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2. Preparing Your Children for God's Kingdom

Daniel LaFlair


Using the Bible and Ellen White, Daniel LaFlair discusses preparing yourself to be the parents God wants you to be.



  • June 23, 2015
    7:00 PM
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First of all I wanted to kind of apologize for. Yesterday. Brother Eugene Pruitt he's not back yet he was talking about. If you remember when he was thirty years old he was asked to be the president principal president of the institution. And because of is. You know. Age. How young he was. And I would. I would venture to guess. In experience. He was nervous in a little bit overwhelmed and. That's what was happening to me yesterday. As many of you know. Bob Jorgensen was supposed to be here I wanted to share this yesterday. But one of the things is. I was. I was a little bit. Feeling a little bit. Anxiety and. I've never had that before it was. It was kind of unique and odd. I think I was feeling the weight. And burden of trying to fill such large shoes. And Bob was a remarkable man and. So with that. And then the newness of his passing. And then just an overwhelming feeling of what in the world. Am I going to share. What am I going to say. And then I was trying to think OK. I need to figure out what was going to Sharon and some. In one part of my mind. I wanted to kind of fill that. But the reality was I knew I couldn't. And so I really. That's all of this was going through my mind. And of course you guys came here to learn something and then the weight of this was put on me and I kept praying Lord Holme I walk in I offer them. And so it was a. You know this is this this great burden so with that. With the anxiety. I just last night I was burdened and I was. I went home. After I left here I had a massive headache. And it wasn't anything new Did It was just I think it was just. Be at peace be at ease I think it was just the. Overwhelming. Of everything. Because you know. I want to speak about Bob a little bit. He really was a great guy I wish all of you got to know him and many have asked me what happened. You know what I actually happened to Bob and there was a letter that went out. I wanted to share a little bit about this I won't. You know. Read the whole thing. Just for the record. Sorry I tried to find this ahead of time and when you know I couldn't find it. And I'll kind of read this. Just to kind of give you an idea of. Bob Jorgensen. And I heard a voice in heaven saying blessid. Saying sorry right this blessid or the dead who die in the Lord. From now on henceforth. Bless it indeed says the spirit that they may rest from their labors. For their deeds follow them. And if you go on Facebook that I don't know some of you may have received the e-mail. A little bit about Bob and. You know what he did. And that was very appropriate. And Bob's deeds do follow him. You wouldn't you can't imagine the magnitude. No one heard of this man yet. And when I say no one. If you were to go down the hall. You know the. I guess. You know the dignitaries. Lack of a better word at the time. Of the church probably many of them would have never heard of him but was known by many many common man. Many common women. And he changed a lot of people's lives and. You know I was one of them on June fourteenth. Is when Bob. Tell us it was Sunday June fourteenth. Over the past months and years really Bob spent many nights in the late hours preparing for his next speaking engagement. That was on his docket. Returning many phone calls sending out products and working on soil analyses for many people around the world not just here in the United States. Who asked him for help. These late hours are lauded him more time away from phones and meeting because Bob's phones were just constantly ringing. With People. Again all over the world asking for help here and there. And it was in these late hours that he could get many things done he could prepare he could follow up with phone calls and. Anybody who knew Bob knew that he had a difficult time saying no because he had such a passion such a burden. He wanted to help. Everybody. He knew the importance of this message. And he would always say that this message. True education. This passion in his heart. Was to prepare. The last generation for God's return. Because without it. You would not be able to see the kingdom and. Very similar to James White many of you know hundreds pioneering the evidence Church James White. He burned himself out. He kept doing. He was and he was constantly going. Didn't want didn't didn't stop. In additional. In addition to running medical missionary press which was his you know his nonprofit company Bob served as a board member. And was instrumental in trying to revive the. Agriculture program at Heartland Institute in Virginia. Bob maintain a garden at home where he provided food for himself his wife his eighty seven year old mother. As well as neighbors. And then he sold to market. Ball ball so. This past spring. He spent. Just a few days at home. Because he was traveling extensively even to England last year he was in California. He's been in Puerto Rico Bahamas you name it Bob has traveled quite a bit and. The few weeks that he was home he was home for about a two week period he found. Time where he hosted two families. To come to his house and there he was training them. How to do two education. In agriculture. Shortly after that. I spoke with him quite a bit he was down to Atlanta and then he was back home. He'd be home for a day or two and then he was off. In. Ginia and he was doing a. Agricultural conference there. Giving yet. More of himself. And he spent about twelve hours out in the field that day the conference finished they were not evidence who went to it. And I was speaking with his wife Vicki. And