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4. Manual Labor and Agriculture in Education

Daniel LaFlair


Daniel LaFlair discusses the importance of manual labor in education, allows the audience to share their witnessing experiences through agriculture, discusses some questionable diet and agricultural practices, and discusses how agriculture can be a witnessing tool.



  • June 23, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Father. We asked you to send your spirit. And Lord. This is what we've been asking all week is that you instruct us and watch your wisdom is what you want us to do. And Lord to guide our own minds. And give us a take away. What you need us to learn. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. I hope. I know some of I see a lot of new faces. But our intention. This week. Has been to give you guys. Some of what we've learned along the way. And I can only pray that what we share with you each speaker up air. Is that you take this information. And you go back. And you prove it for yourselves. Don't just sit and listen to us but make it your own make it yours God wants. Each and every one of us. To be able to answer questions for ourselves. I like I learned a couple days ago and I really appreciated that rather than. What my conclusion is. I really enjoyed that look at the data. So this is your homework. Everybody that set up their take notes. Look at all the data that we've given you. You take it home. And you study it. And you ask God to open your minds. So that you can come to your the same conclusion. And see that hey what that person said is true or. Hey this person is totally off. But not just there. Get together discuss it you know the neat thing about our pioneers. And I share this a couple days ago is that God did not give just any one person. All of the information I think if he did. Many of them would have had big egos. Even though he didn't many of them still had. Egos in that's you know. One of the things that I pray about. A lot. Not because I have one but is that. I would not grow an ego so that God would not be able to utilize me and. Another thing. When I came to this. Symposium. I had one concept. In my mind. And I was talking with one of the presenters and he said something contrary to what I believed and. It challenged me. And then it challenged me to think. Is mine right. Or is his right. And I don't know the answer is not to say he was wrong or is right. But what. My take away from that is I need to go back and study. And I appreciated that because it lets me know that. I have to be grounded and want to believe in if I'm not. Then what is it. Do I believe. So I appreciated that conversation because no Once this is over and I have sometimes is. Sit back and relax. Relaxing is studying. I will go back and revisit that. And really look into it and. And see if there is some truth and to really understand for myself. What is it do I really believe. Not so much again it's not so much. Right or wrong. Who is right. It's just. I realize. After that conversation. That my own foundation on that thought. Was shaky and if it's shaky then I need to know what it is. So all of the speakers up here that have been presenting. Take the information please make it your own study it. Learn it. God wants. Each and every one of you to know it for yourself so that you can stand. And make a difference. Rob can't do it. Eugene can't do it. I can't do it. Those of you who are here to see. Michael can't. We can't do it. We need your help. God wants. Each and every one of us. To be a part of this. So our goal at least my personal and I don't really want to speak for everybody else but I feel comfortable enough to say that. We're giving you this. Take it home and make it your own. OK. I have to Mitt I'm a little bit nervous this morning. I didn't really get to calm down but will make it God will definitely. Hopefully. Give me the words to say. The quote that I've been quoting every day this week. I want to go back over it again and this is education to seventy one. And I said when I found this it really made an impact on my life. And some of you are. I knew those who have been here. Commit this quote. To memory. Because it is really important if you want to make a difference. This is how you do it. Education Page two seventy one. With such an army of workers. As our youth. Rightly trained might furnish how soon the message of a crucified. Risen and soon coming savior. Might be carried to the whole world. How much of the world. The whole world. How soon might the end come. Isn't that what we all strive for. To spread the everlasting gospel. So that we can hurry. The coming of our Lord and Savior. How soon in place of possession here. With its blight. Of sin in pain. Our children. Might receive their inheritance. Where the righteous. Shall inherit the land and dwell there in forever. Where the inhabitants shall not say I am sick. And the voice of weeping shall be no more heard. Today I was. We're going to talk about agriculture and evangelism and I'm going to get but I want to kind of get there in a roundabout way sometimes I notice something about myself. Sometimes I like to help you understand where. Why. I got somewhere not just tell you I mean air. This is what we need to do but. I think I find joy in explaining. And helping you to see. The steps and understand so that you have the data and. You can decide for you for yourself whether Hey that's. That sound or there are some problems there. So we'll get to the. Evangelism in a second. I was looking for a quote that I wanted to present. Share with you this morning. Last night and. There were a couple things I was looking for in. Evangelism for agriculture. I was trying there was some research that I had. And I was searching for it and. It's amazing that. In searching. This odd quote came up. And I was trying to figure out how in the world does that fit in there and then I thought well maybe I need to share it and then so I decided to go and read it and I thought it was a very powerful. This was written in one thousand no wait it's Review and Herald February sixth one thousand nine hundred eight and. The thing that I found fascinating. With this is it's nineteen No wait it's after many of the controversies. It's a little bit later in Ellen White's ministry it's a little bit later. You know. Basically her last decade of life. She's rich. She Wrote. Many things. And so she understood. You know the relationship with God and she understood what