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The True Education Mindset

Beatriz Caballero de Rivas


Homeschooling: Learning to teach and raise your children through constant dependence upon God as you raise them to be citizens of God's kingdom.



  • June 23, 2015
    7:00 PM
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So before we begin this have a word of prayer. Please. To have only Father we thank you so much for this day. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to to learn about true education. Help us Lord to see you in the words that come to day. Here in this place may be from you in Jesus' name we pray. OK. So before you begin with practical ideas. First I want you to know a little bit about the why. I started we always need to have a why right. And this is going to be my story. It doesn't have to be that way with your story we all have a story of why we're doing it right. But this is my story. My father. Is Cuban. He lived in communism. For a lot for. When he was an adult. Communism started. So he lived in Cuba when it was free. And beginning communism he saw that the liberties are taking away. My sister was born there. They wanted to take the children away. At a very young age and. Separate him from the parents. And take them to act they called it. Agriculture in Spanish you say. They got out. To good. To go facing. Agriculture. And it would be away from the parents because. Well we know why. Right now. If they're away from from parents it's a way to be able to guide them and brainwash them and teach them another way well. My dad. In those ages he was. He has personality is very explosive and he was. He likes to justice and. How is this possible we need to review know reveal we need to do a revolt we need to get out and go look for help and come back and. And take away communism that was his idea he was not a Christian. OK. So he had the opportune. Knitty to be able to not do it coming isn't people do but he was five years. In a concentration camp because of that and. It was a very hard and. When he is able to get out of Cuba. His idea was. I'm going to be back. And we're going to make justice. And he went. Actually arrived in New Jersey. And someone came to the door. Spanish speaking. If he did not know any English and knocked at the door and they were Seventh Day Adventists Spanish speaking people. And that's the way he learned about the truth. And six months later after being baptized the same person came to his door and said. You know what I was mistaken. What I told you that was true is not true. And he just. What do you mean it's not true. Where we would like. I need to find this out by myself. You come back you can come and talk to me about anything else. But I'll let you know when I'm ready to talk about this again so he took out his Bible. And he went to an A.B.C.. And he took out. Counsels and spirit of prophecy and he wanted to compare. That really those books that he was learning from really worth from the Bible because he had a really. Already accepted God and the truths of the Bible so. He spent many many months comparing and studying. And you know what he called that person and said I'm ready you can come. And let's talk. And you know what I think this is true. I think you're mistaking you know why. This is a why. And you know that person was rebaptized in church. So this is my father. I grew up with my father. Working very hard. We were very poor family but. He were two jobs. There was no time to see dad. Except on Fridays and Saturdays. Friday nights. And he always dedicated me and then our. He would say that you broke. He would talk to me like I'm sorry if. He was sitting in a rocking chair and. He was very tired you can see it but if he would come with me through the of the moment starting with something that happened in Cuba. But. Ending up with Jesus. And I was at the feet of my. My father it said on the rug. I accepted Jesus as my Savior. And he would tell me. You know. I used to have that spirit. I have to go back and do justice you know what I found out that. That's not my country. Cuba is not my country. Happen. Word uses That's my country. And that same zeal that he felt to go back to Cuba and do just that now he would like. We have to make justice. Not for us you know for it for God. We're soldiers. So he has does towards lit up. And he said you know. I'm not sure if I'm going to be alive when Jesus comes. I'm not sure. But I need to pass this on to you and I hope you're still small when Jesus comes. But if you're not. And you have your kids. You need to pass it to them. So I was growing up with this full aim in my heart that. At a small age we need to implant the seed. And it's a. It's a burning. Torch that needs to be I mean we cannot give the truth of the Bible. In a very boring way because it's not boring. It's so exciting and it's so real and it's so true and I can see it with things that happened to my father in the past OK. So when I'm growing up and I go when I choose something the study. I did on that study go to cation. And did up. Going to public school and Christian Academy of an academy and. When I began being a teacher and. And going into the elementary level. I was going to change the world. This is what we need. They do but there is just one problem. I started out in kindergarten level. That's not the problem. There are beautiful kids and there is a seventy percent in my classroom that had no idea of what Christian. Christianity was families that were divorcing parents that really only wanted them there was because there was a bilingual school so there was a lot of little things that were. You know the rules of the place and the laws. Where I was I lived in Puerto Rico in that moment. Limited me. I know I'm supposed to be out in the garden and stuff but they're there wanting me to be more time inside and how can I do it if i'm when you know I had a lot of little questions going on but I did believe and I saw I saw teachers that had the flame too. But then I looked. When I became pregnant I was married I became pregnant. I saw I was starting to look at the kids that were coming out of certain schools. Big schools and I saw. There's something happening that I'm not getting. We have our. Truth but a lot of our kids are in our. High How do you say when they're illiterate in the Bible. They don't have really an opinion about what they want to do and. In their goals and I don't I don't know what I want to do with my child I don't know I want them in tragic ation. And then I found a family that was there. I was in already giving second grade and I was pregnant but I saw a family that was outside. While we were in the classroom. And grading I was that they were very late. Grading a lot of papers and I saw this family was so happy. I could see him regularly playing and. Actually the God of the enough family they lived in Puerto Rico and. Alvin. It's just her and. His parents they would come out and they did something. Things that I was like oh they're so happy. The kids are really smart. And they're learning with nature and this and that I'm really interested in that. So I want to talk to saw me out was her name and she said you know what yes. You need to read this