she was saying that morning Sunday morning Bob called her. And he was just praising God for all the non-evidence who attended. And the fact the some of them went. During the week. And they were so impressed. They went back on Sabbath and listen to two sermons. From Bob. Because they felt. This conviction and the importance of this message. They wrapped everything up. And then on Sunday Bob went out in the field. And he was helping them at Hartland. Bob didn't just speak he was a doer. And he spent twelve hours out there. Sadly he didn't. Hydrate himself enough. So because of just exhaustion of. Constantly going. Constantly going. And a heat stroke. Is really what the Heat stroke is the official term that the hospital is using cause of death. But we know that he was also exhausted he was tired. He was only fifty nine years old. Used to think that one point my life that was old. And those of you know you know at one point I thought Bob was older but. Once I got to know what his schedule was like. I realized it was because he was going nonstop. And so we really the world doesn't know what a treasure. They've lost. But having said that he leaves behind a legacy. And the legacy. Is not his name it's you guys. Because you need to pick up the work he was one man. God did not design it. For Bob Jorgensen. To sit and spread this message. It's because of the people who are lazy. I'm pointing fingers at myself. Is because of the people. I apologize. It's because we do not thing. This man warm solve out. You can go. Many of his of information. Sorry I'll try to regain my. Regain myself here. If I talk I think it will come back. If you go to his Web site. M.M.M. press. Dot info. Am am. Press that's P R E E S S. Dot info. You'll find a lot of his information. There. And. Bob has years. Thirty years he dedicated to this. And I'm telling you it's a treasure trove you will find. Rich stuff there. You'll find it on agriculture. You'll find it on true. Education. Not this false education that many are classifying as. You know the future of our youth. You'll find. Treasures there. That this man sacrifices life. To provide. So I encourage you. His wife Vicki is going to as much as she's able. Is going to try to carry on his mission. So there's a couple books I know I've been quoting from one and using one it's called agriculture. The A B. and C. of education by Jerry Travers. Bob actually publishes this a name again agriculture. A B. and C.. Of education. By Jerry Travers empresse dot info you can get a copy of this. Good book. There's many many many but this is just two that I've been using just over the past few days I know Jerry. And he was he was kind enough to send me these books to help me. Because he knew what an unknown enormous shoe I had to fail. There's another one called agriculture God's way. An education in the art of service. Every parent. These two books. I'm encouraging you. I started reading this one. It's amazing and. You can find stuff in here that. It'll just. You know you'll be amazed. I am. Press dot info. Has all that information. I'm hoping. And I'm encouraged. You know what I have found out that Rob montage. Was doing and I didn't finish. Saying this yesterday that this. Education symposium. Was going on I was really elated to see other people. I shared with you guys how I went to Bob's. Conference. Years ago and it changed my life and I was spurred on to do something. I started the Agricultural Association evidence Agricultural Association. Our second conference is coming up in August in Texas. But then someone else to come along and do it it's nice to see. Michael is not to be the only one doing this. My goal is to spur on every single one of you. Bob Jorgensen My wife has told me this several times. Glad she could be here. She told me. She's told me this several times. He had to start somewhere. And although I am standing on a pair. And that you know. Yesterday really terrified. At some point Bob was where I was at. And so now that I'm carrying this torch. It's not mine to carry. It's ours to carry. We are the ones. To influence the war we were talking about that. This morning. And if we don't do it who will do it. You know this was the burden that Christ had. This was the burden he was trying to get through to his disciples. This is what he wanted them to realize to wake up. If you don't do it. Who will. And I'm sure that Rob what is that Web site again. Pattern Education dot www dot org pattern education or argy. I hope and I would encourage you down the road. You start adding as many resources he can to empower people. And you know I really want to encourage you to continue doing this and. So that we can all. Really just grow. Now how many of you here this morning got here in a Honda Accord. Are not on a colored Honda Odyssey. How many of you got here this morning in a Honda Odyssey. What. All of you guys didn't drive a Honda Odyssey I drove and I got here that's how I got here. So every single one of you didn't get here an odyssey. OK What did you get here and give me some names. Subaru truck what kind of truck. Nissan Ford truck. Toyota truck car car. Sequoyah. Buick. What else. Station Wagon what kind of station wagon. Subaru. Duke Buick. OK. It's kind of interesting right. All of us got hair. In different vehicles right. But we're all here. And I was as I was listening to the presentations yesterday and thinking about this. We have different people up here presenting. And you know. Each of us through. Genetics. Through life experience through. Family situations. Through. Ethnic backgrounds. Each speaker up there we have arrived here. Through different means. Through different vehicles and. Some of us have a clear understanding. In some areas. While. In other areas. We don't. And so we don't always see eye to eye. But we're go. We're all trying to reach