she was trying to say them. And when you. I'm starting to study Aves history I wish I knew as much as. Some of the presentations I've heard here and I will admit I'm just a student learning and I just scratching the surface. But I really found this interesting and. Again it's a review and Herald. February sixth one thousand eight. Says before. We can carry the message of the president truth. And all its fullness. To other countries. We must first to break every. Yoke every. Yoke. We must come into the line. Of true. Education. I'm going to pause there. Again. I want to reiterate. I was not looking for this quote. I was looking for something totally different. Not education. It had nothing to do with education and I found this quote. We must come into the true. Line. I'm sorry. We must come into the line of true. Education. Walking in the wisdom of God and not in the wisdom of the world. God calls for messengers who will be true reformers. We must educate educate. To prepare. People who will understand the message. You have to understand it first and then. Give the message to the world. I don't know why I found that quote. I wasn't looking for it. But I felt I needed to share it. Maybe somebody here needed it. Maybe it was for me something to go back but I want to read it one more time. Before we can carry the message of President truth in all its fullness. To other current countries we must first. Break every yoke. We must come into the line of true education. Walking in the wisdom of God and not in the wisdom of the world. God calls for messengers who will be true. Reformers were called to be reformers. Where not just call to listen and regurgitate. Who are actually called to reform. Isn't that neat. I hear that. And it really is it it's exciting because what that's telling me is something is wrong. If we have to reform something something is wrong. We must educate educate. To prepare a people who will understand the message. And then give to the message to the world. I think and I shared earlier I think about the. You know as a study in Exodus. When God brought them out of you know I'm repeating and sometimes it's good to repeat but it just you know. To get my point across especially to those who weren't here when God brought them out into the wilderness. He had to retrain them. They forgot who their Creator was one of the things he did was he took them into creation. Through creation. He was able to reveal a picture of himself. And in that. All they consistently. Quarreled mumbled. Argued. And they were missing the signs of God. I mean the visible tangible signs of God. All around them. In everything. Every little detail. Does God do anything. Accidentally. Know everything he does. Is on purpose. It's on purpose. It's calling our minds. Into action it's calling us to reflect. It's calling us to think it's calling us to. Back to him. God wants to commune with us he wants to live with us. And he wants to be with us. So I do not believe that. As they were walking through. Every little detail. God intentionally set. Different perils. So that they could learn lessons. If they learn the lesson. He would allow them to overcome those perils. And from that become stronger. Remember we talked about this earlier this week. He had it. He had an ideal for what he wanted them to be. And then that ideal. They were to be. His ambassadors. And the example to the whole world. I like this quote. A friend of mine. Gerry Travers. Wrote this down at the beginning of the week and I wasn't. I was going to use it but I really do like it he says. Education can teach. Many thoughts. But not all thoughts. Are moral. To education therefore must be what. Moral think about that. Education can teach many thoughts. But not all thoughts are moral. True education therefore must be moral. Is that a true statement. If we're not teaching our children. To return to their creator. To return to God. Using the things that he's given us. We're not educating them. And we're not doing our job. I remember. I want to share that. I'll share this story. With you several stories and I'll get to education. I mean I'm sorry evangelism in agriculture. Several years ago we did a. Education agriculture. Conference at U.T. pines. Several people from all across the country. And one of the people that were asked to speak. To speak was. I got to thrash. And I remember she could not speak so they said that her son would be speaking. Which I was fine with that. I was coordinating that. Event and Calvin thrush and. Calvin thrush got up and he told the story about you pines how many of you know the story. Of U.T. pines. You know you could you two were there. OK. I'm going to do something. I have the privilege of being after launch and every time I look around. What do you. What happens when you eat. A large meal. And you come and you sit in a warm room. Allowed Ariba to stand up. I'm seeing those heads nod on a hand everybody to stand up and say hi to the person behind you and say hi to the. Person in front of you. Say hi to the person to the right of you and to the left of you. And then I want you to come on let's get let's get the blood flowing. I need the brains away. Stretch one more time nice big stretch. OK. Go ahead and let me have a seat please. So Calvin thrash. Decided he was going to share the story of the pines which I thought was very interesting. He got up and he told about his mother and his father who both went to medical school his mother grew up aptest. And I believe his mother was his father was a Methodist that one don't quote me on. I may be wrong do to remember. But I think it was Methodist. I know for sure the mother grew up Baptist they were both churchgoers they were actually. Both pretty religious and. They got into school. And then they got into medical school. And as they got into medical school. Medical school pulled the God of them. Because there was no place for God. In medicine. There was a place for medicine. And there was a place for treating the patient. Taking care of the patient. God had no place in the room. So Calvin was talking about. When his mother and father graduated from met. Medical School. They both came from devout backgrounds Christian backgrounds. Were both atheists. Now. It was very interesting to hear that story. And the different steps that God took to bring both of those guys back to him and. That it brings me to this song I want to share a song I believe probably the guys that. Audio verse may have to edit this out I'm not sure what