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Early Man

Sean Pitman

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 18, 2008
    9:30 AM
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father thank you for this opportunity to bring us all here together the conference with thousands of young people were seriously interested in learning about you and what you have planned for our lives please be with us today especially in the hot topic is becoming more problematic for your church these days Jesus Kerley man stumble overall the course program is a fascinating topic because you were human and we want to know where we came from down the popular concept as everything from Ace of course there's always hominids that can gradually stepwise involve higher and higher more humanoid features until finally we showed up as Homo sapiens thus the standard story and so was I just like to look at the story and see how scientific is a really scientific tourism or what I call just so stories there were people make up legends and they pass them on the science to me is more concrete and see how concretely stories are a few quotes to start out with how to interpret bones Earnest who needs Harvard professor of anthropology he writes they can with equal facility model on Neanderthal from the end of the way to stall the features of a chimpanzee or the limits of the philosopher is a legend restorations of ancient types of men have very little if any scientific value and are likely only to mislead the public so put not your trust in reconstruction site you don't believe the reconstruction upon what adhesive evolution 's evil use then hates going to math so then on what basis do you believe this here is Winehouse Harvard professor also in anthropology a great legend has grown up to play both hello paleontologists and anthropologists that a man can take its use over a small broken piece of bone gaze at it passes handovers for head like a person you once or twice and then take a sheet of paper draw a picture of what the whole animal look like as a trend in the tertiary drain if this were quite true they anthropologists would make the FBI look like a cheap of Boy Scouts and a very talented people so what's the problem why is anthropology so problematic Helen comes inserting the new phones are many mainstream leases on real science or blind faith and fairytale stories of growing up run into legends so here's a bit of history of early man started out basically with the famous Piltdown man by the was told that men are gone man was discovered by Charles Dawson in nineteen twelve and this is awesome here it was an apelike mandible so this part of the skull combined with a the top these which was humanlike and finish it was revealed as a hoax in nineteen fifty three that it was deliberately produced as a hoax because everybody thought that this is one thing and look like version life like because you obviously you can find in a job with a humanlike skull that some of the missing link that was interesting about this is that the hoax was not discovered for forty years this was the anchorman and science mainstream science for forty years everybody pointed to the one discovered that it was a hoax because no one looked for investigated scientifically very carefully because authority Matt Hensley believed to be true why investigated Nebraska man is the next man from the ceiling taking long him is always someone to see here's the rest of man nice drawing and the beautiful wife there is this is all that they found him and from that to the way they are therefore and the major Nebraska man based on this and this is the missing link of an address demand this change was attempted to be used as evidence in the Scopes monkey trial but it wasn't allowed by the by the judge thank goodness because of later on England was quickly embarrassing so here's just a blowup of indecency is about incredible with a house anthropologist can do with the cheese is so here's Henry Fairfield Osborn is his mainstream scientist back in the early nineteen hundreds and his discussion about this to around the time of the scopes monkey trial cause one-sided Nebraska native William Jennings Bryan in the press as a prosecutor in the case said there is stuff to Brian from his own state of Nebraska the Hestia has stroked a thickness to deflect the still small voice that sounds by no means easy to hear this little too speaks volumes of truth and that it affords evidence of man's dissent from the eight so he also went on to say that such drawings or reconstructions would doubtless be only a figment of the imagination of no scientific value and undoubtedly inaccurate okay so he thinks this drawing is probably not quite true to form but he still thinks it's a missing link right between its and their foot than anyone back slowly later they dug around where they found that youth they found the rest of the skeleton and it was okay so she's it was just a little bit off and is and yes it has become known ahead of time smoking charges wonder if that would make any difference in the outcome of the just Oracle outcome of the trial him us all a man job Amanda is a combination between the salt in this femur this humor is on modern human femur in an structure and the skullcap is from a given which is a type of monkey so they were found in the same level layer of sediment about twelve meters apart in the sediment found because there were so close together they must belong to the same animal so they put them together and they don't job a man and here you go to Arizona missing link because it dominates all to come line with a human femur so it must innocently eventually they show that this was a realizes this is a false association and a renewed job a man from the Museum of Natural History in the nineteen eighties to the long time to figure out that this is a false association that they weren't really the same creature 's analysis of specific features that are actually combinations of other creatures or outright hoaxes here lots of the hominid seven found