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Radim Passer


Radim Passer is the chairman of the board for one of the most recognized companies in the Czech Republic. In 1998, Radim opened his heart to God after witnessing the illness and death of his first son. Through that tough personal tragedy, Radim found hope after attending a series of Bible meetings where he surrendered his life to God. Since that time he has utilized both his business and personal influence to help spread the hope he found in Jesus.

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Radim Passer is chairman of the board of PASSERINVEST GROUP, which has ranked among the most recognized development companies on the Czech market ever since Radim accepted Jesus into his life in 1998. He founded Maranatha o.s. in 2002. Radim is married and has two sons, Radim and Samuel. 



  • December 19, 2008
    12:00 PM
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him about the rising is my privilege to be given to them I can see what you are working for our Lord Jesus Christ you can hear my nice fellow toys it is not because I would be a famous singer but just because I have a cold so I was born in nineteen sixty three and the end of Monday night I funded company of feminist group and Tuesday I own eighty five percent of its shares the new business and real estate especially in office development in nineteen ninety eight got changed my life I consider accepting Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior absolutely the best decision in my life in two thousand two is thought that organization might enough in the Czech Republic supports and implements the evangelistic and mission projects at this moment I will try to read though you might life story which is full of mercy of God left the stage next four to five minutes with my poor English my my mama so from check out the links on the and might that came from Jewish family as a child I've also would chunk and therapeutically I a lot of the time this is my first one hundred meters under ten seconds and is that a revived liquid state at idle I will let alone for a long until after lunch of the link of my daughter 's I could rejoice that my little brothers the next was born he had a number of common toys this might look like each other these days I grew up in a in the communist regime that local freedom and support was the only escape into a happy childhood for me I played soccer and took because I was stolen I always than specific audio for professional soccer player my friends believed in God however as the typical Catholic family and the Czech Republic they never read or studied the Bible although my mom inspected me to pray to God I gradually became a nonbeliever I did well at school and I was articulated in the Muslim optic when I was eighteen years old I must have put them match although I wanted to be a soccer player I started to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol this building however did not help my secretary my university study has that Semeraro starlike coarseness my completion of super cardio in age of eighteen years I started construction engineering after seven years I worked up to complete thirty -year-old studies after that they could give me a hold of the school and throw several studies here's an Communist Army and waiting for me it was nearly nineteen eighty nine I was almost finished at twenty six years old I will something for nothing and so I slowly started to realize soccer World Cup go go without me forever I discovered that I would enjoy doing business individuals not legally possible informal components Czechoslovakia so I was thinking about immigration after several months in November eighty nine velvet Revolution came in the Czech Republic in the dong opening up on me I may not have to leave anywhere and can stop business in the home by gross events I've got the real estate and started to work for Obama check German cabinet I always like Garros is a boy being being a nonbeliever I dated one of their author and other of adults taking sensitive and the sprinkles ninety nine the argument goes of my dreams she will scroll Gianna I will study six and she was nine years younger than me and believe me or not she is still nine years younger than the end of my give my dew on them I went independent and started my own company I started completely from scratch however while working for the check German company to earn such an application and the banks were willing to lend money for which is also illustrates at that time there were a high interest rates in my country approximately fifteen percent on home so it was necessary to add something drafted each clubhouse and Barack may get affected for some business and then sell it again though she were able to complete about fifty business transactions during the first years of our business all of them refer to him as we were able tomorrow so no real New York as developer I met a young in June ninth is the young beautiful relationship and throughout about one year after our wedding you want to live a child but we were not successful in our belief in God but he never advised that it that in our lives the purpose of my life I wanted one day boss at the first from the business on to my son this was our first residential project in a good location and brown and in the highest floor regards ourselves and apartments for dreams I will send fifty first born son in a row and I always believe you are going to have a boy you're stuck where it were pulsing by the group panels will smoke coming the company was going well my dad discovered but interesting properties and then place the ball salts a growing potential of it might my company eventually both of those properties this largest business part of the present in Czech Republic begin to grow the descent commercial development which deals with the buildings more than officeholders was in Czech Republic longtime and Amanda of a big foreign developers nobody believed some small chicken campaign could succeed in this business then came the beautiful spring ninety eight after years of latency fun up final whistle the expected date of birth and renewal it was going to be a boy my dental study had the Angels going to be his first grandchild him him time I experienced the book of my existing steadier although long time nobody except me believe that you are finishing first big and modern office building authority be something famous amplified by commercial success the building was for a first offense the close contacts with companies such who is part of the city Eminem General Electric much greater joy came from the virus of some of May twenty nine nineteen hundred ninety eight our first son mocks people they then I felt like it appears God in the homework also to see until experienced adult microflora as well as the professional County I had