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All or Nothing

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • March 4, 2005
    12:00 PM
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this software is all or nothing it is all or nothing when the angel who appeared to Joseph in the last two to marry him chapter one and also to Joseph in talking about the sun they would have the angel said and she shall bring forth a son Matthew one twenty one thousand show called his name Jesus then the angel gave the reason for he shall walk save his people from what from their sin this was the mission of Jesus Christ to save his people from work this sin now the question becomes who is all for all the walls is people where were told in Hebrews chapter two reverse fourteen forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same path through this you might destroy him that have the power of death that is the devil under the bamboo fulfilled that all their lifetime subject to bondage that is a description of every human being so his people yes in a certain sense the Jew because he was a Jew in a larger sense all earthlings because John three sixteen tells us for gone so low the world and so the mission of Jesus Christ was the save his people from soon clearly if Bob is sending someone to save someone else brought must have determined that the person needed to be safe now some of us don't realize we need to be saved but gone has realized he has been fairly and he has seen much that we need to be saved so ardently that he sent his son equal with himself because he walked we are to be saved from you so what horrible horrific and powerful in its hold on costs that not even the most powerful angel who delivered us from the bondage and so go on since Jesus to save us and I'm stressing this from our sins not save us in our sins as some people would prefer to think he came to save us from our sins now sometimes to say what a thing is it's good to say what it is not so that in that sense let me say what Jesus did not come to do Jesus came to a world through a land to a country where slavery was rampant on widespread Romans that have slaves it was part of the culture Jesus came found slavery live the society of slaves went back to heaven unless slavery because Jesus did not come to abolish the social system of slavery of the word socialist is a critical word in my statement he came to abolish the slavery offs as I understood that social slavery is the result of slavery of the money also I think seven is the cause of slavery Jesus came he found poverty he expanded his individual life he went back to heaven and he left poverty because Jesus Christ did not come to eliminate social and economic poverty continue to deliverance from sin because Jesus knew and he knows and wants us to know that poverty is the result of sinful hearts Jesus gave unfounded the Jews dominated by the Roman Empire he found the Romans gave the Romans dominating the Jewish nation because of Jesus Christ did not come to overthrow the Romans because Christ understood the reason why one nation dominated another nation is certain let me stress again and she shall bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sin no more this is let's go to the Bible 's definition of sin first John chapter three verse four first John chapter three verse for us to continue it is all or nothing first John chapter three verse four says also ever commit a sin transgressive also the law for sin is what that's for this restroom of the law or sin is not lessened this also gave only so the is and will be meeting all listeners all without law fully closely certain is committed against the law or a condition of being all less tests remote like to see in the eighteen eighties the West was characterized by lawlessness everyone with a cowboy shooting people back and forth there was enormous mess out in the West where there was no more lawlessness in the West Indies there was no more lawlessness then than it is now because there was since then a business in the house is transgressor of the law I know me I without being all about let's look at verse five also first John chapter three as we continue to all or nothing and you know that he was manifested to do what take away our sins and in him is no sin now let us connect first John chapter three verse four with first five verse four says also have committed sin on one side we have sent transgressive also the law for Satan is a transgression of the law the Bible says if there were nor law there would be no sin now here comes Jesus of course life and we know that he was manifested to do what take away false don't typically want to will this send an want below is a universal novelist life tells us what Jesus Christ gave the people we tell me now what he did not come to take away he did not come to take over the law it came to take away sin and he left the law what we don't need is what we need is God 's law is saving us from Satan Jesus leaves the law all response ready to believe the Jesus that way the law so that we can send us but we did whatever we like there's no say in anything is fine everything goes best with some Christians let I was speaking to a group this morning was a gentleman asking me when the disciples sinners are practicing Zen 's conclusion with their practicing Zen how come there was a so that his conclusion was liable to be exerted in us is Jesus and his righteousness was saved me my conclusion was much more was instead I can do what I like because his