that it seemed to show sort of an evolutionary sequence and morphology you can start out with from left to right the Bush baby here's the jaw and hear this economy now if you cannot view your imagination and you can have an evolutionary sequence in morphology that gradually gets dozens of the modern human form and here in this is a given skeletons they come in a given folder has another hesitant bounce along Harrison on measure that's a given in any of their entertainment shop in the guerrilla and humans and artists are often a functional roles as so obviously she can find Chandler something that walks upright and hold his head upright and that would be a missing link clearly so for his job no as the jaws here see the kind of the U-shaped year in humans is more of a parabolic shape so she can find you all the more parabolic dishes and that's obviously missing my country is different so rapidly this was done in nineteen thirty two by famous anthropologist is leaking this is what he found right here see you found the piece of the on-the-job and he seems broken fragmented state of the fragments that together kind of in that parabolic ear shape Frank so that made it a missing link of the later the slip of the full job was found in animal was discovered in nineteen seventy seven and it was more of the U-shaped so obviously the previous reconstruction was mistaken and it wasn't really a missing link it all sounds on the listing attempted to explain the reason for the earlier thinking of most of the world 's most prominent paleoanthropologist the right about the psychology of how this find was interpreted previously visited a say renovated run a fitness walking upright has been reconstructed from only jaws and teeth in nineteen sixty one and ancestral human was badly wanted sizzle of a matter of desire or need in real science the Prince is a library that's another name for the premises of this latch onto the position by his chief and has been hanging on ever since his legitimacy sanctified in millions of textbooks and lifetime volumes of human evolution so there's kind of an evolution here already was reminiscent of Justice as well as a satisfied out from nineteen thirty two nineteen seventy seven this is what it looked like the NHL in nineteen seventy seven another piece of the jaw and so then this is the chimpanzee for comparison versus the human so which doesn't match the most part policies also suggests I love this horse I joke you know somebody gives Kate installing the injured of seven austral decisions so this is awesome that his is another missing link here's a man roster because he looks like he's not ridicule somebody's got to mess with his wife cover here so this is a comparison has also the fiscal and religion compared to the unit which profile he would does look more like chat okay so that's not really argued his job again so nostra business on the other left shin on the right which doesn't look so except it's either there or I figured this is bigger than otherwise a shade is one Jessica Sayers a comparison you got your options on the left also business in the middle and inhuman on right so here's the chapter and see the same general shape of the teeth are saying shaved and there's these slacking I like and it doesn't happen here shape not really doesn't that part doesn't seem to match so why is the same missing link well there really wasn't a missing link until Donald Johansson in nineteen seventy four discovered a fairly complete skeleton that he named Lucy after the Beatles song Lucy in the sky with diamonds or LSD so it makes you wonder what he was taking at the time that anyway he noticed that the handle of the knee joint match that of humans is not really based on this all this based on joining the missing link nature of his think that that's the angle of humans it also noticed that the had curved toe bones high on to leg length ratio and many other features identical to tree climbing face so was Lussier tree climbing paper did she walk upright that's Holos service is not detailed many features consistent with reclaiming its firm 's just yet they also believe the hospital spends much time walking around on two legs why did they leave the stateliness because most significant feature for bipedalism and twenty and then include shortened iliac blades which is the headphones a lumbar curve in the lower back he had lumbar currency can stand upright he is approaching so that I don't need join missile article or surfaces of the tibia nearly perpendicular to the chef so the legs are pretty straight robust metatarsals this phone hear your hand so they are big choice in the hands of loans with expanded head convergent hammocks her big toe another words as I wasn't sticking out the side is more straight-line and proximal foot landings with dorsal oriented proximal articular surface of seven thousand from more strengthens that occur so different ways of interpreting the same things basically the perpendicular to get a lumbar curve and angle knee joints that are approaching deadline are seen in modern tree climbing shops suss out how is that a difference the robust first metatarsal with an expanded head is also consistent with Stern and Susan 's own comment that makes the handles and recently the foot bones as well have large heads and faces relatives of parallel sided to their parallel sizes like her shouts and overall pattern shared by chimpanzees in other words they use these things so that they can grasp of the Roman branches if you are not alone you can grasp things Veterans Day around without falling off I know because I used to try to do that I fell out of my sure trees as it should say them here's another interesting find three six million -year-old footprint of facilitated by the ashes in the volcanic ash and you can see the this footprint here and an old child next to it and you can see all kinds of the year imprint officers no as well happen to be the actual owner of the news business to be and so how can losing be the missing link if these are modern human footprints