a great desire of my some my son marks throughout the event amendment than idols I must admit think more and tomorrow God exists but the continent living and sinful of a off-line for sixty facility have a healthy boy at home however in unnoticed he started to eat horse and so the next day event the hospital for check up the door came to our life Thursday July nine nineteen hundred ninety eight Doctor told us a little month visit big problem in his head and the second day he had to undergo neurosurgery such articles that he was only six weeks old when we got out over the hospital attempted they did take in such in our car a life set God wants to tell us something that once looked I know you I would like to change myself I will for the first time in my life I wasn't willing to listen to God 's will is you started to pray for either the surgery went well much love like this and I live and that gave us an encouragement on Monday he has no love for MRI to find out the cause of the problem in his head the message of the show itself little month of the Jamar in his head and had no chance to survive I remember this deep mental pain you are not able even to increase our life photo like this draws I believe Gupta may still boom in medical and heal the two monks did continue in our prayers C times a day either visit think our little boy in the intensive care unit in the hospital I started to read by the cousin of my life Simona is her name was Seventh-day Adventist at the time and then always felt she was telling her true but she had known it was not possible to talk about it with me but that the most different seminar pray for us to and got sent me this message that this victim and profit is chapter fifty five nurse six two nine Microsoft most I did not understand this I said in my summary analysis or am I vacant idols to understand only later we still believe God was going to heal a little boy however the discomfort little marks the ninety nine weeks old my first response was I couldn't bring no deep in my heart I knew so I was not serious you don't drop beaver left with nothing no hope and the and the time I was starting to drastic assault the vertebrae can put the links of moniker will close opening the door with the monks altered is that he gave me such a nonsense on some I decided never to become public I continue reading the Bible I've go to Google search Google tells us and right there I've got lost big then I asked one of the most important questions in my life I was possible that the motive the subordinate proscriptive significant message almost two thousand years since the Bible was written the Nana gave me an offer seminal her Seventh-day Adventist schools and told her about some perfect maybe it was that woman and she was supposed to lose but long ago I can't find out her name when she writes only three times in my life that spoke to me soon silenced voice stress when I was five years and he saved me from being drawn that second time I then and for the second time I will say later so the silent voice told me get acquainted with the books -year-old and then you can make a decision I go for whom social conflict of ages worried and I discovered amazing fact by the Louisville smoke so difficult to understand for me and him I also pray for no I also great to know if a Christian I can continue in my work that gave me an ulcer in the first convention seven seventeen I did not know how our life will continue to buy land the girls go out with all my heart with my life we wanted to have another David and he prayed every day for the young also told me there were going to be satellite evangelistic lectures date eight it was broke trusted from Andrews University and the main speaker was diagnosed his lectures were timed perfectly for us the attended open the seven of them during their cars we both decided to surrender our lives to Jesus through Jesus Christ and the big-game Seventh-day Adventist during that nineteen eighty decided and up to give up the however vendor lectures letter finished you did not feel prepared yet and people 's form or decision for June ninety nine in the coastal Spring nineteen ninety our book Baathism again the time interval for September ninety nine he did not feel ready yet but at the same time the Allies of the devil will try to prevent our baptism for boot I expected something to happen but I did not know what him my three closest associates agreed so set on fanfiction told my company from me it was not even a year from the loss of little marks and I did not have contaminated but I have a relationship with God 's order the he strengthens me to forgive them although they would catalyst several months or formidable negotiation follow I strongly believe God will help us solve the situation the promiscuity of our Lord Jesus nothing was going to prevent our decision to get baptized September seventeen ninety nine the letter baptized together it was the most important living my life got to get off my company as well those days after the baptism I headed back the three guys got more money sewer marketing but they left the contending and I cleaned it from untrustworthy people and turn off nineteen ninety nine and two thousand started to build most of the Gore camp and his team again Jesus Christ is the only friend with whom there is always a hundred percent guarantee he will never betray the file every new person for the company I heart that prayer on my niece since then we have had wonderful and stable team of available people that high professional and moral standards than the TU two thousand four hour camp in a full BNC grade goals and each of them was very important for further development for content him amazing Grace Fresno for year two thousand will fail fail of the first two completed unlamented buildings of the central became the first big investment affection and check the real estate market the second goal for your two thousand one studies he rented almost two hundred and fifty thousand square food to a great mobile operator and dust started to build the next two phases of the dissent it was then the largest lease contact in the central Europe set goals for two thousand most large acquisition he succeeded to buy moral development editorial to be sent to B plan for their professional office buildings that event of RL 's six hundred thousand square food currently they are all completed the leased and sold to investors for prizes needed help getting about in the beginning of God 's first refined my campaign for the sorts of people and then blessed greatly to the result of horrible actually all our big transactions were carried out only off to my baptism it was not difficult for me and for my life to surrender step-by-step all matters of our life to God I commented to me my business is low one aware you are not able to send abductive everyday either asking God for another