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A Journey of Faith

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 30, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Happy Sabbath. Once again I want to welcome you all to the house of God. This morning. It is such a joy for me to be back in New Zealand. To be back here in Christchurch in the South Island I've looked forward to this and. We've had some wonderful weeks in New Zealand but. I did not want to go back home. Without visiting Island church a man. So thank you for your warm welcome. And I am blessed to be here this morning not alone but together with my wife if she actually here in the room. Are you here Sylvia are there she is all the way in the back. Can you stand for a moment you can also show our little. OK. That's our little one you'll get to see him afterwards OK. And we're very happy that he is with us here in New Zealand as well and it is special to be a parent. And to have a little a little son. So again just thank you for the invitation and. There's a lot of special people in this room. For me very special. As I just reflect back on my. My journey of faith. I can really. Thank many people in this room for being part of that. You know when I was nine years old I grew up in New Zealand I was born in New Zealand My parents were Dutchman when I was nine years old we moved back to the Netherlands. But before we left there was a sea that was sown in my heart and in the hearts of my family. And that was Doug and Angela that shared the Adventist message with us. And we're just eternally grateful for that and. You know Damon I grew up with him and to see that he's now the elder of this church is a great joy for me and. So many precious people here. Tucker that lead out in the prayer. Having Bible studies with him back in two thousand and eleven after the earthquake and now to see that he's. Baptized and the elder of this church is a great joy for me to see. You have an amazing pastor a man. So thankful for Gordon and. For so many people just that are here the elders that. Everyone that has been part of. Of blessing my own joy and journey and. I started a list that I would have to mention a lot of names here so I'm just so thankful to many people here. Well out a lot as happened in the mean time when I have for the last time I was here in New Zealand was two thousand and twelve. Actually right now I am. Pastoring a church in Norway which is an interesting experience. I'll be doing that at least for this year. On the west coast of Norway I am past. Church in the city of Bergen and. So it's a new experience for me going from being an intern or an evangelist traveling all across the world. To actually be in a congregation. For at least for a time being and. We're very blessed by that. So Gordon if you have a need an associate pastor give me a call for. Love to maybe come back someday to New Zealand and. Be part of this congregation who knows how the Lord will lead. But it is a wonderful experience. And I'm so grateful to be able to open the word to you this morning. And to share. What God has laid on my heart and. Our message this morning is entitled A Journey of Faith. A journey of what everyone. A journey of faith and we're going to have another word of prayer before we get started as I always like to praise myself and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me. As a break. The words of life before God's people so. Well you just value has with me together another time as we ask the Holy Spirit to be with us. Father in heaven we are so grateful. To come before your throne of grace this morning. We're so grateful that we can open your word. And we ask that you will send your Holy Spirit to guide us. Into your truth. Lord I pray that you will not allow you. That you will not allow your truth to return unto you avoid. But accomplish that in which you have pleased. So be with us now Lord we pray in Jesus name Amen amen. All right well we're going to go in a little journey together. A journey of faith. And a chapter we'll be looking at this morning is Hebrews chapter eleven. A fascinating chapter. We're going to start our time in Hebrews eleven. Then we're going to actually end our time in Hebrews Chapter three. And we're going to actually look at four main passages this morning. First passage is going to be Hebrews eleven. Then we're going to look at the story of Moses in Exodus Chapter three. Then we're going to look at the story of the Israelites as they are on the borders of Canaan in numbers thirteen and fourteen. And then we land the plane will end our time together. Back in the book of Hebrews Chapter three. So I hope you have your Bibles. With you this morning can you just hold up your Bibles for me this morning. He show me your Bible. A man. Wonderful beautiful. Never come to church without a bible a man. You need your Bible. As we want to see for ourselves what the Word of God has to say to us. So take a viable son turn with me to the book of Hebrews that's in the New Testament. The book of Hebrews. And turn to Hebrews chapter eleven as we will start our journey together in this chapter. Hebrews eleven jet has already read for us very well the first two verses but will read it once again. Hebrews eleven beginning in verse one. This is the chapter of faith. It's a fascinating beautiful chapter about what faith is and has played out in the lives of various individuals throughout time. And so in Hebrews chapter eleven we have many examples. The biographies the lives of individuals that lived by faith. And it begins the chapter begins in verse one and it says now faith. Is the substance of things hoped for the avid ends of things not seen for by it the elders obtained a good testimony. In other words in order to have faith. You must be able to believe in something that you not necessarily see with your physical eyes. Right. We don't physically we have not I don't believe any of us. Maybe some have but. Most of us have not physically seen God. And yet we are here this morning because we believe in him. We have faith in him. And so faith is. The substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen in the first two tells us that we could have a good testimony through faith