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  • November 7, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Why don't we start with the word of prayer Let's ask God to bless us with His Holy Spirit. As we jump into the message. Father in heaven we just thank you so much again for just Jesus and Lord thank you for the Spirit of God who testifies. Of Jesus. We pray an ass. God that you would lead us closer to you Father in Heaven where praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Praying for a better understanding of your word. And your will for our lives. That is our prayer God in Jesus name Amen. Now how many people were here last Saturday night for the Fall Festival raise your hand. OK that was just an amazing event if you missed the Fall Festival you missed one of our biggest community outreach is. And it was so amazing just to see. Many of our church members come on now. One of think Hora Lennon Amy and just hard work in putting this all together in the people well I mean they put out soul. Much Candy. OK. And I'll tell you this by the time I left the Fall Festival. I was five pounds heavier going to get into my pants the next day. I mean it is just like. But it was a blessing to see. Many people come out from the community. And there and the reason why is because they're looking for safe alternatives in what the world offers. One lady was actually asking and she says are you there's going to do this again next year. And there's not a enough. Affiliation with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. But more and more as God calls us to reach out to our community. We're going to see. People come out of the woodworks. One of my favorite parts about this fall first of all is this pastor Nell. Was not involved in the planning of it. A man. Now I'm not saying amen because oh yeah I don't want more work. I say amen because it's awesome to see. Church member initiated events take. Place. A man and that's all we need more of. If you're waiting till pastor Nell tells you what to do you can be waiting a long time. God calls you to take intentionality in your ministry. Can you say men to that. Today's message is called The Light bearer on the bare my soul open to you have a a traumatic event or events that happened to me when I was younger when I was younger my parents you know they came from India I was born in America. So this was a time where you know movies the Hollywood begin to really blow off this wasn't the sixty's or seventy's it was like the eighty's the ninety's OK. And their horror movies began to grow and. As a young Indian American who had parents who really didn't understand the best of English. When they saw me watch things they didn't think too much of it. They didn't know better. So I'm not blaming them. But somehow I found their sort of. What's the word I'm looking for I found this curiosity with whole ROR movies. And let me tell you something. I watched so many horror movies that I could probably name. Still to this day. What took place in those horror movies their titles there and the actors of those things. It has permanently warped. My brain. And I think Jesus you can change me a man. But this is who I am and when I see something I think oh that reminds me of a law or I hear something on my all that reminds me of a lot but what was very traumatic about the whole thing is this. I would many times and watch the movies with people around me. Then when people were not around me. Taylor begin to set in I became so terrified of the door. And I mean it was so bad. I fear of sleeping at night in a room by myself and. There was one particular thing that I was afraid of and it was dolls. And my sisters goals. My family. Lord willing or how one day will not have dolls. The eyes of doles watch you has you walking by and still to this day like I seem to also always like thing. You know. No fence or missile fever my story is not a dog is a puppet right. So anyways. I I grew up like this I actually feel. The night time for certain face of my child I really feared I mean it was so bad I member one night. My mom. She's like you're going to have to sleep in that room. Your sisters in the room you guys going to sleep on the bed you'll be OK. I was like OK. I will do the my sister and I'm free. It was on the other side of the house. Turned off the light and. Instantly I begin to see shadows moving around. And I got so scared actually turned on why and I ran towards my mom's room. And I began pounding on the draw much longer than me and learned man. Right. And she's like No I don't like more Lemmy and I don't want to see fear alone she is like no you know. She knew what I was afraid of but she didn't want to have it so this is how I grew up in fact I was so terrified of dolls at this certain phase of my childhood. I never got one day I actually took a dollar my sister's dollars this one particular ball. I walked over to the oven. This exactly what happened. And I made sure my mom was in the living room OK so I was in the kitchen. I turned on the of him. And I ground that dollar said. If you're alive you better tell me or throw you in the oven. That's exactly what I did. I was trying to face my. Fears. And then we tell you something. Nothing happens. Something should happen right nothing happened right. But you know what's so interesting about this is that. Through this time of my just horrifying. You know reality at that time. There was something that brought an element of comfort to me like I mean it was like my safety. Whenever there was danger I run in I turned the light on. And it was like It's OK I'm OK. I never forgot one day I was sitting in my room terrified that this woke up in the mill night and the door to my room was actually opening up in the living room. And the rocking chair was moving by itself. And I was watching and I was hearing this. But here's the thing. I was on my bed I could see through the mirror on the door that was on the outside the door that was open and it reflected to what was in the living room. And I could hear and