the same journey and. You know I think about Martin Luther. Martin Luther had so much truth. Yet there was so much that he was wrong in. And you know it's interesting. I believe my personal opinion is that God does not give anyone man. Everything that there is to know. Because what happens especially minim going to come in first second I am a guy I think like a guy again Think Like A Woman. So guys. What. What is the purpose. What do we usually do when we learn a lot about something. And we think we know everything there is to know about it. You know guys. Women you can speak you know your husbands want to help me out. We get an ego right. We think we're experts. And it's very easy. And you know the sad thing is it's because of years. In years and years of degradation of sin. It comes so natural that most of the time. We don't even think about it. So I believe with all of my heart. God in His loving merciful ways. Does not give anyone man. All truth. His purpose God is the God of community. His purpose is to continually. Invite us to commune together. And just spiritually. Lift each other up. When we fail to do that is where we go wrong. I found a quote this morning. That I wanted to share. And I thought it was really. Some wise counsel. Differences of opinion will always exist. Of every mine is not constituted to run. In the same channel. And I just want to say God is really wonderful. Because as I was thinking about this this morning when I wanted to share it. I was in the. I didn't even know that there existed a quote and I was looking through some stuff that I had looking for something else and I ran across this one and I thought wow. That's perfect. Heredity and cultivated tendencies have to be guarded lest they create controversies over minor manners. Christ workers must draw together in tender sympathy and love. Let not. Anyone think it a virtue to maintain his own notions. And suppose he is the only one whom the Lord has given discernment intuition. Christian charity covers a multitude of things which one may regard as defects. In another. There is need of much love and far less criticism. When the Holy Spirit is manifest. Really working in the hearts of ministers and helpers. They will reveal the tenderness and love of Christ and. Is maybe somebody knows help me out it says L T one eighty three. Eight hundred ninety nine. It's also fallen in to C P five zero four two am C P. Mine character and personality. Five zero four five zero four. I wanted to say that. As we look at the ways the church has gone wrong. Which they've done that in many ways. And I think the problem. Many of them have gone off in wrong directions. Is because of failure to follow to education. Before we start bashing them. You know that's not what the purpose and I know Rob that's not the purpose of this. Symposium. This important Symposium is to. My personal opinion and I'm going to be bold and say it is to awaken you to make a difference in your own lives. It's not to sit there and criticize someone else for their failure. Because we had a thing this morning we were working on it trying to say. How can we change. The people. How can we influence to church. How can we in influence institutions. The only way they. That that can happen is if you yourself work on your own self. And then through. Conviction of them watching you. Doing the right thing. They may criticize you. But because they're watching you do the right thing. They're going to be convicted. Did Christ do wrong. Yet how much criticism did he receive. He did. The truth. He did the right thing. He followed truth. And because of his example. Those around him. Through conviction. Turn that conviction around him to criticism. Instead of realizing what was going on they turned it around. And they used it against him. That is our example. Your example. I want to submit. Is not to go and write. Fifty letters to some individual telling them how wrong they are where they failed. Your example is the example that the God of the universe your Creator gave you. And that is live. If you live that. That's a larger make megaphone. Than anything you can ever say in your life. As I started thinking. You know what it was going to do. I realize I had a plan to follow but. Because I'm not Bob I realize that last night that I can't. I don't know what he was going to say I don't have his material. So I'm going to have to do it. As I'm able to through my experience from him and. So today what I wanted to talk a little bit about is why we need to education. Just a little bit. We may cover some similar stuff. And tomorrow I want to look a little bit at. You know what that looks like and then on Friday I'd like to get into a little bit more agriculture and then on Sabbath. Stick to the. Evangelism in agriculture. That's what I feel comfortable in anything in the agriculture realm. Now let's do a quick study here the children of Israel they came out of Egypt right. And they came out of Egypt what happened. They spent some time in the desert why. What was the matter what caused them. Why did they have to wander so long. I'm sorry. One more time. Stiff neck. I like that stiff neck. Somebody else. Lack of faith. Somebody else. Train them. God needed time to train them. Rebellion. God's plan. To tell us what's in their heart. After generations. You're all right. There's no laughs on this task. After generations of them being in Egypt. They had forgotten so many things like us. They'd not read them for themselves their parents didn't pass them on. And so many of them didn't have these truths. All the sudden they get to this mountain and God decides to drag drop two stones in their lap. Why in the world is God dropping these new things into their lap. Where they knew. No it was because they weren't taught. They did. They either were not taught it. Or they were