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The Character of God Controversy, Part II

Steve Wohlberg

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • December 18, 2008
    2:30 PM
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him here here let's open our Bibles up to Matthew chapter twenty six imagine some people will continue to straggle in this is part part two of a little series within a series called the character of God controversy I mention it's the last meaning that Doctor Chris Lewis and I have co-authored a book on the character of God controversy this book is available at our booth at times my first media booth is also available in the ABCs and I believe that my associate Gilbert Navarro should be here in a little while with a stack of these in case you want to just one up while you're here we discounted down for the seminar before the convention and it's just a very powerful book that deals with issues that are facing Seventh-day Adventists and the world but especially within our church I wanted to clarify something that I mentioned in the last one hour that I mentioned the name of Doctor Graham Maxwell he was a was a subsequent future at Loma Linda University and is quite influential still today even though he's not teaching like it was before the book that I that we co-authored does not mention his name or anybody's name we felt that that would be the better way to go but in this seminar I did mention it in the last meeting and some regular command said that she read one of grams looks in God we trust it five times and I want to clarify that there is a lot of good in his teachings I'm not saying that everything is is wrong but from my experience which I shared with UI wipers became an administrator can expose to his teachings especially the little book called cannot be trusted I read that book and there are there good points in there but there other things that are I found to be woven in that I found to be really just wrong three straight out will help in with you and I see a lot of what is in that book and other books like it to be a mixture of truth and error that's what it is and so that's my conviction our conclusions are in the book the character backed Contras of course we all have to make our own decisions and wrestle with the issues ourselves I wrestled with it many of you may be wrestling with it who knows who's listening to the CDB the CDR who will listen to it but I these are all issues that we have to pray and study and compare Scripture with Scripture and then seek to know God correctly that's what life is all about is knowing of the Lord and knowing him all right and Satan 's goal is to lead us away from God and one of the way that he does it he is by deceiving us about who God really is and what his attributes are in so he can lead us step by step in the wrong direction someone with pray with our heads and pray in the lookup a couple of texts before we get to Matthew twenty six washer and a couple more verses so let's put our heads and pray heavenly father thank you for this conference here in San Jose think if I can be here and we pray that the Holy Spirit will take charge of this meeting and all the meetings and just inspire us and teach us truth and reveal Jesus to us in a way that will melt our hearts and help us to really know you correctly and follow you with everything that we have in our in Jesus name we pray amen I got to forget that twenty six a couple versus John chapter seventeen verse three this is a simple statement of Jesus Christ that it has found the implications and Jesus is talking about eternal life him John seventeen verse three Jesus said this is life eternal that they might know the name only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent so Jesus says eternal life is knowing God and obviously we need to know him are right and it says knowing the only true God knowing the true God must be based upon his revelation of himself in Scripture and I mentioned that in the last time last meeting that is just vital first John chapter three verse two also talks about God 's people and the Lord and at the second coming organization first John chapter three verses of beloved now are we the sons of God and it does not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him we shall see if and how as he is right see him as he is and that should be our goal is to see him as he is not just that the second coming but right now we need to see God as he is based upon the Bible and if we see him in the wrong way it's than what practice it can affect our our Christianity is in effect are our personal experiences can affect our relationship with other people I'd has all kinds of implications so knowing God as he is this just is just crucial now the last meeting we talked about God 's character being a bland of mercy and truth and justice right now we also talked about we analyzed a little bit about the nature of God 's justice and talk about how in the church one of the big controversies concerns God 's justice and his wrath and whether that just it it just this is entirely passive or whether it's active or whether it's both I mention him I believe I can support this from Scripture is inside the character got controversy about estimates vary very clear that God 's justice as it is manifested in the Bible is a combination of both there are times when God does withdraw and allow natural consequences to run their course when this happens all the time I interested in natural light God lets people read what they so and that's the principle that we reap what we sow a plan people seem to can read people 's needs if we live a life of sin are going to reap the harvest and inside of us and send us carry within it building consequences no question about it and dangerous consequences to all of us but beyond that there are times in the Bible we look at the golden calf that was one one invention are many others where God goes beyond just allowing natural consequences to take place but there are times when he does himself directly to punish sin and he does it for good reasons and the biblical teaching is that God does do that and when he does it he's good in doing it and that's part of the controversy these days is does God punish them