or by faith. And then we have a lot of examples in Hebrews chapter eleven. Of how this played out in the lives of individuals in the first individual that is mentioned. Is in verse four. A man by the name of Abel. And so Hebrews chapter eleven verse four we read the following. By faith. Abel offered to God. A more excellent. Sacrifice than Cain. Through which. Through which he obtained witness that he was right she is God testifying of his gifts. And through it. He being dead. Still speaks. Now many of you will remember the story of able he was the son of Adam and Eve and. He was not the only son. He had an elder brother and older brother by the name of Cain. And you'll remember the story there in Genesis Chapter four right. After the fall. How Abel in faith brought a sacrifice before the Lord he sacrificed a lamb believing that that lamb pointed forward to the coming Messiah. And he did this in faith believing that the Messiah would come to make an atonement for his sins. And so he put his trust in the promise. And then his older brother Cain. Sees what it sees the sacrifice of Abel and how the Lord is pleased with his sacrifice. And yet he is not experiencing the same because he did not follow. The Word of God. He tried to bring his own sacrifice not the way that God had required. Well you know the story. Came become so upset he was so angered. Against his brother. That he actually takes his life. And so here in the very beginning of this journey of faith this story of faith in Hebrews eleven. We have the example of a person. That we could say gave his life for his THEY his life was literally taken before his faith. Or an act of obedience to God. And I want to take notice of the next individual that is mentioned in Hebrews chapter eleven. There is a fascinating build up in this chapter. It is a comparisons are being made contrasts are being made between various individuals on the set next individual that we encounter. Is a man by the name of. Enough. In verse five. Now take notice what it says about Enoch. Reading from Hebrews chapter eleven verse five. By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see. Death and was not found because God had taken him. For before he was taken. He had this testimony that he was it that he pleased God. Interesting that right after the Bible. In Hebrews chapter eleven. That Abel is mentioned right after the next example that we have is enough. Now we don't know a lot about. Enough in Scripture. There are actually only a couple of verses that a dedicated to this individual. But what we do know is that he pleased God. And if we could come to the end of our lives and have that testimony. We can be very glad a man. That we pleased. God. He walked in obedience to the ways of God. The Old Testament says that he walked with God. And he was not he was taken. He was translated. He did not experience. Literal physical death. Got to Kim. Up. And he is with God in heaven right now. Quite fascinating. Listen very carefully. That in Hebrews chapter eleven. We first have an example of a ball that died for his faith. And right after that we have an example of. Enoch who never tasted that. And so we can raise the question right. Is faith. It just faith means that we are to give our lives. Or is just faith means that we will never taste death. Well the answer is really yes yes. Faith. Unfolds itself. In a multiplicity of way. Days. Faith. Unfolds itself in a myriad of ways. And in different ways faith is seen and experienced by. Different individuals. And it's interesting as we will continue our journey here and through eleven. We will find this. This build up. Of comparison and contrast between these individuals. You know when I think about the life of Enoch It's quite fascinating you know. You know. He he walked with God. And then he had a son the Bible tells us. And then or actually itself. It says that after he had his son he walked with God and he was not he was translated. There was some special experience that he gained by being a father. You know and I'm a very new father. Last year we had a little Elias and. You know it's interesting I wasn't in ten or a minister or minister. Or evangelist traveling the world for. Wealth about twelve thirteen years. And my wife and I chose not to have kids. Because we were traveling we thought I don't know how this is going to fit into our. Into our schedule. But on many occasions people would tell me that Daniel once you have a child if you ever get a child in life you will understand more deeper more in a more significant way the love of God and. I'll be very honest with you I thought to myself well I don't know how that will play out you know diapers and. Crying during the night and. I'm not so sure. But I can tell you today. A year into this a year and a half into this. That it is true when you become a parent any parents here that can testify. That you experience the love of God in a different way when you have a child. Oh I remember for the first time holding that little baby and. You know the something just inside of you that just loves this little creature and you cannot explain it in words. And that's only a shadow of the love of God towards us. Fascinating. And so indeed. Enough to have the experience of raising a child yet experience of walking with God in the Bible says He was not he was taken by faith. Well let's look at the next individual. That we encounter here in Hebrews chapter eleven. Go with me to verse seven. Hebrews chapter eleven in verse seven. By faith. Noah being divinely warned of things not yet seen. Moves with God leave. The air. Prepared an ark for the saving of his household by which he condemned the world and became. Ear of the righteousness which is according to what faith. So Noah. Who had never experienced a flood. Had never seen a flood. Believed. The Word of God that a flood would come. And therefore by faith. He starts building an ark. He believes in something he has not yet seen. And yet he trusts in obedience to the Word of God and therefore he starts building this ark. Now when you build an ark. That doesn't mean that that means that you can travel around the world because you have a task to do in one place. I mean you can just imagine the building site