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Shawn Boonstra


Boonstra speaks of the shortness of life and what is really important, the questions we should be asking ourselves now before its too late.

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Shawn Boonstra

Speaker/Director for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry.



  • December 21, 2008
    9:30 AM
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as a long walk from the door to the pulpit just by way of starting how many of you are morning people I just want you to know that in heaven there are no morning people because the Bible says there is no night there that means is no morning either I'm going to read a text to you pray first elementary detached them and ask you two questions and they may prove to be two of the most important questions you will ask yourself between now and when the Lord arrives so let's bow our heads for prayer father in heaven is to join our hearts that we face another day knowing this day belongs to you it gets would join our hearts that we recognize that you have a plan for our lives in the plan for this world and you know us by name and father we want to give this day back to you in service out of gratitude were about to turn to your word and that's a holy moment and it's our prayer that we be reminded that whole time that when were reading the Bible were hearing the voice of our Almighty Creator dear God show us Jesus let us hear his voice but his see his face let us be more like you forgive my sin give me the clarity of thought I need to represent your words and I asked it in Jesus name amen the text that I want you to look at this morning as found in the book of Psalms its installed chapter ninety and verse twelve Psalm Chapter nine the verse twelve are you sure will say Psalm ninety verse twelve so teach us to number our days so that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom teachers to number our days that we may apply our hearts under wisdom the PR of numbering your days is something that became necessary as a result of sin before sin into the world nobody really have to number their days Adam didn't need a book you didn't need a PDA you didn't need an iPhone needed need a calendar on the wall he didn't need entourage Outlook or iCal he didn't need a calendar yet the sun the moon and the stars to help him tell the time and you know when the Sabbath came and went but for Adam there was no limit to his time if Adam started on a project and he didn't get it done today could do it tomorrow and if he didn't get it done tomorrow he could do it next month and if you can do it next month we could do it next year if you didn't get it done next year we could do it next millennium but the way that I approached college it's a miracle what happened to me in college somehow I squeezed four years of a degree there was talk when I squeezed four years in the seven was an easy sum had no time limits Adam didn't have to plan for time Adam didn't have to plan for the golden years he kidnapped the plan for retirement he didn't have to plan for old age he didn't have to build a bundle of because one day you would be able to take the stairs and have to say to eat we should build a one-story house now before I get arthritis and I can't go up the stairs anymore he didn't have this kind of limits on his time he didn't have to say to the bottom hard about these all inclusive cruises in the Indian Ocean it sounds really nice to have an all-you-can-eat bacon buffet inerrant you don't have to tip the staff and and you get a really beautiful state room overlooking the ocean I was just thinking you know you are really expensive the butt really we should do this for all to enjoy a life that happened no limits on time trying to imagine a world where there isn't any time there's no limit on it if you don't get it done they sure you could do it in a millennium but seeing changes everything now there is a limit on our time and the clock is ticking if you listen carefully in a lifetime you'll hear this clock ticking in the background marking your dates and gotchas learned a number of them and use them well and apply your heart unto wisdom time is limited since in we can't do everything we want so now we have to make decisions what even to do with your time I have to question someone asked his audience this morning and I want you to contemplate them in light of what it says in Psalm ninety in verse twelve the first question so simple what does it look like when you live your life well what is a good life look like if you do it right and you get the Lysander Schlein it's time to punch the clock the Lord has in common is time to punch out and you look back what would a good life look like that's not a popular question in today's world because today's world tells you you can live anywhere you want make up your own set of rules live by them and as long as you live according to your own conscience and do what you think is right well then that's a good life I know that's the world says in the world says there is no such thing as a right life in a wrong life it's what's right for you and right for me people say no such thing as the right way to live your life but you know we know that's not true everybody instinctively knows in her heart that's not the truth oh anytime we see somebody get addicted to drugs or alcohol and they squander the time we have it's universal the cry we all look at that person we say what a waste of a life we instinctively know they blown that and they're not spending their life well you can say all you want there's no such thing as a wrong way to live your life but when you see you recognize it a young person marries