on willing to go and seek it out for themselves. The commandments were never a new thing. So all the sudden God had to say hey I'm reminding you of this. You're failing here so God gives it to them. He says study this. Live by them. Live by it. Did they study it in did they live by it. Know the God of the universe comes down with his own fingers he writes in stone. And he gives this to them he said these are just ten to ten principles I want you to live by. And they didn't live by it. So after that what happened after that I'll tell you what happened was God had to OK through Moses. He had to give all these laws all these rules in everything. Now did God give them. All these rules in. You know Mosaic laws and everything to make their lives miserable. Their failure to follow ten. Simple principles. Their failure. God had to. It's like it's like a child I have to pick up my children first. You say OK don't do that you parents who have children when you tell a child not to do something what happens. They want to do it don't they. And so you say don't do it. And you know they'll look at it and they'll fit in you know. I mean you know how they are the paint on them on the tile and. Then they have to touch it. So they just don't want what did they do. Disobeyed. So what comes next. Kurt the correction. Punishment chastisement. So God gave them ten stones he said here. Live by this. Just like a child. For some reason. And we cannot you know for years I used to wonder what's wrong with these guys. The can they not think. And I criticize them. But today we do the same thing. So tends to ten. Simple principles they didn't. So God had to start. Chastising them. And then. Through Moses. He gave the Mosaic Laws. OK Let me explain. Number one. Let me explain number two. Let me explain number three number seven number eight number nine. Because they weren't studying it. As. God gave us the Bible. In he gave it to us to study. Through it he was hoping that a people would grow from it and be a shining light. And because of our failure and this is why it is very clear on this. He had to do with her. He had to send her. She had to. Similar to the dues. He gave ten simple principles. They didn't follow it. So then he had to give all this extra three Millis. Thousands of years later we're still. Neglecting those ten. Simple principles as well as the Bible. But more than that and we'll talk a little bit more about that. God gave us much more he gave us nature. And through nature. Many of these things can be seen many of these things can be visible. And we can become real and. I want to talk more about that. But why is education. Important. True education specifically in the book Education Page two seventy one. I read this yesterday but I want to read it again and. This really is my theme. With such an army of workers as our youth. Rightly trained. As you hear that rightly. Might furnish. How soon the message of a crucified risen and Sumant coming Savior might be carried to the whole world. How soon might the end come. The end of suffering and sorrow and sin how soon in place of a possession here with its blight. Of sin and pain. Our children might receive the inheritance. Where the righteous shall inherit the land. Do you guys want your children to receive this inheritance and dwell there in forever. For ever. Where the inhabitant shall not say. I am sick. That shit. Echo in your ears moms. How many are. How many times have you heard your child say I'm sick. I'm not feeling good. My tummy hurts my leg hurts. My you insert whatever hurts. Where I am not sick. And the voice of the weepin shall be no more heard. That's from education to seventy one. Education Page to seventy six. Never and I read this yesterday will education. Accomplish. All that might. And should accomplish. Until the importance of the parents work. Education is not just about children. Never Will education accomplish all that it might and should accomplish until the importance of the parent's work is fully recognized and receive a training for it sacred responsibility. I can tell you that responsibility weighs heavy on my wife and I. We don't have the answers. Where on our journey just like you. Different people are at different stages in their journey. And you know we started this journey three years ago and we have transitioned and we can see. We can see some benefits from it. And there are areas that we're like Lord how in the world do we do this. And then there are they. There are other areas that we don't even know exists yet to start doing. But we're started. We're making that journey. Education Page to seventy six. Fathers. You're not excused. Not many of you are. Of us are in here. But we're not excused. Upon fathers as well as mothers wrest a responsibility for the child's. Earlier as well as its leader training. And for both parents the demand for careful and thorough preparation is most urgent. Before taking upon themselves the possibility of fatherhood. And motherhood men and women should be calm. Acquainted with the laws of physical development. With psychology. I'm sorry with physiology and hygiene. With the bearing of prenatal influences with the laws of heredity. Sanitation dress. Exercise. And the treatment of disease. Interesting. There's your homework parents. Right there is outlined what you need to know. They should also understand the laws of mental development as well as moral. Now I started telling the story yesterday I forgot to remember. I said I was going to tell the black magic story they forgot about it my children have heard it before. OK. A friend of mine is name is what Maher McConnell and. He is somewhere in the Midwest. I started telling you guys this they had a massive drought. And so Whitmarsh. Had helped. This one farmer. Fertilise in mineralize. His soil. They did all the necessary