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According to His Working

Daniel Calaguas


Daniel Calaguas

Student at Loma Linda University



  • December 20, 2008
    10:00 AM
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I am I will need to the book of Titus the book of Titus you brought your Bibles today we will be using them Titus the second chapter and we have talked at length for those of you have been at seven discussions before we had talked at length about how it is we are to abide in Christ the manner in which the third Angels message works the manner in which we are in Christ is that we do not get more righteous once we give our hearts to Jesus he gives us his righteousness and we are then just learning we are learning what we had already received and in the book of Titus we have another component to what we have been talking about this whole issue of righteousness by faith Titus chapter two verse eleven twelve and thirteen he gives us counsel here he gives counsel to those that are looking for the second coming of Jesus knows what it says the Bible says or the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present world verse thirteen and goes on to say looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ when we consider this text we see here that Titus the book of Titus it councils those who are looking for the second coming of Jesus to understand what this grace of God is it brings salvation to all men but the Bible says here that it is a teacher it's just the benign godliness and worldly lusts and goes on to say the kinds of things now if you turn your Bibles to Ephesians chapter four Ephesians the fourth chapter were talking about according to his working this morning and we want to set foundation for the study in Ephesians chapter four in verse seven the Bible says here but onto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ every single person in this room is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ now that brings up a question because was I really mean how do we quantify this grace that we are giving how do we quantify what it is that brings salvation teaches us is not involving the Bible says precept upon precept upon precept and we find the answer in Colossians turned to books Mac an on-site two books forward to Colossians chapter two in verse eight and nine as we continue to set a foundation for what we are speaking about this morning colossus at the tumors eighty nine every single person individual in this room is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ was a measure of the gift of Christ the Bible says in chapter Chapter two verse eight beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men after the rudiments of the world and not after Christ the Bible says in verse nine for in him well it all the fullness of the Godhead bodily now when when the Bible says we are given grace according to the measure the gift of Christ and the Bible epidemic in Christ is a measure of the fullness of the Godhead bodily individually to Gracie to be received the box it's like we can't even quantify the amount of grace we can quantify and yet a lot of times we think that when we come to Christ and that when we received this grace that teaches us to design godliness and for pass up and prepares the second coming of Jesus that this grace just gives us a little bit of an advantage not true we think is that when we come to Christ yes your weaknesses Grayson opt out barely make it through no brothers and sisters when the Bible says we received grace is a blowout is a blowout because you don't actually no human being ever found it ethical to do wrong venture no human being ever found it difficult to do well the human being struggle is always to do what to do it to do right that's what we struggle with but the reason why we struggle with that the reason why so easy for us to do wrong is simply because were under the direction of sin were under the direction of the master but if we were to change masters if another power would have the sway over us it would be just as easy for us to do right than it is in this state press to do wrong the undersigned thing but too often we believe that well we're just getting a little you know were just given a little bit of grace to just barely get us through but the Bible says within a bounded grace did much more about you know when I look at these tax and we consider the stack sometimes I wonder it's like how can we believe that we will simply just be the same or sinning until the second coming brothers and sisters we are receiving grace according to the measure the gift of Christ in a book of Colossians chapter one and the reason why we might not be experiencing disgrace the reason my why we might not be fazed by Thomas Grayson we receive is simply because of one reason is because we don't know when Jesus Christ is doing on our behalf the Bible says in Colossians chapter one verse twenty seven to twenty nine it says here to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory whom we preach warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus Paul says in verse twenty nine where onto I also labor striving according to his working which working in me mightily not only this Jesus worked in you he works in you mightily the Bible says how my leave did you know that in Isaiah chapter twenty six the Bible describes Jesus 's strength is the everlasting everlasting strength working you and your here we are struggling hoping just to get my brothers and sisters it's a blowout the struggle is not on Jesus as part these given us already everything the struggle is with itself to believe that we receive the grace of God now when we talk about striving according to his working you know you'll is what Jesus did Jesus in the book of John chapter five Mister under so the Lord read here hope you don't mind looking at Scripture this morning G J John five on to see what you says here in verse nineteen John the five verse nineteen to continue to establish the foundation Moses this does not want to show you from the Bible when Jesus Ince is doing in your behalf John chapter five verse nineteen a repair then answered Jesus and said unto them verily verily I stamped the date unto you the son can do how much nothing of himself but what he see the father knew for what things soever he do it these also do with the son likewise in other words when Jesus was living on this earth he said he could do nothing the same Jesus that says he has everlasting strength says here