the policy is with audio verse and. Whether they can play music but I'm just giving them a heads up on this but. Listen to the words. Of this is one of the. You know. My children songs and. I want you to listen to this song. To students. To students. One student what happened to him. He was in biology classes listening to the lecture. And the teachers talking about. All. If you add up what your body's worth. It's worth a dollar ninety eight what happens to him. He becomes depress. His hope is stripped away from him. Education. Stripping away hope. The other student who I. My interpretation of the song likes to say receive true education. What does he do to the student whose hope has just been dragged down. The difference is one was taught to look to a savior. Who no matter what anyone says he is there. He is worth living for. It doesn't matter what happens. The other one through education was not given the picture of that redeeming savior. All of a sudden he gets into biology cos they start talking and saying hey you're worth a dollar ninety eight. What happens to his hope. It's crushed. If there was any in the first place. Education does one of two things. It points to to a redeemer. A savior. And a loving god. Or it makes you so incompetent and so incapable of knowing who that is. You don't know where to go when to go or how to go. When you need him the most. We've been talking a lot this week. About education we've been talking with and looking at a picture. There's a reason. God gives us words there's a reason. You know one of the things that I was thinking about going through this morning. Is. Mrs White counsels us. And I remember I shared the story yesterday about Teresa called America. Who said that she had. Character issues with her child. And rather than open the book. She decided to close the book. Mrs White gives. Player. Counsel on this. Go home. Do the research Google it I quoted it. But here's your homework look at up. She says that if. Book learning. And education. I mean. Book learning and. Agriculture has to suffer. Manual work. Which one are you supposed to put aside. The books. There's things that. As an adult. I'm learning pictures in seeing pictures of god. Once I became a farmer. That I've never seen. I'm seeing things in understanding him more clearly clearly than I've ever seen and. The more I dig in the dirt. The more treasures God is a need God. Remember as parents. When you had young children one of the things that's most fun. Is to hide things and have them go and look for it right. Do you think about God cares more for us. So much more than we can even fathom or imagine. Do you think God is not just wanting to put little hidden treasures here in there. Throughout this world. For us to go and dig and try to discover and find go back. Research it. And look at up and learn it for yourself. Because until we create an army of youth willing to work for Christ. Then we're just going around in the circle in vain. I want to switch just a little bit. And go to agriculture and evangelism. And. First I'm going to open it up to questions regarding. Anybody here in agriculture. Growing doesn't matter what you grow. As long as it's legal. Well anything's legal anymore. How many of you have ever had an encounter or an experience. Experience in agriculture. Witnessing the someone. Would you share your stand up. Turn around so everybody can hear sorry. I'm going to put you in this bottom floor and I want everybody to hear. The Mike doesn't. It's just recording. I work in health care industry in a hospital. And we have had guards for years and there's been more than once when I take my cue Cumbers are two made O's or. Different things I've cooked in canned and frozen or whatever homemade bread. Peanut butter. And my coworkers say. What do you got today. And I've been able to give a testimony to the Lord's abundance and. Been able to share health. Things with that. So it's just an opening wedge. And there's been times when we've had extra cucumbers and tomatoes and my coworker said Can I have some can I have some yes. Of course. And they taste in C. and say oh that's great. So it's a witness to the Lord's blessings. And it's also a witness. For health. Because I'm an older nurse and I'm still keeping up with the younger ones. And they say how do you do that well then I get to tell him about good nutrition and fresh air and exercise and water and trusting in God. So it's a blessing. Anybody else had it going to put you on the spot come down. Everybody can hear. Hopefully we're you know our way. But it was while we were gardening that the Jehovah's Witnesses came to visit us. And you know they believe in making a little heaven on earth here. And it was really impressive to them that we were trying to do something just like that not even knowing what they knew. And we were able to start Bible studies with them and keep them up for months before they gave up. Largely because of that garden. And then using our produce to feed some of the foreign students that are at our local university is Saudi students and. Those from. Parts of Africa. It's been very impressive to them and. Opened up some doors. Anybody else have something this year. I'm carrying when I was getting when my family and I were trend. Transitioning into agriculture you know. Knowing a lot about business the business world. But knowing and. Nothing about agriculture. I was wondering that same thing can you even do it how is agriculture. How can you evangelize. There's an interesting thing that's happening in the world today especially in the United States. There's a massive movement. You guys of. Probably you know this the green movement everybody off getting off the grid and everything. And there's some there's a great awakening. To organic and nutritious food. I shared with you. Earlier this week that I was a personal trainer. Had a gym for several years. And I remember one of the. This had to be about two thousand and four one of the training sessions I went to. They were talking about it for the first time in the history. The F.D.A. was no longer trying to block. Multi-vitamins they were actually encouraging the American population to start taking supplements. Because they were recognizing that the food was no longer. Providing all the minerals and vitamins in our bodies need it. So at that time I wasn't in agriculture I was thinking it from that perspective. I was thinking of it from a perspective of. I own a gym OK I need to starts misselling supplements. So