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Going to Hell on a Moped

Martin Kim


Martin Kim



  • January 23, 2016
    10:00 AM
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My message is morning. Is titled going to hell. On a moped. Let's begin with the word of prayer delivered we thank you so much for your Amazing Grace would not for your grace we would not be here this morning. When I thank you so much also for the promise of the Holy Spirt. I pray that you would rain down your spirit. Upon us I pray that you would speak to our hearts each one of us here. Word from on high this morning. They pray that you hide me behind the cross pretty distant use him. I have a very serious and strong message you this morning. To help you understand why. I'm sharing such a strong message this morning. I would like to take you to easy kewl chapter thirty three this morning. Please turn with me in your Bibles to easy kewl. Chapter thirty three sequel thirty three and will begin in verse one. It says. Again the word of the Lord came to me saying. Son of men. Now. Throughout the book of easy kewl God to be first to this profit. As the son of men. Ninety three times. The prophet is the Q is a type of Christ. Verse to Son of man. Speak to the children of your people and say to them when they bring the sword upon the land. And the people of the land take a man from their tour Tory and make him their watchman make him their what their watchman. When he says the sword coming upon the land. If he blows the trumpet and once the people. Then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet. And does not take warning. If the sword comes and takes them away his blood shall be on his own head. So God has this watchman. And if you sounds the warning. And people do not heed the warning and they end up dying then the blood will be on their own head. First five. He heard the sound of the trumpet. But did not take warning his bloodshot be upon him soft. But he who takes the warning will save his life versus ix. But if the watchman. Sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned. And the sword comes and takes any person from among them. He is taken away in his iniquity. But his blood. I will require at whose hand. At the watchman's hand. So friends. If the watchman is unfaithful and does not sound the warning. Then the blood will be quieted by hoop. At the head of the watchman's hand. Verse seven. So you son of man. I have made a watchman for the house of Israel. Therefore you show hero word from my mouth and a warrant them from me got a saying You see Q I have. I have made you a rush mean for the house of Israel. By the way for all of his church is has God placed to watch ministry just yes yes. Who are the watchman the are the pastors and and the the eldest the elders are the associate pastors. Here in America and most of our large churches. We have a pastor or several pastors. For each church but that's not the way it is in most places around the world. In a lot of places around the world. You have one pastor who has a district. And he may have anywhere from five to ten to twenty Trichuris. And the churches are run by the elders. So in those places. The elders are the watchman. First six. Were state that is when I say to the wicked a wicked men. You shall surely die and you do not speak to warrant the wicked from his way that we can mend show die in his iniquity. But his blood. I will require at your hand. Is it important for the watchman to be faithful. Absolutely. First nine. Nevertheless if you want to get to turn from his away and he does not turn from his way. He showed die in his iniquity. But you have delivered to your soul verse ten. Therefore you are son of man say to the house of Israel. Thus use say. If I transgressions. And our sins lie upon us and we pine away in them. How can we then live. Say to them as they live says the Lord God I have no pleasure in the death of that we could but that the wicked turn from his away and live. Turn Turn from your evil ways for why should you die or house of Israel. If you forget anything else you hear this morning. I want you to remember it was just read here. God says that he has no pleasure in what in the death of that we can't keep. God wants all to be saved. And that's why he says to turn from your wicked ways. In the book Amazing Grace page twenty eight. It says. To every minister. The Lord declares old son of man I have set the awash went into the house of Israel. Therefore dashed out here the word my mail and warned them from me. These words of the Prophet declare a solemn responsibility. Resting upon those who are appointed as guardians of the church. And once again who are the guardians of the church pastor and the elders. Stewards of the mysteries of God. It is the privilege of the Watchman. On the walk all the last of Zion to live. So near to God and to be so susceptible to the impressions of his spirit. That he can work through them to tell sinners. Of their peril. And point them to the place of safety. He had style center. Do you want to hear only smooth things being preached. Sabbath after Sabbath. From the pulpit. Or do you want to be warned. When destruction is coming and self-centered you want to watch men who are faithful a man so friends what I have shared with you. Thus far is simply the introduction to the message the message. Once again is titled going to hell. On a moped. I've got some really bad news to share with you this morning. But I don't want this message this morning to be all doom and gloom. So I would begin with some good news. And I will also end the message with the good news. The bad news is going to be sandwiched in between the good news. So that way it will be more palatable. Sound good. Let's begin with the good news. Friends. The gospel is good news. A man. The word gospel is the translation of the creek a noun. You want gaily on. Which means a good news. Turn with me in your Bibles to Romans chapter one verse sixteen. Romans chapter one for sixteen. The apostle Paul says. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. For it is the power of got to salvation for everyone who police for the Jew first. And also for the Greek is the gospel of Christ good news. Now do you know why Paul says that he is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. The reason he says that is because back in Paul's day. There were people who were ashamed of Jesus Christ. And they were ashamed of the cross. Do you know why that is deep. Who it was that was executed on cross. Criminals were crucified on crosses who did Jesus died between. He died between two criminals. So back then there were people who are ashamed of Christ and the cross. But process. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ in First Corinthians Chapter one proceed T. he says. For the message of the cross is a foolish this to those who are perishing. But to us who are being saved. It is the power of God. The Gospel of Christ is the power got to stop for everyone who believes this is good news. Amen. John three sixteen says. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. I'll be honest I don't fully comprehend. The with the length. The depth and the height of God's great love. But it's been described it this way. What you are seeing on the screen is the Amazon River. It's the largest river. In the world. It is roughly four thousand miles long and at its widest point the embers on river. Can be six point eight miles wide. That is a huge river. It has been said. The love of God is like the Amazon river flowing down to water. One Daisy. Let me repeat that the love of God is like the Emma's on river flowing down to water. One. DAISY. That can help you understand how vast the love of God is for you. God so loved you. That he would have sent His only begotten son. If it was just to save you in desire ages page four eighty it says. Every soul is this fully known to Jesus. As if he were the only one for whom the savior died. That amazing. And just a few paragraphs later on the same page it says. The soul. That has given himself to Christ is more precious. In his sight than the whole world. The Savior would have passed through the agony of Calvary. That one might be saved in his kingdom. For God so loved you Neil that he gave his only begotten son. For God so loved you. Brenda. He gave His only begotten son. For God so loved you Thomas that he gave his only begotten son. What amazing love. Roman six twenty three. It says. For the wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life. In question is this. Our Lord. Anybody here quit for this morning. For the gift of eternal life. Is this good news. The bad news is that the wages of sin is death. But the good news is that the gift of God is eternal life in question is this. So that's the good news. Can you handle some bad news now. Please turn with me in your Bibles. To Matthew chapter seven. First thirteen. Matthew chapter seven. First thirteen. Going to the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus says in verse thirteen and church by the narrow gate for wide is the Kate and bra is the way that leads to destruction. And there are many who go invite. That's bad news first fourteen says. Because narrow is the Kate. And difficult. Is the way which the least to life. And there are few who find it. That also is bad news there are only a few who find it. Friends Jesus who sees the end from the beginning. Tells us that many will go down. The which path. The white path that leads to destruction. This is sad and unfortunate. This is certainly bad news. It's also sad unfortunate that there were only be a few who find the way. Which leads to life in Revelation twenty one of the state. It says. The cowardly. Unbelieving A possible. Murderous sexually immoral. Sorcerers idolatrous. And all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. Which is the second death. Now this can be seen as bad news. But I think this is rather good news. Can we think God that the cowardly. The unbelieving. The abominable and such will not be in heaven because it would have been really be heaven. If God allowed. All these kinds of people into heaven. Two days ago. I was reading about Peter. In the book the design ages and about how he did knighted Jesus. And it said in the book that when he was denying Jesus he acted as a coward and interesting. We are told that the cowardly. Those who deny Jesus and their fate to confess them. Will be among that group that does not make it to happen. The cowardly. Unbelieving a bomb will murder. Sexually immoral. Let's talk about the sexually immoral for a moment. Is that sexually immoral to engage in premarital sex. Can all agree on that. Is that sexually immoral to engage in extramarital sex. Raw agreed on that. OK what if you're not physically engaging in it. But you're just watching it online with this just point is that still wrong. It's still sexual immorality. What if it's soft porn. Are we all the same pitch is still wrong. What if your not watchin it but you just spent