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The Character of God Controversy, Part III

Steve Wohlberg

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • December 18, 2008
    3:45 PM
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alright now while we are waiting for the audio to get ready let me just since as of my last thought for those of you that are not familiar with Whitehorse media that's our ministries from Revelation nineteen eleven Jesus coming on the white horse we like the name Whitehorse media we picked the name because were inspired by Jesus and his return and we want to help people get ready for his coming I'm the director of the ministry but I'm not a writer off on the horse would make a very clear that Jesus is the writer he's in charge and were just little people here trying to be involved in a big work out we have a newsletter that we send out if you'd like to fix him up I got some copies here we have them on our website as well Whitehorse media .com we have a lot of books a lot of resources to help people prepare for the end of their great evangelistic tools we have a lot of books you two little books pocketbooks coming out on the Sabbath and marketing these antibiotic just a couple of days public by remnant we have a DVD called the ultimate Passover documentary designed to reach Jewish people and the fantastic resorts resort in the church if you have Jewish friends if you have Muslim friends we have another thirteen part documentary arts at sexiest a series of documentary that we just finished and is now airing on free again called Islam revisited not immediate seen any of those but there's nothing for them down nine left to go it's a very powerful series designed to communicate with Muslims in our ultimate goal is to reach the descendents of Ishmael than Muslim world and to reach the descendents of Isaac the Jewish world and bring them both together at the foot of the cross quite a challenge that were excited about it and we have this book the character got controversy I'm not on the I don't see Gilbert here that he's normally and that we do have the burial will we have quite a few copies of this book that we brought with us there at our booth and you are good tonight and heading out in the morning how we drop the price down to ten dollars but if you'd like to pick one up he should have been back when this meeting is over and we also have been at the and see what else can I tell you that we just move your ministry in Washington we appreciate your prayers we are doing everything we can to try to stay warm and features in these last days that's what we are committed to this is my last thought on this little miniseries on the character got controversy part three is about Jesus Christ and his righteousness that you want what I want to zero in on holiday settings I feel like they're bigger than I am certain they are there bigger than any of us but God 's truth and got straight as it is word about the trade we need to understand and ultimately got through this century in a person and that person is described himself and focusing on hand is what it's all about so let's open our Bibles to Revelation chapter fourteen to get a little review of some of the things we talked about and tie everything together I strongly believe that were in the final days we may not have if you like the next year and I hope not plenty night at a hotel where were almost at the second coming by next year you want to tan were not far away overwhelming surprises in the burst upon the world in a short time and Jesus was getting on and we need to be ready and do our part to help other people get ready reminds me of little advantage in my life never months ago six and why sad was that he was still a reasonably give turn for you and he cannot do anything you want to check my e-mail now he's only three to ten does not check his e-mail what he does he just gets on the computer and ghosts is typed on the keyboard in it he watches daddy check his e-mail and actually he's got two e-mails from Jean Windsor he is ongoing he goes on to the website my place with Jesus .com never seen that site is awesome for kids that he is now four and he has learned how to push the mouse button and fill out all the questions and thirteen Bible studies on that website and now he's a graduate 's got his own certificate and is a member of the online phase which is a and now they have a separate letter we can go in and he can move around things and not watch Gino's retell stories as its greatest fervor kids and I he he he he 's actually got two e-mails from Jean right hand dear said so he has had a couple of enough anyway and that's a negative seventy F once an e-mail sometime right around there Nelson and I want to go on eBay let's really get why is he now is that we often don't even try to find him some little train toys or things like that is available in beta when one twenty total debt that electrically e-mailed anyone on eBay I thought myself rather I said I enough we were living a few years ago you never have a little kid say something like that I never said anything like that when I was looking and I thought I had changed times ever really changed and brief one telling you that little story is because times are going to change again we are living on the edge of the men and times are going to change they haven't changed and they're going to change him there was ever a time for us to be connecting with Jesus and