see the rocking chair moving by itself in the middle of the night. And for two hours I remain completely still. I was even afraid to turn on the line and just Russian there. And you know what to do when I stayed there. And all of a sudden. My dad gets off or comes home at six am like turns on I rushed right in there. And it was my little Pomeranian dog. On the rocking chair just sitting there fighting his ankle whatever he was doing. I was rocking that thing. Right. But I mean. Blind. Provided a great comfort to me. I mean it was soon as I can get to that light switch I knew that there was safety I knew things were going to get old care. When I went to sleep at night there was just just tear on this horror that was over me. But when Like came. It bought just a serenity. Today we're going to be talking about light. You know right has many purposes something else you question right now. Give me one purpose of white with one purpose of light. For ten my years don't work in the at the reserve hand with her yes. To show them. It could just as well the purpose of why. Yes CORMANN Well. Leave that I said girl like that anybody else. Yes. Photosynthesis right produce a studio for plants right what else yes illumination Yes. Gives you energy while we're getting scientific Chirag well site. Was another purpose of white here. Yes Vicki. Find your way in the house and you the purpose is to light yes Don vitamin D. I like that any other purpose is to light. What is their energy. OK Yes dear your last one. God what God's glory. OK Jane I saw you with your hand raise will make you last one go ahead. Do your work. OK. To the last one I promise you. Go ahead. Give me another purpose of white hot. Dispels depression OK we have all the various reasons we can think about what light is good for and I want you think for yourself. What if there was no more light in the world. Can you imagine the world like this right now. Do you know there's parts of Canada where he remains. Dark for throughout the whole day. I mean just think about that in fact depression rates go really high and suicide rates go high during that time period or that in that place. But Jesus says something so interesting. Knows what he says right here in Georgia prefers twelve he says something so remarkable. He says these. Then Jesus spoke of him saying I am the what lie. Of the what world. He that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall how the what light of life. Jesus makes a remarkable claim he says look on I am the light of. Lol. World. Implying What about the world. It's in darkness and needs a light. And so Jesus is something so powerful. He says many things in the book are drawn by the way he says I am the bread of life right. I am the Sheep Gate. I am the Good Shepherd right I am the water of life but he says something so remarkable here he says Oh I am the light of the war. And then he says he will follow me show my walk in darkness. But you'll have the light of life. Jesus makes an extraordinary claim about his identity his mission. He is light upon this world. It's so remarkable when you begin to think about that. Notice what this part we're author says right here seems Dr exact rest. He talked about light. North of the Bible says right here we go back on the how this thing is quitting. Here we go. The pursuit of the Hebrews. OK we'll try to more time. OK Here you go. OK. The pursuit. Oh my goodness. OK. I'm going to not just press one button and no one touch anything ever go. The pursuit of the Hebrews was idealized and symbolized by what light. The Lord is my life and my salvation. The people that sat in darkness have seen a great light. The pursuit of the pursuit of the Greeks was symbolized by I know all this. Right. I mean they search after knowledge of the last to see right there. We're trying to understand the world around them right now for says writer that's why the biblical writer say these things are in that you might know that you have eternal life. For the Hebrews it was like for the Greeks. It was knowledge for the Romans. It was cool. Henri. The glory of the city of Rome the school Re of the city that wasn't built in a day. And here we have it. The apostle Paul in Hebrew by birth. A citizen of Rome. Living in a Greek city. Very interesting. Had to give them the ideal of this ethic. This is interesting I want your pages. He says this. In for in current events gone who caused the light to shine out of darkness has caused his light to shine in arts to give us the light of the knowledge of the word glory of God analysis. In the face of who Jesus cries. So here you have the Jews who sought after light you see throughout the Scriptures they were searching after light and what this represents the will and the word in the Revelation of God. And then you had the Greeks who are constantly looking for knowledge and wisdom. Then you have the Romans are all conquering trying to build up. Glorious row and so your. Of all these other systems says you know what I want you to see something. The light of the knowledge of the glory of God If you want to see all these things that you are pursuing. You can see them in the loo and you say men to that you can see them and hear Jesus for the Apostle Paul the ultimate ethic was not an abstraction. Not symbolized really by light not merely by knowledge. Not merely by glory but in the very phase of our Lord can you see him and to that. And this is the actual verse right here found Second Corinthians Chapter four verse six here Paul is communicating to many believers. God who calls the white to shine out of darkness has caused this was light to shine in our what heart. To give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus our Lord. When you say meant that when you look at the life of cries. And as over the last few weeks we've been talking about Jesus being uplifted more and more in our church. That all the teachings of the truth. Or do assigned as a pedal school. To promote Jesus as our reason our cars our mission. Our believe. Amen. But as we see this more and