that they have a nice fall are there no difference in your life footprints that we make on the beach and here's a blowup on it turns out that the adult was walking along one of the children was walking in the footprints of the dolls for some reason or another maybe I was hot and so his comments about these footprints from National Geographic which is a very evolutionary journal as I kneel beside the large print and lightly touch of soul and filled with quiet on it looks perfectly modern I thought three half-million years ago there presently be someone different from ours says Latimer but they're not the bipedal adaptation of those hominids blown so here we got some sort of some sort of missing link in that we have perfectly modern human footprints folder and then Lucy 's Johansson he of course insisted strongly that these footprints had been made by Lucy so therefore losing streak had to have evolved more than obviously the stolen rest of the body the footprints would have to be for a mouse of the figures they substantiate ideas entitled by paddlers and occurs very early in our contention that the brain was too small the master tools so he got a tiny little brain the creature is lucky forever it has modern human feet the brain hasn't develop just like you the problem is that the foot bones and lower leg bones of nausea viscous heaven were found later and in the same area and they were apelike not human life so Johnson was messed up again then there he found more problems this another skull was found called by Cameron fourteen seventy after the junior Museum of Denise Rudolph him or fourteen seventy seven nineteen seventy two along with a modern human femur in the whole associations and it looks more humanlike than that follow us out this dome shaped pattern continent more humanlike face attached to it modern humanlike face the what was weird about this is before they found the skull they had already dated the on top of it about it and they dated it at two hundred twenty million years three separate times by independent laboratories and they all agree with each other then they found the soul after they found the scholars and laymen we can have a homologue the two hundred twenty nine years old that's ridiculous so let's go back and ridiculous say work data were gathered and a single crystals and admitted those and they finally found someone dated downwards in the two six one million years assessment for line with what is supposed to be in so that I was accepted age so this was still problematic because Lucy was originally dated at two nine million years which is pretty close to two six one nine years after you have a very different looking creatures essentially living at the same time in geologic time and so Johansson wanted General fourteen seventy three dated that he can use radiometric dating he used a sequence of evolutionary sequence of fossil pinkies again we expertise coming into the picture as of based on the evolutionary sequence of fossil pictures he did it to see her actually converter less than two million euros was more than three million years so that now you have a more orderly evolutionary progression and Richard leaky comes long in nineteen seventy three a year later in an interview with National Geographic is much more honest than Johansson he regularly tossed out the fourteen seventies following tossup all are the simply because no previous models of human beginnings fourteen seventy Lee's and ruin the notion that all early fossils can be arrange them on the sequence of evolutionary changes is like this is all bogus all the things of this long without involving that this is not supported by the false even according to geologic time in this this is also interesting this fossil discovery by merely using how these ladies are very famous cheating exams after source for the holdings in Jen 's raucous voice he she just called exams she found this the skull in association with a bunch of butchered animals of course she assume that this creature was wanted of the butchering instead of the one being eaten by other humans in the country and so she gave it the name handyman because the rituals they are in this budget animals that she thought it had a bigger brain capacity and manipulate tools and is interesting the first of these things I can run fourteen seventy and Zanzibar given the genus and species name Homo habilis as they look anything alike they look very different to me when I'm on anthropologist they look very different to me and later on the one in the next lecture on the fossil record remember this comparison the identical genus and species name and yet when you look at the other creatures I seal against the other silly cans that are living today and very very similar coelacanth that are found in the fossil record and are given different genus and species names so this whole concept of genus and species of fish is especially very subjective you can give them whatever you will this is also interesting modern human femur and portions allaying on very similar to how we look now profound to a few kilometers away from General fourteen seventy in the same layer two fourteen seventy were as labyrinthine a labyrinthine analysis by a doctor store he went and got the skills from all these missing the commonest and he analyzed the Harriers in the rear these loops and twists here and tell you how your head is oriented in three-dimensional space whether or not you intend all you had outright or whether or not you can hold your head Lord of enlightenment and eight posture and he found that the semicircular canals of Homo erectus costume because of the Hamas may indicate a Homo habilis relied less on bipedal behavior than hostile villages they hear Homo habilis the handyman for your brain more explicitly more humanlike these morons over all the time when a posture that is a precursor supposed precursor also discussed the select industry lately doesn't jive anymore bleaching in nineteen ninety documentary depressed about man's ancestry how have to unequivocally say that all