where. No is you know building away and. And his family is with him and. And those that he has hired a with him and they are building. And no one has a project he needs to focus on. He needs to be in one place for a long time I mean how long did it take for him to build that ark. It says one hundred twenty years. And so he's preaching. And he's building. And he is focused on that one task. That God has given him. And look at the very next individual this is fascinating we continue in our journey here. Hebrews chapter eleven. And look at verse eight. Verse eight. By faith. Abraham. Obeyed. When he was called to go out to the place. Which he would receive us an inheritance. And he went out. Not knowing where he was going. So right after we have the story of no hour the example of Noah mentioned. We have Abraham. And what do we know about Abraham Well Abraham received a call. And you'll remember that the call that Abraham received was to go to a place. But he didn't. Not know exactly where he was going. But in obedience he responds to the Word of God in faith not having seen the place where he's going he is obedient and he trusts and he depends upon God. Now take notice here. We have an example of Noah. That by faith. Stayed in one place and build an ark for one hundred twenty years he didn't go anywhere. And then we have. Abraham that by faith packs up his belongings and leaves so let me ask you a question. What is faith to stay in one place or to travel. Yes yes. Both. Is it fascinating that faith is like a diamond you hold it up in the light. And it reflects into all different directions. Faith. Unfolds itself. It is seen and experienced in a multiplicity of ways in different personalities and characters and people. And therefore. In Chapter eleven. We have a bold dive by faith. We have never tasted. Death by faith. No one stays in one place and builds an arc. By faith and. Abraham goes to a place that he does not know. By faith. Is that fascinating. Well let's continue our journey together. Hebrews chapter eleven. And go down to verse eleven. Hebrews eleven verse eleven. And the next example of faith is. Sarah. The wife of Abraham. And listen to what it says about Sarah in verse eleven. By faith. Sarah herself. Also received. Strength to conceive seed. And she bore a child. When she was past the age. Because she judged him faithful who had promised. So the next example we have is the example of Sarah. And who had a child by the name of Isaac. And this was the promised. Lineage. That led eventually to Jesus. Now I don't know about you but when I read through Hebrews eleven. And I came to Sarah I thought to myself That's interesting that really puts her in a good light. Here. Because if you remember the story from the Old Testament. That Sarah immediately believe in the promise. No As a matter of fact we know that she was the very one that came with the idea to Abraham Hey Abrams Why don't you have a child with my servant Hagar. And this will be the promised Seed because she believe that it possibly could not possibly happen. That she would have a child. But isn't it fascinating that once she came to a point in her life where she put her faith fully in the Word of God. That this is what God decided to remember about Sarah. I like to think of Hebrews chapter eleven. As the remembrance of God. Now God remembers everything. But he can choose to forget something or you with me. And he can choose to remember something significant. And it's interesting that he Chapter eleven. This is what God decides decides to remember about these various individuals. And so you come to Sarah. And you know we have the story of Sarah in the Old Testament we remember what happened. And yet God decides to remember about Sarah. That she put her faith in the promise of God. As a matter of fact I think that. Hebrews chapter eleven in verse eleven. Is one of the most beautiful descriptions of faith in the Bible. Let's read it once more he was eleven verse eleven concerning Sarah. By faith. Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed. And she bore a child when she was past the age. And look at the last part of the verse. Because she judged to him capital age God. Faithful who had promised. My friends listen very carefully. A definition of faith that you can go by is that faith. The judges him. God Faith. All who had promised. That is the faith that you believe that God is able to fulfill his promise in your life. A man. That my friends is thay. And Sarah came to that point and God. Remember that. At. About Sarah. And there are other individuals in Hebrews eleven that we have very different. We can remember different things about them David has mentioned Sampson is mentioned Rahab as mentioned. I mean we can remember their lives. We can remember a have. As a harlot we can remember David. As a murderer. As a. You know. An adulterer. But what does God remember about these individuals he remembers their faith. He forgets their sin because they came to him in repentance. And therefore God. Put away their sin and remembered. Their faith and this can be our story today what do you say. I thought a little bit more enthusiasm today. What do you say. Hey man. A man. All right don't be afraid to cheer on the preacher a man. All right now. Let's go to our next individual still in Hebrews chapter eleven. And let's go to. Verse twenty first seventeen rather. Look at what it says. We have we've just read about Sarah in verse eleven. But let's go down. To verse seventeen. It says by faith. Abraham. When he was tested. Offered up. Isaac. And he who had received the promises. Offered up his only begotten son. Now you might remember the story back in Genesis Chapter twenty two. How Abraham was called to sacrifice Isaac now God. Was not into human sacrifice at all. It was a tast. And so Abrams came to the place of the sacrifice. God saw his willingness to his obedience. But then he intervened and there was a lamb. That was provided. Which was a symbol of Jesus being provided for us. But isn't it fascinating that right here first we read about Sarah. That in faith believe she will get a child. And then the next thing we read about is. Abraham. That in Faith had to give up. A child and so the question is