understanding the message of his righteousness it is right now and do my best to tie a lot of threads together in time to send with the third Angels message to let our head again ask ask God to bless us and help us heavenly father father we can decide to you please take charge please speak for me please speak to all of us from your word and help us to understand a little more about what we are to be saying and doing in these final days and when the crisis comes help us to look to Jesus to keep her eyes on him to understand his matchless charms and his incredible in Jesus name we pray on the okay revelation fourteen verse one hundred this verse earlier today first one since I left and Lola Lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him all hundred forty four thousand having his father 's name written in their forecasts we talked about this that is telling us that God is going to have people in these final days who had his character his name written in our forgets it becomes a part of our thinking a part of our minds part of our hearts so the character of God message is right here in verse one if you go down the first nine we have the message of the third Angels first nice as the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worships the beast and his image and receives his Mark in his four head or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and bring cellular presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascends up forever and ever and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever receiving the mark of his name the mark of his name the market of these is really the mark of the beast 's name which means this character you got the character of God in the character of these one group is immediately character of God and therefore has the other group is to get the market and the character of the beast and therefore as to group as everybody can have somebody's character inside of our foreheads were alternately reflecting one side or the other in the final days and then verse twelve says here the patients of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the phase of Jesus that's the conclusion of the third Angels message Silver Swan talks about the character guiding the fourth of his people then verses six to twelve is the messages people are supposed to be giving in the third Angels message is the final message last message his people are supposed to be giving it warns about these it warns about the image and Mark and then it says that those who get the Mark will drink the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out into me by mixed with mercy and as we read in our last hour together where it is doubtful imagery taking back to it thinking back to Gethsemane right back to the garden where Jesus wrestled with that cup unmixed with mercy and he drank it he drank a full outpouring of the pure justice of God against sin in the garden which is powerful this verse were talks about those who get the Mark will drink a cup and it says Bill don't suffer in the presence of the whole we in the presence of the Lamb in the presence of the Lamb the presence of Jesus and I think that Jesus or as well but when he looks at these people who are suffering and one of the reasons why he'll be suffering is because she'll now that he drank a cup already for the ending didn't need to be drinking that they are drinking it because they rejected him and it's huge you can be there to be right there in his presence the presence of the Lamb the purpose of the third Angels message is ultimately to bring us into the presence of the Lamb to bring a lamb in your hearts to bring Jesus into our hearts and help us understand what he did so that we don't have to go through the so that we can be saved and in verse twelve concludes with this conclusion of the third Angels message which talks about those that he commands of God and faith in Jesus both sides of the third Angels message concludes with a balance message telling that when he gets to the end what is the last word in the third Angels message in Vienna Brazil for the period of Jesus that's right Jesus is the foundation of the message the book of Revelation comes from Jesus he gave this message is the foundation of the message he is the heart of the message and then he's the conclusion of the message is the last word and it's a it's a balance message that combines the commands of God and the faith of Jesus some people focus on the Commandments of God and administers to do that prior to eighteen eighty eight as we've been told that we preach the law law law commanded the command of the Commandments and that we were as dry as the hills of what you lost some of you know that quote that's right and at other times we slung away I want to allow law law so we want to talk about Jesus Jesus Jesus and we sometimes forget the law and just focus on Christ and that's what people are often doing today outside of our church inside of our church the pendulum has been swinging back and forth back and forth throughout history even in Canada's history focusing on the law neglecting Christ focusing on Jesus neglecting the law a hundred years ago countries over a hundred years ago now in the year eighteen eighty there were two Adventist preachers from California and they went to the general conversation in Minneapolis Minnesota and they began a series of talks and in those talks especially one of them and EJ Wagner visited to Josie Jim