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Jesus: Promised Seed

Chester Clark III


In this Christmas message Pastor Clark takes us all the way back to the first gospel promise – and first Messianic prophecy – recorded in Scripture, which predicted the advent of a Redeemer. A platitude of prophecies would follow – all of which Jesus fulfilled! He is the Messiah!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • December 12, 2015
    11:00 AM
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Has anyone here ever been a victim of identity theft. I remember the first time. I got a call from a detective. I didn't even realize that my credit card number had been stolen. It seems as though there was somebody in the St Louis airport because that's the only time I'd been through St Louis. That had worked in a vendor perhaps and. It had been U.P.S.. Who had alerted the authorities to the. Many packages. Coming to the same address. With many different names and. You know the story about having to get a new car. And all of those things. Today there are many people who experience identity theft but perhaps one of the most. The most. Impersonated. Of all time. Was the Messiah. Do you ever think about that many many people claim to be the Messiah in Jesus' time. There had already been quite a few people who claim to be the Messiah. Many after would also claim to be the Messiah. I remember I was walking in New York City Manhattan. Some years ago walking down the street and there was a gentleman there giving out brochures. I didn't realize that he was only giving them to Jews. I suppose. It was the Jewish version maybe of the shut door theory if you know administration. Only Jews were worthy of this information that he was sharing and so. As he was having these brochures out for some reason I must have looked like a Jew. Because he hey he gave me one. And I'm walking down the sidewalk with this brochure. And it's got pictures and information about this certain rabbi in Los Angeles. Who was believed to be the Messiah. And I was. I was quite curious I was quite interested so I went back to talk to him and as soon as I asked my first question he realized the obvious that. I wasn't a Jew in fact and. He tried to get the brochure back. He didn't want to talk to me about it. Many people have claimed to be the Messiah. In fact it is thought by some scholars that barabus and self. Think we've talked about that here before the name barabus the. The son of the father doesn't really make much sense. And it's bought by many scholars the barabus themself was someone who was claiming to be the Messiah and the Jews made a decision between this. This parabolas. And Jesus. And so today we are going to take a moment. To look at the evidence for Jesus as the Messiah. Our scripture today tells us that when the fullness of time was come God to send forth His Son made of a woman made under the law that he my redeemed those who are under the law. That we may receive the adoption of sons. Becoming sons and daughters of. Of Christ of God evidently. Is dependent upon. Jesus incarnation and Jesus divinity of Jesus coming as a Scriptures had said. Today we're going to look at Jesus as the promised. Seed. And it's by our heads as we begin father we just thank you that you've given us. Evidence that we can turn to. Evidence to believe that you have already sent the Messiah the scent of God that you have already sent one to redeem us and to adopt us and. We might be transformed by his power to the Father I want to pray that you would bless us as we open your word. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. We are. We turn all the way back to the beginning of our Bibles and Genesis Chapter three and verse fifteen we call this. In a theological term we call the proto evangelism the simply means the first. Gospel presentation. The the. Promise here in Genesis Chapter three. And verse fifteen is given. And I will put. Enmity between you and the woman and between your seed. And her seed he shall bruise hit your head. And you shall Bruces he'll Now notice this can get a little confusing with the pronouns unless you remember that Jesus or God was here speaking to the serpent right. And he's speaking to the serpent probably one of the few promises that God ever gave to Lucifer after his fall after he became Satan. Here God gives Satan a promise. And the promise is that his head's going to be crushed you don't. You don't want to. That kind of a promise from God to you but this is a promise that God gives to to Lucifer and he says I will put in MATY or I hatred. I'll put stripe between you the serpent and the woman that's Eve who we have tempted to fall to send. I will put this in MATY between you two and between your seed. And hers seed. Now. We might think that seed is talking about plural all the descendants of the woman and all. Well. The descendants of Lucifer and this in essence. Lucifer doesn't have any children but he has. Those who follow in his