directly sometimes and if he does is he good in doing after taking notes in the book of drugs and profits I believe it's page ninety four is the chapter on the flood or drip the province page ninety four I'm going by memory it says that one of the arguments of the anti- dilute the end wisemen while Noah was building the bolt and while Noah was saying that a flood is coming to destroy the world one of the arguments of the philosophers against Noah was they said that it was quote contrary to the character of God to punish sin that was one of their arguments and sadly there are many today that he adopted that philosophy that is contrary to the way God is indirectly punish sin he won't do that but that's not what that's not what the Bible says I mentioned is also the last program and want to clarify that another example of God directly punishing sin is in the book of acts and I think I mentioned act chapter thirteen minutes actually act chapter twelve and it's the account of the angel who struck Peter when he was in the prison and woke him up and delivered him from jail when Herod had arrested him and was about to execute him and then later on in the chapter Karen is getting a handle and oration in front of this huge group of people and they are just praising him and saying this is the voice of God is not a man and here it is basking in that phrase and then the Bible says in acts chapter twelve that the angel of the Lord smote Sharon and he died and when you read Ellen White's comments about that in the book acts of the apostles she is very clear that it was the same angel who smote Peter who also smoked Saint Angel it's in the same chapter but she says that it was a different stroke and you probably heard expression different strokes for different folks when I was a different strokes for different folks when the Angels struck and so there's a lot of examples that made up in a bayou when they were inside the temple and they were drunk and they were taking their responsibilities as priests seriously they were a terrible influence upon the rest of the Israelites and they walked into the Temple they offered strange fire upon the altar and the Bible says that firing says came out of the temple and it consumed and I don't see any way that people can imagine that really was Satan who did that because Satan wasn't inside God 's temple and the Bible says it was the fire of the Lord that did that and the reason was because these men were just really really bad and they weren't respecting God at all so the time finally came after warnings and warnings warnings got been so that's another example has a lot of examples in the Bible to me there's just no way around it just pretty clear that there are times when God does do this as part of his character and again he does it because he's a God of love and evil is evil and at times when he asked to get rid of it and one of these days at the end of the thousand years God is going to act completely and fully and finally to get rid of sin and God 's people are been appraising for it or not to blame him for that and I can accuse him of being Satanic when he lights out evil and a racist it's like a big eraser I wanted things that appeal to me when I is first in the process of becoming an administrator actually before I ever met and at the nest when I was twenty years old I went to Baptist Church first time ever ever walked into a church with an all-black Baptist Church at a downtown LA and everybody knew I walked in the church and it was quite obvious of the liver the white skin there I been invited there by a friend and I met and it was a wonderful church had a great time there never been in the Christian church in my life but one of the things that they taught me was that if you I don't believe in Jesus you can burn in hell forever and ever and ever and ever and I just terrified me to believe that idea and I really wrestled with that and then when I first met a Seventh-day Adventist in a health food store in Northridge I remember talking with this man and asking him I said what he believed not help and he told me he said imagine will actually that the Baptist pastor sat me down in his home and he took his finger he said here's the world and he said the end of the world God is good to take the Lawson is to put them outside in a playful outer darkness and the burn forever never never actually said so when I talk to decide this is an advantage of man at health food stores and what he would not help and he had no knowledge of this previous conversation with a Baptist minister and he took his finger and your circle in the air him the same and he said this is the anniversaries of the University to be a happy place it was it was holy and happy and all the angels love God and everybody was all the angels were just at peace and was full of joy and then he said I Lucifer rebelled against God was like a cancer cell came in the universe and he put his thing I went like that if they would like to die in the universe of evil entities and when it's all over when it's the history of cinema has run its course he said I Jesus is a race that and the universe is really clean and once again and when he said that something inside me just click I thought now that makes sense it makes a lot of sense that God can eliminate evil it's not to be there forever if you want to burn in hell forever and he said God was bigger users can erase it enter me that sounded perfectly fine I think there's you know there's a lot of extremes hasn't mentioned before in the church these days and especially comes to God 's justice on the evangelical side we know that many people teach that people will burn in hell forever and ever and ever that's an extreme on the other side there are those that say that God is so good and so loving and so kind he won't even punish sin and I think that's another extreme on the other side in the biblical view is that God is loving and good and kind and yes he will punish sin and get rid of it because he's good and loving and kind to me that makes perfect that's it that's what I read in my Bible now let's go to Matthew chapter forty six and let's zero in on Gethsemane and on the cross I want to read a quotation to you if you have taken notes from the book God 's amazing