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Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 20, 2008
    7:00 AM
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morning command this early in the morning chosen to come out through a morning devotional the unit extra hours we to listen to the word of God says that extra hour socialization besides this morning something together so messed around in a hotel room storage will be less than it looked lossless speak to us his word this morning the Senate is entitled beware you where what is that one be where Jesus talks about his disciples beware couple times one placing mentions to beware to take eat is a false Prophets were to talk about that but another instance where he mentions the word three times I went to a Catholic high school for four years roaming Catholic high school seven-day average pilot most interesting expenses of my life we have theology class and I argued with the theology of the father the priest every day and it was a safe building experience for him and me it is Asian guy argument and during class and recently after which I graduated I went to a Jewish college is great and kept the Sabbath ATMs were closed no shortage or pork in the cafeteria the defendant they have in this University subverted and bleeding Jesus is a problem one thing of interest that I had was I can keep the Sabbath on Friday night and I come back from the Vesper service and I would use the bathroom I'm going to the stalls there and what interesting there was need sitdown and ending into your business and on the left-hand side or anxieties usually a role of issue paper toilet paper on this Friday night there wasn't anything there instead of as a box of tissue a sword yeah you know your you conclude you go outside and that the resident advisor yesterday what there's no there's no toilet paper in any of the stalls going on here was her box at the stupid we told me that the Orthodox Jews in the dormitory we need to respect that okay that's cool what's with the distributor will they can't tear on Sabbath is that would be what I came home for the Vesper service on Friday and there was another friend of Orthodox friend ahead is right next door to me and I can't came in and you sitting in front of his dorm with the door closed and I came in about ten o'clock McKay a note I decided (s) alone simulator hit and went to my room is old I'm just sitting in front of my room I was thinking this guy has a neck problem waste years all cable have fun doing that then I kept walking at that moment my roommate denounces hate open the door for him old okay and I open the door slid in and the doors closed behind why did you want me to open the door for well he can ask you this PSU can you become a servant he can ask servants to work for the sit there in front of the now not all kids are like this there's there is some groups of Jews who believe in keeping the Sabbath this way there is not okay when I was walking past this was a great experience this means you send out different sorts of iterative liberalism form there is secular and is non- Jews and when I passed by room there is one gentleman was cleaning his room know how to get cleaned your house spring cleaning is go all out big as a career my mother just go super outline on January first called outside of the holiday like you are asleep and when it's as it's a New Year's in years they should start early in the morning and she just cleans likely here was this or for you and use cleaning like crazy yet he took up the mattress industry of not drumming but taking in the industry don't being interested in all the dust out and he would take a huge hit taking huge and goal where the ceiling meets the wall and just go along the edge with a circuit is passing by nice vacation I look on both dynamic performers with a more expanded in one ounces I conceive this guy is making a Q-tip in the past and pay all its its jump report tomorrow okay will were you doing I'm cleaning my room with a Q-tip we want to make sure that there is no dust in this room especially know heaps no him him so damn has followed a tradition of Christians we have communion one thing I learned in the Catholic Church is we went to mass once a month and they would take the holy Eucharist once a month roving maps you now in the second data 's tradition we had a little nice cookie wafers things are not wait for the little states of your don't think about that let's see behind both of them protecting asked the Deaconess is taking extra and are blessed as speaker put in a plastic bag stuff Catholic he's a little way for independent never had one basic to the roof of your mouth there manufactured in a factory by month somewhere in France and the district multiple world and extent them with different things saying the pictures what is common in all meat bread they have no east there's something about the Jews and Christians that had a fascination watched his speech this morning that he'll be about in Bible study on levels to Matthew Matthew chapter sixteen Matthew chapter sixteen before researcher Matthew Geiger heads that's the Lord for blessing father in heaven with our carnal sinful human minds we have a hard time navigating the Scriptures a father with my spirits gain all the wisdom and understanding of the universe we pray for the scripts morning Jesus name Matthew chapter sixteen verse one the Pharisees also at the Sadducees came and tempting desired him that he would show them a sign from a PS in incentive then when it is evening you say it will be fair weather the sky is red in the morning you'll