more. In a world that's becoming darker and darker gaunt calls us to let it shine let this white shine brighter than ever before. Can we say meant to that. No C.S. Lewis says right here. I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it. But because of by. If I see what everything else. Now one day I was walking in the dark. I can't meet you guys been campaigning before good. Walking at night. As I was walking at night. All of a sudden. I thought Just please stop. There was a flood. I look down. And there's a trailer hitch. That mine. Shannon. Just hit. Has anybody ever hit their shin. Against a trailer hitch. They need to have a separate hospital for those kinds of things right. I mean this is an excruciating pain. But I want you to understand something that in a dark room or dark place. People fall they trip over something they hurt themselves. They don't see what's in that room. Are you listening to me. And so what Jesus is providing when he says I am the while the world. What we are seeing in Jesus is a moral compass. A way to understand what white looks like and what. WALLACE like Jesus actually provides for us a way to navigate through just the quiet mire of morals that are existing more and more. And people's pontificating on though this is the right ethic or this is what we should do. But Jesus provides for us. A guard. His whole life is the root of real picture of God. JESUS IS THE PERFECT. Photograph of the Father and through are his wife. We can see the way that he dealt with people. The way that he was a brilliant to God in all these things and what we find in Jesus is our perfect example. Can you say amen to this. You know what's very interesting in all different cultures different religions. Jesus is still respected in Armenia in this book right now. It's for one of my classes. Written by this Middle Eastern woman who is very much a devout Muslim. That's religion that's what she grew up with. But somewhere in the middle of the book I noticed something. She's talking about her relatives and how she had one relative who was a Christian. And this person told her that Jesus was the Messiah. And she said you know what I began to think about this. Jesus is our Messiah. And then it just goes on to. The next paragraph and the next subject. And just for this moment you see this. Insertion of a thought that they are that this woman knows something about Jesus wells in German when Jesus said He has the right of the world. He wasn't meaning just him and just open the same end to that when he is the light of the world what he means is I am going my for the entire world. The world sees Jesus as the alternate moral god. Whether or not the except you are a follower. Either way they see his wife. As something that is powerful. But is in German people don't die for lives when you look at Christ and you see who he really is it is through him that we begin to see the world as well. How does Jesus. View the world. So many times we've done so good at having our own form of justice. All former Justice looks like something like this. They did this. Therefore they deserve that we developed this ethic that is actually outside the way their christ things. But I believe that God is calling us to see. With his eyes. The way he really is and we will be challenged by that more and more can you say men to that in fact. Everybody take your Bible was go to Matthew chapter five. Matthew chapter five. Jesus makes a remarkable statement in Matthew chapter five and you can see where this is all leading to your case that you hang on tight. Matthew chapter five you're going to say amen. Now knows what it says in verse thirteen. Matthew five or store team. You all of the what salt of the world. But if the salt loses its flavor. How show it be seasoned is then often good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men the NO switches and verse fourteen. You are the world. Light of the world. World. A city that is set on the hill cannot be work. You know the difference between salt and light. Salt is not something when you pour down your food that you to see when song is poured upon food you know happens it's in feels. Into the food itself. You don't see it. But the remarkable thing about white light is supposed to be something that's X.. Chernow. And so what Jesus was saying was that you were to have internal influence. And Extra no influence upon this world can you say amen to that Jesus makes a remarkable claim and he says the earth looked to his people he says. You are to be the light of this world. In fact Jesus says Look as long as I'm in this world. The light is with you who is going to carry his light. After he was to go to heaven. You were know what he says next verse fourteen you are the white of the world. A city that a settlement here cannot be hidden. Nor do they lie the lamp and put it under a basket. But on a lamp stand and it gives light to the world. All who are in the world. House. Now know freezes in verse sixteen this is the way you do it then let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your work. Your Father in heaven. This is such a remarkable claim that Jesus makes He says what you are to be light bearers to this world. As Jesus was the alternate light beer to this world he says to his people. Now you are to be right to this world. And he says. The way you do it is. You let your light shine and others you remove those things that are blocking the light the light will shine. The only way one of China's if something simply covering it. Ladies and gentlemen. God is calling us to be light to this world can you say meant to that. And he makes this remarkable claim about light. Knows well my say is right here. If Jesus were made the sum and substance of every Just course give him more time. If Jesus was made the sum and substance of every discourse given sinners will be converted by the message born they were know what they have done. They would have to do to be say lift him up the man of Calvary Hiram still higher. He who draws nearer to Christ. Need not to try