grace amazing Grace pays page one sixty eight one sentence says here that no sorrow can bear any comparison with the sorrow of him upon whom the wrath of God fell with overwhelming force that is a powerful sentence no sorrow in there any comparison with the sorrow of him upon whom the wrath of God fell with overwhelming force and its describing Gethsemane and across now let's zero in on this Matthew chapter twenty six versus thirty this was at the end of Jesus life after he broke the bread and passed out the juice in the upper room in verse thirty it says when they had sung a camp at the end of the Passover ceremony and they went out into the mount of olives that when you read this and the desire of ages that was the book that changed my life when I first read that after I met this at this man and he drew the circle in the air and use the eraser I said when can I go to church with you so he brought me to an Adventist church for the first time I checked out about this I checked out the Methodists I checked out cavalry Chapel check out Jehovah's Witnesses and then I checked out the atlas and when I walked in the administers the pastor recognize that I was someone new and he brought me into his office sat me down one day and asked me questions and then he reached on the bookshelf and handed me a copy of the book the desire of ages and he said here take this but commonly an idea and when I was done with that book everything had changed no more marijuana no more drugs no more cocaine no more discos no more alcohol it was all everything was completely different and now I just saw Jesus as my Savior he just captured my heart him and what he offered me was much much more satisfying than anything in the world could offer me and the chapter that really reached me more than any other chapter chapter seventy four which is called Gethsemane Gethsemane and when you read this text when it says they went out to the Mount of olives this was Thursday night in Jesus and his disciples were meandering through the streets of Jerusalem they exited through an Eastern gate they went down a little slow and they went up a hill heading toward the mount of olives and a garden called Gethsemane for Gethsemane means the pressing out of the oil with an Olive Garden and in the desire bases in that chapter it says that Jesus disciples were walking for that garden that Jesus became strangely silent and he began to sway back and forth and it says that something mysterious was going on inside of him but his disciples could not even begin to understand and if his disciples wouldn't have even if they had held him up he would have fallen to beer and as they are on their way Jesus begins to moan and and and grown it it says it is our pages as if suffering under the pressure of a terrible burden and he began to say a few things to them on the way to the garden is there walking and verse thirty one tells us what Jesus said one of the things he said first thirty one Matthew twenty six thirty one since then said Jesus to them all he shall be offended because of me this night for it is written what's next is not really a word it's a letter one letter I asked right it is written and then this he says I will smite the shepherd in the shape of the flock shall be scattered on broad but after I am risen again I will go before you into Galilee and Jesus is quoting the text and he said I will smite the shepherd now when it says I will smite the shepherd and it was this talking about is talking about the Roman soldiers fighting the shepherd is talking about the Jews in smiting the shepherd horses talking about a divine act based upon the text that's what Jesus is describing something that is coming down from the sky from heaven in the desire of ages in August quotes it's right in the first couple pages of the chapter on Gethsemane page six eighty six it says here that Christ was now standing in a different attitude from that in which he had ever stood before his suffering can best be described in the words of the prophets quote away crippled sword against my shepherd and against the man and that is my fellow saith the Lord of hosts that when the Scripture says here in verse thirty one Jesus said it is written I will smite the shepherd who knows what Scripture is quoting from if you have a little marginal references in your Bible okay Zechariah Jesus is quoting a Scripture that he's quoting that text to describe his sufferings right as he's nearing the Garden that text anything almost like the shepherd of the sheep of the flock will be scattered abroad that text is from Zechariah chapter thirteen or seven the entire verse is quoted in desire of ages or leased more than is reported in this text for portion of it and it's insignificant that desire of ages says that the suffering of Christ can describe in the words of the prophet and that's actually so this is one of the best descriptions we have of the suffering of Jesus and of the text that he himself used as he neared the garden and so let's go back to the text and let's read the full verse go back to Zechariah chapter thirteen keep your finger there and Matthew twenty six welcome back of the disco right before Matthew just a couple pages to the left near the end of the Old Testament Zechariah thirteen verse seven this is the birth of Jesus quoted and this is the verse that Ellen White quoted in this is the verse that she said was the best description of Christ suffering and attacks here's as awake old sword against my shepherd and against the man that is my fellow saith the Lord of hosts smite the shepherd and the sheep shall be scattered and I will turn my hand upon the little ones it's pretty clear when you read the whole verse that what is smiting the shepherd is the sort right there's awake O sword against my shepherd against the man who is my fellow says the Lord of hosts I held my comments on this in many different places about that sort what is that sword this is talking about is this a Roman sort that is being awakened okay it is the sword of justice if you have this CD-ROM with her writings on air he can do a search for four sword of justice and you will find some amazing statements in the desire manages approximately go back to the to the reference I I gave you an in the