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Looking Back, Looking Forward, Standing Firm

Martin Kim


In John 15:8 we are called to bear much fruit which means two things that are inseparably linked: to reveal Christ and to win souls to Christ. To many people focus their energy on bearing fruit when the focus should be on abiding in Christ. This message focuses on how to have an abiding relationship with Christ so you can stand firm in these last days. 


Martin Kim



  • December 26, 2015
    10:00 AM
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The right is the doctor. This stable right. That is the most elegant next to the lead and kept us safe. I had when he fired thousand. Missionaries. Not be ninety one piece. And this is it it will be understood the power of a master. It's all her body and she says that most almost beautiful discipline of all the Christian. Splits do a bad thing and prayer. But we're basically sounds more like because of all that there are political voted. Station bought it and knock it is and will be broke and contacts period. Bottle. Feel our lives our churches are mediation. And our world just that person be about a mile. He changed the direction of our nation. The nations of Earth. And the postponement of a meat mission. So friends prayed that we want to join us and we go to STOP of passports my days as we prayed or he would for all us even more immediately and provide your heart to give the order to go then for being so good. Thank you Lord for the way he has been thus past year. Oh just like you for this opportunity to once again. Over your word. Year old were you. I just prayed with her arms. Of Us to hear your voice. He seems to use the messages I love you back. Looking forward for. I'm so glad you're here to spite me to an end because it's been eight crazy. Year. Would you believe this a little better this past year this year is. It's Arafat. While he was a solo since September eleventh two thousand and one with a married couple killed fourteen. Audience member. This year I read this and more for us or Iraq and Syria explode. Right to people around the world. Issues of the parking lot and I didn't at all religious liberty and educational value they believe that states that every part of the United States of America. This year we saw a religious bad. The good of Pope Francis. To the United States. You know what it is better to speak at the White House of an address on we're and eight. Well I'm at the United Nations. This year. We thought more about this than ever before. Matter of the year. We've got to do a lot of stash here. Absolutely it is funny to me. And then boom boards. What do you better. I mean you're looking forward to a better year for us. I wish we had a better your cannot help us but our rivals corrected your mother's help her parentally. It's not going to get better for you with me and it's going to get worse. Friends. Nashiri there will be more doctors know how hard this earth. I need more of artists and cards for all of the way more terrorist attacks. And more natural disasters before result. More suffering. For all our good moral of this planet's next year we will be more than we've ever faced. Or you will face one. I want to must be something interesting. That has to go back to her base for just believing that end times have we got this press pass that. I know you never want to buy this is the online version of. I think it lead over Senator Kirk York State of the ball park to be live and this is I'm that spirit of all of us like people very nice friends is easy enough the beginning of it is just really mad to cast a September year earlier this month. As all of the really old dogs do the way people the world is more of a pastor said a word and bytes of the speech. And he's all over look at is it a at or few still more me a little charitable there. There's no just. We are close to first there will be applied in every party. You can extend this to all that not all of it will continue to wait for it said earlier to decipher the Pompidou chance every night that he must use. Began its own blog. Are currently stands for and we should be lead defense of just for those who choose to celebrate it lasts. Interest and. I don't know what all. All because I understand such things but I don't understand well all. The pope has this piece for the next year. All the time. Well tough. Oh he had to go or service because that is not going to get better at you with the latest terror talked to you and grid wrapped. Because he knows that he has more time and friends the show. Order that tiny example. Guess what his brat gets a greater We're going to work with as he knows he is running a title. So Fred. What is the current witty or. There's not a more peaceful place before he has that is going up you have really grown up each other better still if you're not going that way but I believe that the US economy is a by a thread. Right and the media does a lot of that is we have it just do it all began for me it's what is not waiting for his way. It's truly a Bible to relish time. What's the place shopping for you there is a hat. Well we would just use Revelation fourteen for sport or good there is message so there are lots of buzz around the world of the we have a seat for sports it's a good book this is John the Revelator book and the all white cloud and on the house that was like the side there was this this is you just carry on is growth and it is you know you got the second type application to the table or stifle it now and again what is it not yet. It's a hard call risk again and again looking for a lot with to get stepped up a lot in your support and you whites and really what it is I missed on for you to be on the what is right or are the hardest. The first is the right. So use that I'm going to stop the cycle I'm for an early. Well if a bad the second time with a sharp stick all. And he's made to read. If I missed the part number there are so Carol wrote see why chapter four. Mark twenty four. I mean. Chopper. Or first twenty six. She says she never did have it bad shift gathers on the ground. And you're not the price of one little bystanders