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Deliver Me From Institutional Oppression

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • January 23, 2016
    2:30 PM


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Father. I am just the dust. I make so many mistakes. We command. So followers by the my weakness mere strength and your grace we manifest from the sick with this woman with your Holy Spirit. That I be a blessing not a curse you are these precious souls I made a decision. To spend the Sabbath afternoon to gain a blessing. They could easily gone to the beach. Or have other social activities but they have desired to come here. Expecting a blessing so in spite of myself. May they be blessed by the preaching of the word in their mind heart and the B. touch of the near ness of your son soon return. We ask that you do something special here today. This we pray. And Jesus' name. Yesterday. Pastor Kayla Thompson gave a powerful message on. Expectations. And how churches and parents and society places expectations upon us. That is not according to the Bible and that's oftentimes oppressive and diverts us from the calling I got asked for us. That those expectations give us bondage. From doing what God calls us to do. And these expectations often come in oppressive ways. Now I know one thing. We give the enemy too much credit for being overt. He is very subtle. And in fact the enemy uses something very interesting. He uses the expectations of the media. Upon us. If you don't watch Star Wars you looked as weird. If you haven't watched frozen as I What are you. Your weird. If you don't dress and skinny jeans are thought of as we are for guys. Back in my days we had baggy jeans go figure. From one extreme to another. So we have all thoughts of these expectations and. If we don't conform to the to the expectations the society has for us. We are seen as. Straight laced odd or extremist. You see. Even though. Fashion. We like to be honest in style. And even though we want to fit in in society. It's natural. As a school teacher. Praise God for uniforms same. But if there are not uniforms and back in my day. When we wouldn't wear uniforms. People got bullied for not wearing a certain thing. Is that correct. Back in my day it was store jackets you know. Storage Achatz waiters caps shows. Yes. I'm old. Yes. But if we don't conform to that we're looked upon as being a revival. Or boy. You see one of the most boring. Agents right now is Hollywood. And the media. And what they're doing is they are portraying and promoting a new more ality. And if you don't conform to that morality. You are looked upon as someone that is an enemy. Of society. If. Angus Jones and remember him. Angus Jones gave his heart to Jesus. And as John was convicted about the Aves message that the Bible study avin the church in the valley. And he decided to leave. He was the number one child actor. And he left. And renounced his show. And this is what he said about him. So that he was in a cult that he had mental illness. That he should be evaluated for schizophrenia. We see here that expectations. Is causing oppression. You see if we don't conform to a certain expectation of society. If we don't conform to a certain expectation of popular culture. Soon a VERY soon. We will be looked upon as very weird. If we want to keep the Bilko bases. Of our bullies and our doctrines. Soon and very soon. Liberty of conscience. Will be threatened. And it's almost here. And that's why the Bible tells us the Romans chapter told us to know the Bible says. And being not conform to this what. World will be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that girl. And except one perfect well out of God. You see. We want to please people. Isn't that correct. But you know we're brothers and sisters. We could be the most hated person on this planet. But my Bible tells me that ten thousand about ten thousand angels are there for me my Bible tells me that the Father Son and the Holy Spirit cheering for me. My Bible tells me that the phone worlds are cheering for me. So my Bible tells me that I am the majority. When I do feel like the minority here on this earth. Faith is the sum of the things hoped for the evidences of things not seen. And what God is one of the teachers at this time. Is to go beyond the expectations of society go beyond the expectation the culture. Go beyond the expectations of fashion. Go beyond the expectations of your parents. And do what's good and acceptable perfect will of God then what does God do for us. John ten ten God gives us life and life more abundantly. See when you please God. You are blessed. See when you please God. You prosper. When you please God you have the prosperity in the security and the confidence that you cannot have from any other human being here on Earth. And God is trying to teach us. Not to conform to society. Not to conform to the media. But. Please. That a God only can only please God. By asking God for that power and we can we please God by knowing that he first loved us and God says. In Romans Chapter five. This is one of my favorite verses and Patrick Illustrated. Verses. Yet while we were in sinners Christ died for us. Messed up and dirty as we were. Christ. Still. Embraced us. Remember the story of The Chronicle son. Now the product of son had pig's garment. He was in the file picks pinyin picks food. Now in the Jewish economy. The pig is the most dirtiest animal if you touch that it's a sin. But when the father son the son coming on the horizon. The father didn't care that he had. Pigs. Stench or pigs or pigs and. The father embraced the son. And Jesus does that for you and I. We get abused by society. We get abused by expectations. But when we learn. To go against the popular current. When we learn and see the unseen that we are the majority by following the Bible. By loving Jesus and keeping His commandments. To his power. Then there is a blessing. Even beyond the persecution that will come to us here today. You see we're in an age right now. Where in the city of Houston and Houston Mer. In two thousand and fourteen. Try to require all pastors to submit sermon notes that talked about homosexuality. In our freedom all right. We're in an age right now where the United States Supreme Court this isn't what the New York Times says. The United States Supreme Court may soon liberate the conservative church from all prejudices. That should have long ago been jettisoned. Forcing it into rightly barreling to the enlightment. Of Modern eighty. In the words of a recent New York Times In other words. What the New York Times is saying is that the church that follows the Bible. Need to bow down to modern expectations and modern morality. That's the expectations of the government. To you and I. And in my parents' home town of Gresham Oregon. A Christian couple decided not to make a cake. For a same sex marriage couple you know they just. Nicely said. We believe in the bill compared to man and woman and we don't feel comfortable making a cake for you. And they were fine recently one hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred twenty seven dollars for refusing to make a case for following the Bible. Religious persecution is very real here today. And it's connected to the expectations of the media. Popular culture and society. But God wants us to go beyond society. And be secure in this love. And this love is life and life more abundantly. You see. Now days. Are some of the avenues ministers are being persecuted. The turn Aquash. He spoke for he was the South was in church revivals. And in fact it's interesting. The people that made light of his positions on the papacy. And his position on same sex marriages. They were not You Tube and watch do you want to see sermons that Dr Walsh preach. And he lost his job. We're living in an age where it's more and more unpopular. And is expected of us to adhere to what the government tells us. And what media tells us. And what celebrities tells us. For what is right. You see right now we're in a society. Where in the election year we're almost an election and you know a White House is not of the Clare. Arcana thier allegiance to a politician. And I see in all social media. People are going but. Let's vote for Ben Carson or let's vote for this person or that person. Brothers and Sisters. There is a reason why we should not vote for a politician. Ellen White says the gospel worker says. We should cast no faith in political parties why. Because right now. The liberal left. Is right now. Seeking to oppress Christian values. And what's going to happen to society is going to be more and more unstable. There's going to be more terrorism. And more attacks. And more natural disasters. Then the ultra right is going to. We need to get back to God. But their way of getting back to God is not by. Love is not a choice. But by legislation by force of tortie through. The government from one extreme to another. So if you vote liberal or. Republican your voice from the same side. And right in the center. Is you and I some of their business. And God has commissioned us. To declare liberty a conscience. That people need a choice. And people deserve a choice. It is as Patrick Ala said he was calling. The declaration in the pen and. It is in him in the natural right for us to choose who we should choose. Not be forced by government. Now why did God raise the United States of America and also the Bible says a revolution to twelve or thirteen and sixteen. Are ready to study the Bible a little bit here today. Is that OK. I'm not sure I just like to teach. Is that OK. Revelation Chapter twelve or thirteen and sixteen the Bible says. When the dragon saw that he was cast into the earth. He persecuted the woman so we have a dragon and we have a woman right. Which brought forth a man and to the woman were given two wings of a great ego. That she might fly into the wilderness into a place where she was nourished for a time in times and half a time from the face of the serpent. And the serpent cast out his mouth water as a flood. After the woman that he might cause her to be carried away on the flood. And Earth. Helped the woman. And the earth. Opened her mouth and swallowed the flood. Which the dragon cast out of the mouth so you have a dragon there seeking to kill the woman. Warman's in the woman the first time times and half a ton as. I don't have the time to prove it but that is one thousand two hundred sixty literal years. But one thousand two hundred sixty years the woman was in the wilderness. The dragon then use water to try to drown the woman. But the Earth opens and allows the woman to live. Now we want to understand what the Dragon is or who the dragon is who the woman is and who what the want to represent and what the earth represents. And let's do this quickly. The dragon represents Satan. The woman appointed future chapter five or twenty five represents the church. That was in the wilderness. From the Dragon or Satan. That persecutes for one thousand two hundred sixty years. But the serpent the dragon. SPEWS water and Psalms eighteen for. That waters represents the flaws of. Satan use on godly men and golly government to try to destroy the church. But the woman. Is helped by. The earth now. Water represents populated people. What earth represents a relatively unpopulated area. So the woman then. Is helped by a relatively unpopulated area that helps her to survive. And we know that that woman a coin to history. Was the pilgrims coming here to North America where they were oppressed by the papacy. And by the end. And they came here. To the United States. Or to what is going to be the United States. To experience. Religious liberty. Our nation was brought forth because of freedom of choice to worship. How we won. No matter what religion. And the Bible says and rather the twelve or sixteen. And the earth helped the woman. And the earth. Open the mouth and swallow up the flood which the dragon cast out his mouth and the dragon was wroth with a woman. And went to make war with the renderer see which keep the commands of God and how the testimony of Jesus Christ. So the woman is helped by. The Earth. The woman then establishment herself. On the earth. The church is now established here in North America and. The dragon that declares war on the woman the real never see who is now in America. That Renner see that keeps the command of God in the person you're Jesus Christ. That is the admin movement. But you know who was in the Mayflower. Someone very special. James why live in sin is Page nine my father to send them from one of the pilgrims who came to America on the ship. Mayflower and land of the plan. Plymouth Rock. One of the founders of the seventh Avenue Church his ancestor. Was in the Mayflower. Literally when the Mayflower. Sailed from Europe. To the United States the remnant overseed was carried in that shit. We Are Church of destiny brothers and sisters. And God is calling. The Church. To declare liberty of conscience. Now only. In government. Now only in politics. But also in the church and also on the whole. Because if we don't experience it in the churches. If we don't expense in our homes. If we don't experience in our corporate or teams and above work teams in our events with the meanings. How can we declare religious liberty. To the world. And so inspiration says a great college paid for forty one this bridge and says. Freedom of religious faith was also granted every man being permitted to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience. Republicanism. And Protestantism. Became the fundamental principles of the nation. These principles are the secret of its. What power and prosperity so the prosperity imperative unites these come from Republican is them. Which is separation of church and state. And the values of Protestants and what is the value to process them that we can all have an individual experience with god. We can study the Bible on our own without a priest. Without a clergy. Telling us what to do. These principles are the secret of his power and prosperity oppress and downtrodden christian them. Have turned to this land with interest and hope. Millions have started stories in the United