book amazing Grace page one sixty seven part of same as paragraph says this the sword of justice was a punishing and the wrath of God against Negri rested upon man's substitute Jesus Christ the only begotten of the father for selected messages page three twenty two says voluntarily our divine substitute bared his soul to the sword of justice that we might not perish but have everlasting life is our biggest page six eighty seven says the sins of men weighed heavily upon Christ and the sense of God 's wrath against sin was crushing out his life I say I want to read some the right before that the page before that it is our pages describe the full paragraph about the sword this is what it says that Christ was now standing in a different attitude from that which you never stood before his suffering can best be described in the words of the prophet a Waco sword against my shepherd against the man that is my fellow says the Lord of hosts that correct thirteen seven as substitute and surety for sinful man here's a key line it says Christ was suffering under divine justice and it says he saw what Justice met he sought he understood what was going to happen hitherto he had been in intercessor for others but now too long to have an intercessor for himself we talked about how in the last program last meeting that God 's character is a magnificent blend of different attributes of attributes of mercy and truth and justice and as we look at Exodus thirty four percent and when it talks about God 's justice the Scripture says that he will by no means clear the guilty right but that he will visit him and he will he will punish sin as being credible truth of the plan of salvation so that God can uphold his mercy or extended his mercy and uphold his justice is that God has done something for us through his son the surgeon says he would not clear the guilty but he would visit and what what has happening in in the Bible in Gethsemane and on the cross is that the guilt of the entire human race was transferred somehow mysteriously into Jesus into his mind and into his heart and God in order to clear costs and still maintain his justice he transferred our guilt to his son and his son experienced the justice that we deserve and that is the boldly way that God has been able to maintain his justice and yet to extend the mercy that is in his heart toward lost human beings it's a it's a divine dilemma and got has two attributes he's got mercy and he's got justice he wants to be merciful buddy but justice is still there so what is the Lord to happen he forgives sin and yet not clear the guilty how does he deal with that that's the divine dilemma how does God extended his mercy and yet maintain his justice there's only one way only one way and that way is by allowing his justice to fall upon his own son in Gethsemane and on the cross and that's what the Scripture means when it says always over sword against my shepherd there has never been a time in human history from the fall of man to this moment when God 's justice has ever fallen fully upon any human being because of sin never happened in its complete a sense except one time only once and at one time was in Gethsemane and on the cross and his organization a little bit that one time is very much a part of the third Angels message very much and on the developers thought so let's go back to Matthew chapter twenty six and let's keep looking at what's going on in the seventy method twenty six Jesus is on the way to the garden he quotes the Scripture in verse thirty one where he says I will smite the shepherd it's God doing it and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad but after I risen again Jesus and I will go before you into Galilee first thirty six says then Jesus with them into a place called Gethsemane that mention the word Gethsemane means the pressing out of the oil I was there one time I was in the Garden of Gethsemane in nineteen eighty three had a friend of mine in had quite a bit it means that a lot more money than I've ever had and heat into Jerusalem a look anyone anything have to like to go to Israel itself by your ticket I said sure okay so I keep put me on a plane and send in Israel for ten days just to get some experience and I I went there and was with a group of ministers traveling around he went to various places in the Sea of Galilee two Israel went to Caesarea and the highlight for me was going to get seventy and walking around on the amount of olives and seeing all the trees that were there and trying to imagine what it would be like for Jesus to enter that garden edges really I was very powerful to picture try to imagine that Jesus was in this very place on the Bible talks about different places those places where real they are real Gethsemane Israel the mount of olives Israel and Jesus is real and he was right there inside that garden and the pressing out of the Boyle and it says that Jesus said to his disciples in verse thirty six it here while I go and pray yonder and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and he began to be sorrowful and very heavy he began to be sorrowful something began to happen to Christ as he approached the garden that had never happened to him before throughout his life I says it is our great as he walked in this sunlight of God 's countenance but as he neared the garden something began to happen and it says heaps he began to be sorrowful and very heavy very very heavy some people believe that what happened in Gethsemane and on the cross was simply God demonstrating the scope of moral influence the demonstrating that sin leads to death that separation from God leads to death and that's the way they understand Gethsemane there's just showing what happens when you're separated from God but the fact is anything that dimension is there but it's more than its model whole story there's a rest of the story and when you read carefully your Bible and mean-spirited prophecy it's clear that the reason why Jesus began to be sorrowful and very heavy what's because sin was mysteriously being transferred to him in a way that has never happened before he was out he was absorbing the sin of the world of sin of Adam Anderson and every person all the way down through history all the way to the end of time