Wagner antiaging agent or compensation and what they did what Wagner this is all-powerful was that the pendulum going back and forth back and forth panel and center and he preached the logon and the gospel of Jesus Christ together as Ellen White said the righteousness of Christ in relation to the mall she was there and she said I see the beauty of the presentation of the righteousness of Christ in relationship to the law as the Doctor EJ Waggoner has presented his or us and what Wagner did was he put the law and the gospel together the blending of the justice of God and the mercy of God together censored in the cross and well I heard that she heard that she said every fiber of my heart when evening it was so powerful was that there was a electrical energy you might say which really was the energy of the Holy Spirit as they are at Minneapolis tested what is was preaching wasn't sure and not only did he take the character of God the true character of God of mercy and justice not only did he focus on that character implementing a plan that upheld the attributes of his character in Gethsemane on the cross but he then that message into the heart of the third Angels and tied it in with prophecy and with the market and when Ellen White Saul she said this is as if the message that our people me right now and then she tied that it is with analysis revelation seventeen verse one Revelation eighteen one says after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened his glory and she connected these verses and said that the that way what we could call the fourth Angel who comes down in Revelation eighteen one analyte in figure she said the purpose of that Angel is to get our to the third Angels message what we read in Revelation fourteen is that third Angels message about the cup and the Lamb and the mark and the law and in the gospel the purpose of the revelation eighteen one message was to give special power for the third Angels message about the power of the Holy Spirit energizing the preaching that Wagner was giving at Minneapolis now I have a strong conviction that when the final time comes we need to be able to preach this message from I have found it a little better I'm showing you some some more key quotations from the spirit of prophecy by I want to stress that when the final crisis comes the majority of our preaching is not to be from the spirit of prophecy and we need to use verbose and different bugs out luckily as a model I believe that abortion were standing before the cameras before CNN and Fox news and in all the major networks telling the world why were not going along with the marketing these entities and in our favor for the judges of the earth we need to be doing it from the Bible and we need to see it right there and open our Bibles were not the same zero now some major network host of the bill O'Reilly interviews me when a final time comes I'm not busy when you know a sentence the testimonies page ninety nine to say that Bill O'Reilly dynamite handed a copy of great controversy and slavery this book but I believe opening my file to Revelation fourteen and reading is straight from Scripture and that's exactly what Wagner did the priesthood from the Bible and that's what Ellen White said we need to be doing in the final days at the very end of the great controversy right near the end she has a chapter called the Scriptures are always anxious point system and so while we need it we can learn from the writings that God has given to us as the enemy can share them with others we still must never forget that in working with the world out there people that don't know anything about what we know we need to be able to show them what the Bible says and preach the message from the word we've got to do that and if we don't resist film is not to happen when and him can analyze out any share with you a couple of us here page one also read the books are written in C Christ object lessons to take notes Christ questions page or fifteen says it is in the darkness of misapprehension of God that is in shrouding the world this is one of the great character guy applications men are losing their knowledge of his character it has been misunderstood and misinterpreted extremes on all science about God 's character at this time a message from God is to be proclaimed a message illuminating in its influence and saving energy power his character is to be made no into the darkness of the world is to be shown the light of his glory the light of his goodness mercy I'm sure a lot of people focus and sometimes fatal it is important theories that are true but it's still there and it says that we do need to know God 's character and this is a message from God and it must be proclaimed but his character must not be misunderstood and misinterpreted and it says that we need the light of his glory his goodness his mercy and his truth any message about the character of God in these last days must be based on truth the last rays of merciful like the last message of mercy to begin to the world is a revelation of his character of love Christ page four fifteen puts the character of God at the middle of God 's final message now here's another quote and put them side-by-side this is a six volume in the testimonies page nineteen it says here the message of Christ's righteousness is to him from one end of the earth to the mother to prepare the way of the Lord this is the glory of God which closes the work of the third Angels