be foul weather today for the sky is red and lowering of the immigrants need to sign the face of the sky and enormous and assigned to the times it wicked and adulterous generation seeks after sign and there's no sign be given unto it the sign of the prophet Jonah left them and departed the purpose of time this morning to get into what Jesus is the same both of the story afterwards I believe there is humor in Scripture this next passage I shop will every time I read it's you seen the incompetence of the twelve disciples in verse five twelve when his disciples were come to the other side they had forgotten to take bread Jesus said unto them take heed and beware of the what the eleven which is another word for East beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the reason amongst themselves saying it is because we have no bread when Jesus perceived this said unto them all you little faith why reason amongst yourselves because you have brought no bread is interesting Jesus says he just has an argument with the Pharisees and Sadducees perhaps his mind is still thinking about that and that interaction speaking the twelve disciples are watching subtracting something they would learn from this and he turns to them in a private and says you where of the leaven of the Pharisees said during the whole time the twelve disciples are thinking man forgot food men should bring in Peter not you should bring it to you forgot all abilities that you are we have no bread really do oh Jesus turns them and says beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees while resigning nothing East always rebuking of delivering a broad easy to disconnect their first four Jesus precedents is only of little faith it is as a gentle rebuke wine peace amongst yourselves because you have no bread verse nine don't you D Dooley not yet understand either remember the five loaves of the five thousand how many baskets ye took up it is set allows a four thousand how many baskets you took out how is it that you do not understand that I speak it not you concerning bread they should beware of the leaven of the Pharisees said they just had a miracle to five thousand seven thousand under still worried about bringing Brett 's stop in public chapters earlier verse twelve then enlisted the habit he bade them not beware of the leaven of bread but of what friends but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and sets let me in the Latino of any biology student would notice the Saccharomyces Servi six smells having been to a biology lab and worked with yeast disgusting horrible experience you come home and you smell like the rest of the least a small piece is almost imperceptible all you need is a little bit and infects the whole if Jesus were alive today perhaps maybe you don't use the word for virus small imperceptible all you need is for one why the risks fire your life to get into myself multiply itself verse come more and more please opened you more March after eggs same exact story a little bit different seemingly there much of a spy kept papers eleven same exact story about Scott and ask you what is different and Matthew and Mark Breslin and the Pharisees came forth and began to question within seeking of him a sign from heaven tempting him Jesus sighed deeply in his spirit and said why doth this generation seek after sign barely a say to you there shall no sign be given unto this generation left them and entering into a ship again departs the other side Simeon and six things that story guys not that disciples had forgotten to take bread neither had they in the ship with them more than one low as he charged them saying take the beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the leaven of Herod they reason amongst themselves saying it is because we have no bread same story notice yet what is different from the job count in Matthew and account from Mark so now you have Jesus saying and where the keys let flashes reminiscent words of Jesus get the letter Bible is great in Matthew Jesus says beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees in the book of marking Jesus say beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of hot liberal scholars is that because the contradiction in these two Gospels therefore or the Gospels must be incorrect or one must be incorrect Scripture is unreliable Matthew and Mark contradict each other you subscribe to that could there be a third option could be that she's sexy mention of three but Matthew chose mentioned these two and Mark chose mentioned one and the other so if we were there in vivo with Jesus Jesus said beware at eleven of the Pharisees Sadducees and parent nowhere sent this misalignment is not letting it's it's it's it's not the actual chemical use G spectrum fungicide use to make bread Matthew said it's not peace but it's the doctor the doctrine of the Pharisees doctrine of the Sadducees and the doctrine of the parent protein galoot chapter twelve Su Luke's version of this Luke chapter twelve Luke chapter twelve verse one Luke chapter twelve verse one fifty seven in the meantime same exact story in the meantime when they were gathered together at an innumerable multitude of people insomuch that controlled one upon another he began to send his disciples first of all beware of the leaven of the Pharisees receive the author Luke is besides the mentioned one of them but here yet he defines what the ferry of the leaven of the Pharisees is a twelve verse one beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees which is democracy hypocrisy really means to act young people have a interesting