he was beginning to experience that guilt and not only that he would beginning to experience the attributes of God of himself as well it's not a separate effort attribute for him it's his own attributes and attribute of justice or injustice against the sin he began to feel that inside of himself like I mentioned this is never ever happened before nobody's ever that's like Jesus did in the garden and so he was he was a very very heavy in the number thirty eight he said to his disciples he said my soul is exceeding sorrowful even to death Terri here and watch with me now the death that he's talking about here is not the depth that we die when we got if I would've gotten a plane crash on the way here from Spokane that would not have been the death that Jesus was beginning to suffer when we die when people die we go to sleep brightness happens to the good and that you know if you're on the way home and no heaven for bid something happens to you by courier plane crashes or whatever and your your dead body that can happen to a follower of Jesus or someone is not a follower of Jesus right it happens all the time the righteous and the wicked to say than the lots the good and the bad were all subject to things happening in this world and so when people dies their normal death the Bible says they go to sleep happens to both the good and the bad but that is not the data that Jesus was wrestling with in Gethsemane the book of Revelation talks about the second talks about those that are to be resurrected at the end of the thousand years and then they'll be judged and then they will be says thrown into the lake of fire and they will experience the second death and that his death has no hope of resurrection that's a death that there is nothing beyond the two and that is a death that is the the result of sin and that is the death that Jesus was wrestling with in the Garden of Gethsemane it was the second death is not the first verse thirty nine says he went a little farther and he fell on his face when he did was he left Peter and if you left Judas was gone so now I have eleven disciples left he left eight of them at the entrance to the garden and then he took into the inner recesses Peter James and John and then he left them somewhere in the inner recesses and then he went farther in the by himself alone so he could pray just between himself and his father and when he got farther in their first thirty nine says he went a little farther and he fell on his face and he prayed now this is amazing indicated that nobody knew what was going on Jerusalem was full of people most of them were asleep and here's Jesus and his disciples and there in the garden they really don't know what's going on the disciples don't know what's going on by Jesus that if he goes farther at all by himself and he kneels down in the Bible says his eagle on his face not never seen a picture of any in any book the suffering in the garden where his face is actually in the dirt have you I've never seen that Kelly see him in a holding on to his hands or his mailing against the rock but you never see him all the way down facedown and also the Bible says he's in the garden face down because of another sin started in the garden Garden of Eden garden the garden 's Indocin and it's not just Adam Sandler now it's everybody's and nobody may we can't even fathom really what was really going on in Gethsemane Jesus knew it and he was down on the ground face in the dirt and then he began to pray and it says the first word out of his mouth was not even a word just a letter he said oh my father if it is possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you will so powerful it is possible let this cup pass from me now what was in that kind what was he talking about talking about a cup like this in cuisine with a holding account the physical cup in his hands honestly not this was a simple symbolic what was inside that cup what was it that he was a rustling with whether he was given to drink the cup or not okay that that's right inside backup with was a number of things I mean it's a it's it's a mixture that difficult for us to grasp we can just begin to see it as the light begins to shine in our minds inside the cup was first of all it was sent it was my sin in your city it was everybody's him the whole world from Adam to the that was part of it another part of it was the separation that sin brings between him and his father and when you redesign pages says that separation is definitely part of the dynamic of what's going on no question about it sin and the separation letters another dimension to what's going on here there's like when I would call the sword dimension based upon the words of Christ in Matthew twenty six thirty one the sword I will smite the shepherd Jesus said right I will smite the shepherd and then going back to the original text in Zechariah awake O sword against my shepherd against the man that is my fellow says the Lord of hosts that when he written and desire pages and I really recommend you read that book if you haven't read especially the chapter on Gethsemane it is amazing quite a few quotations that describe the wrath of God in the Garden of Gethsemane and what Jesus was feeling desire of ages page seven fifty three says the room around of God against sin the terrible manifestation of his displeasure because of iniquity filled this filled the soul of his son with consternation all his life Christ had been publishing to a fallen world the good news of his father 's mercy and pardoning love salvation for the chief of sinners was his theme but now with the terrible weight of guilt he bears cannot see the father 's reconciling face their withdrawal of the divine countenance from the Savior in this hour of supreme anguish pierced his heart with sorrow that can never be fully understood by man so great was this agony that his physical pain was hardly self now as you read this paragraph it's describing a lot of different things it's talking about the good news of the father 's mercy and I believe that with all my heart it describes his pardoning love which if it wasn't for that would all be lost it talks about the salvation for the chief of sinners it also talks about the withdrawal of the divine countenance from the Savior