ways who are his spiritual descendants right. Remember that from our series on Abraham. How the works of your father you will do. So Satan has his own children and there's. Enmity. Listen friends make no mistake about it. There is an in Metairie between the children of God and the children of the world. There should be God. God says. I put it there. If the church becomes too friendly with the world. It's usually going to end up. No longer being the children of God. That's the problem. The problem is that that that in many that difference that peculiarity those. Even those visible reminders that we are different from the world around us. Are given to us by God for our protection. It's all put image we've been between your seat and. Her seed. But notice is not just plural seated talking also about today. About the singular see as the word seed can be both singular and plural. And between your seed and her seed he in the in the in the singular. Shall bruise your head. And you shall bruise his heel the seed of the woman. That's the promise. It's given all the way back there in Genesis Chapter three The very first day. That sin entered the human experience. The promise of the seed also came. Now I can imagine. Adam and Eve's lie. Life has been absolutely turned upside down. I can only imagine if any of you have ever done something that you regret. You know a little bit what Adam and Eve felt like as they watched their perfect world. Transformed into a horror film. They saw death and dying around them. They saw pain and suffering they experience for the first time anger and. And envy and. And pride and and jealousy. They had their first marital dispute on the very famed day. The Jesus. God found them hiding in the trees of the garden. Imagine the transformation from perfect Eden of bliss. Where everything was only love and happiness. To now a chill that permeated the air. Adam and Eve could only hope that this promise would be fulfilled. Post-haste. That this promise would be fulfilled in a very short order. Rapidly. They must have wished that very soon. That seed would come. I mean after all it was promised the seed of the woman and. He shall bruise the head of the serpent. And so. Adam and Eve must have prayed for him long before that. Seed to come Oh surely it wouldn't be long. The Bible can. Records in Genesis Chapter four. And verse one Adam news wife Eve as wife she conceived and born again. And she said this is the New King James. I have acquired a man from the Lord now most of the translations render this passage. In this manner. But the reality is that this passage can be translated in another way that also some scholars believe that it should be rendered. Some translations say this. Say this way. She said I have given birth to a male child. The Lord. And international standard version of God's word translations as I have gotten the man that the Lord. Promised and Ellen White in the desire of ages she in fact she says that when and when when Adam and Eve had their first Sunday. Hoped. Fondly hope that this would be the world's Redeemer. Can you imagine the disappointment. When Cain instead became the world's first murderer. And his victim. Being his own brother. But the fact is that the seed of the woman was promised was it not. It was promised it was right there that you heard it with their own ears. And this promise was kept alive. Generation after generation after generation. Many were able to look forward to the promise of the. Of this. Of the of. The seed coming. Because they. They remembered the promise that had been given to Adam and Eve Our first. Parents. The promise of the seed. It was repeated also to Abraham. If he says I will bless those who bless you and I will curse and move curses you. And in you shall all the families of the earth. Be blessed he says it again in Genesis twenty two in verse eighteen in your scene. All the nations of there are shall be blessed. Because you have obeyed by voice. And so. Abraham was. Was a recipient of this promise as well. Even would have. The promise of her seed being the deliver Abraham would have the promise of his seed. Being the liver. And it was no mystery. That so many of the. Of the women the mothers of Israel. Were were anxious to have children because they all hoped. They all hoped that they would be. They would be the progenitor the mother of the one. Promised to be to Abraham. Those promises repeated. Not only to Abraham to. But drys ik. And to Jacob. And those. Those those promises continued to be repeated. Because of so far we've already seen that the Messiah would be born of a woman. That may seem self obvious. Of course in history we can look back and we know that Jesus was made flesh. Through an incarnation in the womb he was born. Of a virgin birth. But listen. That's only. That's only obvious to us because it's how it happened. Let's that's how it was promised to happen right. God could have come to this earth to die for us in any way he chose. You understand. There's