is faced receiving a child. Or is faith giving up a child both. Isn't it fascinating that. Throughout Hebrews eleven. We have all these comparisons and contrasts. In the way that God is showing to us that faith. Unfolds itself in a multiplicity of ways. And so sometimes as Christians. Sometimes as Adventists. We tend to want to make everything everyone like ourselves. This is my journey of faith. And the person sitting next to me. Better have the same journey of faith. But isn't it amazing to see that. In scripture. We see that God uses us all in different ways we have all different talents. Different resources. Different opportunities. Influence. And different abilities and God takes us where we are and unfolds us. And develops us and shapes us and molds us and fashions us. And seeks to use us in our personal journey of faith. And therefore let him use you. In the way that he wants to don't necessarily look at someone else. To find your journey are you with me. Your journey is a special one. Now there is something that. All of these individuals in Hebrews chapter eleven have in common though. And what they have in common is simply that they believed in something they did not see. Think about. Abel he died for his faith but he believed that the sacrifice was pointing forward to Jesus. He had not seen the Messiah. He had not seen Jesus. But he believed he was coming. He believes something that he didn't see with his physical eyes. Enough when he walked with God. But leaved in God He believed that God existed though he had not seen God physically. While he walked on this earth. Noah had not seen a flood but in obedience he builds a boat because he believed that God's word can be trusted and that it is coming. Abraham packs his stuff and goes to a place where he's never been. Because he believes in the guidance of God. Sarah. Believes that she's going to have a child. Even though he mentally speaking it seemed impossible. And Isaac. Took his son. But leaving that God would provide. Even though the word had spoken to him that he was to sacrifice his son. All examples my friends. Are a fascinating picture. Of believing in something. We don't see with our physical eyes. It is living by faith and. I like to think that we can be part of hubris Chapter eleven today. I like to think of Hebrews chapter eleven. As an on finished. Story and. On the finished chapter. You know how many how many verses do we have we have forty verses. But I like to think that in heaven. God is still writing Hebrew Step three eleven. And it's a long chapter. A man. And perhaps we living in the year two thousand and sixteen. By our decisions and choices to trust God. Rather than what we see and experience with our physical eyes to put our faith in God. Perhaps we can. Part of this chapter today what do you say. Can you imagine that when we come to have and we have access to the full book. For the full chapter of Hebrews eleven and perhaps in chapter six thousand you know five hundred forty eight there's a verse about Universe about me. A man. We can be part of this story. Of what it means to live by faith. Now I would like to go and focus a little bit on a particular individual that is mentioned here in Hebrews eleven. And that is the life of Moses and I want you to take notice of verse twenty three. Where Moses is introduced and mentioned here in the story. He was eleven verse twenty three. By faith Moses when he was born. Was hit in three months by his parents. Because they saw he was a beautiful child. And they were not afraid of the king's command. By faith Moses when he became of age refused to be called the Son of. Pharaohs daughter. Choosing rather to suffer affliction. With the people of God. Then to a bit there to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin verse twenty six. Is steaming the reproach of price greater than the riches. And the treasures of Egypt. For he looked to the reward. Fascinating. Moses. Evaluates the situation. And he puts his faith in God because he realizes that there is something more than merely this life. And so he has all the pleasures of Egypt. And yet he decides to suffer with his people because he looked at the bigger picture. He looked at the what. The bigger picture the bigger picture of God's. Reward. That would come. You know it's interesting because what we see many what I see many times to a. Many Christians have bought into a certain theology. And I've given it a name so that you will remember this. The name that I've given to it personally is the just in case the ology. And let me explain what that is. You know many times. We have the world of God that is described here. We have the life of. That is described here. This is the life that we're invited to live here is to have three leaven. And you know many times happens as we want that kind we want that life. And haven't sounds good the reward sounds good God is great. We want to experience that but at the same time we want to experience the best of this world here and now. And so just in case. Heaven is not real. I want to get the best out of this world and so I put one foot in this world. But just in case heaven is real I'll just put one foot there as well. With me. And so we try to balance our lives. Just in case. And so we live a little bit. And you know you know what it's like once that once a week when we go to church we live in God's world. And yes there are angels and there's. The Holy Spirit and there is God and there's. There's there's miracles and there's. There's faith there's power. But then when Monday morning come Sunday morning comes of the rest of the week comes. We kind of step back into the. What we consider the real world. You know the clothes we wear the jobs we have the money we earn the food we eat. And so we balance our lives between. God's world over here and. The so-called real world that we experience. But my friends. It is time to abandon the just in case the ology What do you say. Because look at it. There is only really one world and it's God's world what do you say. There is a great controversy. It is real. There is a life of faith that you can live. It is real. There are angels right now in this room. There is the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is