we had here is a huge to date there has been nothing found to truthfully report as a transitional species demand including loosely since fourteen seventy was as old and probably older to further press would have to state that there is more evidence to suggest an abrupt arrival of man rather than a gradual process of law and that's is the funding challenge expert in this field if he doesn't he says the island were talking about essentially so science nineteen eighty six by nineteen eighty six a right postulate that the scenes are rapidly shrinking back to the status of a particularly specializing the reserves there not menacingly even according to mainstream science published in the journal American science for that Neanderthals Neanderthals were the next big missing link here's been early nineteen hundreds sure we all looks like and not have more apelike in life is not doesn't look like the brightest kid on the block have been done by nineteen ninety one RIAA one Neanderthals the whole perception of Neanderthals had evolved as a catalyst like Jean-Luc Picard or something on Star Trek Connie not much more intelligent the Pelé they are thought to have died out about twenty thousand years another first on engaging fifty six and younger Valley that's when they get their name by John fell wrote the schoolteacher dozens of sons and found that in nineteen oh eight Professor Board Institute of human paleontology in Paris declared Neanderthal caveman because of low brow ridges seals low brow ridges and and distinct posture some assessments for hours Eric Hannah Street Dover and then encourages southernmost in the seemingly here's a comparison of how perceptions change over time and was interesting though that Neanderthals is that they have bigger brains than we do that they had bigger brains on average their brains were two hundred cc vigor which is quite much quite a bit larger than ours they lived a long time they may need to me I think Neanderthals were probably lives and maybe Abraham was a Neanderthal or along the same aspect it was a long time they got stupid by osteoarthritis and they got written there is their diets are bad they got rid of some kind of malaise that they were bigger and stronger more muscular I can run farther because an occipital bun in recent tests on on treadmills of shown that if you have weight on the back your head you can run farther without getting tired so there were more physically fit than we are today and yet they died out for some reason so what is the latest in current scientific explanation for manifold obviously Neanderthal man was evolutionary dead end that from my perspective Neanderthals were probably a variation without DNA Neanderthals in nineteen ninety seven Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA was successfully recovered and sequenced by scientists savants Pablo and his team and he recovered DNA from three different specimens this conclusion was that there was evolutionary diversion from modern humans a common ancestor half a million years ago and thereabouts so what's the basis on maximum differences between humans and human hit based on differences between genetic differences the number absolute number of genetic differences let's look at the Ranger I will let that question indifference on average they can all of a sudden those rooms about eight differences from the same area see that he sequenced so that mothers are there some range is interesting the range between the maximum range between me and somebody has maximum range between some in this room would likely be up to thirty five differences between one thirty five ninety one from you and thirty five from you so there's a range average human Neanderthal differences twenty five so that averages certainly greater but Asian Neanderthal ranges between twenty and thirty four so that's an overlap there is an overlap between humans and Neanderthals in other words someone might be thirty five differences from the guys in my thirty five differences from him you know and only twenty differences from a Neanderthal Museum I was also interesting thinking the championship relationships might be closer than jump shot relationships another was going to jump in the woods and he might be only forty six differences from NASA voluntary tree next to him in the same trade him one difference is so what does I really thought his friend relationships in using problems logging the house say one might rightly fall is next-door neighbor Neanderthal I know some people do anyway but now you have evidence further confusion from follows article Neanderthal DNA was actually further away from Sheriff Dini on average than modern humans so are we missing link that is less childlike in their DNA than we are the joining of absolute differences here's another is also politically incorrect depending on which genetic sequence to use you can get chips and the NFL's cluster together or we can get certain populations of Africans alive today and since Paul clustered together depending on which the procedures and so this does not fly you know this is fish I mean everybody agrees that all humans living today are extremely closely related brawl brothers should even genetically in mainstream science agrees that so it's all very subjective depending on what the HUD type of the UK it can make any outcome you want to any group of humans what about the whole molecular clock idea how the next lack of o'clock is the mutations happen in a certain rate predictably if you have any mutations are you can predict how old the comment ancestor between two different individuals and how long ago they existed and it is to be thought of mitochondrial Eve the mother of all humans living hundred thousand General thousand years ago in sub-Saharan Africa then the second line that was all based on human ship comparisons of the differences genetically between humans and just in the sky parses him along and he decided to compare actual human ancestral families that I know the DNA I know exactly when him on the mutation rate that way and