these people can start taking. While. Now as a farmer and I start understanding do you guys know that for example do you know that when you buy a tomato. From. I won't name a store but. Any store in it says. Vine ripened. Do you know that they global to the tomato plant they cut the vine off of that tomato. They ship it wherever a thousand two thousand miles. It goes to a special factory they put it into this little box. And they infuse. A chemical into it which tricks the. Tricks the D.N.A. of the tomato into thinking it's ripened. But it's not. And so what it does is the call it. The pigment. Of the tomato skin. Actually changes in turns red. Instead of green. So what you're actually eating is a green tomato with a red skin. Which hasn't fully ripened yet which has mature. And the tomato is not mature it doesn't capture all the nutrients and all the minerals. Until it's actually turned red. So when you eat a green tomato you're actually not eating. As a nutritious. A tomato as you possibly can. If I say a word wrong here. I'm from another country blame it on that. If we speak English but a different kind of. My wife's always saying you know you said that word wrong you know I'm going to say them so I apologize. But understand my intent. So the tomato is green. But it looks red. And so when you're eating this red ripened tree. Vine ripened tomato. Which is still on the vine when they put it in the box. You think you're providing your children with. Nutritious food. Did you know several years ago in one of the Carolinas they were. There's a America I didn't know this is blew my mind the United States is actually the largest exporter of rice. We export. Rice more rice from the U.S. than any other country. That was a fascinating statistic. One of the things. Is rice is. There's different diseases in the past. And that bothers or bother Rice. So they decided they're going to do some experimenting in what they did is they realized that the the. Diseases that the rice. Was getting doesn't affect humans. So they actually went to the D.N.A. level took human D.N.A. and spliced it into the D.N.A. of rice and started growing rice. Now. Thank God. It failed miserably. So it was not able to be put on the market but now the story. Right now they're experimenting with strawberries. Strawberries are. One of the most susceptible. Crops to freeze. And anybody who knows strawberries. Usually come in the spring time. So during the harvest it's and it's possible that you know you may get a freeze. And if it freeze strawberries freeze what happens to them they die. So what they started doing was they went in they researched the North Atlantic salmon. And they're like What is it. Other fish can't swim in the northern Atlantico sion. Only the North Atlantic salmon So what is it about that. They discovered what D.N.A. which gene. In the North Atlantic salmon. Allowed that fish to swim up. Into those frigid waters. And they said of. VALA. We have an answer to strawberries. Let's splice this D.N.A. this gene into the D.N.A. of strawberries to keep strawberries from freezing. That's currently being experimented on. There's another book. If you guys ever want to read. It's a lot. Intense is called. Genetic rule. Genetic Roulette really really a French word. Roulette rule a roulette. Sorry that's not one of those French words. My wife would know. And it talks about. There was. They were trying to come up with a new type of wheat. Have anybody. Heard about this. You too. If you don't know this one. They were wanting to come up with a new type of wheat. Wheat. Is this thing that girls really a tall. And there's all this waste all this waste and you have to wait until it matures. So they wanted to figure out how can we get more and plant less. And have a shorter crop. So some guy decided that he was going to experiment with some chemicals. And the chemical that he was experimenting it was a forced. Amalgamation of wheat they were forcing it to do something contrary to that. You know something that was unnatural They didn't want this long stock. Because it was a lot of ways they wanted a shorter stock. The guy who was experimenting on it. The chemical that he used to change the. The character of wheat. Ended up dying. Because the chemical was so talk sick. The person who went to do C.P.R. on him. Actually ended up collapsing. And now I don't remember if he also died. But he also ended up collapsing. Because in doing. Mouth to mouth resuscitation. He. Inhaled some of the air from his lungs. And that's what affected him. This is the new wheat. That they want to put out on the market. You have to educate yourself. In everything this is not to scare you. It's amazing as you. As you study and you learn what's going on it blows your mind. Like for example. How for. I learned a statistic I went somewhere and they were saying that every year admin is probably one entire ham. And I'm like. How is that. How is that. Well. Sugar. How many of you like sweets. Naturally. Sugar is not white. How to shoot or. Turn white. They take. Bones from animals it could be bovine. It could be cower pig. Many times it's pig many times it just depends. Whatever is achieved is whatever they can get from the slaughterhouse. They char it may kind of like a charcoal and in that they dump the. Sugar in which is naturally brown and. I believe this is in that book. I'm trying to remember thinking more of them trying to pronounce that properly. What I think is due to no genetic Roulette Thank you. By Jeffrey Smith. This may be in there but anyway they said that in order to turn sugar white. They use bone char. To withdraw. The color. Which sugars. Depending on which could be naturally brown or. You know depending on where you got it and I thought wow that's interesting. I could be up here telling you something totally false. I could be up here just making this up I'm not. My point is educate yourself. You know God had a. He had a. A way that he wanted us to be. Now all. Wanted think. What are the things I want to kind of transgress. Or trance Chris true. Go back home. Forgive my nervousness I apologise. I want to go back to talking about evangelism. I have a friend who's a farmer and. He said that he was running a farm this was somewhere in California. And he said he looked out one day and he saw this really nice five hundred series. Mercedes Benz coming down the road tinted windows. He said looks like it was brand new was definitely the current air model. And he said he went to C.S.A.. And he