so I started lessons page four fifteen says we need the message of God 's character six volume and testimony say that right sixty nineteen says that we need the message of Christ's righteousness and when I look at both of those things pretty clear to me that the message of the character of God and the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ go right again we can't take one hit against the other they go together perfectly fearful messages that need to be combined to lighten the earth with its glory and is again in Revelation fourteen twelve we see this blending of the law and the gospel here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Bowles here's another quote about the common finding of both of them gospel workers page one sixty one it says that we would have the spirit and the power of the third Angels message we must present the law and the gospel to gather for they go hand-in-hand a as a power from beneath his stirring up the children of men the children of disobedience to make void the law of God and to trample upon the truth that Christ is our righteousness a power from above is moving upon the hearts of those who are loyal to exalt the law and to let Jesus you say in there so have the power of the third Angels message we got to put all together just like I share with you what makes Gethsemane so powerful what reached my heart with combining the elements of God 's attributes in one revelation that's what really changed me that's why I'm here I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that if you just talk about love it doesn't regionally if you just talk about justice you terrify me that you talk about justice and mercy to gather you convince me and you draw me that's what got been for me and I know I am one of those people that was out there and has come in here I was lost and now I'm kind of the other people out there like me and if you're really people out there like me and I can arrange the other means out there for people that are like me we got a half the truth as it is in Jesus which recognizes the attributes of God 's true character blended and manifested into seventy and on Calvary that is the power of the third Angels message that's a little balance the Romans but several Bible study in the book of Romans in the morning of Titus sets this data was revelation and with final crisis says Michael May the Lord help the lady Jane Wagner came in Minneapolis he gave a series of lab studies for the ministers and it was based largely on Romans and Galatians indicated he did it right from the Bible him or really last ten strata head he eventually left Florida's less church same with agent Jones is both one of the big Satan cast them seriously because of the message regarding given and we need to find a message in our Bibles Romans chapter three is take a look at verse ten is so much involved with this we could be studying for five hours but I only got another thirty three minutes sonnet do my best to put core elements together verse ten Romans three ten Paul wrote as it is written quoting the Old Testament there is none righteous no not one that's a good place for us to start there is now an righteous and in part clarifies no not one we're all in the same boat and then when you reverse eleven verse twelve or thirteen and onward it's not a pretty picture incident it's a picture of humanity in chapter one he describes the Gentiles in Chapter two he described the Jews and in chapter three is a war all in the same low none of us are righteous not even one that word righteous is important what does the word is righteousness what is the word righteous me see if I've got these quotes here if you do a Bible study on the word righteous righteousness how here's a number of quotes that you can find the raises Psalm one hundred and nineteen verse one seven you got says David says the Lord all your commandments are righteousness Romans two twenty six talks about the righteousness of the law Romans nine thirty one talks about the law of righteousness steps to Christ page sixty one righteousness is defined by the standard of God 's holy law as expressed in the ten precepts given on Mount Sinai very clear and reliable annual arthritis electrodes agree with the Bible that righteousness in Scripture is expressed in the law of God and the reason is because the law of God is a transcript of his character and God 's character is righteous it's like and not wrote with his own finger what's right and that's why his law is called the law of righteousness it is right to be fatal to your spouse and not to commit adultery it is a right not to steal his rights for children to honor their father and their mothers I sometimes open my Bible and show my little voice inside look right there Ephesians chapter six verse wanted to says children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right that it's right whenever shopping at Saks I sure it was probably two and a half and opened it right and I shall let the children obey your parents and he ran under the covers of the insult under an bikini the Lord was talking to him and try to do what's right set this is what's right and readily read that one of the teachings of spiritualism is that it doesn't distinguish between right and wrong there was ever a time in this world we need to know what's right and what's wrong it's right now him I was very clear that our righteousness is defined and expressed in the logon in the Big Ten of the