Island Express. And just the way. And rise and receive a night. And right. And to sprout and grow. She can follow does not tell you it was never right it was getting spit fire with no legs. This is one lady. I think that we're pretty good for you girl you'll cross quite a lot worse the lady that and then after that of that first from that window Tradewinds right is keep all those artists. That's when the rust. It's going to raise its right. And he says now little of what we just read and heard reports of my psychic place purposes. It's terrible of the problems. To the product for you know you are the possible. Artist is quite well. Longing for the best picture that sort of cares. All of Us Best Buy or not. I've heard the desire and imagination I sought his career. When the character. I shall be producing the people. Then the will to play his own. Or Chan. It is or more is going to be more stable OS. It is a religion every three should not leave. Look forward to the could be hard work it's a wonderful. Made were a lot. Is the name. Doing what ever it was horrible. How quickly not all. With the seat of the gospel. Clearly the last big harvest fight to get their precious. Great friends list our Super Bowl where they would rape is rape drugs and whatever but you know he decided all that reds. Illiteracy and how does the hour. But you mustn't go out my way for me. That is it like in almost every saddest Paul discussion of the boat you're somehow. Because of what they were fucking up in the seven or eight. Every discussion we did end up being a lot and we're the same a lot friends you know about it anymore. Is it last and when we dare to go for the Senate not what the US. Just because he perceives Jesus was chloroquine to you very much. So you might decide. The Pres. They don't want to talk about truth. Very well let's put her through very. You can prove very to shit. Most That her in this trial the prosecution claims. Very precious. Well again. Firm to this I was troubled. I didn't want to get the very question here. Reza chapter by talking to spawn for destruction. About food. Very but shocker to suppose that would be so you can buy the screen. So I've got them here that he were going to look at the parable of the behind the right. But before we go there. I want to look at the Supreme. What are we what we learned simply by looking at the still suspicion of the by. And the branch and ask you this thread. What's the Reds have to do in order to verify the former effort to vary from the little that doesn't it doesn't get any shows the stressed out or not very good. What does it have to do vary from the people who are all have to choose to live as long as that and to know why it is what's her standards. Naturally it's going to vary those were the person that you could. The devil has a lot of us Christians focused on doing what we're trying to write something you can trigger very crude and the fruits of their that perhaps focus on this day come back to do that by going to bed. Be there with the state and national by the people you're OK. Exactly yes we would walk I desired to man who you. All even if some passion. Own character is not you by the way. Where is the roots in the punters are or where the problem. It's all the branches. By today by the head and the pirates who chooses to use is a heaven people are just for in this either by those they viewed right. Friends and one of the things on this is God and all of us. Yeah. We built the world. God desires to add up through you. CASE THAT stupid you really can read through all of us must reveal insult to all the other compassionate bit of character. Yes. Also they were to get her out she told him to apply and she was a lady. You know the Bible says be appalling. Advice only. You need more. You know what we do that all the lights. And I believe it either. This is up for debate all those people better said What are you to look at all the lights. I mean that's just me to be clear just give us this error. OK. Present. We are here by a happy one very loose this bill if we decide to let you all of them are prepared for that one by height. Father is the widest part of the vice president or the head. You know what sensation. Had By the way I handled by like and says I had seen by you know why. OK donated mind that Israel was represented as a but as along with God. I wanted to know honestly. And as you did there are all of us all of you should want that and they both and that it is my best to live with our age or disputed that. We are hard as well. Fred. It is not true. It is not a church or I did not mean they should people have the focus of attention is on him Christ alone. You know you can see the spiritual life. The Soul that is dead asses that suits me since my head through that shit with whites. So this. Reddish mind is balanced is a satisfied. I paid a price. As the first of all say it again and continue and continue to make is that you did the rest. So I guess it continues by day and cost of the tube or six or seven or have you seen this before and it is so walk in here. How are you going to get walk every day and go out and status in the eight. Haitian capital and it takes your spirit OP stated. As you know that I did I thought Hearts buy it and then you show me the best of the spear there are a lot to learn can you tell me this for us. I am Christ or are edited made any hour by the fish. Remember this. We're going to Google Earth is a low base. I built my bike like today. So this is my next life just fine. I made. But it doesn't want to burst onto the privileges of every red meat at the top bear fruit. He takes away every branch that bears her name. There are more common than they want to bear for Jesus. This meeting was on the side polls. On the beating of this is that we should and get asked that a lot everything. It was that the religious and even the still I was startled started. It was I hope a Jew missed the house. I know that words are here. However the question. If you doesn't ask it doesn't explain that I don't see why he had all along. UP ALREADY HAVE THE BEST solution to this is or Richard out for a lot. And that's going to be added to that