based on actual human family comparisons that are known historically the mutation rate was twenty times faster and so the king 's parcels published essays is actually the modern family longer than six thousand years ago which is very interesting from our perspective more ever since the age of thousands of the study comparisons suggest large differences the mutation rate estimates from pedigrees of humans is a hundredfold and twenty fold higher than the substitution rate from the primate and audio being in control read region in other words of the comparison of the chance and you assume that the mutation rate is based on a comparison versus pedigrees the pedigree mutation rate is twenty four hundred times higher based on the study we waited a more rigorous type of assessment was nervousness of course given that we suspect they might reveal that many past studies place too much confidence in simple molecular clock analysis and other conclusion should just be revisited on having us a nice way of saying all his previous site is a bogus mathematical model this just came out in two thousand four I'm not a mathematical model of of evolutionary relationships between modern humans all modern humans including aborigines are isolated long period of time on Australia these analyses suggest that the genealogies of all living humans overlap in remarkable ways in in the recent past in particular the most recent common ancestor of all present-day humans lived just a few thousand years ago another was between three and four thousand BC and there in their paper in these models moreover these models were over all individuals living more than a just a few thousand years earlier than the most recent common ancestor interest and a human has exactly the same set of geological him as was mentioned two thousand four when his model doesn't seem to match what our listeners and all long for what mainstream science is realizing all is another example of wishful thinking this case is called sponsorship agents in France and it was excavated by this scientist woman in nineteen thirty seven and Jermaine Henry Martin she is very well respected in her day as an anthropologist the state was in southwestern France and she continued her education worked until nineteen fifty four removing over nine hundred cubic meters of sediment which is a hard-working woman she discovered in the say the first Frenchman that she said were older than Neanderthals also hear the layers in the cave she started the top and journaling down as she moved down she on earth evidence of how these first friction layers she found evidence of butchering and fire building in a living habitats and what they bubble wash ministry elaborate story and everybody went along with this is mainstream science for a long period of time CC found the skull fragments and here it appears this fragment where matches on the skull and is is is a human skull fragment Chernoff Howard talked about how she downloads for how they lived the long story until nineteen seventies when Shannon McPherson McFerrin and diligent double decided to do 's and reinvestigation whether it is a laser mapping equipment they went around to the edge of the cave where the results layers left pending matters all these little bony fragments and move pieces of wood and stone and whatnot all by laser GPS analysis of it until the three-dimensional orientation in space and what they were there analysis turned out as all is perpendicular or parallel to the cave walls in other words they were flood deposits they were not there deposited by the first function these fragments of human skulls in whatever were deposited in a flood and certainly ones look for the source of the water how the water can gotten into the cave and they found little opening the back of the cave where the water had been dreaming in for a long period of time wash only sentiments of this case is a completely messed up the whole story the first Frenchman so this was presented on the Vienna calls on trial in a PVS document during two thousand two thousand watching and I was just fascinated about the argument of the psychology of why this happened what made it look real to the archaeologist was an overwhelming desire to see the best in a certain way distance ourselves from Neanderthals were to pull them closer to us is a surprisingly powerful force archaeologist Jean Philip I regard you know how to say in regard and Janice and follower of the problem Jensen the cat as I think we are all guilty of it today that Canada preconceived approach to our data as anybody has been in the history of archaeology or anthropology it's almost inevitable that our own views of the world will be brought to bear in other words you have to worry about five we all do it appears unconscious and was an elaborate illusion not a human habitation site at all but may look guilty archaeologists was an overwhelming desire to see the past certain way scientists are just as prone to it as the rest of us am also interesting comments from Martinez who investigated a story on Neanderthals from nova not too long ago and she's not anthropologist you just goes around and interviews people for nova is that I saw with many Neanderthal experts in the course of making this film I found them all to be intelligent friendly well educated people dedicated to the highest principles of scientific inquiry I also got the impression that each one thought the last one I talked to was an idiot if not an actual Neanderthal the more people I scope with the more confusing it this ancient archaeologist and anthropologist talk about their work and their collies work I heard the same frustrations was again and again people are driven by their preconceptions they see what they want to see they find what they are looking for see after we have to worry about that too why are we here for we hear just because we want to be here this is we want God to be a certain way are we here because this is what's most reasonable most rational in our religion he goes on I learned that what people see in the