book. And there was child guidance guidance and I had seen it in the other way as a teacher but. Now as a parent I go back and read it. OK. Education go back and read and then come back to me and we'll talk again OK. So to make things short. I was inspired again. Oh my. And I have one of the quotes that really. I mean see I have it here. That really showed me. Or inspired me to be able to to do this and we've said this quote. Along the way. I've heard. Kerry read it. If I find it. Sorry. We sustain terrible losses. Have you heard the quote that Mr Kerry was at times I find myself wishing that God would speak to parents with an audible voice as he spoke to the wife of my NOA telling them what they must do in training their children I felt like that. Lord if we could appear and tell me do this and do that in there that I really would like that. We are sustaining terrible losses in every branch of the works through the neglect of. Home training. And that just hit me yes. We need. We need to train. I need to do it in another way than it's been doing. It was that. This that impressed upon our minds the need of schools where religious influence should prove. Predominate right. Parents guardians place your children in training schools where the influence. Are similar to those. Of the rightly. Conducted. Homeschool. Schools in which the teachers will carry them for from point to point. And then I thought well if we're having losses. Where the. Education the home. You know it's not correct. So we're needing to put. Schools that are really like the home of the. You know. The home education and well why don't we start with the home education and do it correctly with Plan me right. So that inspired in. This coat. Is in. Child Guidance. And Chapter fifty one. OK title is choosing the school. So that's what really inspired me and I began OK so why have. I want to be able to take my children and. Be redeemed we want to have a character. You know like Jesus and everything that we've heard every speaker talk about through the week. OK where do I begin. How do I start. And I felt. Oh my I'm not sure if I know. Everything I needed no one before. I start. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this Lord and. I began to have conversations in a different way with the Lord. Because it was like talking to my friend of my best. Counselor my best friend. And that's how you start. By talking. So what would I do. I actually was somebody that. Cannot get up early. I tried and tried. And it had to do with something. I was going to bed too late. Something that we talked about. So I had to have this time with my Lord I had to be able to read the study and then to listen to him so I started going to bed earlier. Stories I started telling. Are Not just because I want to show you my life. I really don't want you to look at me. The things I'm going to be saying the little stories here and there are we're trying to give a practical. A practical example. Of certain things OK so we started getting up in the morning going to bed early. To be able to have time with the Lord. And the Lord told me with this study and communication. You need to begin. You need to wait your feet. Oh. Like most of us did he know that the that the ocean was going to open. He just started to walk and he got wet. And then the ocean began to open. OK Lord. I'm going to start getting wet here. Now what. Another. Another step. OK. So that means that I have to start asking questions specific questions. Yes I'm doing true education but Lord. How do I take the mind of my child to you. Give me specific examples. Lord how do I do discipline. My am I supposed to do this or. That would if I don't do what I'm supposed to do or what if I do it too hard or. Oh no. And then you have to go back. What happened to Joshua. There is a certain. Story of Joshua that he didn't ask the Lord. And he got confused remember the enemy was trying to trick him and he should have gone to God OK God. There's this. What should I do you know. You're tricking you. All within the story would have been different. OK Lord. Did I ever. Stop going to to the Lord to dive or make a mistake and not go to the Lord for something. Yes. It happened. And yes I fell down. But you know what. Not only are we redeem ing our children we are being the demon in this process we are learning. And when we're down. We say Lord help me and he will pick you up. And he will we will just begin again. From the step we are. We will go again. And let's start all over again and let's go. OK. So we're going to be talking about different things like discipline and things that I had to go to the Lord and. They were bored you know what. We have to have in mind something. We're dealing with different parents with different stories. And I know that everyone here. Maybe it's a parent or family or a teacher in the you have your stories. Why. You have that fire for the Lord. Another thing. When the child is boring. And I want to tell you a story of what I mean first before I say. I had a Lizabeth first. And she was. Said to. She was a peaceful child. Oh I was. I was very blessed and. We were able to do a lot of things. Very happy things. But if I didn't have a peaceful child and I had a firecracker. Would. Would I be still have be. Was it would be wrong to have a firecracker child. Well my second tiled. The firecracker child. And when I thought I knew all the answers. They changed all that. You know the questions are changed because now. It's not this the way is that way so now we have different personalities. And we have different ages. But not only different ages. We have different levels of maturity. So then. Abbe age of eight. Someone could be mature enough to do this and understand. But at the age. Maybe another child gets it at the age of ten. Is that wrong. With the important thing. To get it right. So homeschooling. Tragic ation doesn't come in a box. Is not one size fits all. OK. It doesn't work that way. Because there are different interests. And there are different. There are different talents. OK. And I have. I have here. Another quote. It's actually a Bible for the five. I have it right. Sorry just one moment. OK. Yes it would be Romans twelve four and five and it says four as we have many members in one body and all members have not the same office. So we being many are one body in Christ in everyone members. One. Of another. So maybe I'm training the ear of the body. With one child. And I might be training. A foot or the hand. But what if it's a little finger. Or maybe. It may be a strand of hair. Or the all important in the body of Christ. They are important and I can not try to do if you know tried to tried to give the ear. Food like if it were the mouth because they wouldn't work. Me understand. You understand what I'm trying to say. Oh my. And I sort of learned that by getting my feet wet and and. You know what making mistakes I made a lot of mistakes. Going back to learn board or. OK. So we're working with all these age of maturity. Different temperaments different personalities. Different backgrounds stories you know. Arse. Personal story and. From there the Lord wants to redeem. All of us. We are all one body. With different functions. And at the