thought well maybe this is someone new he knew all those customers but he thought well maybe they're coming pick it up for another customer or something. And he said that. It pulled in. And he was busy doing something else and they just sat there for a second. And the guy got out and he said the guy had on a suit he said it was probably a thousand dollar suit. It was. As it was a silk suit. Very nice tie. And he said the shoes were very expensive. Still you know very well dressed. So he said the guy came over to him. And he looked at him and he said. Would you mind if I take off my shoes. And just walk in your field. And he said. Ha. That's different. So he said Sure by all means he said you know his field was plowed into was fresh. And he said he sat there and he watched this man. Walk back and forth just walk back and forth in that field. Pacing. And he said while he was out there he's like you know what. I just decided I was going to pray for him and he prayed for him. The guy came back. And he said. Thank you. He said I admire you more than you can imagine. Think you think you. He got back in his car. And he drove away. He said he never saw me again he said he didn't know what was wrong. He said he didn't. You know he felt that if the guy wanted to talk. He would have shared with him. There's something going on in this world with the. People are wanting to get out I was reading a statistic where there people are dropping out of high school and going in volunteering on farms and learning how to work in the field. It's amazing. This is not happening in the admin a swirl but it is happening. Happening in the secular world. So many farms are popping up here and there and people are understanding. And realizing something's happening there's so much stress. There's so much pressure something's going on so. I believe that God is doing something mighty. I wish I could tell you I knew what it was. But I don't but something is definitely happening. Another family. How many of you heard of the die singers they have a farm in Tennessee. And they shared a story where they had this person who was a member of. Neighbor and. Every now and then this neighbor would buy from them by produce from them. And they said that they really didn't get to know this person who didn't live right next to them they knew him and his wife. And they kind of. You know kind of like a next neighbor over. While anyways. They. The. They would come by and they would buy food and the deicing there said that we never ever really sat down with these individuals and talked religion with them. You know we were cordial and we talked and we. But they knew a lot about us and he said they moved away. And he said after they moved away it was probably ten years he said we didn't. Think anything and all of a sudden we got a phone call. And it was a husband and he explained to them that his wife had passed away in he said that was a one one of the best things that ever happened to him. And I don't know what that means but anyways the guy was a Southern Baptist. A strong Southern Baptist. And he had remarried he moved up north somewhere. And now he was living in Alabama. I think it was four hours away and. He called him and he said you know wot. We. I need to share a story with you. And so he said the gentleman told him that one day they were talking to someone in the who had stopped at their house and they were going to get their basket on Friday and they forgot that they didn't get it. So they were going to go over there and drive. On Saturday and get it. And. John Di singer said that the his neighbor said no don't go over there. It's Saturday. So the two of them sat there and said well what does that mean he's like well I don't really know but they don't do anything on Saturday. So John said that ha. I've never realized we made that kind of an impression on them. But story doesn't stop there. So he said anyways after that. You know. My wife and I and I think she got sick and it ended up being a bad thing and after she died. And he said his new wife came along and they decided that they were going to start studying their Bible. And someone gave them a litter on something on the Sabbath and he said. Ah. My old neighbor used to keep the Sabbath they didn't pass out their baskets and Sabbath or anything. And so they moved on to Alabama. And after moving down there. They studied and. They found out that hey this. God is telling us something here. We need to start doing this. So they went to one church and they drove and asked the pastor hey what does this mean what is the Sabbath. Pastors like oh no that's done away at the cross and. So they got out and they went to another church and like Pastor what does this mean that pastor said all that's going away at the cross so they went to this other church and. They pulled in an. They went in there like this hair sits there when they said they were going tired by. By this time. This is that we're supposed to keep the Sabbath. What do you say. And they looked at the person across the desk in the pastor looked at them and said yes. You're supposed to keep it. And they were surprised. So right then and there they had a Bible study. So for a couple more times they went back and they had a Bible study with this pastor and they were convicted. That. You know what they were doing that it was the Sabbath that. That was right. So they decided were getting baptized by the way what church are you. He said. Where Seventh Day Adventist. And he looked at his wife needs that's the same thing as the dice singers. While. John asks them he's like well. It while he was about to ask them and the guy said Well you see. Every time we went to the church we went around the back it we never saw a sign. So we were going into this church we had no idea what the denomination was. And they ended up being Seventh Day Adventists and he said. That was what we needed. God guided us there. And they became Seventh Day Adventists. What we do. What we say. Remember I shared with you how you eat. What you dress. When I first became a Seventh Day Adventist. I thought. These people eat funny they dress funny they talk funny. But you know why people take note. They take notice. Why do you look different than me why do you not look so stressed. Your hollow old. What in there twenty years younger than you. And they look older than you do. There is a way to do evangelism. And again we started. This is not to promote the Agricultural Association but more so to let you know this is