is he or she most likely wouldn't even know that she was she. What did just that it was by the way suspended scares remember the terrible about the stairs. Order to spare all the wheat. And both together and so on the Web site until the harvest that he believed. If your lead to a thread on. I did a lot more than one mother with two hands. You know for sure there's a movie. If you're a scary. That we were a lot of based on us now with radio cats and said they were scared. That's both likely. There are items there are some artists giving a reason his low bass faded. Afterwards which I had for many years ago. And Title. How to get and to be made. I perceive it is made to listen to the best you get because I'm watching the side to the pitch. I believe really leave the seat. And I didn't want to go back and edit your community minded once they started the feet to you know there's a lot because it was a deception that you more of their emergency. Because if you knew they were to seek a definition. You are you know seat. Rights are there in this good intention all just ups and they'll be like Spacey. You know me that she's out to see. Sadly there and small steps and it'll be like all actors and lawyers are just not understand they have a strange. But all one hundred Just who are be shooting. What it believed to be the truth but it was all our city. It all so love all of us out there were a little bit of salt. And they're dealing with sincerity. Their vision what they believe to be the Shrew what is there any sense and third satisfaction. Just sort of deception. So the we added tear. They go to gather the chairs come to church. We get to me. And here in the last ten years now didn't just happen to share their. It made no sense. OK OK. Added Carter has a car. And it knows that it could have had to be obese and know what it is. I mean that there is no way benefits. The weeds. But in the parables you decide that they are just because there is a chance that that chair could exist but I want to dispute there are scared to come this week after week. And hear the Word of God be looking at awful. And they want to change their lives. A lot worse evil the same why. And yet in the end. It will also mean tears welled up your want to get scared. And there that is like right. Oh boy. It's become a tradition basically we get made but again. When you get care to make sure that we showed you to you it's James had a wonderful thing to it's of the two words of the word and not here on the the CD yourself. Rest. We will need both state and we are human Were you not to us how do you want to do is about were made here. If you use numbers you're just so I understand the subtleties go watch this isn't a stall. If one were to sit and listen. If he is president of the curtains of God right. And all that and yet. Because they did not tell. Why she chose it all have a better. That is the way for years. Maybe it's that just the word I think I was and they are making their way out better than the doors of the word. And we need to be neat if you're watching it we don't want to be this huge it is like states. So in that present my prayer is that we will all be waves on the right. But the markets. Let's go first to talk to her to go back to pursue this everything he does not bear to think she takes away and everybody that Burt Rutan's you proves that their moral truths. All chambers of the Bad Teacher don't want the boat it all falls where it was I just had a bit of this is what he said in the market should we have lots of the circumstances of the site and it was the other do you want something at a certain those of your life that you were not that I thought create my own plan your life and not just a better road through perhaps I mean we're leaving Do you worry that you this. If you had not me in the services of your life. We're not. Do you know why we had in the last that we were not there all what's a lot of the less reason we have something in our lives that we like there. Because that's normal lives here. Cruelly us. She said their breasts the dirty problems and a pair or more of us. I mean you want to tell me. They must expect what for or good and bad. Yes. That's we must expect a slice. Try those are God bless you happy. Stands. This guy. I've read most of the trial so you were probably get someone off your response and then you want it done was done all that far in your spot. What do you want your spot babies us. There was this is what I get sleepy time. When anymore at all way. Well you know what someone did to their breathing space or something major to be. Are you with me people are a joke and everybody is welcome to post. But it is a different story. But there is less and the next time you buy your software just off the top secret. Good luck. If you get any ill that's just what's that exactly. OK. I'll tell you that or or good. So it'll like the by Feist's file must be explained with reminded of this. Are you saying that it's often repeated their military forces mandatory or like the saying goes like this. If you can't escape the situation. You might have overstated whites. Well in the Marines say OK. While. This is a baby and about what is the status of Hamas why don't you be serious about. No not that you know your previous occasions. Have just heard a bit perfect and complete lacking a big God tries to go on a perforated topic to burst created Saturn. You are a plane because the words I've spoken to you by all means I knew that the best cannot bear. By the bye bye. I didn't mind. Your the practice your wife and I are very much for without me. You tend to not be. How much can you do without Christ. I did without right. You cannot talk about what is said or resist. While temptation friends. I know what I thought I could not keep their hands on. I can do all they like I can't do God's will for without Christ. You can do nothing. Why son were president stands. Because that's the goal was to get the big that we can do something. We did not like when we were little we do not think we will look too harsh. So he says America's message. And I was not lead to this message to get this past week. But I did boss and that's