end. Carrying the torch of being with him. Amazing. OK. So I'm here Lord in my feet are wet and. Wanting to ask you questions so. They're not in order. But I'm going to go ahead and say something. God is a God of order isn't he. So I need to have order in my home school. What should I do. HALL I did a lot of things to try to do order. This is when was the when the kids were growing up. You know not. Not in the baby stage maybe a little bigger. How do we show. Order in the family you can we need to be clean and but at the same time. You know. When we're learning and we need to make bread in the flour fell to the floor you know I'm not going to cut the process because the flowers on the floor but yes we have to later pick it up. Do you understand. But there are there needs to be order so. What works for me. Is actually sitting down and looking at the big picture first. That works for me. It might not work for you and. So I sat down and looked at the big picture. And trying to see Lord. What is my ultimate goal. You have to place your goals. You have to do it work for me. So I took a binder. And I said OK this is going to be. My binder of home schooling or. Education right. And I need a philosophy of education. Why am I at home. And I sat down with the principal of the school which was father. And the superintendent. Which is God. And we sat down with three of us together. And we tried to make a paragraph or something that you know put it on writing and I needed to see that because there are. There were days where I was not seeing my goal. And I had to go back and read it all yes. Now I remember OK. So it worked for me it might work for you to have it on paper. OK. And that same binder. I put down. Or maybe you could have it on the wall I don't know. I put that same binder. I placed my goals. Not only as the ultimate that we know that is we want to take. You know I kids to Jesus. But then the other more specific goals. There are a lot more other little specific things. In the way for example. For example let's go to Daniel. Can we go to Daniel. Do you have your Bibles here. This photo Daniel Daniel one. Three in four says. And the keen spake unto the ass the not. Us. But not sorry. The master of his own nukes. That he should bring certain. Of the children of Israel and of the king sea. And of the princess. Did he bring all the children. But says what. Certain And what were these certain children they had something. Children and whom was no. Blemish. But well favored and skilful in all wisdom in coming in knowledge and understanding in science and such a as had ability in them to stand in the King's palace. And whom they might teach to the learning of the tongue of the Spanish though because of those Chaldeans the. Wow. With no blemish. To stand in the King's palace. So you know that Daniel was home schooled. And he was trained. Home. And something terrible happened at a young. I mean he was. He was a young person. Not too small but he wasn't an adult. Adult. Was taken away from his home. I don't know what happened to the mother. But the mother did something. Placed in his heart. And guided him where they made this rigorous test. Physical test and. He passed the test. They they did. Intellectual test I don't know how they orally or I don't know if they put him to right or what and he came out with one hundred percent. And science. And he was well in the learning of language and. But his. His For he was proper. And he had the Lord in his heart. He was. He was able to be in the palace of a king. Is my child. Able to be in the palace of the king. There. A lot of little things that are would be my goals for this year. Or for this day. You know so those would be specific goals for this year I want this year. In the character. I want him to. I want to make sure that he's honest with their vehicle. We want to this year. Go out to nature and study the trees or the plants and. Do biology and. For this see year you know what he needs to understand the concept of that vehicle. You write that in your. In your folder. OK in your portfolio and. There are so many goals. So we have the overview and then we have the specific goals and and we need to have a written down because every life gets in the way and it happens. And I want to tell you the mistake I made. I this planning. At school you with planning you have to turn in the plans for the Teacher me so I would plan a home to and. And I said you know this is so inspiring. I want to do a journal. And I took out my journal. And I started to do we did this at the thought of the thought that the thought that the cap. But if I wanted to give all the you know all the details I would have three pages four pages of journaling. And you know what homeschooling. With Florida. Being left behind and this is not working. So I learned to keep it simple. Keep it really simple. Another thing you could have. Is to keep it healthy keep simple as. Take out a calendar. In your binder you can have a special calendar. And you can put in place. The titles of the book. This page that. You can put a to a just the word the character trait for this week that we would like to review. Is honesty. OK But you know what I remember that in this organization and planning. Who is the superintendent. It's God. And there might be a day where you had planned something. And then your conversation with him that morning he told you. Nope. You gotta go. And I'm going to give you an example. One day I had something planned out we were going to do this and that and that. And MORNING. I felt the urge to we're not doing this. We have to go outside and. We're going to go under some trees my. My children. The smallest one was about three so that means that my. My girl is about seven. And our worship timing would go outside and. That day we went and we took a little a little like a cloth and put it down under a mango tree. We lived in Puerto Rico would have been over there way over there a mango tree and. We started seeing butterflies and we started having worship outside. Farther down. We lived in a place where is sort of country so it went farther down the mountain and way over there. And a look at this very excited oh you know. When we do we're not having school today well. This this part of it this is the learning and let's go do. You know we started our worship and we started singing. And we had I had brought our little lunch and everything there we were going to do some stuff and read and read together and all that. And then a little bird called a need that like like a little. What he called was a little it was a tiny bird like this so high and. Black and white but it has yellow law aimed that goes this way and the yellow. Very bright yellow line that goes this way is a crown. So it's. The name means. QUEEN. Little Queen. And this little queen flaming thus started singing and singing and singing and singing with us and. From then on we would do worship outside under different places. And the same little bird I knew was the same bird because she would get really close. And she would do the. Same little song. And my daughter said. Mom. Are you. I see that the bird likes to do worship with us. Like really. Oh yes she likes to do worship with us. You check tomorrow