alive the tomb is empty he is risen a man. And therefore we can have faith. We can live by faith and it's not some imaginary story. It is a real experience that God wants to give to every single one of us here this morning a man. So let let's just abandon the just in case the ology. No I did not build the build an ark just in case. A man. Abrams didn't pack up his stuff just in case you know. These people. All. They. They gave their lives. Not just in case can you imagine the Apostle Paul. Just in case. Getting shipwrecked beaten. Stoned. Cast out of cities just in case there is a heaven. Just in case Jesus has risen. No. They live fully in God's world. By faith. And so did know us and so did. Abraham and so did Moses. But I want to look a little bit closer at the calling of Moses So if you have your Bibles turn with me. We're going to come back to the book of Hebrews as we as we close off but I want to take you for a moment back to the story of Exodus. As we look a little bit closer at the life of. Moses turn with me to Exodus. Chapter three. Accidents in the third chapter that's the second book in the Bible. And a third chapter when you're there you can say I'm an Exodus Chapter three. And I want to just look a little bit closer at the calling. Of Moses. Now. Moses died when he was one hundred twenty years old and his life can be divided into three phases. Three chapters if you would want to say it that way. Of forty years. It's interesting for forty the first forty years of his life. He was the prince of Egypt. For the second forty years of his life he was a shepherd in the wilderness. And then for his last period of forty years. He was the leader of the Jews or the Israelites the Hebrews as he led them out of bondage. Through the wilderness. And then eventually. Joshua led them into the Promised Land and Moses died in the wilderness so three periods of. Forty years. And the period that we're looking at here in in Exodus Chapter three. Is the transition from being a shepherd for forty years to now being the leader of God's people for forty years so. By this time he is eighty years old and he receives the most significant call of his life. So you know if you're getting old and you think that God cannot use you remember the story of Moses a man. If you're about to retire maybe God has the most important task for you still ahead. So here he is eighty years old and take notice of Exodus Chapter three. Beginning. In verse three most A sees the burning bush. And Moses said I will now turn aside and see this great sight why the Bush does not burn verse four so when the Lord saw that he turned aside to look God called him from the midst of the bush and said Moses Moses. And he see it and he said. Here I am. Verse five. Then he said Do not draw near this place take your sandals off your feet. For the place where you stand. Is holy ground. Quite fascinating when god. Meets Moses. And his journey of faith. Is now really going to get started here. God requires something of Moses he asks. Moses to do was to take off his sandals from his feet. For he is standing in the very presence of God. A little bit further into the story. Moses is also asked to let go of his staff. And I want you to think about that for a moment. If you are a shepherd in a wilderness. And in the wilderness there are sharp stones. There are snakes. There are scorpions. There are things souls there are rocks. What is your only protection as a shepherd. The sandals on your feet and the staff in your hand. Isn't it fascinating that when Moses is about to embark upon the greatest journey of faith that he has yet. Ever experienced in his life. He is asked to give up. That which humanly. Would protect him. In this circumstance. In his life. Fascinating. That my friends is a spiritual lesson for us. Because when you get into ministry. When you start sharing the word of God with those around you. You will find that you what times have to let go of figurative we speaking of the staff in your hand. And you have to take off. The shoes. That you are wearing. Figurative Lee speaking. You know. You cannot trust and rely upon your own source of strength. You know. We can think Oh I'm doing well in life I'm making a lot of money. I have a lot of influence I rub shoulders with the right type of people I have money out of cars I have. I have a business. And I have a degree. And I have the diplomas I have the ability to do this but you will find that when you step into God's world. Which is the real world. When you step into the story of faith. That those things. Have little to say anymore are you with me. Because now a new chapter has begun. And it is a story listen very carefully. A story of dependence. I mean if I look back on my own ministry. And I was not trained officially. I've never done any. Theology officially. But when I look back on my own journey of faith over the last thirteen fourteen years. I can sum it up in one word. Dependence. Dependence upon God. I can't do anything without him. And when. I feel that I'm capable. When I feel that I've got this together God shows me very clearly that it's not about me it's about him. A man. And this is what you're going to experience when you step out into this journey of faith. And so Moses he hears these words. And he's experienced in call of God Take notice of the words of God. To Moses here in Exodus chapter three verse seven. And the Lord said I have surely seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt. And I've heard their cry because of their taskmasters for I know their sorrows. And now God explains what he's going to do in verse eight Listen very carefully. So I have come down to deliver them. Out of the hand of the Egyptians. To bring them up from the land to a good and large land to a land flowing with milk and honey. To the place of the Canaanites and the Hittites on the Amorites in the present sites in the headlights and the Japanese sites. Now therefore. Behold the cry of the children of Israel has come to me. And I have also seen the oppression. With which the of shit. GYPTIAN ZX oppress them. And then in verse ten Moses. Is invited into the story of God and God says Come now therefore. And I will send you to Pharaoh. That you may