license this is news not mine I can give is I like because Rice is this a crisis unless the deception under which a lot of people in labor publicly suggests why some people believe Christ's righteousness is me it has nothing to do with me so I can live us I like it John sixteen rate of over seven hours to see that Christ gave to take away sin first John three five he did not come to take away the all you but you can contain with sailor when we asked them to do it six is rid of over seven this is Jesus speaking he says nevertheless it is expedient for you that I will when if I go not away fortified wall with a comfortable Jim but if I go not away you will not come with you but if I depart I will send him unto you when you scum you will do several things you will convince the world of end of out of Jesus on this earth he was a human being he could be a rigid so he's at it is to your benefit that I go away as if I globally the company will come at you but if I don't go away you will not counsel I am going but he might come me he will come since the world open or reprove the world of definitive version says all sin and of righteousness and of George reasons which encompasses the work of the Holy Spirit now of sin because they believe MobileMe righteousness because I go unto my father the city normal of judgment because the prince of this world is judged let's focus on the word reprove all convict Jesus says the function of the spirit one of his functions is still conflict this written approval of us of Satan what that means is the Holy Spirit opens our eyes and enables us to see his face caused said seeing said the Holy Spirit allows us to see that the solution this is the righteousness of Jesus Christ because there's a judgment day coming when God will divide the ropes those under the heading of setters those under the heading of righteous and the work of the Spirit is to come people now see an example of the Holy Spirit at work soon after Jesus left accepted conversely seven peters predicts tremendous sermon on the Pentecost anniversary seven the Bible says now when they heard this they were pricked in their hearts of the work that means to pierce pierce the call is the mental anguish it is always this kind of printing that drives the person to Jesus Christ because well they were pricked their centerpiece of the rest of the apostles men and brethren what shall we go their hearts were touched they were troubled they were restless there were conflicting their work for them the Hawks many people join church is not because they operate in their hearts tablets and because somewhat presentable argument against which they had no logical response would also argument because the decent people became submitted in the samples because the government of Texas on not because they have been pricked in the hearts of the Holy Spirit custom particular is an example of man whispered in his heart of the opposing Uganda in two thousand one a little time to solve for West called a second and very early precedent for this fellow came I was pretty much finished the in the center there's a man who once spoke to read multiple choice of fine so I went this little back of the tent seven one one talking to someone nice handsome fellow don't validity mid- twenties and thirties he said pastor I am trouble I suppose the problem is that I just got out of prison I was going somewhere in my soul but how do the crusade so I turned around when I came in I heard the message I am troubled I want my life changed when he said I said I said pressing these that I set up reporters and I I want to come back to the Crusades every night he came every night I don't baptize before he informed me one of his crimes he had stolen someone's bicycle not a bicycle in the town very important means of transportation and also carrying goods I have always been amazed at the way the Ugandan men can load of bicycle with goods so completely so that you cannot even see the boys it's a very important means of transportation you get us in bicycles or medical management alone it is lost a year later I went back to the same town to visit the church members begin to see Elliott formulated Avesta that the bicycle he said I want the finest man and given me questions again but I spent when I went to visit Solomon he said he said Ashley he said I found the man and I made it up I'm new free time he was troubled on the phone Batman nullifies a man whose heart was want for and what did you know about this is a good something about it by the power of Jesus Christ if you make that thing right now what is that I'm afraid many of us was not to make things right because we've been pricked in all so we don't service the Hara of our center we all see what a terrible thing it is so with a casual port ratifies here of our place in the hotel is if I have the time about that some time off from work in the Senate is not a crisis in my life my heart has not been three but I'm telling you my beloved brothers and sisters when your heart has been by the need of conviction applied by the Holy Spirit might need a hot needle you are supposed never the kind of preview ninety you since do until you move me the wrong things right this refers I remember when that is the conviction people see under the meeting of the spirit they begin to Dean whiffs nickel from conviction of sin ice seeing what the totable person I asked what I know it was the righteousness of Jesus Christ is not separate from him Christ is a standard unit of value my rifles over their rights