we're going to come outside mom let's go to the other tree over there. And you're going to see the. Three meet there's going to come and she's going to start singing with us when we sing. As I go OK we can do that let's go over there and and that happened. We started to sing are our hymns in our songs in a very happy way. And all of us I don't have any that came. And I mean those there she was singing and singing and singing with us and. By the end of the worship. We actually told that ring that when we're done. You know. See you tomorrow. And that I need the fluid. Like whoa OK this is that what we read about Adam and Eve singing and praising the Lord in that and the birdies would come. You know what. Yeah. It's something like that. So we saw like a little chunk of heaven. For months this little bird came and sang with us then one day daddy was free. You know. We go you're not going to believe what. There's a little bird that does worship with. And he was a really. But like. Really. Yes yes he got a come. So at the beginning. He did he participated. That day. You know we did in a special way outside and. The Bertie was far away because I think he was sort of like not knowing who we go was. But then we started singing and. The Birdie came back. And you saw you. Well I believed it because you were telling me about this is the main thing. And you know things like that that. That was not planned. In the goals. To do to go or to do. But the Lord will tell you what to do and he has a purpose for whatever it is. But yes we do have to have an outline of what we want to do. So a calendar. At the beginning. We have the. We have the goal. To have our children. Be self-governed. And a cut of a schedule of the day is very important for them. They like to see it. At the beginning I did pictures. Where they can see OK toothbrush meaning. And washing my teeth at this hour I'm a preparations we do this and that. In there were a little Bible cave this would be. Food preparation. And at the beginning I made the mistake of doing it. To hoof. The telling so much. I learned that. Having special anchors. Worked for me. And so I had an anchor of getting up and preparing in the morning. And anchor of worship and anchor of. School time which. I called school time but actually a school was all there you know we were learning all day but. The time we on purpose would do the the R.'s to the three R.'s the reading and the writing or whatever you know and then we would have industry. What I called industry was something. Agriculture outside or woodworking or. Sewing or something like that and and. Family time. There is always a quiet time. OK. Always a quiet time. Because they needed to learn sometimes it was fifteen minutes we could grow depending upon the maturity. Where they could do. Peaceful activity never being bored. That was the real one of the rules of the home never being bored. Having something to do We had a special place or. They knew that you were there would be there coloring reading puzzles or blocks or. Or something outside with rocks and stuff OK. OK. Man you know things we talked a lot. In the week about that and let me give an example that really inspired me. I'm sorry. Do you know these people. The Well. Maybe a little. Thank you. The World. Told them since. As I you pronounce that. In Spanish should be well then this is OK well then since summer shoemakers and we go house to house them they would also give the truth to the Lord. Oh thank you so much. Sorry. Somewhere shoemakers and somewhere. You know with. Was close and cos of that they had made it. And there's a particular story that I love to share with my kids. And I show them. There are industry should be with a purpose. And our purpose is to take. Others to God with what we do. OK to serve. So there was a place and you can see this and. I get the word mix. Conflict a little seedless. You know how to say that in English great controversy sorry. I'm so sorry. There's a story in there where there were two people that went to a place and they wanted to preach and they were. With this fire to talk to people. In that there is a law that they could not say a word. So the soldiers came and they told them if you do if you say just one word you have to. We will put you in jail. And you might have death. So no. You cannot talk. OK. They happened to be painters. So they took this big cloth and they started painting very detailed and one took the other you know one took one and the other into the other. And one. Painted Jesus and. You could see in the painting the humility. The love in his eyes. But he didn't have any splendor human splendor he was writing on a on a little donkey and. You know his the poor and he had poor. You know not too fancy clothes and. And the other room was a leader of the church but with this. You know all of the magnitude and all the crowns and stuff and. In his eyes are really mad in those two that were placed in the center of the city of that place and then they left. And it says that everyone that passed there got the message completely. And when later they tried to to give out false. Things their. People were converted already and. Just by pictures just by painting. So if we paint or if we. We go outside. And we do woodwork and we do something we're going to do it for for. Praising the lord OK so I have specific goals what would you like to do would you like to learn how to cook there are so many that we have already talked about the cooking and dagger culture and stuff OK So you plan that. Because nothing happens by coincidence is that true. If you want to do woodworking. But we don't plan ahead and have the wood. Ready when you start naming you're going to begin it's time to go outside and do it well let's just go and chop down some more Do let's go buy some wood. You're our just left right there so there's no time for that we need to plan ahead OK. Another thing that I did. Bible concepts the Ten Commandments How did I give it to them OK. Specifically I'm going to mention an example of Sabbath. The reverence of the Sabbath. In our house. It worked. When the kids were not too small not too big a box. Where we said this is our special. Box. It's separated from the rest of the things that we have in the house. And these are going to be special crayons and these are going to be special. Paper we're not going to touch this during the week and. Special. Whatever I could. Activity could find this would be in that special box OK. And then we would go treasure hunting. I always treasure hunting we're going to find this thing during the week we would find verses for example. About what. The spider means and the spider web. There's a verse that talks about that has a can of symbolism. And the bird in. And the tree and then we would write all this down and we would go out Sabbath afternoon. And do a treasure her. Treasure Hunt. Oh we found the tree mom this is the tree with the big root in it. Although this is like the verse we talked about that the root goes. You know this one is dying he's not close to the water. But you know that verse that says the root has to be close the water. Use the oh OK we've got it down good. The list. Let's go to the next. A treasure hunt and what else is