sensitivity towards hypocrisy going we have just seen these antennas that emerge under what happens when you turn your twenty twelve thirteen and fourteen your happy Go Daddy you're just a frolicking vanilla rainbows and and and and and flowers and candy and when you enter puberty came over selling why don't need informal and go up and down the temper tantrums and you you come to church and just of his scowl in your face puberty amount you like yes some over antibody sensitivity towards hypocrisy epoxy is having to faces but Matthew chapter twenty three this goes against a lot of insights on hypocrisy Matthew chapter twenty three is a chapter may scholars call the will to disparities A figures thirteen or thirteen Jesus says a lot like you scribes Pharisees what hypocrites first fourteen wall with you scribes Pharisees hypocrites Chris fifteen wants you scribes Pharisees hypocrites or sixteen on to you you blind guides her seventeen year old and blind first nineteen you fools and blind verse twenty three owns you scribes Pharisees hypocrites verse twenty four you blind guides restraint five want you scribes Pharisees hypocrites first music you blind Pharisee is resetting about you scribes Pharisees hypocrites for twenty nine you get the point Jesus says if you're a Pharisee you're a hypocrite and your blind you have these skills vases and you don't recognize that you have two faces young people have a sensitivity to to face in this attribute of evil Satan don't think that Jesus says don't be a hypocrite he says watch out for the letting of hypocrisy meeting hypocrisy is very very small craft even imperceptible and all use a little inflexible many say that conservative Avicenna problem hypocrisy many people say that conservatives have these high standards and we impose these high standards on others but don't keep it to ourselves could this be true perhaps that is a tendency or a weakness or a danger that conservatives can get into hypocrites have two faces and they have one face in public and one space on the inside he says in verse twenty twenty three verse twenty three you pay the tithe of the main and the Nice increment and nominated the weightier matters of the law at the immersing faith verse twenty five you may clean the outside of the cup and of the platter inside they are full of extortion and excess three seven four you are like Whited sepulcher 's which indeed appear beautiful outward but are inward dead man's bones and of all uncleanness my friends I ask you this morning is your outside the same as your insight is your outside the same as your insight to do proper evangelism to be a seven a.m. is resonating Christian with Jesus Christ your outside and your insight have to be exactly the same it is hard to give out to space life without a partner he has other like no sparkles and acute I certify that all the stuff on the outside would come out when it's closed and is nothing wrong with this what we have to do is make sure the outside and the inside are exactly the same many young people get tired up to face this visit will I wanted you and they make their inside their outside the problem is there inside a sinful so there there is a real other sinners all the way and we are sinners always but friends verdict always as well and your outside reflects your inside status at all times it is hard to live up to baseline you go to church you are advised closing use my state have decided you don't know to do you go back to your hotel room and you release your tie is a is the most horrible set of the grandmother I can send a preacher I can't stand held I can't do this that be served at lunch were they thinking that it even said it had a high hour you praise the Lord for specialty love again and know you really be real friend cement but not real in our carnal status of real in Jesus we don't eventually people will linger for people no interesting people you infomercial people vacuum salesman a smile and an use dollars in the new thinking in my what is behind this what is behind this what is behind this exterior Jesus Christ he can give us the power to be one inside and outside and not by Jesus says again letting small amounts leavens the whole Purdue Jesus talked about the leaven of the Pharisees got to talk with eleven of the Sadducees thought you actually care who one chapter behind you one chapter behind not behind you but behind circuitry to verse twenty three the same day came to over twenty three twenty two twenty three the same day came to him the Sadducees which say there is no resurrection would say there is no resurrection and asked him saying Master Moses said if a man die having no children his brother shall marry his wife and raise up seed unto his brother now there were with us seven brethren and the first when he had married a wife deceased and having no issue left his wife unto his brother likewise the second also the third and seven undecided in the last of all the woman died also therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven for they all had her this is just hilarious question isn't it you imagine it in India Israel and the Jewish economy he had a brother of husband make a wife and he passed away by law the second brother had to megawatt and if he died the third identity got for this exam so to imagine or seven guys last board mommy daddy are like sorry son you got a married older lady Freda Walker out of the six-year-old words goes now the Sadducees are saying in the resurrection day husband number one gets up comes out of the ground he sees his wife like Hollywood cheesy movie they're running to each other