this is Christ himself is that we receive that into our lives because now Christ changes the hot changes the mind the conviction drives us to him conviction of sin a conviction of how Munson Olson is a certain is on SMS living without it all an act of sin is an act of your list mess against the law Christ came to take over the Senate but he left the law let a man or woman coming for reform along this life is converted to what kind of life on Laughlin a new life new in conformity with the role that Jesus left out Jesus told his activists what if those disciples actually looked up about fifty five fifty six minutes it shall be called on fire from heaven deserted Jesus at the Son of Man is not is not the strong man's life but to do what to see Nichols act as the Son of Man is come to seek to save that which was lost what was lost without him said that purity of character that oneness with the father that state of mind that allow him to speak face to face with born without the interference of sentence without this type of lawlessness without the hindrance of iniquity that was lost on the plan of salvation is the wrist for aunt Sarah 's story is to return it to its original condition now and Adams condition when he could talk face-to-face with him on how let's say it was on Fox none and all AE none not one bit of Christ by the plan of salvation is restoring the image of God in us what is his ideal cross Nelson is a dose is one one says remember Genesis twenty one once as I saw a new Avenue S now in a far settlement a first earth what kind of man was put in it perfectly in the new heaven and video of what kind of massively what prepares them for location and if you have enjoy the plan of salvation the blood of Jesus Christ listen to me no one steps in to apologize carrying even carry-on luggage was that has to be dealt with right here and so we read a title 's chapter two verses thirteen and fourteen looking for that blessed hope on the glorious appearing of the great God our Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself for us that he might redeem us from what all iniquity and purify unto himself a peculiar people sellers of good work and purifying out when you purify something what are you doing your cleaning removing what impurities and it is your when the last bit of impurity is removed he is purify unto himself up because your people were bejeweled of history and all it needs special to God some of us of what kind of works good works is of course John Doctor person was we read in verse form of Titus to the question to redeem us from all iniquity all twenty three was the one first onto seven but if we walk in the light as he is in the life of Joseph were submitted by said that we have fellowship one with another on the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us off from Olson what is so difficult to understand by the word on unlimited respect John sixteen seventy listed first John Thune 's reverse my if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from what all unrighteousness when a man or woman says I cannot overcome soon completely that now all that woman is giving about testimony about the power of Jesus Christ to save a person on the last video I want to know is misrepresent the power of God the power of Jesus Christ a lot of Christians are struggling with one another and have struggled for years simply because they are not yet convinced they have not received into their hearts the certainty that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin but the first joint of the fruit John six imminent threat of first John three this reverse one behold what manner of love the father has been stolen upon us that we should be called the sons of God therefore the will what will you know now are we the sons of what it doth not yet appear what we shall be but we don't and when he shall appear we shall see him as useful we shall be we said we shall be like him we shall guess he is not what that means is the way Jesus Wallace when he left the store where he will be when he comes is the way we will be when he needs us of conversely and every man that hath this hope in himself and him purifies himself even as he is pure love of what atrocities everyone who has this hope in Jesus peace was solid and will do everything by the power about the purifying his life so that when Jesus comes Jesus finds them as pure as he is straight up of reports on the reverse of the children let no man deceive he that do with righteousness is what righteous top even as he is righteous unassuming silence means this is fantastic news Olympics and the vertically of the righteousness are talking about is that life Jesus lived on this earth fighting temptation of overcoming that life is available to us it is required of us the ridge on chapter two four zero two physical surveys if he know that his righteous you know that everyone but with righteousness is what both of them now anything is one of the colors a lot is about if you want right decisions what are you righteous but whose bowel on whose effort along by whose power of his effort but this is not right is my works it is the culmination of the power of God on my concerted effort is what I mean by my concerted effort I'm still going to John sixteen Christ has given me fix real smoking okay all my buddies use a small bid me to the place for the deaf White House with Christ physically restrain me from going to the house to see them nor do I hope to make an effort to divorce the house about the mystery to the store