no. In this set he had to be incarnate. Except that he wanted to be our example as well. And so exactly as the Bible predicted. Jesus was born of a woman. Are scripture today. Points that out. He was born in the lineage. Of Abraham. We understand that. We're going to look at a number of other. Prophecies about Jesus today but I want to just focus. I want to focus on the ones that could not be self deterministic and what I'm trying to say by that is. There are many people who came claiming to be the Messiah in Jesus' time and after Jesus' time I suppose even in our day to day basis of these the. Rabbi from Los Angeles. Right there many people would claim. And they are able to look at the prophecies. And say the Messiah is supposed to do this in such. And so I will do this in such right. But does that really make them. The fulfillment of those prophecies. Well not really because the Messiah also had prophecies. Given about him. That were impossible to have been chosen or self determined by an individual. For example. It's impossible for someone to choose to be born into the family of Abraham right. You don't choose. What family you're born into. So what we're going to focus on today is just a handful of the prophecies that Jesus had absolutely no control over. And we'll see if in fact. There's not a enough evidence sufficient evidence to believe that Jesus is the scent the seed of the woman the scent of God. So we've seen that he's born of a woman we've seen that he's born in the lineage of Abraham. AM The promise was repeated to Isaac and Jacob. And also to Judah himself in fact. Israel on his deathbed in and Genesis Chapter forty nine. Would give this promise to Judah. The scepter shall not depart from Judah. Nor law giver from between his feet. Until Shiloh comes. And to Him shall be the obedience. Of his people so. Not only in the family of Abraham and Isaac. And in Israel of Jacob. But also to the specific tribe of Judah. Was Jesus to be born. Now was this in fact fulfilled. You'll notice in the bottom of the screen here if you happen to be taking notes. We have I just put the text. Where you can see that this passage has a clear fulfillment in Luke verse thirty three. Three in verse thirty three. We see the genealogy of Jesus includes the son of. He came in the family of Judah. But in Hebrews Chapter seven in verse fourteen it says For it is clear that our Lord descended from Judah. And in regard to that tribe. Moses said nothing about priest so. Paul says in Hebrews Chapter seven verse fourteen that Jesus was actually was born in the tribe of Judah. But what about another sign or. Prophecy that Jesus could have had no control over. He was born in or to be born in Bethlehem. Did any of you choose your place of birth. I suppose. There are a few babies that do choose their place of birth those born in taxis and and. On the way to the hospital. They might be given that. Credit. But most of us don't have any choice about where we are born. The Bible predicted that. Jesus the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Very specifically says but you obey him afraid. Though you are little among the thousands of Judah yet out of you shall come forth to me. The one who are to be ruler in Israel. Whose going forth are from old from. Everlasting. We see the fulfillment of that and. In Luke Chapter two and. The story of how Jesus went a Joseph went up to Bethlehem. The town of David because he belonged to the house and. Lineage of David and he went there to register with Mary. Who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. And while they were there the Bible says the time came for the baby to be born so Jesus was born. As predicted. In the little town of Bethlehem. Not only was Jesus born in Bethlehem at some point in his experience he was going to be in Egypt. Now this is of rather arbitrary prophecy to make right. Is not like most people in those days just moved around a whole lot usually were born in a spot and you stayed in that spot and. They weren't there wasn't the. You know. The international community the global community that we have today. And here Jesus is born in a small town in Bethlehem. But the prophecy says it will be one at one point in Egypt and. Hosea chapter eleven verse one it says when Israel was a child I loved him and out of Jesus. Out of Egypt. I called my son out of DZIEDZIC I call my son the prophecy says. So Jesus was going to be in Egypt but how would Jesus get to Egypt his father wasn't a Gyptian his mother wasn't Gyptian. How would he be in Egypt will you know the story right the wise men who came they came they gave their gifts. They worshiped and. Then they said we're going to go back and tell hared because Herod wanted to know right. He wanted to know so he could worship too and God revealed to the wise men that this was not the best plan. And they decided they would just skip out on. Stopping by Harrod's place to tell him where Jesus was. And they went back home another