the wrong person in that spouse sucks the life and the potential out of the motor abusive or they drag their person down we all look at that we say one awakes what a shame there's another life that gone time is being wasted we now it's not true there's no such thing as a wrong much when a young person gets in a car does something dumb and the rest of us gather at the funeral as I have a number of times we look at that body in the casket we all say what a shame one awaits that's not the right way to spend your time we know that that life has been lost so people can say all they want there's no such thing as the wrong way to live your life we know it's not true in your heart you know it's not true so the question I want you to think about what's the right way I mean if there's clearly a wrong way there must be a right way to live your life that's a question everybody has to ask themselves eventually you will ask it believe me you will you ask it this morning in this auditorium before you leave and you make some decisions about that or you will be asking that question later in life when you wish you'd asked earlier or you might be asking that question when there's ten minutes to go on your clock and it's too late to do something about it you have to know what's the right way to live your life to question I've asked a lot I notice there's a big clock ticking in the background of notice the time is moving along a lot faster than I ever dreamt possible I discovered that somehow I slipped from high school in the Middle Ages just like that I'm how it happened I'm still a little stunned how I know it happen I was on the airplane the other day and a young lady twenty six sat down next to me we struck up such a nice conversation I found out she was on her way to Taiwan and she still lived there for a year and his were talking just as you know my dad teaches ancient England at dating she said really nobody's fascinated by that is it I am fascinated because my ancestors were for Asians little pocket of people that live in the north in Nepal in the part of Germany and Denmark I set the Frisian language is intimately related to ancient English there almost identical I'd love to meet your dad she's now you're the first person I've ever met interested net stuff that such a nice conversation at the and heroes wondering is there a spiritual interest there could be another conversation I wanted to keep the discussion going I said that what a shame the flights over and want to keep talking how could we stay in touch you said you have e-mail us if you have not been help you much because there's hundreds of messages and it'll get lost in their my cell phone is off at the time it's hard to reach me there I know I said do you have Facebook she said yeah I've got Facebook but I didn't think people your edgiest Facebook rationality using plan to start in the back middle I was sitting in an airport with my family the other day ordered them a sandwich in this little restaurant in the restaurant that little bar we work at the bar we're in the restroom but as I'm sitting in the restaurant my kids reading their sandwich over my children said I see a sign hanging behind the box in the sign says in order to be served alcohol you must been born on this day in nineteen eighty seven earlier I could need anymore I graduated high school in nineteen eighty seven this means the people sitting at there are some of them were in the womb when I was getting my high school diploma it happens faster than you think a lot faster than you think you the night I woke up at two o'clock in the morning I shook my life I said hey something 's really wrong I been thinking about this thing what the I said honey I have burned more than half a tank is what you may have burned more than half a tank should both of your car up in the morning you'll feel better as no no you don't understand Fontenot talking about the car am talking about my life at least half the tank is gone maybe more I don't know how much time I've gotten the thing that bothers me is I'm not sure if I burn that first half well she should go to sleep you feel better tomorrow I said I didn't feel better in the morning I went on the Internet is anybody else wonder about this stuff and you are sent on the Internet but when I get a hold of the kid that made this website on the throttle of discriminate in Christian love they posted the Internet desk clock in what you get the Internet gets clocked you enter your vital statistics some of you are not in your bid did you create the Internet if client you put in your vital statistics here's what year I was born here some of my lifestyle habits male-female that kind of stuff and then it tells you based on national averages exactly what that you can expect to die and it starts counting down number pops up in your time is running out right in front to steerable at least at least I discovered to be a Sabbath when I die I can preach the sermon than they can have the potluck in the funeral and save a lot of money and started counting down three eight billion seconds lead to talk to Doctor that sounds like a lot did you realize when I'm done preaching today I will burn through three thousand six hundred of your seconds this time tomorrow morning eighty six thousand of them will of gone by and it's running out on you faster than you think as time goes on you will see just how fast to run out on you in the day and studio hesitate to share the story sometimes I'm in front of the camera all of a sudden the room begins to spin in my chest hurts and my left arm feels funny and I think I read about it somewhere so I pushed through till lunch time three or four hours it's a guy thing right Bush or lunch time