that he can do nothing except for what he sees the father knew except for what he sees the father knew and so the same way Jesus works we are to work because it in a weekend in an matching or we can see or just to stipulate what is righteousness but unless we see Jesus doing it we don't have any business doing that thing many make a little bit more clear in Jesus 's life never did he follow his own impulse even though it seemed like a righteous thing to do is think of an example when he was twelve he went to the Passover for the first time any and for those twelve years all that desired a defense on you was doing was helping his parents he was lifting their burdens the everything okay twenty four hours he was on he was determined to help his parents now on Passover member how Jesus stayed behind when it seemed like the a righteous thing to do they just follow your parents back also I would do the impulse would say well on your help my parents you know when it will backfire home now I can't say behind when assuming the right thing to do but Jesus works according to what his father is working so even though it seemed righteous to him he said what I will list father I will do and it's the same with us it might do you know a give a loaf of bread some old lady but that's not what Jesus is doing what business do we have doing and too often we are inventing our righteousness thinking that as long as I'm doing search and good things that must be what is right but if Jesus isn't going in the mindless as we got to work according to his working but do we know what he's doing noise you Celeste turn our Bibles to vessel to find out this morning Hebrews chapter five as we get into aware talking about it's more Hebrews chapter five and regrettably considering versus four through ten Hebrews chapter five verses four through ten the Bible says here talking about the office of the high priest and no man taketh this honor unto himself that he that is called of God as was air so also Christ glorified not himself to be made an high priest but he 's that said unto him thou art my son today I have I begotten as he says also in another place thou art a priest for ever after the order welcome back when the days of his flesh when he had offered up prayers and supplication with strong crying and tears opinion that was able to save him from death and was heard in that he feared the US on yet what learned he obedience by the things which he suffered and being made perfect he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him called of God an high priest after the order of no kill the deck in other words in Jesus 's life districts the strong crying and the tears and the life that he lived for you in either life that we study in Matthew Mark Luke and John is only one phase of his ministry it was almost like he was satisfied to say he was almost as if it was a preparation for what he was to be doing in heaven and that work that he is said to be doing in heaven we are to work according to know where my talking about the last yard to turn their the last chapter of Exodus it is a pretty good summary of the sanctuary that will be talked about this morning you'll see that you so here is a diagram of the sanctuary that uses working in for us right now when you go home and study you can just look at the last chapter of Exodus and it gives you a great summary of where the furniture is where his northwest southwards eastwards West these kind of things unless just go over very briefly here in the outer court record is here you have autumn burnt sacrifice brazen and you have the brazen labor here and when you enter after the article when you enter in through this veil what we see here is on the north side you have the table showbread on the south side you have the golden candlesticks nearest to the most holy place you have this altar of incense and in the most holy place of course we have the Aqaba covenant and what what what what is an item that in the art of the covenant can anyone tell me the ten Commandments nurse to other things in there as well think amendments were to look at particularly its morning could pot of manna and draw the blood of these kind of things you'll sensing now I heard an illustration is very powerful sociality when you can when you consider those that are into astronomy those that look through telescopes to see the heavens the telescopes inside the telescopes are these pieces of glass and to the normal person these pieces of glass is normal piece of glass the glass on the Windows here and it would seem to us that these pieces of glass it is well I guess they're cool but to the astronomer who is looking at the heavens he looks at East pieces of glass as though they are so precious because it gives us him a clear idea a great and the clear picture with the stars look like in the same way these articles of furniture in the sanctuary I like those pieces of glass we can look at these we can look at recent visit there just well it's a candlestick but when we see the value of these things when we see how they show us a clear picture of what Christ is doing for us all of a sudden great so we were talking about before we drew the sanctuary becomes a lot more relevant because we see what price is doing on behalf of now want to go through these articles of furniture in it with our relation to them so I want you turning a Bible still a bit it is the twenty fourth chapter the biggest chapter twenty four we are to work how Christ is working but if we don't know how Chris is working what is our faith and grab onto own opinion this is how we know are questions working the biggest chapter twenty four we know that Christ the high priest and notice what counsel the high priest is given here in this chapter from verse one and were reading all liter verse eight the Bible says and the Lord spake of the Moses saying command the children of Israel that they bring unto the pure olive oil beaten for the light to cause a lance to burn how often everyone continually without the veil of the testimony in the tabernacle of the congregation shall Aaron order it from the evening of the morning before the Lord is outward again continually it shall be a statute for ever in your generations he shall order the lance upon the pure candlestick before the Lord continually so one of the offices of a high priest if he is to make sure that this lensman that is burning continually none Osler goes on to say in the next verse here verse five and thou shalt take fine flour and big twelve cakes there