States has risen to a place among the most powerful nations. Of the earth. God knew and foretell and he gave this nation. As a place where we experience religious liberty. To develop his remnant church. To declare to the whole world. His final gospel message. So that we can go on with our freedoms are being taken away. Slowly but surely. And God is asking us to understand his character. Even deeper. The character of love and the character of choice. We talked about the oppression of government. What is God's government life and also the Bible says in Isaiah thirty three. Who want to study about God's government Amen. Let's talk about the government of God The Bible says for the Lord is our one. The Lord is there are large give her the Lord is our. And he were one. Even though he is the author of the law that condemns. Us for our sins. He is also the one that will save us. He is a guy that freely pardons. And forgives us for our transgressions. And one else is the government. What is God's law based upon what the Bible says in Romans thirteen was ten. The Bible says. Love working no ill to his neighbor therefore. Love is the fulfilling of the one of the law so the Ten Commandments a law of God is based upon. Love. Love is a choice. If I know it's an inspiration service and patron profits page thirty three. Inspiration says. The law of love being the foundation of the government God. The happiness of. All intelligent beings. Depends upon their perfect accord with its great principles the righteousness of God desires from all His creatures the service of love. Service that springs from an appreciation of his character. He takes no pleasure. What he said no pleasure in what an essay what. Forced obedience. And to all he. Grants freedom of will that he may render him. Voluntary Service. You know we often do. And as idea what parents can do in pastoral ministry. Oftentimes I've discovered. Parents mean well. They want their kids to be in the church. But they use the wrong that is to try they have their own conclusion. Instead of showing them in a relational way or modeling them the love of Jesus. Malo in them that love and awaken that love. They all they say is you better go to church now. Or else. You better be good for that next Christmas gift. You have to do this and you have to do that in order for me to show affection to you when inspiration says that God had takes no pleasure in force obedience. And we have to unload on or cultural upbringing we have to on learn. Or cultural D.N.A. from an Asian culture. And it's very. Workspace. You have to get those straight A's. You have to go to Harvard. Now only that you have to look good. You have to have a list fashions. Or if you look at you have to get plastic surgery that's true. Or double eyelids. You have to do this and you have to do that but God takes us ugly and the foreigners we are were wretched. Poor blind and naked but Jesus still embraces us. We have to show to our children our God is a not a god of vengeance of anger. But a god that freely receives and freely for years. And so. Jesus is a proponent of voluntary service. You see in John Chapter eighteen for thirty six Jesus was in front of pilot. Now Pagan Rome was the most powerful nation on earth. It was the United States of America that time. Nation. That is turning from a republic. Into an oppressive imperial power. That would in the future. Would merge church and state. And gives rise to see the papacy. And Jesus in front of the council a pilot. Says something very interesting. Jesus answered to pilot My kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world. Then what my servants what. Jesus never operated by force. That I should not be delivered to the Jews and now is my kingdom not from hence. You see Jesus believe in liberty of conscience. Do you believe in the separation of church and state. And these principles that we should understand for ourselves and our homes. And also in our families. Now I do the study. How does Jesus govern the church. B.C. The Bible says that Christ is the head of the church is that correct. If I know what the Bible says in the future chapter five or twenty three twenty five. The Bible says for the husband is the head of the wife. Even as Christ is the head of the church. Now. Men when they read that text they abuse it. Have mercy right. It's actually those that believe in in headship of males they like say. Oh you know I see why if you listen to me no matter one arm then allows continuing one and he is the savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject to the crisis all that there was be to their own husbands. In every thing. Sounds good for guys like Correct. Let's continue on though. But notice this. This turns the tables. Husbands love your wives. Even as crys also love the church. And gave Himself for it. You know what Jesus does Jesus. Although it's not his fault. He takes responsibility for our sins. You see man. If you really want to be the head of the household no matter what your wife does you take responsibility. And not complain. That's what Jesus does. You see. Remember in the Garden of Eden. You know what Adam said. It was YOU that made the woman. That caused me to say who was Adam blaming for sin God. And what did God do. To God like say. Oh. How dare you say that Adam. If you consent is that correct. By God commanded his love towards as yet. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. He said. Even though it's not by right my for. I will make it. My for. You see Jesus came as a servant leader. What did he do for the disciples He washed their feet. So many if you want me the head of the house so you should wash the feet of your wife Amy. And I sing a hard saying I see a lot of women sing him into that. And continuing our verse twenty eight. So want men to love their wives as their own bodies. He got to love with his wife loveth. Himself. In other words. Our natural predisposition is self-preservation for our own bodies and the correct survival instinct. When our survival instinct. Is now transferred to the one that we love. For no man ever yet hated his own flesh been nurtured and cherish that even as. The lower the church. For we are members of his body of his flesh and. Of this bones. You see Jesus. Willingly. Died. For the church. Men are you willing to die for your wife's salvation. Willingly. As Jesus did you see. Why do I talk about these principles. Because marriages are more and more being oppressive. We have abusive in the press the men. That Peter was in try to beat them into submission. And the other hand you have subtle control in women that try to control guys. And be suspicious of everything that the guys doing wrong. So Satan is getting. Both extremes together. And the home is being divided. But Jesus wants to give us a better model. Jesus wants to give us a model of self sacrificing love. No matter what the wife does. We still. Show love and inspirations as an avid home page forty seven paragraph one. Can See find true peace and joy in his affection. Will she be allowed to preserve her individuality. Or must her judgment and