and I went to my office my sister wife to John and looked so good you better come get them they brought me to the hospital I went in smiling as if you know I don't really think I need to be here but my crazy life may become said what's the problem chest pain they should also murder to see you went to the back they hooked up an EKG and stuff and all of a sudden the room went dark I heard my wife say your flatlining and I felt her hands on my face trying to push my eyelids open and I heard her saying stay with me stay with me don't worry honey they're going to get the machine I had two thoughts first thought was this why do they need a machine second thought was is I sit this one out loud apparently keep your hands off my face I don't like my face being touched I came to eight or nine doctors and nurses gathered around the end of the bed now they said you gave us quite a scare I thought wow turns out I'm okay not heart disease is not a heart attack it's another little minor issue is in it will be just fine but I have a thought when the light started to go out I'm okay with Jesus I didn't know what was happening maybe it was serious I do know I'm okay with Jesus if I don't wake up from this until Jesus comes I'm fine with that but another thought crossed my mind I'm not finished yet I haven't done the thing you said I wanted to do me a favor this morning and close your eyes for half a second just do it you're on a gurney in the hospital the monitors are hooked up to you and you hear it change as flatlining hope you can see it get used to it because of the Lord doesn't come it's really going to happen one day like to go now are you okay with the life you lead did you do what you wanted for the Lord hope you can see it is a graduate asked that question this morning when it really happens is going to happen one day you can open your eyes think about what is it look like when you live the perfect life question number two what's our greatest need is human beings people said to me in order greatest need is his human being it's food fish can't live for more than a month without food Summit he says his water you can live more than three four days without water and some and else's no-no it's got a be oxygen this can only make it five minutes without air but also deep needs they really are but it's not your deepest needs him and he says is it love while lots important we know what happens if people aren't loved you can go to an orphanage you can pick out the kids that were loved because they thrive in the ones that aren't love don't drive and we know that in a good marriage people statistically live longer we know but that's not our deepest need it's not our deepest need in life psychologically they know now that our deepest need is to know that our lives mean something that should be dismayed we want to know when I'm gone is anybody in a notice I was here when I cross slice finish line 's economy anything is my investment in this earth go to what difference will I have just punched the clock running is anybody even in a miss me when I'm gone for my to become one of those headstones in the graveyard periods of headstones in this world and one day of the Lord has income debugging a lot through that graveyard wiped the moss off that hints down read my name and not have a clue I was was my life had meant something if you're Christian I would phrase the question like this did mine lie put a smile on the face of God May God smile with the time that he gave me to see about the lasting in life you want is to come up to the finish line votes and discover that you blew it you can live a lot when you're dying upset with enough dying people to know you can get to the finish line and realize you were poor all your life and that's not a bomb event you came into the world with nothing you're going out with nothing in the last ten minutes of your life it will not bother you that you were never rich didn't have a second home or vote that doesn't seem to bother people can get to the end of your life and discovery I was never famous my ninth name was never up in the Marquis eyes never in the newspaper on CNN I never published about that was in the credits of the movie people don't care about that last ten minutes of their life that doesn't bother them you can get to the end of your life and so you know when I have a hard hard like it wasn't easy that doesn't bother you in the last ten minutes of your life is a matter of fact most people will tell you if they've had a hard life they wouldn't change it for anything it began because that's man who may what's what made them who they are at that moment you can live with poor you can live with not being famous you can leave a hard life but to find out your way student I will drive you mad you want to get this cat called life shortening to referred anybody arctic cats but you only get one take at this cat called life that's it and you do I want to get to the end of Ecclesiastes everybody ought to read it once in a while Ecclesiastes chapter one verse two vanity of vanities says the preacher vanity of vanities all is vanity what profit has a man of all these labor which he takes under the sun one generation passes away in another generation comes but the are the bikes forever the Sun also rises and the sun goes down stations to his place for euros the Windows toward the south and turns about into the north it whirls about continually and the wind returns again according to his circuits Solomon says the world to go on without me what's the point I can't change anything when I'm gone the rivers are going around the clouds and a blow over the sky everything in it along the way it was in my life was pointless all things are full