are two tenth deals shall be in one tape and now shall set them into oh six on a roll upon the short hill before the Lord and thou shall put pure frankincense of money throughout that it may be on the bread for Memorial even an offering made by fire to the Lord every Sabbath he shall set it in order before the law what can you lead being taken from the children of Israel but everlasting covenant so besides making sure these labs are burning continually the high priest was to make sure every single day continually that this bread was supposed to be on the table was a needless we don't want to be looking at glass we want to know how that applies to us individually we know that bread in the Bible you tell me was bred in the Bible symbolize represent the word of God and so this thread here on this table represents the word of God but do you know that a lot of times we read you are devotions we look at the Scriptures as if we ourselves are conducting our own Bible study the Bible says the high priestess of better on the table we think when we open our Scripture well I just I just happened to stumble across whatever Scripture but did you know that Jesus prepares up I will say for you because when you think about it if any of you are into baking not baked a few things myself you can't just get all of the ingredients that you need preheat the oven and just you know I'll just get a few cups of this stone into a bowl and then just thrown into the oven and after it's done hope some nice cake comes out as eligible rebate no we make sure that the wet ingredients in the dry ingredients are separated and we make them and we do all these things in order that when we put in the Austin is just like when it comes Jesus does the same thing just like the high priest with this like a priest were to bake the bread he make sure that every detail is enough bread to make sure whatever situation that you're going through when you come in that Scripture he says my daughter my son has been through this I have the perfect study for him but we'll believe Jesus is setting your studies up continually and re- single baby make sure the bread is on the table turning her Bibles will come back to Lance that train your Bibles to the book of Exodus Exodus in the thirtieth chapter on site exits the twenty fifth chapter the twenty fifth chapter let's consider verse thirty one those consider first thirty one remember Jesus was to be doing this continually table showbread here and he was also to make sure the lights would bring continually verse thirty one and thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold of a beaten work shall the candlestick be made he sat in his branches as Bowles is not in his flower shall be of the same the Bible says here that these candlesticks were to be of a what kind of work of the beach and work have you ever felt as though you try to be interested in spiritual things you know you're hoping that by coming to a spiritual meeting with these kind of things that you would be revived and then maybe I felt as though you know in the past I was really zealous for God it was fine my bones but you feel as though at one point yet lost it did you know that it's Jesus is responsibility to make sure that the fire is burning in your life continually you don't have to whip your back go through motions in order that Jesus might like these lands the promises he will give you that oil that Holy Spirit continually if any of you in this room are struggling with well not really want to get back and I really want to feel that fire again SG is his job and because a lot of times we forget that the great controversy is between Christ and Satan is not between their club with an sake it is Jesus 's job give you that fire the promises he is going to save you but do you believe that promise but the Bible says here that this candlestick was on the beaten work in other words they took pure gall and they just needed until it had one of this candlestick present upon precept was found Bibles to Ephesians chapter two verse eight through ten feet in chapter two verse eight through ten the Bible says here for by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast for we are his what everyone worked than ship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them in other words EI mentioned there must be a beating process in order for your fashioning have you been through trial this week have you been through situations in which Randall 's temptations seem to be coming and coming and coming why because your Christ's workmanship Michael said that he are the light of the world but in order for that like to sign there must be a trying process in your life because you are not ready for this quoting Christ object lesson she says that if he is in a crisis the characters reveal is in a crisis that characters review and that Angel revelation eighteen when it comes out it won't be you know a lot of times we think that when we do our evangelism or whatever it does we think that our greatest moments in evangelism will bring the greatest results but his insistence is when she says a ministry of healing is when we feel the most discouraged the most part when we haven't had in the most success because we are to be of a beaten work have you been to through trials have you been in hardship she says that just doesn't dispel any stones into the fire if you have been you consider precious stone brothers and sisters Jesus is the light the fire he is to give you that jealousy he is to give you to find out bone but we must go through a working process that we might experience the sufferings of Christ with lasting the prayer of the altar of incense the book of Exodus chapter thirty talks about like this Exodus chapter thirty Exodus chapter thirty notice what it says in verse seven axis thirty in verse seven the Bible says in an high priest shall burn suite burned there on sweet incense every morning when he dresses the lamps he shall burn incense upon and when Aaron life the Lancet even he shall burn incense upon it short incense before the Lord throughout your generations now the Bible says here that not only was he to make sure the bread was on the table continually not only was he to make sure that the light on the candlestick was money continually but he was to make sure that the incense was going up perpetually or continually and we know in Psalm one forty one first you that this instance represents prayer I read this quote your desires design pages page six sixty seven she says this as yet