the violins are playing the background the running to you with all arms open wide in the Chinese sweetheart I don't that is Jewish but our neighborhood I like the notion of the homes alone in embracing each other and right behind Brother number one is for the number two is running right with and invented Judaism and freedom for number of items in Austin and brothers are just tackling this one sexy sassy question asking he's a somewhat old what if question is interesting Jesus never really answers anyone if questions together one after not real questions are theoretical interests Jesus always use the UCS answer question with a weapon answer this question because Jesus did in his Denver three nine he says this with twenty nine Jesus answered and said unto them you do what air not knowing the Scriptures nor the what the power of God the doctrine of the South seas is not knowing scriptures not knowing the Bible specifically go to ask twenty three verse eight extra three percent thirty mins before but just for your notes morning actually vigorously for the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection nor no angel nor spirit the Pharisees confess both were the Pharisees have to face is the Sadducees have a lot of skepticism have doubts over the past of a church and as I had thought the little kids and lesser arts old now but this one little girl was was born on my side and I mean it with all loving Christian family I feel these stories Independent that the Bible studies and whatnot so yes and Jesus walked on the water the scroll six seven years old with a are you sure yes and no all went and put on all animals in the argument flood are you sure and allies I went up to heaven in a chariot of fire one is scary are you sure for my hair out six seven years old full of skepticism and that he never skepticism is healthy to a degree but these thirsty Sadducees that look we don't believe in anything supernatural if we don't see it now doesn't exist we think he's assisted that you don't know the power of stupid on the power of God 's work something that God is supernatural friends God when he speaks things become a reality we mentioned yesterday the sound waves that come from God 's mouth become matter and in existence and reality itself by Sheriff that God needs to almost watch what he says and then him and another way God can fly even if he wanted to know that he was because he thought but even if he tried to light the words become reality so it's not a lot because it's truth it's impossible Titus chapter one procedures as God cannot lie he was it is impossible for God to lie in my imagination I I I I it out humor me with this is the story I think of when I was little and only child would sit on the dinner table and it's how the market would always call at dinnertime building because I'm an only child my parents are a you get it in a camp in Little 's mother sister the federal get it in that house back in the day when there's a corded phone number those that the long time ago okay ring ring ring on but you get it okay I pick up the phone and as a church member cannot talk the elder data and I've looked towards my father my father would do what my parents taught me how to live a very young age I love my parents and no living person with an accent they're not here right now can you go back in and find out about updates that are in is is this is the gospel of the heretical gospel of justice if this happened to Jesus and Jesus was sitting at dinner with Joseph and Mary and a cow bell rings building on England and in just the Mrs. Hagel get the outbound you okay yes and any picks up account balances hello can we speak to the carpenter Joseph synagogue is is felt no need to rebuild it or whatever on any turns and Joseph S J J but I say friends this would not even come into the machinations you but if Jesus says he is not here now what would've happened he's not here he's really not here right now he's really not yeah not the message of the synagogue a picture surfing event friends that is the level of faith we need to have God 's word God says fear not who the okay no fear fear not that no fear of God that I will give you power goal throughout the world okay okay what is a reality in entrance and Seventh-day Adventists believe this book the fall word of God will created created this creates all the matter the actual vibration the goblin are encapsulated in this leather bound book we love this book but there are ranks amongst us who don't love this book who with their skepticism in the wound around and analyze this in his evidence contradicts this and therefore this must be all the written part and all you need is what Jesus did say beware of skepticism says beware of the lending small amount that can live in the one the whole because originated cards philosophy has gone into skepticism of more skeptically what more smarter you are right now they are Adventists who believed to believe a seven day creation is ridiculous they believe the universe was involved and they take the presuppositions of liberal scholars out there are easier this was little quotes from David Berlinski who is a Jewish agnostic and he's making fun of the a few Southerners as a trend out there they go to Barnes & Noble he's young atheist looks at emerging and all yesterday at every key and atheist you to seducing you debunking everything about the book what is and what happens is young people are still attracted to that because they think they're smarter than everyone else young people on encouraging if you are skeptical if you have a bitter and cynical mind if you see