tests in amendments and everything and. Went out in the field and did what was needed. OK I tell you that ahead of time but anyways. One day. The farmer notice that. Around he was growing corn field corn. And he noticed that there was a puddle of water around every stalk of corn and. What does that mean. Why is there water. Around each stock of corn. So all the other farmers in the area there was a massive drought they were doing everything they could to water they were. They were out there just pumping water in the field as much as possible. And all the corn in the area. Was Brown. This guy had eight foot tall stalks and they were all green. And so the neighbors in the area started talking. This guy is practicing. Black Magic. Something's going on and. So somebody was curious on this. They tried to figure out what what. What's going on with this corn. Every morning. There was a puddle of water around. Every stock of corn corn. Eight feet tall green. All the other fields are much shorter. And Brown. So the farmer decides to go and. Allow somebody because somebody was curious they want to know what's going on in this field. So he gives permission somebody got out there was a mini backhoe. And they start digging. Now how many of you know how deep the roots of corn grow. Not four feet corn corn. Those of that's. That's a good field. Traditionally How deep do you think we'll take a guess anybody. Take a guess. Three inches. Three to six inches really good guess. Generally speaking. Corn roots. Are only. Generally there three to four. Up to six inches. If they're really really healthy. In and on balance. You know. Well they got out there. And with the back row. Actually they got out there with a shovel and they started digging in. They didn't find the end of the route. The after three four inches. So pretty soon they pulled out the back hoe and they're going down and they're going down. The corn. Roots. Had gone down. Eight feet deep and because the corn. What did we talk about yesterday what's in your soil or the microbes. The microbes are there to do what. To serve the plant. The plant in serving the microbes was looking for a water source. You have to have water in the first three to four inches of your soil. To maintain a good. Microbial activity level. In your soil. If you don't have water in your soil. The microbes will die. And those guys. You know. Many people call them the unseen. Angels. Because there they are serving you can't see them. They're there. But they're the unseen angels that are serving these plants. So these. These microbes. Are there if they don't have water. They're going to die. This corn. Burrows its roots. Eight feet. Until it finds a water source. What they discovered is that. Eight feet into the ground was a water source in every night they were pulling that water up to the surface and. Settling it. There right around that. Each cornstalk. So that the microbes. Could have. The water. And survive. Now tell me how could that happen. Is that by accident. Anybody who says that this world began by accident. Just looking at something like that. You know that they're blatantly lying. God deposits. Evidence all around us. So that we can see. God is constantly constantly trying to redeem us. He wants to restore us. He wants to bring that relationship back. This is the same thing he wanted with the children of Israel Israel. In their rebellion in their open rejection of him. He reminds them. This is where you're supposed to be with the Ten Commandments. They don't listen. What does God do does he get frustrated as you get mad. He has to punish them because sin. Cannot go unpunished. But he doesn't reject them. So then he goes to the Mosaic Laws. And he gives them. Our modern equivalent of that is because of our failure. God sends Mrs White and. In THAT is where we find a lot of information that she gives us. Now. We can't stay there. And I agree with what was shared yesterday. We must go back to that. Ultimate Source. What is the ultimate source. The Word of God. Psalms one thirty nine verses fourteen through sixteen I will praise the four I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are the I work. And that my soul know and who write while. My substance was not hid from the when I was made in secret and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Dein eyes. Did see my substance. Yet being on perfect and in the book. All my members were written. Which income continuance were fashioned. When as yet. There was none of them. Acts of the Apostles. For seventy six for seventy seven. Tells us the Christian is not therefore to fold its hands. Content with that which has been accomplished for him. He who has determined to enter the spiritual kingdom. Will find that all powers and passions. Of the regenerate. On regenerative nature. Backed by the forces of the kingdom of darkness. Are arrayed against him. So you guys start off immediately. With everything against you. Each day he must renew his consecration each day to battle with evil old habits. Hereditary tendencies. To do wrong. Will strive for the mastery. And against these. He is to ever guard. Striving in Christ strains for victory. Jerry Travers. I mention him he's the one that wrote the book. He talks about epigenetics. And it's too long to go into right now. But he talks about how we were they were these things called junk genes. So. Have you guys ever heard them junk genes. For your scientists have wondered what are these junk genes. They feel there in your body has anybody heard of these. And the reason they were called junk genes is. They didn't know what to do with them. Why are they there. But what they're discovering through epigenetics. Which is a new science that really hasn't been around that long but they're covering new things. Is these. Certain circumstances certain