conscience be surrendered to the control of her husband. You see we like to control people. We want to impose our identity. Upon another person. But God is not like that God gives us a choice. You see a force in the video out enough. Force the way of doing that. That is the spirit of the papacy. And oftentimes I'm sorry to say brother this is that we may say that we're part of the remnant. But we have people in the home. And we had people in the church. Can she honor the Saviors claim a supreme. What body and soul of thoughts and purposes be preserved pure and holy. These questions have a vital bearing upon the well being of every woman who enters the marriage relation. So how did Christ gave himself for the church and the Bible says a Matthew chapter twenty first twenty eight. The Bible says even as a son a man came not to be ministered unto. But to what. Minister and to give this life. A ransom for many. Jesus came to serve. And what qualifies husbands to marry their wives. Is that. Of self sacrificing. Service. And when men take the lead. And become servant leaders in the home. We will see religious liberty develop in the home. And that man. Doesn't have to tell the woman what to do or try to force the woman what to do. He is leading by example. He's leading by love. And that love awaken that love. And therefore there is a voluntary submission to one another as Christ and the church have a relationship with one another so I will be done. As in heaven. As in this on. Now how did Jesus deal with those that betrayed him. You see brothers and sisters. We have an interesting thing. I've been to many Bible worker things back in the days. I've been then evangelists in meetings I'm back in the days. And there's always one or two people that don't conform to the rules. There's always one or two people that were just here. They were not serious about the work. And oftentimes they are back in my day I was so angry that I wanted to I want to get the point they can tell me go. There was there was weak links as we say. But how did Jesus treat the quote unquote weaklings and was a Bible says. In John chapter six. For seventy and seventy one. The Bible says Jesus has them have not chosen you twelve and one of you is the devil. He spake of Judas Iscariot the son assignment. For he is that she had betrayed him being one of the twelve. Jesus knew that Judas would betray him. Jesus knew that Judas was the one that would sell them. To the Jews and to Rome. But. Did Jesus kick out Judas for being a disciple. He let them remain in this position. Even though he would make a bad choice. You see part of liberty of conscience and freedom. Is allowing people to make the wrong choices. Even though it knows the hurt and often times. We are like saying there are so many problems in the church. There's so many pastors that don't preach the message. There's so many this and that there are so many mission teachers. The church isn't apostasy this that and whatever. But Jesus. How he treats Judas is how we should treat one another. If there was no biases in John Chapter thirteen verse twenty six. The Bible says Jesus answered. He it is through whom I shall give a sop. When I have dipped it and when he had. He gave it to Judas Iscariot the son of Simon. And after the salve Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him. That thou do was do. Quickly. Now no matter table new for that in ten he spake this. Unto him. Now what is this Jesus do not exposed Judas in public you understand him say. These then call out Judas in. Jesus gave Judas the choice. What thou do is do it quickly he didn't stop Jews from making the wrong decision. Because he recognized that that's the choice that Judas makes you know why Jesus allowed Judas to be in both the disciples. You know Jesus already knew that he was going to betray him is that correct. But the Bible says love what is love. Bearer thought things hope with all things. Endure a thought things. In other words. If Jesus is nature. That Jesus is love is so deep that he would bear the thought of things hope of all things. Endure or thought things. And believe all things that Judas would still make the right decision. Regardless of his prophetic destiny. And often times when we see a pastor and we see a minister. And we see in a ministry or not doing how we like it or how we see him about once per process. We oftentimes say. Oh he's over he's the posse. He's done more. I see it all the social media. Who is another person that Jesus. Embrace that made bad mistakes knows what Obama says and will point to for thirty for the Bible says and he said. I tell the Peter. The cop show macro this day before and that south rise the night that down no is me here Jesus knew that Peter would betray him three times. When he needed them the most. Jesus needed a friend the most. He needed a friend when he was suffering. For the sins of humanity. He needed his best friend. His inner circle. He knew that Peter would betray him. That Jesus say Peter you're no longer my friend. He still kept. Peter as his friend regardless of how he made the wrong decision. If that knows the Bible says in John twenty one verse sixteen about was that he said. Again the second time. Simon son a Jonas loves the ME. He said to me yeah I love that I know is that I love the. He said unto him. Feed my sheep. Jesus never remove Judas. Or Peter. From their positions. Even though they were made to wrong decisions. And sometimes. We have so many expectations that once you're in ministry. Once you are told in a position that you have to be perf it. You have to be right. You have to do everything all correctly. And if you don't do it that way. You're over. It's gone. You officer. Jesus didn't deal that way. Jesus respected the choice even the wrong choice. But you are now we talk about the shaking is that correct that within the tears. There was the palaces in Matthew Chapter thirty hrs twenty seven. The Bible says. And the servants of those householders came and said unto him. Sir did this not that I WAS SO GOOD seen and I feel. For once then perhaps the tears. He said unto him an enemy had done this. The servant said unto him. Well. Then that we go and gather them up. But he said nay. Let's while we gather up the tears he rode up root up also the we with them. Let both grow together until the harvest time of the harvest I will say to the reapers. Gather you together first the tears. And bind them in bundles to burn them by gather the we. And to my barn. In other words. You know why God allows. Sin in the church. You know why God allows people in the church. You know why God allows abuses in the church because he wants to give them the opportunity to make the right choice. Love. Bear a thought. Things hope with all things. And endurable. Things. You see we through many times and I am guilty of this. We look at somebody. And I have a problem with this and I have an issue with this. And I am being transparent. When I see someone. That is doing things. Now point to my belief in the process. In my mind. Man he's done for. Probations close for that guy. Seven last place here