they did many many people were praying for us to your spouse since the dead social of the monks then finally the Bulls reached that point to make a decision to surrender even this mother so important to us that indeed it these are prepared to accept God 's will you are a fever going to have known child is so messy made the decision months later my wife became pregnant the first quarter and sometimes thirteen this is my favorite one of my favorite Bible takes also come from a Muslim and almost two thousand one because of him already than the government home from the hospital before dinner the crowd meltdown and gave him to our Lord on the day it was one of the most form I became vegetarian the vessel fluid id. has been so far one also my greatest experiences that love Jesus is seventy assaults three he goes so far as current and Seventh-day Adventist school in fact and I'm very grateful to about forty this is a blessing for us on our charts .com keynote leads my work that I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior I realized I'm not over but only a manager of endorsements and gates got been his grades had them forever Gestalt upon me I make another contact with God in my heart this contactless related not only to dieting but also other financial gives gradually I have been increasing the percentage of income I will update for gifts and diets got blessed more and more the outcome social work as she had had more work for a company go I have realized the Monroe dust smoke more like something for something everything she has belongs to including myself I know I can never and by nothing the return but he has done for me is God of hosts of project BB center will expand upon completion to more density modem 's commercial rentable space ninety percent mostly offices but also some soaps services residential building fist around until something the investment growth that will together make approximately one billion dollars more than half of the project is completed and another fifteen percent is on the perfection this is a picture of beauty from two thousand seven he defended them became home for a number of very infamous on campus many of them come from the United States of I'm going to so little couple of pictures from this project this is the first building of HP NCM this is the local gene Czech Republic this is the third building next building over the oncogenesis Microsoft and Solaris two misses the net and other building this is a vegetable to go forth on a couple tool in the Czech Republic module the same building another one informal picture opportunity be sent to a modest number of years the largest business Park and the Czech Republic it has received quite a few prestigious of our many times I have been thinking without God 's blessing this could never have it part of the central market is also this building is self-satisfied on the wellness center this beautiful building code with the biblical name Philadelphia is presently under construction and if God allows it will be completed in seventeen months this is the most important phase of DB Sentinel for me the article we think Seventh-day Adventist church building construction which will set of everyday people along with Adventist kindergarten the world is going through the worst financial crisis since certainties of the learning Center again I can only goodness about the fact that his moment of friend in the organized level of Jesus all projects will be sold when the market but the end of sufficient financial visit budget has been created for this complicated time to your Segovia I resisted the temptation to expand our business to international markets the also resisted a practical fertile and the stock exchange market they don't suspect in how the situation was going to develop again I can only thank God that the bigger the delete in my heart decisions there is nothing better in this world than life in Jesus Christ living Jesus and sue him there is the way to Internet I found it an organization modern opera in two thousand two for the purpose of handling means for support of Gulf War today there are eight people employed full-time adult other than a people and health sanitation shelter and in at around the DRM MBB Central this is the closest store and this is allegedly nervous for a internal self multicandidate support number of evangelistic and mission projects at home in the Czech Republic as well as in many other countries my gut tells me published when like groups in larger volumes in the Czech and Slovak republics due to lower prices the management to multiply their sale in all the activities he worked hand-in-hand with the church in the fall of this year the first Seventh-day Adventist elementary school was openly about bottom-up organization committed to pay the amount of unsolicited and chicken selected topics with audited more for two years full-time advance got for their work drinks baptisms the VR active in publishing of the translation published books DVDs and other tools for lunch of his among the last completed the long such a collection of the DVD new beginnings if somebody told me eleven meters ago what I'm going to do and love my life priorities are going to be like perhaps I will things that person has gone that is then got amazing since two thousand since two thousand three I had the privilege to attend every SI convention in North America in two thousand four articles elected the president of Chip chick with i checked and in this year I go to minister as the vice president of a site Europe for evangelism this has become a new and great challenge for we feel this is a huge mission field the size of a ten minute European countries that have recently think and astonish only come to the subject line to powerfully reach by gospel or European companies in the next ten years if you have so much time you want to forget over the charge drama written by multirate thinking encouragement encouraging members for this or that is no more important work on the farm then been sold for guys if you decide to work for Lord God you have my marshaler the developmental fleet and tries to slow down before however our Savior is more powerful sites and may get furious about his day are prompted Jesus is the winner he gives us thanks and leads us through various lifestyles this is the first Beta first ship that was six to seven in this you greatly rejoice though now for a little while you might have had to suffer grief in all kinds of titles these have so that your faith of greater worth than gold which furnishes even though refined by fire may be proved June nine and may result in praise glory and honor and Jesus Christ is revealed I count say I enjoy life to yet I'm grateful to God for them if you commit ourselves limit even entitles you don't always need us and give us things and ninety eight I lost my phone and ninety nine minus