the disciples were unacquainted with the stages and limited resources and power he said to them it is you you have asked nothing in my name he explained that the secret of their success would be in asking for strength and grace in his name he would present before the father to make request for the prayer of the humble suppliant he presents as his own desire in that soul 's behalf in your that's that means when you pray a lot of times we think that when we pray Jesus receives that prayer and you just can't present to the father no when we pray comes to Christ he puts his own instance of this perfection on it and he presents that desire that you have to the father as if it were his own and you know a lot of times you forget that it is our need at please most eloquently on our behalf when we have been needed we pray our prayer is just the face that Jesus is praying for us continually pray means nothing if it doesn't have the faith that Jesus is the one praying so these are the things that are in this holy place here the table of showbread he prepares a study according to what province is set for you that we not only does he pay a study to pray three when you send your print to heaven he presents a prayer as if it is it used your his own desire he does I continually and not only that he burns these candles continually making sure that the Holy Spirit is working a lot we are to work according to his workings he know the plot thickens because these you know that Jesus is in here anymore all this work is already done we just have to believe that it's been already done why because now Christ is not in the holy place he is in the most holy place that wasn't me you're in the book of Exodus tenant you mean the book of Leviticus chapter seventeen to continue this Bible study the Vegas after seventeen verse led the biggest Chapter seventeen verse eleven many of you know this text the Bible says for the life of the flesh is in the blood and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul to put here this blood in the blood is a life as can be important to us as we continue because within end up happening is this in the sanctuary system the center would take his land this lamb without blemish or spot and he would come in through this door of the this door here and he would with that land take that Lance had and he would confess his sins into that led and he would confess his sin into that that lamb 's blood so now in the Lamb 's blood are this man seem in return the lands you are spotless mind goes to the sooner so now the sooner sin is in the Lamb and now this man has a lands mind okay after he kills a LAN and the priest collects the blood were all this medicine is the sinner now doesn't go into the tabernacle he doesn't like the Lancet do whatever it is ego goes back to his home and all he has to do is simply believe that the high priest is that it do his work now the high priest takes the blood which represents the sinners life she says angry controversy among other things it represents the sinners within which is carried by Jesus blood and apply principles and to the sanctuary here and the Bible says in Leviticus for that he sprinkled the blood on this veil now this outer court here represents our and sold this year the holy place in a mostly place is what is in heaven so when you asked for forgiveness your sins are taken to heaven these you MDC when saying so when you ask forgiveness no longer do you have your sins on you back in heaven is a sin in heaven yes because your sins go to heaven now you no longer have that soon you have the mind of Christ now what ends up happening is there ought to imagine much as one sinner but can you imagine all the blog that is on this bill for four on the year all of these people are confessing this in the news on this but on the veil and sometimes this dinnerware when he leaves and goes back to his home what I believe that the high priest was putting this in on on the veil so he would come in the same sin again but in order for him to come in the same sin the it's like Jesus has to take the step of having to give it back to you in order that you may perform so now when all of these stands on the veil there must be seen as not to be in heaven forever there must be a type of cleansing work to cleanse this sanctuary to make it clean again so what Jesus does as he's in the most holy place is it's almost as if he takes this blot on the veil and he sprinkles it onto this mercy seat where the ten Commandments are now follow me follow me brothers and sisters because one is that matter to us I want I want to show you quoted great controversy page four twenty as so important on around more and what to bring all these ideas together as a close gray controversies page four twenty notice what she says here important truths concerning the torment are taught by the typical service a substitute was accepted in the center spread but the sin was not canceled by the blood of the victim says a means with us provided by which he was transferred to the sanctuary by the offering of blood can acknowledge the authority of the law confessed his guilt and transgression and expressed his desire for party through faith in a Redeemer to come but he was not yet entirely released from the condemnation of the law was that mean in other words when you ask for forgiveness even though there is a sacrifice even though your sins go into the most and into the into the aunt of the bill here that doesn't mean you're free from the seven last plagues that doesn't mean you're free from rising the second resurrection you still can then we ought to believe that because we believe or to many believe that everything was done on this brazen altar finalists home it still needs to be made because what does the Bible says here the wages of sin is what death and sin is the transgression of the law that means this law here requires that if I sent it requires my life or it requires what blood but as of yet the law hasn't received blood so it's still asking for that so what Jesus wants to do it he wants to put this blood on the law to make satisfaction for its claims she continues to say here on the day of atonement the high priest having taken offering from the congregation went into the most holy place with the blood of this offering and sprinkled it upon the mercy seat directly over the law to make satisfaction of his claim then in his character of mediator he took the sins upon himself and bore them from the sanctuary placing his hand upon the head of the scapegoat