of labor verse a man cannot utter it the guys not satisfied with seeing or the ear filled with hearing verse fourteen I have seen all the works that are done under the sun and behold all is vanity and vexation of spirit in order say artist Summit is getting to the finish line he's looking back at everything he has and everything he's done and he says what's the point of blue upload you can build stuff with your life but it's been a crumble you could write about but one day it's been enough in a garage sale or for sale on Amazon.com for eighty nine cents nobody buys it you'll want to know how I know that one you can accomplish everything in the world but the fall apart on you one day pieces what's the point think about this if the book of Ecclesiastes is written by a slaves he spent his whole life working for somebody else's dream then you can understand what I got a better and write stuff like this if this was written by the CEO of Chrysler or GM or Ford this morning and they look at everything they built with their lives and now they have to write about next time the ride bicycles the Washington DC asking for a handout the patch it all back together it's all falling apart on that you can understand what it writes stuff like this if this is a family to just lost her home here in America and around the street and they wrote that she can't understand why they wrote their sound bitter because they just lost adult fitness was a student in the hallway at a university running his finger down the grades that are posted in the hall NEC said B- in chemistry not that I know anybody like that a D- in chemistry you can understand why they write that what was the point of all that tuition and all that class time and all that work if this was somebody working in a factory all his life and then when he's retired they take away his pension you can understand this is a farmer in Rwanda with ten kids living in a hot you can understand but that's not who wrote the book because yes these folks became wrote it and he had it all greasy Estes to verse eight I gathered me also silver and gold and the peculiar treasure of Kings in the provinces I got the man singers and one of the singers and the delights of the sons of man is musical instruments he had the original iPod touch at all the music he wanted gathered in the Palestinian afterthought you snapped his fingers are saying what everyone he got it all he had entertainment first night was great increased more than all are before me in Jerusalem also my wish to remain with me and whatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them I withheld not my heart for many joys for my heart rejoiced in all my labor and this was my portion of all my labor I did it all I had a all I tried everything if they had bungee jumping and skydiving in Solomon 's value it done I try it all verse eleven of chapter two and I looked at all the work that my hands had wrought and on the labor I had labored to do and behold all was vanity that's a number one sentiment in the world today there's no point to life people around you don't know what life is about were told that people around you don't believe there is meaning to life or appointed their existence this guy had it all Solomon had it all and then he gets to the entity finds out his time was wasted and he doesn't have the one thing your heart craves more than anything else and the one thing your heart craves more than anything else is to know that God is smiling about your life he doesn't have the smile of God in the end it's horrible he finds out he blew it he wasted his one and only life he gets to the Anthony finds out he's playing on the wrong side at the horrible discovery Steve went to my high school a call and speak to protect his identity Steve could not play soccer to save his life he was horrible he was the one kid in school that made me look like a pretty good soccer player I was the second worst in the school of Steve hadn't accommodate school five what up in the last one picked for soccer every time but Steve came in it was a merciful thing that he was horrible nobody wanted Steve on their team and then one day the miraculous happened all of a sudden Steve gets the ball and we all know Steve's got the ball but that this amazing thing happened he went up the middle of the field and it was like the Red Sea parting and everybody got out of his way he ran right down to the end of the field to get the ball right into the about any turnaround Austin man yeah never forget the look of victory on that guy states in Arkansas is all dropped we couldn't believe it Stephen Giscard on his own though you want to get to the end and find out your plan for the wrong team it will drive you mad you want to make that decision now do there's a story next chapter nine the used to hunt me story of soul promising young man at the height of his career and he knows what he wants he knows what he's doing he's defending the honor of the religion of his fathers and is making a career out of killing Christians in urban soul he knows he's right the leaders are happy saw as their champion he's their darling they lock this guy to get my license to go until Christians and so all is working for the Temple and he 's never been more right in his life he knows how much more likely to be then working for the high priest he knows he's on the right the first three of chapter nine as he journeyed he came near Damascus and suddenly there shone round about him a light from heaven and he fell to the earth and heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why do you persecute me in a heartbeat he finds out he thrown himself a hundred percent for the wrong thing displaying on the wrong steamy sexy