way. I don't know. I magine on the way there they were following the star travelling just at night. They'd probably look forward don't you think to travelling back in the daytime. But as it turns out they might have had to travel back in night anyway because they had to avoid haired and. Him asking them where the Jesus child was. And so they. They go back another way and God reveals through an angel coming to Joseph in a night dream and a vision. God says Herod is going to come and to try to kill the boy. And so he told them to flee into Egypt and. And Joseph the obedient father that he was. He took his family. And they went into Egypt. Exactly and fulfillment of the prophecy. That Jesus would be in Egypt. And called out of Egypt he says here and in Hosea Chapter eleven. And verse one. The messiah would also be. Interview involved or. Related to a massacre. Of children. At his birthplace if we look in the Old Testament prophecies once again. We see this. Found in. Jeremiah chapter thirty one in verse fifteen. A voice was heard in Rama limitation then better weeping. Rachel weeping for her children refusing to be comforted for her children because they are no more. When Herod realized it says and Matthew Chapter two when Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the magic. He was furious. And he gave orders to kill all the boys and Bethlehem and its percent vicinity. Who were two years old and under. In accordance with the time that he had learned from the magic. And this it says in verse seventeen of a Matthew chapter twenty two. This. Then what was said through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled. A voice is heard in Rama. Weeping and great morning. Rachel weeping for children refusing to be comforted. Because they are no more. So here you find that. Jeremiah's prophecy was fulfilled exactly as predicted now no baby under two years old has the ability to arrange these types of fulfillments. Only God. Who knows the future. Could foretell. What would happen in the life of Jesus. As we continue. The Messiah would be preceded by a forerunner. Preparing the way for him now. Just a little Bible trivia question for you today. Of the two individuals Jesus and John. Born from in. Mothers in the same family. Of the two who was born first. Who was it. John Wright. I believe six months older and. In fact we find the story of Mary. Being pregnant and going to visit. Elizabeth and so forth so. John is born first once again. You have evidence. I suppose that if the four Runner had come. It be the after rather than Wouldn't it but anyway. If for some reason John had been born. After Jesus it could be claimed that. Mary arranged his miraculous circumstances in the claims of. Of Jesus of John's. John's birth and of his father's. Mutinous and being able to speak only after the naming all of those things. But the reality is this is all before Jesus was even born. And the Bible prophesied that there would be a forerunner preparing the way. For Jesus for the Messiah. The voice of one crying in the wilderness. Isaiah forty verse three says. Prepare the way of the Lord. Make straight in the desert highway. For our God and Luke chapter three in verses three through six. Speaking of John the Baptist says he went into all the country around the Jordan. Preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet and now he quotes from Isaiah forty. A voice of one calling calling in the wilderness. Prepare the way. Of the Lord. Make straight paths for him. Every valley shall be filled in every mountain and Hill made lo the crooked roads shall be made straight. And the rough. Ways. Move. And all. People will see God's salvation. So Jesus. Had this outside of his control. As evidence as well. That he was the Sent. The Messiah. Not only was Jesus. Born in the right place. With the right family of four Runner as predicted. But. It says that Jesus would be pretty trade. By his own friend. Now this may not seem too. Unlikely. It's often those who. We know. Betray Us right. That sort of what betrayal means. But when we see all of the details. It becomes very clear that God. Actually predicted. The precise events that took place around the betrayal of Jesus. Psalm forty one in verse nine nine says. Even mine own familiar friend in whom I trusted. Who Ate my bread. As lifted up his heel again. Against me. Luke Chapter twenty two. Says this while he was still speaking a crowd came up in the man who was called Judas one of the twelve. Was leading them. He prochoice Jesus. To kiss him. But Jesus asked and Judas. Are you betraying the Son of Man With A Kiss. I don't know of Judas at this point even realize that he was betraying Jesus you know sometimes. Our Minds do strange things to us. Perhaps do to suggest thought that he was doing this to help Jesus out. You know Jesus needed a a kick in the seat of the pants to get him out of his comfort zone and. And to confront the. The religious leaders and maybe if he was. He was forced into the