you come for that guy. But that's not how Jesus operates. The wheat in the tears go together to the harvest. You see Jesus. Will continue. He will continue to knock on the hearts of our doors of our hearts till we make our very final decision on tell we make a final decision where nothing can change our minds. Jesus will continue to knock on the hearts of both wheat and tares. Now I have a Jesus treat Satan. When he rebelled and was about was a Revelation Chapter twelve. For seven and nine. The Bible says and there was war in heaven. Michael is Angel fought against a dragon the dragon fought with His angels and prevail not. Neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out that all serpent called The Devil and Satan which is even the whole world. He was cast out into the earth and as angels will cast out with him. It's interesting. Satan led an insurrection heaven. But Jesus the not destroy him. Why is that. Pictures of prophecy page forty two. Even when he was cast out of heaven infinite wisdom did not destroy Satan. Since only the service I love can be acceptable to God. The allegiance of his creatures must rest upon a conviction of his Justice and benevolence. The inhabitants of Heaven and of the world. Being unprepared to comprehend. The nature of consequences in could not have seen the justice of God in the destruction of Satan. Had he been immediately blotted out existence. Some would have served God from fear rather than from love. Therefore the deceiver would not have been fully destroyed. Nor would the spirit bill and have been utterly eradicated. For the good of the entire universe through ceaseless ages. He must. More fully develop his principles. That is charged against the vine government. Might be seen in the truth. But all created beings. And that the Justice and Mercy of God and immutability of this law. Might be for a place beyond all question do you know what Jesus did he say to religious liberty freedom of choice. And Satan right now is demonstrating his side. And his government. Here on Earth. Satan is demonstrating his government through ISIS. Which is the precursor of the merger of church and state. When you have a religious government entity that is oppressing. We see here ice is a preview. And a trailer. Of Things To Come. But yet Jesus did not destroy Satan. Jesus gave Satan. Religious liberty. In contrast to Jesus. When Jesus was in ministry here on Earth. There was another group that operate on the principles contrary that Jesus knows the Bible says in John Chapter Verse twenty two. The Bible says. And here we have. Jesus. He healed. This young man. From blindness he was born in birth. He healed them on the Sabbath. You know the famous account. He spit. Clay in place upon their eyes and. He was healed. And you know what the Fair says they were upset because Jesus. Against what their expectation. Religiosity is he healed on the Sabbath. And what happened. When the furnace is due John chapter and verse went to these words paint the parents because they fear the Jews. For the Jews that agreed already. That if any man to confess that he was cries. He should be put out of the synagogue. You see the fairy says that if you don't believe everything how we believe. If you know follow how do we believe. Then you'll be kicked out of church and the parents were afraid. That's not how God operates. I believe in certain supply. Brothers and Sisters. I believe that there is a child abuser or an abuser that they have Matthew chapter six says that anyone that. That causes another person to sin or press somebody or abuses somebody. They should be dealt with in the church. Plan ahead. If they are believers contrary to my belief. And their thoughts are contrary to my thought. It is not my business. To try to force them to change their minds. As the Farriss did here. If no one is what the Bible says and John Chapter twenty eight. Here the ferrous is came to the blind man that was healed and said who healed you. Isn't here Center and the man that was healed was saying that. I don't think he's a sinner. He is a God and knows what the Bible says in John Chapter nine verse twenty and twenty nine Then they reviled him and said Thou are his disciple. But we are most is that. We know that God spake unto Moses. For as for this fellow. We know not from whence he is. You see. Oftentimes. Even in our churches. We think there were only qualified to teach and preach the Word of God If we have a master's divinity. We're only qualified to preach and teach the Word of God If we have a theology degree or religion degree. And whenever a young person. Is excited about giving Bible says. In teaching. And I've heard cases after cases. Throughout the nation as I travel. There are pastors. During the shutdown these bible study groups. That is the spirit of the fairies. If I continue on the Bible says. The man answered and said unto them. Why here it is a marvelous thing that ye know not from once a year is. And yet he had opened my eyes. Now we know that God here is not sinners. But if any man be a worshipper of God. And do with his will. Him. He hear it. Since the world began has and not heard that any man open the eyes of one that was born blind. If this man were not of God. He could do nothing. Here's a young man. He's giving his testimony. Of how God has done something special is a lot. He's sharing an experience on a special supernatural power of God. And often times when we have young people that are on fire for God and giving testimonies. Often times leadership. Often sprays water upon them. To douse the fire. So who are you to speak to us about the experience of God. You don't have a degree. Go to our colleges first before you talk to me. And what how does the Farriss react John chapter number thirty four they answered and said and to him that I was altogether born in sins and doubt. Does the out teach us. And they cast them out. They disfellowship. This young man for giving a testimony. Of what Jesus did for his life. Because he did not have the degree of the fair seas. You see presences I'm an educator. I'm a teacher. I've prepared. Young people for college. But I know this. Colleges. Validate who we are as a person. A degree doesn't validate who we are as a person. God validates who you are. And oftentimes these are cities in the standardized. Young people think that that score. Is a validation of who you are. No that's not a validation. That's not the validation that you have. Because Jesus love you no matter what test score you Guy. Jesus loves you no matter what are you see. I hate to say this I have two masters degrees. But you know who taught me the Bible. High school dropout GED people. Somewhere no degree. Someone that was in the lower the lower the streets. Someone that didn't have the formal education. Of the normal man's a ministry. That's the one that taught me the adman message. I learned from our early. Time in ministry that. I would should not discriminate people. Based upon a degree. We tested upon the Word of God and God is trying to call us. To go beyond our education now. If you call to go to education