can I take another route yes Josh I will when the house is flawless yes that's my efforts to help my wife will make all my mother my sister my confidence I have some others one walked right I is not my effort yes how will my actually successful the power of board applied to my efforts we have a part to play in the victory over Satan of that part becomes that when it begins when we realize we submit the complaints of this product may not assess a policy like this is a Python shell and we reach for Will Jesus Christ from the unfortunate study the Bible or no reinvigorated his children readers yes valued at less than zero six of the great except in defense of the Son of Man and drink his blood which is that he had walked me all I figure but Bob will not pull it down before we have to study list this is our effort to Leslie 's twenty most hands the power to give me I was effective in this original sixteen of molecular verse seventy nine nevertheless it is expedient for you like Norway are quite a lot of it a comfortable law too but if I depart I will send him unto you and when he's come he was convicted were the same of righteousness and judgment let's focus on said of Jesus means of Satan because what they believe not on the disbelief in the power of Jesus Christ to do what she said he came to do is the greatest and socialist generalized as completely elderly the refusal to believe that Jesus came to save us from ourselves as well as house no one questioned his therefrom something I felt about the same as I am expressing disbelief availability of Jesus Christ to save me from seven about as soon as bad as many it is a concept of the mind I suppose not to believe that Jesus can't save me from seven nondisabled children the words we speak but he can also save me from the Vatican is something that causes me to be sometimes works and why back in business is not a fit of which I'm joking yet it is a horrible thing I have a potluck and I need to resist that power by his grace and he can give me the power to resist the cry of the flesh we must believe in the job description of Jesus Christ and his ability to count it out he shall save his people from their sins but too many of us realize our sins some things are truly pleasurable remember Moses chose to suffer foot of the people of God rather than to enjoy what pleasures of sin follow a season yesterday measurable but for a season with a thirty something that season passes by so fast turnaround is sixty years old one of items in my life and joy soon if I ever finish college while I gone and Johnson drinking smoking wasting time scheme of every month in a defined we and shall I say no so we don't get up but when the heart is for we feel the need for Jesus Christ on when Christ comes Christ comes to do a full original on the forward domain he comes to remove old segment from our lives because the convictions of printing creates in us a hatred for sin and unmeaning of venomous hatred for sin and we desire to be a part of God 's kingdom which is the kingdom of holy law righteous law is the premise of vision is still risk for goals in each impulse we must understand that what going desires for us and now is that we live like Jesus LA where the licensee was aware that what I mean eight shower so we like Jesus when Jesus was crucified wanted Brown across for his killers father wanted or unwanted to what is Stephen sent out his cameras when he was being stolen lost that in August evidence five because of the this is the same way Jesus would forgive Steve Mumford forgive many liberals I comfortably got hit your catheter in the soprano prize within me to do as Jesus would do we have examined life is stable in the act of being regarded he played for the forgiveness was begun even before you certify the vote pulled three six ulcers we will not forgive we just will not forgive the Jesus Christ my beloved brothers and sisters desires but our hearts be cleansed from all its own that's why became the dividing is to deny his power all inhabitants of the New World would have been victorious over all sin almonds zero civil I want to victory willful Olson could you resume you send also less enough like this the focus of the sun Hugos one nine oh house of righteousness I want hated iniquity this is the condition but once is enough people who are specialists in heating sin every about every eye closed father gathered in your presence are people who genuinely want to put sin from their lives Roy believe it it's written on their faces fall and asking in the name of Jesus to send your Sprint and put their hearts break the hearts of the parts against moral nerve and causes pain and agony that could only be relieved by confession and repentance and the application of the sweet bomb of the grace and the righteousness of Christ more from all parts bring full and overflowing with a desire to be just like Christ's righteous even if he's right isn't he already is your corresponding to put into what I hatred for sin that makes was just hate it because I wanted to the world Jesus Christ was relieved Venezuela the consciousness of never sleeps that Balthasar false if the goal back to the perfect conditions that I will force former was in fact the condition that will equip us for this in the New World it is humbling Fred brings back tomorrow like to hear more of this message I thank you in Jesus name at all costs people say amen and amen God bless you and the rest of the afternoon I'll see you this


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