ten suggestions for the ten Commandments Romans three ten there is none righteous no not one when we look at the law of God and we look at it with spiritual lives we realize that we have had other gods before God we had our idols whether their material idols or images in our heads that are not correct we taken God 's name in vain and that doesn't just mean saying the wrong words that are in God 's name is his character how often have we called ourselves Christians but would like the devil we can take name in vain by the way we live we haven't kept the Sabbath holy sometimes the discount window Saturday night but is it really in our heart you know to delight in the Lord to delight in the Sabbath to appreciate yourself to enjoy the sound to keep it holy honor our father and our mother and we honored our parents don't murder the stricter sense we can murder John wrote entries is that even if we have hatred in our hearts we see people that's considered to be murder committing adultery and then another set of doesn't just apply to the physical act that Jesus said we look lustfully in our minds we've already committed adultery in our hearts sexual purity is what the law requires don't Steelman raised which means not taking anything that doesn't belong to us don't bear false witness number nine which means telling the truth not lying about other people telling the truth about people and number ten not coveting things that belong to our neighborhood inside of our hearts the ten Commandments single syllable of God is just deal with outward actions not sure I can manage those the him a sullen and had a dynamic not counting as Dillinger women are our hearts and paper processes as it strikes at the root of all sin which is the selfish desire and I want this when it's not my path verse nineteen Romans three nineteen says now we know that what things so whatever the law say it says to them who are under the law how many people does this apply to how many people does the law speech the people say only Jews Palestine the law is for the Jews in the Old Testament where in the New Testament were Christians well Paul wrote this is New Testament and here he's talking to both Jews and Gentiles was speaking says to those who are under the law that every mouth every mouth may be stopped and all the world maybe with an expert guilty before God write powerful passage in the light of God live the Holy Spirit opens our eyes and we looks square into it and see it as a reflection of God 's righteous character then we see ourselves like looking in a mirror in a you get up in the morning and you look in the mirror first name and you often don't like what you see right and when we looks square into the line the Holy Spirit shows us its spiritual nature and we see how it affects every aspect of our lives and we really look carefully then our mouths are stop violence we have nothing to say how many people does apply to every now not just Jewish accounts Gentile mouse Muslim mounds mouseclick mouse every now to all of us he says the whole world will become guilty before God and that word guilt his is she in the light of God 's Law Bible says we're guilty the whole world is guilty by the third commandment says those that is take a pain in Maine he says the Lord will not hold him guilt less that take up his name in Maine in other words God will hold that person guilty who breaks his lot and were guilty were all guilty matter how much our mouths try to get out of it we can write in the light in the line of the law are guilt remains and we have no hope in ourselves Wagner once wrote in one of his books he gave Wagner he said some people get so discouraged they say I I'm about to give up on myself so discouraged and adhesive I wish you would give up on yourself and then rely on Jesus because he is the only hope that we have and in the light of Romans three nineteen the condition of humanity is one of guilt guilt is there no matter whether we believe it or not it's on our consciences and we can rationalize it and try to wiggle out of it but it doesn't go away it's their presses upon you guilty guilty guilty and there's no hope inside yourself because there is none righteous no not one verse twenty six therefore they are for you by the deeds of the law shall no flash be justified in his sight in other words once we're guilty like first nineteen cents of writing a lot of all of our efforts to see the law as good as they may be are not going to change your condition when you're guilty imagine a man who is guilty of murder it gets thrown in jail he's waiting for six months or his trial six months later he comes out and he stand before the judge and the judge says are you guilty did you do it and the man says yes Your Honor I didn't that was six months ago and I've been really good for the last six miles I think in myself and I haven't murdered anyone given that enough to get me off the hook what the judge can decide you can put the gavel down your guilty and the reason is once you've committed that crime all your future obedience will not remove a particle of your guilt when you're guilty your guilty and that's it and once we know that were guilty pulses all the deeds of the law the average to obey much you try she wanted to even if his immortality to obey which we need to ask Jesus to help us that even that is not been removed your guilt doesn't happen that way no flesh will be justified and were justified means to be not guilty for