go to colleges. If you call to go to seminary praise God. I'm not trying to scare the we have some very good seminary professor. We have a very good professors a sudden they have this university ever faster ever. We have very good professors like Professor dancing in energy University. So our schools are not hopeless Amen. But there is an imbalance that if you do not have a certain education especially on religious lines. You're not qualified to teach. And that is not biblical. You see the early church was founded by. Eleven high school dropouts. Because in the Jewish economy. You don't know the Torah by the age of twelve. You can never go to the literary schools at that time. So. Peter James and John there were dropouts. Well. God also use an educated man named Paul. Is that correct. So uses the and learn and learn. To finish his work. And when also the first is do. One of the first you do the Jesus John Chapter five or six things. And therefore the Jews persecute Jesus and sought to slay him because he had done these things. On the Sabbath day. Here Jesus doing good Jesus solving the problems of the Jewish nation. But. The same person. That is seeking to deliver the Jewish nation. Into a better place. Is the same person that the Jewish leadership was persecuting. Because they were doing to according to their expectations. What he was doing. On the Sabbath was the first you do Jesus knows what the Bible says in John Chapter Verse forty. But now you seek to kill me a man that had told you the truth. Which I heard of God. This did not. Abraham. They were seeking not only to take Jesus out of the church. But they were seeking to kill Jesus. For speaking his theological position. What else happened. John Chapter ten were three three. I am my father one. Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him. Jesus there are many good works. Have I showed you from my father. For which of these words that you stole me. The Jews answered I'm saying. For a good work we stone the not. But for blasphemy and because that thou being a man. Make a slice of God. The Jewish leadership the church leadership. Sought to kill Jesus. Because he didn't fit into their theological model. And infringement of church and state. But what did Jesus do how does react to this Does the. Very something very very interesting. And that's what a Bible says and John Chapter seven was what the Bible says after these things Jesus walked in Galilee. For he one now walk in Jewry because the Jews sought to. He see Jesus. Time was and yet. There are often times when we are oppressed. And we are being discriminated and we're being persecuted. And we want to Often times. Lash back and correct. But there are times that we should walk away. Like Jesus did. There are times when Jesus calls us to stand up. And there's times that we should avoid confrontation. And continually pray. And Minister for them but Jesus will tell us the right time. And that's why no students person says a great card is a page five sixty eight. What affaires these are. There is a striking similarity between the Church of Rome and the Jewish church. At the time of Christ first advent while the Jews who we trample upon every principle of the law of God. They were our only rigorous in the service of its precepts. Loading it down with exactions and traditions. That made obedience painful burdensome. So the Jews prefers to revere the law. So the Romans claim to reference the cross. They exult the symbol of Christ our friends. While their lives and I him. Whom. It represents. You know why Jesus died. Jesus died because his religious liberty was taken away. Jesus put on the cross. Because his liberty of conscience. Was attempted to be taken away. And if that you know the Pharisees you know what they did. To kill Jesus. John Chapter eleven. Verse forty seven forty eight. The Bible says then Gallagher chief priests and affairs is the council said. What do we. For this man does many miracles. If we let him those alone all men more believe on Him in a Roman shall come and take away both our place and nation. Now let me stop here. You know why people want control. People want to control something because they fear they are going to do something. Is that correct. And so because they are Jewish nation fear that they will lose their positions. They were lose their our positions. They were afraid of Jesus and why was the Jewish nation afraid north about was a Matthew Chapter four. And his Jesus fame went throughout all Syria. And they brought him. Unto him all the sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments. And those which were possessed with devils. And those which were. Lunatic and those that were policy and heal them and there are follow them great multitude of people from Galilee and from the capitals and from Jerusalem and from Judea. And from beyond Jordan. They were afraid that Jesus was swaying the people. To their favor. They were losing their power among the people. You see the reason why the mark of the beast is can be passed. Is the basis of control. We want to control the population. And when the seventh they have the Church does the. Healing work of Jesus like we do with pathways there. When we do medical missionary work. And people are being healed. And when we see that. People outside of the normal lines of the institutions are being healed. And restored. By the healing ministry of Jesus. As we do the work. And we see influence. And people now are saying and with grace nothing can our ministry. That will become a threat to society. Continue on those of the Bible says. In first fifty. John eleven. Nor consider that is expedient for us. That one man should die for the people. And that the whole nation perish not. And this not of themselves. But being a High Priest that year he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation. And not for that nation only. But also he said gather together in one. The children of God. They were scattered them from that day forth. They took counsel together. For to put him to death. They were afraid of losing their influence among the people. And so what did the Jewish nation do. The newish Jewish nation represents. Religious power the church right. Who actually crucified Jesus there was the. ROMANS There was the. Stay. Is that correct. So you had the Church and the state. Collaborate to kill Jesus. At the cross. Religious Liberty threaten and was the motive. The multitude. When Jesus was displayed by pilot. And they cried out away with them and away with him crucify him. Pilot said unto them shell across the fire King. The chief priest answer we have no king but. Caesar In other words. We're going to bow down to the state. When a bout of the government. Because the government has all the solution to our problems. Not God. Church and state emerges to kill Jesus. Those were the inspirations of the great car is paid for and I want this with the first is that. God never forces the will or the conscience but Satan's constant resort to gain control of those whom he cannot otherwise seduce. Is compulsion by. Cruelty. So in other words. Have you met