standoff. Then he Jesus would identify himself as the. The king of Israel and overthrow the power of the priests and rulers. Perhaps Judas had wrapped his mind around excuses about Iran rationale. He was really the. The helper. But at this point Jesus gave him no excuse for not knowing exactly what he was doing. He was be trading. Just like the prophecy. Had said he would. He was betraying. The Son of Man With A Kiss fulfilled. Not only would he be tray. Jesus. But the. Bible. Gave specific details about. About how much money. Judas would receive. For his services. He would be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver. Thirty pieces of silver. It says in Zechariah chapter eleven verse twelve then I said to them if it is agreeable to you give me my wages and if not refrain. So they wait out for my wages. Thirty pieces of silver the prophecy here in Zechariah chapter eleven. It meets its fulfillment when we read the story in Matthew Chapter twenty six in verse fourteen then one of the twelve called Judas Iscariot went to the chief priest and asked how what are you willing to give me if I deliver him to you. And they counted out to him. Thirty pieces of silver Now let me ask you a question Prince do you think that those religious leaders the priest of the fair seas. You think they said hoon. How much should we give for Jesus I know the prophecy says we should give thirty pieces do you think that's what happened. No because they understood the prophecies they would have known he was the Messiah right. And they were absolutely convinced that he was not the Messiah. Well least they tried to convince themselves that he wasn't the Messiah. I'm sure the conviction of the Holy Spirit was very strong in their minds that he was in fact the scent of God. But they didn't like it. And sometimes they do. We do what they did with conviction when we don't like it we just stifle it and we try to ignore it and here they're there. In spite of themselves. Those priests and rulers. Counting out thirty pieces of silver. Become a part of the confirmation that the one who they wanted to crucify. Was the miraculous Messiah the scent of God. Isn't it interesting. Isn't it interesting how. Sometimes in seeking to run from the truth. We actually. Affirm the truth. Do you ever think about that. Sometimes when I see those folks that are saying you know there is no god. I think how can they do that if the Bible's Bible predicted that they would be there saying there is no god. And in spite of themselves they're proving the Bible to be true right. That's what the priests and rulers did. As they counted out those. Silver coins. And gave them the Judas. From that point on he attempted to find a time a convenient time. To deliver Jesus. To them. Not only the thirty pieces of silver that's very specific. But what would end up happening. With that thirty P. Those thirty pieces of silver the lot the next verse says this. It says The Lord said to me. Throw it to the potter. That princely price they set on me. So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them into the house of the Lord. For the potter. Now Zechariah when this is happening he could not have had the slightest clue as to what the symbolism meant. Here is just told there is going to thirty pieces of silver counted out. Throw it into the temple and as for the potter. Now why would you throw it in the temple it's for the if it's for the potter. But yet you know the story don't you. You know the story of how. Judas leaving the. Leaving the the place of. The bargaining of the transaction with the thirty pieces of silver he must have felt pretty good about himself maybe thought he had done a a shrewd move of Jesus was the Messiah. He was going to now be forced to overthrow the. The powers that be. If he was the Messiah he was going to be exposed as a great impostor. One of those identity thieves claiming to be the Messiah. And either way Judas was going to come out as the hero of the day. Until he's watching from a distance the trial of Jesus going on in. In the in the in the in the courtyard. In the House of Anna nighest in the courtyard of pilot as he's watching what's going on. Judas even Judas is hardened a heart could not help but recognize that the Jesus who was standing there amongst all these things going on. Was a godly man that he was God. And Jesus Judas. Even at this point as he realized that Jude Jesus was not going to redeem himself and at the same time he realized that Jesus was God. Those two realizations led him to determine that he was not going to emerge the hero from this is from the situation. He was going to be the scapegoat. He was going to be the evil ogre of four. For of are his. His name associate with betrayal and and and. Unfaithfulness so Judas. Haggard with the conviction of sin. And of the coming judgment that. Bore upon him. Judas made his way to the forefront of the crowd in front of the high priest. He just had to he had to make this right now only way you