problems in the church choose your ability to fix it instead complain and sit there God has given you something wrong in the church or something wrong in the local character some and any could be prone to whatever will I be proactive in helping a nice Christian loving home with them way instead of pointing fingers and think this church speaks and the district ever again pray for your pastor pray for this church must be proactive instead we anyway at the school you don't believe any seven day created universe yet the believe in a different story and inability to write to you this is called the quantum cosmology catechism is asking these atheists about quantum mechanics from what good art universe evolve answer our universe evolved from a much smaller much and tiered mini universe we call it an egg of question what was this smaller empty universe like it was a four dimensional sphere with nothing much inside it you may think of that as we hear question how can a sphere have four dimensions answer a sphere can have more dimensions if it has one more dimension than three you may think of that as obvious question is a smaller empty universe had a name answer the smaller and universe is called a sitter universe you may think of it of that is about time someone paid attention regarding this letter question is if anything else I should know about smaller and universe answered yes it represents a solution to Einstein 's field equations me think of that as a good thing a question what was that smaller the era was that smaller and your universe or egg answer it was in a place where space as we know it did not exist it is called he sat question when was it there answer it was at a time when time as we know it did not exist me think of this as a mystery question what is agonist that come from answer the act did not actually come from anywhere you may think of this as astonishing question if the act not come from anywhere how did he get there answer the end got there because the weight function the universe it is probable meet like this you think of this as a done deal question how did this baby universe evolved me a answer Eve all by inflating itself up from its act to become a universe in which we now find ourselves me think of this as just one of those things that happen he concludes this this catechism is not a paradigm of quantum cosmology it is on some cosmology this is what this is what's being taught at the highest levels of education I have seen ways to us all friend of mine who is a quantum physicists and I asked him is is was was relieving top is your sister is it really called a yes in this editing for my sac yes and this made on August second from will know knowing that you believe it's yes we have the mathematics of what about the mystery yet I still missed all we have we are living in a society that are going through intellectual gymnastics goal around God we really are is another movement in Christianity and Nelson Adventism is called the postmodern movement it's being of systematizing and some are quite emerging if you skepticism but ultimately creates a look we need to be humble there is nothing that we can use assurance about any assurance is the arrogance to believe in Jesus Jesus that arrogant to believe in objective truth that absolute we do learn from the Muslims we do learn from the Buddhist the large from the terrorists we do learn from those who don't believe in God and we all went together it might be true there's nothing you be repackaged and it's coming into our church my question is how do you know that even emerged theology is true nothing as to what is natural no bit we get it you see the contradiction I want right diabetes skepticism and unbelief are not humility and friends skepticism and undelete Argonauts humility implicit belief in God 's word is true humility to surrender we read the Scriptures and we say a lot I don't understand this one estimates and out humble myself before the IPO that doesn't mean you to surrender your brain doesn't surrender your heart and you wait for the time of your brain catches up here think is awesome they are embracing skepticism higher criticism he denied a primacy of Scripture the totality as to the sufficiency of Scripture the clarity of Scripture Scriptures being attacked BLT Y C is coming as they look we are sick and tired or sick and tired of the baby boomer generation entering into the ranks and again bringing their happiness to youth culture and signal in the Bible and more sneak up hang out to just needs drink some coffee in an and listen to just cool new age music and just Cheryl peace next generation saying okay that's cool that I'm getting old I don't want to get serious I just had dinner with two friends from Walla Walla University nursing were sick and tired of the same message over and over and over again they're saying okay we believe in God 's grace we believe in love we believe there were say the world God can save us all these things were tied up here at every chapel service every Friday night every Saturday for every year for four years I'm another friends at Loma Linda University she stopped coming at the church she was a Bible believing Jesus loving questions about the Loma Linda University such I hate Grace laced message I don't deny grace I love Grace was that audit that there is it is about this and I wanted to go to church to hear that again she lost her faith website were not denying that asked them not denying justification only justification sanctification together to experience glorification something why cannot one aspect perhaps our church has been to send