example were either guilty or were not guilty and were guilty so were not justified and then it says for by the law is the knowledge of what I've said and what that means is that when we look at the long law gives us a knowledge that were sinners and that were guilty and that we need to see what was happening before Minneapolis was that even brother and an era misguided attempts to get the third Angels message you were teaching the law law law but they were telling people this is God 's law okay and I think a critical stuff is pretty radical because he does hold a lot of fatal and you can try to obey but you still got all this time you and trying to obey as a guilty sinner you know you just it just doesn't work just doesn't work and what Wagner did Minneapolis was healing about the law by feeling about the law as a means of showing people there killed and then leaving them to Jesus Christ and that was different from what the choice is rather more teaching in Minneapolis I don't like that that is powerful and Wagner did not by forwarding this the testimonies but he did it by pointing Romans chapter three made it right in front of the ministers people and ministers your galloping and powerful preaching right from the file by the law is the knowledge of sin it shows us our need that were sinners November twenty one says that now ready renters magazines and now November twenty one he says but now now something else now the righteousness of God out of the law which means apart from the law is manifested being witnessed by the law and the prophets Paul is building his case pleasing look relatively the row centers were all were not righteous and is now there is another source of righteousness which is apart from the law it's separately from the law and that righteousness of God is being and what about righteousness that righteousness is centered in a person and that person is Jesus himself as a Jeremiah twenty three responded six as a special name is called the Lord our righteousness first John two verse one says that if we sin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous that Jesus Christ is righteous how did Jesus become our righteousness how did he get that special need he didn't like coming down into human flesh and humanity as a human being like you and like me and living for thirty three years through trusting in his father a surrendered life and step by step by step by point resisting the temptations of the devil at every point and Wagner John Paul taught that every time I resisted temptation whether it was in the wilderness or wherever he was being tempted whenever she resisted the devil he wove another stitch in the road of his righteousness stitch by stitch down while step-by-step temptation by temptation with you in mind and with me in my scene was consciously seeking to develop a character inhumanity of perfect righteousness of obedience to God 's law which is his own because of his character but now he's doing SMA to become our righteousness and then at the end of that life you not only developed a perfect world of righteousness spotless without staying without guilt divinity and she in Gethsemane he made the choice to take in the same of the whole world and it is mine in a new at various separation and justice of God sin and pay the price the full price in Gethsemane on the cross for your sins my mess why did he he is a perfect Savior a perfect Savior is Jesus and now Paul says this righteousness without the loss from the law is manifested as witnessed by the law and the prophets along the prophets witness to say that they can't flawlessly Jesus says in her keys and he's got what I'm looking for verse twenty two even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto more into all and upon all them that believe for there is no difference for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God Jew Gentile Baptist Adventist Catholic Protestant all need a Savior all have sin and broken God 's law and fallen short of the glory for the character of God and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus it centered in him whom God has set for to be a propitiation for a sacrifice through faith in his mind his precious blood to declare his righteousness not your righteousness from my righteousness but to declare his righteousness him for the remission of sins that are past through the forbearance of God or the mercy of God to declare a look at verse twenty six to declare and I say this time the apocalyptic to declare I say at this time is righteousness that he might be GIs and then adjusted by your other hand which he believes is in Jesus is so powerful the character of God in his mercy and his justice implemented this way and the plan is centered in Christ and his righteousness so that when we choose as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane and father not my will or will when which she is surrender ourselves to get entirely to respond to his goodness and his love and his mercy and give up our sins and to trust in Christ not in ourselves but in hand and his righteousness when we trust in him then God can do two things changing jobs which means he can maintain his justice legitimately get a hold at the same time it can be the justifier of the person that believes in Christ that is the amount like the glorious truth just was a law and it able to justify those who believe in Christ and to be adjusted by means to be not guilty to have your guilt is taken