a sighing about it. Is this the wrong. Is still wrong you meant whether on the same page. That's the plight that same logic to another class of people. That is mentioned on the screen. Let's talk about murderers. What if you don't actually murder people. But you just enjoy watching movies where the murder people. Or you enjoy playing video games where you blow off people's heads. If you enjoy watching murders or you do it by Kerry Asli do you suppose that God would put you in the same class with those who are murderers. Yes. Friends. The way to heaven is too narrow for the sexually immoral. The murders the sin loving and the carnal minded. Christian friends Jesus said. Enter by the narrow gate for wide is the gate and brought is the way that leads to destruction. The path to heaven. Is narrow and difficult and requires soft denial. But it is a path that leads to peace and joy and rest for your soul. Now the path to destruction. May give you instant gratification. Me give you what. Instant gratification. But it will not give you true happiness. And you will not end up with healthy relationships. By the way. Is not just destruction at the end of the path. But all along the path. There are thorns a will cost much pain and suffering. If you understand what I'm saying can you say meant. Progress thirteen percent fifteen assess the way of transgressors is hard living that life on the white path. It is a very hard life. In the book mount of blessings page one thirty eight. It says Heaven's path is too narrow for a rank and riches. To ride in state. Too narrow for the play of sub centered ambition to steep and rugged for lovers of ease. To climb. Toil patience. Self-sacrifice. We poached poverty. The contradiction of sinners. Against himself was the portion of Christ. And it must be our portion. If we ever and cured. The Paradise. Of God yet. Do not therefore conclude that the upward path is the hard. And that the downward path. The easy way all along the road that leads to death. There are ains and penalties. There are sorrows and disappointments. There are warnings. Not to go on God's love has made it hard for the heedless and headstrong to destroy themselves. What is it that makes it hard for the he lists and has tried to destroy themselves. It is God's love. It is true that Satan's path is made to appear tract of. But it is all a what this. All of the section in the way of evil there are bitter we Morse and King Queen care. We may think it pleasant to follow pride and worldly ambition. But the end is pain and sorrow. Sawfish plants may present. Flattering promises and hold out the hope of enjoyment. But we shall find that our happiness is poison. And our life. Embittered by hopes that center and self. In the Delmar path. The Gateway maybe bright with flowers. But what are in the path. Forms are in the path. The Light of Hope which shines from its entrance fades into the darkness of the spare. And the soul who follows that path distance into the shadows of an ending. Night. So is that wide path that leads to destruction. Really attractive. The path to heaven is narrow and difficult. But it promises you. Peace and Joy rest. And eternal life. The path to destruction is broad but it is also difficult. It is full of pain and sorrow. It will lead to duck nests and despair. And eventually to death. Which path. Will you take Jesus said. Matthew seven wrist fourteen. Narrow is the gate and difficult. Is the way which the least to life and there are few who find it. And that very sad. There are few who find it. Jesus said in Matthew twenty two first fourteen. For many are called. But how many are chosen few are chosen. I pray that all of you here today. Will be among the few that are chosen. The apostle Peter comes along and writes and second Peter. Chapter one Verse ten brother men give diligence to make here. Calling and election sure. Why do we need to make both are calling and election sure. You know why that is is because many are called but few are chosen. So we need to make both are calling. And our election. Sure. Turn with me to second Timothy chapter three verse one second Timothy three Verse one where bad news here. Wrist one says for know this that in the last days perilous times walk. Are we living in the last days. Are we living in perilous times. He says for men will be lovers of themselves. Lovers of money. Posters Prout blasphemers disobedient to parents and think for unholy are we seeing this in our day and age. Now friends. Paul is not stating the obvious. What is obvious here. We would expect the people in the world. To be just like this. Why because they don't have She's quite there in darkness. It shouldn't surprise us that they would be proud. Busty immersed lovers of money. Eccentric cetera. Due to the past describing here. Paul of the scribe in the church. Let's continue reading. And this will become obvious first three. I am loving and forgiving. Slanderers without suffer control. Brutal despisers of good traders. Headstrong haughty lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Risk five. Having a form of godliness but deny its power. Who is it that has a form of calmness. The people in the world. Do they try to have a form of called in this know it's the people in the TRITCH that try to have a form of calling this. And he's saying that last ace. They will have a form of godliness. But in NY it's power and from such people turn away. Now I hope this list doesn't describe you. OK Because guess what I love you and I don't want to turn