he confessed over him all these sins thus in figure transferring them from himself to the boat the goal and bore them away and they were regarded as forever separated from the people follow me brothers and sisters when Jesus applies this blog that is on the veil to this law is then that the long satisfaction of its claims are met and that you are free from the condemnation of the law that is what we call final atonement that the thing exists Jesus only places the sins on the law when we believe are sinful stain heavily sexual I when we believe that we have really received grace without measure when we believe that grace works in our life in such a way that when we ask for forgiveness I'll leave my sins in the heavenly sanctuary and how are we to believe that by the faith of Jesus by knowing that Jesus is doing the work for us by knowing that he is preparing the bread for us he is giving us that faith by knowing that he is the one frame first by knowing that he is the one trimming the lamps because if we don't know what he's doing will never will never believe that he's putting blood on the law will never know they screamed on you know is a close here the Bible says in John chapter ten you have to turn there but Jesus says that I am the door just as I'm the in cylinder order for the center to come even to the sanctuary he must go through this door in other words you must go through Christ the Holy Spirit has brought you here for a reason he has had to consider spiritual things he has had to give his heart but if he has brought you through the door through Christ he wants to bring you all the way there is no back doors here on the most holy place you can't sneaking around the back price is going to bring you through himself in order that he may bought your sins and last detecting Hebrews chapter six Hebrews the six chapter first nineteen twenty the Bible says which hope we have as an anchor of the soul both sure and steadfast and which entered into that within the veil with her the Bible says the forerunner is for us entered even Jesus made an high Priest for ever after the order of nuptials you know there are many names are applied to Jesus and God manual Messiah but is only in this context that he is called the forerunner if any of you are familiar with the monarchy the government you will know that the forerunner is in while hooray a forerunner is one who goes before the Royal process profession and since all the people everyone notice you know the royalty are coming down everyone notice in the Bible says Jesus is the forerunner and so when he went to heaven the Bible colleges for Linux and the Angels were already to praise him and all unfallen world the right to welcome him but you know what he says look behind me the behind the royalty .com presents this is that royalties you all heaven is interested in your salvation all heaven is interested in you Jesus is pointing all the Angels to you for your sake so that you might believe that Jesus is doing the work for you in your behalf and you know it's very interesting articles of this text second Timothy chapter three a lot times you know maybe you relate ever notice when there's a big pilot dishes you want when you do then you want everyone to know that you did it that's your one is a big hollow laundry you want make sure that when mom and I come home yet you at doing it so no one else takes credit not right as now Jesus is because in verse thirteen a second to detect to if we believe not the Bible says yet he abides faithful he cannot deny himself the only thing Jesus can do is be faithful so even if you don't believe even if you don't believe him to put the bread on the table unlike the labs will still do it even if you don't believe that he's praying for you he'll still do it all still set the bread on the table even if you don't know that I didn't because all I can do is be faithful no brothers and sisters how can we refuse how can we not give our hearts to Jesus will do this on our behalf you know it's really interesting the insanity so you know I'm going overseas in just a few days and I'm someone that is can get pre- nostalgic about his maybe some yet the same way we graduated from high school when you graduate from college and graduate school in meeting all your friends and you feel that kind of all and you look through yearbook of whatever it is and you feel that sense of the stall is and you know for some of you might be fun for me I realize I don't like at all because I just hate feeling a kind of separation as I was reading one day and I realize that you know one of the things that I like about Jesus or something that's a wonderful Jesus is you never have to feel nostalgic and the rest of the but you know what one-day Jews will have to feel nostalgia even though he's doing all this work here the Bible says there will be those that rise in the second resurrection believe it shall be saved but did you know that even that even if you were lost is the still love you same there is still be a place in his heart or for the rest of eternity he will have to deal with it I place a bet on my table I took it stands I pray light the lamps I did all this work for him and her yet he's he's lost and all that work I feel that sense of nostalgia preconference schedule be satisfied but there always will be a place in his heart will illness of his loss no even if your kids were lost even if your parents lost in the judgment you forget you'll say that God is just the Jews will never forget he's will never forget why would we loudly do that to Christ why would we allow him to feel like that would look at everything that he's provided for us fraud behalf dear father we thank you for the work that you're doing in our lives we asked Lord that you would give us the faith of Jesus to believe to believe that you have provided grace without measure Holy Spirit without measure father there is no excuse for us to laugh to come behind for you have made all the preparation and so I asked for today but she would come into our hearts but you would help us to see that you are working in this Temple that you would help us to see that everything that all heaven is interested in our salvation we pray Lord that you would help us through your providence that you would help us to study help us to see your ministry and heavenly sanctuary father thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you for the producers we proudly think the name of Jesus in their


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