away that's how he can like it says in Exodus thirty four to thirty why no means clear the guilty he doesn't clearly guilty but if we turn from our sin and trusting Christ who became sin for us and took our guilt then somehow got ten clear the guilty he can't do anything in because of because of Christ and what Wagner hit Minneapolis was lifted up Jesus is the only hope of humor and urged people to look away from man to look to him to focus on him to look at his love and his plan and his greatness at his mercy that he loves you ready to bring he did everything for you you drank your time you want your role he offers your white robe he drank a cup I read its illustration recently by a guy that had an old beat up car that was just a claim to be quite a car and that was all he had he thought it was a good car you like this car then one day someone drove a brand-new 's funeral just gorgeous sparkling car right next to his car and then when he saw the other car and he realize you like cars not really in such a J in a lighter contrast man he saw there were any raggedy fingering old car that he had but first he thought it was great then we saw the other car he realized the contract and then he realized that the man who was driving a beautiful car parked right next to them said I I I I I brought this car for you I want to give it to you I'd like this new car get your enemies and that is one condition there is a condition and the commission is that you're willing to give me your car to give me everything you cannot give you my heart and I thought you would you be willing to do it that's the choice that we have to make it easier for us but we still have to choose whether we want the new car innumerable his righteousness or whether we want our own righteousness which is filthy rags which is a very good as anywhere which would if we stand on the day of judgment in our own righteousness when we get second death doesn't sound like a very good option so it's all there God is just and the justifier of him who believes in Jesus Christ is the answer to what the little revelation Wednesday revelation part of us are Romans five versus five says Halls does not make us ashamed because the love of God is shed abroad all for now in our hearts by the Holy Ghost was given to us through the message of the cross through the preaching of the cross listing of Jesus Christ and his righteousness God force out the spirit into our hearts if the channel for the power the Holy Spirit if you look at Romans chapter eight verse four when the Holy Spirit comes in which is really ultimately the presence of Christ the Holy Spirit is the presence of Jesus in Romans eight four says that the righteousness of the law for righteousness of God 's law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit when the Holy Spirit in the presence of Jesus Christ can't be in are you saying Jesus I can trust myself I wonder I don't have anything I'm just threat is negative wretched miserable poor blind and naked year I hope you're my righteousness you're my savior here while the lover of my soul here everything for me how we open our hearts and my Jesus company than the power of the Holy Spirit comes in when Jesus comes in through the Holy Spirit he brings his righteousness and he clothes us and then he fills us with our righteousness and the result according to Paul in Romans eight four is at the righteousness of the law can then be fulfilled in us it is handicapped we can keep God 's law through Christ and the Gospel and his righteousness and the Holy Spirit coming in and changing us in enabling us to do what's right because we love him now go back to revelation fourteen hundred and ninety minutes potatoes is so powerful when the final crisis costs I don't know when it's coming from the property is very fossil people are saying the economy just to continue to unravel Canadian with who knows how much grace God 's forgiveness debt ridden country of ours the nine or ten trillion dollars deficit who knows one of these days it's all been unraveled has to unravel enough to get desperate enough to accept the market of these right and when the market of these is finally enforced definitive and final in their eyes grand solution crisis bring everybody back to God that God go to church on Sunday the enforcement of the mark in an hour of desperation when that time comes and where it brought to the test in the cameras are on us for not going along with were like Shadrach Peter Didomenico standing up sticking out than what is our message we need to be preaching the third Angels message three Angels messages and we can just tell people you got the wrong day go to church on Saturday and will be fine it's not enough minor we have to has revelation fourteen nine we were warned about that these an image in the mark in the four head the actions in the hand which ultimately is breaking God 's law right way to let God 's law and show people that they are breaking God 's law just like Romans three guys all the world becomes guilty before God is the wrong man and God 's law reveals the sin out of a world that is gone in the wrong direction can anyone immediately we can continue on with a warning about the third angel in verse ten about it people continue to go in that direction going against God 's law I drink the wine of his wrath is sure Rapp and Mercy no mercy which is eventually coming poured out into the top and then we can go right from there to Gethsemane and we