all. I thought of the butterfly Firefly you know. OK what can we compare so we can make our so we need to. We tried because it was a struggle when I was growing up. That. My dad with his mule you wanted to work for the Lord it was all day in church all day and he did meetings and things and. He was. I wanted him to do that and I thought he was doing really good but always getting bored. And I was tired at the end of the day. And sometimes our children see the Sabbath as being. Oh it's OK. And I didn't want that to happen so. Yes we go to church and yes there sometimes the big meetings. And we can be patient. And we can. And we can wait a little bit. But there. It's. God is fun. He is true well let's let's go see what he did for us. You see all this he made him. In the paintings and. Do you understand. The concept of the Sabbath. Of being happy but. How we need to keep that. Day. It's a. It's a day of reverence Yes we're having fun but. We're going to meet the creator in a special way today. In each little flower you see you're going to see the signature of God. Let's talk about that. And what we do today is not going to be like the rest of the week that we do that we do things for ourselves and. You know it's work. But now it's for him OK so we're yes we're going to walk. We're going to have a hike. But the purpose is we can meet God OK so. Trying to give an example of what we did that. Addressing the discipline. That was hard. That was hard and I didn't mention that I had a child though it was more peaceful and I had more firecracker child rape. Going to tell you some things that I'm going to get out on a limb here and give you some examples of things that I might have done wrong and things I might have done right. But the. But the concept that I want to show is that we have to go to the Lord. And he's going to tell you how. And to what extent OK. I'm. Elizabeth and Sue is eight months and I asked permission from her. To be able to say of that OK well. She was eight months. Crawling talking a little bit. Not being able to reason a lot just. You know a baby. Seven or eight months of something happen and I don't remember what happened. That she wanted her way. And I told her no. And it had never ever happened before. And she just had a fit. But not a normal fit. I mean she got really really bad. And her head she started to pounded on the floor. But pounded and pounded and pounded. And it just surprised me so much how is this possible she's always been so peaceful and. You know I don't know when to tell you what I did. In in in a flash of a second. I reason so many things in my mind. And I cannot let Satan take control of her character. And you know there is a bible verse this is I have it here but. My computer doesn't really help me too much. You know that we need to reason. Together. If I have. I think is the Isaiah one. OK. If OK Any ways that we need to reason together I was I wanted to reason with her I wanted to talk to her about it but I couldn't at that age so. This happened seconds. I picked her up and with a lot of love I gave her up a book. But you know what you need it Lee I just started to cry. Because I didn't want to do that and she wasn't hard enough to to hurt her. But it was enough to. She thought crime immediately. In that moment. Just. And with that me. With her eyes. And in Spanish I said. It's so nice they asked me with a lot of love the firmness. You know say as. You don't do that. And she didn't cry she just thought. I never ever ever had to do that again. I didn't have to hit her. I would say. You know sassy. Should stop. I don't know. If you should do that but I know that whatever the discipline is. If you don't do it on time. Bad habits. Form really fast. OK. I never ever had to do that. I tried it with Caleb. The first time. And it didn't work with him. He was my firecracker and he got so angry. And I felt so bad and of course. I was crying. There's nowhere good. I found out with him. He would get very very very angry for some situations. He didn't talk as fast as a little bit but he was very physical he ran really soon he walked very very fast then. What work with him. Was getting his energy out so if he did something wrong. I would grab the my hand and say OK. Two or three years old where he could walk. Let's go run we're going to do a grizzly run you know what that is we're going to run run run run run together. Run I know and by the end of the little run we did He was like and with a big smile on his face. And then we would sit down and you know what we just did you know which just have things. We can't do that. You can't take that you can't get angry. OK mommy. I'm sorry. And he would give me a big. Again and I would try to reason with him that is a. It would get. You know he would grow up and he still had that. For some time that he would get rules and at certain a certain point I would pick them up sometimes and just. Sometimes that was when he would get a fit. I would go into the shower with them with clothes and everything like take a little cool shower there. And it worked for him he would had a little. I mean sometimes I would with clothes and all because I did not want the time to pass. I had to address. What I'm trying to sample I'm trying to show you say is that I had to address. When they were small. The problem in the moment. And then. He cool down and then again he was so lovable. He was so. Huggable and he would hug me and kiss. Me and I think you mean. And then I could talk to him you know what. What the words we just said in the think we just did. That was not correct. What do you think you think we want to me when you want to be able to have Jesus. You know have. And so I would just like to say you're sorry did Jesus let's let's get it together. And we would kneeled down to get up so I. That's because I did. He wanted to do it from his heart. But first I had a cool him down that's how I found out with his personality. With the lose of both. I tried to give a quiet time like her on the. Set around a little chair. And she was fascinated. All because she was a peaceful child and she loved it she didn't find that at all like she was learning anything and she was just sitting there and having the time of her life to say this is not. This is not working. So then I started thinking I need to relate. What we do with the child or what they just did and for example there was an argument with the kids. And then I. I went OK just occurred to me Lord help me because I need to address this like right now and they're arguing. And I'm not going to. You know. I do this and it came to my mind. Oh thank you. OK. Elizabeth Taylor. Come here. I'm going to show you something. Let's go to the kitchen. And I took out a piece of garlic and sliced a little piece big enough. Small enough not to big noticeable. OK let's let's chew on this Thursday. Let's chew on this. We have to chew it I'm going to chew it took a moment doing it to. It's burning. It really burns of. Hot to like. You know it is. You know and if you eat a lot of that. You are like that Raul. It might even hurt your tummy I don't want to eat so much but you know what happens when we say things. Well you know you were not saying bad words but when we talk like that