knew was to try to get out of the deal. So he tries to undo what he has done in the Bible records that he took those thirty pieces of silver. And he threw them in the presence of the high priest. Now this was an awkward situation for the priests who now are exposed as having bought the betrayal of Jesus and his Judas tried to make things right he said. The basically the priest said. This is your problem not ours. Those thirty pieces of silver. Once in the hand of the betrayer now we're back in the hands of the priests and. After Jesus. After Judas is dead. They use those thirty pieces of silver. Ironically to buy a piece of property. That belonged to a. Potter. How would I have known. They bought the potter's field. And their Judas. Found his final resting place. What a story. It will fill the Matthew chapter twenty seven verses nine and ten it says then which was spoke that. Then what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet. Was fulfilled. They took the thirty pieces of silver the price set on him by the people of Israel. And they used them to buy the potter's field. As the Lord has commanded. Me. Can you imagine. Did Jesus have any part in arranging this. That he ensure they bought that field no. He was hanging on Calvary's cross. He had. He had the. He the potter's field. It was. It was somebody who was a potter who had land for sale and. So he they now buy this property. For the burial place. Of Judas. And so Jesus could not have determined this this was something that had to have been something that was divine a divine. Fulfillment of prophecy. The prophecy also reads that he would be crucified. With criminals. Probably something that no other impostor has ever tried to fake. They've tried to to steal his identity but not this aspect of it. Isaiah fifty three in verse twelve he was numbered with the transgressors he bore the sin of many and made. Intercession for the transgressors in. Mark Chapter fifteen verse twenty seven says they crucified. Two rebels with him. One on his right hand. One. On his left right there. As a prophecy has said. His bones would not be broken. You remember that after the. After the crucifixion they came and they broke the legs of the. Two thieves. But they found Jesus already dead and so they didn't break his legs they. They pierced his side with a with a sword or with a spear and. Demonstrated that he was in fact dead. Right. But he never broke any of his bones. And this is what the prophecy it said Song thirty four in verse twenty guards all his bones. Not one of them. Is broken and John. Sees the fulfillment of prophecy here. As he says that he is Dell's the story of the spear piercing Jesus side and. And telling the testimony that he was dead already. Verse thirty six says these things happened. So that the scripture would be fulfilled. Not one of his bones will be broken. John Chapter thirteen. Chapter one thousand in verse thirty six. John tells us that this is a fulfillment of this prophecy in Psalm twenty four. He also would be buried with the rich another thing that he had no determination over he couldn't choose his final grave he was hanging on a cross. When he said it is finished and yet you will know how how. Joseph a very messy and and Nica Demas they went to pilot and they asked for the privilege of taking the body of Jesus Jesus would not be thrown off the cliff. Often to a common grave. Like other criminals they wanted Jesus to be buried a decent. Man's burial. And so Joseph Verma Thea. Had a tomb that had never been used. This was not something a poor man already even a man of ordinary means could afford this was something. Carved out of the side of. Of a hillside perhaps and it was something that was no doubt ornate and. It was a final resting place it prepared for himself but. Jesus would rest there because the prophecy had said that he would be buried with the rich. Matthew twenty. I'm sorry as a fifty three. They made his grave with the wicked. But with the rich at his death. Because he had done no violence nor was any deceit. In his mouth. Matthew twenty five. That the twenty seven I'm sorry burst fifty seven. He says As evening approached there came a rich man from mammoth Ian named Joseph who had himself become a disciple of Jesus going to pilot. He asked for Jesus' body and pilot. Ordered that it be given to him Joseph took the body wrapped in clean linen cloth and placed it in his own new tomb that he'd cut out of the rock. He rolled a big stone in front of the entrance of the tomb. And went away. Now already friends. Already I believe we can see that the prophecies of Jesus are such that no one can fake these prophecies right. No one can just decide they're going to have them fulfilled for themselves. Jesus could not have determined any of these. Fulfillments. In fact they had to have been a true fulfillment of prophecy. No imposture can fake. These kind of fulfillments. But so far we've concluded I think with the nothe evidence. To believe that Jesus