playing against God you don't find that out not begin you want to make that decision now our member Pete coming to some evangelistic meetings him and him which choose Jesus now came on one evangelistic meeting he came to several show up once in a while over the years never would accept Christ and all of a sudden it was two ladies on his deathbed and the preacher showed up and was pleading with him again in the last words out of his mouth he was quoting the Bible Jeremiah a the harvest is past summer is ended and I'm not saved you don't have to finish like that but I have to ask the question eventually what's the right thing to do with the life God gave me even have to ask it and I'm begging you ask it now ask it now saw last two questions when he falls off the horse first question you ask who are you Lord verse five that's a good question for you everyday of your life you asked that question insincerity me nuts at the McCrea controversy US who are you Lord and you'll get closer and closer that's a good question that next question verse six salts is more what would you have me do take your calendar turn it over to God and he will fill it in I promise you say Lord my life is yours what you want me to do it you feel it in trust saw winds up three days in the dark you doesn't line these by himself in the dark and you don't wonder what you think and about in the dark by himself many just he just found out his whole life 's a big mistake what's he thinking about I got a hunch I know because I've been there about twenty years ago I started asking the same questions I didn't physically go blind but I found myself sitting in the dark there is a point my life I thought money was everything that if I could just accumulate some well I have life and I'll spend my time wisely I thought that's really what life is about the people are discovering today that if that's what your life is about now you're meaningless because the money 's gone early downgraded in the days as I was making fifteen percent here on my wealth consistently and I got a phone call last night it's all gone and now I'm worthless what is really saying a meaningless life because his entire meeting was at bank account that was the purpose of his life and when that's gone it will go you don't have meaning there is a point my life I thought it was entertainment I love music I have two iPods I studied music at the Conservatory for ten years I love music is nothing wrong with some music and all apartment enough wow that's good stuff but when entertainment takes over and that's what you spending your life on wow and I was in college at a number really dumb things in one of the dumb things I did is I took the little money I had I decided my apartment was missing something and so I went out and bought a TV set I didn't have enough money for food so I bought a TV and I made a remarkable discovery but the TV in the bedroom you know what comes on at nine o'clock M*A*S*H came on at nine o'clock why can't mismanage that's exciting stuff and I watch that movie or rerun the match after that night I discovered at ten o'clock to ten o'clock the news came on moments the news everybody needs to see the news and after that David Letterman came on at eleven o'clock David what you can't miss David Letterman he would do about romance no Velcro man is right he put on a Velcro suit jump on a mini trampoline and stick to a Velcro wall got a stamp for that I do miss that gender be the midnight news and then I discovered that one o'clock in the morning Bonanza came on none none none none none at the time I see one and only time you'll ever hear me sing and evidence made it I couldn't miss Bonanza I was overthrown I'm too wired up on thinking about finance I can't sleep and so I would go to bed at three in the morning and the only problem with that is I had a class in symbolic logic and eight a.m. the reason I didn't get it asked in symbolic logic as I plea bargain for incomplete with the professor I wasted almost countless hours of my life they're gone forever and what I have at the end of the night around this water off the Ponderosa but I didn't have what I needed to get into law school gone themselves and I thought it was about power my number one ambition in life I wanted to run for public office all I wanted it so bad my teeth hurt I wanted to ride in a big car to work and wanted to sit in the premier 's office I'm Canadian we are premiers I wanted to Serge from the Canadians were taken over your country Americans one preacher at a time I wanted to be important on a ride in a car sit in the big office I wanted to be on TV funny how that worked out I thought that was the most important thing in the world to wield power and I went to a fundraiser one night and I excuse myself twenty three thousand dollars plate things raising funds for campaign wasn't there eaten the plates I was there serving tables we don't eat plates any reading what's on the plate I just don't want people that the wrong idea about Canada and I left the auditorium and I went to the men's room and opened the door and there was a cabinet minister were the most powerful people around anything on the floor and he's drunk please try and looks up at mail never forget it tears running down his face as shirt all rumpled NEC is my life doesn't mean anything I thought you got everything I want this is what I want in your life doesn't mean anything what you supposed to do with the life God gave you horrible to find out your blown expert historian Mark chapter Jen about a young value at all yet this prestige yet our yeti influence yet everything in the story says one that you see something that suddenly makes him realize he's got nothing what did he see