to other people. Oh it's like our tongues are on fire and. You think the Lord is happy when we talk like that you know mommy. You know and sometimes it could be so bad that it could. You know. You could hurt others like that. Do we want to hurt others. You know Mom I don't want to hurt anyway I need to go wash off. OK let's go wash off and well. Do we learn the lesson should we talk like this you know mommy. OK let's. Can we ask forgiveness to Jesus. You know why we would go always to ask. Let's go together and ask for forgiveness. Mommy made mistakes. And I would always go to you know what. I made a terrible mistake. When I said this. And this can forgive me if you forgive me. Do you want to come with me and. Pray with me and I want to ask forgiveness to Jesus because I did that wrong. Can you can you be with me by my side. Sure Mommy I'm going to help you and give me this like my bodyguard really go in and pray with me and. It was amazing. And yes I made a lot of mistakes. But it would you know. The walk was so amazing. Do you. More or less have an understanding of how the Lord is going to tell you how. What is specific thing will work for your child. To take them to the Lord to read. To redeem him. Yes I'm sure. If you hear stories. Here. You know having the children watch your mouth go. So. OK. One of phrases. Because you said you go to the Lord. I don't know if that. Because that's. That's wisdom from the Lord I mean. And Lord this is so good. Let's talk a little bit just a little bit quickly about the learning. And the mental the. The book parts what we talk about the books. I when I was talking to my friends and my child was about two years old selling out that then I would say OK Sonia. I want to do homeschooling OK you know sure. Great OK. So what do. How do I start. Where you play with them you. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah I got that part. I understand completely. OK. How many books do I need. And. Well you see. You get the books don't worry about it. No no but they're going to be you know she's going to be in a couple years she's going to be five and she needs to get down her phonics and she means it will be you know do I start with the. And then. You know talking to her and just doing and praying to the Lord. There are skills that need to be taught one after the other I'm going to give you a precise. Example math. Can they multiply before they understand the concept of numbers. You know. So should I start with the concept of numbers that abstract that. One means actually one. Before talking about bugs it's. This amount. One. For Talking about to do we have. This amount well after the you understand the concept of numbers and that numbers are infinite this way and that the numbers are in fact maybe we don't have to get to the infinite part. Yet. There is a time for each thing right. And then. Then we can move on to the adding and subtracting and can't go to multiplication till I have that. So there's like. You can use books to help you with that. Or you can do it on your own in an elementary grades. There will be a time where the algebra just. Just can't. So I don't know how to do that. You why. I don't know the whole thing I need the book to help me. You know more rigorous more practice more but that's. Time for the you know. High school maybe a little bit of Intermedia over here I come along. There's an order of things. I'm going to give you an example on reading. Elizabeth. Knew how to read and I taught her in tale of how to read by. Not actually writing a lot. But knowing the sounds sounds. Not the name of the letter. The sound of the letter first. And then you could put the sounds together. OK this sound. Actually is named A. That's his name. Then later when we got into long vowels. Well when there are long bells they're going to say their name remember what their name was. Oh yeah. He sure. I would go on through the rules of cake. So should they learn how to read it would mean little tiles of. Like little boxes of paper. And I put the letters in the we just put it. This is what we're do you could make if I put these together would be. Sure. OK to put. Elizabeth's first word was all my ass. Was that. Mom It wasn't dad it was no muss. Thomas. Wow that's your first love. I remembered the must see got it really I was a pretty long OK Well King good and she kept on. When she got to a certain age that I knew that she could read. And she was mature enough. I had read that children. So you know they don't form dyslexia. Need to have twenty minutes of reading. You know more then. Thing you do this practice like. Close up you know they're reading for twenty minutes. And then you do something where the vision is way out. You know they can see. Out. Because if not you can develop. Different things and I said why is that council going to stop there why is the council saying that children should be playing in the field. Seven eight or ten years it's because. The muscles in the hands. The muscles in the eyes and in the lungs are not ready. They're not developed fully. They're not developed fully. So if you take a child of five years old and you sit him down and you say. He's in a certain position. The. Most of the day. You're going to hurt him physically. OK. If they're reading. For hours. You're going to hurt they're going to be with you know. You're going to cause them to have glasses or or have any. Do you understand what I'm trying to say OK. When I knew that a Lizabeth was mature enough to read. I mean she read a lot little things. But I'm talking about a book. The whole book for herself. She she didn't really want to. It was like well if you can do it mom because we read a lot that's something you should always do read a lot the stories. Begin the stories and. In if we're talking about the program of this just go on from there and take math out of a list take the concept of science out of that well. We did a lot of that so why should I read of Mommy reads. You can read for me. And I learn something that you should not do anything. That the child can do on his own because you want him to be. To go independent. You know. And to self-government right. OK so I took a book we went to the. Today B.C. we took a missionary book and I was very her age. For very nice. This child was going to China. To be a missionary. And I started reading. You know. She started preparing her things she made her. Pursue case. The parents went and they saw the big boat. And they were ready to get on the boat in cross the ocean and go to China. But when she got to the boat. And looked up. I closed the book. Do you do you have to tell me what happened. I need to know what happened to the girl. You want to find help. Yeah. OK. Here is the book. But you can do it. I know you can do it. Go ahead and read the book. Let's put that to the kitchen timer for twenty minutes twenty minutes to read the book and tell me what happened OK. You really think I can do it mom that's really long. Just you can do it. I know you can. We've. We've been training for this we've been practicing Go ahead do it. And she could not disconnect from the book and all the large one off list. Let's go do something else. MONEY it's time for something else really do I really