my back on you because the apostle Paul says from such people you what turn away so let's go through this list again. And I want after we speak to convict you. Is this as you go through this list. Do any of these things describe a you. That's we through this again. Starting in verse one. But know this that in the last days. Perilous times will come for men will be lovers of themselves. That includes women. Lovers of money. Both jurors proud. Blasphemers disobedient to parents and think for unholy unloving unforgiving. Slanders without soft control. Brutal. The Stop right there. Brutal. Friends. I don't mean to step on toes. Let's be honest it's a football brutal. There is a reason. The men on the field. Have helmets and some were face masks. They were sure the Pats back pads and regards Why do you suppose they were regards. So the rhythm get busted up. They have a knee pads and jaw pads and melt guards. So their teeth don't get busted out. And they were cops. Do you know what cups are for their for protection. Church. It's got into football. When Marshawn Lynch has that bag. And he is on his way to the end zone. And there are people in his path. Are you on your knees pray Lord please send your angels to protect Marshawn from all harm in danger. And please help my son to be gentle and kind to his enemies who are out to get him help him to practice the Golden Rule. When he's out there on the field. Is that what you're praying or are you thinking he marched on to whatever it takes to get that ball into the endzone. Kill him if you have to. So the Seahawks. Can get to another Super Bowl. Are you with me this morning so you say well I'm not playing the sport. I'm just watching it. But what do we see earlier about the sexually immoral. And the murders. Can you enjoy it and can you play the sport. If I killed asleep. By looking at the screen. Absolutely. It's football is brutal sport that is causing much. Injury to the brain. This is from The New York Times to temper twelve two thousand and fourteen. Brain trauma. To affect one in three players. And if L A Greece. Now how many of you with sign up for a job. That would guarantee that one in three would have a brain trauma. Later in life. Would anyone sign up for such a job. This is the USA Today. July eighteenth two thousand and twelve. Polamalu says. And if players make it fifty to one hundred concussions. A year. Former N.F.L. linebacker. Gary Plummer opined after Junior sales death. In May that players in the league might suffer. A thousand concussions. Or more over the span of a long career. Pittsburgh Steelers. Asked us. Troy Polamalu is now singing a different tune. A similar to that is. This is A.B.C. News. January eleventh two thousand and thirteen football. Head injuries. Increasing. Because the bigger faster players in the article below. It says. It's a condition. Once known as being punched. Drunk. Because it affected the boxers who suffered multiple blows to the head. But it is a growing. Occupational hazard for the hard hitting sport of football because players are bigger faster and more powerful than ever. Incidentally is got into boxing. No no no god is not into boxing. Where men who are created in His image. Are pummeling each other in the head is not into boxing. Going on it says. Quantic traumatic encephalopathy. A degenerative brain disease has been linked to repeated head trauma and two former pro football player tune your sale the twenty season veteran N.F.L. linebacker who committed suicide last year. SEO is the latest football player to commit suicide. And later be diagnosed with C.T.E. former. And the thought of veterans. David Duerson. TERRY LONG AND waters. All shot themselves to death and were later found to have the disease. Church is caught into football. You know the answer. In second Timothy Chapter four talks about the brutal. Is the Apostle Paul telling us that in the last days. Many of our many in our churches will be going down. The wide path. This is bad news. Friends. Noticed the statement from the book Christian service. Page forty one. It is a solemn statement that I make to the church that not one in twenty. Whose names are registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history. And would be as verily without God. And without hope in the world. As the common. Sinner is a very unfortunate. Now please understand that alone might use the racial. One in twenty. At least five times. And one in a hundred at least twenty one times. She did not say one in thirteen. Or one in ninety nine except she may have used. Hyperbole. When she made the statement. She may have used hyperbole. But the point is this. The majority of TRITCH go worse. Are not travelling on the straight and narrow path that leads to life. But I know that there are always exceptions. And I like to think that self center is the exception with the majority of us on the street in their path and men. Let's continue on with the statement. She says. They are professedly serving God. But they are more earnestly serving hoop. Serving Mammon. This is a half and half. Work. Let's read that again. This half and half work. Is a constant denying of Christ. Rather than a can sing. Of Christ and what do we say earlier about those who deny Christ. The are called cowards. Friends. I don't lie here is describing people who are sitting on the fence. They've got one foot in the world. And they've got the other foot in the church. On Sabbath. They show up for church. And in the afternoon they'll go out go feed the homeless. But