in this hour of supreme anguish and it also talks about the wrath of God against sin the terrible manifestation of his displeasure because of iniquity it's all there and it's not right to take one element and exclude all the other elements they're all there it's a mixture just like the mixture that sin Exodus chapter thirty four describing the character of God it's a bland know where there's one other quote here that I'm trying to find okay here this is our biggest page six eighty seven this is against the chapter on Gethsemane it says the sins of men weighed heavily upon Christ and the sense of God 's wrath against sin was crushing out his life and as I read this I read in a dormitory room I was that twenty years old going to my third-year college at Cal State Northridge of anybody's part of that school in Southern California and San Fran Valley at that time I was still smoking marijuana I hadn't given up my drugs that still had buddies at work partiers is just my life that's all I knew was the party life in here and inform in the dorm room I was a coed dorm my dad got me and paid some money gotten in the dorm I had a roommate and though I'm never one time right after we moved in together that I was out tonight came in one night stand I remember they are having a party in the round and and there were guys and girls in all around and he could smell the marijuana smelled marijuana coming down the hallway and it was just a party place they would turn the cafeteria and they would just go on Saturday nights and that's what I was in the midst of as a twenty -year-old and now I'm reading these are pages and I get to chapter seventy four and I'm reading Gethsemane and I'm looking at this image in my mind of Jesus laid down in the garden praying a prayer to his father and my dad and I have always been really close and we still are to this day my dad still live my mom is still alive dataset seventy nine my mother is seventy six there both well up in years but mother still alive and again I have always been really really close and I don't know whether my relationship with my dad affected or not my ability or God 's ability to get into me and help me to really be gripped by that chapter by seeing a father and a son in anguish in Gethsemane but it's very possible I know a lot of people have brought real hard time with their relationships with their dad and it's difficult for them to see our heavenly father who is a loving father when their relationship with their father hasn't been so good my relationship is different with my dad since I don't know how it all happened but I do know that there are was in the dorm room reading this book reading the chapter and I look at this this scene and money in my minds eye there was a couple of pictures on in the book of Jesus praying in the garden one with an angel standing behind him hold him his hand on his shoulder and another one with Jesus I'm mailing up against the rock with his hair falling down over his face and he has Hannah 's heart and he was he was in anguish amendment none of the picture showed him with his face in the dirt by those pictures were still gripping to me and I never sitting there reading this book and look at those pictures and then thinking about this man thinking what's going on what is happening here in the Garden of Gethsemane when I first read desire based the beginning I read about Jesus birth in Bethlehem and I never heard anything like that hi I'm Jewish my family situation we never went to synagogue we didn't pray I never read the Bible didn't know anything about Nellore Daniel or any of these stories and so when I started reading about Jesus being born in Bethlehem is brand-new to me and as I start going through the book all the stories and the miracles in the healings was all completely fresh never heard of before and it was suicide gripping to me but when I got to get seventy I saw him kneeling and praying in anguish beside praying to his father and grandfather if you're willing to take this cup from me and I looked at that and every still thinking to myself what is going on here why is this happening why is he suffering so much and as I rented it described a number of things to describe his his tender love for me as a lost soul it described the seriousness of sin entering into his heart and into his mind to describe the separation of the beams the fathers beings of light and love and and glory from his beloved son I saw this separation going on and that there were those other students that were in there like the ones I just read to you the statements about him sensing the wrath of God against sin that was him brushing how his wife and somehow it was the combination of mercy and love and justice and wrath divine wrath all combined in one dynamic portrayal of what Christ was suffering what he was going through it was that combination that somehow reached me and I I don't know how floor did but to me the miracle of miracles is that God was able to reach me into my mind and show me that Jesus was going through this for me and it wasn't it was that chapter that I brought me over the line it was that chapter that caused me more than anything else to make a decision and to say this is the man that I want and I thought about my wildlife and all the things that I know loved to do it I had given up yet at that point and those things just faded away and all I saw was the Gethsemane man the Gethsemane man who was praying to his father agonizing about the cup and inside that come with my sin and the wrath of God against sin that I deserved but that she was going through instead of me because he left any amazing thing was that you need to release statements about God 's wrath but it didn't turn me off it didn't make me think well of loud thoughts like that I want anything to do with them it didn't do that it interested truly to realize that yes God is just yes he does have sheer element of justice that he was willing to do to have that justice go against his own signs my sends him him and God that said in Christ instead of it happening in a so he can drop me and forgive me and cleanse me so that I have no more sin and I have scanned instead of my own life and I'm trying to say it was all those dynamics that were all there that's