one of the things. There's a trend that's taking place. People. Are wanting to understand more about what they're eating. They're wanting to understand more about where their food is coming they wanted to understand more. There's a guy by the name of Larry. I don't know if you've heard of him he's part of the Agricultural Association. He used to be. And he's proud to tell it up punk rock skateboarder. He was in a punk rock band and he was a skate boarder and his wife. They were pretty much. Atheist. And they decided that's it we're not going to eat any more meat we're big going to become vegan so they became vegans. She went in she took nursing and after taking nursing. She kept looking for a job and couldn't find one and then finally she got hired at this. Nursing Home. While. I while she was there at the nursing home she found out that the owners of the nursing home or. Vegan. So that automatically. There was an interest she's like well I'm vegan. So they started talking in the owner. Turned out to be. Seven They have an ist. And they started telling them why they were vegan that it was part of. You know. It wasn't because they were trying to work. But it was just part of their belief that their bodies the temple of God. And that they're supposed to keep it healthy. That started a conversation with her. So she was going home with her husband and telling him and. Meanwhile he's in his punk rock band he's a skateboarder trying to go professional. Getting scholarships you know to make a name for himself. And so he had enough. He said he was going to he said I got in my car. I went over to that nursing home I was going to put those people straight. It took. And tell them stop talking to my wife about this nonsense. He got over there. And it just so happened that the. The owners of the nursing home their son was visiting. And when Larry got there. The son was there and the first Bible study he had was. On the state of the dead. So Larry said that sit this through my mind in a loop it was totally backwards it's. Upside down is different. So he said. Eight hours later he left their house. And he's like I'm going home to prove this guy wrong he stayed there that long talking to these guys. When he got home. He decided that everything. They were saying was true. They say. He just started looking through. So Larry. Decided that's it. He started. Totally drastic change got into agriculture. And as he did. One of the things that he likes to do. Is single out people that he knows what he can look at a person see if they are into skateboarding. If they are into heavy metal or. Punk rock. And he can relate with them and talk to them. And he said that he's able to connect with them. Because of the food. That they're coming to eat. Just like his wife. It was the food her diet. Now I am not understand what I'm saying. I'm not a pear and I said this yesterday I'm not advocating. You know that everything else is wrong that's not my purpose. God has one way of doing this or something. And we know this. But when we deviate. God in His grace. And his mercy. Will work with us. And he'll still help us. Work with him. And then what do we do who deviate. And then God comes along. Gracious as he is and works with us. And then we deviate. It's a vicious cycle. If God has an ideal. Why not strive to be as close to that. I'm not saying Quit your job don't be like me. That's not my intent. Quit your jobs go and be a farmer what I'm saying is. Mrs White. Has clear. On want to. Education is study it and show yourself. Approved. With agriculture. It's my firm belief that. One of the things in our institutions. Health institutions. Is when they teach. Wholeness and. You know to be healthy. One of the things they don't I don't I really believe they don't understand. Is that buying organic. Head of lettuce. From Kroger or from publix or from Wal-Mart is not the same as pulling ahead of lettuce from your garden. If you have mineralized. If you added amendments. It's a whole world of difference. Somebody much smarter than me and with much more time and no children. Decided that they were going to do an experiment. So they got out there and they looked at the best possible ways to grow tomatoes. One was using synthetic fertilizer. Which are manmade fertilizers and pesticides and everything. And then the other one he bought from a store. A box store. Another one he grew. In his garden. Just not doing anything and another one he grew in a section where he added amendments. Minerals and different things and. There's a thing called a reef rack tall matter. Every fact ometer is a fur it measures the nutrient content the sugars in it can tell you how new Trisha's your fruit. Or your vegetables are. So he decided he was going to experiment with that. Of all the ways. Of all the ones that. He experimented one. With the one that he grew. After doing the soil amendment. Was the most nutritious. The second thing you did. Was he decided to put them on a shelf. On the on his on his own in this kitchen. Like many of us. That the store bought tomato was the first one to start. Rotting. Within two weeks. Less than that. All of a sudden it started to get soft and squishy and break down the next one was the one that where he used. Synthetic fertilizers and sprays in his garden. Which meant. The ones that he used. Manmade chemicals on. Was Better. Even the ones at the store which is kind of interesting. The third one was the one from the garden where he didn't add any amendments to the soil. The fourth one. Lasted for months on his collar. They've done research. And it's pretty neat it's coming out I think I share this where the research that's coming out is showing that blogs. When we talked about this I think. I have little antenna. And when a plant. Is sick. It's distressed. And what it's basically saying is help help help I need help. And these pests in these bugs that we see as a nuisance. First thing we do is we go get chemicals and we start spraying them. But if we understand God. In how we are trying to redeem. Everything. He wants us to redeem the soil. If we can't even understand how to read in the soil. How can we get a clear picture of God. I'm not saying it's impossible pleased. I'm not trying to go to an extreme. I'm trying to elevate you to a higher level if you will not in a bad way. But sometimes words can get you in trouble. Anyways. These blogs. If you pay attention to them. First of all what kind of bug is it. What is the purpose of this blog is is it. One of God's