past. This next message by Alter on executive director or audience. And it was the best government. She hasn't already sure the war last. And even though we can we cannot have a good chance of starvation. I tell you how good a shot is conservation cult law that we are God get that good to say this but I can't coerce welcome themself we have become the leader later on that first deal to me I must enter. You have to say to me only then can God still seems to me says you know. All that out in all this week I hope you get a chapter this to offend God Well you know if you do not think France by also praised the spirits of the law and the spirit it's not is you know me to in the flesh. We pretty much. That long breath. And we do ministry for the church is it possible to do this and those who are enough washed or their soul will be to the last. If you are not taking office to walk in the spirit. To do ministry. This and that is for the night lights. When we recognize it or are speaking to absolutely nothing. Notice what the boss says well if I said proceed to discuss. Frightened me. That is how was the be. The question on the table all are Sunni leadership or violence and I think it's why. The worst of the left are edits which are adults. I think this is I don't want to be sort of the Internet and jealousy. Oh are wrapped social mission. Essential and birds from the robberies and the like. Do you know where you are people of burglary where we were getting worse than our. If you actually look to order. Already people all of those you're at the top of the stands can do nothing while it is changing. Choose. Well it's gotta be worse than it is not right. It's not like it did I missed four or six is here it's you know all I can I play and all R. rated R. by rags. I did it straight away spirit and his words and this is poking bad luck about jury duty wife grab a you used to walk your your car you know what does it want to buy and build your backs on terror. Oh you regularly. Adding that is just as rows are and the best ever. It was based and or action was that your brain is as full of the rads. You know it's obvious I think. This ourselves. Grow up and it is in from our part of the rat. He heard that only the best for all artists the grow is not right. What a wonderful God he said that's a good Muslims it is us. Or righteousness. We must learn to give us what is it in he should and shouldn't impose your kids first and then with our president is our all end all. Well. I didn't respond I didn't buy I'm going to breakfast. Here I am I have never heard my life without pity. You can't do that without right. But with right. Always know when you are going to do all things that off putting your support of thirteen you all through good waste. Who's going to be by the way. What is the all use up all that I want to do is not all they like plan. It's all they think I was calling to be. It was all going to do a man can do quite a thrill. I get it right. Parts. I can resist temptation. I get the only light. I did too but will. What are the adults. Maybe a couple months ago. Share this experience. It's not a sport. He said he was hoping it is because her already. And he was a little patience with her because she will love gates and Russia's. So we did. But she wasn't getting it. He will get impatient with there because he can sense that the daughter understands. It's frustrating her and you know that father. If you will continue in this way. You believe and. Sorry you can start. So you guys you think I can not only patients and my loving partner. What is this for and nothing but were my this. Patients with a she had not had far. Dr fifty percent of the if you keep my madness. You will I get my look. Just I have to like almost never by just as luck. So we go to the why didn't she does and she just did what I did bought up by the way. Chase us to talk to her by this time he says I can't I stopped doing nothing. Jesus. But the solicitor was perfect. He was she was a cop but it was or is that it was close to you walked at the Met Mr. And our example but come on it all for everything that went pretty much as a price. Depending on the altar. We want to get up to thirty that up to this and still I didn't want it. We are told by Jesus and Moses and spirit off the various forums useful of longer. And bottom bad mom the best. Oh it's rare see how often you spend all I want to yeah a little proud of it. And yet. Do what if you love it if you stay sober. Just focused as a business owner and the sort of person called upon to work it we'd all be salvation of the white vote. And whilst on the might race for strength of up at all all. There are to rest on what jesus. Target. Much more we need to write the letter which are supposed to be hot but it's possible. But many have about a particle or so are their care. That's why it caught that's were it was once a month. We had better if you don't already have their purse. It's not to the level that I don't want to yes I mean literally do you want it now or wait. And I understand it's not easy but we don't want people who live in the area. Because maybe. We live to work for our you know our lives especially in these last days. I want to be pretty. It's a little close by to not to trust the state or have might come out more power to you will receive you close. So pressed alighted I did it is a life of hope and hence it's a life of its dependence. Do you remember the time you were completed had a loss so who knows for sure it will let you know where I first met somebody had to be the US. So have changed just watched us but one of the lot and we became independent just friends. We need to begin to tell. It's almost the first step to tell you square. As a last resort. But I wanted to be our first line of the. That's a great weather that I can't do up must pray. He told me to you and I who know your prey's a little is the culprit. And the point is that that's you know a little first. We divide as a last resort. That's what our life be like it was about first. When we were married for the man that got it or are not all team that is a great question was this. What are your biggest dream. And what is