environment. Can turn these junk genes on those so-called junk genes. By the scientific community. But. There's triggers can turn them on. Or turn them off. And he said that God designed us. On purpose. His theory. Is that God knew. God knows the beginning from the end right. He knew what the devil was going to do. And Sir. If there's a certain environment. God allows. You know different things to be turned on in that environment. For example. Cancer cells you guys know about cancer cells right. What causes cancer stress. What else. Obviously there are sometimes unexplained things but generally speaking you know diet stress diet what else. Toxin is genetic What else. OK. So these are the trigger so these cells are there. And the science looks at them and says hey these are junk. Junk genes. They're not doing anything. Nothing's happening they're just there. But all of a sudden. Staying up all night and drinking beer and drink coffee. And I'm getting two hours of sleep every night and then all of a sudden I end up with cancer. Watches happened. They were triggers that were turned on and certain triggers were turned off and because of that all of a sudden a person has cancer. Because of lifestyle. Again that's really an oversimplification. There's much more to the process I don't want someone to think that you know. But. Epigenetics is revealing some new things in the science community. That the secular scientists don't know what to do about. Because when you look at what it did next. Is doing. It's constantly. Revealing a creator. It's constantly. And so these guys are constantly trying to figure out. Figure out ways to explain. Around a creator. And try to figure out you know why this is happening and. It's really amazing and. If you ever have some time. Call Jerry Travers saw or. Or research a topic but it's really neat. I want to do something real quick just to take a break because I know you guys just ate one know what he did to me. So I want everybody to stand up just as I can stand up. And let's get some oxygen go into that brain. Watch it turn around and wave at the person behind you. Turn to the person on the right of you and person and get some brain. And some blood flow into those brain. Go ahead and. Sit back down. You know. I've been there so I understand. I have a lot of quotes for you to read so that you know what I was trying to think of this morning. How can I let them know the importance of why. True education. Was needed. God really. I really you know I'm very cautious to say this but I think sometimes he allows us to stumble onto things and I'm really grateful because as I shared with you. Yesterday the overwhelming of what was supposed to take place but I really want to accomplish what he wants me. You know what you guys need not what. What I want to pass on to you. I want you to understand. Again. Every one of you should be studying this for yourself. Every one of you should be taking your Bible and going to God and say Lord revealed to me it's a journey that. All of us none of us are perfect. None of us have all the answers and. Every single one of you. Has a calling. And I want to encourage you. You know. Whatever that is within your community. Within your sphere. You have an influence on someone. And it's your duty. Really. To start sharing this. But how can you share it if you don't know it. Christ object lessons three thirty one. But Christ has given us no assurance that to attain perfection of character. Is an easy matter. A noble all around character is not inherited it does not come to us by accident. A noble character is earned by the individual effort. Through the merits of the grace of Christ. God gives the talents the powers of the mind we form the character. It is formed by hard to do here this hard. It's not easy. It's formed by hard. Stern battles with self. Now the word Stern for me I'm from. Originally from the Caribbean and. I notice some words. There are certain words will use here in the US. They take on different meanings or. Sometimes I'll say things. You know funny. To my wife and she'll chuckle. But you know. I remember growing up and. I guess I was a. My mom would say I was a determined child. My Grandma I could say. I can remember her now saying to me. Don't give me that stern look. Now. How many of you I know of people. From the Caribbean might. How many of you know what I mean by that. I figured you. How many had no idea what I mean. OK so it's basically. You know when you tell your child something and they just sit there. You know they stare at you. It's an intense look in America we might see intense. In the islands we said. You know Stern and so here this word is you. It brings up a different connotation. In my mind Stern. It means concentrated. It means. Intent. Attention only now I didn't look up the word to see what the exact definition is. But. STERN. Battles with self. It's intentional. You're focused on it. And you're paying attention. It's not accidentally It's not haphazard Lee. Your intention. So it is formed by the hard stern battles with south. Conflict after conflict must be waged against hereditary. Tendencies. We shall have to criticize ourselves closely. And allow Not one. Unfair. Favorable. Trait to remain on corrected. I was reading something. And I can't remember where read it it could have been bothered could have been I would give it credit I just don't remember where the writer was talking about children who. When they go out. And they're learning to do something new and they're around a bunch of pair. The of their peers. And they make a mistake and. The other children. Will sit there and they'll do. Most of the time to laugh at them. And this child will be humiliated. And they feel they've done research that a lot of children are afraid to experiment. And just do new things. Because in that environment. They