bring my people the children of Israel. Out of Egypt. You know what I find so fascinating with this call of Moses. That God already. Outlines to Moses. Exactly what he is going to do. God is not coming to Moses and say hey Moses you have a good idea what I should do with this problem of my people being in captivity. God is not giving a suggestion of what is going to happen. He's not giving a recommendation of what should happen. He is telling. Moses. Exactly what is going to happen. You're going to lead them out. You're going to go. You're going to. You're going to actually drive out the people. The Canaanites and all those other nations are going to drive them out and you're going to inhabit the land. I mean this is the story. Of God and Moses is not. Whether or not he thinks that this can happen. Most is not asked to any recommendation of how it should happen. The only thing Moses is asked is to step into the story. A man. And we have a story of how God. Is going to finish the work on this earth. A man. And you and I are invited to step into that story. And you know when you step into God's story. Then history. Becomes his story. I like that in English history. Is his story and man our history. Can become his story. When we step out and we say God I believe you can do it. I trust you have the resources. I trust you have all the things that I need to make this happen and I believe that you can do it through me. And so Moses. Steps into God's story fascinating enough forty years before he believed that he could do it in his own strength he took the life of the Egyptian taskmaster. But that was not the right timing. That was not the right way. He believed with his education and his position in Egypt that he could actually do it but God said no and he really did him for forty years as a shepherd. And when he came to the end of himself God said OK now you can step into my story. And we are all invited into the story of God God is the story for every single one of us in this room this morning. A special story. Of the faith. A special journey of faith and the question is will you step into God's story for you. God has. Let me say it this way. God had a story for you before you were born. You know. When God speaks to the prophet Jeremiah he says. I ordains you a prophet before you were formed in the in your mother's womb. Isn't that fascinating. Before you were formed in the womb. Before you were physically here on this planet. God. Had a story for you a story of faith. And the question is will we allow that. Story. To unfold in our lives as we walk by faith. And so Moses. Steps into God story. Is a bit timid he's a bit afraid but he goes forward by faith. God uses them mightily to bring him. The people out of Egypt. Through the Desert and they come to the borders of the promised land. And I want you to take notice what happens there. Turn your Bibles to the Book of Numbers. Chapter thirteen numbers. Chapter thirteen. As they come to the borders of the promised land. Take notice. In Numbers Chapter thirteen. You remember the story. They just they they select ten people ten spies or twelve rather. Twelve spies. And they are sent into the land of Canaan. To search it out. To see if it's possible for them to go in and conquer the land and so these twelve spies come back. And ten of them have a certain report. And two of them have a very different kind of reports I'm going to read about this numbers. Chapter thirteen. Beginning in verse thirty. As we continue our time together here this morning our subject a journey of faith. Numbers Chapter thirteen and verse thirty. Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said Caleb was one of those spies that was spy out the land to bring a report to the people. And he says in verse thirty Let us go. When next week next month next year. No. Let us go up at once and take possession. For we are well able to overcome it. So here Caleb which was one of those spies together with Joshua. That brought a good report of the land they said you know what we can go up we can conquer it not because we're strong. Not because we're able. But because God is with us and we can do it at once he said he wanted to step forward in faith. But take notice of the ten other. Spies the ten other men. That gave a very different. Kind of report. I continue to read in verse thirty one. But the man who had gone up with him said. We are not able to go up against the people for they are stronger than we. And take notice of the reasons that are given verse thirty two and thirty three. And they gave the children of Israel a what kind of report. A bad report of the land which they had spied out saying the land through which we have gone as spies. Is a land that devours its inhabitants. And all the people whom we saw in it are men of great statue. For we saw the Giants the descendants of a gnat came from the Giants and we were like grasshoppers in their own sight. And so we were in their sight. Two very different reports. One is trying to continue the journey of faith. Joshua and Caleb were aware that they were on a journey of faith. They had already experienced many things in the wilderness. Where God had intervened for them. Providing water for them providing manna for them. They believe that the journey of faith was now to continue. And therefore they said. You know without any reservation with confidence and boldness they said hey let's go forward God is with us. But then there are ten others that say no no no no no. They are trying to stop the journey of space right here. Yeah perhaps God has been with us in the past but this one. This one's too difficult. We can't go forward. Here. The they are much stronger than we are. It's interesting that in God's church today. You will find these two reports. Wherever I travel wherever I minister. Different countries different places different churches. You will still find these two reports among scholars people today. Think of it this way. The land that they were to conquer. Can be well compared to the world that we have to conquer with the gospel. Before we ultimately go to the heavenly Canaan in heaven. There is a land that we first have to conquer here and now. The Bible. Tells us that the gospel will go into all