Neanderthal soft has as much to do with philosophy assessing the science what does it mean to be human some definitions of broad and inclusive others are narrowing exquisite scholars have been known to attack one another use on Neanderthals as racist or politically correct what I found most interesting in all of this is that every scientist I talked to encourage me to explore the issue of self-delusion and no one claimed to be immune except when you're talking to a creationist and creationist areas and Ernie they are all aware that the history of the field is littered with billions dollars he completely missed the boat because of the power of their preconceptions talk about preconceptions that religious faith on the focus alone and they said it was a bone of a human until the second waking along from California for Berkeley and his is a five million euro piece of bone that was thought to be a collarbone of a humanlike creature is actually part of and often written the problems a lot of anthropologists is that they want so much to find a hominid that a new scrap the bone becomes a hominid on sing-along and I just made a great discovery of course people who are driven by money and define a hominid you can for this research I can see you then not by pure motives only after college there's all kinds of face and out of the holy land but sometimes of famous fakes exposed recently because you know if you get paid six hundred thousand dollars for finding a fragment of a little pottery shard from the Temple in Jerusalem you're going to find a little frightening of all retractions one Jerusalem uninsured if you make in a hundred bucks a year that such a confined recently in the news about you guys haven't heard about this that is pretty prominent in the news March two thousand eight the hobbit was found a three foot tall a creature with a brand of the size of a grapefruit and other volunteers serving the cave and Indonesian island in two thousand three this claim to be a new species of him due to unique features of the stolen chimpanzee like wrist bones compared to modern humans the excavation work was partially funded by National Geographic and there is a film about it I saw on March two thousand eight order days later and is like a couple days later Eileen Berger publishes view of these songs combined with his fine of twenty six other individuals of similar size and kids of Micronesia and his conclusion that guys were overrun by the diminutive humans as recently as fourteen hundred years ago but despite their size of these people clearly belong to our species none was ever that means modern pygmies as far as the chimpanzee liposomes modern humans can have a mutated gene called the PCN team gene that produces three to four foot stature proportional body size with a normal or near normal intelligence and bony receptor maladies similar to these so it all fits together the smallest normally intelligent proportional human close I just about the just over two feet tall pictures of her on my website now that you can have very tiny brains tiny hasn't so been essentially normal intelligence of the brain size actually doesn't matter as much as the structure of the ransom the question that I and my colleagues have a this is the same for Robert Eckhard and Pennsylvania Avenue State University here in question that I my colleagues have asked ourselves how could anyone possibly believe this that the hobbits are new species of hominid is not simply a modern African variations there was such a wheel to believe in the story that critical faculties were suspended on the part of many people people want to believe still this is a faith-based endeavor don't kid yourself that scientists are cold calculating spotlight creatures they're not they're just as passionate as restless current ideas on human evolution has August two thousand seven mob leaking again we comes up with friend mounting and others found Homo erectus another only green achievement directives plus the Homo sapiens found with Homo habilis found together with Homo habilis the online is unlikely to Homo erectus evolved from home I was now because I found together that was huge open temperatures of conventional geology creatures as well as old factual all-around Windows humans in English days home I was hollow overall what would it transfer human evolution is a chaotic kind of looking evolutionary trait rather than a heroic march that you see within the cartoons of early ancestors involving some intermediate and then eventually to us so this all jumbled up all the skeletons they all lived at the same time essentially so this is included as is funny I think Columbus is a happen of the New York University worried evolutionists like me which is this information to show the flaws in the overall theory of evolution good call it off she writes this is not a question the idea that all that evolution happened in his refining some the specific points Anton says this is a great example of what science does and what religion doesn't do there is a continuous assault testing process now she's right on that religion doesn't reevaluate itself and test itself and an subject yourself to potential falsification and to me it's not worth very much that's really what you religions based on it's not worth very much it could be a little green men live on Mars technology but if your religion is based on solid concrete phenol reasonable basis and that I think is scientific then I think religion can be worth quite a bit cheesy moving differences on this and recently discovered in this authority may have jumped in a already having you never heard of junk DNA John K stuff is not genes we have genes in our body that genes only comprised between one hundred percent of our total genetic makeup the rest of it was thought for fifty years to be junk or evolutionary remnants of a bygone era we don't use anymore they just hang around because we got rid of that yet but it doesn't do anything however within the last ten years or so this turned out that not only is this DNA not junk