have to yes. She love and. Books from then on. And when they start reading a book. Oh you can enter into a world. Of another place the missionary you know inspiring books. That we're moving on and. What type of books should we be reading. And you know the verse what the verse of. Everything that is. The Libyans for a true. So at the beginning. I knew this verse. But I hadn't really understood that. So we had a lot of books. I knew that I didn't want any monster. Books in there and I don't want any. Certain types of books but then we sat down I said you know what I found here. I found this verse that that talks about finally brethren whatsoever things are true what sort of things are all honest. So I start to ask your. True honest. Pure we've made the list. OK guys. I just I just understood that we need to have. Things that we read things that we see anything that comes through our eyes through our ears that comes into our hearts inter minds and needs to be. Those things. So. Mamita sort of like a big mess up and we have some books here they're really good. And we have some of that and so we might have to give it away. So I took a big bag. Can you help me. And that was the process of. Changing. To learning something and trying to has a word when you want to reform. You. Involve you involve the child. This do so why don't you tell him we're reforming. I'm telling you I did on this list. Let's go fix it so we go fix it yes that's like. Yes. To cause. You know it's. In the book of Acts. You know the things that they were when we took the books and they were the ones that help me. And they did and we were able to talk about the concept I'm trying to do a really quick. The concept of magic. What is magic. You know what I am magic is not the power of God God is powerful magic is say. Trying to trying to trick people thinking that they he has power. And you know we have this what they called white magic and Black Madge if you see anything of magic we want. You don't want scenes power and here do we now take books. KING. Magic. This that that OK Short. So I was saying so should we go and take it somewhere. Give it to somebody and Elizabeth. Told you know you can have did too I remember which was you know my me. How does it work for anybody. You need to throw it away. So when daddy got home. We didn't have a whole bunch of money to be. You know buying new books or anything but. He was like you're throwing all that away. Yup. We're throwing all this the way you do you we're throwing all the bad blocks away did you see that. Like oh yeah I was the books and. OK Well Little by little we're going to be saving up or we'll keep really good ones OK. Does that mean you know that and. You know the book Pilgrim's Progress For example going to be just an example not to. Go to the extremes. I'm too white talks about that book right. And gives examples. That really happen. You know. If you think it's really happened. When in a symbolic way right let's not go to the extreme and say oh this person didn't really do that that that that. Literally that was his name but yes. It's a true thing that we can apply in our lives. So of course that book was not thrown away. OK. I just want to give you an example not to go to an extreme case. So we did that with books. And that figure. I lost a little bit my train of thought. OK. One day. This is one of the last. Examples I'm going to give maybe. When day we went outside Elizabeth was a little smaller. Caleb is very small is of smaller. Went outside and we went to we had. Trees and we had some. Orange trees and we took some of that. We had placed it on a table. And something they said of the conversation. It clicked in my mind I knew it was the Lord clicking I needed to give a concept and. I said OK. You know what I'm going to bring you some sense here. Some pennies we've been talking about this. And here's a porter Here's a diamond here's this and this or that that. And here the lot of pennies. And I've got some things out of the kitchen and put them on the table. And let's let's pretend we're going to the store. But I want to I want to pretend I'm you. Like you when you're when you're big. OK. Well it's OK let's make it fun. And I put her in my shirt. And she put on my heels and she went out and she was a lady that was going to the store. With my purse and she had the money in her in there. And then we I had labeled. Numbers like cents so what was the value that I wanted to give and I wanted just to practice. The. The adding the subtracting. And we talked about. She played with me and gave me the right my me and you gave him too much room or you give me too little so what. You know all that counts that we it was for her it was a game. But she was adding and subtracting that's what Mr On tag was saying yesterday about where the day before about. You know. Experience hands on. The concept of adding subtracting she was trying to do it in like a real. Setting and. We talked about Ty and. The ten pennies. We did do that the ten pennies. And what is the Lord's is the first thing we need to do. So we took out the type OK if we had ten pen. Pennies only one is for God that's a person we have to do and she learned that playing. And then doing it in the in the store and then doing it at home. And when daddy go home. And I just need to back up a little bit and say. When we started homeschooling. It was a little hard and we were a little cautious because before the family that I have mentioned was very very inspiring. Before that. We had seen home schooling. That was not working and. Homeschooling can do bad things. If you do not have the sense of. Service for redemption. The scrotal. Christ likeness. I can be very very. I want my child for myself. You know self-centered this is for me and my child and. And not show him. The work the value of work in the all the values that we have been talking about. And. So my husband when he got home he asked my daughter. So what did you do today in school. Oh daddy we didn't do any school we've been playing all day we've been playing all day we went to the garden. We picked oranges. And we got some level coddles and we just all. We cooked. And I did of a very nice salad but then. Before that among And I was just playing store. And when it's been playing although we haven't and. We learned in school that all. And he looked at me like. Well talk to you later yeah. We've been doing for cool you feel you have this with and then I had his that was there you were doing school. You know that you would you learn you learn to do. Adding. We learned to take out time. We did. This then we worked and we went out in the garden we did. We did science we did. This really. Oh it was so it was it was in aspirants for and. When the children get bigger. Life still has to be a balance. There still has to be. You let them. You leave them on their on their own. But you're there. Guiding and. You see and so. It's so refreshing to be able to. See my daughter my son get up. Turn on the like. They have their bible. And ask the question wrong with this. I mean I think it very well or you know. Worshipping that the how I'd talk to Caleb especially. That was not it wasn't easy for him to sit down quietly. To do a personal devotion