what really that's what really reached me more than anything else and I strongly believe as I look back on my life when I was twenty four twenty years old and I read a chapter seventy four and I realize that it was the combination of mercy and truth and justice combined that really convicted me and brought me to my knees and let me over the line to get my whole life to Christ that it was it was that that land and if you have left some of those elements out I don't know if I would've done it for me I don't know if it would've really you brought me over it's a combination that that's what really sears my soul that yes God is loving and good and kind and yes he's also just got his character and in order to save me he was willing not to clear the guilty without any justice but he was want to take my guilt and put it on himself and then experience the justice of God himself in order to extend his mercy and I forget it that's what did it more than anything else there is a quotation in the book great conversational keeper of this or not this is very powerful there's a chapter in great controversy that deals with the teaching of spiritualism and what the spirits teach your children we know it's a great danger in these last days quality Ricardo Rizzi page five fifty eight and it says here that this is one of the teachings of spiritualism it's as alive is dwelt upon as the chief attribute of God but it is degraded to a week of sentimentalism making little distinction between good and evil God 's justice and his denunciations on sin and the requirements of his holy law are all kept out of sight that is the teaching of spiritual thought for the spirits teach when the spirits to meet and impersonate the dead and then appear to people they say everybody's going out there everybody's can be in heaven do whatever you want heavens your home no problem because God is a God of love and kindness and compassion to save everybody so love is dwelt upon as a chief attribute of God but it really isn't true love it says in that quote that it is really a weak sentimentalism that does not differentiate between good and evil it is a weak sentimentalism that denies or at least keeps out of sight God 's justice in his denunciation of sin and my conviction is and I just can avoid this conviction in its unconnected and my conviction is that the only way for us to understand the true character of God and the plan of salvation and what Jesus operating Gethsemane and on the cross is to see the blending of mercy and justice there is no other way any other way is a perversion of truth in that it's just not the full picture it's a half-truth you might say and seventy one said the be careful of half truths because you may end up with the wrong half then we need to be careful the way Satan works visiting mixes truth and error that they can go back to the Garden of Eden then there was the tree of life which was the share trading the country and in the other tree was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil it was a way that you think about Babylon Babylon is a is confusion it's a bland I very clear in the Bible and the spirit of profit what Satan does as he mixes truth and error and so it's our task to discern these things that the character of God is a blend but the Blandings of these different attribute to come together in a harmonious whole that is rooted in his love and Satan also conjures up a blended for acute conditions are less than his last days a cup his own cup which is in Revelation or team eight the cup of the wine of Babylon and that cup is a mixture of truth and error there are books out there in our church that you have true that they are combined with air and that's what that's what makes them dangerous is the combining of them in the book of Revelation there's a number of different cups there's a cup of the wine of Babylon which is this falls through a good mixed with evil truth and error but then there's another cup which is the cup that God warns about in the third Angels message he says that even if you get the market at least you'll drink but there if you drink the cup of the wine of Babylon then you'll eventually drink another cup anywhere what backup skull and will look at that next meeting my left-leaning the third Angels message talks about those that get the market abuse the same will drink the wine it says on the wrap of God which is poured out it says without mixture into the cup of his indignation revelation fourteen verse ten what does that mean the cup without mixture without mixture of what mercy that strikes on God 's judgments throughout history have always been tapered with mercy always he's always injected Mercy Mercy Mercy all throughout history but the time will come finally and this is what the third Angels message warns about the third Angels message warns about getting the market-based and then drinking the cup of the wine of the wrath of God without mixture of mercy without mixture which means mixture mercy that means that when people build up final way and take that final step at the end of filtering backup and there's no mercy in which means shared justice against sin without mercy and the reality is that nobody has ever up to this point ever drank that cut except for one person the Gethsemane man that's right he drank it and why did you drink and he drank it because he loves you and he doesn't want you to drink it and he doesn't want me to drink it that's why he drank it and it's very important to understand that because as we'll see in the next meeting my last meeting of understanding that blending of justice and mercy rooted in love and seeing what Christ went through Gethsemane and on the cross and his willingness to drink that cup that is part of the heart of the third Angels message they really has become of Revelation fourteen ten thank you right back to Gethsemane we produced a TV series on this of these mysteries showing the connection between the third Angels message in the Garden of Gethsemane and I strongly believe how stress this again in the next program that when the final test comes in the market abuses and forth I'm getting ahead of myself Gethsemane and across the preaching of Gethsemane and the cross must be at the heart of our message and if it's