to shine. As he be holds the Savior. He catches the divine rays of light from the Sun of Righteousness. And he can I resist. Can not help. Shine. Ladies and gentleman. God is not calling you to have to do you know. Has a tent leave reluctantly to try to be a witness. You see when you spend time with the light the light is on you and the light begins to Shawnee. And this is such a powerful thought when you begin to realize that you see the key to witnessing is to spend time with the light and men continue with this. He cannot help shining the light that is in the him shines forth and clear Brian raise in words and works of righteousness. Christ Grace throws in him Richard richly and heaven's light shines through him. He all underscores by complete obedience by notices. He is stimulated to more vigorous action. In the Cause of God as He imports that which the Lord gives him more and more as a slide has been share. He has begins to have this more desire an earnest sincerity to share even more. He who is a light. What bearer. In the world. Are you a white bear in the world. You look. Maybe Are you a white bear in the world. Yeah. He is a light beer in the world the shedding light on those who are in darkness. He walks close for the side of Christ. Conversing with him and gathering. Divine principles from his word. He goes about notices. Doing. Cool and doing what good. Comforting. The downcast guiding wondering footsteps in the narrow way. Sweetening the cup of bitterness. Which many drink as a result of their own course of action. Watching over those who need the guidance of a firm steady hand to leave them to the feet of the master. Hoping all. With whom he comes in contact. To fight manfully. The battles of the Lord. Ladies and gentleman. God is calling you to be more of a light and. Alternately years light. Is environment. You were just said. Light is environment. Do you know if you take this plant right here by the name of Paul and you put him in good environment do you know what happens. He will grow more to eight feet tall right. But notice. I want you to think of witnessing not so much as like man I just need to try harder. God is saying. Be good environment to people. And you know when your good environment to people. Growth happens. Cool it begins to chain. People begin to change. And they begin to automatically worse. Fall on to what's happening. You know we have these teen Bible county programs that happen. And interesting many times while these kids are just like on the part of this want to call mom want to go home they're on their cell phone tablet or whatever they got tattooed on them there is a Spirit and the way so he is like these kids will get them. And they're just they have nothing to do with spiritual Are they really don't want to do anything with it. But then will do is we're surrounded by young adults who love the Lord. And for three weeks what happens is as we take them on our solitude time in nature or study time and one of the academies in our service time in different parts of California. This chain. And it's not like any kind of force changes almost just like like whatever is there it's just now responding to the good environment. You see. Gone it is calling us to be good environment. And when people are in good environment you know what starts happening. Change happens by with me ask you a question. In the story of the parable of the Samaritan. What was the response of the man who was beaten naked. Left half dead. And then cared for by the Samaritan What was his response throughout the whole story is in Luke Chapter ten What was the response of the Good Samaritan. Not the Good Samaritan. Of the man who was be in by the robbers. And then cared for by the Good Samaritan. What was his response. There was ZERO mention of what his responses. Do you know why that's important because God isn't saying. Take care and love those who are thankful. Who are appreciative. Who speak in your favor who do something back for you when you simply gives Who gives a parable. Where there is an intentional response. Left by the person being cared for and love. Out of the story. And you know what Jesus says to the man who originally asked the question he says these things. He's like essentially. Which one of these is the neighbor. And the man says grumbling. Samaritan. And then you see us go and do likewise. What Jesus was actually asking the man was. What is God done for you. What is gone done for you he picked you up on the side of the road. You have a life now a blessing you have the grace of God. And then he essentially says. Do what God has done for you by the way do you know when in Adam's life. The fulfillment of the law took place. You've been having a lot of quiet time together recently. When Adam for wife was the fulfillment of the when was the law. Fulfilled in Adam's life. And think before his fall. John. Before his fall. Yeah. When Adams life was a lawful filled. It's funny how you guys are struggling right now how do I go. Here's the thing. The law is to love the Lord God with all your heart soul and mind and to love your neighbor as you yourself may ask your question. I don't love the Lord God with all his heart soul and mind. But who is he loving houses neighbor. Knows this it was only when he was created that the law could be wholly fulfilled in Adam's life where you try could be so far yes or no and yes listen to me right now. I want you to understand something the law isn't just filled by your obedience and worship to God The Law is fulfilled by your love for your neighbor as well. Are you tracking with me. And even Adam who was obedient to God I wonder stood the commands of our commune with God. He still needed to have that part of the law fulfilled in his life which was to love his neighbor as yourself. And that couldn't take place with those animals. I have a German Shepherd I love this dog let me tell you something he's limited in appreciating love a man. His response is a bite my hand to all of this good man. But I want you to understand something. This