during the week. They've got the T.V. on there on the Internet. Who knows what does or watching. There are many Christians who are sitting on the fence. By the way to you know who owns the fence. Yes. The devil. Own. The fence. Don't kid yourself. OK. The double own. The fence and Revelation chapter three verse fifteen and sixteen Jesus says. I know you work there you are neither Curt. No hot. I could wish you were cold or hot I could wish you were completely out of the world. Or completely for Jesus. So then because you are looking for him and neither cold nor hot. I will vomit you out of my mouth. That is very strong language. Jesus is saying that people that sit on the fence. Are discussed thing. I would rather vomit you out of my male friends. You cannot be hot or cold. When you are sitting on the fence. May continue reading the statement from Christian service. The Coke. Quote goes on to say. So many have brought into the church. Their Own. UNSUB dude spirit unrefined their spiritual taste is preferred by their own immoral D.P.C. in corruptions symbolizing the world in spirit in heart. In purpose. Confirming them soft and lust for practices and are full of deception. Through and through. In their professed Christian life. Friends is the devil out to deceive us absolutely where the devil love to have all of us believe that just because we go to church to faithfully Sabbath after Sabbath. On the seventh day where the majority of the worst. World worshipped on Sunday. That we must be on the street in their path. She continues. By saying. Living as sinners. Claiming to be Christians. Those who claim to be Christians. And will confess Christ. Should come out from among them and touch not be unclean thing and be separate living as sinners. Claiming to be Christians. Do you suppose such people are on the narrow path or on broad path that leads to destruction. Many years ago. In my early twenty's. I enjoyed listening to this one very powerful preacher. And he would always say this. He would always say. Don't go to hell on a moped. In other words. Don't sit on the fence where people who sit on the fence and the being lost. They've got one foot in the rope you got one foot in the TRITCH they can't fully enjoy the world. And they can't fully experience what God has to offer. But they're going to end up being lost. So they're going to hell on a what on a moped. So many years ago when my brother was at Loma Linda. Studying. I would send them these tapes. And I was sending these by one spear PAF the quest to inspire and encourage them. And I would often tell them. Don't go to hell. On a moped and Calvin was struggling. Because he had one foot in the church. And he had a one foot in the world. And it was a real struggle. And one day he said forget it. I know that I'm going to end up in hell. So forget it I'm not going to go to hell I'm up with I'm going to hell on a Ferrari. And he went way out there. And he lived it up. He lived it up. He was out there he was cold. Not lukewarm. But eventually came back. Why do you come back. Same reason many of you came back. Because the path of the transgressor is what. It's hard it's a hard life after what I want to say this morning is. Don't go to hell. On a moped stop sitting on the fence. We have just a little bit more bad news. Before we finish with the good news in Luke Chapter eighteen receipt. Jesus says. When the Son of Man comes will he really find faith on the earth. This is bad news in the last days right before Jesus comes back. The second time. On the surface it would not be a lot of people who have faith which the Bible says is more precious than gold which parishes. And he was eleven Tapper seven. It says by faith. Know what being divinely warned of things not yet seen. Moved with godly fear. Prepared an ark for the saving of his health hold by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteous which is according to fake friends of Noah moved forward by faith. No one live by faith. It was by faith that he prepared an arc which saved his family. Sadly most people in the IT WAS day did not have faith. They rejected the warning messages from God and ended up. Perishing in the flood. This comes from Peter Austin profess page one or two of the vast population of the earth. Before the flood. Only eight souls believed and obeyed God's word through Noah for one hundred twenty years the preacher of righteousness. Won the world of the coming destruction. But his message was rejected and despised. So it will be now is that sad unfortunate is that bad news is going to be the same. In the last days before Jesus Christ comes as it was in the days of Noah. It will only be a few that will be saved. What did Jesus say Matthew seven fourteen. Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which will lead to life and are few who find it in Luke Chapter seventeen verse twenty six Jesus says. And as it was in the days of know what. So it will be also in the days of the Son of man. The condition of our world. And the condition of God's people will be as that was in the days of Noah in the days of know what on the eight. Were saved and last days. There will be a few that are safe. So the question is why. Why is it that only a few will be on the narrow path that leads to life. Is that because God is unwilling to save the second Peter chapter three verse nine. It says The Lord is not slack. Concerning his promise as some counts. Yes. But his long suffering toward us. Not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Friends remember that God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. God is not willing that any should perish. But that all should come to repentance. God wants every one of us to make it into a kingdom for you parents out there. Can you imagine not having all of your children with you in heaven. Would you be OK if just some of your children made into heaven will have them be the same. Heaven would not be the same with all of your children in have with few friends. And that's how it is with our Father in heaven. He desires. All to be saved. So he desires. All to come to be penned tense. Then why is it that so few will make it in the end. The problem is not with God. The problem is with us. God can do nothing for us if we insist on clinging to our sense like the story about the monkey who insist on a cling to that banana. If you would just like go that banana. He'd be freed from the trap. And I see a chapter fifty nine one and two it says Behold the Lord's hand is not shortened. That it cannot save nor is the you're happy that it cannot hear. First two says. But your iniquities have to separate you from your god and your sins have hidden his face from you. So that he will not hear. Friends it is not that God is unwilling on his part to save us. It is our sins and our stubbornness that keep us from God. Our sins keep us from walking with Jesus. On that narrow path that leads to life. There is nothing God can do for us if we're not willing to confess. And to forsake our sins. I did say that I would end the message with good news. So here's the good news. Romans eight thirty two. Says he who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how so he not with them. Also freely give us all things. If God is willing to give us his only begotten Son is anything that he would hold back from us. If someone were to give you a diamond ring with that person with the box that contains the diamond ring. You get the point. God will do everything. God will do everything he can and will give you everything you need. So that you can stay on the straight and narrow path that leads to life everlasting. Do you need strength. God will give you strength. He will do more than that he himself will be your strength. You need wisdom. So that you can make wiser twice this that I hope you to stay on the straight and narrow path. Asking for it to give you wisdom in James Chapter one Verse five. It says. If any if you lack wisdom than ask of God give to all liberally. And without reproach. And it will be given to him. What a wonderful promise. Do you need forgiveness of sins. God will gladly. Forgive you of your sense of beautiful promise in Isaiah Chapter forty three verse twenty five. Cuts as I even I am he who blocked out your transgressions. For my own sake and. I will not remember your sins. Friends when God forgives us. He cast our sins. Into the depths of the sea. And he places a sign out there that says. No fishing. Here's some more good news. And I think Chapter fifty five percent and seventy. Assess the sixth the Lord while He may be found. Call upon him while he is near friends the good news is that the door of mercy. Is still wide open. And if we seek him today he will be found if we call upon him. He is near. For seven says that the we could force a kids away and the and righteous man has thought let them return to the Lord and He will have mercy on him and two are caught for he wore a bundle he parted friends we serve a merciful God a God who is long suffering in kind. Abundant in goodness. In truth. In the park in heavenly places space two to seven. It says that if you are right with God. Today. You are ready. If Christ. Should come today. Is that good news. You don't have to wait out tomorrow. You are given this one day. To live for Christ. To give Christ to one hundred percent to love Him with all your heart. With all your soul. With all your mind. With all your strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. You live for got this one day. And if you are right we've got today you'll be ready. If Christ. Were to come today. And for tomorrow when tomorrow comes. God will give you the strength for tomorrow. But you focus on this a one day. Ask God to help you to stay on the straight and narrow path. Friends. Jesus is coming soon. He is coming very very soon. We are seeing prophecies being fulfilled. Right before our eyes prophecies that we have been preaching about in teaching about. For many many years. I'm so excited that kids is coming soon. This is good news for me. I hope that this is good news for you. Friends if it is your desire to walk with Jesus. Every day on the street in their path and prepare to meet Jesus when He returns. In the clouds. I want to invite you to stand to your feet. At this time. Let's pray to the Lord. We thank you for being a merciful God. We thank you so much that you are not willing that any should perish. But that all should come to repentance let We know that you are coming back soon in the clouds. Lord help us to be ready for their glorious day. May our prayer each they be near were still near were close to my heart. Draw me. My savior. SO PRECIOUS the art help us to walk with you on the straight and narrow path. This day and every day until you come back to take us home. I prayed he sings in the precious and holy name of cheese. This media was brought to you by audio force. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service. Please visit. W W dot org.


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