he saw a group of kids sitting on Jesus made by Jesus is smiling at them they have the smile of God and he looks at something in his heartbreaks and he comes running to Jesus and false in front of him with everything that he has going for him in life and he says I don't have what I just saw what I need to do while I need to do to have eternal life with the asking was to live forever on three does but there's more eternal life and living forever folks is not just about how long your been a live it's about how you live see times not necessarily reward as prisoners about that time is not necessarily a reward I asked a couple one time they had their fiftieth wedding anniversary in Iraq they dated with their fiftieth wedding anniversary and I said to the later said that so excited you must be so happy she said made I can't stand them in this time or a war eternal life not just about how long you live it's about how you live and who even lived with an interesting thing is this young man falls in prodigy city kept the Commandments yet kept the Commandments also Jesus as far as I can see one thing you're missing salad you have to pick up your cross and follow me what Jesus sang wrong to have some money now I know that is at the end of the story the disciples all look at each other they realize what's going on in a safe well if that's the case who could be saved or not all wealthy issues not the money the issue is can you leave your set of priorities can you leave what is secure and nailed down and confirmed and walk away with Jesus you never could have happiness in life and that you learn to do that you make God 's priorities the marching orders of your life that you liked up one morning to discover you happy but if you try and pursue happiness you never go to catch it the only complete as much as the smile of God is on your life that there's a story in Luke chapter twelve haunts me I preach on it all the time preach on it again Luke chapter twelve guy comes running to Jesus it's been ripped off Luke twelve thirteen my dad died left us money my brothers talk and now I don't have my share in Jesus you always do what's right and fair can you tell them to give me that money and Jesus said I'm not here for that you've got it wrong I'm not here to help you sort out who's got the money I'm surprised the very first time I read that story about this in Jesus interested in what's fair despite not try to steal something he really has the money coming in he's asking Jesus for help Jesus just blows them off or does he first fifteen twelve Jesus said take heed and beware of covetousness for a man's life does not consist in the abundance of the things which he possesses Jesus said let me spare you a lifetime of grief you are more than the things you own that's not what life is about in a few simple words Jesus tears down the priority system of a sinful human right at four build your life around stuff that's not going to Lance is only one thing that lasts in this universe Daniel seven says the ancient of days gives Jesus a kingdom that will never be destroyed if you want to build your life on something accounts build your life on something that's been a be here ten thousand years from now everything else is the past white Saul Sanchez build sand castles you know what happens the morning after you build a sand castle .gif the tide comes in and washes it away and everything in life is the Sandcastle it's going to wash away everything but Jesus go on July every executive slip away on you trust me I know if your fifteen this morning and listening you can have trouble believing this but it will slip away on you childhood is a Sandcastle one day playing in the sandbox next day you're building one for your kids and the day after that they're burying you in that same sandbox goes fast uses Sandcastle the other day I looked in the mirror and I thought what happened I turned to my dad I snuck up on me wow I'm old some years or older to me and I'm smiling about that I got I got some hope I looked in the marathon where's my hair going to shun you got lots in here let's is a common over so well it's going up in the corners it just started down the other day and I'm panicking as my younger brother did lose his parents now mine is gone and I noticed in all the flash photos there's this bright spot in the front the flash shows through in the corners of her going tired of trying to meet in the middle the moment across Connecticut one of those pot balls in the front and I'm thinking ready to tear down and I found it I found that hair is growing out of my ear and on my back now all your laughing young men and a committee in twenty years it's going to slip away on you I promise and I want you to ask question now what should I do what is it mean I'm baking invest in something accounts for the moment will come to regret it to what counts don't waste you don't know what you've got left what are the apostle Paul learned three days in the dark in the life of serving Jesus second Corinthians chapter five verse nine wherefore we labor that whether present or absent we may be accepted of him some translations of the Bible Paul writes my ambition is to please him he spent the rest of his life pleasing Jesus and at the end he says I know there is a crown laid up for me I'm ready to go are you good to be ready to go I know it's hard to imagine it when you're young I'm still young the part of me that has trouble imagining it but every so often a little hint comes along you're going to die if Jesus doesn't come in knock in a fight it knowledge of me the Lord 's propaganda come in our lifetime I do believe that I really do but should he carry either way you want to hit those finish line same