the world and then the end will come. And therefore we have a gospel to bring into the world. But whenever you come with evangelistic plans. Whenever you lay out a plan for a church. You will many times get two different kinds of answers or results or. Feedback and that is some will say yes let's go forward with this. And others will say well this cannot happen. You know it's interesting. That I have seen this. This story in the Old Testament repeat itself in our very day and age. Repeat itself. Amongst God's professed people. Some say yes let's go forward let's continue the journey of faith. While others say no it's not possible. And isn't it interesting that when the reasons that are given that it's not possible. Are actually listen very carefully. Exaggerated reasons. Go back to verse thirty three. Look at what they say about the people of the land. We saw the Giants. And then in the end it says we are like grasshoppers in their sight. Now is that true. Is it. Is it actually true that the people of Katyn. Were like four or five times as high as the Canaan. As the as the Brewers. No. I mean perhaps their genes. You know they were a little bit taller than usual. But certainly not four or five times. Their size. In other words an exaggerated picture is given in order to discourage the people from journeying on. In faith. And what we see many times today when it comes to evangelism. Many times an exaggerated picture is given of the circumstances that we face in our world. Now I'm not undermining the fact that we are up against. Formidable challenges in our western society when it comes to reaching out with the gospel. But I have seen that many times the giants of materialism. And the Giants. Of humanism and secularism. Are made out to be a lot taller than they are in reality are you with me. And so we hear. You know you can't share books anymore because people don't read. Have your that one. Or. You should do public evangelism because people don't come. Or. You shouldn't do this or that people are to sack you are there too humanistic. They are too materialistic. And the Giants are made out to be huge. And so we just feel like we're little grasshoppers that can witness anymore. But let me take you to another passage in the next chapter. As we look at the good report that is given. And how we should approach. The challenges that are before us as a people go to Numbers Chapter fourteen. And take notice of. Verse seven. This is again the words of Joshua and Caleb here. Numbers fourteen. Looking at verse seven. And they spoke to all the congregation of the children of Israel saying these are the two spies the good. Report is given. And they say the land we pass through to spy out is an exceedingly good land. And I love verse eight Listen to this. If the Lord delights in us. Then he will bring us into this land. And give it to us. A land which flows with milk and honey. Only do not rebel against the Lord. Nor fear the people of the land look at this. For they are what they are our bread. Their protection has departed from them. And the Lord is with us do not fear. Them. Isn't it powerful that either we can look at the world around us. The world that we are to conquer with the Gospel you can come to your job you can come to your school. You can go to your neighbor. And either you can go as a grasshopper in the sight of a giant. Afraid and timid with the message that God has given you. Or you can go forward. Like just when Caleb and say hey these guys are bred for us. A man. I mean their their protection. Has departed from them. Could it be that the Holy Spirit could go before you. And remove the protection of secularism and remove the protection of materialism and take away the protection of all that people have built up of materialism. So that the spirit can guide you in your witnessing could that happen. A man a man. One person agrees with me this morning hey man. We need to move forward by faith. But leaving that God can do for us. Far more than we can start dreaming or expecting. God wants to remove the barriers in people's lives. I have found it fascinating that you know that God will lead us like he led the disciples in the book of Acts to people in a specific time. At a specific place. In a specific moment of their experience where they are waiting to hear the Word of God The Spirit has done the world. The time the work to remove the protection. So that they can receive. The Gospel of Jesus. It's a story of faith. It's a journey of faith that. Every single one of us here this morning. Is invited to experience. And you know what if you don't experience this journey. You are being left out of a lot of fun. Because it's the most joyful experience to know that you're in the plan of God What do you say to know that God has led you in a special place of a special time to reveal a special message to someone that is in need. God is calling us. To experience a journey of faith to be part of Hebrews chapter eleven and to prepare this world. For the coming of Jesus. And yet what is it. What is that this morning what is it in our lives that keeps us from this experience. And so in closing I want to bring it to our last passage here this morning. I want you to turn to Hebrews Chapter three. We started our journey this morning in the book of Hebrews and we end our journey in the book of Hebrews. I want to turn to Hebrews and the third chapter. As I believe that we have here an indication of what is hindering us in our journey of faith. Hebrews Chapter three. And we're going to look at verse twelve. Hebrews Chapter three. Beginning in verse. Twelve What is it that hinder the people of God. When they were going to move into Canaan and what is it that is hindering the people of God today. Hebrews Chapter Three beginning in verse twelve the Bible says beware. Brother in the last. There be in any of you. Evil hearts of what does it say. Unbelief. Unbelief my friends is the opposite of faith. Lest there be in anyone an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God verse thirteen. But. It's sort one another daily. While it is called. To day. Lest any of you be hardened through deceitful in this of sin. For we have become part takers of Christ. If