become. Timid. They don't want to be embarrassed. They want to don't want to be shamed. And the author was talking about what. Better avenue than to have them learn an experiment in nature. Away from groups of their peer. If they make a mistake. If if they do something incorrectly. Will the plants laugh at them. Will the trees shame them. Will the equipment. Mock them and make fun of them. What better environment where they can go and make mistakes. Yet learn from it and not be ashamed to try and keep trying. And I really started to think about that and I you know I went to academy. An Adventist Academy. After. After I became an admin and. And I remember just little things I was considered conservative. And I remember being mocked and ridiculed. Just because many people would want to do something. And that I didn't. And I remember the. The jeers and the laughter and. And the picking on and the ridicule. Now in a school of true education. Will that happen. Because if the characters are formed in if the characters are molded to do what they're supposed to do. They will understand. What's going on with the other individual. They will understand they will relate. And they end rather than. Hurting molding. I'm sorry scolding. Laughing. Jeering ridiculing. There will be a more accepting heart. Because they've all gone through this. Personal experience of learning. It's all about. Character development. We talked about Luke two forty. Let me get you get your Bibles out and I like that and I think brother Eugene for bringing that up. Yesterday in a reminded me of that text. And I definitely wanted to revisit that. And solidify this in your minds. Luke Chapter two verse forty one K.. With somebody who has a King James Version. Would you read that loop. To verse forty K.. Someone else have a different translation. What read it. Tell me what translation you have and then read it. Sorry. New King James let's see how that differs Go ahead read it. Now there's a song by Steve Green so many younger guys out there. And Jesus grew in WA. Help me out. As verse fifty. Oh thank you. OK. Read verse fifty two. That's a verse I was looking for thank you. Now one how did you says increase. And why wisdom. OK What else. Stature what else. OK so what's a wisdom intellectual or OK. What is stature. Physical and wat is. Favor spiritual. Social. But also the spiritual right. And we talked about this I think there was a. I know I read a quote on that. So when a child is taught to education. What are the three areas that we're educating them. Equally. The men so. The physical spiritual. If you look around you. How many institutions are doing that. Equal parts we're not talking about six hours of education and then one hour. Of manual labor. And fifteen minutes of devotional. We're talking about equal parts. How many institutions. Do you see doing that. Can you name one. This is not to be critical but. It's more so to awaken thought. And to awaken. Some discussion. You know I share this with a friend of mine. We have institutions that are set up to do the medical aspect and there's nothing wrong with that. That's not critical. And their core focus is on the medical aspect of the. Finished church. And they're heavy with the medical. But where's the agricultural. Where's or. Or where's the physical. And where's the spiritual. And then we have institutions that are focused on evangelism. And they're heavily heavily. Evangelism. Where is the agricultural. Where is the manual. The spiritual is there. How did you just grow. Was it just a spiritual. Was it just the medical. How did he grow. He was balanced. The physical and mental condition of the parents is perpetrated on the offspring. They want to skip down there's a couple I'm running out of time here that I really wanted to get to. Parents me understand that they understand that as they follow God's direction in the training of their children. This is a promise in remember this because sometimes my wife and I feel overwhelmed. How do we do this. They will receive help from on high. So when you think you're drowning just know. You will receive help from on high. They receive much benefit for as they teach. They learn. So remember I said earlier teaching your children is not just about them as. If you are not growing as a teacher. You know. We have these higher learning educational institutions. And I'll pick on the secular now. That this teacher is some a theory. Person up there and that they know all and that you know. The students are just plebian Zimmermann dons. Down below. That they are there to listen to the professor. But if a professor is not learning. Then something is wrong and you need to revisit that they receive. Much benefit for as they teach. They learn their children will the tree achieve victory sort out the knowledge that they have acquired in keeping the way of the Lord. They are unable to overcome natural and hereditary tendencies of April of evil. That's fallen in the evidence home page two hundred five. Have a home to all five. I really like this one. There is a science. Of Christianity. OK Did you hear that. People thinks. Christianity is just some weird thing. But there's actually a science to it. There is a science of Christianity. To be mastered. A science as much deeper and broader and higher than any human science. As the heavens are higher than the Earth. Did you guys hear that. Let me read that will more time. There is a science of Christianity to be mastered a science is much deeper. Broader higher than any human science. As the heavens are higher than the Earth. The mind. Is to be disciplined. Educated trained for we are to do service for God in ways that are not in harmony with. Inborn. Inclinations. There are hereditary and cultivated tendencies to evil. That must be overcome. Our hearts must be educated to