clean up bug. This means that plant might be sick. Instead of spraying it with chemicals to kill the press in the bog. Maybe that plant needs some calcium maybe they need some nitrogen. Maybe need some phosphates or something. And you go. In you take care of that missing element. And all of a sudden the bugs will go away. I share this with story with you guys yesterday. In some made thing you can see. God redeeming. This is what God wants us to do. If you go to a market. You know there's a difference. How many churches does. I don't even know how many churches we have is going to ask you but. I know we have many at. When his church is across this country. How many people every day are walking off the street. To go into an advantage church. Who've never been there or anything. I would venture to say very few. Hominy people are walking into a farmer's market. Every day. And if you're able to grow your food. And it's more wholesome. More nutritious. It's giving people energy this is actually happening we have people today. That there was a. Share another quick story there's another farmer. I believe there in. Oregon. That they were not the first ones there at the farmer's market. And so you know one of the things that a farmer's market is you're always concerned you want to make sure that you can get your clientele because your object is to sell your produce. So they got there and little by little different people would come and buy produce from them. And then after a while that line kept getting longer and longer and longer and. They were not the cheapest. Either. Which was fascinating. And so they shared the story that person after person after person said. You know what the first time we bought from you. First of all we didn't want to buy from you were too you were too expensive. And then we bought from you in we noticed yours tasted different. But we didn't come back to you. And we went to the other person who was cheaper and we noticed that. There's didn't taste quite like yours. And so we came back to him. Ever since I've been eating your produce. They said that the person said I've been eating your produce straight. For one month. I have more energy. I'm not getting headaches like I used to. And I feel better. What are you doing differently. And they said they took the opportunity to say you know what. This is nothing that I can do. I plant the seed. And God is the one who allows this to grow. So that I in turn can serve you and provide you this nourishment. What an opportunity to witness. To people who may never walk into a church. I'm not saying that's the. The only way to do it. But what I'm saying is. God has an ideal. Let's try to get as close to that as possible. If you deviate it that's OK. Start where you're at work where you're at and go from there and as God is wanting you to be convicted. He will do that and he will move you. Where he wants you to move. The ultimate goal with any of this is to build your relationship with God. He wants you to be participants with him as he read deems the soil. It tells us that. You know we were supposed to be a shining light shining light on the city where we were supposed to be. Tillers of the soil. And not city dwellers. And through that we were to. Effect. In evangelize the entire world. I believe if rightly followed. God will be bringing people to us. Whether it's our institutions. Whether it's our. Produce stands. Whether it's our A homes. I believe if rightly followed. God will do the bringing. That's all any questions. I'm sorry did I any questions I'd like to answer some questions. Yes ma'am. That is true that a serious Thank you for pointing that out yes not all sugar I should have said that I say these things. To stimulate thought. To stimulate conversation. OK. But more so. Don't please don't take my word. Go and do your research study and show yourself approved. Get to know your god. Get to know your Creator and help him. In the redeeming that he wants us to help with. Well Green to make. Green Tomatoes a different thing that's a thing that they love and the solve. It's a southern thing. So I don't know that I would like for someone in green tomatoes because they're going to do it. But if it's grown in your garden it's going to be much more nutritious than buying it at the box store. But I think we should use every opportunity. Not so much about lecturing about diet. But just. About talking to them about God. Everything as an evangelist take opportunity. Yes. Yes. That's a fun question I actually enjoy answering that. I use. Hybrid seeds. On my farm. I grow hybrid tomatoes. Hybrid is basically taking. To God grown plants naturally growling. And you like a characteristic. About that plant Let's say you like the look of something or you like that you like the look of this one but you like the taste of this. And their tomatoes. You not take in a salmon in you're not taking a strawberry. You're taking two tomato plants. Just two different families. And you say OK I'm just going to cross them to see if I can get the characteristic that. I want this will look. And this flavor. That's a hybrid. That's perfectly fine. God wants. You know. There's a book written on this and I am not going to do it justice. But it talks about where. Broccoli came from it was very fascinating. And it talked about how broccoli. Was on the side of a hail it was a wild plant. And someone went out there and they saw something about that broccoli and they said Ha. I like that. It was I believe in Scotland. I like the. Let's see what I can do with it. And so they took it in from that plant they came up with broccoli cauliflower. Kale and collard. So they took the characteristic from one wild plants. And they were able to come up with four different plants. Just working on the characteristics. Taking naturally. In what they would do is they would just grow it. And they would grow several plants. And they would see one looking like the. Broccoli and so they said OK that's the one I want to focus on the rest of them they composted the. They took this one took the seeds from it. And the children from that would keep looking more and more like broccoli. And then more and more until we have broccoli. While the next one looked more like color while that was the character. They wanted. While they got rid of all the others they took the color plant. Or the one that looked like caller ID and they kept reproducing it until they could get the characteristic they wanted. So to say hybrid is bad. It's not bad. What