your are your boots and. And they should just let us a little better. Name of the difference. My dearest friend is my tweets. Yes. And you know what it's like a fitness. It's like a stranger. You get a strong and trusting in my soft bed when I had trouble. Thanks I just want to remember that just from the office a pleasure. And just and the and persecution and discuss a forward then we then I am. All right for him was a close friend and associate White all mood. Is that somebody might be true or not the by the problem. We must you look find it all by far all resolutions or all to me are you going to simply a pontoon boat quite up to interest but to participate as it does to oppose just happiness. And as it is really not all and the claim and conquer you go to heaven for the temple I was like well. And I'll propose like it well. Whether we do this are heard a lot. But we speak about space as if you a little under oath. HOOVER it through me. Spiced So friends. My mind is a lame duck but that's not quite as you know it's awful I'd rather be sort of surrender. Sorry if it's weird but I mean I you abide by the elite constant it like others are soaring under the surface. Press the crash pad like it's on you know I'll live in the grandest believe in the same like a star where by the by the only one light. So in order to the rest are by and by the F B I deserve. Surrender. They don't call on her by experience by the way. It's all about. You said English that you must decide to write it longer live by and by the some other guy who loved me. Gets off or so you want me to not I'm going to ship by some past you are you with that said. What do you say. Dr Rice. Do you keep if a man's eyes. Christ. Chad you are going to miss your hand early your leg or his investor. There's a deal. Scott McClellan's page bios of it. Written by him. Just tell me your story. But the a biochemical part by the way in writers or people that bought the part. He had deep experience as spits in my view this you might buy the stock already does China well I'm alone at home or. I buy my home. I have what's coming to this up. But I'm on top of it more or less like oh I'm right on all the war. Why if you're standing in line when. OK let's go to a recent study. If anyone does a lot by he is just out of the branch. And this withered to the fire. You know for. If you know I mean and the word off by asking. Desire to shop for abused friends and first seller. We have a bit of prayer. A lot of people like Richard Perle do a lot to stand up for the ball while the busted up hurt but yeah nothing else. About Peru just add just one person. You have a whole secret for you both to do the dishes were the conditions. If you abide me and my words. Up by you. I mean to say that Johnson expresses regret the word of the speech rights. Directs and they are playing this through the word their vices of violence and his followers. Just so many years ago who are the years ago. I am right. All of you by the worse. I did was close to forty by the verses. I want a basket your membership. Oh really is that go back and you were there. Oh yeah time to time. I do like you know everybody what it is based on my. And it happened all I don't know I got a top there's really no I didn't go back just really well and know all the first because I played the part about my tight space in his absence and ill the struggle for the first few weeks. And then it was the god last time I was just off. That through. And then every spare moment. I think you know you love me some of you know that for me. I have been very first class. I just take it or not got her. Which is more important. And really doesn't go out with them for what I am drawing. I'm thinking about God's work stress I want to encourage my friends. I'm sorry. And that that's fine. Are those I watch a film of politician. What is life really focused on their best face. It's got a really sad actually our lives with the words God forbid were stuff that you go by the way I want to fight and you let out you decide to speak or if you. If you wore off very Christian which expect to see a lot of those are just the fiercest critics but it is the answer. Part of the barrel means to not use its own unique that you see no more of a series. In your life lesson for your body fluids and that is a certified by prayer meeting which you know I can have a very real and deep communion with God does not operate that he asks for I.D.'s are very vague. Really being one hundred for you reefs. You must is an indication that you're They should fight. Not that deep. As you can be for me because if you are in this I wish it was naturally. It is and it is for you to pray which will always call Ted answers. Oh I'd better go by the fights. The life of its character and it was. On again. With this pastiche problem I see you're watching the crucial and this area. There are others not your road or report or it's off its use or read it if it's my first step is to live up to the soft Christian in the walk. And I heard her eyes for a salvation. Of course if you know the road or. The way that this entry is salt. If you have accepted Christ as a personal savior. Your temper gets updated office. Talk a lot of ice. Oh this is to every sense. Solve all of our area because they were more than just your vote row and you once created or fruits. It is of us. All right in your terror. Your. Well then you can dish T.V. then you're not a perfect. More and more you let let me just. And all that is here. No and yes it is hardly look for were just interested suffice. But also to his is which there is this your desire. This is your desire for children we thank you so much more for you just are more for this for us of a relationship for Christ. All rest frame of us for that we don't have much time. But you are already lost. We think your chance to bear. Each one of those of us more to be too many Christians. That is reading our church. Every day seems just this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about Marty you first if you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave a visit. W W W dot org.


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