can say nothing is good news is that in the garden became in the God who has long tradition and he took your guilt of breaking the law before God and all that guilt before God and he agonized and wrestled and made a decision father is anyway this cup pass away for me but if not I'll drink your will be done and Jesus drank the cup of the sin of the world without any mercy in Gethsemane and on the cross and we believe that I can like that you power the third Angels message we let alone God and then we know that Christ is a completely come together in the third Angels and then when it's over in verse twelve we say here's the patients of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus why do people agonies people eventually say why do they keep God 's law in the first place what enables a person to really become a come manage your anyway the only way is through Jesus Christ and the gospel it's for the Savior and his righteousness it is the through his grace through what he did in Gethsemane on and on across and once we see that we don't bypass that's at least censure the world and that step then people will be brought to the foot of the cross in repentance they'll see their sale and save you that see the law and also even got belts injustice and healthy mercy built a novel way by the power of the Holy Spirit coming through you and me and were really getting it from the Bible from the Bible when a final crisis him as they embrace Christ as their only hope he comes in ringing his righteousness and that enables us by his grace to become Commander-in-Chief looks all ten including the fourth from our hearts because we love you and we appreciate what he's done in Gethsemane and on these are the elements that are in the third Angels message that is how the righteousness of Christ people one Sunday one satellite face of what you think about this message of justification by faith that these men are teaching from California and she said what they are saying is the third Angels message in error as I thought no one how does that make sense and now I know now I know how justification by faith is the third Angels message invariably because when you combine the law of God exposing Sunday and all the other sins of the world and then Linda Jesus Christ as our only home in salvation and justification through faith in him alone as a channel for the power the Holy Spirit would it which enables us to keep God 's law and true and become like one hundred forty four thousand with his name in our forehands and are now speaking truth then we know how justification by faith is the third Angels message in their lives the only message that will help us in these last days on workflow to know why Mister says here sixteen nineteen the message of Christ's righteousness is to sound from one end and leave her to be a father and of the earth to prepare the way of the Lord this is the glory of God which closes the work of the third angel message page four fifteen the last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of his character apply and how is that final message for revelation of God 's character of love it should be clear by now because it is the revelation of his character and his justice in his mercy that has been manifested in his plan implemented in Gethsemane and the cross to save our souls and that is the message that we've got to preach from the Bible during the final crisis in Iran is coming crisis is coming and when it comes and the cameras are on you and on me May God help us to from our files features which are what you say and I now do you know why now you can understand why Satan is working so hard to prefer our understanding of the character of God because it has the rest of deception that we've been everything we believe and it undermines ultimately the true message of the third angel we got out avoid those ideas stage of the Bible stick to the truth stick to the truth as it is revealed in Jesus him market on track to get on track now Time to get on track with Christ well I hope that this is a blessing to find it what do we have any copies left of the book that there are a few like to pick up a copy of the character back on everything that we have been back there are website white horse media .com has a lot more information on grading wrestler pray for you May God raise up a generation of young people to go out and share Jesus without the light that burns in the midst of this dark dark world lets me altogether let's pray your father in heaven father resents the Holy Spirit here speaking to us thank you for Jesus Lorna tried in the best way that I could during these times we got together to communicate what you have burned into my soul and we just pray Lord that you will help us to take your eyes off man to look to Jesus look to your love look to your Mariners your worthiness we don't need to be discouraged because Jesus is worthy he is righteous he's everything and he loves that more than we'll ever know Lord please made the message of your righteousness sound from one end of the earth to be a please prepare your people for the final days and please like come soon come soon and take us home we long to be with you and get out of here is Jesus name we pray this is my audio person C- generation is if you'd like to learn more about you my niece 's Dubya and dimes life that God will work like this is an online seminar is www. audio versus nonwork


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