is bad. Is G.M.O.. Dealing at the molecular structure at the genes at the. You know the D.N.A. level. And it's taking characteristics that Naturally you cannot do. And it's taken from different plants and splicing. Human D.N.A. into rice so that Rice doesn't get a disease. That's not natural. So I. But I make sure that their non. Organic hybrids in that they're a natural just basically I'm sorry. What I say sometimes my brain in my mouth don't work together. What she said. My wife is my. I grow. No G.M.O.. I google hybrid. And I grow organic. I do there are certain things that I will only deal with organic That is correct. Because of the places the sources that they are coming from the reason sometimes. Sometimes it's the seed source. And because they're dealing with a lot of G.M.O. stuff. That seed has the potential to be contaminated so I won't touch it. Well. I don't really want to get too much into the growling aspect of it you know one of the things I want to point out. Is God wants to use us. In every aspect. Yes you can save sea is your question. That's very difficult to do. It's very difficult to do and the reason it is is because you're taking two different plants. To do this but then. Their offspring could. It's just like you know. People. This. This offspring can look like one parent or the other parent you don't know which parents going to look like or it could look like the hybrid. So you don't know what you're going to go. It's kind of like. They will grow but they're not going to go back to what. Yeah. If you would have to go back. The you would have to do the hybrid yourself. Or go back and buy the hybrid from the original person. Any of the not so much technical gardening but anything else in the presentation or. You know God trying to redeem us. This a good question. You know. God brought me here. To answer that question. I haven't thought about it. God brought me here and if I saw a clear leading that God wanted me to go somewhere else. You know. He has been teaching me. And training me. I went into it because of my children but like I shared yesterday. I am learning as much or more about this. And I know my wife is growing. You know one of the things is one of the. We're coming to understand is when we first started down this road my wife would say OK we're going to go to school. Do school and then we're going to do agriculture. It's the same thing. I don't want to get in trouble for that but. My belief. God is able to relate. Oh goodness. Reveal Himself through. Culture. There's so much learning and like I said. Let me say this. Agriculture of yesteryear. Is a farmer who grow. Massive amounts of produce. To make money to put his children through school. So that when they grew up they could get a better job than him. That is not. Egg recall CIAR. Agriculture is you're out there in your working in the soil it's teaching you problem solving. It's teaching you math. It's teaching you mechanics. It's teaching you patience. He want to learn patience. I have a son I won't say which one you put him on a fifty foot grow. Bed and say I need this we did all my word for fifteen minute job turned into three hours. And then you go back the next day and say you know Want You were not able to finish that. So I want you to go back there and leave that for me. I wish I could tell you that he's learned that lesson but. God has to work in his heart. Some more. There are deep. Lessons in agriculture. And you know. God. There's a reason why. Research is for your selves. Why would he instruct us to do this. This is your homework. If he told us this. There's a purpose. What. Why. And the other questions. Yes ma'am. If you want to give OK we'll have one more. And then. I started late so I hope you didn't mind I just went. That much longer since we took a while to get into. This is silent testimony I guess you could save a community. So in Washington state my parents were farmers. And there were times making hay. When Friday would come. The hay still needed to be got in because it might rain or whatever. And we would stop. The neighbors would see that we stopped. Because Sabbath was coming. Year after year sometimes the hay would get rained on. And then on Sunday we'd have to cut the bales of hay open. Spread throughout the field fluff it up and rebel it. We weren't working on Sabbath. When my dad died. I told the pastor. There's not going to be enough chairs in this church for the community. He said all will be enough. I said no there won't be. And there wasn't and. One after the other would come and say how much for testimony. Of Sabbath. That they learned. And different principles of the Bible. From my parents' lives. But I am not telling you to take drastic measures. I am not saying this is the only way God can work. I am not saying this is the only way. But what I'm saying is why. What we are told that agriculture should be the. A B. and C.. Of education. Why would we call soul to do that. I'm not saying any other way is Raul. But what I am saying is. Study for yourselves. Allow God to work in your heart but. I want to reiterate this agriculture is not. If it takes you away from God. You failed. Everything we do in life must be to redeem us. And restore us. To the image of the character of God and build that relationship. That is the purpose of Agriculture. To redeem us restore us to the character. And image of God and build that relation with him personally. If it doesn't do it. You must stop. Doesn't matter what it is and say Lord. What do I need to do. Let's pray. Father I pray that. Any words high spoke air with all of my heart. I pray that I've said nothing wrong. I say I pray that I have said nothing to mislead anyone. And Lord. If that's the case I pray that this recording was not even recorded. I pray that you and your ward. Can be uplifted. Mind Evers' to draw people closer as I'm trying to do with myself or my family. Closer to you. And Lord if I failed in that I please. I pray that you can help everyone here. Forget everything I've said and never help. And help them never think of it again. But Lord if what I've said is correct and watch it. If it's true. And it is what you wanted me to say. I pray that you convict every heart. Hair. And don't give them peace. Until they go in they search it out for themselves and build that relationship that you want. With each one of this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about you would like to listen to visit.


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