become steadfast in God. We are to form habits of thought. That will enable us to resist temptation. By a life of holy endeavor and firm and herons. To the right the children of God are to seal their destiny. And that's Folland and I believe the heavenly places H.P.. Twenty six. Is that. H.P. twenty six. Angels are ever present. Where they are most needed. They are with those who have the hardest battles to fight with those who must battle against. Inclination. And hereditary cent. Tendencies. Whose homes are the most discouraging. Pets in M L three zero three M. L three zero three. Education is to restore us. Back to a relationship with God. If your children are not learning about who God is. If they're not learning about the Creator. If they're not learning about where they came from or how to build a relationship with God. Then you're not really educating your children. We as parents all of our lives. You know. Our focus is to I heard somebody saying it this morning. You know our focus is to help our children. Not just to be good people or to do good things. But we want them to emulate. Christ Jesus did more than dude. Good things he wasn't just a nice person. He was respectful. He was a B.T.N. to God. And he genuinely cared. People. He wanted. You know before Jesus came. There was no real picture on earth. Outside of the same two ery which many had lost sight of. Just as many of us have. And because many lots. Site of the same Sherry. They had no idea they were doing this ritual. Day after day month after month year after year that they had no idea what it meant. God came to restore the true image. Jesus came to restore the true image of God. So that we could get a picture of God. God wants to live with us every. Throughout eternity. From all the way back with the children of Israel. He wants to live with us. He wants her children to have a relationship with him and to grow. And if we're not educating them. To have that relationship with God. It's all in vain. We're only educating them. For this life. Some dear friends of mine. Quite affluent. I remember having a discussion many years ago. Their son was raised in Adventist and. After a while. You know he was married to got a divorce had his own children and. He started to collect some of the money that they had quite a quite a large sum of money. He decided that he wanted to live how he wanted to live. He gave up going to church he hadn't been to church probably and. You know thirty some years. He's quite. He's older than I am and. I remember when his sons. Started dating. He told them that you know women are just like a tire you. You know you kick it. To see if you like it. And if you don't you can have multiple. At the same time. And Adventist. He told them not to just date one but to date many. And everything contrary to how he was raised. He was teaching them. So I went and I was talking to them one time about him. And I remember them saying that they were going to do all they could to make his life. Happy and pleasant. Because they knew that this was the only life he was going to have. Now. After that conversation I remember thinking about that it took me. I thought about that actually for months. And part of me wrestled with that because I'm like. This is the only life so they're trying to make his life as pleasant as possible. So they you know. They were giving him. Large sums of money. Tax purposes. Every year they could give so much so that they didn't have the estate tax and everything. And we're talking large amounts of money and he was just living the life that he wanted to. So I thought well maybe they're being gracious. And you know I was young I was young at the time. I didn't even have children. I'm trying to remember. I didn't even have children at the time that I had this conversation. And I tried to grasp it and I couldn't grasp it I couldn't understand it. You know. I'm going to make my child is comfortable. In this world. As comfortable as I can. Because they're never going to see the next. Now that I'm a parent. I can grab. That conversation. And I'll tell you this. If I were in the place of. You know these people. I would strip. Every penny. From that child. Because more than money. More than anything more than anything making them. Comfortable in this life. I want my children. To be in the next life. That to me is more important than anything. You can ask my wife I've said this many times. I share with you know people. I could care less if my children end up poor. Living on the street. As long as their heart is filled with God. Nothing else matters. Are you raising your children. In this is a serious question. You need to ponder. Are you raising your children to live happy lives. In this world because they are not going to the next. Or do you want to do everything within your power to make sure that their lives are miserable in this world. So that they long for the next. Had so much more to share but I'll end it there. Let's pray. Father thank You for giving me this opportunity. I pray that they didn't hear my voice. My voice or my words. But then I said something today that you wanted. Each person here. To say or to hear. I pray that you stir their hearts. And Lord. You make them. An easy. So that in return. They become contagious. And want to spread this. Lord I pray that you give us all. The heart that you had the burden to save every soul around us. Especially our own children. Lord if we don't who will. Teach us what we need to learn to live forgive us where we failed and carry us because we've made a lot of mistakes. We've messed a lot of things up. Good lord you've promised. And we must rely on you carry us through this. And help us to do you know well. In Jesus and we pray this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. 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