someone. That's all I see because they want something. And so they offer to take yachtie. Is that correct or. Try to do good things for you. But if you don't do. To their expectations. And here to what they want to do what they do they start being mean spirited. They're saying you're. You're bad you're terrible. They give you the cold shoulder. That's the principles of the papacy. Through fear or force endeavors to rule. The conscience to secure homage to himself to accomplish this. He works through both religious and secular authorities. Moving them to the unfortunate human laws. In defiance of the law of God. You see. Society is moving to the point where if we don't follow society's expectations. We are seen as enemies of the state government is moving. And religion is moving. That if you don't go to the mainline religious police. Then you are considered. The minority. And you are considered. Not being part of the solution to the problem. You see all of these things are all. Convalescing from society. In government. And also in the home. What these are undue expectations in the home. As we learn on Friday. Couple what the outside forces in government. And this is sandwiching together. And we are being forced. More and more that here. To the pressures that the enemy or solve. Is Trying To seekers here in the last days. But Jesus wants us to experience true liberty. And that true liberty starts. In our homes. That true liberty starts with our relationships and how we treat one another. How we treat our friends. Even if our friends do things that we do not like to do. There are still our friends. You give them the choice. You allow them to make the wrong decision. You don't try to force them. If your boyfriend and girlfriend doesn't do or something that you like. You still treat them with respect and dignity. Religious Liberty starts practically between one another and how we relate to ourselves in the home. And the churches in our schools. And when we experience this and treat one another when that love awaken that love. Then we can declare this message to the world. What is the final warning. Revelation fourteen years nine and ten. The Bible says in the third angel followed them same with a loud voice. If any man worship the beast in this image. And receive his mark on his forehead on his hand. The same shall drink a while the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation. And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone. In the present the holy angels in the presence of the Lamb that this sounds pretty pretty. Mean spirit is that correct. So anyone that works is the beast and its image. And receives Mork. Will receive the wrath of God. But what does it mean to worship the beast and his image. What does that mean to worship the beast in the image of the more knows the Bible says in religion thirteen seven. The Bible says it was given unto him. To make war with the Saints and overcome them and power is given over all kindreds and tongues and nations. So this Beast Wars with the Saints. What else is peace through Revelation thirteen fifteen. And the power to give life on to the image of the beast. And image the beast. Should not speak and cause. That as many as would not worship the image a beast should be killed in other words. This beast power. Here's an institution of forced worship. Against a conscience if you don't worship the way we want. You'll be killed just like the Pharisees did to Jesus really seventeen verse five and six and upon her forehead was a name written. Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots an abomination of the earth. And I saw a woman drunk with the blood of the saints with the blood of the Martha Jesus. And when I star I wondered. With great admiration. You see the reason why. Those that works of the beast and his image. Receives the judgment of God. Is because it is in the busa of institution. Abusive relationship. They are seeking to cause people to worship. Against the dictates of. Our conscience. It is the ultimate form of abuse is trying to control and change our minds. Through force. And through manipulation. And that's why. Brains there is this judgment upon them. But you know even the system called Babyland. God is giving them religious liberty. Knows the Bible says the Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one as our brains and follow points. The Bible says and these things I saw another angel. Come down from heaven. Having. Great Power and the earth was widened with this glory. In the cry mother with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great as far as phone. Has become the habitation of devils and the whole of every foul spirit. And occasion every unclean a hateful bird. For all nations are drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. And the Kings on earth. Have committed fornication with her. And the merchants of the earth. How wax rich through the abundance of her delicacy. And I heard another voice from heaven. Saying. Come out of her what my people there you not be partakers of her sins and that even see if not all of her. So even within Babylon there is a people that God is giving a choice. To experience. Religious liberty. Even with this institution. That is suppressing. That is committing forced worship upon the world. Of the great heinous of the character the enemy of souls. God has given this institution. Within a people that will hear the call. Of the true character of God and join the remnant fold. Because they experience. Religious liberty. The Bible says that this angel. Has great power. And when his great power. Matthew Chapter nine. But there you may know that the Son of Man had power on earth the what. Forgive sins. So that power. Is the message that Jesus forgives you for your sins. Jesus forgives you. For persecuting the avenue for. Jesus is giving you the message that. If you accept Him and accept forgiveness. It is though that you have never sent this message or justification by faith. And once we demonstrate. Forgiveness. In our actions. During this crisis our. When we are our homes taken away. When we are being run as enemies as they. When we say. Father forgive them. They do not know what they're doing. And demonstrate the character of Jesus that will melt the hearts of those I'm babbling. And join the Roman fold here in the last days. Even in the final moments God is giving the institution of false worship of forced worship. Within that people only thirty choose him. And to be forgiven for the greyness oppressive. Acts in history. And God is telling us to deliver this message. You know what do we need to be delivered from brothers and sisters. And we need to be delivered from our current reality. Because our current reality. Is not a reality that Jesus wants for us. You see our current reality is that we have to pay bills. Our current outer years that we have to be dependent on groceries and food and. When we get a paycheck. We need to be depend upon this and that our. And whatever. Our her reality is that we work for a boss and we have. We have a job. Our current reality is things that