go to close also says Congress my company I mentioned order to destroy us in two thousand four against the people one of them was from those installed in ninety nine my company for these the people ordered and paid for my mother but that Ranjit therefore those discovered by police I was informed about it it was not easy video of it all for my life goes Islamist like inventing more for me after three months of strongly disturbed for aggressive nuclear slab the plan has been disclosed and left that update invention at least for a time they are still on the rules however their intention has become publicly known first the sullenly chapter five of sixteen to eighteen be joyful always great continental give thanks in all circumstances for this is a gutsy little or no in Christ Jesus it was my Bible verse for year two thousand six a gamer I was thinking what is it about that regard for me and other title came about that along also enjoy a new sphinx thinks of my fate I hope 's serious car accident which come from the human point of fuels will smoke possible to survive I was the only particularly although I lost consciousness all along I do not remember because of the accident I did not go to five the Chris Bernier ended behind me hit my head in the opener of policeman doctors and firemen who can't conceive how many heads I hope my head also there will smother skirts on my body however my head was seriously injured first thing I remember after the accident most mindset and so far the lost experience the Thailand golf was either the devil wanted to but I am much more powerful than he is and I can inform out of clinic to show how amazing encouragement it was it for me got not only save my life but after two weeks I was completely healed despite all the trials he experienced the beautiful years we could rejoice over with Osama and all the blessings from our Lord God I have been a very hectic to be able to serve my Lord according to my giftedness actually Bible studies the cheek and started to serve as the late Oscar my life however started to make small compromises the advice that has been concern in June two thousand seven the celebrated fifteen anniversary of intent and about five hundred guests came and he experienced beautiful evening but I experienced the greatest friend from the lost of little marks the day in the morning I find out our marriage will split by him or having a relationship with another man during the summer of two thousand seven he finished the greatest and most successful trace our company has ever made that year we make more rough events to all fifteen years together the volume of the campaign exceeded quota billion US dollars yet I leafed through the him us to forgo the summer of two thousand seven that it became clear or broke when the relationship that you cannot be healed from a human point of view I learned that about with what I've been paralyzed all the titles and meta- this don't happen off the and tested us on the upbringing of a healthy dear Angela Little boy out of the house is located for gout friendly letter id. has Elizabeth and mama and have them all the time and I was not interesting given a metaphor relationship for that reason I also divorce in February this year in June this year or managed divorce via Getty fifty on all matters in theater maintenance with friends who still like each other presently I still see got screwed up for my personal life I know little about him brace each evening so that the unidentified gets along well this gives my heart that part many people pray for us and our students this fight struggles in the and unease about the I believe soon to thousand nine I will be able to clearly discern God 's plan for my personal life is not easy to work for about than your family has been hit so hard but I know Jesus Christ also smaller than we are able to live Jesus Christ is that their inventions with us then we have it ourselves I trust water got even this time I know I'm just a geek and sooner but also also I know it might be because there is grace Christ thinks offer your two thousand I started to see more clearly I should check with people about the medical bill which got change my life eventually after prayers I decided to write a book closely and half years or American dream and the Czech Republic the story starts by the beauty of expecting little marks if one can buy my commercial and defense by the biosocial it mercifully limited I described what he openly sinful videos of my life difficult medicine I pray this group will develop at least one single person to come closer to God the id. short story and the fall of two thousand six about one year after publishing Kabul I was spending my scruples before doing to go forward if I could mention somebody asked me why I wrote such I said so that this that it will help at least one person to come closer to God and one enclave is standing there except though I am I'm the result is achieved she has been on the viewer but after reading this book she will for our charge was about size and became involved in the ministry you can see that picture with her family again got over my expectation and I received many responses other people became believers I left about some who elected them Eddie and also the first volume I promised to be completed the second volume describes the city and half years my life since spring two thousand two two four two thousand five also in that unit was filled with the I froze my mother will support however got wonderfully guided and protected me he has the privilege to live in exceptional times by the prophecies in Jesus predictions to be regularly fulfilling control to finalize it is God 's amazing grace he can understand biblical truths for this reason it is great the responsibility to give it freely acquired gift for free to other people here are Jesus wants me to set within a mess nineteen to twenty therefore go and make disciples of all nations as they need them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to outweigh everything I have commanded you and surely I am with you always did a very end of each flow of our mission is to bring people message of the Angels maybe you can you can read the message of frazzled over them in the end of this message criticism of the revelation fourteen verse twelve this calls for patient endurance of the Department of Defense who obey God 's commandments and remain faithful to Jesus both ability to be for a man if he gains the whole world yet forfeit his soul and he and I would like I would like to finish it one question what is the price of one human life him to this display audio viruses when she was a generation is that you would like to learn more about G1 please visit W and dimes life back on a board like this is an online seminar please visit www. volume versus nonwork


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