is such an important thing for us to to really understand. And that is this that we need to start loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. And in the story of the Good Samaritan. You have a man by the way do you know one of the reasons why. The priest in and reach out to that. That man who was dying. Because he relegated his entire worship to God. Just to the temple. In other words he was the kind of believer that when you come to church you would be especially whole the. He would be very punctual. He would participate in all the services. You would think this man is a holy man but here's the thing. It was when he was away from Jerusalem. That his religion was tested. But isn't German This is a powerful form when you begin to realize this dog is calling us to love. As Christ has loved us. You know in ourselves cool we learn something about intercession. You know we learned about into session. That intercession takes place. When there are so first in identification. What you mean by that. Do you know Moses identified with the people he was interesting for. Do you know Daniel. Interceded. But when you read indenture for mind he says Lord forgive us for our sins but there's no mention of Daniel sin. When you read about Jesus do you know why he can be our harp recent intercede for us because he identifies with humanity is you what I'm trying to say to you guys. We need to identify with the world around us and I mean identify with sins of transgression. I mean we need to identify these people are struggling. Are you trying to with me yes or no. Gone is calling us like never before. To let this light shine to remove those things that are preventing people from being loved. You don't want to get to heaven one day. And I believe the ultimate question Jesus is going to ask is who's with you. Who's with you. Who's with you. This is why it needs to shine. We are called to be light bearers. And I really want to challenge you with this thought Lord. Hold me to love when I don't get anything back. How me to love even when I don't hear or sense any think you know I was counting somebody who's not part of our church and they will not be mention some time ago. And it was very interesting in this particular situation they were struggling with something. And I realized something. They had a view of the gospel. And that view completely. Affected the way they treated other people. And so I share with them the love of God in this if you are no god loves me. Like I get that part. But I know he also has limits. I know that when I don't spend time with him or on to the things he asked me. God stop loving me. And you know I share with you I said you're wrong about that. You're absolutely wrong about that. God still loves you. God still cares about it and he wants to spend time with you sure you're hurting yourself when you're moving yourself. But God's love for you has Nazis. And then you want to begin to share with her that this is being played out and even her relationships. Now when she has a problem with somebody. Strive happened you know she just separate herself from that individual. What happens in our walk with God is played out in all her relationships. Ladies and gentlemen God is calling us like never before. To understand to see this beautiful truth of God's love that he is the light of the world. And when this Figgins to be seen and experienced. Guess what's going to happen to people around you who share in this glory and why it's gone is calling us. Like never before. To see this light. To love this light to experience this life. And we start doing this every day. The light will shine upon our dark world. God's not calling for superstars. For consistent people who want to say you know what we're going to love this person. Going to love this person Christ loved me. This person. I don't like I'm forced to one of them a man. We're going to love them. Ladies and gentlemen I believe in our church really need like never before. Fill the law of love for starters. You know one day I want to have this is credible vision. Vision not talked about where she saw the remnant church before the throne of God. And she says. The pong. Power. Then she says he got up and moved on and then she says. Many of the people who chose not to follow Jesus were still there. And she says somebody else showed up on the phone and was the devil and she says these words. He believed the pawn them. Light. But the one thing that was missing from the birth of Christ and the birth of your love for people isn't based upon how they were that's the one thing we need to say there's more than ever before. We need to start praying God loving people coming to start loving them as you love them and find incredible things happen. When this field lives in Germany a world trade. The center of all wars. You are the light of the world. You are the light of the world. You are the light of the world they do you harm the light of this world let that like you shine Jesus and look at your life as a light. And we bow our heads for we're proud father in heaven. Why confess God first. We don't have this kind of love. And it's not present in the Lord. Praying for a D. for the love that only heaven can bestow upon us God. God help us to love. As you've lost. It's not natural enough Lord and parts of our hearts resist out but God help us to love. As you love and if there are something in our own heart. That's not even understanding God how much. First change that. We thank you that you care for sinner such as us that you love us God. Even in our fall These an armistice day. But we thank you God that love. Changes and transforms. Father in heaven to Austin. Are the. Why God Made that piece of filled in our lives mean the law of love. Be fulfilled in our. Thank you Jesus name we pray this media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know. More about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more servant leader visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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