are natural of this course in life. But there is a. Alternate Reality or True Way R.T.. Which That is the kingdom of heaven. When we learn to see beyond our present condition. Our present situation. See those that were standing the crisis. Our. Will love Jesus. And to love Jesus is to trust them. In his word. And when Jesus promises. Us that he will be with us always. Even to the end of the world. And even though. We have the fear. And the natural fear of having our homes taken away. To be reviled by the majority to be. In or source of abusive situations. Our faith can see the destiny. That we will see beyond. And be in the sea of glass. Sing the song of morsels and Song of the Lamb. And as Jesus went to the cross for religious liberty. So to God is calling us. To take up our cross. For religious liberty. Here in the last days. What is Jesus' ministry here on Earth. What did he do. The spirit of the world is upon me because he had been known to me to preach the Gospel to the poor. He had sent me to heal the broken hearted that preached deliverance from the captors. And recovering the style of wine. That said our liberty them. That are bruised. Jesus' ministry. Was one of liberty and freedom freedom from the abuses of government. Free even from the abuses of the home. Freedom from the abuses of the church. Freedom from the abuses of relationships. Jesus came and went through persecution. For us. So that we could be made free. That's why the Bible says and John Chapter three says if the sun therefore shall make you free. He shall be free indeed. The time is coming. When we all have to make a choice for how we prepare for G.'s the come to be more loving in our lives to be more forgiving in our own. To be more loving and forgiving to one another to care people. The power. And empower them to make choices. Even the wrong choices. And he still love them. He take responsibility for them. And you try to help them even though they don't want help back. That's the way the prepares for Jesus' Second Coming is when we do that. We are the hands of Jesus and inspiration says when the character of Christ is perfectly reproduced in this people then Christ will cause God is calling us to be the hands and feet of Jesus and the only way that we can experience is that how much Jesus has been so good to us as defective and feeble as we are. Even if we say we're present truth we may know we know in our private lives. We don't know of course of the Bible in particular prosody let's be real. We have things in our lives. Now we need to get rid of. And here we point a finger at somebody else. And we think we're high on only a mighty. But Jesus still say much are a Mark Kassen You are like I embrace Judas and Peter. You are still. One a mile. And we when we extend that practically. To one another the unity will come to our point always Spirit will happen. And we will finish the work. And in the darkest moments are earth's history. There will be a demonstration. Of Love. Never seen before in the history of the world. When the Bible says that iniquity abounds that the law of our many works called God's Church. Whoa. Ha. Only. Beyond far. With his love for one another and for him. Is not only to keep the Sabbath to be sealed brothers and sisters. Because the Bible says in James have two verse ten. You break one you break all the commandments. You see there isn't a come a time. Because we knew expert. Prescience so much. How we're forgiven for our sins. That we will love God. And we will love our neighbors our enemies as ourselves. And how to G.'s overcome this. Oppression. Looking into Jesus. The Author and Finisher of our faith. Who the joy that was set before him. Endure the cross and despise the shame and set down in the right hand the phone of God. When Jesus lot across to look absolutely hopeless. All his friends abandon him when he's not across it seem like it was beyond control. Everyone even those that hear them were really killing him. But Jesus saw beyond his present condition. And knew that many will be saved through his sacrifice. And when we go through a crisis. While ours to make it. Is see beyond our present condition. And see what God has for us in glory as he she sings the song. Please meditate upon these words. And ask ourselves Are we giving religious liberty to one another are we employ religious liberty through our relationships. To our family relations. To our friendships. To ourselves Who class. To our hope or teams to our vegetables that meeting's. Once we experience religious liberty in a practical way. God will users in a mighty way to give the last appeal to the United States. For religious liberty. TO THE NATION. We're taking up across the religious liberty for us. We thank you Jesus came to demonstrate liberty. And to give us liberty. From the expectations and the oppressions of church and state and father we need help. We need to learn. What we've learned since childhood. We terme learn. What was learned in the media. We have to learn so many things before that with all things. Through you all things are possible. Father help us. To express religious liberty. That self sacrificing love. To one another in our homes. To family relationships. To marital relationships. To ministry relationships. And to church relationships. And brothers this is as it has a battle as a close. If the desire to say Father today. Help me. To experience religious liberty. Practically in my everyday relationships. Help me to be better in showing your love and giving choice. To my fellow spear of influence. Help me. To reflect your character the character of your love of not force ability and one of choice. Even to make a wrong decision and. The love that person. Helped me to have a power. Help to love to waken him. If that's true desire. I simply ask that you stand for that experience if that's your desire. Holy Father. Our Father and God in heaven. Father this sermon is for me. Father you know how much I have issues with control issues with. Accepting people even though they made the wrong choice. And so Father I thank you for giving me this message to repeat myself. Father as we are standing there is so much so on learn before that we claim the promise of inspiration that the Holy Spirit could teach us in a moment where literally inflation could take years to teach us. Father we thank you. That today that we can make a new star. That we could give the freedom of choice. To our brothers and sisters. As you have given us the freedom of choice to choose you. Help us Father. To reflect your character of love. As the world grows more dark. More dim. And more cold. Help us to be harder. In our love for one another and our love for thirty by doing a supernatural work in changing our hearts. Help us to behold Calvary. And Jesus who took responsibility for all our sins. And although I was not his fault made it his fault. So that we could have the freedom of choice. To experience the Liberty. We thank you Lord for this experience. This we pray. In Jesus Name. This. Media was brought to you by audio verse. 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