is not an impostor. That Jesus is not an identity thieves. That he was who he claimed to be. He was the scent of gob. He was the seed of the woman. He was the Messiah. He was the Word of God. God made flesh. Incarnate in human body. I think there's evidence to believe that but there's more to. Still to come. And this is the best part in my view. The best part is that Jesus would not stay in that Rich Man's tomb. That Jesus would be raised from the dead. Now nobody nobody. Even if somehow they chose. Who they were born to and how they were born and where they were born and all of the other circumstances of their birth in life and death. Nobody could possibly choose except God. To raise someone from the dead. No one. The Bible says that the tomb would not hold him. It would not contain him. The. Promises given and song. Chapter sixteen in verse ten. For you will not leave my soul in she told us to stop there for a second. And Sheol is the Hebrew word. Now when the King James translators came to that verse. They thought they knew what it meant because they had a belief that had come into the church through many centuries. The belief that when you die you go straight to heaven or hell. OK. And so when they read this word they said you will not leave my soul in Sheol they thought well. Jesus how is his whole his soul in hell anyway. Right. And so there they came up with some of them thinking from from the writings of Peter in other words the New King James translators have said look that word Sheol it really doesn't mean hell. It simply means. The grave. That's what it means. But the New King James about translators also had a problem. That because they don't believe that when you die you stay in the crate if they believe you go. And so they decided finally they said OK we can agree on this so we'll just transliterated the Hebrew word. And leave it in the Bible the way it says that he. Hebrews Hebrew. And that way. Readers can determine for themselves which means. The Bible says here you will not leave my soul. In she told it simply saying. Jesus is not going to stay in Joseph a very messy is to that grave. Is going to be broken open. That grave. Is going to be only used for a few days. That gift of the Joes a very bothy a generous as it was. It was only a short term gift. Because Jesus didn't need a long term grave. He says you will not even allow your holy one to see corruption. Matthew chapter twenty eight in verse two says there was a violent. Earthquake for an Angel the Lord. Came down from heaven and. Going to the tomb roll back the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning in his clothes were why. It is snow. The guards were so afraid of him. That they shook and became like a dead men. The angel said to the women verse five Do not be afraid for I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here. He has risen just as he said. Now go on quickly and tell his disciples. He has risen from the dead. And is going ahead of you and to Galilee. There you will see him. Now I have told you. Now wasn't just. It wasn't just Matthew who made up this story and put it in his Gospel. In fact the Bible is very clear that many many others. Saw the empty tomb as well. If you turn me your Bibles the first Corinthians chapter fifteen. I want you to look at me. I want you to look with me in first Corinthians chapter fifteen. First Corinthians Chapter fifteen will just look at a couple of verses here. And we're going to see this is Paul's great. Treatise on his on. On why. We have hope. As Christians. And the evidence of our hope as Christians is that there is an empty tomb. That Jesus is alive and not dead. Just as was promised. The first Corinthians chapter fifteen. And he says he says. Just read the first verse for reference Moreover brother and I declare to you the gospel. Which I preach to you. Which you also receive in which you stand by which you also are saved. If you hold fast to that words I preach and do unless you believe in vain. And he says first of all verse three. I delivered to you first of all that. Which I also received. That Christ died for our sins according to scriptures. As a fulfillment of prophecy. That's what he's saying. And that he was buried. And that he rose again the third day. According to the Scriptures a fulfillment of prophecy. And that he was seen by. Peter see through this some translations say then by the twelve. So Peter saw them. The woman saw the angel Peter saw this. Course Mary saw Jesus. The twelve all saw Jesus after that. Paul says. After that he was seen by over five. I. Hundred brethren at once. Of whom the greater part remain of the present but some of Honestly what is Paul St Paul saying look if you want to have evidence to believe in the gospel if you want to have evidence for hope. First of all notice that Jesus was born according to the scriptures of fulfillment of prophecy he couldn't fake did. Jesus died according to scriptures a fulfillment of prophecy. He could've faked