way whether it's Jesus coming of the great you want to go and see what you look like a look at mom and dad want to see what you look like after that go to send Terry it's coming you Jesus comes for you cross the finish line it's common and what you spend your time building in at first for Paul says my ambition is to policing three times he tells you what he means in that same chapter three times he's given to us the ministry of reconciliation is committed to us the word of reconciliation we are ambassadors for Christ that's the meaning of life philosophers worked on it for thousands of years in your Bible tells you what it is we are ambassadors for Christ that's how you finish well that's how you look back with no regrets that's how you know that you have to smile of God on your life people listen to me but I don't know how to make God smile there are talented people to preaching to Bible study notes not me I don't know how to make smile you do last year I had an operation now 's a reciting all these things it's quite apparent to me I've been in the hospital a lot I had his back operation I'm all laid out and my daughters come into the room and are really excited they said it's Father's Day daddy we have a Father's Day gift for you that may put a slip of paper in my hand and I read it instead written in crayon admit one Father's Day show and he ran downstairs he said you better hurry up shows about the start so I got out of bed really carefully with my walker I discovered something don't go down the stairs on your walker I got down to the bottom of the stairs faster than I expected and I ease myself into the sofa and I could hear the girls eight slides giggling in the laundry room him ready for the Father's Day show in outlay K and when my eldest child came out of the laundry room I thought something was wrong her eyelids were severely inflamed a student being the sensitive man that I am a should what's wrong with your face look at him in her eyelids were bright red and she had glitter all over her cheeks he said that it's for the show I said what does that have to do with the show she said it's makeup did you get make up I want to assure everybody my wife does not have bright red eyeshadow laying around the house said Danny what is to make up a segment that you can't wear makeup she says would you wear make up on TV pouch I said I needed to get that stuff off your face that this is glitter stuff it'll wipe off the table to put that stuff on your eyes and I could see her light up she thought about this she said no that's no problem daddy that'll come off as just jiffy marker scrub your face for three days I look at this mess knowing my wife would blame me somehow and he started to sing animated we love you daddy your best daddy in the whole world we love you you can have tickets to go see Pavarotti you could have tickets to go see Celtic woman I wouldn't trade you in a heartbeat for that handwritten ticket they put my hands I was the greatest concert I've ever been to why is it was perfect not to report their heart and making daddy happy people sad on hand what it takes to put a smile on the face of my heavenly father issued to but I'm going to make mistakes yes you are you're looking at the preacher was made the most colossal mistakes in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist movement let me put your mind at ease you're going to mess up it'll happen but God 's waiting for you to get out you see Mark not really you get my point though you can go out there with the glitter on your cheeks and the jiffy marker on your eyes making the biggest mistakes in the world and God 's been a letdown and smile and say that's what life 's about inure to get to the finish line and you will be on the gurney of the Lord 's income easement to come but maybe you're not been a make it that far and when the lights start to go Jim and you have a little trouble hearing what people are saying in your heart you not then have a single regret nothing soldier on the battlefield it's wounded using the tent needs hanging on for dear life the mass unit they don't get the commander private Smith's calling for you it went to the ten private Smith to speed up really bad music telling her he rolled over and looked and saw the commander he said there's just one thing I got a note is my commander please in the last moment what he's worried about is if you lived well manner says I'm playing he smiles and slips away it can happen one or two ways you can be on a gurney or even hear a trumpet near to look up in my question for you this morning is this how you live you get one chance Obama will put a smile on the face of God 's only way I know it you can look back without a single regret I can ask you to make a commitment this morning review your life look ahead if you're particularly young I envy you you get to start now do it well get to make that decision if you want to smile down on your life if you're determined to live in a way that makes angels rejoice so you can cross the finish line with no regrets when asked about your heads and raise your hand if it's you father in heaven I think the we offer the love of God how thankful we are that we know our heavenly father smiles when we spend the time you've given us doing what counts teachers to build our lives on the kingdom of Christ and as we go from this place this week show somebody that we could lead to Jesus Cassatt line is a woman who need Jesus to will this is my audio person seem like a generation and I think you'd like to learn more about G1 please visit them you have done life that God is working like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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