not we've lost our heart and where were in trouble we've missed we missed the boat and couple more text let's look at Isaiah chapter fifty three in Isaiah fifty three is the great messianic chapter that describes the suffering of God 's Messiah powerful chapter to share with Jewish people by the way we just finished a accident started fearing a forty five minute documentary to reach Jewish chief of sinners of the city Toronto channel emulates the just came out last Saturday night has been airing a couple of times on the hotel or to finance the decision is that it works around with it and if it's designed a rich Jewish people just get in a comment on on DVD shortly and it showed it goes back to Egypt shows that the better life putting blood on the door and a little Jewish boy is looking at his dad as the father is putting the blood on the doors thinking that no miss a spot make sure it's all there because that's in my life is at stake I'm Jewish on the first corner and if I was very native I'd make sure my death without one anyway and ending the documentary goes from there to add for the upper room where Jesus is celebrating the Jewish Passover and breaking the bread and passing out the juice and then he goes to a modern seder where Jewish family is celebrating the Passover and the footage goes back and forth back and forth showing that it was in Egypt that the event the whole Jewish nation was born the Jewish nation was born under the sign of what the blood of the Lamb and then that life pointed forward to the Messiah Jesus Christ an accident when she was still celebrate the Passover they only understood the spiritual significance of what they were doing they would understand that all of the points forward to Christ and to his shed blood which she should shed out of his head in Gethsemane and eventually on the cross very powerful and Isaiah fifty three describes this verse six says all we like sheep have gone astray we have turned everyone to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all Jesus death on the cross was not just a demonstration that sin leads to death as some people are teaching today I it's much more than that it says the sin of us the Lord laid on him the iniquity of us all Jesus actually took our sins all of our sins and the justice of God against sin was upheld and implemented right there in Gethsemane and on the cross is the only way it can happen only when it could be done verse ten says yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him the Lord didn't he has put him to grief now the reason why pleased him was because he knew that the minute it was it was a combination of things it was horrifying verbal him again it was pleasing because they know that when it was all over baby may be able to save us and that's that was the goal of the end of the rest of the verse says when he will make his soul an offering for sin he shall see his seed and shall prolong his days the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand verse eleven says he shall see the travail of his soul and he shall be satisfied you'll be pleasantly satisfied to know that his suffering in Gethsemane suffering on the cross was enough to save you and to save me that's why he'll be pleased because he'll see us in the kingdom and you know that were blood bought children saved by his grace through his character implementing a plan to get us out of here to deal with our sin without ignoring to uphold his justice without allowing that just as the fall unless by having it fall on the Savior in Gethsemane and on the cross one more quote and then we'll take a break and get one more meeting time all of this into the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ in the third Angels message of Revelation in fact a desire of ages this is the conclusion of the chapter on the cross on Calvary it says here on page seven fifty five and seven fifty six that the spotless son of God hung upon the cross his flesh was lacerated with stripes those hands so often reach out and blessing nailed to the wooden bars those feeds so tireless on ministries and lives right to the tree that while had pierced by the crown of thorns those quivering lips shaped to the crime well in all that he endured blood draw I love from his head his hands his feet the agony that wrapped his friend any unutterable anguish that filled his soul at the hiding of his father 's face speaks to each child of humanity declaring it is for you that the son of God consents to bear this burden of guilt it is for you that he spoils the domain of death and opened the gates of paradise he can still be angry waves and what the phone kept billows who made devils tremble and disease lead to open blind eyes and called forth the dead to life offers himself upon the cross as a sacrifice and this from love to you and here's the last sentence he the CNN bearer endures the around of divine justice and for your sake becomes sin itself where can it be studying this contemplating this and pasting on it for all eternity we will never completely exhaust the fullness of the plan of salvation and how God 's character of mercy and justice and that combination has been effectively maintained and implemented in the suffering of God 's own son until we actually get there and see Jesus face to face that is the power part of the power of the third Angels message and may God help us to have it shares our hearts and get into our hearts and put us on our needs and say Lord thank you that you were willing to do it for me let's shower heads and let's pray him dear father holy father what an amazing what an amazing revelation and we just pray that you will help us to look to Jesus to look to you to look to your love to look to your plan and to understand please pierce us so that will see the horror of sin your justice against the and yet your name infinite mercy and going through all this for us so that we can be safe please bless us all and lead us closer and closer putting from in Jesus name we pray will this medium was used by audio or is seamless innovation is if you'd like to learn more about G1 please visit www. done I will work like this is an online seminar is the means of no volume versus nonwork


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