it. But then he rose again. And has been seen not just by Peter and by the twelve. But by five hundred people all the same time. And most of them he says are still alive today. Now we are talking here about a historical claim. That is of great significance. And it's. It's fascinating for me to note that. If the believers. If the if the. If the doubters I should say if the doubters of the skeptics. If the critics of Jesus. Had wanted to say Jesus is not alive there should be some evidence of. Efforts made in that time period we have lots of writings from that time period. There should be some evidence of critics. Agnostics. Skeptics atheists. Whoever they were the pagans the Jewish leaders. Somebody should have said this is a made up story. But you know what they couldn't. Because they were so many people alive. Who had seen that empty tomb. And had seen Jesus for them selves. Five hundred people he says most of them are still alive. Notice what he goes on and he says. He says in verse verse thirteen but if there is no resurrection of the dead then Christ is not risen of Christ not risen they are facing. Faith. Are preaching is empty in your faith is also empty yes. We are found with new found false witnesses of God because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ to raise up. If in fact it did not rise. And he goes on and says if there is no hope. If Christ not risen there's no hope verse twenty. But now Christ is risen from the dead. And I become the first fruits of men who sleep. And by the way. By the way. Paul makes the argument this chapter also. Skipped over it. Not only did Jesus appear to the five as a Peter into the twelve and the five hundred. Last of all he says Jesus appeared to me. I met him. I met him. On the Road to Damascus. You know friends. And I think of all the prophecies of Jesus. And I think of the time of year when many people think about the birth of Jesus. I can't help that turn my heart to my eyes to the facts that really matter. And that is the Jesus live. I know he's alive. Not just because of these prophecies of of build. But Paul makes that argument Paul makes the argument he says Jesus' birth fulfilled. The prophecies. Jesus' death fulfill the prophecies. Jesus rose again and fulfillment of prophecy. Jesus was seen by the. By the twelfth. And even by the five hundred. The last of all. Jesus was seen by me. You know one of the most convincing arguments that you can give to those who don't believe. Of why you believe that there is a god. The Jesus. Is a lie. Is the simple argument that you've met him yourself. When Jesus. Has touched your life. When Jesus has changed. Your heart. When Jesus has helped you overcome your habits. When Jesus helped to mend your broken relationships. And struggling. Experiences. And your families and. When you have met Jesus yourself. It is the most compelling argument for you and for others. That we serve a living God. Oh I'm so thankful for Jesus. I'm so thankful that. He showed us. Evidence to believe that he's not an impostor. He's not a a dentity thief he is the real deal. He is the scent of God the seed of the woman. He is the promise. He's the resurrection the life. And I'm thankful that if we can see these promises being fulfilled and if we can know him for ourselves personally. Then there's an even greater promise will be excited and confident in. And that is that the story. Isn't finished yet. Jesus is coming again. And he's coming again soon. He's coming for those who are waiting for him. Are you thankful today for Jesus. Father in heaven today we just thank you that you've given us enough evidence ample evidence to believe these. Prob these prophecies that could not possibly have been fulfilled by the self Will Self Determination of Jesus. Identify for us at least intellectually. Academically. That he is the scent of God. Lord that academic knowledge is not sufficient to save us. We need a personal introduction. A personal relationship. With the seat of the woman. The one who came. To redeem those who were made under the law born into a world of sin. That we might become. The children of God. Lord today I pray that during this season when people's hearts are naturally softened. When people's hearts are thinking about Jesus even if it's not in the way we wish they would sometimes. That we might not miss any opportunity to share the Jesus that is very real to us that we might have him living abiding in our hearts by faith that we might be able to say with the Apostle Paul I know. This gospel which I preach to you is true not just because others have seen Jesus. But I've seen him myself. Lord I just pray that we might be able to have that testimony in ourselves that is the promise is also given the prophecy is also given the Jesus is coming again. That we might be able to believe in hope and trust that promises will make you come quickly. Pray in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. 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