Asian oriented in the past the reaction we've got the justification only we need both together at the same side of the coin friends I'm another friend at AUC is up and it's easy how many schools have become the same as regular non- Avenue schools is a crisis of faith happening Lindsay Weiss he started let's get the friends were serious in the get-together I wrote an e-mail to my friend Andrea Andrea Oliver at Princeton University Andrea you see the first e-mail that is printed in the book for this purpose compilation of them those sermons and put together for viewers about your e-mail look on the title this lets get together serious physical all-out after another friend in the universe and the computer just pursuits go all out G Weiss he was a response to the liberalism out there not to swing back to conservatism to find a biblical passionate centeredness don't let anyone say to you I see is that liberal convention if anyone said that I don't know where to come from and on anyone thank you I see that ultraconservative everybody thinks the right in the middle of the everyone's accident we got to be scripturally centered not politically sent friends Jesus mentioned three types of East three taxis first what the Pharisees to face in this second was that the Sadducees the skepticism was the third you have another march up to six Mark chapter six my chapter six the same in my chapter six is mentioned beware on eleven of Harriet recompress fourteen onwards King Herod heard him for his name was spread abroad he said that John the Baptist was risen from the dead and therefore mighty works the show forth themselves in it respecting others said it Elijah and other set is the profit or as one of the prophets but when Herod heard thereof he said it is John who might be headed he is risen from the dead for Herod himself and sent forth and laid hold on jump on John and be bound in prison for Brody 's estate 's brother Philip 's wife get married for Jonathan to Herod it is not lawful for the habit brothers wife first nineteen therefore Proteus had a quarrel against an and you would've killed him but she could not for Herod feared John knowing that he was a just man and hold the observed and when he heard him he did many things and heard him gladly as Harriet on the throne all of whatever and sees a high Chesterfield John the Baptist John the Baptist was his pastor Harry got the shirts you heard John the Baptist philately but one day his brother Philip dies mysteriously some unknown reason we don't know just died the day after Harriet marries Proteus why do you have a similar name I have no idea and are living together after cohabitating together and John the Baptist comes out and Bill I just style the life screen says it is not lawful for you to have your brother 's wife there is a marriage here that is incorrect just as Elijah went to Jay I have been Jezebel and pointed out their faults sold that suited John the Baptist him here Jesus is emerging talking around licensing and how does having a flashback to last a life you resurrect himself these weren't keep reading to the story of what actually happened how you'll notice first went over twenty one and when a convenient day was come Harry on his birthday may separate with Lawrence high captains and chief estates of Galilee when the daughter of the head of the daughter of the said rodeo set came in and dance and pleased Herod and then that set within the king said unto the Dan's Denzil asked of me whatsoever that will and I will give it to swear under her whatsoever thou surpass me I will give it the acute half of my kingdom the scroll and forth and said unto her mother what shall I ask she said the head of John the Baptist she didn't wait a second answer is twenty five she came and straightway with haste unto the king and said saying I will that thou give me by buying a charger the head of John the Baptist between six eighteen was exceedingly sorry yet for his own sake and for their sakes sat within he would not turn preset immediately the king sent an executioner and commanded his head to be brought he went beheaded in recent brought his head any charger gave it to the names on the damsel given to store your little girl all the stances of eyes on intoxicated men and John the Baptist Harriet Harriet said hey I'll give you whatever you want robusta mom ounces giving head of John the Baptist and yet execute scourges that is interesting verse twenty six the king was what the thing was exceedingly so imagine no I'm a pastor and one of my church members had to kill me this is a loving church member he can to church every single day and hear John the Baptist Herod is struggling should I kill my pastor or not perhaps the alcohol Connie got in the way of rational thinking it doesn't mention this image is two reasons was the first six yet for his own sake and what and for their sakes which sat just say something and realize that other people watching so you keep going with your stupid action because other people watching you a father and I were all you want to cry thanks giving stupid argument very very stupid post on the father God that young people at a married later and later in life later and later and later my father said that although young people a day earlier and earlier and earlier no-no that all my friends are getting married later later known us on your hand experience of my fifty years I see with my eyes are younger and younger but that I studied sociology and displace about it nowhere in the VA County gets heated our sense of adventure and say that no debugging later and later minuses of son I've