we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end. While it is said to day. If you will hear his voice. Do not harden your hearts as. In the rebellion referring back to the rebellion. Of the Hebrews when they came to the borders of Canaan. They believe the wrong report my friends. And because they believe the wrong report they died in the wilderness. My friends if we're going to believe the reports that we cannot share the Gospel we will die in this world. Listen to me. We are not going to be the final generation. If we harden our hearts in. Unbelief. Then our children or our grandchildren will be the one that will finish the work here on earth are you with me. But if we want to be part of the generation that God will use to finish his work to spread the gospel to prepare the world. For the coming of Jesus. We must put away. An evil heart of unbelief. And embrace the faith that Christ. Provides a man. Look at what the what the Bible says In the end of Hebrews chapter three verse nineteen. It says. So we see that they are referring back to the Hebrews they are in the wilderness. They could. Not Enter in because of belief my friends. All the sin of your life right now. Can be summed up in one word. Belief. All of your struggles and problems. All of what you are facing right now can be summed up in that one word on the belief. Unbelief is the opposite of faith and belief. Stops. The journey of faith. Unbelief. Is an enemy. To the promises of God. And unbelief is the greatest curse that is upon God's people today. And I believe that as we are gathered here together this morning. That God has a message for every single one of us. And his message is a personal message to you individually. Calling you to a journey of faith. And so let us just take a moment in closing here. To ask God God where is the unbelief in my heart. What is it that is keeping me back from experiencing the joy of this journey of. Say what it what am I doing right now. What sin have I bought into. What sin am I carrying in my life that is keeping me from the experience of faith. And from being part of finishing the work. Hebrews chapter eleven says today if you will hear his voice do not harden your heart. My friends we are only guaranteed today we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Are you with me. Our lives could be cut short tomorrow. You know tomorrow I'm getting on a plane I'm going to travel all the way back to Norway tomorrow. Thousands and thousands and thousands of kilometers. I want of those you know planes. I'm not sure that I'll ever arrive. I hope I will. But today is the day a man. Today's the day tomorrow. You might not be alive anymore today. Will you give your heart. Unreservedly to the one that gave his heart. Unreservedly to you on the cross of Calvary. A man. He gave hundred. Percents. You can give ninety nine percent when he walked up that hill of Calvary. He gave you everything that he could give you. Won't you give him back. What he deserves a life of faith believing the promises of God that He is faithful to do that which he has promised again I repeat myself once more the greatest curse that is upon God's people today. And the greatest curse upon our lives individually. Is a life of unbelief a. Evil heart of unbelief. But it can be changed to a man. God has promised that he wants to give us a new heart. A heart that beats in harmony with his own heart. A heart. Of Faith. And so this morning I want to make an appeal. And it's very simple. If you identify in your life as the Holy Spirit is speaking through even right now. If you identify in your life that there are areas of unbelief. There are areas where you have limited the power of the holy one in your life. There are areas where you have held back the promises of God. But this morning. You want to say God help me to be in you. God help me to have a life of faith. I want to be part of the story of Hebrews eleven. I realize there is unbelief but I believe that you can transform me. I believe that you can give me a new heart if that describes you. We just raise your hand this morning and say I want to be part of the journey of faith I need your help Lord. I need to depend fully. Upon you and I pray that even this moment as the word has been spoken to you. The words not of man but the words of God. That this may be a transforming moment. A moment a moment in which you step away from the just in case the ology. You abandon that just in case the ology. And you say I want to live in one world that's the world of faith. As the world of scripture. And I want to be part of Hebrews eleven a man. When we just deal down together if we can. And pray that God will lead us into this amazing experience. Gracious Heavenly Father we're so grateful that we can come be. Your throne of grace this morning. Lord you are worthy of all our praise all our Lord we thank you for what you have done for each and every one of us in sending your son to die. On our behalf. Thank you that our sins are forgiven through your name. And that we can receive a new heart that beats in harmony with your own heart. The heart of our Heavenly Father. God thank you so much for the experience of faith. That is not just. Reserved for certain people in certain places. But that is given to each and every single one of us we all have a journey of faith. And so I pray Lord that you will remove the heart of unbelief. That you remove any obstacle that stands in the way between you and us right now. And that you will breathe your spirit upon us Lord. That we will sense that you are very near to guide us and sustain us. Lord help us to give way so that you can be seen in our lives. Help us to figurative Lee speaking let go of that staff. Take off those sandals and do well in your presence. And we thank you for this experience and I pray for my brothers and sisters here and island church Lord you know this this church is dear to my heart. And I pray that you will lead it forward onward. That it may be a conquering force for your gospel in this city of Christ. For I ask this in your beautiful name. Let all of God's people say. Media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about you would like to listen to music or.


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