horses doesn't cover proteins but it actually is functional and not only is it functional but is is the primary functional information system of the whole genome of all creatures the junk DNA actually tells the proteins were to know how to build themselves had arranged themselves it is like the blueprint for the body the genes themselves are actually quite basic there like bricks and mortar library rudimentary coding structures the information in this complex is the junk DNA which tells the bricks how to delay another worst changes different creatures of flight we also harass humans and rats only about five hundred genes difference of about thirty thousand genes so what makes us look like universal draft is not really our genes the difference is between us and read his argument DNA Argentina is very different between humans address and even between humans and chimps junk DNA is turning out to be quite different but here's a quote from a scientific American in two thousand three and did what was damned as junk DNA because it was not understood manufacturing out to the very basis of human complexity metrics suggest similar genes rather switches and all the rest there is good reason to suspect that it is true active RNA that is now coming out how to control large-scale structure of the chromosome and some console crucial chemical modifications to an entirely different epigenetic layer of information in the Gmail this is just now coming to light and creationism in predicting this for decades I have it on my own website for the past ten years the difference micron a repertoire of us jumped in as well however the product of non- coding DNA as well as differences in expression level of concern micro RNAs may contribute to gene expression differences observed in human and chimpanzee brain development for example micro RNA recently have been implicated in synaptic development and memory formation as a species specific my primary parties described here are expressed in the brain tissue specific mean there only do you only found in one or the other there are specific to humans were specific to the jobs are not found in both which is the most complex decision the human body but the as thousands of consultants is like her amazing could have a role in establishing or maintaining cellular diversity and can thereby contribute to the differences in human and chimpanzee brain function not just one organ system so the real complexity is not in the genes for when or where you have a quote that were one five percent the same as it is only based on genes is not based on non- coding DNA here's a little video people often say well you know doctors and horses are actually legitimate recently where people send donkeys horses are less related unions in shops and ethically donkeys and horses can get together and make noodles I thought he was insurance unionization is together making Ramses know well that has been debated in for a long time people thought that answer that question was yes of course because for ethical reasons it wasn't actually experience have been done in different places that are not generally reported to have been done with the unsuccessfully as far as any sort of confirmation is concerned but then came along this creature called on the day named Oliver and Oliver agency he stands upright you hit on you like to walk around like this he can walk around on his knuckles all he liked to walk around like this has had a little smaller his era tire inflated sense of people in the mainstream science thought he was perhaps a mix between humans insurance Google video clip is sure is is is is is is is an is in some and as you and is there are him there is no maintenance on wash he could hit if anything the missing lines any as far as we have a lot of one Pfc. Watson outright and a know if that's the definition of a missing link you got one right here so they did at first they did DNA studies in Japan and they had thirty thousand twenty eight eleven look like exactly like the same number of chromosomes is just the two of the south side of conscience of a Kim's of resistance and seventy eight chromosomes to the Sultan forty seven in Japan and so is a half he's unanimously set right in between forty seven and forty eight his things and forty six and forty seven cents at forty eight so he's obviously a combination then I'm all that custody wasn't really confirmed until about ten years later when they reject the analysis and a different more specifically the actually sequence the genome not just the chromosome comparison and he turns out to be a relatively rare gem from the Congo but still it should the Congo -based champ psyches obviously all below he was need to be in some location can't tell a missing link when you have a live creature based just on morphology and you can't tell a lie one from the regulation how on earth can you find a terminal fragment alone or choose the desired class was singly because it walked upright that just doesn't add up that that's not scientific but my site is a conclusion Doctor David Tobin I think this is one of the most honest moments literature I've been able to find his apologies from Harvard he writes my reservations concerning awesomeness this book he was writing a book review for the whole also sold the methodology of paleoanthropology but introductory books for book reviews are hardly the place argument perhaps generations of students of human evolution including myself had been flailing about in the dark that our data is basis to sparse to slippery creature be able to mold our theories rather the theories are more statements about us in ideology than about the past paleoanthropology reveals more about how humans view themselves than it does about humans and about how humans can about Titus Ayres in that sense harmoniously this is my audio virus C- generation if you would like to learn more about you might think this is a done life that God will work like this one is online seminar www. audio versus nonwork


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