. There are I get the picture now. I get what you mean by these extra things. Can you say many for a truck with me or so no. You see lives in Germany. God is calling us to really gain. Refocus this one. Great Central truth. Now what is that every of the truth is to be invested with influence and power corresponding to its relation to this thing if it is only in the light of the Cross that we can discern the Exalted character of the law of God. Hanging upon the cross cries. Was the word. Gospel. I love these words. This is our message. Our argument. Our doctrine of warning to be the imperative. Or encourage meant for the soaring. The hope of every believer. Lays in German. Christ is calling us to regain him. And the reason. And hope of not just the church. But every individual believer lays in Germany. Ah it's either your works or Christ works. What's it going to be. What's it going to be by the way do you know you can be excited about this. You can be excited you actually have permission. In from Elmore she says. We can be excited about the gospel. You can be excited about the gospel is a message. An everlasting Gospel. Event was very interesting this was early on in the church. They built this are they made this painting all the way of life. And it was to be a picture of the entire great controversy. If you look over there you see this fall of Adam lever and there expulsion from the garden. You see Abraham. You see came verses able or came killing able to see The Last Supper. You see over here the cross. But as this picture was being reviewed and Survey. And when your husband said You know what things need to change what needs to be change. They recommission this picture. And you know what the difference was. This was the difference after was recommission what you know is different about this picture. The title change Christ. The way of life. Notice. Jesus and him hanging on the cross was to be central in fact you take a good look. Everything else was simply in the shadow of the cross. Do you see what I'm talking about this is the greatest event. This is the primary focus. And we as a church family this is the element that our church needs. Like never before Christ and him hanging upon the cross can you say meant to that. This is a powerful truth of all professing Christians. Seventh Day Adventist should be the least in uplifting Christ before. Just making sure the reading of all professing Christians. Seventh Day Adventist should be foremost in uplifting Christ before the world. Simply because they're better than everybody else. God forbid. Right. Come on you guys. We have the truth that's why we should be foremost right. Better than people who dress better than people. We have churches on days that people don't go to work. We understand the bottom we can be people a Bible trivia. Do you know why we should be foremost in a political crisis. More than other other groups. Because of how much light God has made available to the church in relation to the gospel thing. All these components. All these components. Should help us to lift up Christ. Higher and greater than anything else. Our church does. We should be known for hope. Amen. Now there's nothing wrong with that. I preach them. We should be known for the Sabbath praise the Lord. But one thing above all things we should be known for and that is Christ and Him crucified can you say meant to that. This is a church that teachers and preachers. The ever lasting gospel. The proclamation of the third angel's message calls for the presentation of the Sabbath truth. This side this truth. With others included in the message is to be proclaimed. But the great center of attraction. Christ Jesus must not be left out the sinner must lead be led to look to Calvary. With the simple fate of a little child. He must trust in the merits of the Savior. Excepting His righteousness. Believing in his mercy. Ladies and gentlemen what are you going to offer on that altar. What are you going to offer on the altar of religion. Your righteousness. Your relationship with God What are you going all third offer on that alter the blood of Jesus. Alone. Can you say amen to that. You know there is something that we need as a people. We need a revival and an understanding. We're told that one study will consume all other studies. Christ. Our Righteousness. Yet it has not been so it has not been so God is calling his people to regain this from the very hour full of the Bible history. You see the plan of redemption you see the Gospel. All the way to the end in the Book of Revelation. You see the Gospel. Gone. Is calling us to please. The Gospel again. As the cap. So of our faith. Can you say amen to that. And people will be drawn to Jesus. Like never before. Reformations will take place like never before. Revivals were happening just flew in places and desolate hearts. When Jesus is uplifted again. As the only one who can save you and I love with all my sis in the robe of righteousness. There is not one thread of human devising. Now. One for read. Can the same into that. And that's presented and made available to anybody who is poor in spirit. God is calling us. God is calling us to accept. By faith. Here is here for us. His gift for every sinner. Here. But God doesn't want to contend with you for first place. He's calling for you to open up the door of your heart. And let Jesus. Ladies and gentleman. I believe that God is calling us to repentance. Look I'm done anything wrong. You have. If you have believed that it's your work to have recommended you to God is your righteousness your privileges. Your comparison to other people. That has major you has given you any kind of marriage you think before the Lord you need to repent of them. Perhaps you have the Cinnabon believe in your heart today. Begin You know what could it be that good. Good there be a right just missed that is for me completely independent of my right action or. My wrong actions. There is ladies and gentlemen. God is calling you to accept by faith. The Gospel back in change human heart. The older I get the more I realize this heart is stubborn to. Ange. And the more I realize I fall so short of the glory of God God is calling you like never before. To see Jesus. To accept the Lamb of God that takes away your sins. Today we're going to do something very simple. But have a song being sung by with this song. If you need to make a journey up to the front to the more of the cross. The same Lord. I need your righteousness. And yours alone. Robs you need to come to the crossing God forgive me for believing that I could do this on my own or perhaps you need to come to the front because Jesus. House often made the center of your experience is gone is calling us to lay aside the offering of pain. To accept the by faith as able did. The merits of our Savior. Alone. Who can see that kind of conceive. We're not getting into heaven. Any all the way. This is what God is calling this the song is being sung near the cross if you want to come near the cross up to the front. Lease come up and join us because we just want to come up here and pray and say Lord Jesus me my right just missed a low would be my salvation. A low key in my holy hope all is. It's fun to suppose she sits surance to see. Father in heaven we just come to you. Confessing Lord. Sinfulness on righteousness confessing our unbelief and pride. Lord forgive us for offering the sacrifice of Cain. Please forgive us for many years of trusting in our own righteousness. Lord right now we confess. We need Jesus. He'll loan God is the one who can cover us with his righteousness. God we pray your blood will wash away our sands. You alone are the only one that can save us. Jesus we put our faith in the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Lord we pray now. But this would become our renewed hope. And our focus of our church. Of Our Lives of our witness. Of our study. But Jesus would again. Have That first place. Father in heaven thank you so much for the Gospel. Where he turned the past and are you turning the future came together. We love you Lord because you were first love. May we leave from this place with hearts full of joy. Because of the love of God. Forums. Thank you for hearing prayer Jesus. In your precious name we pray. And this media was brought to you by audio version. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about how do you first if you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave a visit. W W W dot org.


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