what normally. I have to be saying to myself. And then you would you would see him. It was very hard for him so I went with him when he was smaller and said OK we're going to continue let me do you personally devotion with you. This is something really private. Between you and Jesus. But I want to share and share with you. Show me. OK. And sorry. So I'm. Here's the Bible. Let's read a story. Listen we had some files. And then. You know we have. We have to talk to Jesus. Because he's real. You can't see him. You know. The skin has a separation. But he can see and see us and he's. He's our best friend. Would you like to tell him something. Yes money. I want to tell him that he can do anything can be yes. I want a puppy. I would like to have a puppy. Well you know you could. You could ask him that. You know when and when the right time comes when he said so. Well maybe. Maybe you know we can tell us what puppy to get and all that sure let's go talk to him about the puppy. And I want and I would like it. Whole mommy I would like to not get mad. OK. You want to ask him to help you not get mad yeah. List do that or what how would you say that. Oh I don't know. Let's pray. But I don't know how to prepare well I know I pray funny. Well you know you told me. You can tell him. OK And then you try it and. And I sort of one day prayed and then he did it one day until I saw that he was good on his own and I sort of backed off a little bit so. His sister quiet time would you like. I can step out a little bit and. And I can be over here. Praying also when you pray over there and we're together and you can do it in your mind and. And he got the picture. Some point you know. But I I walked with him and alone. You know the process until until he got it. And you see that until they're big and getting up in the morning having their devotion. Recently. Elizabeth came to me and said Mom. This is supposed to be my schedule for next year. She's doing it on her own she knows what. What we're supposed to do and. But it's not correct. I need your help. Why. Because it's all books. So she knows already that if it's all books. Like when I say books. I mean. Everything is excuse me. Yes everything is just just just just. The math and the science is just just. It's a book learning. Mom I don't have any industry I don't have time for my music because I want to learn how to play the piano. To play in church. So I need to have. So if it's not true we need to you know we need true education. You know Mom I know. We need to educate and so let's help me do this because this is about working for real. We need to eliminate some things well what what are your goals what would you like to do. When you get out or would you like to be. I would like to be. OK so for science we're missing this but we don't have to do all this over here. And we don't you know. Tweaking and you understand what I'm trying to say should. Self Government she did come to me for help. And I'm trying to help her but she's understanding that we need a balance or a life. She is sixteen. She was sixteen I was sorry. I don't say that she's sixteen so she is yes to doing. A lot of things. Not all. On I'm sort of. I'm guiding her but she is self government governing sutta certain things to OK. Of course so we said about. Dad's participation. I've talked a lot of the. Myself a dad is the superintendent and he should be. You know it's part of. He's the teacher too and he should. When they see that involved all they're so excited. At any age I've seen that. OK so. I just wanted to say. At the end of the day. If you think that homeschooling. Or the true education carry with her school. You don't get tired at the end of the day. It's not true. You get. You get tired. You get drained. And sometimes you feel like. I don't know what I'm doing I think I'm doing it all wrong. The mothers work. In this is and. Ministry of healing. The mother's work often seems to her. And an important service. It is a work that is rarely appreciated others know little or many cares and burdens her days are all. Are occupied with the round of little duties they're just small all calling for patient. Effort. Self-control. For tact wisdom self sacrificing love. Yet she cannot boast that what she has done has any great achievement. She has only kept things in the home running smoothly. Often weary and perplexed. She has tried to speak kindly. She has tried to do you see that she has tried. She has tried to keep them busy tried to speak kindly to the children to keep them busy and happy. To guide the little feet in the right path. She feels that she has accomplished nothing. But it is not so. Heavenly angels watch the careworn mother. Noting the burden she carries day by day. Her name may not have been heard in the world at all but it is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Praise the Lord. Great responsibilities rest upon you mothers. You me. Aid them to develop characters that will not be swayed or influence to do evil. But will sway and influence others to do right by your fervent prayers. A faith. You can move the arm of them moves the world. The prayers of the Christian mothers are not disregarded by the father of all. He will not turn away your petitions do you have a petition this morning. He will not turn away from you. And leave you and yours to the buffeting of Satan in the Great day of the final conflict he won't do that. It is for you to work with simplicity and faithfulness. And God will establish the work of your hands. When the well done of the great judges pronounced. And the crown of an inward. In Mortal glory is placed upon the brow of the victor. Many will raise their crowns inside. Of the sampled universe and. Pointing to their mothers say. She made me. All I am. Through the grace of car. Her instruction her prayers have been blessed. To my internal. And that is our goal. To keep the torch slit. Do you have to do without incident. No you have to go to God and ask him. We need to study a lot. We need to talk to him. You know our children are going to pass. Things that we as children didn't have to face. The Lord is coming soon and. This is ending. And they are going to be facing. Decisions that we didn't have to make at their age. But they need to decide for Christ. We cannot lose time. We cannot let the character slip away because we feel pity. Is not time for pity. It's the zeal I was talking about that. I felt when my father was explaining that we have to. You know I had to go back and do justice know our fathers coming. And he will do justice. With side are we going to be on. I want to be. That day before the Lord. And I don't want know when throwing crowns that me. I mean to me and. It's all about him. It's not about us. It's not even about our children. It's about him. And showing the other worlds that he is justice in our council and when I look I want to see my children there but I want to see you in your children. May God bless. This media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through really servant audio and much more. If you would like to know more about what you force or if you would like to listen to more servants need to visit. W W W.


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