lived thirty years longer than you and I know more than you did that is the most ridiculous article whatever data and he's getting heated and found in both of us in our minds we know that both of us are wrong we know that young regarding the American older later this is the same holds for all ages but my mother was sitting she wanted to eat things getting better as you watch is listening intensely my father did not want to lose to a young yellow sun in front of his wife and here was why I want to lose me for my father and here we are we know were both wrong but because my mother sat there on the next flight to VA and my father son and mother them not to lose my wife and were getting seated and he did have you ever had the screens in very full but if I would set all the time you know you're wrong so you know you're the plane is about to crash you know there's no way getting on this argument but because of your pride still keep flying airplane and yet the hope they make lots of prizes that difference pride is when you know you're going down everything intellectually everything physically and emotionally says this is Ron Silver prices keep going down the pride is is a reflection of Satan 's care Satan which is etched his character on all of us Satan is going down friends know that Satan is honest but he thinks the speed for long and once bring all of us down with them and pride is how he doesn't as a youth pastor I I had these berries brings my other the boys are wanted in no great me of my first day of a youth pastor when we throw me into Lake Michigan here I am being Korean guys called to come up to me and it picked me up in the minute they picked me up I pretty much succumb to Mike there is no laminate it out of this lease or a problem that might alright discount they carried me to the river hurts Lake as such I think you know what how can I have my cell phone when talking to myself one out they are my wallet while the victory much my hope is gone no way I can get out of this but in my mind I thought of something this evil if I'm going down I'm going down the matter what but I want to go down below I'm going to bring as many people down so here I am being built to frog marched down to the lake there in with the grip of death I take a T-shirt that I see a graphic next to me I don't know whose it is essay whatever happens I'm not letting this T-shirt goal with my life why my pride is at stake strength of my grip is my pride swimming to the water in a momentum I carry this poor soul with me passing on the front on the what is this all happen in a matter to second but you can use thinking off this guy 's been going for water first grip of death I searching for an slicing into the water and I baptized him and I gone right after when I emerge it was my best friend and I said I'm so sorry I suspect firstly should've done this but I'm so sorry to significant difference is the human hand but imagine an angel I have not gone down by himself he doesn't want a friend as strong Essenes and this we have hands that appears in a much stronger and much much for the masking is a prime your life today and it was a general in the Journal of Portugal something all you need is one rule letting a small piece and infects the concluded one one more person call it quits for today first twenty five against five first rate is five or six through eighth there be statement your glory is not good no not the little lad in Lebanon the whole lump our job therefore the old leaven that you may be a new lump as you are not for even Christ our set Passover sacrifice for us therefore let us keep the feast not with old leaven it with eleven of Nellis and we've been witness with the unleavened of what insanity and the unleavened bread has accused are cleaning their rooms in preparation from young people it's the day of atonement BS seventy and this must clean our hearts in preparation to get the data Tommy is now Jesus is in heaven cleaning the sanctuary on our behalf in the meantime let us clean our hearts what questions you this morning is you have eleven of hypocrisy you have to let enough skepticism and keep your hands up high friends your head is a plea to having asking the Lord to clean me purge you have the lead of pride in your not asking for blown out East just only once that the leavens the whole your hand is a prayer Lord for her each meet hurts me white as snow for disaster since you desire stand up right now a subset of an array note seven morning oregano what hurts me this morning purge me this morning and father in heaven we desire to be a people prepared for your second coming bless this group less every person inside the walls of this convention hall father we seek to do a mass spring cleaning of our hearts I implore the to look upon each hand that has been risen each person who is standing up father we desire not to be conservative or liberal we concert we desire we desire to be like Jesus and if that means to be conservative on some things so be it that means the liberal things Soviets but we want to be like Jesus father maybe be close to your word we know the power of Scripture father we ask for true humility may forsake pride father maybe have just one face stopped the acting stop thickness strengthen us things of which we as human beings cannot more or less as for the rest of the seven prisons is a rule him as my audio resource generation and yeah you would like to learn more about Jim I think this is I'm not having done by some that are working like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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